The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 28, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1894
Page 1
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i. X?m, NO. 23. CARROLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1894, WHOLE NO. 911. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and U) to personal enjoyment when , itly used. The many, who live bet-' r than others and enjoy life more, with . IB expenditure, by more promptly 'adapting the world's best products to 'the needs of physical being, will attest •the value to health of the pun liquid laxative principles embraced in the vtwnedy, Syrup of Figs. * I-, Ita excellence is due to its presenting In the form most acceptable and pleas- fiat to the taste, th* refreshing and truly ; beneficial properties of a perfect lax* ; ative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and feverf and permanently curing constipation. ^It has given satisfaction to millions an4 ; met with the approval of the medical |;\profeg8ion, because it acts on the Kid- 1 v neys, Liver and Bowels without weak- f jtning them and It is perfectly free from . Isvery objectionable substance, j Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug, : filsUin50cand$l\X)ttles,baitisinar 1 . -'.ifactured by the California Fig Syrup , Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well Informed, you will not •'•V/aooept any substitute if offered. MAINE HAS GONK REPUBLICAN. OBDBOH DIBBCTOBY Bay. OBO. ft>L8OK,;Futor. .BAPTIST. /•JHOBNINO terrtoe, 11 a. m.; events* lervlc * : W T p. m.i T. P. 8. 0. K. sendee 6 p. m. ; Bni »- GplDKKAND StliVIB W«DD»O The morning ot the 25»h> of Sept. was shrouded in lieavj clouds, bnt by 9 • /clock when the bells in the ohnrob at Billadale pealed forth their glad tidings that M old <and venerable ooaple wen about to Tenew their wedding vow which they had given before God's altar fifty yean ago. The sun burst forth in all his aptoador as if to lend all possible assist- ao0e to thistjoyooa festival. finest Hoffman and his wife Hariraoa oslektatsd their golden wedding and their «oo, John A. Hoffman, and his wife Anna their silver wedding. \ The otrareh waa elaborately decorated and Stav. • B»T. J. o. HMDBIOKMM. Vattor , : ". •• Crow, Superintendent. mama-ear* «, '••Jj. m.^onlor Bwrtli UsjaeTl p. £• ; ipwoftji fceafne. < p. •.._ Sunday (Wieef I Ijj i*. »,; Srwet Meeting. Tbariday »»ening. tm a. m,; 'W* •»•!-Junior BpwortU -pairtt bearo, < p. r ~ , »,; Prayer Meeting, » — _-_-~. ,, m. Bar. w B. Tmounon, Paste ' Dm. Wav HuMFsmaT. Bupeitatendent. UatroU tf oavOfflfl*. k MaUiattheoffloeeloeeaefelowa: eotng east: '9M and7«)o'clock*, n. •f Oolagweet: 100 p. m. sad 7*0 o'ttook p. '.: OBoe open en Sunday trass I to' 10 a. at. (ion>8to4p.m. ? 8T4BBOUIK8. : att. Csrroel aad Kentner, dally accept Bu .. „_ .... TOp.iii. t.^atuday. D n. .. BapUa, Oawollton. WUlw.-Ta Mat, r, Saturday, arrives ft la. 4e»srui p. at. O. * M. W. xuo« OaM. '=•». \ Overland 11 wlted. «^H!S «. at. m. I DenverLooal.. {SSlTc IT £u' ''ft*. 1 Paetae Rspress 110/ ,ie.U fierroUKxprees. ._..»0'5p,«; |p..fl f rebut. i lap. ah fc>" ' VASSBBSBB TBAISa BAST. pipe, a Oveileud limited »D5 p. ai. ">'«(»'- ; A iftstnvAV 'f Mttl 1 P*"*WsO J™ P' ^*** .r' VfV* • WWW WW >*eeee«e 1 MAMA M Ifl U_ MB^ Jto. • Atlantis BWSSS.... j j**"* \ f|£».; ; Up. AC J)ei Molnes Peasenjer. „....8 00 a. SB. SIOTO PITT tm mnaiM irrtrss jlMtas I, .711 *• | Xa.tJ ',..„ !if»-» f »»•• i»p.-si T Wa. • Father Frey delivered an able and im- preaeive sermon. ! After the ceremonies in tbe church there WHS served a sumptuous dinner *t the home of Ernest Hoffman when the ate assembled and many and valuable were the presents-given' to both couples toy their many friends. ] Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hoffman are «aohrasventy two years \old aud were •born in the kingdom of! Saxony, Gar•many. They immigrated into MM United •Slates in 1866, arriving at Elkport, Clayton county, on tbe 4th ot July "and lived at that place 14 years and to 1880 oaow to Hilladale, Carroll cosnty where they mide, They bad a fam ly «t «U children, i three ot which di id in their tin- fancy. Tha children firing now >ara John A., Mary, and Isadbr W H «li resid- g in Carroll ooanly Io« u Many guests from far ind naar asaas- nladand B good time wa4 apent during tba day and evening. CABDOJ TBAMUI. 4fr. and Mrs. Brnast Boffmaaa Md-fcfr. and Mrs. J. A. Qoflntau ax- pnaas thair'tbanka to thair ejMuy friends tothair many Wands foe tnaar kind assiataooe rendered and tha nuay and valuable praMnts given tnsai on thsU golden ond silver wadding. [ .EaNJEsr AUD MABOHIA Homuir. ' -J. ^. UHD ANN* Homuv. '' FORCED JTJNTO HILL 'New York Democratic Convention Wouldn't Take "No." THEIB FIBST AND ONLY OHOIOE. Capital, 9100,000,00. ou«in«M im. IMM9IWU) Vlos fietMwv M. V. IK in» A ride turoag b the ooautry Wadnas. 4ayooavlnoed its o('to« (aat that th» farmers of this-oonnly ar» by no aoaaus discouNged over lha result ol a partia failura <* Ika wops. W« saw mow oaru fields out into fodiar 4ban was «*«r known before i« Ibis aawlj. Naarly •wry fara bad 'from oat to HUM or tow at work flowing sod gatiio* raady for neil yaar's crop. .It was surprising to aea, tba aumbat of Uama OB the roads hauling .aoal lot wintar Tn»y are baoomlog mora <owbaadad •very year aad II looked Ilka business to SM than layitff in U»«ir wloUft* aupplv o( tual at this aaaaon •< tha y*«. Wa askwlannmbaf why l| was IM they wars all falling tbsir winter's ooai now. Why, said they, It isihy oants * Ion cheaper now tba* it wlU ba • saoolb later and KM roads am fa patfasi «on. dilios) and «• lika to k*m avarytheng ready bstora, winter a«ls in aud IBM wa do nol ban to go to town oalaas we laal Ukail, As wa rod* alaug asaiog the flo« farms sod Uw wsoy ««idaooas ol prospwity *• oonld not balp bat thai awry farmer who had 100 «OFM of laud paid for in Carrol) oouuly isa M«mei or All-Otto* Candidate* For(ott«D at the Mention or Senator BIIP* N«me. Reynold* of Allegheny County Started the Ball Rolliog— liurke'Cockrkn Take* tne Poeltlon at Chairman Temporarily. SARATOGA, Sept. 9T— A scene each as no delegation in the state Democratic convention ever witnessed and which is without a parallel in the history of conventions, except perhaps that in 1878, when Beytuonr was nominated by acclamation, took place Wednesday, when all mentioned candidates were forgotten and the' mention of David B. Hill's name caused a stampede in his favor. Fifteen hundred people stood upon •their feet yelling themselves hoarse, two bands of music tried to drown the tumult, and Senator David B. Hill pounded violently but ineffectually with his gavel in attempting to restore order. It was a sce,ne of enthusiasm, such as would not probably be witnessed in a decade. It was the strange situation of a presiding officer of. a •convention, evidently against his will, being foroed to accept a unanimous nomination when only one candidate had been presented and 'apparently accepted by the delegations. It was a remarkable scene, although not an unexpected one altogether. Their Pint and Only Choice. When Mr. Bitt finished his speech nominating John Boyd Thacher and had been received with enthusiasm. Delegates looked at one another and expected the nomination would be made by acclamation, Even Senator Hill himself, with the gravel in his hand, bad ordered the roll to be colled and breathed a aigb of relief, wklenttr believing ithe crisis tad pasted, -but a slight built man from Allegheny county who had uovor been known in the councils of the party threw a firebrand which created a sensation almost beyond belief. When his county was reached, Delegate Reynolds arose and amidst intense silence aaid; "The united delegation from Allegheny county, dasir«8 to place in Domination for governor their first and only choice— a>/»vid D. Hill;" Tlwu occurred one of thejwlldett, scenes -that can be imagined Delegates jumped upon the chairs, spectators crowded into i toe aisles, hats twera thrown up,, canes ••raved wilder aud men yellod themselves hoarse and cuver- alter cheer almost wut tfae frail building in twain, Senator Kill giw pate with emotion, bnt iu an alsuost faint hope that be would bo ublo to stem the tktv, he pounded vigorously with the gavttl aud juried for order. The secretaries left their (leaks and jumping .on. chairs chiwred with the multitude. Bucko Cockrim, John R. Follows, Mayor Gllroy, Thomas tiradjr and other leaden jumped upon thatr -taUea and urged oa Quy jumped to his feet. There were cries of "platform," bnt he stood on a chair and the delegates listened breathlessly to what he bad to say. He spoke as follows: Mr. Chairman! "It is incumbent upon us to select the man who, in the largest measure, represents the hopes, tbe expectations, the principles of the Democratic party and who can best meet the needs of the hour, [Loud cheen and cries for David B. Hill.] "There is one man in tbe state of New York, Mr. Chairman, whose name is upon the lips of every live Democrat in this state. His name Is not only upon their lips, bnt enshrined in their hearts. He represents, in the largest measure, every principle we love. He represents courage, constancy and fidelity to bis party and devotion to principle. He represents broad, liberal American citizenship. Ho represents religious freedom and liberty. [Cheers long and loud.] He baa told us that he cannot accept our nomination. [Cheen and cries of'He will} he will.'] . "Now I say to yon, gentlemen, that we owe a duty, to the Delnocracy of the state higher than any conrtesy even to him. In the name of that Democracy, against the wish of our presiding officer, and, if need be, in defiance of it, I place iu nomination here before yon in the name of the Democracy of tbe state of New York the one man who typifies all Democracy typifies. I present the name of .that greatest living exponent of Democratic principles—Senator David Bennett Hill." He bad barely finished when the same scone that occurred whea Bill's name was first mentioned was repeated. The delegates pushed down the aisle toward me front aud threatened to invade tbe ititga. Ssnutor Hill said out of the din: "The rulea of the assembly are in force here r.od tbe roll call should be allowed to jirocatd." Ti 1 -* vavu) ww ban**! eevaral tune* anrt jjppliiuse died somewhat, but It was almost immediately resumed, when, jumping ujtou the press table and from there to the stage, Bonrke Cookran faced the audience and waved both hands for order. In an instant the noise subsided and the congressman oegan an impa«- •Soned sueeoh culling upon tu« convention to disregard Hili'a declination aud to make him the candidate, Ulll Demi MM Oavel. Vainly did Senator Hill urn the gavel upon the dunk and call for order. When some quiet was restored the senator demanded that the roll call proceed under tbe rules of the convention. As eauh county m&a called, its leader arose and declared for David B. Hill. When tbe call was about half completed ex-Assemblyman Hitt from Albany, who nomi- nat«d Tbndior, jumped to tils feet and mounting a chair withdrew his cAudl date and , earnestly called upon Hill to accede to tlio wishes of the convention This made Bill the only candidate be fore the convention. lieutenant governor. The nomination was made by acclamation amid great applause. Jatnen D. Bell nominated James G. Gaynor for judge of the court of appeals and tlte convention nominated him by acclamation. The -usual resolu- lutions were adopted. A motion to adjourn was carried. Benotor Hill said: "The convention that is running itself wants to adjourn; I declare it ad jonraed," Attitude Towwrd Cleveland. Ho regretted "foal he bad been called upon to oppos>e the will of President Cleveland. He voted with the president when be believed that tbe president was right and against him when he believed he was wrong. President Cleveland never asked him what the million of people he represented wanted, and President Cleveland never dared tell him what, he bul to do. Relief For Settler*. WASHINGTON, Sept. 37.—Commissioner Lamoreauxof the general land office has decided to embody In his annual report a recommendation that congress should immediately take some action for the relief of settlers on homesteads in the burned districts of Wisconsin and Minnesota. ^_ Cenntr TreMtuex LOHI 95,000. SHERMAN, Tex., Sept S7.—County Treasurer Scott of Groyson county was knocked senseless in bis office by an un known man and the; safe robbed, robber escaped with tft.OOO. ••' A Household Treasure. i D. W. Fuller, of Casnsjobrle, N. Y., gars that healmis keeps Dr. King's Mew Discovery in the hou«flnn<thl(fsiEllrhH»«!wars found the wry ben results.fotlow Its um; that he would not be without U. If proonrbale. 6. A. Dikeman, drag- gist, Oatskfii, N. T., sayi that Dr. King's New Discover? l« undoubtedly tbebett eongb remedy; that he bin used In his famllr for eight T«ara, audit has never lulled to do all that Is claimed (or It. Why not try a remedy so long tried and tested. Trial bottlei free at J. W. nation's drug •tore. Regular ilie 60e_and fl.OO. Tu'&'bridge at Atohison, Kan., mar have to be abandoned before the end of the summer, owing to the eating away of the bank8j>c4fce Missouri. Professional Cards. JAS, L. M Amrn MARTIN & o. E. MAHTRC. MARTIN, and I w "l Practise In state , fr federal courts. SVPrompt attention given to collections. NoUry In office. Office In Mol/agan Block. Cougnwuuutu Cookrau interrupt*! the Menber* of g^net ol)*pl«r, 0. B. 8.. are earnestly requeued to meet at their I hall Friday evening, Bept. 99. BuiiocH ( of imporltuoe. M. BJHOM, W. V. Heuatwr Hill BdcllMe. Finally from sneer exhaustion the vast •ttdiettae ceased (la applause long enough ta allow Senator Hill's voio# to be owud and In a husky rokw ha anidi "law graatful to tba Democracy of the empire •late lotiboir oourtwjr • nut) kinduuss and support ^B this, and I wUl say to you thai I cannot be your candidate again for governor." Tbere ware oriat of '.'No, no," and "You're Uw only man," /row the data. gates and lit) applause w«* renewed. But iu tba intervals Senator Hill wan. aged to instat that th« roil call of delegates should be called. Bouator Me. |f«hou Mid< "I rise to the point of order (hut tlw roll call way be dwuouied by a uuauiwons vo(« of the deluguto*." Sonutor Hill~I have hud some alight parllumeuUry experi«ito«s iuy«wlf oud tUtt roll ottll cNwoi be <U»pauv«4 with b/ roll call by «urlnglug upon a table, and timudtfring out; "All who are iu favor of the uoiuiuution by acclamation vvJJ »vy ayu," ••enm*a*d to HI* Italy. There w»» A mighty shoot and to the same suuiwuus .for those wiio opposed "No," there was uot a voice heard. Then, turning to Beaator Hill, ha aald: Sir, tbe pooula saiuiuon you (o youi Tbo oi^rk, therofore, begun agaJn tho culling of tho roll, Several oouuty lead, erauroso and announced their deiega- tions for Benator Hill. New York, wwj .reached aud Senator The roll WHS that called and every county ftUHWured for Ulll aud tbe secretary ttuuouuued Senator Hill bad re- mired all tha vote* cast. During the e* dteuieiit that aU*udo4 the ulttrk's announcement of th* nomination of Senator Hill, tho senator wtw inanimate behind the dwiriuan's table. His usually pie face win almost a»h<«i. His hawU trembled uiul Ue did uot venture to spoak, Delegate rushed for the stago aud shouted for a voces* au w to forbid Senator hill from refusing. Too leaders, however, ojiuuwd adjournment ou tun very iittie ({round uud dually the ecu. ventlow wuut on with its work, bleu- tonimt Governor Bheehan in a brief •ulogittw nominated Hon. Daniel F. fcookwooU of Builttlo _for tue offlue. ot Buoklen's Anuoa SaJv« The belt talte In tbe world for Cuti, Brnuee, aotee, Dicers. SaitBbenm, F«ver Sorei.Tetter. Chapped Uendi, OnllbUloi.Oora* and aliSkta Brnptlons, and poiitlvely «wea PUea ei mo payrMolred. It lignaranted to givepertaot satttfaoUoa or mo««y refonded. rttos W eeaw derbox. Foraaleb J. W.Hatton. ' Grand councils of the American Sols of Columbus .nud Daughters of Kabella. Catholic or.lers, met at Des JMoiues, In, Iu un aclih-ess before the Gerniiin Catho lic societies in New York Father Scbwen- Uiger said war agniust capital was jusUfl able if an vuiployer could cast off a work- niajn n» hu^voul<l.a worn.out machine. Adolpbns paused outside the door To Interview the toraper; Within thorn walls ber tntber sat Intent on Sunday'i paper. Six times before he'd sought that door On this same mission bent; His courngo railed—but now tonight He'll ask papa's consent. "Be»pec(«d sir, I've come to tell- To ask my fate—oh, seal: On. since the earl; tprlng time came l'»e lelt—I menu l reel—" Adotehus paused, with pallid cneek. „"»*y boy-don't look morose) Its blltlouniMns! I've bad It! hure— 'Pterce'i Pellets,' take a doie '•" The "Pellets" oare constipation, bHnoiunc;*s, IndUecUon, pile*, and all deraugementi of jitomaun, liver and bowols. Fniacln BnriiubyTrouibloj', tita nil* slug heir to tho estate teft by Henuit Chn uviu of Octroi U bus been fouucl ut lloby. TJjwie IQOU have boeu arrugUxi with tlie aaiuuwlnuUou of K. Cooj wr iu Alabama. A Oood Feature Of Heod's SarsapaHlla ti that while It puMUos the -Wood mid eeudi it courting tnrough the vein* full ot rlekueaa and also liuparu new life and vlgur to every tuuotton ot the body. Henee th* expression so often heard: "Hood's sarsaparltla made a new person ol mo." it overcome* that tired feeling so c..mmon now. Uoed's Pllli «re purely vogetable, haroilcsi, alwe4» reliable and beneHolal. No«l M'Atson ot Wttuburg. Pa., Bernard AiteuberKor of Jersey city, N. J., und Wasley AVurner of Mount Holly, N, J,, morderoiai, war* hanged. "Tbe Newest N«w Novel." may be 10 Intensely Interesting that the reader I may lk> ou a bad «f mtf«rln« w>d yet read It; batisMlttlnly uotedlb —•-•?—-- iT 1 -?™" ivl should l«ol iieriwlbr woll.'io and proUt If aatlcted wllb gla, nata, tu ihe.bsok, uy.^wi*. .**«.!« oiw-1 Ant pro«ur« Dr, l>l«ioe'il BBAOH A HOYT LAWYERS. Praattoe m Mat* and federal oourM. Offlee ca Mtln street, over Nlswongei'i dry goods itors. QEO. W. KORTE, LAWYER. Office on drat floor. German bank building. Wlllpracttee In state and federal courts. Br*8peelal attention given toforeclosurei and rttlwnemof mtotei. •eti fJJOBOX W. BOWBH ATTORNEY A f LAW. omen. GRTfFITH BVILblflff F. M. DAVENPORT, A TTOBNK AT LAV. L MtedlnboUntateud builneM tians courts. Ofltoe over Atorfc'g d*y goods ttare,Carr< | CARROLL Classified Business Oirectc ,ry. MILLINERY. MBS. M. 3BADLK, Fashionable Mlllli i«ry. HI88 ELLA TODD, Millinery and Ka 007 eoodt FINANCIAL. 1TIBST NATIONAL BANK, Cor. Halo and NORTHWESTERN BUILDING A~ ASSOCUTIOf flftu Streets. XD LOAM i, Fifth Strew. FEED MILL? J. H. MATI.OCK. Mttl t street . HARNESS. ' It. T. ANDERSON, Harnesa Trunk.. Talins 'and Sew WINES AND LIQUORS, VICTOB H. STKPPCHT I, "The Dlnmond," Fourth Street PLUMBERS AN' j STEAM FITTERS. SHEFFIELD i PAT TEB8ON Tankg JO ' 3 PRINTING. «* **»» Street p^ung Offll3e j n wertern low*. Liebig Company's An i the •valuable product made trcm finest beef Uie world produce*. Extract of Beef. twutlfln th. ktir, Imu/Unl tniwth. CONSUMPTI V E l™&?$£ THWACUHA For Thin People ABE YOU TllIN? Fle«h made wljh TbtnRcura tablets by a tokm- llflu (ireovM. Thuj urea to peeleet *<<tnill«tloa of even form ot food, secreting tbe VRluable (uutt and dlsuardioK Uis northtes*. Tuey make thin faoet piumii »nd round out the figure. Thai aro in o ^* STANDAIU> KKMEDY Bn ' 1 l*rle», prepaid, tl per box, 6 lor $5, ' Vampbtet, "HOW TO SET If AT." true, The THINAOUIU CO.. 919 Broadway, N«w Ywa. FALL AND WINTER . fafo»lter».oM|iiton, prepared •tpeeUUj to wpuittii. and alter «»ln(, you will road with !>JMMUM. for »aJe b/ »lTpi«aioln«i|eaUni. The H-U1 ol dumb, , a hoiue for the blind, deaf. ' ' TMC OLiWASMIONCO i. of Dill fivts you 1 liwfiuf ot aorro wbanyouseeiti .. JWJoufeellt I th* hluiuierbusH " of a former decade, it to uothiux luu been d to equal Oto*e 0 ' 1 " >wrt ta * <uid A fine Hue of pieo« gooda o! Nobby Suits Tbe latent etylw at tbe Lowest IMces, at the old reliable clothiuK house of NOCKEL8 & CHAM South Side Square, Carroll, ' - ^\

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