Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 16, 1933 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1933
Page 7
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tOLA, KAlNSAS NEWS otf WED Arllne Sinclair jAmon/r Foiiner Mildred Residents in CaUfo^ia ' Who Escape Eartliquake. N MILDRED, Mar. 15,—Mi^.Eueene ' ; Sinclair received a telegram! Sunday from Mr. and Mrs. Emmett iLaMun- ybn which said "AU survived earthquake. In Redlands for safety." This was a great relief to the Sin- clairs as their daughter Arliine is in Long Beach with tlie LaMunyons. . The P. T. A. was postponed until Thursday night |of next week. The basketball boys went; to Fort Scott Tuesday afternoon to play ball. They will attend the tournament at Port Scott Friday and Saturday. We are hoping they will win first place; i i Rev. J. C. Lane preached i Sunday as conference did not convene. Miss Veta Hackett is better but is yet unable to rcsumo her .school work. Mis.s Evalyn Stout who ': teaches near Humboldt spent the w]eek-end with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sto!ut. Mrs. Lester Crcvlston of jtola accompanied her husband this far as lie went to; Plensnnton Tuesday and .fpcnt the day wllh her mother Mrs. Jess Wllliam.s. • Mrs. Millard Heath has not been fis well ns usual |li!ils week. Mrs. Enrl Sheffor of Elsmorc who formerly lived here, was operated on nt St. John's hospital nruesday. Mrs. Raymbnd James went down to the hospital. Mr. und Mrs. Elmer Blbtns received word that their son Walter ho Is in Los Angeles Is- all right. • iielatives of Mr. and-"Mrgj- Cecil Charlton who formerly lived here but are now in California, escaped the earthquake. The farm bureau ladies met with Mrs. Tom I^ewis;Alonday afternoon. Miis Feebler, county demonstrator from lola was present. Art Hutton and family of Bayard spent Saturday evenmg at Frank Coonfleld's.' : •"Mr. and Mrs. Henry Knight droye . to Yates Center Sunday and' visited their sons who are attending school there. , Mr. and Mrs. John Barley and Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Nevitt Jr., visited their aunt and uncle in Garnett Sunday. ! Mrs. Clarence Isaac. Earl and , Elaine, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. • Mr, and Mrs.; Ralph Byhum of Lone Elm were calling on relatives here Sunday. i Lish Aldrich is seriously ill at the home of his brother-in-law. Dick Hickman. Mrs. Russell Reynolds and Mrs. Lee Talley called on Mrs. John By- niam Priday afternoon. Mell Adams has now the honor ot: being great grandfather. A little girl has come to make her home with Mr. and Mrs. MerTU Adams. Charley Vestel and family of Moran vlsjted Sunday with Miss Bird "Patterson and Davy Patterson. Tom Lewis and family were dinner guests at Scott Brown's Sunday. Charles Garrison and family spent Saturday at Will Garrison's near I^caid. j -Mr. and Mrs. Urless Nevitt were dinner guests at Russell Reynolds's i Simday. ! 1 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Walton and . Junior drove to Sand Springs, Okla.. Sunday. Mr', and Mrs. Claude Roe of, Tola accompanied them. Mr. Wal- tcm's mother who has»beeh here visiting, returned to her hbme in Siind Springs with them. i • Mr. arid Mrs. Elmer Norton, Mr. THE lOLA DAILY KEGISTEK. THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH IC. isCG. TB£ NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Al Has Touching Ways! By Cowan •WEAR. ST ;flf /TNG MERE 6 PLW<^MG U6CK \MITH MY ^MO0K AT THE oPF»ce,ANO I'M '^J ^mK^& HERE T'TELU H\(A HE 'S GOTTA scam OUT OF UERE.TWE A^\KU^E. vs. COIA9 ,S \NM-RU5/ BABY I vwwNA SEEf vou GOTTA wr ME OM TME BACK-BiG NEWS'. WY AUTO POUSH RACKET IS • COM«M' , THPOUGH -TOAAORROW-EMERVTHVNGS LW. SET* IT NVEfiNS A FOPfTUNE. BOY, FOR 6cm* OP OS I • ^OBTUMEj SUREl HERE'S TWE PAPER , AO. (W.DE OUT-IW HAMINS L,yMCH **\TH /AY BACKEPS TOMORROUJ-A>*D TVW'S VOU COME IN ON TUE SPtlT^klOVM,! MBEO MEN SPOT TWI] TUiS V.UNCW OVIER \M A.aG >NKY— - NSWERS WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN " was known as the Great Commoner. Only FOUR STATES in the Union are , larger than the Philippine ' Islands. CORONADO sought the fabled cities o( Cibola. GLY^CAS FIT HER CASE PERFECTLY Airs, llanrahan Freed of 10 , Years Suflfering:—Would Get Entirely Down, Dieted Continually. -'•I fotmd in Gly-Cas the one medicine I had needed for years." said Mrs. WlUiam Hanrahan. 317 North Weller St.-, Ottumwa, la. "For ten years stomach and kidney irouble and nervousness had caused suf- • MRS. WILLIAM HANRAHAN. , • ft • Mrlng. At times got me entirely down, dieted continually. Tried ev- -eft' Icnowri remedy without results, some told me 1 had ulcers of the stomach, others acid stomach, but continually grew worse, was so discouraged and was most miserable. Bill Anally I began taking Gly-Cas a{id it wasted no time in helping, me. My kidneys and bowels' are now ; regulated,: never bothered with stomach 6r indigestion any more, eat ansthing I want, nervousness gbne entirely. This is why^ i say Oly-Cas'a'-action is remarkable." ' ! Gly-Cas is sold by Scarborough Bros. Drug store. lola, arid by all leading drug stores in surrounding itgwns. I THE J. F. GRENNAN ; PRODUCE CO. C. 0< COGHILL, Manager. POULTRY AND EGGS , Egg Cases and Supplies, start Year Chicks fLlgbt USE PILLSBURY STARTING FOOD Old and JReUable—Estfj^U^bed 1911 Cotiter Monroe uld'liliiil • (Jtist West or the Water TDwer) and Mrs. Preston Patterson, and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Sinclair spent Sunday evening at Ira Norton's. Miss Louise Hummiston was a dinner guest at Jerry Hackett's Sunday. Afternoon callers at the Hackett home were Grant Shockey, lola, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Shockey and Lawrence of Kansas City, Miss Beulah Shockey who teaches in the A. & M. college, StiUwell, Okla.. A. J. Hummiston, lola. Carl. Wilma. Beulah. Helen, i and Cecil Brown, and Lola Pughj Frank Thompson and family spent Sunday at Sam Swing's in Kincaid helping Mr. Ewing celebrate his birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Stickard of Osawatomie have moved to Ivlildred and are living with their daughter. Mrs. Harry Coen and Mr. Coen. . Preston Patterson and fariiily and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Norton were dinner guests at the' parental Elmer Hiie home. Mrs. James Maxwell of Kansas City and Mrs. Hazel Bogard of Liberty. Mo., spent part of the week with their sister, Mrs. Millard Heath. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Grayson and baby who have been staying at the parental Grant Dickenson home have moved to Moran. "Bud" Rainey who took Homer Justice and 'wife to Kansas City, has retm'ned home. Mr.iUMLMrs. Emmett Bynum took dinner at the parental White home in KinKiid Simclay. Mrs. Sani McAdams is visiting at Paul Price's and Walter Lacey's. NEWS OF COLONY John Llntner, Jr., QuAJifies for Scholarship and Will PUy at Worid's. Fair Thii Summer ' Frederick. Md.—Two of the best local teams are looking for the basketball tournament thev have entered. The managers said they paid $5 each to a stranger to enter the tourney at Hagerstown but later discovered Hagerstown knew of no tourney. . ! AVOID UGLY PIMPLES Does a pimply face embarrass you? Get a package of Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets. The skin should begin to clear after you have taken the tablets a few nights, if you are like thousands of others. Help deanse the blood, bowels and liver with Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets, tlie successful substitute for calomel; there's no sickness or pain after taking them. Dr. Edwards Qlive Tablets do.that which calomel does, and just as effectively, but their action is gentle and safe instead of severe and irritating. Thousands who take Olive Tablets are never cm-sed with a "dark brown taste," a bad breath, a dull, listless, "no good" feeling, constijation, torpid liver, bad dispodtion, pimply face. Olive Tablets are a purely vegetable compound; known by their olive color. Dr. Edwards,spent years among patients afflicted with liver and bowd complaints and Olive Tablets are the immensely effective result. Take nightly for a week. See how much better you feel and look. 15c, 30c, 60c Why.Get Up Nights? Make This 25c Test Physic the bladder as you would the bowels. Drive out impurities and excessive acids that cause Irritation burning and frequent desire. Get a 25c test box of BU-KETS, the bladder physic, from any drug store. After four days if you are not relieved of getting up nights go back and get your money. BU-KET8, containing buchu leaves. Juniper oil, etc.. acts pleasantly and effectively on the bladder similar to castor oil on the bowels. If you are bothered with backache, or leg iia'ins caused from bladder disorders you are bound to feel better after this cleansing' and you get yom- regular sleep. Brown's Drug Store and Wallar's Palace Drug Store say BU-KETS is a best seller. When Your Daughter Comes toWomaiJiood Give Per Lydia E. Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound Most 0xb in their teens need a tonic and regulator. Give your daoghter ly'dia E. Plnldtam'a Vegetable Compound for the next few months. Teadi her how to guard her healjth at this critical time. When she ia ahappy, healthy wife and mother she will thank you. COLONY, Mar, 16.—Wilbur Skou- rup, Kansas City, Was a business vlsltm- in Colony Tuesday. C. T, Hughes, Burlington, was in Colony on business Tuesday, Guy Crammer made a business tiip to Kansas City Tuesday. R. D. Molesworth left Tuesday lor Kansas City on business. We congratulate John Virgil Lintner. Jr.. of Wichita, for being one of thirty-one out of the 250 members of the Kansas all-state high school orchestra to quaUfy for the scholarships to Interlochen, Mich., this summer and also because he will be one of those to play for the World's fair in Chicago this year. John Vii-gU lived hi Colony for several years and only went to Wichita several months ago. He is enrolled as a senior in the east high.schbol. While in Colony John Virgil won many honors in debate, oratory and music. He is a talented young man who, it seems, is destined to go far up the ladder to success. Mr. and Mrs. Gay Hendrix and son. Billy, spent Sunday in Lone Elm visiting Mrs. Hendrix's grandmother. Mrs. D. C. Banks, and her sister, Mrs. John Call. While the Hendrix family was' away callers whose identity remains a mystery, called at their home, east of town, and left as their °caIUng card the household goods and furniture in a state of disarrangement. Mr. and Mrs. KirkendaU, Mrs. J. M. Nolan, Edward and Mary Agnes Nolan spent Sunday evening at the Claude WilUford home with Mrs. Willlford. who was ill of influenza. Mrs. Williford was able to be up town Tuesday. A. E. DePoe. Lone' Elm. was a Colony visitor Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ferguson. Kincaid. have moved into the Mary Ruth property. The Standard Bearer society held its regular monthly meeting in the Methodist church Tuesday night. Alter a bounteous covered dish sup- jier the lesson was conducted by Treva Thompson. Those present were: Misses Rosa Newlon, Frances Stanford, Frances Goodell, Frances Swickard. Eunice Caldwell, Mary Caldwell,. Maude Caldwell, Treva Thompson and Edna Pearl Wilson. Charles Buckley, Paola. was in Colony Tuesday night on business. The Ford sedan driven by "Runt" Ciippy. of Tola, and a Chevrolet coupe in which four people from Greeley were riding collided on the highway about two and a half miles north of Colony late Tuesday evening. Mr. Cuppy was driving home from Gamett and the people from Greeley were returning from Colony. Although both automobiles were greatly damaged none of the occupants were injiu^d. The Priscilla club met with Mrs. H. R. Rhodes Tuesday afternoon. After the business meeting and roll call, several games were played and dehcious refreshments were served. Mrs. Carl Harrison wa? the only guest. The following club members were present: Mrs. L. O. Nickels. Mrs. Bert Wells, Mrs. R. S. Brooks. Mrs. Ray Garrison. Miss Maude Francis. Miss Anna Francis, Mrs. V. E. Mastin, Mrs. R. P. Owens. Mrs. Cresenz Owens, Mrs. C. W. Jackson and Mrs. E. N. PhilUps. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Livingston are the parents of an eight pound baby boy, bom March 13. Mrs. T. S. Longstreth returned Wednesday from Chanute, where she spent several days with relatives. Cecil Brown, Glen Henderson, Wade.Moslng and Albert Christenberry were visitors in Neosho Palls and Humboldt Tuesday night. Raymond Newlon j and Lawrence Nolan were bushiess visitors in Greeley yesterday. Mrs. Fred Vietje is ill of a cold. Ellis Golden and Robert Yokum spent Tuesday In Kansas City on business. C. V. Claric made a business trip to Kansas City today. Richard Porter was a business visitor In Coffeyvllle Monday night and In Chanute Weidnesday, His friend, Wally Stoffer, went on to CNclahoma Wednesday but Richard retiurned to Colony. Ralph King left yesterday for Galena where he has a position as a chemical engineer. The new SkcUy filling station which is being erected a block north of Broad street, is expected to be completed some time next week. Mrs. Vern Jackson fell last week and severely injured her hip and back. Although improving, she is still confined to her, bed. Mrs. Simon Cox Is recovering from a heart attack suffered in church Sunday night. • In celebration of- E. J. Mason's birthday. Tuesday night, Mrs. Mason invited the Drs. Audra and Ralph Plilliam to 6 o'clock dinner. Stating that they had patients awaiting them, the Pulliams departed inmie- diately after dinner, much to the disappointment of their jovial host. However, the disappointment only helped make a success of the sur- nrise party when BIIT . and Mrs. C. W. Kelly and the PulUams returned later, in "tacky" clothing, to spend the evening playing games and singing. At a late hour a birthday calcb and ice cream was enjoyed. The members of the Come Join Us HORIKONTAIi 1 Largest city in Turkey. ' 13 Round molding. 14 Electrified particle, 15 Becomes crabbed. 17 Woman. 18 To perform. 19 To what faith does the major Jty ol the Turks belong? 20 Dined. 21 Owed. 22 To indict. 23 Northeast'. 24 Domesticated ox of Tibet. 25 Measure of capacity. 26 Doctor. 2" Taxi. 28 End. 29 Mongrel. 30 Male she^^p. 31 Flaxen cloth. 32 To loiter. 33 Relatives. 34 Sounds. 17 AnHwei'l to l *r <^vlous I 'uzzlo [jrwaiE^ maaij^ - ffliiH3- ana HHow 55 Mug. ."l" Type measure. :!S Stormed. 33 To haul. 40 Sun god. 41 Document. 42 Quantity. 43 To murmur as a cat. 44 Surprises. 46 Merriment. 47 Half (prellx). 45 Pertaining to a braid. 49 Male child. 50 Bewitching. 51 Re-establishing. VERTICAL 1 Emu apple. 2 Oval. 3 Swelling. 4 Sneak. 5 Toward. 6 Fastidious. 7 Child. S Within. 9 Ketones. 10 Puzzle. 11 To calm. 12 Before. 16 Clever. IS Sea bird. 19 MorninK • service. 21 Flatfish. 22 Evergreen trees. 24 Sweet potato. 25 Outlined. 26 Excavated. 27 Food container. 28 Filmier. 29 Chart. .10 Border. 31 Op«ra stall.'?. 32 Ear of a kettle. 33 President of Turkey. 34 Ralibit. 35 Slash. 36 BoIdnes.s. 38 Demolished. :'.!• 2000 pounds. 40 Cud of ruminant. 41 Step. 42 Organ ot respiration. 43 Fairy. 4.", Blemish. 46 Enemy. 47 To perch. 49 Street. 50 South America. class of the Christian church spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Florence Jackson. Mrs. L. . A. Speece presided over the business meeting and program, during which Mrs. John Mosing sang. "The Little Old Church in the Valley." Mrs.'C. K. Barackman and Irene Cordell led the devotional study. Refreshments were served to the following guests: Mrs.. Bibbens, Mrs. John Mosing, Miss Ruby Speece. Members: Mesdames Lula Crammer, Vida Barackman. Agnes Bald\vin, Dorothy Metcalf. Nadine Cordell. Rhea Hamilton, Audrey Martin, Lela Speece. Elnora Wilson. Mildred Hester and the hostess. Madison, Wis .7— There will be no signs—"Finger Waves Given Here"—• in Wisconsin bairber shop;?. Beauty parlor ioperators protested emphatically when the state barbers' Organization asked a legislative measure permlttmg barber shops to dress women's hair. The beauticians said they wanted the barbers tp Iceep out of their specialties. The men surrendered. I KEAL ESTATE XRANSFEBS I (From the Office of The lola i Abstract Co., 108 W. Jackson) « : March 15, 1933. E. W. Botleman and Abigail Botleman, his wife to L. O. Northrup, a strip of land 16 rods wide off of the east side of the SE", of 6-25-19,. containing 16 acres, $1. E. C. CroskinsKy and Mary E. Croskinsky, his wife to Mitchell Weston and Alice Weston, husband and wife, lot 12, block 59, City of Humboldt. $1, Mitchell Weston and Alice Weston, husband and wife to C. F. Prib- bemow, lot 12, block 59, City of Humboldt. $1. Bud Huriey, Sheriff of Allen County, Kansas, to Fidelity Savings Trust Company, S'i of NWU and W',; of SE>i of Section 2. also the N'i: of NEVi of Section 11. all in Township 25, Range 19, containing in all 240 acres, more or less, $11,260.06. Pius Durbin and Effie R. Durblri, New York, Mar. 16, (AP)—Whea«, and cotton took the spotlight awaj' from shares in today's markets, but many of yesterday's spectacular advances br 2 to 16 points in the stock market were extended by fractions to 3 points, while others were slightly reduced. The close was Irregularly higher. Transfers approximated 3.400,000 shares, the largest since September. Tinding wds In huge volume in the first two hours, with'fresh buying more than counterbalancing extensive profit taking. Advances of 1 to 3 points were numerous, although most of those gains were cut in half by the close. Trading turned quiet tn the afternoon. The "wet" stocks, farm Implements and rcllscellaneous industrials were strong. Case closed up more than 3 points, and Owens Illinois Glass about 2. Gains of a point or so remained at the finish In International Harvester, Westlnghouse, National Biscuit, American Tobacco B, Crown Cork and Seal, and U. S. Industrial Alcohol, issues up fractionally included U. S. Steel, Genei^ Motors, Chrysler, Scars, Montgomery Ward, American Telephone, Radio and many others. Coca Cola, traditionally moving conversely from the wet stocks, dropped 3 points. Allied Chemical and Union Pacific lost more than a point. .Norfolk & Wtestem, up 16 j'esterday, reacted a few points in a thin market. Utilities and rails were soggy in spots. High Low Close Cities Senr 3»s 2 3% SO of Ind IS'i, 18*i 18T,; Alaska Jun 12^» 11% 12 Amn Can 62-7s 60% ^ 61",i AT&T 106's 104=i 105»4 Amn Tob B 64l4 62\i 63',i Anaconda 9's 8=^t 8?4 Atchison 47>s 45U 46 Auburn 41ii 39 39?! Beth Steel 16'i 15U 15Vi Can Pac 10 9'M 9',-J Case J I 52U 48^ 5Hi Chrysler 12 11 '4 11% Con Gas 52'.i 51»; 51 Vi Con Oil 6', 6 6 Drug Inc 37 36 36'4 DuPont 43 41'i 41% Gen Elec 16 15 15% Gen Motors .... 14':. 13;s 14 Int Harv 25=t, 24% 25'i Mont Ward .... 1414U 14Vi Packard Mot ... Z't, 2% 2''i Penney J C .... 25 23 % 2'4'2 Phillips Petr ... evi 6',i 6% Radio 5'-j 5 5'i SO of NJ 27^i 26'.i 27 Union Pac 80-« 78'S. 79^1 13=»4 14 32* k 32'/i 28U 28'^- Kansas City Hay Kansas City, Mar. 16. (AP).—No hay market. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Mar^ 16. (AP)—EgH-'i S'-j. Other produce unchanged. Kansas City Grain. Kansas City, Mar. 16. (AP)— Wheat, 95 car »;-6-5',2 higher; No. 2 dark hard, nom 49'i-89',; No. 3, B3\<t; No. 2 herd. 49U-S1>'{!; No. 3. 51; No., 49%; No, 3, nom 48=5i- 63%. Close: May 47%; July 47'M: Sept, 4 S '!4. Com: 10 cars; 3-3 '"j higher; No. 2 white, nom 24>i-2S; No. 3, nom 2424 VJ; NO . 2 yellow. 25; No. 3, nom 24-24>i; No. 2 mixed, nom 24-24'i; No. 3, nom 23v.-24. Close: May 24si; July 26%. ; Oats, no receipts; '2 higher; No. 2 white, nom 19-20; No. 3, 19 V ,-19' L.. MIlo maize, nom 82-57. Kafh-, 49. Rye, nom 38-39. Barley, nom 24-27^4. K.' C. Uvestoiik Close. Cattle: Fed steers and yearlings steady to 15 lower; choice 950 lb. yearling steers $6.50.^ .Sheep:' Closing '. dull; early strength lost. Hogs: Unchanged. Estimated live stock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 1,000; hogs 2.000; sheep 1,000. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City. Mar. 16. (AP) (U. S. Dept. Agr.)—Hogs 2,500; 280 direct; fairly active, strong with Wednes- dav's average; or 5-10 higher than the close; top S3.60 on 170-250 lbs.; good and choice, 140-350 lbs., $33060; packing sows, 275-550 lbs., $2.70345; stock pigs, good and choice. 70-130 lbs., $2.40-75. Cattle: 2,500; calves: 4O0; market mostly steady; some weakness on strong weight . steers; vealers weak to 50 lower; choice yearling steers held around $6.50; steers, good and choice. 550-1500 lbs., $4.00-7.00; common and mediiun, 550 lbs. up. $3.25-5.25; heifers, good and choice. 550-900 lbs., $4.25-5.75; cows, good $2.50-85; vealers, (mlftfed). me- bUum to choice, $3.50-6.50; stocknr and. feeder steers, good and choic:; S4.00-5.75- (X)—Quotations twsed on ewco and wethers. LEGAL Texas Corp . 14 U S Steel 33% WestUigh E .... 29'^ LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs, firsts .. 9c Eggs, seconds 8c Eggs, thirds .. 6c Eggs, ungraded .....7c Hens, No. 1 6c Hens, No. 2 ,....4c No. 1 Springs, I'.i lbs. up Sc No. 2 Springs 3c Butterfat, lb 12c Cocks 3c Geese, lb 2c Guineas, each 10c White Ducks, lb 3c Colored Ducks, lb 2c Hides, per lb Ic Mixed Com, bu 16c Yellow Com, bu 16c 'Wheat, bu ...33c Kafh- Com 13c husband and wife to Vernon C. Archer, U undivided interest in lot 8, block 63 in the City of lola, Kansas, $1. OUT OUR WAY -TAK'e AT STOFF OOTA \ MOOR WlP POCU^-fS, AM' CARRv/ \T IM WOUR ARMS-j 'AX'S. WWW / '^NH^M SMCIRE. Our FER A VAJALV-^ , CARS ER .A »-»-uS -SToPPtN' AKJ' Vv /AKlTitsj' -To PiCK' "us. Up - TrtE^ -THVKIV<' <^/OU' Re. Auu iM. By Willianis THE WORRY mRT e IMS av Mu URvicc INC. REG. u. s. PAT. orr NOTICE. I, Jim Chezem, convicted on th3 31st day of January, 1928, of the crime of burglary, second degree, in Allen County, Kansas, will apply on the 30th day of March, 1933, to the Governor, at his office tn Topeka, Kansas, for a Conditional Pardon. Signed, JIM CHEZEM. (2)-16-23-(3)-2-9-16. CHRYSLER 6 COUPE FORD COUPE. '31 PON'nAC SEDAN PLTfMOUTH SEDAN FORD fZ9 COACH ESSEX SEDAN ' CHRYSLER 58 COACH MODEL T ROADSTER ROSS ARBDCEE GARAGE CHBYSLEB-FLYMOUTH . Sales—Service—Farts ^ ANNOUNCEMENTS Anctions HCLMES & RILEY — Community . Sale, Saturday, March 18. Blggnr , and better. Everyone bring your stuff. AUTOMOTIVE 6 Aato Aoeetfories, Tires. Parts Regular OAS—Wholesnle—S'jc Pe(Jcral Tax Paid—40 gal. $2,80 •VINE OIL & GAS CO. State and Uncohi Sts., lola TEXACO PRODUCTS — Goodrich Tlries. Cash paid for used cars. Logan Reynolds. 307 West Street. EMPLOYMENT 14: Heli» Wanted—Male FARM HAND—Good home, clothing, etc.; prefer middle age. Box 91, care Register. LIVE STOCK 21 1. Horses, Cattle, Vehicles COWS — Just fresh, and cows to freshen soon, J. C. Butcher, West Street road. 2 YOUNG MARES —Past 3 years old, wt. 1400; prairie and alfalfs hay, and kafir corn. C. H. Bakcc 6fe miles southwest of lola. 3 DAIRY COWS—One half wlU bp sold at Holmes & Riley- Sales Pavilion Saturday. G. M. Critchfield. Zt ; Poultry and Supplies BIG TYPE S. C. W. Minorcas: rugged, range flock; blood tested eggs, $2.00 per 100; chix, $6.50 per 100. Mrs. O. A. Weddle, Savonburg, Kis., phone 48-12. CUSTOM HATCHING—$3.50 per . 'case; less thaj case lots, Ic per egg; chicks, 4Vic and up. Taylor's .Hatchery and Produce, 201 South Jeffersdn, lola, Kas. BABY CHICKS 100% from flocks blood tested and certified by Judge Harris, poultry expert. about our gQVo guarantee cn Custom Hatching. ;A 11 heavy breed.s 5 ''.ic't Heavies 5c Custom Hatching l%c or $5 case WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES (Formerly Cantrell) , • 2 miles south on 73W or L. E. Steele Supply Co. •^'•Talk Chicks with Willson" (First Published in The lola Daily Register March 8, 1933.) NOTICE I, Harry Smith, convicted on the 26th day of January, 1931, of the crime of Possession of Narcotics in Allen County. Kansas, will apply on the mh day of April, 1933, to the Governor, at his office in Top;eka. Kansas, for Conditional Pardon. Signed HARRY SMITH. (3) 8-15-22-29 (4) 5-12. (First Published In The lola Daily Begtetcr Maixh 1, 1933.) NOTICE OP APPOINTMENT —Administrator. State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the Matter of the Estate of William D. Bogar, late of Allen County, Kanto. NOnCB OP APPOINTMENT Notice Is hereby Given, That on the 26th day of August, A. D., 1931, the undersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as Administrator of the Estate of William D. Bogar, late of. Allen County, deceased. AU parties intcreisted In said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. V. G. ARCHER. (3) I-8 -1S. Administrator. CUSTOM- HATCH—Ic in Modem . Buckeyes, set ea. Mon. Have purebred blood tested chicks. Leg. 4c, big breeds 5c, assoned 4c. Russell Hatchery, Gas. Phone 955-3. COOMBS HOLLYWOOD Trapnest- ed Leghorns. If you want, large white eggs get our chicks; 250-300 egg breeding imder Kansas record of performance supervision; 200- egg flock "average on our farm at Bronson. Getting 90 to 100% daily production in a special mating at this time. Sunflower Hatchery, Bronson-Gas City. OIU BROODER—Used, good condition, 500-chick, $5.00. Allen County Implement Co. TOBACCO DUST for small chicks; Black Leaf 40, for chicken lice; 2 lbs. sweet com for 15c. Brownie's. Produce, Feed, and Seeds. MERCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sale 3-ROW Hummer rotary, hoe, like n^w. H. R. Reeve, Kincaid. Kas. 27 - Feed. Fuel. FertiUzers BAILED ALFAUA HAY—Sweet clover seed. Austin's, 2 miles north of lola. HEDGE WOOD—For sale. 218 N. Ffrst. Phone »64J. 28 HouKhtrid Goods BIRD CAGES, 99c; card tables, 69c; end tables, 6Sc. W. H. Wood Fine Ffirniture, 203 S. Jeff. Phone 190. SWAPPER'S COLUMN BALED PRAIRIE HAY—For cattle, grain or hedge poets. S. W. Lust. Phone 662, I<aHarpe. FOR SALE OR^ TRADE—Pair of mules, weight 2600. Boyer, South Washington, LaHarpe. FOR SALE OR TRADE for cattle or hogs: Good alfalfa hay and certified Midland yellow dent seed com. A. M. Dunlap, Carlyle. WANTED TO EXCHANGE — Groceries for delivery truck. Mont McKlnney Grocery and Market. AUTOMOTIVE ABtomobHes For Sale Dodge SALES AMD SERVICE Plymouth Depentable Used Can and Trueka ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone »0J Cash—Trade-rTenns PONTIAC-BUICK Sales snd Service Onaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR GO. au N. Jeffenton Phone 80 NEW AND USED Furniture. Store; ptttked. Hennlnger's Furniture Store, West Madison Ave. SOMETHING NEW and different: CGSLI, wood and gas ranges. Temis. Ti^de in old. Save at Curtis Pur- nl^ure, 10 North Washington. $tOOMS FOR RENT 33 Rooms SLEEPING ROOMS—Modern, close inj also 40-acre improved farm, clcjse to lola. Phone 327. 34 Apartments and Flats 3 LIGHT Housekeeping Rooms, downstairs, sink, closets,^ porch, private entrance. 301_North street. Ileal Estate For Reiit 36 • Farms and Land For Bent IMPROiVED 50 acres near lola, SlO per month. L. E. Steele. Phone 809. 40 A;CRES —Improved, excellent soil: $100.00 cash. Call mornings. 501 N6nh Second. HoBsca For Bent FOB RENT—Houses, good location. 8£e a. E. Pees. 5 -ROOM modem house with sleeping P<?rch, cheap, close in. Inquire at 219 N. Buckeye. Phone 1138J. 0-ROOM HOUSE —Modem, rent cheap: Call at 824 N. Buckeye. HOUSEr-3 rooms furnished or unfurnished, gas, waten electricity, garden plowed. Inquire 506 Nortli street.

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