The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 29, 1948
Page 7
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r 7AOB TWELVE (Awt.y OWWBK TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 1948 Candidates for State Offices Share Spotlight With Arkansas Democratic Central Committee B, Bofe Brown (VnHii* Trrst staff Correspondent) LITTLE ROCK, Ark., June 29. (UP)—Arkansas' handshaking gubernatorial candidates were preparing today to •hare th« political spotlight with tlie State Democratic Central Committee. Tin iroup will m*el here tomorrow with tr«M two major Items on the acenda: 1. To decide whether or not to instruct tfct state's delegation to the national convention at Philadelphia. It ta generally conceded that the deleotlon will be left \inlnstructed In order that It may take advantane el dereiophients at the national rally. I. To rot* on a resolution de- aigned to bring about the popular election of delegates lo t*e national convention. Th* resolution, first approved by the Women's Democratic Club of Arkansas, will be presented to the committee by Secretary Harvey G. Combe of Little Rock. It would recommend that the legislature advance primary election dates from the months of July August to April and May and Hint delegates be placed on the primary election ballots. At the present time delegates are chosen by the state committee. However, an the governor is the nominal head of the party, recommendation of membership eanio considerable weight. A similar resolution will be pit •ented to the Democratic State convention next Fall. GOT. Ben Laney said today tha he would favor the move. Meanwhile, gubernatorial Candida Horace E. Thompson was con liderin* a challenge to a rietmti Issued by one of his opponents Jim Merritt of McGehee. Mtrritt bnm Challenges Merrill Issued the challenge yesterday after claiming that the "pay •us-you-go" highway program proposed by Thompson originated In the Merrltt Headquarters. Merritt was In Fort Smith today, attending the annual encampment ol the Arkansas Department, Veterans of Foreign Wars. He resigned Des Arc, Mnxen, Mnrlnnna and West Volf Bayou. Hcbcr Batcsville lodny. Iclcna. Thompson was at Greenbricr. Quitmnn, Tumbling Shonls, Springs and Jumps From Truck and Outsmart* Bloodhound* Mississippi County peace officer* today .sought John Henry Slimson, West Memphis Negro, who jumped from Ihe back of a pick-up truck transporting him lo the county |>e- nal fa^m yesterday afternoon. The sheriff's office here said U>- rlay tl-.Rl Stinison leaned from Hie back "I the truck when the driver, County Kitrm SujwrintemlcJit C. E. Lucji.s, slowed fur traffic. St!ii';on escaiwd neur :> store on Hlghwi.y 01 aljoul flvi- milt's South of Blyihcville, Eyewitnesses fll the store lold the sheriff's office that Hie Negro "took quite a nimble" (is Ihe truck was moving about 35 lo 40 miles an hour. Sid McMnlh of Hot Splines was Coii'ily farm officials u.sed dons at Sprlngdale and Fayetteville yes- hi an ultempt lo track Stimson but erday and will be at Bcntonville' Hie scent was lost when the Negro his afternoon and at Rogers lo- i apparently crossed a water-filled night. James (Uncle Mac) Mackrell idilch ami hid In heavy brush. Obituary "kicked around" uniform. Mrs. Ledbetter, Blytheville Pioneer, Dies Lusl rites for Mrs. Lucy Alice I>ed- betU'r, DC, widow of John J. Ledbe'.- ter, were conducted this altcrnoon nl tlic Cobb Chapel by Ihe Kcv. Allen D. Stewart, pastor ol the First Methodist Church, assisted by the | "Ample" well-cooked, nourishing Hcv. K. W. Stovall, pastor of Ilia i me als of a simple wholesome char- Draff*«« Told Then Will He Comfort But Ho Coddling in Army WASHINGTON, June 28. —(UP) — Prospective draftees had the Army's word for It today that they will be neither "coddled" nor once they gel in Here, according to Army Secretary Kenneth C. Royall, It what men called up under the new 19- lhrough-25 draft law can look forward to: "A normal, wholeson active life, though mo planned and supervised than he ever Imagined." CONTEST night. P»»« 1.) A Grand Ball ' with the grand march being led by Governor Ben T. Laney and the newly selected "Miss Arkansas" will follow the naming of the first three honors. Thl» dance will conclude the ac- of the Palestine war. The UN worked hard to keep secret Hie substance of Bernadoltc's ne, busy and I peac * "• s "Bg«sllons," but the outline .ore carefully ° f j!, f l>;'!.T *« «Mcted to become will be at Oden tonight. In other races Millard Alford of ,lttle Hock, candidate for attorney Sllmson was found guilty of petit larceny In Municipal Court here yoslenlay morning. He was fined general, was louring While Counly * 25 •""' sentenced lo W days In juil ,oday. He will be In Dooneville amljf 01 ' "''-' thelt_of ciolhlng amnnoney V&rls tomorrow. His opponent, Tkn Mnrry of Fordyce. will be In Augusta, McCrory and Wynne today. from John Doss of Blytheville. nf Christ. Mre. Ledbcltcr died at the home of her sister, Mrs. John Durham, 325 East Davis Street, yesterday afternoon, following an Illness which had kept her in bed since December 14. Mrs. LCufcctter was a meml>er of one of the pioneer families of Blytheville,' having 'l>eeii born here in 1819, and living here all her life Jap Officers to Hang For Part in Death March TOKYO, June 2!). <UP>—A former Japanese army seneral and a colonel convicted of responsibility In the T3ataan denth march were sentenced today to duath on the gallows. Thcv were MaJ. Gen. Yoshilaka Kaware and Col. Kurataro Hirann. An U.S. Denies Shelling Of Arab* in Holy Land CAIRO. June M. <Ut>)—American -uilhontlcs today categorically denied a Syrian charge Iliat a United Scutes warship fired, nn Arabs In Palestine, and Ihe Arab league accepted Ihe denial. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL S'lXDCK- YARDS, III., June 29. (UP)—(USDAJ —Livestock: actcr." "Reasonably comfortable quarters tbut) no luxuries." ''Adequate medical care." Royall said Ihe 225.000 lo 250,000 men expected to be drafted within the next year will be able to choose their branch of service and their assignments "only to a limited degree," Most of the draftees are ticketed for the Army, he said, be•with lhc exception of lew ycais j CRllse the Navy and Air Force are when she lived with a son in Texas, j confident they can get along' wilh The late Mr. Lcdbctler was a for- | volunteers, mcr mayor of Blytheville, an attorney and planter. He died in 1927. Mrs. t/xlbetter was a member ol the First. Methodist Church, East-West Duel (Continued from Pare 1 ) vi,rr'7^be I t'ter U of l Dutte UI Mon.'"i know * hftt "• *» means However. Li e was polling the" irnations°ot i d John J Ledbet er Ji of Ato- nlany sl ' ared tnc belief of Wash- , the security council on possible act- Un Tex • twoaKs° Mra" Durtiun " lsLo " ond UlnAott °< tieM * thai; ion there, state Department Press un, icx., LWO MSiers, Mrs. L>uui.irn Tjl1ccio i, a fn^ D ...^n,,™ .„.!.,;_ *!,„ nfri^nr T :> 1nn i n HM.I.,, i~ n,.-.. her membership had l>een since ' isao. • j Survivors include two sons, Al- generally known In the next few days. Jt was doubtful that either side would accept the proposals of Bernadotte, but the mediator's strategy apparently was aimed at the modest goal of getting both sides talking about permament settlement. Appreciates UN Move WASHINGTON. June 29 (UP)— A State Department official said early today the United States a- ppreclate s the role the United Nations might play "should the situation In Berlin futher deteriorate." The orfical Indication that at this moment the state Department does not believe that UN action Is necessary. In response to many inquiries regarding the United States attitude toward, the Berlin crisis and toward reports from Lake Success that UN Secretary-General Trygve A/francos §oy Killed, Two Others Hospitalixed Wh+n Hit by Lightning MEMPHIS, Tenn., June ». (UP) —Two Arkansas boys were recovering today from severe burns un- tlvlties. Contest offictaU have announced that absolutely no one Is to come to the tent other than candidates. In previous years it Is their contention that the well-wishers were a factor of confusion and Interfered with lie progress ol the show. Miss Shanks will model a char- reuse bathing suit and a talisman ihade evening dress, off-shoulder cseation of gabardine Thursday. She will wear an Eisenberg Original afternoon dress at the judges uncheon, Wednesday, with a sand color felt hat and complemented by yellow rosei. Her dress Is a two- ilcce black crepe with accordion ,)leats around the shirt and the neckline. The Judges luncheon Is one of the most important activl- :ies the candidates will participate in, as personality is checked here. EiBhlU Army military court} Hoi{s ni '^. salilble ,, i500 . „,„,.. found Ihem responsible, for Hie K el deaths of an e.slimaleti 10,000 Filipinos mid Americans who died on the niiirch after the fall of Bataan. Studebuher Resigns As U.S. Education Head WASHINGTON. June 29. (UP)— Dr. .lolrn W. Studeiiaker has .submitted his resignation as U. S. Com- missiOiie>- of Education and President Tinman today regretfully ac- ceplcd it. !bs, irreiiular; weights under 240 50-15c lower than Monday. and Mrs. C. M. Baxter, both of Illy- Uievilte; and two brothers, Walter Clark of Blytheville, and Cecil Clark of Holcomb, Mo. Billy opines, J. W Maloney, Robert Coiemau. J. D. Smith. Ed Jonc.s, L. G. Thomrvion, Si., Frank We'on, '^ and H. E. Lashot served as active t< , r| | Russia,, before making public the ,'lth Tito, had made certain holds control over Yugo- Heavier kinds steady to 60c lower, *'ilh extreme heavies mostly steady, ciows, steady to 25c lower. Top 28.50; 140-230 Ibs 26.25 to mostly 28.SO; 240-270 Ibs 27.25-28; 260-300 Ibs., 25.75-27; few loads 375-52S Ills 23.- 50-24.SO; 130-150 Ibs 24-20.25; SOWS 21.75-23.25: stags 18 down. Cattle 4.2CO: salable 4,000: calves 1,800 all salable. Market slow about | Funeral services for Mrs. Joe Mc- palibearers. Burial was in the Maple Grove Cemetery, under the direction of Cobb Funeral Home. » • • Ritej Here Tomorrow For Mrs. Joe McNeill slavia. In the case of Palestine, the security council gave Count Folke Bernadotte a free hand In his ef- to win Arabs and Jews to rms for a permanent settlement Sweat, Ei-by Hodge, Herman Rit- lenberrj', Talmadge Gann, E. T. Landon, and Louis Llndinnie. Burial will be In Elmwood Cemetery. Officer Lincoln White made this statement: "We are deeply appreciative ol the role which the United Nations might play should the situation in Berlin futher deteriorate. "Meanwhile, this government is exploring every means of arriving at a settlement of the differences which have arisen." White said that so far no forma reply to Lie's request has yet becv forwarded to the American delegation at Lake Success by Ihe State Department. i nwar« that th* lightning bolt which hospitalized them had Instantly killed 13-year-old Thonia* Le« ut- tle, of Hughes, Ark. Charles Norris, 14, and Billy Cup-' • pies 18, were taken to St. Joseph'a'li Hospital here yesterday. The threai:' boys had huddled in a vacant hous« ';:' to escape a late afternoon thunder- i storm. ' ! Joe Billy Little, 11 year old brother of the dead youth miraculously escaped Injury. "We were ull out plowing In th« fields when the storm came up." he said. "We dashed for the vacant . tenant house that was nearby. All; ol us white boys went into one'' room while the six or seven Negroes! with \is went into the next room. i "I saw the flash. Then it seemed! like big balls of lire were running t through the house. I turned around,' just slightly shaken and saw my; brother Charles and Billy on th« floor." . ife. Rubber-tired steam locomotives' 1 may be. seen on the highways of " England. They are used to pull freight trucks. i SMOOTHER because it's ... This meant thai' fin* G ten more whiskies are blended with cHoicest grain rxufral spirits bul instead of being bottled immediately, "Thompjoi" i; put back En to barrels to make it smoother, tastier. . -«i« IIQVDI DfALfi* proof. The straight whiskies in this pro- JLlUle Rock .Arkansas duct are 4 years nl mor« old. TO % g rail neutnU crilritii .steady on steers, heifers and cows: although no early action on beef cows. Very few good steers offered. Studr-bufcer. niter H years In his i A fcw low all 'l average good !oU post, informed the president tha.1 s I e l I 34-35 ' VFW to become a candidate. Meanwhile candidate Jaclc Holt was in Augusta and McCrory today and will be In Brinkley tonight. "He will Invade Eastern Arkansas tomorrow, scheduled for stops at ( i u , 35.36; good to low choice heifers Nclll. 32, of Austin, Tex., daughter of Mrs. Ernest Taylor of Blytheville, i will be conducted at 2 p.m. tomor- ; row at the Cobb Chapel by the Rev. [ Theron McKisson, pastor of the ' department commander of the" a i OI] ^ with too many other men, Hn d mixed yearlings 31-36; medi- | Lnke Street Methodist Church has now come when I can ' nm 24-M; cutter and common kinds no lousier afford to remain, in the , IB-20; common and medium beef fedfiat government." His lesignation is effective July IS. 'cows 18-31; dinners and cutters 1417.50. Read Courier News Want Ads. Read Courier News Want Ads. Blytheville. Mrs. McNeill died in Dallas Sunday ailcr a brief illness and hev body arrived in Blytheville today for burial. Pallbearers will include J. W. MRS. ADELINE HOLT . . . Proudly Presents HER SON We want you to see for yourself chat the "Jeep" is an all-purpose vehicle that may fit your needs to a T. Come in and drive a "Jeep." See how easily it handles! Feel the mighty surge of power from its Willys-Overland "Jeep" Engine and the sure-footed pull of "Jeep" 4-whccl traction! You'll see why the "Jeep" can spread its cose over many industrial and farm uses... the day around... the year around! You'll know why the "Jeep" can do anything i liglir tractor can do. You'll recognize its handincss as a 5,500-lb.-pull tow 800-lb.-capacity pick-up truck. ..a passenger runabouc. You'll realize the "Jeep's" ability to carry men and tools to jobs on or off the road and furnish power co machines on location. We invite you «o come in now and drive a "Jeep." cn A Px JACK HOLT for GOVERNOR of ARKANSAS <" Trr hl t«* f*r «~ in CbritlL" Ge"" h.v, ,o b. ^ c - * ** * * « „„ „ «u«,. n Sth.,1, b.t he had lo ru t himself IhrouVr ? if, e l-nlvr "" 1 ""\ 1 lrn ""' "- 11 ""' «™^ r,r»mmar School ami the Harrison Hi E h Wire alw.y, hl t h. lhr<,u s h lh c Lmiersily cf ArkAiua, |, a »- School. .Uck rtiA mighty wen in school. His Rrade* !, 0 ;;, 1 ,\n,', a 'r " omr ,, ( " "•'--" -"« w« • •- « m «- ™* — '« •"-• **»• «•• in ,. i '" "* l >rucllcc - J « k llicl l' re ">' « r " »« » vnunp lawyer. After only ™"™Ww * " ml " la " fnr Pr.*c.ti nf Attorney of our home district. »nrt hr wa« elected. av «4«lit Math, in private pruclicc H , «.«4\ n * third term ' Pools Motor (o. Offers You EASIEST TERMS PLUS HIGHEST TRADE-IN Allowance On Your Old Car SEE THESE FEATURES THAT MAKE THE 'JEEP' A 4-FUNCT10N VEHICLE . J»ek «Muik< a lotelr (tirl, Margaret Snikrs*™! ° *? J ' " n " llrif , of m - v "" jranrts«n* who also served. *«•» Jack Jr., who is a Uw student at the Vnivcrsil^ t™^^ aln\it Kidxe. They are a happ.v, flne couplr wilh their two chll- »fc»t Methwlbt Church In Little Rock " -irrp i,,v t " ;l " si> '' » ni1 Pcsey. who Is fonrlcen ye»r« old. They are mrmbcrs of the .' NT >*. baa drticaled his life to the sc viol ^f '• ', n ? 1I!1I1bw ° r th ' *°"« <* Stewards. / ***** »~1 hb tojaity t« a trust are offered !• """• IllS P 10 '^ 5011 * educ»tion, his food judgment, his home ImiKlH ambition l<, v^ my ,„„ t i ec ( e( . , lh . . >)ou - •' !ic ' t '" * *°»d hojr. He Is my favorite candidate for Governor. It Is mv Gnmmn t*r my sake. "'Knesl orfire within jonr gifl. I can assure you that J»ck wll maVe you a jood Sincerely. , MRS. ADELINE HOLT. This Political ArlvrrUsemenl Paid for bj M ". Arlelirte Holt, RnsMllTille, Arfc. rowit to driven equip ^^^^^ ^*"^ ^^ _ ~^^ "^SZf "•'*•; — OWII TAKE-OFF deliver! up HI A VI DRAW IM for pulling SIlECTIVt 4-WMHL MIVl gives lOAD SPACE of 10-iq. ft. In 3 30-h.p. to short 'and belt- farm implement* and trailers. wide tractor and highway sturdy steel bed. Can alio riven equipment. Heavily braced from*. operating rang»i. hold leati for passenger*. POOLE MOTOR COMPANY ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Opera tor South Highway 61 at Steele> MO. Phone Steele 49

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