The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1955
Page 3
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PAGE THREE BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27. 1958 Big Question for New Year: Will Living Cost Go Higher? By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK lAP) — The New Year poses one big question: Will the cost of living go lusher* 1 On the face of it the pressures all add up to Yes. But offsetting the manufacturers raising prices and those eager to do so are an array of others cutting prices ior competitive reasons, plus Ihe prospects of food price stability. ^ Metals are cast, in a double role. MEET "EUGENIE"—She's a 180-pound dugong, considered by marine biologists lo be among the rarest of sen-going mammals. Eugenie was rushed to the Stcinhart Aquarium in San Francisco, Calif., after being caught in the western Pacific. The dugong, known popularly as a "seacow," is the catch of Dr. Robert Harry. Stanford University marine biologist. Dr. Harry is shown introducing Eugenie to newsmen. , U.S.. Theatrical Troupe Wins 10-Minute Ovation in Leningrad R. i s i n g prices of unprocessei netrils push higher the prices of consumer yoocis, or at least the cost of making these goods out of metals. But, equally important, metal shortages threaten to nut more effective governor on the business b'oom thai credit restraint has been able to do. Metal shortages are world xvide. Slowly rising production capacitj hasn't been able, so far. lo help much. 'I"he New Year promises belter. Even the current slowing down | ni the car makers' breakneck pace!'t done much more ihan take i a little pressure off the steel mills' j vice presidents in charge of de-j liveries. Backlogs of orders from* other metal, using industries keep] the mills going at 98 per cent of; capacity even in this holiday; riddled week. Shortages have pushed meta Largest Known Police Clear 'Mentally Sick' Man Cave Said Found Of Connection with Triple Slaying In Kentucky ATLANTA the explorers Speluukers ,:ave.s — hiive dis- CHICAGO f^i — A 25-year-old j man, described by police as a "men! tally sick individual." apparently ~ i had no connection with the bnitul covered the world's largest known j cave in Kentucky, with more than slaying of three Chicago schoolboys, police said yesterday. Al- " "•••" • " v " Thev said a le given to Ai- 32 miles o passages, the Amen- ™ > <« " f J * .. mconc i u . ™^*"^ > *™" ^ l »»< °*™ cl«um»tani* huenct was torn uwaj ^ [h(im ^ d(>Rr hjm Qf Rny hnph . VIVID CONTRAST—The aircnifi carrier USS Korrestal, right, dwarfs other ships at the Portsmouth, Va., Naval shipyard. At '-ft is the carrier USS Coral Se;i. one of the Navy's largest car- nry Betwpen tho two carrio- at'- 1 i\\a re -*iovc-r5. It is the Floyd Collins' Crysta Cave, which actually turn.s out to j be a nucleus of a. cave system of, record-breaking extent, snid Royeri W. Brucker and David B. Jones,' Yellow Springs. Oiiio; William T. { Austin. Cave City. Ky., -and Brother G. Nicholas, FSC, Cumberland, i Md. j Exploration has uncovered many i miles of cave passages, including: connections between Crystal Cave and other nearby caves. "Passages already surveyed or explored in the sysiem now total > j 32 inilo.s, making it the largest | j known," the explorers said, and night after a tipster reported hi* resemblance to a sketch circulated by authorities. A Police Department arUst fashioned ttie sketch from rie- scritpions ijiven by four boys who said a man attempted to lure them into his auto. Police said Pembeiion, who was he-Id for further questioning, told them he was from Florida. Other inlormauon, they .said, indicated h* cation in the triple slaying. The three youths, John Schues- came lo Chicafio from Maryland. sler, 13. his brother Anton, 11, and' -—— Robert Peterson, 14, were last seen alive Out. Hi. Their naked and battered bodies were found two days later in a Northwest Side forest preserve. Pembei'ton seized Sunday Greets His Wife Then Kills Self Clock Plant To Open Soon LITTLE ROCK L-P — The tT. S. Time Corp., plant here will begin manufacturing' electric clocks and .self-winding wrist watches next year F, J. Ormtas. manager of . the plant here which employes nearly 600 persons now, said the expan- s i on would mean additional jobs, HAVRE DE GRACE, Md. '.<Pi — ^ __ _ .there are probably yet uncliscov-! Nathan L. Murray Jr. wished his j but he didn't know yet how many/ 1 ered passages. The second largest j estranged wife, a "Happy ,Ne\v Year"; plants in Waterbury, Conn., and • j cave is Holloch, in Switzerland. Americans Show Friendship Polio Couple and Family The Floyd : during a five-minute conversation Collins Cave was; over a cup of coffee last night and | named after a young explorer who was trapped in the cave •— and riled before rescuers could reach I him. Abilene. Tex., also will begin manufacturing ihe items for the first By MARVIN SOSN'A Ventura Star-Free Press i CENTURA Calif (fi — Three vveeks „„, B ' cUv a nd Herb ' ' varies. And in Minnesota a couple who also had been stricken with polio Smith five years ago and recovered were just two polio patients in wrote a letter to the Smiths. , adjoining iron lungs at Ventura prices up slowly for months. Manu-j countv General Hospital, fnnuirers. with their material costs i n vo 'daughters Joels', V,_ up and their labor costs rising, Debby, 5. were kids looking 1 for .say they should hike prices on the 1 goods they sell the public, Some already have. bers'of' a family" that extends That others have hesitated can: throughout 'he United States, be traced to these factors: The j i»_iere are sci-apbootts bulging with business boom 4as boosted sales; leuers ant i greting cards, news- volume'so high that the increased j p^per clippings and messages ot costs can be absorbed along lne 'good will. America reached out lo shake Debby, 5. were kids looking for- mn B . menus caiicu ami «"•. ward to Christmas, as all kids do.j P™Ple he had never known let hm know they were on his family s 1 Today, the Smiths are "mem- .,__., i.--i -,..t~~ r )^ '.earn. then -shot himself after telling her, time. ' -you need the insurance money any- ! The Little Rock plant began • u'ay." ; manually uound wrist watches this ! Murray, who had been separated' year. It also produces polaroid ironi nis wife, Nancy Jane, ior cameras, spring wound clocks, about l-.vo years, drove here from his timing devices, and an unidentified \ home in Savannah, Ga., in a nev:\y- : fuse item on a government con! purchased car. The shooting occur- j tract. i red just minutes after he had j i knocked on the door of her trailer; '. home. ! PARIS >,?— Mistinguett. once pos- : , Police Sgt. Paul Bungori said. sessor of the "world's most beau-' Murray, who was 24 years old. died] tiful legs." was reportedly only i in Harforci Memorial Hospital a; conscious today after a j short time after the shooting. | suffered six days ago. The j j Famed French Singer Is Eli i Keaton Improving way from factory to store, and |" In Spokane, Wash., Ernest Hix, Their Betty Smith's father, saw the pic- anci ture of ms daughier in an iron .ng. Fi-iends called him and, Uy !.™! stroke : toast of French music halls for I half a century, she is now over 80., ' ° " cw i The famous singer and dancer,' H'.OLLYWOOD <f< — Busier Ke:i- Packages began to arrive, laden j wno fol . ye!U . s claimed her legs! ton the frozen-faced comedian who with such things as ties and home-. ^. ere j nsurec j f 0r t-uree million dol-1 had been critically ill, recovered nade preserves. People promised larS[ was stricken after_ she came; sufficiently to spend the Christmas " holidays at home. Keaton. 59, was stricken .with a gastrointestinal ailment Dec. 6. He was in a semi- for several to pray for ihe Smiths. A went up in the hospital isolation among companies nas reacin stage where raising prices t increased costs could mean a of sales that might prove astrous. ter an 3 r ought ward. As each letter or message j arrived, a pin went into the mapi 10 show the letter'; origin. Nurses! , north from her French Riviera villa to spend Christmas with rela- Her doctors said there had been j coma and near deatii some improvement in her condition ! days. A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal Creomuliicm relieves promptly becaus* it goes into ihe bronchial system to help loosen and expel fierm \adea phlegm and aid nature to sooilie and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial membranes. For children get milder, faster Creo- mulsion for Children in the pink and blue package. Adv. CREOMUL'SION relieve! Coughs, Chest Cttldt, Ac«t* Bronchi** dis _i later the first ( sUiried. t Some Price Hikes An example is the home appliance field. Rising cost of materials hfis led to some price hikes of finished products. Bui recent days, producers have cut, p: as 30 per cent. Management cost control has been given much of j the credit. The trade, however,; suspects, that incrasing tompeti-; tion is just as important. ! As long as there are metal j shortages on one hand, and boom-j ing consumer demand for metallic j : products on the other, the ores-1 U.S.S.R. ijP^—The orchestra drummer joined in and i sure for price first major American theatrical! .some of the cast- did impromptu ; threat — probably for several in Little, troupe to visit Russia since the Bolshevik Revolution wqn a 10- minute ovation last night at the end of the opening performance of "Forgy and Bess." All 2,400 seats of the Palace of Culture were filled for the Negro company's first performance in Russia of the American folk opera by George Gershwin and Dubose Heyward. ft was a homecoming of softs, for the Gershwin family originated in Leningrad, and Alexander Smallens. here from America to conduct the production, was born in this city. Before the perfor-1 mance, Smallens and Mrs. Ira; Gershwin, sister-in-law of the com- j poser, were introduced from the f stage. Much of the audience found the English language and the unfamil-j iar music a barrier at first but en-1 thusiasm mounted as the evening \ progressed. At the final curtain the ( applause went on so long that the j Genera! Mixup Over TV Set turns. Moscow radio termed the premiere a great success. Seats for the Leningrad engagement are at a premium. The company will open in Moscow Jan. 10, with jammed theaters in prospect there also. Sent CUeck There was a woman Reck .Ark. who sent L short mes : sa°-e of cheer and a check to buy proaucis. »ui .«, W* "»' •"** *° At .'°*™*: F !™ ne of the majorj New York City, Butte, Mom; Chi- ut prices r.s much! cago: Abilene. Kan.: and K < l " sa -~ City, Mo., came greetings and best Lion Is Mar's | Christmas Gift DALLAS I/PI—J. c. Owens, who; 3 other, the ores- j f Oun( j a ^-months old lioness with j inflattor will be a! a hoUj . wrea th around her neck tied ' " to his front porch, is going to DC : He'll Take No Chances room for the card or letter on the wall that faced the mirrors on their iron lungs. No one really knew what had happened to the Smiths until their folks arrived for the Chrisunas rihr^:ea^;rher a ^n!j DBicVE* *» - State p—n at 8:05 p.m. Christmas Eve. He wi " be olU m foi f 0 JJ Co1 ™?^ i lri hp ; t had come down from Spokane. de-| hiehways during the New Year.s ^mg^and^est, flood . can « eled ^u SC herii,!es.i ^ekend. but patrol ehief Gilbeit "".Herb's Darems. Mr. and Mrs. Wil-| Carrel wont be among them. | ham Smith, came from Sania] He'll be above the expected heavy j Maria. Calif. [traffic, directing operations from aj Thev saw the pin-speckled map | patrol plane over the Pueblo. Col-1 anri the thousands- of messages | orado Springs, Denver and Greeley [ from 31 of Ihe 48 states. areas. 1 "It almost .seems as if we're in "It's a lot safer up there." Carrel; a creat family," the eldfr Smith| commented wryly, referring to an; -said. 1 all-time record of 418 traffic deaths Betty cried. Then she smiled. I in the state this year. - Asthma Formula Used Most By Doctors Now Available Without Prescription Stops Attacks in Minutes ... Relief Lasts for Hours! .N. v. (Sprci.n Medical 15 i-icvploiieci a new, tiny latiirt Ui:n. -^tof]^ asilin-.H attacks and eives hours of freedom from recurrence of painful asthma spasms. Authoritative medical tests proved thi? remarkable compound brings bit'sseil relief in minute: This formula IF presrribnd more than any other by doctors. Now. a?.thma sufYerprp can db'ain this formula without prfRi-ri))t : (rti in tiny. Pasy- to-ukc UbleU called Primate***. New Primat.ene opens bronchial tubes, loosens mucous congestion, relieves 1aut, nervous tension. All thil wirhou[ takinir oainful injections. The toLTet i= Primatene combine* ,1 meoicinfF. found most effective i« combinatinrt for asthma distress. •F. last? hours. Each performs a special purpose. So look forward to sleep at night anrt freedom from asthma spaams ... get Primatene. at. anv drugstore months more. But many now ques-j IUSL anc j generous as the unknown tion whether the expected increase' p rac tj C al Joker who cave the pet to in the-price of metals early in the J New Year necessarily will suck j other commodities into" a price-ris-! ----- christmas 2in to a hi?h lns splra ^ ! school boy in the neighborhood wlw | has had more -experience in caring Read Courier Neu-s Classified Acis. for pets than Owens has. Owens announced today he will BALTIMORE <.-?:— The television set was on the blink, so Mr. and Mrs. Armand H. Heard put in a ca'l .for the repaiMi'iiin, Later, Mrs. Beard was talking on ' the telephone to her daiighter-m- law. She mentioned that the repairman hadn't arrived yet. Just then, the door hell ranji. Beard aclnuued a man carrying ;i small bag. "Where's the patient?" the visitor a.'-kcd. "Over tliL'i-e." sajd Board, point- int; to the TV set. The man with Ihe little bat; couldn't do anything about it. H was a doctor who had come to the wrong bouse by mistake. Raid Violators Are Sentenced NEW YORK iji — Nineteen pact [i.-s:.i liiivc.bcwi lountl guilty .of vio- latins New York stale's Defense I Emergency Act. They refused to I Lal:e shelter during an air raid drill as a protest against war. The ruling by Magistrate Hyman Bushel thus upheld the constitu- , tionality of the law. passed in 1950. j Bushel suspended the sentences | of the 19 as well as the sentences of seven others who had previously j pleaded guilty. He also said he ruled "with my heart instead of my head" in dropping the charges against Mrs. Joan Hamilton, who to pregnant. Jap Kidnaper Draws Sentence TOKYO Iff,— Japan's most sensational kidnaper of the year was sentenced to four years imprison-1 mc-nt. I Tatlahlko Miyasakn, 37. was con- vlcted of kidnaping the six-year-old son of famed comedian Tony Tani for two million yen (about $6,500' ransom last July. The judge explained he waJ.lw- ient becnuM Miyasakt did not harm or mistreat the child. The prosecution had demanded eight youi. biggest penny in the world.. /* buys more than 500 glasses of safe, palatable water supplied by your public water supply system. Yes, the penny you spend for water has the highest purchasing power in the world. For less than ten of these pennies you get a ton of water delivered right to your faucets. Yet few of us stop to consider that this convenient, reliable, low-cost service is due to the efficiency of America's public water supply systems. A good water supply rarely receives public recognition because, like good health, it is taken for granted. But it is the community's greatest asset, guarding health, life and property. Blytheville Water Co. 'Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity' 406 W, Ma in Phone 3-4591 know it...yot wait for it... NOW here it is! ANNUAL COTTON DRESS SALE L . Many copi«$ of Wordi $4, 5.98 dre«« • Nev Spring itytei, potttwm, eolort • Top quality 80 iquare porcak • Misses' and women 1 ! half iil« Prize selection! Brand new dresses. Zip fronts, cool styles, step-in types. Geometries paisleys, florals on light or dark ground*. All made to Wards high quality standards. Many with full sweep skir's, mar,y vtth 1" hems, 14" zips, self-covered belts. Scoop up " *«k 2.69 RUSH IN :: . SALE Et*» JAM. r , 11 K TWICE AS SMART .; 1 BUY Z AND SAVE MOM* J

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