The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 20, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1933
Page 4
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WB3 its Mt. iff $Mt *«* JOT lite ~iwMe to 3<w : t*at W«rtaatt flu»»* tr- "Waassa. •iHBuSoWWBB,. udtiX- «I*4ST w ' »JB§K ^TtBEt ' ^ifjji.., "yrffOS^ 'fiJ3£. IPN^'' ty TCHftT 1 ""WiPSS^K 1ftm -f •M'*3fr* re- . BBtttrOR? tm UK XBSt ftk trttter. Mm .A. .-8. afflfi i*i* *t*ta*r, B«rry. at ear**-' the *ertotH< Utoesf a? ilif broltert jU JH^ .MrafWD W0IMBI Wli Oa^HO** ; ate* *TJJ Tisr: Jw iwoti»*r, Barem' gotten, aafi -wife «riU>* ttwe *aU, ti**rr *Jtt<r. Mte 3eMi» .- Tll£' JStfeffT r^tarj**^ fcOB tr. «aH--n JStJBflar i *swstHfl * Ehr*? *«Bto ***- iw*e. &* »• iastraetor «f to liK Wattaac B«urorte! Klin* ly 14. l^Ottft* &0JBM! J€ft *«8. 3 tfc*T -wfl! #rrr« *•**,• for_^tear, .Mtart, • *c :«*r*efn *ltfc toer as {fear -taste j tee * * Il * T **"»!* fiwif -tmeattofe. i' 1 ** * T **** '*** tfcsr 1MKT at Ife. «H5 «*«n it Mrs, tr. f, of Strabai to adtauw iiic ftitlMVCflpttoXi < ooteii I Mine Dort* Fiefcs! Jett Saturday ! tfifD'ny: m*>f tb* BntllwttOB tw j .H*re »&«> -will fee Joiaed ! two fanner **beoim*t€* at: Norms KolUw anC Lrtrrrain* Wootman, of Beat** awitt, T«ia*. and tb* thrw? of tteWB will attend the Century of Progreati Exposition and at tb#, aam* limp tm-Tf e reunion, re-' «OttBttng tfa«ir old aeboo) daye. ] Mrc. C. L. Knnce and Mrc. Al- i bert Keiton and In Omaha. of land if viaitiuf Iriende in Mai*«n> tbte ^r««fc, | SOBH- •varieties of applee aw this year, altbongb i at* serf abort. 'Wllber Walker brought at In a email br»ncli Saturaay broken by tfae • wind from tme at hie Yellow j Transparent apple treat, ll had! on it, in about the lenatb of one; loot, fifteen evod ailed well d»-! aniB Mrs. 3. f. 3tm*f US ' Mr. •ere «ve«te it the item* ; ao»i or Mr. and Hn. Kt. and Mrfi. \*. jZ. ~Omder aitS 1fe«ir itome to OUssrwn BattmSftr after * f*w -weefo-- rteit wltli .Xn. Drotier'* mother, Mr*. Bta JJar- Mre. Fr«B ' l«ft Butidar :t*o iate lUttew and peMi&ic another, Mrs. J. A. Oarn i Mr- and Mrs. £. I). ] ; flaugbter, I'irginla, of Swede* for Whites Site Suit* Fair Fad «»»« WWtas, 19 tn ettttrttvelf br Mir P««l Hertt, f» la (fe* bo*- of power but «o«M«'t f»«t vtttkiar. of B«* B«rs*f, White twirtar. IB thcfr ffwl tb* tbJri two men OB tlw Ifl ch&ll^f;. tAAitig a IK- tl* fjntnclsl etinaifttkm. Oa tlttf team were Lawr«nc« H«l), Bofc paalwa, O«J« Hertz, P*«l Hert*. Cart H*ftz, Lyan Mallea, Piper, Carl Ptnteoo, C, A. Jofca- Afi4«reon, U tfcey *»« «M «st«gt«| *« fca*e * M§ « at S. CLEM : £4 la lHfl&« ««•, «a* J«M fc |«M t' ____ j&attta ^wRsdatMK at for te , parental John i«m>e. •t la th« White lineup: Marrln Fazei> Paul Mnlholtand, J. A, K«n«, Clifford Maek«y. Marry Tboma*. CJIntoa Fai«l, Bob B«r» JMT, Feiton Jones, Tom Gldley, ]Ear3 Pace, Der«re Knight, E1U« 1 Grares. of I>r ColbT> parents and atets I jiif, and Mrc. Bc^er 3tumaj tif in tb^ hom^ 0f her broth8T'in*)aw i suver X3t7 flyovt* yftown JSttajBay and ««e, Mr. anfi Mrs. Ted »n6 took dinner i*ja Itaar Kron*. Mr, and Mr*. Knmk daw* danghier, Mr*. Bobert Campbell, flvwn "Irom l>ee Moinee and lire, and family. Color and tfar children aeeompa-: Mte ririan Modorfl of Cons- °"* 1 « mfi c - •whert- tury n will attend the Oe&- cacposition. eoodJUwa, pric«3 rtgbt.—Ktuwe ell Bbdfe te vigiuag to the £mwick itome. Mrs. C. C. Basnet £tear ttf CtmneU BluCe jatutuofl Itoate Batnraar hartot: vialt*a in lb* W. E. JEmerlek boine the paat tiro LOCAL SPORTS tj PBOTKT (ftJ ARDS 1 i I ins* 12 to Mrc. Margaret Wll»on of the) Malrern Tea Boom Jett Saturday i for Kew Virginia, HI. arhere abe; *«• called by the llltwwi of her irrtngjag eiutw, Miac Florence Black. Mre. 3, f. Stinard came In JOr. and Sin. Burtatartl Oarteo home. retntaafl Ht aalti it were about fifteen the tree. box o»er,, it'0 juat like new, th« price is «ir* right.— Keiaon, , »dr. Mr. and Mre. £.. "W. salverc and •on, jaoben, and Mr*. C. F. Sal- a rtelt «rith relative* and Morrk, ^who iute fiolwrl QMnpbfill iwne. m«r *fUb her lather, M. T. J)a»te. ProftHuror Stinard -and their «oc and daughter will «o»e later. Birdelie Btroud enjoyed a attr- vialt Sunday from a Irienfl. iaveme Black, of Bed Oak whom «fae had not «een lor three year*. Harry "Walker wjto recently Itad ilia band badly Injured while at *ork at the Cold Storage will •be able to return abort ^WWB^ B promotion publtab-toc Mr, and Mm. 3, JB, tar- »»d Bate «itur»ed Wonder day in Glenwood in the borne «f Mr. and Mra. John Tbomaa, i Mre. Frank Chnrchlll tirnnnu>a> xtled Mr. and Mr*. T. M. Croaa to Mitchell, B. J). tea week tor * riait there. new saa.—Knnce it JJelson- atfer Mr. and Mre. O. £. Darta ai- loaded a yot luck dinner Sundar; jat the ijome af Mr. and and SKUBdft **Mt 9riUUufl£ JftPtt* 1 Sanuarwhen they defeated the State InBitutten «ln« 33 to 8 on the danwood diamond. "The Joeala made a atew atact tari Itad HW^p. dcO tin tin miniHMi liiiilui, ~ <aaB«BDd learn frtarted a»acnrHgjte the aecond Jm^ne wMB) a aBrtasi rf wvnra allowed **wm to aat. XbtM «osot«ca. Cur- and Mr*, fia&k Stsxlt and. Mr. and Mre. 1^. TT, Mre- In Announcement purchased A new 26 to Midr Babe ,,-,^ or EBYTHE'S Beauty Skoppe a two „ -».—.. — ™. Walker, Minn. They also rfaited Mr. Randerson** parent* at Bock' lord, JU1., before returning. Mr. and Mrs. Baymond JSeteon and daughter, 2>oun» Hue, of Council Blufia ware gueets in the Albert K«lson home Sunday. Mr. and Mm, Clifford Maekey drove to Tabor Sunday to attend * family picnic at the home of Mr. Mackeyc parentt Mr. and Mrs. c. I*. Mackey. Cauwtur (ink Wapsuw-^iJare look at our new .Charter Oak W6gona.~K.unce £ JSelaon. adr. Miw AJUee JfcJSnUar went owsr to Glenwood last Friday abe la spending a w«ek ,„ i«r aistw, Mrm. JE. A. Scaade, family. T Clyde Cejiung of Olenwood was to town Wedn»- d»y morning on biminwje. , Bell «aoa« in Tut&faty frou Chicago for a couple week* *"itfil with hia pftf£nt#., Mr. ^^ Mrg. M. JS. BtOl, and We hrgttor, JfeBbC. 3 ay Cternold and I«eo Jounson K Monday for Grsnt city, Mtt« rh«r» they irW l*e «mploy*d In the fioni^Lriustlon of Mr. end Ms*. Tern« Walker and Mr. and Mn. Harry Oaltthar ( and von, Paul, were gu««U Bunt day in the home of Mr. and Mm. I A, C. Bennett at Ciartud*. Mre. Francis Beaton. Mre. Sam Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Benton, and Mrs. J-aier JUimar tin were among tfaubt from Mal- vero attending the funeral of Mrs. June Kickers mother, Mrjs. Nettie Giblte, at Glenwood Taw- day. Miae Helen Donner raiurned Chicago Sunday vher* eh* *>pettt the lam w«ek of ier raea- tiun 'ere taking up hsr wafk at tb« nonpital Mias Vlrlan „_ tout of Mr*. Minnie Wliialar BTM! imr mother. Mm. Csrf>lj]i« &ho»dw, at dinner WcAneadajr of t&elr ^^*yMft ^n *»d Mr. and Mr». Jftiek fialne* «f Balton, Tewiti riniuid Sunday is jfay9> ^urjjAd a x5tfb asm tan ar* life guards Tom Benton and Max and John Beals at tie Malvern Municipal Swimming pool But no mote this aunmer •wffi th«y be eubjected to the liaran actinic rays of Old Sol. JUaat week «nd the park SF& ^kQDCfiec w^th to b* wmatfueted lor the guarda. Tneae, ta addition to proridlng jwotecdon, «le«ate the guarda ao that they anay toa»» a tatter -view of the 9001 Macedonia will Clash Affain on Stmdajr After losing to the same team earlier in the ceuon Halve!*'* town fea«eb*ll team will again meet the Macedottia nine Sunday os the fair groodd* diamond. A Mric* of Tlctorie* has siren the local dab confidence to face the team which has tons been eon- (Odered a jinx to them. The came low price of He and lOc win admit tpecUtors. to *te *t-pg« 4^*f atasdpoi fiba csarda is daat tut long/at pjqiiac flat« 3an>; Stone ms Maid* file guard* far aeacae corrected to Wednesday Plymouth* Make Effort to Climb A raliaot effort waj made by th* PljTnoath kiuenball team Tneedtr erealag to climb from tie cellar petition which they 3we ocespied IB the local league aim* ita IneepUon. The effort wai not wttkoBt reralta for the Ply- moutks defeated the Boosters 13 to ll and found themselres now la a tie far the bottom place. Their wia wai almott denied *he«» *fcea U«a Mullen cracked out a homer to bring la three Wttatow to the fifth in«iw, Jwt tb* Ptraoitffes reoorered to vis. safes; 3»ol to take -tie «r«t to' ' to*fce Oakland Ball Team acnr jtyaHanle tbare. The nafl ana: toaaonfand _ to illl up anortiy. The leaaonn are 4aar«adTnnraday by irrsnk A«««ad Fxanae« Benton and a -«ffl be xoade tor atto «BO 3ewnw, «r 5e each. TMs 1« in addttto to tb* • ^§^^^A^^»_— ^, _*• JMwHfBBQwW «HBl CtaJdwtd to tto eaadE. *y *3» **^**^* ^^W*^^^w mad JKne-p to «o4 Ate Pontow and JJJ Jaty »&. Haattec, and aial- l»««d New* of tfa« Cburcbe* Ber. 8. JS. Oueeter, ar«i*iwKye tlad to ef otter chiwdiw In «ir of wftnsnSjp and w«r« for those *rho un laet Suaday All Star* in T** aarww "lft*# and ft* F-UO-U-I? 4# Stars 7 J Firemen j Booetern Merthants „ ft 9 * always COCL E MPIESC naiad MALVERN Fridiy & Satirdiy lOe Siiiiy, "CtlTML "LUXTOY NEW ECONOMY FOR FORD OWNERS V ...^«,yp. ^ Exchange Your En||f$ Cylinder Assembly''^^vV ; _ A Re-Built Fac.or^]K§^r 4l ( S^^:?'-- 1 t "AM '' -ECiiiSwr^S-li* -7' You Can Always Save At Cox Grocery 8x10 Photograph A iEAl VALUE AT

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