Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on May 27, 1905 · 8
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 8

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 27, 1905
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THE AUSTIN" STATESMAN1, SATURDAY, MAY 27, 1905. MVDE PARK Loot Night "All IRISH AMERICAN" FREE DANCE TONIGHT x GEORGE W. PATTERSON, Undertaker and proprietor Eclipse Stable. Omnibus and baggage transfer. Fine carriage and light livery. Boarding horses a specialty. Rubber tired hospital ambulance. 108 to 11 E. 7th . St Both phones 141. PICKED UP ABOUT TOWN A handsome young man arrived yesterday morning at the residence of .Judge and Mrs. V. I Brooks. The Austin Business league will hold n Important meeting this evening at "i o'clock In the Austin club rooms. Joe Burton, the boy who was Injured '"Wednesday while playing, was reported to be considerably improved yester-. day. Yes, you can match it her in tint and texture if it can be matched anywhere. Theodore Low, Sixth and Con-gress. The Katy is already engaged In the work of building terminals on the property which It recently acquired in the heart of the city. . - ' Sermon to men and boys. Major Cole will address men and boyB Sunday, 4 p. m., in the tent: "Success or Failure Which?" will be the topic. 1 Mrs. A. W. Numbers was granted a building permit In the city clerk's office yesterday to add a gallery to her house, 102 Rose street, outside the fire limits, to cost $160. The exterior of the Drisklll laundry which faces on East Seventh street is , being painted and presents an improved appearance. This laundry is part of the Drisklll hotel property. S Not a single case was called in the' police court yesterday morning. The mayor had an easy time disposing of the cases which did not appear before him., . The bursted sewer pipe In front of Mrs. McClure's store, was repaired yesterday. This pipe caused considerable complaint from the merchants on that block. Mary Mangrove was granted a building permit In the city clerk's office yesterday to boild a gallery, five by fourteen feet, at 1103 Trinity street, outside the fire limits, to cost $35. Our new stocks would make you think we had expected every woman in town to buy her dress goods here there's almost enough to go round. Theodore Low's, Sixth and Congress. Mrs. Boyd, who lives 'at the Raines mansion, reported to the police station yesterday morning that her fine bay mare was lost. She wanted the police department to be on the took out tor the animal. ' Steps may be taken by the Austin Business league at its meeting tonight toward bringing about an adjustment of the differences existing between the water and light . commission and the city council. D, H. Hart, clerk of the federal court, lias recently purchased a big herd of Angora goats, which he has placed on the Hart and Peck ranch in Burnet county. He has also bought a bunch of fine Berkshire hogs. According to Will Lubbock, who 1 the distributor for the Galveston News, another oil boom Is on in south Texas and lands which sold only a short time ago for $50 per acre are bringing as high as $500 per acre. Barton springs is becoming one of the most popular places near the city for picnics. Will Paggi. one of the leading citizens of South Austin, stated yesterday that almost every day there were picnics held at the springs. The controversy between the water and light commission continues to be the leading subject of discussion on the streets. While the discussion is at Its height the big towers which furnish light for the citizens at night are dark. An exciting gajpie of baseball will be played at the Driving park tomorrow morning between the Katy, Jrs., and the Tenth Ward boys. The game will e called at 10:30 o'clock. "Hump," the Katy's crack pitcher, will be on the firing line. . Herbert Walden, one of the students Of the University, will leave shortly to spend a few days In Bryan. He was formerly a student of the Agricultural and Mechanical college, and he will visit the old camping grounds to shake hands with old friends. A number of hogs were reported yesterday morning to be running loose at Christian and Fellman's addition, out-Bide the pound limits. Officer Stand-ford was notified and sent out to notify the owner of the hogs that he must keep them In the pens. The city Jail's doors were thrown open yesterday. There was not a nlngi prisoner in the Jail from early in the morning until late at night. The city officials took advantage of the absence of the usual lot of prisoners in the Jail and gave it an airing. If you buy that suit here you will fco out of the store with some money In your pocket which would be left behind you at other stores and you will have a better suit of clothes, too Harrell s Klein, Seventh and Congress avenue. . Walter B. Hawley. formerly chief clerk at the Driskill hotel, who has been in Oklahoma City for several Weeks, has returned to Austin for a few days. He will leave in a few days with Mrs. Hawley for Houston, where be has accepted a position as clerk at the Uc novel. The annual picnic of the First Presbyterian Sunday school will be held at Bull creek today. Conveyances will leave the church for the picnic grounds promptly at 9 o'clock. All members of the Sunday school and church are earnestly requested to come. A good time Is expected. Don't forget lunch. Chief of Police Morris stated yesterday afternoon that the turning oil of the tower lights worked a hardship on the police force. It Is hard to find places at night, and the force expects trouble with thieves and robbers, who will naturally come here as a good tie Id for operation. As yet there have been no reports of robbery or hold ups, liut such may be expected any night. fThe police force is limited at any rate, And with th citjt ia. darkness It will take increaned vigilance to keep the town in order. The members of the Young Men's Christian association are taking a great deal of interest In the contest among the boys, who are trying to get members. The reds, whites and the blues, each headed by a captain, are making every effort to win the contest, Dr. H. C. McClanahan. assistant su perintendent of the Gardner sanitarium at Belmont, Cal., passed through Aus tin yesterday en' route to Ban Angelo to spend a week. Upon his return he will visit relatives and friends in Travis county for some time. He Is a well known physician In this section of the state. Mrs. John Caldwell, who waa re moved to San Antonio some time ago, is reported to be better. The change was made In the hope that It would work an Improvement. She Is treated by the best physician in San Antonio, and it Is thought that it will be only a matter of a few days until she will be able to be oht. The University students will, give a moonlight picnic at New Braunfels next Monday. A special train will be run to take the students to the park. It has been the custom for several years to give these moondlght picnics at New Braunfels, near the close of the session. The society folks always take part In the enjoyable event. The reported cases of keeping a disorderly place, as preferred against Charles Stark, the saloonkeeper, who lives a few miles south of town, are reported to be based on entirely erroneous grounds, as Mr. Ptark has in no wlBe conducted any sum ptaces at any time and he enjoys the friendship and good will of all who know him. There is a large assortment of baskets to be found at Olsen's, the Florist, 105 East Flfeenth street.- Bob Penick of this city has received a letter from his brother at Baker City, Oregon, stating that snow fell in that state last week. Mr. Penick Is eonnected with the forestry survey. and only recently was with the geodetic survey here. He was removed to Oregon, where he will stay until winter, when he will return to Austin. On account of the work of paving- on West Sixth street, the heavy steel gallery of the First National bank building has to be propped up by immense wooden scantlings. The Iron pillars. It is claimed, will hold the weight, but there is some danger of the curb, upon which rest the iron pillars, slipping and giving away under the weight. . The Street in front nf Mlatrnt'. mtnrm was torn up and leveled down yesterday. The concrete will be laid today, and will be followed by the brick, which will be put down as soon as possible. This will complete the Avenue from Third tn Slvth trot Tha street car track and the rest of the street nas Been paved for some time. JulcV lamhn. flt tha TTntnn fo tirnn. ket. Both 'phones, No. 213. . The AllRtln HntramimlA wtll - 3 ' . V. vimu the summer Hpnnnn at ...a Sunday night,. May 28. The sanger-runde will be assisted by Professor Bcsserer's full orchestra. A special Program has hflpn nronnrwl Innlnln several fine selections by the orchestra. rroiessor uesserer's new band has SOme Of the bent milBirlana In u City. Cltv Clerk John n .Tnhn ceived several bids from firms out of uie cuy ior nre nose to be purchased for the Austin nre department. The city council appropriated $1600 for this purpose, and bids were asked accordingly. Two thousand feet of the hose will be bought, to be distributed among the different companies of the depart, ment , Nothing further has been done to-ward nurchftftfntf tfca H u v. . a - - to uia uiuci of the nre department. Catalogues nave oeen ordered by th committee, which will make the selection of the trap and harness as soon as the catalogues arrive. The committee has not decided on a horse for the chief, but it is thought that a fiery steed will be procured. Elastic seam drawers h KA kind, in this sain for S cnt TTnri-n & Klein, Seventh and Congress ave nue. . -- Alderman Macken notified the police station yesterday morning that a crazy negro woman was badly frightening the people out on Fifteenth street. It was later found out that the woman be-lnnired tn thn hnnnttnl wMni, n.tL ' - -. . . u n ! null fled of her whereabouts, but being un- aoie io iane tne woman home, the patrol wagon was used to transport her to the hospital. A man H4fni A Vtln.pnln Jnwn , n nue yesterday afternoon and attempting to follow the middle of the street car track, ran into the unpaved part of the irni'K tuia ri-ueiveu a very emoarrassing tlimhlA TJItt hat Aa.i, un Intn , Vi n n1- and his bicycle took a few more turns uuwii me Hircei, a numoer oi pedestrians were on the sidewalks at the time and enjoyed the fall of the unfortunate man, A large force of men with teams was put to work grading down West Eighth street yesterday afternoon. The Avenue grade, which was necessarily lowered on account of pavement, made It necessary to lower the grade of the West Eighth street aide to a ;evel with the Avenue. The street had to be graded for several yards in order to prevent the grade being too steep. Rtirino- lamb at tho TTnlnn Msrlret Both 'phones, No. 213. .; Since the tower Hants were turned off, candles have gone up. It Is noticeable that carriages, hacks and wagons use candles, some of thvm short and stubby, others long ,and lean, to light tne way around the dark side streets. A large size hack was seen wending its way up congress avenue last night with two candles looking, at a distance. like two matches. The Knights Templars have about completed arrangements for the big picnic to be given at New Braunfels next Tuesday, , The party, about 300 strong, will leave Austin on the regular 9:05 a. m. train and will have extra coaches for their accommodation. The Lone Star band has been engaged to play for the picnic. Arriving at New Braunfels. the party in the extra coaches will be taken to Landa's park, where the fun will begin. The dinner will be spread and all will be made to feel at home. News from near by towns is to the effect that there will You Expect Strength from FOOD Try Grape-Nuts 10 days lor a reason. aking Menkes Gleeun Bread With Royal Baking Powder there is - no mixing with the hands, no sweat of the brow. Perfect cleanliness, greatest facility, sweet, clean, healthful food. . - r , i- -.- -k: -. - -c ' J. . -' ' '..v . '. - Full instructions in the "Royal Baker and Pastry Cook" book for making all kinds of bread, biscuit and cake with Royal Baking Powder. Gratis to any . address. SjOVAl BAKM9 PQWDEBJ CO.. 100 WILLIAM ST., NEW YORK. ACTIVE WORK ON KATY TERMINALS Improvements to perty to Cost More Than One Hundred Thousand Dollars. Active work has already been started by the Missouri. Kansas and Texas Railway company of Texas on the proposed improvements which are to be placed in the property recently purchased by it, but it will take several ; months to complete the Improvements. This property Is situated in the heart! of the city and cost the company about , $50,000, and it Is expected to place Improvements which will cost about i 1100,000. be a hundred or more to come from Round Rock, Taylor and other small towns. The Knights expect a grand success of the picnic. The party will return on a special train leaving the park at 6 p. m. There will be a men's meeting at the union revival tent Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock, , . There were no cases In Justice Johnson's court yesterday. Business was dull around that court. Chairman Will P. Brady, of the invl- iatinn nmmfftoo nn tiA final hnll. nffl.t- A.4 vaafaiav that thA 4 tl vi tn t inn h f arrived and can be had upon applica tion. Tftey are a mue late tnis year. rnmnlnfnta am nrtliHnfir in nn nil sides about the extreme darkness since the towers were turned off. Nlgltt business has been hurt very materially. Those who work at night are making a strong kick, but seem to realize that there is no use kicking against the pricks. Juicy lambs, at the Union Meat Market. Both 'phones. No. 213. The first shipment of the "Cactus" has been received at the University. Only those who signed for the annuals can buy them, unless they buy them from some ene who has signed. The "Cactus" this year is a very beautiful piece of work, and one of the best yet gotten out by the students. ; Complaint was made In the police court yesterday morning against the campers, who were living out , at Horst's pasture. These campers are thick at that place. They are usually very poor people, and for this reason, they are allowed to remain unmolested. Officer Stanford was sent out yesterday afternoon to Inquire into the matter and see if they were in any way making a nuisance. D. B. Oracy, the well known abstractor of titles, has had quite an experience in reaching his home here.- He left Austin a short time ago on business in Panola county. After finishing his business he found it would be impossible to reach here by a direct route and he was compelled to travel several hundred miles out ;Of his way on account of floods. ' He had to go to Shreveport, La., and from there to Houston and thence to Austin Spring lambs at the Union Market Both 'phones, No. 213. The crossing of the International apd Great Northern track with the street car track at Fourth street and Congress avenue, is in need of repairs. Water catches In the grooves of the tracks and stands. There Is no outlet for the water from the rains and the sprinkling carts, as the grooves are water tight little reservoirs. A gentleman, with a nicely polished shoe, was very much ruffled yesterday morning, by stepping into the crevice of muddy water.. : j . '..a. The'. street car -company completed putting down the brick between the tracks from Tenth street up to and around the curve yesterday. The tracks will next be paved "with the brick. The street car company has about completed its work on the AiSjjne and will finish on West Sixth itvTew days. The -work of paving on -st Sixth street will then be taken up ancl rushed to completion. i Many of the University faculty will remain in the city during the summer months. It has usually been the case that most of the members of the faculty have left Immediately after the close at the University to spend th-s summer in the north and east. Several of the professors will go away this summer, but there will be rriany of them to remain in the capital city during the summer months. ' While Fred Cloud, one of the mall carriers, was returning from South Austin yesterday noon, his horse, which was attached to a mail wagon ran away and completely demolished the rig. Mr.- Cloud had completed the regular morning route and was going Into a house on the last run, when the horse made the dash for liberty. Both shafts of the mall wagon were torn off, and the wagon otherwise damaged. , The next league game to be played in Austin will be June 4, when the Senators will again meet Fort Worth in this city. Austin defeated Dallas yesterday by the score of S to J, thus raising her percentage to .518. Austin plays Dallas today and tomorrow, and will then go to Fort Worth to play a aeries of three gsmes. She will then meet Temple on the Boll Weevils' dia Eowder BEGUN Be Placed on Pro It Is the intention of the company to build terminals and division headquarters and will employ a large torc-e of men here to handle the business. It is also the intention of the company to erect an up to daite passenger depot on the property. . - At the recent visit of the officials of the Katy here they expressed themselves as being delighted with the prospects for the future of the company nere, , , mond, and will return home to meet the Panthers here June 4. There Is considerable talk among the firemen of the city over the prospects for the carnival this fall. The fire department will oonsider the proposition submitted by the Committee which conferred with the merchants' club. Each company will act on the proposition and instruct the committee to act with the merchants' club at the next meeting. Most of the firemen seem to be favorable toward the proposition, and are anxious to take the matter in hand, : ... H. Harris, formerly of the University, was in the-city yesterday visiting old friends. Mr. Harris is well known in this city as an amateur acfor of considerable talent having taken part in all the minstrels given by the University. He is now at the head of one of the leading publishing houses in north Texas, and is the editor and proprietor of one of the leading dally papers in Greenville. He states that since he left the University, he has traveled over a greater part of the United States in the interest of his concern. Water gathers-'- In : puddles at the corner of Sixth street and Congress avenue every day as a result of the sprinkling at the head of the street. This is carried down the grooves made by the street car tracks and the brick pavement, and the grade of the track being so perfect, there is no outlet for the water until it strikes the curve of the track at Sixth street and here overflows. This water keeps the crossing at Sixth street on the west side continuously wet and disagreeable. Pedestrians are often seen to stop and wonder where the water comes from, as the adjoining street is perfectly dry. The Kappa Sigm'as defeated the Brackenrldge hall team yesterday afternoon, by a score of 1 to 3. Heavy batting, surprising plays, and hard playing made a game of ginger and snap from start to finish. The Kappa team gat busy in the sixth Inning and made four runs. In the ninth inning the same team surprised the hall boys by scoring tow more runs. Batteries: Miller and Gardner for the Bracken-ridge hall team; Adams, LaPrelle and Jones for the Kappa Sigma team. The final game of the pan-Hellenic series will be played on the athletic field at the University this afternoon between the Kappa Sigma and the P. E. C. This game will decide the championship of the University scrub teams. CORPULENT PEOTPLB OON'T FALL " ' . GRACEFULLY When they slip in a bathtub. To keep them from slipping we sell a corrugated rubber mat -goes In bottom of tub. Melcher's shower yoke, nice for ladles; does not wet the head; fits around the neck. And all the regular plumbing material. And electrical fixtures, fans, lamps, etc., kept on hand. Repair work promptly done. Estimates given. Both phones 235; 814 Congress avenue. W. L. Benson, foreman. W. A. Burke. Denver Is planning to entertain thousands of visitors during the coming summer. This is on account of the big conventions which meet In- Colorado In 1905. Then is the best time to visit the Rocky " Mountains, where are found the coolest places in the world in summer. . Write . C. H. SPEERS, general passenger agent, Colorado Midland Ry., Denver, and he will tell you the best places in the mountains to visit. A CREEPING DEATH. Blood poison creeps up towards the heart, causing death. . J. E. Stearns, Belle Plalne, Minn., writes that a friend dreadfully injured his hand, which swelled up like blood poisoning. Bucklen's Arnica salve drew out the poison, healed the wound, and saved his life. Best In the world for burns and sores. 25o at Yates & Hunter's drug store. ' Great are the praises of Marsh & Co. on the satisfactory manner in which they conduct their special sales. , Their muslin underwear salevwas largely attended all day yesterday and hundreds of dollars worth of snowy white lingeries exchanged hands. The sale continues today and all next week. Every lady Is specially urged to come down, whether she buys or not If a merchant falls to make It worth your while to read his advertisement he wastes his space. Snace costs "loney; and very little of it is wastfii Therefore it Is , usually "worth your while" to read any store advertisement Prescription No, 2,851, by Elmer & Amend, will not cure all complaints, but it will cure rheumatism For sale by all druggists. PERSONAL Mrs. Laura Fuller went to Houston last nisht. ,' , : J. M. Hall went to Houston last night over the Central. ; P. C. Sprlntler was in (the city yes terday from Hamilton. W. L. Samuels was an outgoing pass enger oh the Central last night. i W. A. Storey arrived here yesterday afternoon from Chicago on Dusinesu. D. R. Stewart came up from Laredo on business and registered at the Ave nue. 'Abe Abshear came in from Dallas yesterday and Registered at the Ave nue. Jno. T. Long was a visitor In the capital city yesterday morning from St Louis. . Mrs. J. R. Baker was an outgoing passenger on the Central last night for Houston. Calvin Baker was in the city yesterday from Galveston. He was here on business. R. C. Benson came over from San Antonio yesterday and registered at the Avenue. ' : W. L. Campbell was in the city yesterday from Oak Hill. He was a guest at the Avenue. , B. B. Reynolds was in the city from Kansas City yesterday and registered at the Drisklll. 0. N. Watson came up from Glddlngs yesterday on business and to visit friends in the city. l B. H. Myrlok was in thff city on business yesterday afternoon. He registered at the Driskill. . N. E. Meador of Houston is among the late arrivals in Austin. He is a guest at the Driskill. H. B. Spring came down from Fort Worth last night on business. He registered at the Driskill. . - R. E. Miller was a visitor In the capital city from New' Orleans. He visited friends in the city. T., E. Bowen was in the city from San Antonio yesterday and was registered at the Avenue. John Kaiser, deputy sheriff of Tarrant county, was here on business with the comptroller's department -. Frank Wltmers came over from San Antonio yesterday to visit the capital city.. ,He registered at tls Drisklll. t r W. F. Hall was in the city yesterday from San Antonio and registered at the Avenue. He was on business, ; D. M. Watson, one of the leading citizens of Giddings, is here on business for a short time. He is at the Driskill. Colonel R. M. Patterson of San Antonio Is among the late arrivals in Austin. He is registered at the Driskill. J. W. Goodman arrived last night from St Louis and registered at the Driskill. He is In the city on business. . , N. D. Finch, one of the leading citizens of Houston, is here on business for a few days. He is a guest at the Driskill. ' t Will Lubbock of Houston was here yesterday on business. He is connected with the .Galveston News agency at Houston. ' W. F. Howser arrived here yesterday from Ktngsland and registered at the Avenue. He vlsjted friends in the city. 1. Emanual of New York came in yesterday and went to the Driskill. He was an outgoing passenger on the Katy last night. - ' t Driskill Hotel Arrivals J. B. Shol-well, D. O.; Seymour Hates, Waco; J. W. Graves, Houston; H. H. McClel-lan, Dallas; J. A. Bashford; Deen Watson, Giddings; T. C. Osplmend, New York; Lewis Dorgon, Dallas: C, E. Long, Frankfort, Ky.j N. Dt , Finch, N. E. Meddow, Houston; R. N. Patterson, San Antonio; P. C. Spitler, Hamilton; J. T. Long, St Louis; D. S. Tel-ley, Cincinnati; E. J. Duboc, New Orleans; M. Hoon, St Louis; W. R. Smith, A. M. Hall, Dallas; Newton Kelsey, Evansville, Ind.; Andy Baker, Dallas; Henry SIrling, St Louis; C. B. Campbell, Dallas; James M. Dagold, Cleburne; G. K. Lyon, G. W. Smith, St Louis; Newra Hickert, New Orleans; Ed L. Syers, San Antonio; S. H. Lewis, St Louis; L. Pfufer, Cincinnati; W. E. Johnson, New Orleans; Thos. Lundln, Chicago; W. H.- Badger, Marble Falls; B. B. Reynolds, Kansas City; I. W. Goodman, St. Louis; Frank Wltmers, San Antonio; W. R. Story, Chicago; H. B. Spiny, Fort Worth; R. E. Miller, New Orleans; I. Emanuel, B. H. Mirck, M. V. Prlddeg, New York; Mrs. M. N. Stone, Child, S. C; A. C. Stucky, Worcester, Mass.; Barry Tran-nell. Fort Worth; Thos. E. Cook, Dallas; Hirdy Williams, Memphis; L. H. Fockler, Kansas City, F. G. Grasslck, Cincinnati; Mason Cleveland, Cleburne; Wlrk Leake, Dallas; Harry B. Lover, Chicago; E. W. Swindell, St. Louis; J. L. Johnson, Dallas; Mrs. J. M. Scott Miss E. Brown, G. R. Brown, San Francisco; Max Franklin, New York; R. V. Watts and wife, Lufkln; D. E. Mllllren, Fort Worth; J. V. Gart-tan, New York; H.A..Walker, Chicago; H. L. Dean, Sherman; G. B. Brandon, St Louis; J. J. Moran, Washington, D. C.S Thos. Foster, iNew York; James Balm, St Louis; R. A. Passmore, St Louis; Dr. M. C. Shaifer, San Antonio; F. Kopp, Denlson; .J. W. Potter, New York; C. S. Hyde, Sherman. , S. B. ROSENGREN, ' Undertaker and Embalmer. ' Fine Carriages for Hire. 413 Congress Avenue. - Phones 451. BRICK GALORE. Thurber People Will Furnish All That Is Needed for Paving. A report has been current for several days that the street paving would probably be retarded for about i thirty dajrs on account of, the failure" to get enough brjck to carry out rthe work. Chairman Shumate, of the street paving committee, set all these rumors at rest yesterday afternoon. He received a telegram from Manager Goetz, of the Thurber Brick company, in which he stated that the shipping of brick to Austin had been resumed on May 24, and will continue until the contract has been filled. TERRIFIC RACE WITH DEATH. "Death was fast approaching," writes Ralph-V- Fernandez of Tampa, Fla describing his fearful race with death, "as a resoJt of liver trouble and heart disease, which had robbed me of sleep and of alt interest in life. I had tried many different doctors and several medicines, but got no benefit, until I began to use Electric Bitters. So wonderful waa their effect that in three days I felt like a new man, and today I am cured of all my troubles." Guaranteed at Yates & Hunter's drug store; price 60 cents. . The merchant who advertises gives ycu the same opportunities to secure bargains that your neighbor has. Publicity equalizes opportunity. Nowadays there is no reason for your not having heard about some special sale. 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SBBBlSSBSSSBSdBBBMBBSSBSSBSSSSSSSSSSSBBSSSSB ' - Taking of Evidence Finished-Gregg Gave Bond-Negro Jailed on a Serious Charge-Deeds Filed It Is expected that the trial of the case ot Sam Hirshfield : against the Fidelity Funding company will be concluded some time today, before Judge Calhoun in the Fitty-third district court. The taking or evidence was ended yesterday afternoon and the arguments began and will be completed today. G react Furnished Bond. Ben Gregg, the Mexican ; who is chaged with assault and intent to mur der Bud Btotts, and who was placed under $500 bond, furnished bail yesterday and was released from custody.; George Washington Jailed, v George Washington, a negro, charged with attempted criminal assault upon a negress, was brought to Austin yes terday from the Del Valle- neighborhood and lodged in the county jail. The complaint was made against the negro in Justice Smith's court at Del Valle. The officers do not seem to think there Is much iii the case. - ' Case Was Dismissed. The case of Harrell & Klein against the Atchison, Topeka- and Santa Fe railway company for damages... pending in the county court, was dismissed yes terday by consent, at costs of the defendant company. . , Visitor From Fort Worth. Deputy Sheriff John Kaiser of Tar rant county was a visitor yesterday at the sheriff's office. Officer Kaiser stated that his cltv was visited bv a terrfble storm the other night, and that the people have not as yet recovered from the effects of It. , . ,; Bond was Seduced. The application of Mrs. Allie C. Cap- erton, executrix of the estate of R. E. Caperton, for a reduction In .the AGREEMENT REACHED ; FOR ITS MANAGEMENT CITY AND COUNTY TO - BEAR EQUALLY EXPENSES FOR MAINTAINING THE HOSPITAL FOR TWO YEARS. The county commissioners and the city council have gotten together re garding the management , of the city hospital for the next two' years. Yes terday morning, at a joint meeting of the commisisoners and - the hospital committee ' from ; the . city council, a contract was agreed upon by the-terms of which the county and the city will share equally the expense of maintain ing the institution. Yesterday the commisioners, accom panied by County Judge John 1 W. Hornsby, mad an official inspection of tne sanitary condition of , tne nospr tal. They were accompanied by the members of the hospital committee from the council. At a recent meeting of the council the sum of 9350 was appropriated with which to improve the sanitary condition of the hospital, and it was agreed that the commission- era would bear their share of the expenses incidental thereto. CLEARED FOR ACTION. , When the body is cleared for action by Dr. King's New Life Pills you can tell it by the bloom of health on the cheeks: the brightness of the eyes; the firmness of the flesh and mus cles; the buoyancy of the mind. Try them. At Yates & Hunter's drug store, 2 cents.. "Nothing is done while anything re mains to be done. A half made coat is not a coat, nor a half finished house a house at all. A half advertised store is not an advertised store. Hyde Park. Carter's comedians closed their en gagement at the park this evening, presenting the laughable comatfjft "An Irish American." During all the four weeks of Mr. Carter's engagement not Make 8 Monarch and Eagle brand Shirts 1 and $1.25 kind in this sale ...75c Imperial and Chamios Hat?; ..the $100 kind in tnis sale ..$2.25 The $5.00 Derby Hat The $4.00 Derby Hat The $3.00 Derby Hat -$30 ....$3.00 amount of bond to $500, was mntd yesterday afternoon by Judge HorMbf in the county court . ; ' ' Estate Closed, ; The final account of the executor la the estate of C. S. Mete, deceased, u approved yesterday by Judge Honuby In the county court, and te executof discharged and the estate closed. Real Estate Transfers. J. A. P. Wolff and wife to Mar T. Darlington, part of the 0. Buckman survey, being tract i, . ' in partition of estate of J. B. Darlington, deceased, consisting of 157 acres of land 1 E. V. Darlington and wife, et al, to ' Mary T. Darlington, part of the O. Buckman survey,. beins tract 8 in partition ot the estate of . J. B. Darlington, deceased, containing 157 acres 1 Sophia" N. Nehring to P. A. Neh- ? ring, 40 acres of land, out of 170 acre tract out of survey 67, orig- ; inally granted to Alex Watters . H Mattle Payne to Hannibal M. Cook, lot 11, in block 2, In Hyde Park annex addition II Mrs. Ivy Cass and husband H. D., ' cass to F. T. Ramsey, lot 1 In ; block 8. In Hyde Park annex, May 23,,. 1905 Thomas F. Taylor to Edward E ' Clary, lots 15 and 16, in block , of out lot 49, in division "W , of Austin -r. w. w A. J. Trautwein, Jr., to N. C. Nolan "J" of Bouldin's addition to Auu- J tin r in part of Isaac Decker . f league '. " W. D. Hart, et al, to Henry Faulk, lots 7 and 8, in block 6, of the subdivision of outlot 8S, in divK slon "B" of Austin ... j ' E.M. House to Barbara Thrasher, .. part of outlot 7, in. division "Iff of Austin " a word of adverse criticism nasi been heard and it is really to u1ieT? why the business has not been dwb than it has, as the performances given certainly warranted better attendan As this is the last night it is hoped J large turn-out will greet Mr. Carteri capable company at their efH': formance. A free dance will M e11 to all . those attending. . "He who knows not his way to the .v..u .!, Hver for W9 COW panion;" and the merchant who doew' know , "what alls his store" w glance over the pages of this .new paper and note the publicity metM of other merchants. . ., dvanto iiunareas or iauie - . w of Marsh & Co.'s' underwear saw terday. Three forms of summer trouble: A sunny porch. ' No place for the children to pltf-A weary "missus.'' a A certain remedy: VUD0B P0j SHADES and Vudor $4 SaD1"T' Searbrough & hicks n Your Busi INVITED Capital C....I... vUl ktlljIV ----- .-..t .imiit ss. ver Uireciors rop" Absolut, security for W OFFICERS. G. W. Llttlefield, P' . Y u ii..hton. Vice r mien.".-, .... presu" . Houghton VP John H H A Wroe, oecv" Wllllim R.'H.r C. P. Randolph, Assis"" H. A. Wroe The American -National BsJ ness Liberal, Terms snd SatisfaeJ 15(xiKI . .-rtflftl

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