The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 29, 1958 · Page 5
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 5

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1958
Page 5
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Negro Retires as Pastor of White Congregation iTAlf ORB, Conn. (AP)-filght HAM iff), the Rev. Of, Roland R. RMeotsk created a itlf when he became pastor of the Stafford- till* Congregational Church. Dr. Heacock is a Negro. The «ongregation at the century-old church it all white. Dr. Heacock retired Sunday. He will be 65 Tuesday. He looked out at his congregation, which has frown in the past eight years, and •aid: "We have exerted a strong and wholesome influence in the field of race relations, particularly in the Christian church.... We are glad that we had a part in this good work." Recalls Arrival In his farewell sermon, the pas- ter recalled his arrival in 1950. ". . . The event was Hashed across the nation in newspapers, Playwright Gives World 10 Years Only MIAMI, Fla. (AP)-Waywright Tennessee Williams gives the human race 10 years if it doesn't •ettle down in amity. "People talk glibly about what kind of cars they will have in 1970 and how long it will take to get to the moon," Williams told a Sunday Herald interviewer. "My opinion is that you and I not to speak of the rest of the human race, won't be here by 1970.1 think Armageddon is really at hand this time. "We have speeded up time it•elf, travel in jets ... and talk seriously about living in outer •pace when we havent yet learned to lire on earth without lighting each other." radio and television M big newi," he said. "Today many churches have fol- owed our example and called Negro pastors to serve their needs and Integrate their membership.' Sight years ftgd Of. Heacock thought all the publicity over his arrival was unwarranted. He said, in his first sermon in 1950: "It s a sad commentary on the state of democracy and Christianity ;hat when an obscure, untaleneted Vegro minister takes over the pastorate of a tiny rural Connecticut church, that is big news SheMd Hang Head "The truth ie that the Christian church should hang its head in shame at its snobbery, racism and class consciousness." Mow that he's retiring, Dr. Hea cock Isn't going to quit working. He plans to lecture to the Little Rock, Ark., First Congregational Church in March. Later,he will speak at Montgomery, Ala. Dr. Heacock, a native of New Milford, Conn., plans to continue his residence here with his family. 'Most Wonderful' Day Ends in Death LOS ANGELES (AP) - Christ mas week this year was, for 100 year-old Mrs. Dora L. Richardson, "one of in my life." During the week she receive* visits from her 2 daughters, 7 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchll dren and 18 great-great-grandchil dren. Saturday night Mrs. Richardson retired to her room. Site died an hour later. First school in the United States to fly the American flag was at Colrain, Mass. SUGGEST THE IDEAL GIFT Canbs, Shaves Hidden Board and heavy beard tot absolute comfort Largest Bw shaving area of alU fhm man-ailed/ eVwble sbtwiag. Gosa when yw got Xvoty theRaUeeMe etael-voHad. tates. Works la> , Tboate, pleat*. a* hens, own, ••da* YOUR OLD SHAVE* ACCIPTED IN TRADE IHAVK HIADQUAITWS AUSTIN (Minn.) HfftAlO Monday, fa. 29, 195ft THE HEROES RETURN — A huge Baltimore crowd of 30,000 estimated fans greeted the Baltimore Colts as they arrived at Friendship International Airport Sunday night. A group of frenzied fans rides atop the bus carrying Colt players as it begins to ride through their welcomers. The Colts won the) National Football League championship with a thrilling 23-17 sudden death overtime) victory over the New York Giants in Yankee Stadium. (AP Photofax) Simple Drugs Used Successfully to Reverse Pregnancy in Dogs NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) Successful use of a simple drug which reverses pregnancy in dogs was reported today by a Yale pathologist. "The drug, known as malucidin, does not cause abortion," said Dr. Leon F. Whitney of the university's medical school staff. Dog Reabsorb When injected, the drug causes the pregnant female dog to reabsorb the emryo into her blood stream, explained Dr. Whitney. He describes his studies in Vet- rinary Medicine Magazine. He said the drug was used on many bitches between the 10th and 42nd day of pregnancy "and was successful fa all cases," The gestation period of a bitch is 61 days. Boon In Eltminattom In an interview, Dr. Whitney said, "From a practical stand' point, when the drug in injectible form is made available to the veterinary profession, it should be a boon in the elimination of unwanted puppies." 5 Die as Car and Truck Hit SEDAN, Kan. (AP)-Five Arkansans, en route home from a holiday visit to Colorado, were killed Sunday when their car and a pickup truck collided on a bridge near here. Killed were Frank Zitman, 62; hii wife Jesie, 65; Sloan Rudy, 55; his wife Mary, SO; and Mrs. Lona 0*Bannon, about 80, mother of Mrs. Zitsman. All lived at Imboden, Ark. The driver of the truck, Virgil Reckathorn, Winfield, Kan., was hospitalised at Coffeeville, where his condition was reported as fair, Undersheriff C. F. Oibbs said ice on tho U.S. Highway 166 bridge may have caused the collision. The Arkansans had been visiting a stepson of the Zitzmans "Beyond that," he stated, 'based on the present state of our knowledge,.I should not want to go." Directly Into Blood Malucidin was discovered by Dr. Ivan Parfentjev, a former member of Yale's microbiology department. He produced the drug from spent brewer's yeast. Malu- cidin has been used as an antibiotic to destroy bacteria and fun- Bill Pitts, in Colorado Springs. gi in the blood and to treat dogs with certain skin diseases. Dr. Whitney said the drug affected pregnant bitches only when shot directly into the blood stream, and then only when given in large doses. "How malucidin accomplishes its result, and how the embryko is absorbed into the blood stream, is still more or less of a mystery," he said. s Drill Instructors Charged With Recruit Beating PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. (AP) A Mittae training Instructor, Sgt. Raifrit A. 3, Ofiflt tt R»«ne, Wit., goei <tt aailttaiy trial today on char|*«'oi bfttlBi recruits tod actitptifli jMyon • nwney from them,/ :r> s :•-;''•, Sgt. 3nat ifid Sfft. Willard B. Pout of August*, Oi., mother drill Instructor it this Marine recruit trailing center, are charged with accepting money from 89 members of an Ohio recruit platoon. Bach recruit allegedly chipped in $10 into * 1690 pot for sergeants. Assault and Battery The two are also accused of assault and battery in the alleged manhandling of boot or rookie Marines, A third drill instructor, Sgt. Ronald J. Heller of Milwaukee, Wis., is charged only with assault and battery. The general courts-martial of Poss and Heller will follow that of Sgt. Grant. The charges grew out of statements made by six members of Ohio's Steel Valley Platoon when home on leave last September after completing basic training at Parris Island. They told their parents of alleged mistreatment and the payoff which they said all members of the platoon made. Recruited In Jnaa The Steel Valley platoon was recruited last June in the Youngs-1 town-Warren area* The six recruits referred to in HUNTING FATALITY Youth Thinks He Kills Pal; Takes Own Life JAMESTOWN, N.D. (AP) — A farm youth accidentally wounded a young hunting companion Sunday, then panicked and killed himself. James Wescom, IS, committed suicide, in the belief he had wounded Robert Johansen fatally. He didn't know his friend, also 13, would survive. "I'm going to shoot myself," James cried after his .30-.30 rifle went off accidentally, putting a bullet through Johansen's leg. The third member of the hunting party, Fred Kuderling, 15, tried to stop James from taking his life. Gun In Mouth "He put his gun In his mouth," Sheriff Lee Dodge said. "Fred tried to wrestle it away from him, but James managed to pull the trigger." Young Johansen was hi fair condition today in a Jamestown hospital. Attending physicians said the bullet went through his right leg, below the hip. The three youths, neighbors in the Pingree area about 30 miles northwest of here, were hunting rabbits in a pasture on the Johansen farm. Kuderling told the sheriff he and Wescom were about 20 feet from young Johansen when James* gun discharged. "The boys ran over to where Bob was lying," the sheriff said. 'When James saw the blood, he thought Bob was going to die." Dr. Robert S. Woodward, Stutsman County coroner, ruled the wounding of Johansen was accidental and the death of Wescom was suicide. Deoth Too Soon She Misses Trip ST. LOUIS, Mo. (AP) — Mrs. June Walter, 22-year-old mother of two, learned three weeks ago she had leukemia. She had one wish: to die in her native land- England. A trip was arranged by the Military Air Transport Service and when she heard of it she seemed to'perk up. But Saturday night she hemorrhaged and Sunday morning she died — one day before she was scheduled to leave. First Grade Teacher at Riceville Resigns RICEVILLE, Iowa — Resignation of Mrs. Hazel Osland, first grade teacher at Riceville, was announced by Supt. Donald Johnston. Mrs. Osland win leave at midyear, completing Itt years in the Riceville system. Mrs. Osland and family plan to move from LeRoy to Austin in mid-January. END OF YEAR PRE MARKET SMART BUYERS WILL SHOP SALE! 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The congregation, directed its pastor, the Rev. William 0. Johnson, to present Alida with $56 Sunday. She was to buy a new coat with the money. 'Don't Need Coat' "I don't need a new coat. I don't want a new coat," she sobbed. Alida a 95-pound high school sophomore, leaped from her mother's car Saturday when Simmons' garbage truck overturned and burst into flames. She tugged at the 200-pound Simmons and helped him escape through a broken window. Then she took off her coat, a Christmas present, and smothered the flames covering his body. The 36-year-old driver is in critical condition, burned over almost 60 per cent of his body. When she was asked how she came to run to Simmons' aid, Alida said: "He was screaming. I knew I couldn't let him die," Hospital Eipensee She and her father Wilbur Pettit asked the pastor to give the money to Simmons for hospital expenses. The Rev. Mr. Johnson said the church had already directed other funds for the Simmons family. Simmons is secretary of the church's board of deacons. Alida finally took the $56. Then she donated it to the Herman Simmons Fund of the First Baptist Church. "There is really nothing wrong with my coat," she said. Fir* Drives Out 260 it Mtntol Hospital TOPEKA, Kan. (AP)-About 260 patients of the Topeka State Mental Hospital were removed without injury Sunday after fire broke out in a 70-year-old wing of the building. The fire, controlled quickly, apparently started in a clothing room on the first floor. The cause was not known. Dr. Alfred P. Bay, superintendent, estimated the loss at $15,000 to $20,000. The displaced patients will be housed temporarily la other sections of toe hospital. ft*ptr Winds Up in Dressing Room DALLAS (AP)^Boimoerf *t a burlesque house thought they had caught a burglar when a man crashed through the ceiling of the dressing room, narrowly missing three strippers. But the man insisted be had not come to rob a safe on the second- floor. 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