The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 20, 1933 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1933
Page 3
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ifgf tfiyWt fMtt WnH tH« ••HrTitf >B -''* •UUUUVf SUrt« f*f*ef« &JL jttbJbiSiL isW%rftllitrft JfeA IK nVCB WBOeH mm MALVfcftN, tOWA, JULY M. 1933 ffc§ WI4*A»«1W i-a eta* ef e*tte¥ tdwfttnffc ftet on Jfff? it tin fro** af &eftetfc aftd Mat¥1* ftwtttg was (ailed to ftefl <Sii1 wit answered EHtetwt ffettel of Clttfr Weft * A delno*siratfoB on "fie defi ef tiff fcelrfaf ttttnifie* »M gft* «fl fef VittiMi Slaughter. A dettanstratrofi 0a **fne Cot«et w*y to stt, stand, and W*fc*» «ai iftifi by fedfth fins*. Old and new business was After tbe meeting was meted to adjourn refreshments were jfcMJPtf ttA »mn..ft A*AJIL«X| BjA The'Clever Leaf 4-tt ebb'of White Cloud-Deer Creek town* ships met Tuesday, Inly il, at the betas af Lillian, Lula, and Wiltta Bradley. We answered roll call by telling our favoMte pet, We picked eur demonstration team, Lillian and Lulu Bradley, who wilt represent our club in competition with the other clubs of the county at the county fair. Our lesson which was conducted by our leader, Mrs. Charles Kayton, was on Personal Hygiene and Good Grooming. Dorothy Kagel gate a demonstration on "How to Clean White Shoes." After the business meeting we made program booklets. Thora Cunningham, reporter. 4-H Club Leaden Meet to Plan Demonstration* The club leaders, assistant leaders and teams of the six girls' 4-H clothing clubs of Mills county met with Mrs. Edith Barker, of the extension service, last Thursday, July 18, to plan their county demonstrations that they will put on at the county fair this year. Two girls comprise a team. Tbe 'girls chosen by the respective clubs tor demonstration work are .Marian Benton and Mary EHia- beth Bummers, of the Bilverette club; Joyce Plerson and Tasie Wilson, of the Clever Cooks club; ewora Bummers;and Phyllis Wll- n, of the Silver Cloud club; =£?p^r£ F *"nT>rT;r ^~ T '*-T7 T 7 -sf-wwMwww-mwr Jons'arerselected from the cloth* -g lessons studied by the girls their club work this year. The team which wins high score at .the county fair will be eligible to, go to the state fair and compete against the high scoring team of tbe other counties of the atate. T Besides tbe demonstrations tbe girls are also busily working on their exhibits that they will dls: play, at the fair, v After this when a big butter and egg man in the West, wants an excuse for going Bast.he can .tell .the w|fe>,he has to go down to Washington to see about the code, Sheriffs Sale : & m VIRTPB OF AN _„„ TION directed to me from tbe of. .floe of the Clerk «l the piatrtct Court of J4UU County, Iowa on a rs» ibr $8ttrJ ay «f June, 488?! 3fc=C"*R .'»7« 9t-:W.O» WWWM w •>M ittt«J-'i"f*rS'^ *~ fi<-' WfT 7 TS'ncT^ *M?S,s* t '*'•A^f *•- ft*> *FSH •<•>•- !7j&tW%JI»fc«&jlll.»n*.' **•?.« mi.J«.a '/-n « o\ - l&iataai^mt^^mii^» «W» al*hMt hMdap |o» oaah in ttU^^tk fret f«»n AfeM to *«*p fice wtth wfeftfct pfodeeif*, etts fwttinf «mfttM« tets o it HdJctkWasiy te» t «ut*isetrt ixttkisi ift what i> toft «f th* *fee*t ptoWem and why the tinftad Statw WB«at f*i»dtt^t ^nds ft necessaty to idopt *6ft§ ptin td restofe bit btslftes* to A pf6ftt* able baste. Iowa with its ?H ttinioft bu* shele of whoat and Mills conaty «tefi tnotifB It has only ili/ 9 bushels —<ian ttfire in th« far a adjustment adtnlsistt*. tlon'g wheat allotmett platt it tne wheat growers wish. Growers in* terested are requested to »w th# eonnty agent. Despite two years of ruinously low prices the great wheat exporting nations as a whole hate thus far accomplished little in re> adjusting their production to bring it la line with the consuming ability of the world. The present world reserve of wheat of more than 600 million bushels is twice as large as usual. The United States, with more than 860 million bushels, has nearly three times as much as it normally requires for its carryover. The new Agricultural Adjustment Administration realties wheat prices cannot reach nor maintain profitable levels in the face of such overwhelming supplies, despite improvements in business or the price level. Price Profitable to Wheat •• Growers . Low prices have sent millions of bushels of wheat into the surplus channels, but this hasn't been enough to materially cut down the larger supplies. Moreover, the surplus channels were taking wheat only at prices which represented a loss to farmers—wheat which in the past they had sold to European or other customers at « profit. The domestic disappearance of wheat -in this country,* except the amount used tor seed, was SIS million bushels in 19J9-30; the next year with Increased feeding of wheat it was 647 million bushels and Jn 1982-33 the figure will reach 850 million -- bushels, But excess supplies /remiln.V?In ""•— * foTSatob "up >itb production^. , The wheat farmer in Kansas, or North Dakota,'or Washington didn't have anything to do with Russia's Five-year-Plan, but it affected him. He had nothing to do with Oermany's.efforts to feed her own people and her program requiring the use of German wheat and even potato, flour Jn German bread, but the action affected his business, He bad no control of American lending to foreign countries ,but it helped keep exports moving at full blast on a false basis and when it left bin) '.•holding the bag," •'.-*> • , „" * ;Tbe inevitable result of these various' movements bis been to dry up the wheat expor| trade of the United states from a bust* ness of 8Q6 'million .bushel* to 1986 to about 35 mlilloiv bushels in JP38»?8, an export drop frpfll about 26 per cent ol our crop to abput 6 per sent, The wheat farm* er has kept 90 growing as mush Wheat 8**tvw, but- jhe?eV hjsjj't beta as much market lor it.' The war, which/ stimulated wheat production In (fee *ajt.«t*d tb p«t*« tfftited %ett grWftfi, t&g ef- Sf td Will the i«r>ttt IB this f <Wrt tfete: thii i« thi first «t * teftei ttf ttotte* t» *«i«atfit ttilt* eottnty fartt«« with th« "what» wfcy atrd fc«w w d! I** wheat adjastaent ftfcfi. ttbr* stones are td fdltew lot the next PovAtiy The annual poultry club round up day will be held at the fair grounds an T aetday, Jalf 36.- This will be an all day meeting and every poultry club member it urged to attend. Tne day will be spent in judging, work on deta* onstratlons, and work in selee* tlon of birds. Mark this date on your eaten* dar and plan to attend. ffc» Nh*ft*-f*1t«y itte WfOt ftet lR*«lt jSTftttteg, July it tfce Mfti «t 0. R. Hyde. H«H« let ttr* «**tfrtt were Mr. a*d jtrm Mfft tfitJ9tek a«d Mr. Mri. i, It. Bntnttets and TW* frit «* **tlt MMtlng and At boyt frofltf SB two classes of fftt H»et J*oltnt betote dark. .. . _ fint.Mfs. ttyde atd Mft. Sttft«etl iertisd a benffte- fcA^'jtF.-tjf ^S^M^Hkit-f iKit t At Jtjfe Jklik t*1l> PfCTElG UUfifVf v* iriWl CuICK* W&f ^otvlv 8ftMn*Ti lOfr CTQfttn* C&K6* tee lei. regttiar oHMnesa meeting w*s held aftef this and plan* wet* disetttteo 1 fdf Judging at the eenflty fair a*d Hie state fair. fire next refnta? meeting of tbe Club will be oh August i In the COttmtJflitt building at Mai- tern. ftatm Bttttau CaJefldaf Inly Hi Poultry club round' up day, At tbe fair grounds at Maltera. .; July alt 4»H club inspection tour aad county fair planning day. V, P. Reed, state ctub leader, assisting. Aug. fair, 8 to iOi Mills county . war i»; thew ma tries, other »urte(»« the usually uaJfernj aM hut Wft,fee BO Fith psiets the rflsWdft t§ je, gravel is *,*r«p;,*f teverai teefees Ireffl the slip eff thf roaa fife at Bo4iftt8 by .adepte.} to it baea cau^wi by * but waiorlty «| cw.ea KRRffiRK&Rr Proper Road Construction Important Factor in Promoting Safe Driving It ode of a stria* of 14 anielef on tbe causes of automobile accidents which in ittt caused the death of n.000 —_— _,, —.—.— — Injuries to more than 900,oo( persons., The author tt profi " Sins University, Baltimore, i cholotr of the Highway ot the appear weekly. — Editor's. Not... „ ' Dr. Knight Donlap, Professor of Experimental Psychology, Johns Hopkins University) .— ._-_—.— ._ v limit vvviuvv entai Psychology In Johns Hop* Of the Committee on Par* CoUneil. Other article! wilt The condition of the road Is an Important factor In sate and in dangerous driving. Rough roads, wet roads, icy roads, sandy roads, soft roads and narrow* roads, all require reduction of speed, and especially careful use of gears and brakes. Increased • engineer- Ing skill and more ample funds have done much to reduce the danger of driving, through wider roads, better surfaces, removal of obstructions to views, easier curves, proper banking of curves, and improved marking. It is a sound principle that the easier it is made to' drive safely, the more safely will people in, general drive. On ..a 'properly banked curve, tbe temptation,to take, the left iIde .o^tbe* rs.dttcM Jessi ' wider road," passing and ovejrtak- In'g involve less risk,; Misuse of Good Roa00 Yet there are exceptions to this rule, On a road wide enough for two cars to pa§» safely,'a reckless driver frequently attempts to overtake another • at a. hilltop, causing disaster if a third car is met. On a road wide enough for three cars, two cars frequently try to overtake a third in a similar situation. On a four-car width road, where there should be tbe greatest ease in safety in over' taking, cars persist in'driving in such 'position as to block' both lanes in its direction, The road* way may be adequate,- but that does not Insure that drivers will make adequate use of it, The least progress In construction and maintenance has been made in the features P f ro&d On almost a» roada the of the roadway are etui, in* dangerous, On many " reads the edges are BO ragj«4 and * Irregular that wheels near the edge, are to rough and dangerous going, in- srtaaiHg the ^adepcy to/drive too near the center; ft tendency " "- drlrera s»n. a»t be SQ on these reads, On dication of a hazard; but for these death-walls there is no excuse whatever. The same quantity of concrete laid flat, extend Ing the Width of the v culvert and painted white, would give an equally good warning, and add safety instead of injury. If the walls are necessary for the strength of the bridge, they should be set well back from the roadside. CHAMPION HILL In spite of the fact that some of our teachers were absent from service this week'onr attendance wa» fifty-one. 'Next Sunday, as wfcf«xpect to IB«/••««">;—\" *r".~<?.*u"7<£ 3 ?** # w K&F-~zsj'ri*' .^^ anfefortstof b>-preilntTand help and receive a blessing. The En deavorers and their, friends are asked to remember , the C. E Rally which is to be held In tbe Malvern Fair grounds the evening of July 25, beginning with a 'picnic supper aP7. All friend ol the society are invited to comi and enjoy the evening with the C. E, young people, Bring sand wiches, a covered dish,'your own dishes, and a pillow or rug on which to sit. Mrs, Glen Kellenbarger received the" sad news Sunday noon o: the death by drowning of her cousin, Pelmar Frye, at Denver Colo.* The body will be brought to near 'Orlnnell for burial. Pearl McLain called on Mrs Sherman Allen Monday evening , Mr, and Mrs, Albert Anderson Louise Severn and, children, Par* lene and Donald/, and Minnie Smith called on Dick Smiths Thursday afternoon. The primary Sunday scboo class and Mary Mfta Pgrfcer epent W*d»esday da. Kosheri , Morris Weed of filgln, JU. was calling PB o)(| nelgh.bp.ra and boy* ftfl4?.d irlwds la " Tuesday sfternoouj.flj^ lather is in very »oor beajtu «,t the home »l 'Sertfs -W«fi4. JuvtR jn her home Mrs..Art FraiitR v ftnfl twins, Dale and Qall, r«tU)rnj4 l fte t IJOBJ Missouri whgre • Coop** . whs is la Jobs Jsaes e,B4>|ajally went gh,9flaMQ8h Fritele attend Jb@ f aaeral ef jir^amt^ 1 mother, BUa Mftlpon, 9 { New- for with ft, they were dlp*r guests in f : James ftttd the . ift North Qro,V* Utter tbs «Bd foted 8tt»day wftt his brother, sod fa««y In OWnwood. tniy at* their dtM«r la tie Star- tee* trove west of tie «ty. Sir. affd Mrs. Hefrtfi firtggs ltd iwu. MiaTfo^v ^wfe CtetdMsfl fifnfs caners Sunday. Tfte Clarence Blano$ taafty and iH»«n fafcdo attended fn Atlantic Sunday and tpeftt tne feniaindir ol tbe day with relative*. Mr. and Mrs. Sbermab Alien nd Joe, Walter Kettenbargers and tbe Coot>«r sisters, and Mrs. Ruby Straight Were Red Oak vis- tors Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. irven ButllngtOn and son eft last week to visit friends near Kansas City before going to her former home. Her aunt came of them via auto. Mrs. Mataere and son, Glen, Mrs. xmes and daughter, Jean, o! Cleveland. Ohio, hate been vis- ting the ladles' sister, Mrs. Roy' Hatdeman, and family. ' Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kellenbarger and Mrs. Jennie Kellenbarger of Emerson called on Alfred Coopers Friday. Glen Rost who has been visiting relatives here left the first of the week for Cedar Falls where he will visit. He Wilt go from there to Minneapolis before returning to his work in Philadelphia. He was the victim of another surprise last week at the home of his aunt, Emma Rost in the Salem community, when a number of neighbors and friends of the family called to spend the evening. Shenandoah visitors Saturday were Emmet Cardiff, John Parker, John James, Harold and Alfred Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Allen and Joe, Wanda, and Jean Kochersperger, and Ward and Shlrle}' Applegate. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Griffin and Edna were Sunday dinner guests In the Walter Kellenbarger home. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Webb have moved Into the Lon Hunt tenant house where they will be at home to their friends. Henry Nlms who has been helping Dean McLain, unfortunately fell against tbe side of a hayrack Saturday and cracked one of his ribs so be will be unable to work for a week or more, Mrs*. Alma Whlpple and son, Robert, Mrs. Charlotte Cooper and son, Richard, called on Alfred Coopers Thursday evening. John 'James and family are planning a trip soon to near Northboro to get acquainted with the ney granddaughter, Joyce Mardne, who arrived at the home Scrrt- mane were BIBM-SOB visitors Saturday MgM. the fcoy Hftldeman fetttiy and th«r ftoflte guests, her sisters awd efcndrw, of Cleveland. Ohio, nil- ed o* CTlt Rings tnnrsday eve- ntng. Errtkfda Htrntrtnan ttstted fee? annt, BerU Ortttfa, the last of the week and was a welcome visitor at snaday school before re- tntnlftg to ErBftrson. diet KefienDttfters and loe McLain were attong the Red Oak visitors Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Glen lames visited in the home of hf« parents Sunday. Ralph Ltddell who recently en- the natal trai&fng school At San Diego, Calif. w»sed the ttea* tai test at Omaha with the highest grade made there to date. The honor was previously held by a university graduate. 1 ff Mayor Walker bwsnnee t gentleman farmer fn England no doom he win tottst that tne mare tenant* wear spats. We traderstand that the ofi»- eiai song of tne detegatet ait the London Economic Conference IS "totfre an Old stuootWe." wecaaooit anddoitrigjbt RICELESS art fha voices of those we lovel jf\ talk with Daddy downtown—a eltat with Grandmother In • distant city—these are happy moments tm the lire* of American gtrlt and boy*. To have a telephone In your home Is to bold your family's place In tbe world of people. It keep*— unbroken—the contact with those whose help and friendship yon need. It widens your Interests. It Increases your power to get things done, to exchange Ideas and save minute*. HORTHWISTiRH IE1.L TiUPHONK COMPANY, CONOCO BRONZE laughs at weather—high or low tern- \j peratufe—jaln 0£ 5«ow*-Tleapiog to action with iostaat starting. Tested by all—Jo evety conceivable kind and condition ol ear and ttuct»!vefy minute-f-eyeiy mile a proof of performance! The truth of its Instant starting, lightning pick-up, improved anti-knock, greater mileage and power has been enthusiastically recognized by users everywhere. Your first tank full will give you a thrill There is no increase in price. At the siga of the Red Triangle. GASOLINE MATE FOR CONOCO OERM PROCESSED MOTOR OH 94L WJH TMf 'H<OOeN QUAIF' T«AT NfVII 08A/N5 AWAY wifew-^is-ri IfSrt?: igo Co., ^•^•^^pw""fl^BsF-^P^w irm IMVp^|Nl:ii

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