Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on November 28, 1904 · 3
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 3

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1904
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r : : 38 :00 :45 :S5 ROAD Tltt CARDS A G. N. R. R. Co. Southbound. veM a. m., 8:20 a. m.. I .4Ve-4:15 a. ,': p. ' ':' '. , " , Northbound. ve-3:" p. m.. It: 15 p. m t &re-4:Mfc m" 11:20 Georgetown 8; 00 a. m.; arrive hill' Austin ' 10: 15 a.' m, arrive -. A Tava. Cantral- " Houston pw - .ffect Sunday, November , 1904. arrives :" t aad Lampasas 8:15 ihvpm Llano 12:15 p. m.; ar- i ii?fiO a. m. "iL i Llano 1:45 p. na. Leaves jas 1:50 p. m. Arrives Austin "'for Houston 12:45 p. m. and 11: JO P- ,- 1 MiMOur?, Kansas and, Texas, m .ffect June 19M- d I 11-15 P. m. for Waco, Dallas! at Granger with the Katy aouthboundl Arrives Austin from ?..and Waco 5:05 a m. and 6:35 p. m jSn arrive nd dePrt a al14 T C jassenger Depot. -- ten Saba and Llano Sta go Line. itallir (except Sunday) service be- makes connection with all pas- trail MAY, " Propjsetor. Mason Stage Line. ,JL yano- and $Iason. Leave Llano i m.; leave Mason 5:30 a. m. Makes j-mecllon with trains. JNO. LAFRENTZ, Manager. . a.L. mnA Lometa Staae Line. ' Lometa 7 a. in.; arrives San Saha U "oon- '' ' ' J San Saba 1:30 p. m.l arrives Iomtta :3 P. m. Seven times a week. ERQUHAHT STEPHENS, " i Proprietors temet and San Saba,; xicrwc i uur uvvn Ice Cream. Then h.. .. v . twi. . m J " piacea in til toe Wrtti, 4 naw prepartion called Joe Cream v POWDER i.5i,!iqrrta of de!icloa ' e.iTn u,S; ""nPP'y you send 25a tor twopket bymiirwS. The goad 60,. Bo jW8.uitoy.jTyr THE AUSTIN STATESMAN. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23. 1904: a. City News PUBLIC STENOGRAPHERS. Tour patronage ' Is solicited. Miss A. B. Ins, 1M West Sixth St. Phones 51 '.. v DR. J. D. SIMMS DENTIST, Offiee T2S Coqgrese Avenue, over llarer A Keller, Stationers. ' Old Phone 864. V. 0. Weed, funeval . director and cnbalmer; Gs, X Brewer, expert em-bttoier; Mrs. Lena Bishop, assistant. m Bast Eighth street. Phones 22S. i.':-: ' . T.: : , Removal Notiee. wute-Tu to kuw thai I will eve en December 1 to aoriter 23rd aid OsedaJuoA stvnnte nriutra X vHll wn hjaohee, sot vttlli, eoftee, rtx CUAS. a. WUKiASCH. S (Be MMAM vnil M M a wnrnq n wKiM iMve thee eanta save at least n swan '0m tneir eaentngs. That mtfl make toe payqienU on two Met M la Eyifc Bask or the An- HM. fffcara lit not rm rujwat aaai. taae fowseif jomeyday thai jou , eg- i I The Texas Lw Jetirnal. WWejh the-exas Law Journal: i rud br 100 atteraeys Bfty-two WP. 4. win read, uxooo be- i? tti?'r ta BBi M. row any-mtar AmV iI?. I .v. i 1. l way to reaoh Uiem. - er uvtiUMKeaf. , ' Itn. en m -. i t 'Kit, fftr-two tisoeevrw..! 100 00 HNmJA.yEWJaj PUB. . CO. at?! TBne?1 ae. W. T. Wroe SWll 111 tflAM 1 TU Bl.-l iu r - , ",e 'owest maricet prices. ft?!??d Mrvlce an1 for e best qual-Kii.L0D !? The celebrated genuine iiat. r fancjr lun,P coal, clean of Iv.Lr ,mP"-ities,. S7J0 per ton, de-. one-half ton, $4; one-fourth hm .;;Jrhe Mexican Cannel No. (3 ' 54 per tow- Bastrop county : wood, dry, delivered, 4 per i5M,i,"half cord- 2-B0- Stovewood, Cr COrd: one-fourth cord, $1.50; pmnit county cedar wood, 15.50; cedar Nm i? famus lump lignite h trini, 13 per ton! carload lots Nmti a 7. mea8'-e. guaranteed and N LteUv,ery- Brookslde Egg Red Prtm nutte coa1' delivered, $13.50 L " 32S- C. B. Beard, ter- 'uo House Restaurant ?U S(S0IALTY OYSTER LOAVES. Wrto. . .. . i ail hours, day or night; aiiirvcr. A30e - J. A MILLER, Prop. Iw Phn- O.'0r9''ees Ave. EMIL RISSE CJT;- PHOTOGRAPHER ( 1, ingress Arenue orer rsshoe Store..:; AT UMME'8 TODAY! cVd; 'PRlet, - Plorii? ?r ""Bee and. niJ,- Othil M'aB brape., Chest-,".. W,h,p od things In .bund- ""Sress Ave, Phone 210. ' I CEM PHARMAftV " 'rft011 hM Purchased the ljH WmA ttnder, will . be In m t. . . tt IB m.SB.l . . wfcT:.- -Vexand5- will . be h 7 yon, sumcient guaran-Perienced hands. THE 0M SUTE About our establishment is the order slate. There's none in our coal We aren't trying to com-pete with the roofing business, but if you want some ef the finest lot of genuine OSAGE MoALESTER COAL ' we have had this season, just phone ue your order before it is all gone. Lone Star Ice Co. Phones 246. FEW NEW FACES IN COUNTY GOVERNMENT There Are Three New Members in Commissioners Court Officers Will Qualify on December First. - ; '.: Aa has generally been the custom, all newly eleoted officers of Travis county will qualify and assume their duties on December I. There are, however, very few changes In tne personnel of the county government. The great majority of the county officials succeed themselves. There are no changes in the make up of the commissioners court, x - v There are only three Important changes in the county officials of this ccunty, not including the commissioners court John W. Hornsby succeeds Judge James K. Hamilton as county Judge, Car? Hartmaa succeeds Will P. Brady as county superintendent of public instruction and J. D. Moore succeeds Walter I White as Justice of the peace of precinct No. 3. which is one of the two Justices in the city of Austin proper. In the commissioners court there wilt be three new faces. W. F. Sea-right K succeeds Commissioner Riley and Alexander L. Hughes succeeds Commissioner Von Rosenberg, and with a new county judge will make three aew members of the court. The other . two members, who were reelected, are Commissioners R, J. Nixon and J. C. Martin. . The policy of these new members has not as yet manifested itself, but they are well known citizens of this county and have the confidence of tht people. ' As to the minor changes in the county government, Van Darlington succeeds C. W. Moore as Justice of the peace at Manor, Charles Hamby succeeds MoClain as constable of precinct No. 6, and Jack Jordan succeeds P. C. Barnes as justice of the peace of precinct No. 4 at Walters Station. JOHN P. SHEEHAN A HEAVY HAULING OF ALL KINDS DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. MAKES A 8PECIALTY OR REMOVING MACHINERY and SHIPPING SAND. e e e 83 Rainey Street. AUSTIN, TEX When considering your financial interest it might be well to remember that this bank offers the most favorable terms consistent with its sound policy and conservative management. We invite you to open your account with us. THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Austin, Texas, v ' j $350,000 Capital and surplus.... OFFICERSi a W. Ltttlefield, President. John H. Houghton, Vice President H. A. Wroe, Second Vice President W. R. Hamby, Cashier. C P. Randolph, Assist Cashier. NOT ALL SECRET THINGS ARE REVEALED UNTO MEN DR. FRENCH'S SERMON YESTERDAY MORNING TOLD OF THINGS REVEALED AND OF SECRETS WHICH WERE THE LORD'S. THE . First National Bank Capital Stock and Undivided Profits $145, 000. Accounts large and small re-specfully soliciied. J. L. Hume, President. W. B. WortAam, Vide President, Geo. L. Hume, Cashier. H. Pfaefflin, Ass't Cashier. Ralston' s WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR Ralston's BREAKFAST FOOD. Ralston' s HOMINY GRITS. , Ralston' s KOMKINS. New goods just received at DEEN & WALLING LAWYERS' DIRECTORY. BLOOR & THRASHER. Attorneys at Law. Rooms 16 and 18 Sampson Bldg., Austin, Texas.- AU8TIN WHOLESALE HOU8ES, WALTER TIPS. Wholesale Hardware, Ideal Wind Mills. WEBB, TAYLOR & PERRY. Wholesale Hardware, - S Wrapping Paper and Paper Bags. . x V"" wia dUflirariiMf skin f- . V J' fection TieJ'U sueedilY tod a Sv V" permanently to th ti-ttlu j;. eoohng, uutblng, jet powrtul lollaences OI HEISICEl.L'S OINTMENT Vtii In oonnectlon with imxEILI.'S to nrrer tll to asn Piiuj(i. I leer. Tir, f skis sflT)eaon. At droiu. Soap. tfe. Ouxmetit. Ue. Snd lor boot ol tettlmonuL. J0HN8T0N,H0LL0WAY4C0..Phlladelphl. A very interestiag sermon was preached by Rev. Dr. J. A. French at the First Baptist churoh Sunday morn- . . His text was taken from Deut, 29; 29: "The secret things belong unto the Lord, our God, but these things that are revealed belong unto us, and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law." lie began with this illustration: Some years since I was dining at a table where there were various dishes to tempt the appetite. ; They had all been uncovered except one, but there was a little boy present who was at his father's table and was very anxious to see into this one also, and be quietly raised the cover of the dish and peeped In to satisfy himself. Dr. French said the Incident illustrated to him that men are but children of a larger growth, for men are continually trying to look Into the hidden things of God, when if they would they might feast upon what has been revealed. ; At times men try to pry into the mysteries of Creation and Providence, and leave .unappreciated numberless "exceeding great and precious prom Ises" In the blessed book. - It is natural for the inquiring mind to reach out after the unknown, but enough is revealed for the enlightenment of all who would know the will of God, which In able to make wen wise unto salvation. The fullest investigation by learned scholars and profoundest pholosophig ing should be used in interpreting God's will, If reverently done. Our great concern ought to be to know and heartily receive all the jv elations of God, and wl)ire we can not know and understand we should believe Him too wise to err and too good to be unkind. ' ' First What are the secret things? The question Includes all the providential and doctrinal questions that are beyond our ken. But we must remember that "God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform." He has done this since the foundation of the earth, even, since our Savior's day He has veiled Himself in mystery from his people. God's goodness and severity Involves wisdom too profound for our limited capacities to fathem, but from His great character and matchless wisdom displayed in what He has made known to men. they should be prepared to "trust Him SINCE 1776 NOTED PHYSICIANS OF EUROPE HAVE PRESCRIBED COD LIVER OIL. As the Greatest Curative Agent and Strength Creator Known, to Medicine. But they have also admitted that owing to the vile, nauseating grease which it contained, and which had no curative value whatever, it was impossible . for patients to take into their systems enough to obtain the best re sults. Therefore, the discovery of two French chemists how to get the benefit of the valuable curative elements of the Cod's Liver without the oil was hailed with delight by physicians the world over. These Frenchmen found that the medicinal curatives could be separated from the grease and oil, and produced in a concentrated form delicious to the taste and acceptable to the weakest stomach. Thus was created Vinol whleh is sold by eur local druggist, C. O. Tates, ; on a positive guarantee to return money whenever it fails to do all he claims for it Mr. Yates says that In Vinol they offer the people of Austin a cod liver oil medicine acknowledged by physicians everywhere as the. greatest curative agent and strength creator known to medicine, and they nave never sola anything in their store equal to Vinol to build up and strengthen old people, weak women and children, and people who are run down, tired, nervous and debilitated, - - Mr. Tates also guarantees that Vinol will strengthen the digestive organs, make rich, red blood, cure chronic colds, coughs and bronchial 'troubles, and restore the system to a healthy, robust condition quicker than any other medicine. - . Vinol is not a patent medicine, a-d you know what you are taking, simply a delicious cod liver oil preparation with everything- which It contains nrinted on the bottle. Try Vinol on our guarantee to return money if ltj falls. C. 0. Tates. Druggist where they can not trace, and to adore Him where they can not penetrate," to do this is the highest wisdom. Some of the secret things that belong to the Lord ous God, Is the next question considered. Among these may be mentioned the doctrine of original sin, the transmission . of evil, God's severity as seen in certain teachings of His word. Some of these doctrines lead men who persist in sin to ask "How' can God be good and Just and create man capable of sinning and when he sins punish him for it?" , These very teachings show that "the seoreHJiings belong unto the Lord God. Human suffering is one of the providences not understood with the finite conceptions. That He ' could prevent it, all who believe in His almighty power agree, but why He does not do so is not known. There is so abundant evidence of the goodness of Oo that men rest is humble faith on the thought that this mystery is fully reconcilable to Him. The question might be asked why God suffered the millions of China and Africa and the islands of the sea to remain in heathenism to be Christianized by efforts of His people who but poorly apprehend the obligation and make little effort to do so? It might also be asked why the disastrous storms are sent and why the boll weevil, such questions have no - sufficient reply. Rather let men not struggle to read tha mystery ef the Infinite. Why ave there secret things? The answer is plain. Because the finite can not comprehend the inflnllte. The less can not take the greater. God's knowledge In simultaneous and eter naL Ours is acquired ' by degrees is dependent, limited and fallible., Mtn are bound by the shackles of mortality while God Is self-existent and eternal, It would be very strange If men could understand all God's doings; for them God would cease to ; be God. Men should not have a God that could per feetly understand. Rather .recognise Him as the creator aM wise and good. al knowing as well as all good. Hear Paul from Romans 9th, "Nay, but, O, man, who art thou that repllest against God? Shall tht thing-formed say unto Him that formed it why hast thou made me thus? Hath not the Father the power over the clay of the same lump to make one vessel to honor another unto dishonor? , Man has no right to reply against God." Let the man of God read, study, meditate, consider, pray and seek after wisdom as for hidden - treasure, but when he comes to water too deep for his strength, let him adore and be hum ble. "The secret things belong unto the Lord our God." The revealed things which belong to us. Some of these are God's natural laws which He has written on all created things for our advantage, some of whish are strikingly reflected in the spiritual world. , . . Consider the teachings by analogy at least, which are discovered respect Ing regeneration and degeneration; environment and conformity to type, life and death, and man can. not but see that God has written ail over the natural world lersons of Infinite sig nificance applicable in largest measure to the spiritual realm. The text relates more especially to the things revealed In the Holy Book. Among which may be mentioned the perfection of God and men's obliga? tion to love and serve Him; the rela tions to the eternal world, the char acter and condition as sinners, knowl edge of the plan of salvation and the source of grace and comfort In Christ Jesus, the son of God. Man should reflect upon the glorious truth and continually tell it out that the very central truth of God's revelation is this: "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believed In Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." For those who except this glorious truth and receive Him as their Saviour, there are directions and commands respecting their station and relation In life, they should use their talents to the highest advantage and for the glory of God; should not forget obligations to' watch and pray lest they enter into temptation; should remember this, "Thu shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind." This Is the first and great commandment, and the second Is like unto It, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. "If ye know these thJogs happy are ye If ye do them." , . All that has been revealed is intended for practice, not to gratify curiosity or provoke controversy. The sufficiency of -the revealed things. While God has kept much ef His counsel secret, there Is. enough re-' vealed to satisfy and save man. What more do they want? AU that Is necessary for salvation God has clearly made known. He has kept back nothing that is profitable. Man should search into the things that have been revealed to them, for they are the rules by which they are to live, "Those things that are revealed," eaith the scripture, "belong to us and. to our children forever." Let man use the revealed will of God as "a lamb to their feet and as a light to their paths." All the way of life content with knowing what He would have them know. Doing this men shall please Him while they live and be prepared with all the ransomed to look into the hidden the secret things while the cycles of eternity shall roll. "The secret things belong unto the Lord our God, but those things that are revealed belong to us and to our children for ever that we may do all the words of this law." THE NEW CHAPEL AT THE BLIND INSTITUTE IT WAS DULY DEDICATED YESTERDAY , AFTERNOON, THE REV. DR. SMOOT DELIVERING THE DEDICATION SERMON. Testerday afternoon the new chapel at the Blind Institute was formally opened, the dedication services being conducted by the Rev. Dr. SmooL The chapel, which has just been completed, is a large ahd commodious building that will prove ample for every requirement of the Institute for years to come, and is modern In equipment and most complete in artistic finish and detail. , The sermon of Dr. Smoot's last afternoon was in keeping with the auspicious occasion, proving highy entertaining and somewhat historical in nature. There was a large congregation in attendance, many visitors assembling along with the students of the institution In honor of the very Important occasion. LETTER TO W. T. WROE & SONS. .Austin, Texas, Dear Sirs: But few of the men wito sell the hundred different paints in the market know much about them. All Devoe agents have a state chemist's certificate telling Just what It's made of; they know a good deal, not only about Devoe but the rest; we see that they do. We buy every paint, that has any sale, and analyze it. Our agent finds out all about it. When we know what a paint Is made-of, we know how it will act; ,we know how far it goes ,and how long it wears, ' Devoe is the standard; call it , 100. The best of the rest is about 75; the orst about 25; the rest are between. But the men ,who sell them, don't know any better. , They know what the maker tells them. That is: they know that he tells them. They don't know whether he tells them the truth or not The business is not conducted on knowledge; the less they know, the more comfortable they are. , j Tours truly, 1 V F W DEVOE & CO C. M. Miller sells our paint. W. T. Wroe & Sons are closii.g out the Beaty stock of buggies and car' rlages at reduced prices. If you want to make small monthly payments on lots or on a house and lot, see the M. K. & T. Land Co, 1U3 B. 6th St. ONE THOUSAND BUSHELS . OF CORN WAS DESTROYED ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS RE GARDING THE BURNING OF TOM SASSMAN'S BARN NEAR CREEDMOOR. Sheriff Matthews and the other off! cers from the sheriffs department re turned yesterday from the scene. of the burning of the Tom Sassrnan barn, which conflagration occurred Saturday night about midnight, situated about twenty miles south of Austin, between Crcedmoor and Evelyn, but they failed to find any traces of the ftlleged in cendiaries, who it is thought set fire to the barn. The bloodhoundu struck the trail of several persons who had passed that way during the early morning, but In each instance it was the wrong scent. Deputy Sheriff Booth, who accom panied the party of officials and who has charge of the dogs, does not believe that the barn was set on fire, but he entertains the opinion that it caught accidentally. It is not believed there was any insurance on the barn. The loss to Mr. Sassrnan on the barn amounts to about $500 and he also lest 1000 bushels of corn and some hay was also damaged. :mf&;rv:ii'.r r Wirt ft n 1 Here are Overcoats that will win first honors even with the most critical. The short, full cut, Box top Coat, the medium length Chesterfield and the long, loose, full cut Coats, with or without the belted backs. A big assortment of all the fashionable fabrics and colors to select from." Stouts, Longs and Regular sizes. Prices $10, $12.50, $15 up to $50. ' Our stock of genuine "Cravenette" rain or , shine coats (absolutely waterproof) has received some new additions lately, t-ome in and look them over. SMITH H WILCOX One Grade Only The Artistlo Highest. Reliable Bush & Gerts Pianos , . On terms to suit the purchaser. f BUSH & GERTS PIANO CO. OF TEXAS, J. R. REED, Manager 816 Congress Ave., Austin, Tea BEAR IN MIND THAT "THE GODS HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES." SELF HELP SHOULD TEACH YOU TO USE APOLI A. P. Weoldridge, President R. L. Brown, Vice President Jasper Weoldridge Cashier, THE ClTY NATIONAL BANK AUSTIN, TEXAS. CAPITAL . $150,000 INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. Beard ef Directors E. M. Scarbroagh, R. U Brown, Thos. D Weet- en, Ifrancls Fischer, Joha B. Pope, J. W, dridge. 8afe Deposit Boxes Per Rant, th. public is, respectfully solicited. , Graham, A. P. Wool-The) banking bustaess of Jr CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY RATES A CHANCE TO VISIT YOUR "OLD HOME" ' VIA Operating 8olid Vestibule Trains to Memphis and St Leu is , Without Change. Pullman Sleepers, Parlor Cafe Cars, Meals a la Carte. Reclining Chair Cars, Seats Free. Dates of Sale, December 20, 21, 22 and 26, 1904 Good to return within thirty days from date of sale. LOW RATES WILL ALSO BE IN EFFECT TO ALL POINTS IN TEXAS UNDER FAVORABLE CONDITIONS. For descriptive pamphlet giving time of arrival and departure of trains from different points, - "ASK ANY COTTON BELT MAN." Statesman 7wt Ads Drinji Resulb ESQ The Direct and Scenic Line ; -B et ween St. Louis and Gul of Mexico 13 VIA TEXAS MIDLAND i x HI RAILROAD In Connection With and Texas Central Railroad and Frisco System fVIa Pari, and Pnnl, T.v.a forming 'llose connections in Union Stations at - intermedial junctions, ana operating PULLMAN DRAWING-ROOM SLEEPERS throngh without change between Houston and St Louis. Cafe cars meals a la carte and Harvey Dining Rooms are conveniently provided en route. For rates, train schedules and sleeper reservations, aply to any Tloket Agent or address , F, B. MeKAY, General Passenger Agent, Terrell, Texas. ' UTO"? JOB I. 4 G. N. Through Train Service BETWEEN GEORGETOWN AND AU STW. EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 18th, 1904. LeTt Georgetown........ .......... 8:00 A. If. . Arrif Austin...... .8:80 A. M. RETURNING Leave Austin. ................. .10:15 A. M. Arrive Georgetown..... ..11:45 A. K. . P. J. LAWLESS, Agent cy.v'ls." j. "' AfexarIber "wni'-i.'e m i ft fc53-J charge, which is a sufficient goaran- g T. nLtlil ' 'J w r. Mat aatar vired.

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