The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on March 8, 1974 · Page 7
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 7

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1974
Page 7
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In District 23 semi-finals Barnesville, Dilworth win. Battlers cold ByDONNSIEMS Special Correspondent MOOHHEAD - Barnesville and Dilworth gained berths in District 23 finals here Friday night as Barnesville outscorecl a fired-up Pelican Rapids team 23-12 in the last quarter to take a 66-59 victory and Dilworth held on to a first half lead to top the Battle I,ake Battlers 40-33. Top-ranked Barnesville had all it could handle as Pelican Rapids held leads in the first three quarters of 16-15, 32-27 and 47-43. But with 2:12 remaining the Trojans moved ahead 59-57 and added seven more in the final minutes to but two for Pelican. In the second contest of the evening Battle Ijfce found a cover on the basket for 7:22 of the second quarter and could tally only one point as Dilworth netted 18. Although the Battlers out scored Dilworth 24-13 in the second half they could not overcome the 27-9 halftime score. In opening action in District 23 semi-finals Larry Plath put the first points on the Scoreboard for Barnesville with 7:28 on the clock. At 6:15 Pelican's Mike Nettestad hit from the key to register the Viking's first score. The score was knotted again at 4-4 and 6-6 before Pelican moved to a 10-6 lead on buckets by Mike Johnson and Lee Newhall. Barnesville's Larry Plath scored on a drive-in and was fouled. He added the bonus free throw and Pelican's lead was cut to one at 10-9. Each team scored six in the remaining two minutes to make the score Pelican 16-Barnesville 15. Pelican held the lead for the entire second period although three times the lead was only one point. With 58 seconds remaining in the period Colin Solum of Barnesville hit from the lane to bring the Trojans within one at 26-27 but Pelican came right back with buckets by Paul Restad and Lee Newhall to take a 32-27 halftime lead. Barnesville started to make its move in the third quarter as they outscored Pelican 16-15. With 12 seconds remaining Mike Fender hit on a lay up to move Barnesville within two at 45-43 but Pelican's Chuck Paulson scored on a fast break with eight seconds left to give his team a 4743 third period lead. With 4:35 remaining Barnesville had outscored Pelican 11-fi and taken a 54-53 lead. Pelican's Lee Newhall Hit two free throws with 2:25 left to tie the score at 57 but Barnesville netted nine points in the remaining time to but two for Pelican. for them. For a full eight minutes the hoop seemed to have a cover on it as they could not score from the field. With only 38 seconds remaining Mark Hustud hit a free throw for the only point in the period. Hut on the other end of the court things were going much better as Dilworth netted 18 in the period. At halflime Dilworlh held a comfortable 279 lead. Battle Lake Dilworth Battlt Like l] 1? 12 33 8 S 40 HITS FOR TWO - Chuck Paulson («), Pelican Rapids, hit for two en this shot in last night's action at Moorhead. Guarding on the play is Larry Plath of Barnesville. Barnesville defeated a stubborn Pelican five 66-59 to gain tonight's District 23 finals against Dilworth. Paulson was top scorer for the night with 26 points. (Journal photo by Doun Siems) J. Brown S. Olson Totals R. Haskins R. Christ's L.Messerschmidt C. Palmer D. Fogel Tolals Barn«ville Pelican Rapids Barrws* M. Render D. Nosal L. Pratri C. Bernier C.Sclum M. Askcgaard J. Ferris Tolats Pelican f L. Newhall M. Nettestad C. Paulson M-Johnson D. Engebreison p. Resiad Totals tp It ft 0 1 6 1 ! 5 1 3 IJ 0 2 10 0 1 0 0 1 0 ) 13 33 Ig It [H 443 1 0 3 7 0 1 420 1 0 2 15 12 16 16 illeH pf tp 0 11 3 a 27 12 8 66 Chuck Paulson led the scoring for Pelican with 26 followed by Mike Nettestad with 15. Four Trojans hit double figures led by Colin Solum with 17, Clark Bernier and Urry Plath with 12 and Mike Fender with 11. Plath pulled down 16 rebounds for Barnesville and Chuck Paulson nine for Pelican. In the Dilworth - Battle Lake clash both teams were tight and pressing as two minutes passed before either team could score. Dilworth's Handy Haskins hit a free throw and with 5:15 left David Fogel hit a 10-footer to give Dilworth a 3-0 lead. The Battler's Rondi Thiel finally put his team on the Scoreboard with 4-.30 remaining on a layup. With 28 seconds remaining Battle Lake's Fred Moen hit a 15-footer to give the Battler's the lead at 8-7 but big ten Messerschmidt hit from the baseline seconds later to give Dilworth a 9-8 first period lead. Messerschmidt netted six points for Dilworth in the period. Moen led the Battlers with four. The second period proved to be the downfall for the Battlers as nothing they did worked out The second half proved somewhat better for Battle I,ake as it outscored Dilworth 12-8 and 12-5 but the margin proved too much to overcome. Thiel scored six for the Battlers in the third period as Dilworth was held to two field goals and four free throws. Dilworth still held a H point lead at 35-21. With 2:35 remaining in the game the valiant Battlers had cut the lead to five at 38-33 but Dilworth added one more field goal in the last minute lo win 4033. Neither team shot well for the game, with Dilworth shooting 35 per cent and the Battlers hitting only 28 per cent. Moen lead Battle I^ke with 12, followed by Thiel with 10. Messcrschmidt led Dilworth with 14 followed by Randy Haskins with 12 and Craig Palmer with 10. Thiel pulled down 10 rebounds for Battle Fergus Falls (Mi.) Jurial Fri., Mar. 8, 1974 ]] The New York Yankees will play 27 spring exhibition games, 13 of them at Fort Ixiuderdale, Fla. ATTENTION ELKS Friday, March 8 SPECIAL COUPLES' NIGHT 14-oz. Butler Knife Rib Eye Steaks served 4 to 8 p.m. to first iso on advance ticket sale. $O Per V person School Board proceedings February 28,1*74 The second monthly meeting of the School Board of Indepe.Tdent School District No. 5*J was held Thursday, February 78, 197J in Ihe beard room in Ine administrative office ?L- ; te, The meet'ng was called to crder al 7-30 p.m. by f/r. Reinan, Chairman Members present: Mr. Dieseth, Mr. Dur-can, Mr. Leland, iVlr. Erickson. Or Theurer, Mr. Re'nan and Superintendent Baker, //embers absent. None. Mr. Neuman and Mr. Drews were also present. Superintendent Baker presented na-nes ol teachers v,ho have teen recommended for tenure contracts. Mr. Erickson moved 1hat Ine foJ loving resignations, be accepted effeclive al ihe ctoseof 1he present school term: Patricia J. Donahue, Greig S. Hodgkins, Carol Hylfan, Jeanne A. Jensen. Arcnelle M. Kjaglfen, Jeannine Oster and David F. Wass. Ti»e motion was seconded by Mr. Leland ard carried unanimously. A committee composed cl L. Rude, Ltwne H. Blur-m ard E'jgene R. Manning has been appointed by the adm: mitral or s ro represent I hem in- negotiations. A letter was read From L. Rude, Chairman, requesting recognition from th.e board arj the ap* po:ntmeni of a board commMtee to meet with Iherru Recognition v/as granted ard Mr. Re-nan appointed Charies D_TiCdn, Frederk Theirrer and Jerome Reiran to serve on this commillee. Mr. Leland offered the foltowing resolution and moved its adoption. RESOLUTION —TITLE 111 WHEREAS, me Congress of tne United Stales, by Tine ill of sue NaUonai Defense Ecucatton Act of 1958 under Seclions 331 32*. as amended, has declared it to be a national respor.sibirty to provide linancia! assis'ar.ce ro the schools of the sta'es in ihe education of ils children, youth, and young nen and women m science, mathematics, modern Foreign languages, civics, geography, history, econom : cs, reading and tngiish, and WHEREAS, pursuant to said Titje and Act, funds have been made 3va :t at>le fo ihe stateoiMinr.esoia lor rea-ccai-on -o school fi stricts, labcralory schoo's cr public agencies wiir.'n tre Male for expenditures made For acquisition, ol equipment and minor remodeling effected pursuant to an approved S'ate Plan, and WHEREAS, this governing board desires to avail ilself of Ihe opportun ly lor si-ch financial assistance. FVOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved r^al Jame* R. Neumart. ils assislanJ Syporinteoder.t i^ hereby authorired and d : rected to prepare and submit an ap plkat'on lor tM participation in said program ol financ-al assistance and to prepare and subm-t any and a'l reporls req-jiredby tne Stated Minr.esota in the ad minis! ration of sa d prog-a-n. and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, lhat said agent .4 herr-by aphorized and d'lected to CTper^J o' causp >^e ft- pendi'ure oi Fu^xJs of tnis d-sl'^ct or institution for the a'oresa:^ purposes :n accordance wiih ihe acpi'casie Federal and S'ate Law and Regu'afons and rt-e Siale Plan for Ti'le Ml. BE IT FURTHER 9ESOLVEO. lhat ccxi'racts or ccclers fw eaj>si-er.l and ma'eria's inder Title in *. : 'i be t^eti° (Or Such equipment and ma'erials ^ave been approved by the Slate Decarirreni of Etivcat or- BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED. '13' the expend't^res made k,rxjer ihis T-i.e will be audited at 'ea>t c'eit'a'V b^ a ouai-fied accojniar.i, a o~~ -c e^a-r. rer or o'her a^.trtc'''ied s'a'e Of Federal officer a-xJ a copy furr.s*ied 'o lt e S'a'e Board of Edtcat on. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, thai '^S school d.sinct. laboratary school, or Other ns'ilj'"on w 'I net d:scr-rn'ra'e on rne b3S^S Of ra^e. CO'&r. or ra* ma 1 Of 19W -1 adr*i"r-s'er rg fu-xis receded. The motion was seconded cv VT Duncan and upon d roi> ca'- vc'e bflrg favor thereof tfr Dese'i-. vr ^Ltia^di. adoc'ed Mr D eseth o'lered the fci'OAing resoibt on a~d r-cved -is adoc'^o^ RESOLUTION —T:TLEII WHEREAS, 'hfi C(xvress Cf "-« Ur.tpd Sfa'es fcy T,i-e n c' P-t-c La* £? ii E:erren'arv a'O Secondary Ei^;a'cr Act of 1955 i,rder Seel-or s ?31 J07 "as declared -t to tea r-3* &*&'• resoc-rs s--\ ty to [yovide i.bra'v resou'ce r-,a'er 31 »o ti>« ch.'cJren ard 'cache's cf t?-e schoo.s of the States. &~-c WHEREAS, ov-suar.i 'o sad T.'ie ard Ac', funds *ave been r^ade a^a lati'e 'o rhe S'ate c" V-rreso'a fcx rea' cca'<on to school diitric's. latscratcfy scroo's o- .Pian. and WHEREAS, thus governing board desir« to avail itseH of the opportunity for scch financial assistance, and NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that Richard M. Baker, ils superintendent, is hereby authorized and directed to prepare and sybmit an application for the participation in said program of financial assistance and ro prepare and submit any and all reporls reeiu'red by the Slate ol Minnesota in the ad- m : r.istralion of said program and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that said agent is hereby aulncrired and directed to expend or cause th.e obligation of funds ot t."i-s school district or instilut-on tor the aforesaid purpose in accordance with the applicable Federal arid State Law and Regulations and the State Plan for line II, and mat he be directed to ccrliiy to Ihe same, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, thai purchases author i red under Title II when approved by trve State Department of Educa!kxi will be made in accordance, wil.i Regulations and confrr.ed to eligible caiegoriesof literary resource material! rnat are no! for religious instruct'cn or worship, rxil consumed: in use. and ap. proved For use in public schools in U-.e Stale a.Td for ma!er"ials for *h"ch no prior commitment has teen matJe, and, BE IT rURTHER RESOLVED, that Title lo and accountability (or materials will rest in this agency and that all documents such as purchase orders, ccniracts, and invoices will be ma'n- taincd 'm accordance with Regulations and such documents will be audited annually by a qualified accountant, public examirer. or aulhorired slale or federal ofi?cer and a copy of such audit furnished to the Stale Board of EL dura lion, and BEf II FURTHER RESOLVED, Inal any discounts or rebates will inure lo the benefit of the Federal Government, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all cosls incurred under the project lor the processing and delivery ol materials lo schools when incurred .by the local public school diiiricts,will be for costs directly related to such processing arxf delivery and not in lieu of payment for normal services required of regular employees, and BE H FURTHER RESOLVED, that all transactions (obligations) under this project will be entered into during the f rsca1 year in which it was approved and completed (liquidated) by the end of the following fiscal year in accordance with Slate Laws governing tne liquidation ol such obligations, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this school district, laboratory school, or other authorized focal agent will not discriminate on the basis of race, color or national origin as out lined In the Civil Rights Laws ol 1!44 in administering funds received. The motion was seconded by Mr. Erickson and upon a roll call vote being taken the following members voted in lavor thereot: Mr. Dieseth, Mr, Leland, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Erickson, Dr. Theurer, Mr. Reinan and the following voted against same: None. The motion was declared carried and the resolution adopted. Mr. Roy island and Mr. Ralpti appeared before the board to request an increase in fees charged the school (or use ot the goU course by students and fees charged individual students. The request will be discussed and action taken by the board at a future meeting. Mr. RonakJ Burt, Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Declining Enrollments, presented the recommendations of nis committee. Appreciation was expressed to Mr. Burl and members ot this committee for preparing Ihis report. The report will be stcrdied and action taken by the board at a future meeting. in-city Transportation was discussed Mr. Dieseth moved lhat beginning with the 1974-75 school term, students living a mil cor morefromschooJ be transported at pubJic expense and mat the adminiitrakxi be authorized" lo negotiate wifh the transportation company. The motion was seconded by Mr. Relnan and carried five to one wilh Mr. Dieselh, Mr. Leland, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Erickson ard Mr. Re'nan voting in lavor of the motion and Dr. Theurer against same. Since additional Title I Federal funds havebecomeavailable, Mr. Leland rr*ved to authorize the employment ol two additional full time and two part-time teachers lor I he balance of Ine school year to teach eligible students in the mathematics reading sVills program The motion was seconded by Mr. Erickson and carried unanimously. Mr. Erickson moved tnat the administrators be authorized to advertise for bids (or supplies and equ r pment as needs are tabulated. The motion was seconded by /Ar. Duncan and carried unanimously Upon mol'ton of Mr. Erickson, seconded by Dr. Theurer, Ihe meeting was ad: loomed at 9.34 p m. Charles S. Durban, Clerk Battle Lake will meet Pelican tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the Consolation game and number one ranked Barnesville will meet number two Dilworth for the District 12 title and the right to enter Region G Monday night. The winner of District 23 meets the winner of District 21 at Concordia. Blyleven on mound today WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (AP) — The Minnesota Twins were to open their 1974 exhibition baseball season today with 20- game winner Bert Blyleven on the mound in a game against the Boston Red Sox. Former Twin Luis Tiant was to hurl for the Red Sox. The Twins played an inter- squad game Thursday at their Orlando training camp, with Coach Vern Morgan's Marauders beating Coach Ralph Roe's Runts 2-1. Joe Lis and Dale Soderholm each hit home runs in the inter- squad game. TRAIL BY FIVE-With 52 seconds on the clock Battle Lake was within five points of Dilworth but, as was the case all night, the ball appears to be floating away. The Battlers could only tally one point in the second pcrioil and at one point in the game trailed by 29 points. Dilworth won the District 23 semi-final game 40-33 to reach thefinals against Barnesvillc tonight at Moorhead. (Journal photo by Donn Siems) WON 71, IX)ST 77 NEW YORK (AP)-In his 11 years as football coach of the New York Jets, Weeb Ewbank's teams won 71 games, lost 77 and tied 6. His 20-year coaching record is 134 wins, 129 setbacks and 6 ties. Prior to coaching the Jets, Ewbank coached the Baltimore Colts for nine seasons. Ewbank recently retired as coach and moved up as vice president of the team. The Jets will now be coached by Ewbank's son-in-law, Charlie Winner. Saturday, March 9 Ladies' Bowling Chicken Supper with all the trimmings served in the ballroom 4108 'I 25 Serving Off Menu In Dining Room 6 to 10 DANCE Music by DAVE SCHAFER DANCE! LAST RESORT Saturday, March 9 Music by Country Ventures Our brand Hand Size Calculator . . . Adds, Subtracts, Divides S AQ 95 Orig. $84.95 V^ Also multiplies; chain and constant operation. By Texas Instruments. OUR60THYEAR BOTH DART 6 AND V8 BEAT NOVA 6 IN USAC MILEAGE TEST. That's what happened in the "Miles-Per-Gallon Showdown" conducted and certified by the United States Auto Club in January, 1974 A six-cylinder Dart Sport beat a six-cylinder Nova by 8.1 miles per gallon. Even a Dart Sport V8 got 2.9 more miles per gallon than the six-cylinder Nova. Now, that's economy! Check it out at the Dodge Boys*. All three cars were 1974 models with manual transmissions. The Dart Sport Six also had the new standard 2.76 rear nxle. The results were obtained by drivers in light city traffic conditions (a 108-mile distance averaging 25 mph). Dodge BIGGER VAIUES, LARGER SELECTION •tfVCllOHl D A.VD PlSUl li CIRI'I'tO Br UHITIO STATES AUTOQUB THE FERGUS DODGE, INC. ? PHONE 736-6911 ACROSS FROM CITY HALL 119.121 West Washington Fergus Falls, Minn. 54YEARS OF DEFPENDABLE SERVICE- SINCE 1920 BLACKWALL - TUBELESS IZE A78-13 C78-13 C78-14 E78-14 F78-U 78-14 H78-14 5.60-15 6.00-15 7.35-15 F78-15 78-15 H78-15 Deluxe NUMBER MB5F5 MB5FX AAB5L1 MB5L5 MB5L7 MB5L9 MB5MB MB5M4 MB5M8 74G81* MB5VT MB5VV MB5VX FLEET $14.29 15.11 15.81 16.38 16.95 17.91 19.13 13.96 14.82 15.42 17.71 18.43 19.45 TAX $1.78 1.99 2.07 2.24 2.41 2.55 2.77 1.78 1.84 2.03 2.42 2.63 2.82 W/TAX $16.07 17.10 17.88 18.62 19.36 20.46 21.90 15.74 16.66 17.45 20.13 21.06 22.27 A7813 C78-13 C78-14 E78-14 F78-14 G78-14 H78-14 5.60-15 6.00-15 7.35-15 F78-15 G78-15 H78-15 J78-15 L78-15 WHITEWALL - TUBELESS $15.59 1.78 16.41 1.99 MB4F5 MB4FX MB4L1 MB4L5 MB4L7 MB4L9 MB4MB MB4M4 MB4M8 75GW81 1 MB4VT MB4VV MB4VX MB4V1 MB4V3 17.12 17.69 18.29 19.25 20.49 15.21 16.11 17.23 19.03 19.77 20.81 21.13 21.67 2.07 2.24 2.41 2.55 2.77 1.78 1.84 2.03 2.42 2.63 2.82 2.99 3.13 $17.37 18.40 19.19 19.93 20.70 21.80 23.26 16.99 17.95 19.26 21.55 22.40 23.63 24.12 24.80 PRICES OUTRIGHT NO TRADE REQUIRED West Highway 210 Fergus Falls, Minn.

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