Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 16, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1933
Page 5
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TOT,A. KANSAS THEJOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING. MARCH 16, 1933 WHERE TO MARKET (Recipes Selected By Bath Lynn.) Ginger Banana Delight. 1 l"-! cups cream ' 2 lirananas diced . 12 tnarshmallows.^cut small I'i cups crumbled ginger snaps Beat cream and fold in bananas, marshmaUo\i-s and 2-3 of the crumbled ginger snaps. Put mixture Into 6 indi\-ldual Sherbet glasses and sprinkle with | remaining crumbled ginger snaps. 6 portions. Grilled Oysters. Take 1 pint large oj-stcrs. Put a lar^'.e piece of butter into a hot pan and •Rhen it sAoJces, drop In the ojsters, a- few at a time. When the oj-sters arc browned, remove to a hot dish and pour over them a sauce made of melted butter thickened with flour. Season:with Worcestershire sauce, salt and cayenne and serve on toast. Garnish with parsley. Green Vegetable Salad. I 'j cups cooked string wans I 'j cups cooked new peas I'.--- cups cucumber, dicea 1 teaspoon onion, finely chopped 1-3 cup nuiyonnaise Gut cooked string beans lengthwise and then crosswise iri -i -inch pieces. Add cooked peaS: cucumber, and onion, and marinate in Fiench dressing 30 minutes in i ice bo.\. Seri 'e on crisp lettuce with mayon- naiEe as garnish.^ Ser\-ea o. RISISTER MARY'S KITCHEN Salmon Loar. 1 cup bread crumbs ,' cup sweet cream • 1 large can salmon 1 cup sweet milk 2 eggs beaten light Dash of nutmeg and salt Combine Ingredients and bake buttered dish for half ah hour. Premium Turkish Pilafi'. 1-3 cup butter 30 Premium Flakt C;ackers, crumbled ••'i CU]) canned tomatoes \i cup cooked chicken, chopped 1'- cups chicken stocK. highly seasoned Salt and pepper Heat butter in frying pan. add cnimbled,-crackers and cook three minutes. Then add; tomatoes, chicken and stock. Add salt and pepper to taste. Continue cooking gently for 10 minutes. BY SISTER MARY NBA Service Writer Tl .TARCH is practically the last month of the sweet potato Eeason so it Will pay one to make the most of the "sugar spuds" while they last. Aside from this the supply of last fall's crop of potatoes is dwindling ajid their quality is becoming poor. New potatoes are high In price and not generally plentiful. Consequently sweet potatoes make an excellent substitute for white potatoes, comparing favorably in food value. • Sweet! potatoes are splendid to serve with fish, adding many calories to the; menu. Perhaps these recipes, taken from various sources, will be new , to you and help you to add variety and nourishment to your menus. Pineapple and Sweet Potatoes Three large sweet potatoes, pineapple, 1 cup light brown sugar. '4 cup pineapple Juice. 2 tablespoons butter. Boil potatoes until tender but Grra. Cut into slices one inch thick, making the slices crosswise of the potato. Arrange alternate layers of sweet potato and pineapple In a well-buttered baking dish, keeping the potato and plne- upple in neat piles. Cook sugar, pineapple Juice and butter long enough to make a thin sirujp and pour over potato and pineapple. Balte In a moderate oven for 20 minutes, basting with the Juice In the baking dish. The top layer of potatoes becomes glazed dur- ijiR the baking and the sirup should be absorbed. French fried sweet are quite as good as French fried Irish potatoes. They are^ prepared Just the same way. Potato chips can be made with sweet potatoes, too, And are sure to be liked. Sweet potato croquettes will be liked for tlie bridge luncheon plate. • * • Sweet Potato Croquettes Four large sweet potatoes, 2 tablespoons butter, 1 teaspoon salt, % teaspoon pepper. 1 egg* sifted cracker crumbs. Bake potatoes until soft. Scrape Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Grapefruit sections, cereal cooked with dates, cream, waffles, sirup, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Tomato rarebit on toa^t, endive and lettuce salad with French dressing, filled French doughnuts, milk, tea. DINNER: Salisbury steak, sweet potato croquettes, beet greens with Dutch sauce, head lettuce with hard cooked egg dressing, prune souffle, milk, coffee. FAIRVIEW (Mrs. Oscar Johnson.) Mar. 14.—Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McVey and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart spent Sunday evening at J. B. Knepp's in lola. W. E. McVey moved Chester Bicknell to Ncodesha the first of the week. Mrs. W. E. McVey and mother spent Sunday at Ora Parker's. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson of Chanute were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. McKeever and daughter Winifred entertained the following guests at dinner Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart. Mr. and Mts. George Teague and son Allan. Grandpa and Grandma Teague, and Miss Mable Jolinsbn. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Peet had as their guests Simday Mr. and' Mrs. Clyde Taylor of lola and Mrs. Edna Peet. Nate Ketchum is helping Elmer Jones butcher today. Nadine Smart and Kenneth Lit- teer visited Mr. and Mrs. Sanders, Allle and Irwin in Rising Star district Sunday afternoon. . Miss Riith Searcy has returned to the home] of her sister. Mrs. Elmer Jones, after spending two weeks in lola. I Mr. an<^ Mrs. Leo Smart and Russell spent; Sunday afternoon at the parental W. K. Smart home. Mrs. V^. K. Smart and Nadine called" on Mrs. Hartzog, Sunday morning, j Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sanders were the gucstk of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McVey Saturday evening. Ray Mitchell of lola spent the week-end with Bruce Baldwin. Mrs. Oscar Johnson called on Mrs. Hartzog Saturday afternoon. Her many friends were grieved to hear of her serious injury. She was .struck by a truck and knocked down on the pavement. We hope for her speedy recovery. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Springston and children were guests of Elmer Jones Sunday. from shells and put through potato rlcer. Add butter, salt, pepper and egg and beat well. Let cool and shape into small cylinders. Roll in cracker crumbs, dip In egg slightly beaten and roll again in crumbs. Fry lii dep hot fat until a golden brown and drain on crumpled papcrl Serve on a hot platter and trar. potatoes i nish with parsley. J Clam Chowder. good size carrots good size potatoes small onions stalks celery- can tomatoes cans clams and juice tablespoons butter Salt and pepper to taste Brown butter and add vegetables groimd in food chopper. 1 quart of water. Cook three hours slowly, add clams (ground) and juice. Cook 15 minutes longer and ser\-e. Egg Plant Casserole. 1 Fmall eggplant 2 tablespoons butter 3 tomatoes, peeled and quartered or "i cup canned tomatoes 1 tea .5poon minced onion lb, mushrooms cup crumbled soda crackers Salt and pepper 1 t."ibIespoon grated yellow cheese 1 tablespoon parsley eggplant, cut in pieces and sauic with tomatoes, onion and mushrooms. Add crumbled crackers, ."^alt and pepper. Cook over low name until eggplant is tender stin-ing occasionally. Add cheese. SprinlUe with parsley before serving. S portions. In.stead of a dessert follow the entree with a -plain salad of lettuce and perliaps a chopped tomato mix­ ed with French dressing, served in a large bowl. Creole Crabs. 1 can crab meat 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons chopped onions 2 tablespoons flour 2 cups t<Hnato 'i teaspoon salt H teaspoon pepper •> Few grains red pepper Melt butter, add onions and cool; slowly imtil yellow, add flour and when smooth add tomatoes. Cook ten minutes then add seasonings and crab meat. Serve on slices of hot buttered toast and garnish vith strips of pimento and parsley. A small ad in the Classified columns often puts over a big deal. 100,000 MID-WEST WOMEN Throw Away Coffee Pots and Percolators Everybody's Adopting This Specially Prepared KWIK-DRIP Coffee! Ordinary coffee pots and percolators deprive you of coffee at its best. Flavor disappears in steam. Grounds stand and devtlop bitterness and acids that cause "herves," headaches. "Thank heavens!" say women, "for this new KWIK-DRIP coffee!" The minute you try this new Sensation Coffee you'll understand why coffee pots and percolators area thing of the past with many women. Specially prepared; for dripping. Sensation ' KWIK-DRIP Coffee I gives you perfect results every time without watching. You get all of the real coffee goodness, all of the healthful stimulation, with one passage of boiling water through^ the secretly processed coffee berries. For, as the resultofane.\clusive,costly'process, more than twice the usual number of coffee cells are exposed. Only this jnakes possible rich, full- boiled coffee with a single drip. No bitterness— no harmful acids—can develop. Strength never varies. No waste. You cut coffee bills 25%. The blend, too, is exclusive—ideal for dripping. Five different coffees, each the best "high The II. U. LEE .Mercantile YOUR INDEPENDENT GROCER'S AMAZIN<3 OFFER THE NEW _ KWIK COFFEE DONT MISS IT! S^^^^! tion KWIK-DRIP Coffee you get a DRIP-O- LATOR. nationally advertised at 89c, for only 47c I And you cnjoy coffee at its best—real fiawdcss coffee that costs less per cup. DRIP-O-LATOR of solid aluminum, eleven inches high, full 6-cupcapacity. GENUINE SS*" DRIP-O-LATOR o»ii.r 47c altitude" grade from Central and South America. Super-vacuum-packed. Get Sensation KWIK-DRIP Coffee today at your independent grocer's. Remember no other coffee is like it— ask for Sensation KWIK-DRIP. Co., Kansas City, Salina SPECIALLY PARED, BV EXCLUSIVE PROCESS. FOR DftlWNC GReENE 'S CASH GROCERY EVERYTHING FOR LESS , 1-lb. Can.. 29c CHASE AND SANBbRN Syrup No. 10 pail - .48c Oyster.s '.i .small cans ._ 25c Corn. OKg* 3 No. 2 cans Country Gentleman Post Toasties Large box 11c Dates, while they last ,1b. 5c Salted Peanuts . Fresh, 2 lbs. .15c VANILIA,8-oz. Bottle 19c HALF POUND HERSHEY COCOA FREE Pancake Flour 20-oz. pkg. Malt, 2V2-ib. can Canada Special Seed Sweet Potaitoes, -Nancy Hall 1 ' Per peck Itll/ Coffee, 3 lbs. our Cr best PeabeiTy t/OC Mu.stard i OKfi 2 Quarts, ^Oi^ Dr. Price's 1 Q/» Baking Powder _ X .c /C Noodles. Leo "1 brand, lb. IOC r,ri 25c ORANGES, Each..... Ic AS MANY AS YOU WANT FLOUR KANSAS SEAL 48-lb. sack _ —. 85ic EMPIRE 48-lb. sack - U«JC Grape Jam 2-lb. jar _______ ^eJC Blackberries, O K 3 No. 2 cans ...L^O\ Broom.s • "1 Q Each . LUL Dried Peaches OSx» Fancy, 3 lbs. ...LtOK, Oleo ,Silvernut i ^7 brand, 2 lbs. Li L Salad Dressing Quart jar . iUUC CHIPSO, Package... 15c Lewman Market IN GREENE'S GBOCERT PHONE 233 BEEF ROAST, per lb .7c BABY BEEF, per lb. .. .8c VEAL ROAST, per lb .8c VEAL STEAK, per lb 15c PORK ROAST, per lb. . .6c HAM PORK ROAST, per lb. 8c PORK CHOPS, per lb. 8c FRESH SIDE, per lb 6c LARD, lOlbs. 45c SAUSAGE, per lb ..5c PAGE FIYt) Self-Seryice Gi^ocery We Deliver $1 Orders -:- Phones 224-225 TATER DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN! Red River Ohios, tOO-lb. bag.. $1.15 Red River Cobblers, 100-Ib.bag Riissetts, Eating Spuds, 100-lb. bag.. $1.15 $1.15 Onion Sets, White, Red or Yellow, Quailt.. 5c Burmuda Plants, 2 Bunches.. ^. 15c Rhubarb Roots,fifor..... . 15c Apples, Deliciois or Arkansas Blacks, 6 ijbs. 25c Gallon Plums, Solid Pack ^:.... Gallon Peaches, Sliced or Halves. .29c Gallon Blackberries; Solid Fri^it 35c Gallon Apricots, Good (juality... 39c SUGAR, Fine Granulated, 20 lbs.,.. 89c PET MILK, 5 Tall Cans .v . . . Salmon, 2 Tall Cans, Q Q Brand... SPECIAL PRICES ON DRIED FRUITS! 25c 19c Your Favorite Flour, 48 lbs.. . 65c - 85c - 99c WE BUY EGGS AND CREAM! We Sell AU Kindf of Feed BULK AND PACKAGE GARDEN ^EEDS BE Wl WE DELIVER BETTcR FOOD STORE v^^rxlO E>.y-vhslK -THE- DIF^F-EREMCE PHONES 401-402-403 BEEF—From Choice Cows Roast, per lb. 8c Boil, per lb. 6c Round Steak, 2 lbs. . .:..25c Loin Steak, 2 lbs. 25c Peanut Clusters, Marshmallows, 2 lbs. ........25c White Birch Soap, 8 large bars 25c Meal, White or Yellow 10 lbs. ...........9c FANCY BABY BEEF Boil, per lb .6c Roast, per lb. 12c-10c Steak, per lb 18c (Loin or Chops) Sugar, 20 lbs. 88c Corn, No^ 2, 4 cans | 25c Per D6zen 7(j)c Tomatoes, No. 2,4 (fans .. .25c Per Dozen 70c ' Pickwick Coifee, 3^1b. can 80c PORK Lard,21bs. .. 9c Fresh Side, per lb. 5c Sausage, 3 lbs. 14c Shoulder Roast or Steak Per lb. ... ..6c Ham Roast, per lb. 8c Dr. Price's Baking| Powder, can . Lustrwax Polish, Quick Naptha size, 2 pkgs. 60c Chips, SEED POTATOES _Ohios, Cobblers, Triumphs. Full line of Staple Gaj*den Seeds, Onion Sets and Plants. 18c size .24c 25c ,25c

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