The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 7, 1939 · Page 5
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 5

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NOV. 7, 1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE FIVE Stoves, Heaters, Used Furnaces Can Be Sold Now! Advertise Yours Here 1 PHONE 21 FOR AN AD-TAKER LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS Dally rate per line (or consecutive Insertions: _ . Charge Cash Three days, 3 lines $ .81 f .72 One day. 3 lines 36 .30 Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time insertion rale; no ad taken for less than basis ot three lines. Count six average words to the line. Charge ads will be received by telephone, anil if paid at The Daily News Office within six days from the first Insertion «ash rate will be allowed. Ads ordered for three or six days and stopped before expiration will be charged only for the number of times HIP ad appeared and the adjustment made at the rate earned. Publishers reserve the right to edit or reject any Classified advertising copy. Rate per line for white space U the same as n !'«« of copy. Flowers and Mourning Goods 4 PRATT AND DOMINO FREDS—At reasonable prices. Bcthkc Feed iiarn. Tel. 165-W. STACK OF OATS STRAW—And stack of hay, for sale. Harry Clifford, -«lt!i house East of N. end of State Road Ilridge. Good Things to Eat 57 GET YOUU— Winter supply of apples now. Very fine, stains, Rod & Golden Delicious, Wagners, Spies, Winter liananas and Baldwins. John M. A. Hanscn, t/4 ml. N. Stiles Corner, R. 2, 'aldington. GOLDEN DELICIOUS—Cider Apples, for sale. Hlc a lin. Golden Delicious, Stark- ings, Spys and Baldwins, 25c a bu. W. E. Miller, Round Lake. Household Goods 59 BEAUTIFUL 32 PC.—Set of Dinncrware free with each Round Oak coal and wood range, for a limited time. II. Sinedberg & Son, Custcr. POWER-AIR BLOWER—On Duo-Therm oil healers takes the Huddle System out of heating and produces all-over warmth. II. Smcdberg St. Son, Custer. STUDIO COUCHES —For sale. Solid back, larse bedding compartment, upholstered arms, only $33.75. Obcl's Furniture Store. 227 E. Dowland. SEE—The new MEADOWS WASHER at THE I'AI.ACK. Scottvillc. J3D.95 and up. FRANK CLAVEAU. AVP. MEN! WANT VIM? TAKE RAW OYSTER concentrates and other invlgor- aturs In OSTREX tablets, to pep up whole body quick! $I.(M) si'/.e. today xiV. If not delighted with results first package, maker refunds this price. You don't risk a penny Call, write Sahlinark's Pharmacy. Automotive >»%X%^V^>^ 1 W^yX^">w*X^"*^'s^ < W"'^« Automobiles for Sale 11 I Oil SALE—1939 Ford Del.uxe town sedan, radio, heater. 3-1936 Terraplancs. town sedans. 1935 Terraplane 2-door. 193'^ Model A Ford truck. Haller's Su- PIT Service. Phone 479. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY—About the heal, in your home when you have an ESTATE OIL HEATROLA. U is automatic wilh a remote control. Just ture that you wish, that is all. See it at W. E. READER & CO.. CUSTER. 2 USED RANGES—For sale. A Kalnma- 7.00 and Majestic, both in good condition. See them at W. E. Reader & Co., Custer. Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds GO YOU'LL I.IKE—Our new numbers in Elgin watches lor men and women. Hamilton's. 225 S. James. Farm Equipment 61 Garages—Autos for Hire 14 . GARAGK'AT 210 S. JAMES ST.—Service oil all ears. Guaranteed work. Ray Gunhcrg A: Henry Genla, Mechanics. TaHe .. PUMPS W»TtH SYSTEMS • HAY TOOLS • DOOfl KANGCBS H. SMKDBERO Ik SON- CUSTER. \Vater Systems 61A Repairing— Service Stations 16 SAVE .MONEY HERE — On .into repairs. Hc.ael sor\ir- dav or night. Brtka Garage. 111)2 S. Madison St. Tel. RGO. Business Service SEE—Our Tl'RBO-LIFT electric water systems. W. E. Reader & Co., in Custer. Specials at the Stores G4 SPECIAL—$30.00 trade-in on any square (ill) Maytag toward a new model 32 Business Services Offered FARMKHK ATTENTION— Dead stock removal. Phone collect. 'Prompt service. MUSKKGON RENDERING CO. Tel. Ccotlvlllc, 129-F-ll. Wanted—To Buy POPEYE Registered V. S. Patent WHERE THERE IS MO PERFECTION! BUT—-THERE ARE NO COMPLA\NTS OLWE IS ACROSS THE AKIDVMHERE: EVERV- • VJHERE PERFECHOM DO 8U66E AND VJIMPV ARE ALSO IrO MEOTOP1 A BAV IM OLDTOP1A- ONE GRUMBLES. PREVAILS THE TERMITES ATE MV 8ARM ssNlGHT KJ ALL MV '•V,., ^SIHAN/EjVr.v-THE SAME IS TRUE OFMV THE. «— LOLLIPOPS ARE ALMOST Vt>0 THE SIR."? Flowers squares, fast colors, nice for prizes and gifts or brighten a corner in your own kitcthcn. PENNEY'S BLONDIE 1 WHAT A C LOVELY PADDY, I'M READY FOR BED — HO*/ ABOUT MY , (300DMIGHT KISS OKAY, I'LL BE RIGHT THERE Local and Social Minnie Louise Schoenherr Bride of Everett F. LeBrun FELIX THE CAT Registered U. S. Patent Officn FINE IACK yi-M-MY N-NERVES AQE ALL ,, 5H-SHOT ROOM •VILL MAXF PERFECT (Continued from Pace 2) of the Fountain school and of the class of 1934 of the Ludington high school. She received her diploma as a graduate nurse from the Lutheran Memorial hospital of Chicago with the class of 1938 and has been employed in the hospital since then as superintendent of the nursery where she will continue her work. She also took a postgraduate training in Thc Cradle at Evanston last year. Mr. LeBrun has always lived in Chicago and received his lat- i ter education in Crane Tech ! where he graduated and now : holds a responsible position as j dispatcher with the Ryerson j Steel company in that city. ! Thc young couple will be at j home to their friends after Nov. 12 at Apartment 3, 2819 West Division, Chicago. | Mr. and Mrs. LcBnin and ; their Chicago guests returned to NOTICE—We pay the highest prices for htvins. ItRODY BROS. Ti'l. 510. Morton School Is Scene of Party visited Mr. and Mrs. George i gon with his daughter, Mrs. Roy Walker. Suneson. Sunday visitors at thc Albert Surrarrer home were T. T. West-sass s-sssffiiSi.-a.T!! l ^r;K.^rss!.;;: a c ™~" ^S^ffi \ X^T^SKl '• ' " 17-K-6. i Morton school entertained their | William Sadowski. •friends and former students-of | • Warren Surrarrcr and son; the school with a Hallowe'en | clarence, of Frecport, will arrive THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME (Craning, Dyeing. Renovating 20 MI'.N'S Sl'ITS—Dry rleaiu'il and pressed; pl.iiu tlresMs. Mr. l.iidiiiRton Or.v t Ir.inrrs, .lames and Foster Sis. Insurance and Surety Bonds 23 Summit Study Club Has Meeting _ .— . t tntr .->\ i i\«»i w n't* c. AAI*!*^- »• — ~" | umi t;ncL', 01 r i uL'pui t, win in 11 v L- SUMMIT. — 1 nG oumrnib ouuuy and .BOard i party at the schoolhouse Tues- Nov 13 ^ the Surrarrcr home club met at the home of Mrs. i • _ i_ i /"*„! O1 ' * » . . * w ».* — , TT_ .- -KT t...:«,1>- T 1 !-! rtrrl n TT O fr _ I.SM'RANl'E—If Jim are in n"cd of Insurance that will guarantee to Rive >DII MM vice and protection when you iia\e .in .irrident »I any kind, call or •<-r Harold Callie Aqencv. XIO Diana M. IMione LMO-W. Auto, Fire & Life, Hi-all h A: Accident. Employment ±s**s*>**^^*s~*^~'*+'**s*>s**'**^~r*-* help Wanted—Female 32 WANTED—liirl for Rcncral housework, over 'i~> yrs. of ace. Tor family of 4. No laiindiy. Write XV/., Box 71. Kooins without Board -'day night, Oct. 31. <>8 Each guest was met at thc 'door by a ghost. They were I for the hunting season. Mrs. I.KSIKAIILK STEAM IIEATED-Bedroom thon PS {. O rtcd thl'OUgh the "hall | visitors Vt tllC H LDa IT hOlllC I dUCtOC for Rill or woman, for rent, lln-aklast . Vmn-m-*" -itirl into 1hr> "shiv- v)Mbult> aL U1L ".. L,. UAH iiimiL. and use nf lovely liviiiR room if de- .OI I1O11O1J. ana 11UO IIIL ^"v M and Mrs Gcr b er haVC'mOVCd *•• &• sired, inq.'105 N. Rath. !cr' room. The witch ..stirred I , Q ,, j schintzcr farm was ( iihr»r kettle of fortune and each ! ,, Tomn^ /-rnnnnb- nV r-nnrf on so > . . i _ • i _ j. _i i • 1V11 o. d ilIlLLij VJT1 UUL7L.K UI \J*-i tillVI iher kettle of fortune and each ^ , IT i 2. £ •n^^.4- s»t-\st received a paper telling Real Estate for Rent their fortune. They then en- Apartments and Flats Itered the grammar room which Situations Wanted—Male 37 Vul'Ni; .MAN—Experienced in many tines, will appreciate any kind of \forli. llrfriTiicis furnished. Write H. W.. I'.ox 71. LudliiRton. Livestock sT Catlie, Vehicles 48 (.DATS—For Ml"'. 2 malrs, 3 females. (;uy Mavis. I ml. E., !'•• mi. N. SiiRar i.nivr. It. -I. Scottvillc. I, WEEK-OLD I'HJS—For sale. Mike Hannah. >.. mi. N.. ', ml. E. Rlverlon T..null.ill. 'Tel. 20-F-32. Merchandise Articles for Sale 51 k was gayly decorated for the ! occasion. DOWNSTAIRS— 5-room fiat with bath, i Games and contests were en- rnacL. heat. ln.|. l«5 Sixth bt. I hone J joyod undcr thc supc rvision Of _ ; _ (Evelyn Hanscn, Clarence Ry- NF.WI.Y FINISHED — 3-room, heated I dcr and Dick Farrell. apt.' with hath, in pleasant location. | A short prORraiTl had been i mi. .10:1 x. r.ayiord AVC. Tel, r.2-1. | prepared by Marioric McLain, ' Roy VanNortwick Tuesday aft- Rotaert Gerbcr and'ernoon, Oct. 31. Jean, were Sunday After the usual business con- arr home I ducted by the president, Mrs. ''~ ~. Olmstead, the program ,.„„ opened by the discussion on some popular books of the ! summer. Books included in this list Smith here for a week-end visit with her sister, Mrs. J. N. Sanford. Bud Popp has returned after serving in a CCC camp. were novels: "Seasoned Tim- !ber" by Dorothy Canfield, ("The Holy Terror" by H. G. i Wells "Wickford Point" by 'John P. Marquand, "Graues of Mrs. William Sadcwski will| Wrath ,,' by John Steinbeck, entertain the Junior Extension !.< Thc Web and thc R OC k» by PTOUP on Thursday, Nov. 9. | Thomas Wolf, "Factories in the jiiace, l)uilt-in tub and shower, cup- iBllck. boards, stok' r. steam heal. Adults pri- | EilCCn Wickllllld, chairman Of feiretl. E. Abrahamson. 710 !•-. »osier,,. ,. f> f,. oc }, mol ,+. ' ,,r,,,,™in™ St. Houses for Kent MODERN IWIISFS—For rent at 2»<i N. William; ttlR N. Robert; 703 N. Rath. Olmstead & Ne.wlKrfi. IMioiic 'i'i or 7!)U' evrniiiRs. the refreshment committee, => ! with her assistants, served 77ilunch consisting of pumpkin I pie. cider, apples and candv. The guests Hanson. Doris were The! ma Hanscn. Rcllis Brokers in Real Estate K and Earl Pleincss, Gerald Magnusson. Elaine and Jean Wy! ant, Rita Jean Peters, Carleen Hemmcrlina;, Marian Albrecht, Lcland Cutler, Junior Peterson Vernon McLain, Fred Wright FOR sort pr Room K. Nat'l Bank BldR. AI L STEEL—Cow stall complete with wood lined stanchion and cow stop. Each JK.OO. II. SmcdbcrK & Son, Cus- I OR REAL ESTATE BARGAINS— City homes. lots or farms. See son, Nat'l Bank BldR. _ Farms and Land for Sale 83 ~|Jr., Bill Brve, Marioric Brye, "(Doris and Virginia Farrell, Tom ' I Hall, Joyce Reed. Pauline Van -JAelst and Roy Peterson.' Those invited, but unable to sale. Inq. vllle. Tel. BATHROOM— Outfit for at KiiRcrs* Bakery, Scott- DIMNKIN<; CUPS—For cows and horses, new style, large size, heavy wei|jht. Each $2.25. II. SmcdlicrR & Son, Custer. FOR SALF—A number of (jasollnc en- Kin- washers, also heating stoves. Lawrence Matlix, Scoltvillc. NO. I VICTOIR ANIMAL TRAPS—At S2.2. r i a do/. II. Sm^dhcri; & Son, Cus- tcr. RIFLE CARTRIDCiE CLOSE-OUT Winchester: 2!i-::0, 25-35, 32, 37-72, .15-75, $1.00 box; Itcmlniiton: 32, 35. :)a-55, :i;:-10, *1.0<) box; Marlln, 25, $1.00 box: SitvaRe. 303, $1.00 box; Stevens, 2r>, (i!lc box; Springfield, 30, $1.50 box; Winchester, 351, $1.50 box. Clausen's Hardware, 501 S. James St. Tel. 397-J. WINCHESTER 32 SPECIAX—For sale. Never used. Also 20 giiufic hammer less, like new. Call after 5 p. in. 715'/• N. Howe. 22 POUND—All steel cow stanchion. VV/>ixl lined. Each $1.08. It. & Son, Custer. Building Materials 53 FOR SALK Cement Blocks. Rivrrvicw Hatchery, Scottvillc. Business and Office Equipment 54 FOR lOc A DAY—Buy a portable Rein liiKton-Rand typewriter ut J. II. Chin nery's, Scottvllle. Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers 56 BALED WHEAT STRAW—For saJe. Als large white ducks for Thanksgiving Ted Lnpouns. Tel. 133-F-21, Scottvllle 10 ACRE r A RIM—For sale, 3 ml. Many hunters are exploring! Fie j d .. ^ cary Me Williams, territory for deer runways prior!"These Are Our Lives," a col- to thc hunting season. | lection of stories. The non-fiction books included: "Inside Asia" by John Gunther, "Wind, Sand and Stars" by Saint Exupery, ("Reaching for thc Stars" by i Nora Wain and "Dry Gillotine" PR MI-<J r n Pnoi : D V Rene Bclbenoit. L',K.-Mis. c. D. Pool, n ,,,. e . ,,^ o followod by a trav- Pentwater O.E.S. Officers Elected j- was re-elected worthy and C. D. Pool, worthy of Oceana chapter, Order of thc Eastern Star, at thc annual meeting of the chapter held Wednesday, Nov. 1, at the Masonic hall. Other officers chosen were Mrs. G. E. VanNortwick, associate matron; Thomas Shober, asso- elogue, "Comparison of Cataline and Mackinac Islands," by Mrs. John Houk. The speaker had visited both islands and dif- , ferences. Both are very while beauty spots. ,I KNOW SH£'S so DUMB fine THINKS THE WHITE LINES ON THE HIGHWAYS ARE FOR. BICYCLES. fAUST BE STUDNIMG- AAV! WHAT-S SHE DOING- IN THERE? VOTING-OR. EvepN CANDIDATE DOES SHE. THINK A SAMPLE BALLOTS GETTING- A PERMANENT \NAME? SHE'S •HEH-a>r\E TOLD MEN SHE VWAS> CEETAINL-y GOING- TDv/OTE FOR. .THIS l& WHAT /( PUTS THE f SUFFER IN 'WOMAN'S SUFFRAGE ENOUGH TO \NRlTE A BOOK. BACHELORS HAD IT COMIM&TO ../ THEM VOTE HERE UNTIL THEV &ET IM THE ELECTION BOOTH TO STUDS THE BALLOT. -THES'U. DO IT EvjEJi-y TIME . GofT !»)». Kinj ftinjTTI Syndldlf. Inc . World rights [Mnvtei 11 -~f , „. embracing many In- were played and Hallowe'en '.diana cities. At Wabash they i candies and sweet cider were The next meet ne will be at ' ™* ted their son, Daniel; at I served. The next meeting win DC at T oTnei .. 0 4. fo „„,, Mril .fv, iwranr-hps-I Mr . the home of the McClatchie sisters on Nov. 14. r«£ nt ffi c we^Xrlg^ ^ucS^irf ^SeB?Sfl Both primaTy^nd grammar Mn,ii-,, To^nc. TT,,,!7,, /-.„„„ J r_iJ ^""uuubic£>a, iviia u-cuigu ouiiin, ,, nnrns nf -prpn^.h school Ob- Hcnry James. Emily Goos, Lois Cutler and Helen Peters. ,v,»-,.or «»• o -..,. Mlss Emll y Qoos visited her ,...,„ ,.,, U .,. K ™,.'on us-io, Has house [uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. and barn, fail »t io5 s. Madison or i John Adams, at Pentwater Saturday, Oct. 28. iMrs. Barney Buck has been appointed chairman of the health unit for this district. phone -18I-M. Houses for Sale 84 MODERN 6-ROOM HOUSE—For sale or „ v, 0 lr, n ,. B „,.„ A>T,. ~ T T rent. inq. at sio s. James st. Mrs. Hei helpeis are Mrs. Vernor •rodd. _|Wyant and Mrs. Stanley Mor- BuiklinBs for Sale 84A .IUSINICSS BUILDINGS—For sale. 1 c(iuipp"d as pool hall, other as restaurant. Will lake small house, centrally located as part payment. See Louie Ellasohn. SWAP COLUMN Ads accented for this coluren will be published two times for 25 cents. F,;u-h ad must bear name and address of advertiser. They must be accompanied by cash or stamps. Ads must bu brought or mailed to The- News, none taken by telephone. If ads Involve exchange of labor for commodities, or vice versa, .they will be run free of charge. Mr. and Mrs. David King and daughter, Alethea Mae, and Alva King were dinner guests at the Stanley Morton home Sunday, Oct. 29. Miss Emily Goos was an afternoon and supper guest at the Maurice Shaffer home in Fern Sunday, Oct. 29. ' associate conductress; Mrs. William Dipert, treasurer and Mrs. Ray DeYoung, secretary. Preceding the meeting a potluck supper was enjoyed by rooms of French school observed Hallowe'en Tuesday afternoon. Oct. 31. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon French entertained the Edwin and Ellsworth Selby families of and daughters, Marijean and Joanne, spent Sunday, with the Jay Parsons family in Victory. LaFayette" > and °North'Manches- i ""Mr. 'and Mrs. William Beard | Mr. and Mrs. William Brozzo ter they attended Communion and son, Robert, were Sunday)are expected this week from meetings of the German Bap- dinner guests at the Elmer Beard Ohio, accompanied by Andrew - — ' - Larsen, who has : been visiting for several weeks in Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. William Bradshaw left Saturday for Mancelona to visit their son. Clifford, and wife, and ^rnake the acquaintance of their grand- tist church. They were en- | home. tertained over the week-end i — T at the home of friends, Dr. and j I norm a I .QrGPtl 1C Mrs Rnhfirr. Waener. of Col- JUalUlC Ual »Cll 1O Mrs. Robert Wagner, of Col burn, Ind. members of the chapter and | South Scottville Saturday, Oct. their families. 28, at a 6 o'clock dinner. The Names of appointive officers occasion was the birthday an- otiri rho Hnro nf i and the date of i w m niversary of Mrs. Edwin Selby. w or- ^ r - anc -' Mrs. Ed. Iterritt and I Mrs, C. Goosen Is Hostess to Society BUCK SCHOOL. — Ml'S. Corthy matron, Mrs. Pool. Fred Lagesen departed last week for Miami, Fla., where he will spend the winter months. daughter, Edith, and Mr. and nelius Goosen was hostess to Mrs. Ervon Kistler drove to Cadillac Friday, Oct. 27. Mr. and Mrs. Ervon Kistler and daughters, Phyllis Ann and Beverly Jean, and Mrs. Eva Mrs. V. E. Beyans is a .patient, Kistler were entertained at the CHEVROLET TRUCK—Runs good, good tires, stake rack, will swap for anything I can use. Make me an offer. H. Smith, 003 E. Melendy St. MALE BEAGLE—Hound, IK yrs. oty, name registered. Can try out any time. Will trade for what have you. Monroe Williams, Scottvllle. 0 WEEKS OLD PIGS—Will swap for corn, potatoes or anything I can use. Richard Saxton, 2 mi. S., y 4 mi. E. of Custer. IMO.: CALF—Will swap for power outtirilt'bbx. E. E. Crotscr, R. 1, Lud Ington. I'hone 13-F-13. Darr School Al Ohst shredded corn stalks on the Clifford Tubbs farm Monday and will shred on the Albert Surrarrer farm today. Fred Benson will entertain the Sauble River Community Farm bureau on Wednesday evening, Nov. 8. The discussion topic will be the "Farmers Co-operative Yardstick." Mr. and Mrs. Henry Guernsey, •who have enjoyed a month's visit with relatives in southern Michigan, returned here Saturday accompanied by their son, George,-who returned to Saginaw on Sunday. Among other places they visited at the Henry Walker home in Pontiac. While there on Oct. 28, Mr. and Mrs. Walker 'entertained with a birthday anniversary party for Mrs. Guernsey. In Lansing they at Oceana county hospital, Hart, where she is undergoing medical treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Rex Stanchfield of Ann Arbor were recent guests at the Lee C. Stanchfield home. Mrs. W. H. Kappler is spending some time in Detroit with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Konopka. Floyd Cloud, radio operator on the Coast Guard cutter, Escanaba, is enjoying a 20 days' furlough in Pentwater- with Mrs. Cloud and their little daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schmeidt and daughters, Regine and Juliette, and Miss Jean Schrumpf motored to Howe, Ind., as guests of Ward student at Howe Military academy. Miss Jean Schrumpf was Mr. Jensen's guest at the Founder's Day ball held in the school gymnasium on Saturday evening. Merritt Fisher has returned to his home in Pentwater after spending some time in Muske- Frank Beebe home recently. The appointment of Merlin Wolf to the office of vice president of Teachers' Regional convention at Grand Rapids is of interest as he is the son-in- law of Mr. and Mrs. Neil Houk of Boyne City, former residents of Summit. The Women's Foreign Missionary society of the Methodist church met at the M. Fitch home Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 1, with 12 members present. The following program was enjoyed: The study. "Africa," by Mrs. Kenneth kibbey; brief reviews on African life bv Mesdames Levi McClatchie, Will Fitch and Christine Merrit; a glimpse of the recent i convention at Grand Rapids, Honored at Party MARCHIDO SCHOOL. — The Leonard Larsen home was the scene of a happy surprise birthday party honoring their daughter, Joanne, Saturday evening, Nov. 4. The house was prettily decorated with colored balloons. Various games were played and prizes awarded. A delicious luncheon, featuring a beautiful decorated birthday cake, was served, after special vocal musical number and a poem. Fern Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Miller and Mrs. Edna Filburn returned .Monday, Oct. 30, from a mo- which a peanut hunt was en- |Mrs '. Byron Conklin. members and guests of Bethel Ladies' Aid society at their regular meeting at her home Wednesday, Nov. 1. During the business meeting plans were made for a social evening Friday, Nov. 17. This affair will be held at Bethel Methodist church. A program is being prepared by Mrs. E. Magnusson, Mrs. A. Matson and Rev. H. Moore. Mrs. Warren Johnson will be in charge of refreshments. The next Aid meeting will be held Wednesday, Nov. 15, at the home of Mrs. Willis Purdy. Mr. and Mrs. A. Matson visited relatives at Petoskey several days last week. Mrs. George Munson returned Thursday, Nov. 2, from Detroit where she had spent several days visiting relatfves. Fred Munson is very ill at the c 1W „ aitu r>tlvlcli home of his sister, Mrs. A. Beard.) Ho i m es, Margaret Kistler, Wil- child. Mrs. Marion Peterson entertained several ladies Monday afternoon at a surprise birthday party honoring her mother, Mrs. Robert Hesslund. Those present were Mesdames Andrew Forsleff, Joseph Anderson, Frank Flodine, Carl Halverson, M. Lilleholm and Miss Carolyn Thompson. William Saxton spent Thursday. Nov. 2, with his daughter. gaged in. Many lovely, gifts were presented to the guest of honor. Those .present were Ila Jensen Helen Marie Broder, Geraldine Kistler, Ruth Towns, Marjorie Hesslund, . Dorothy VanNortwick, Janet Johnson, Betty Olmstead, Phyllis Hawley, Bill Conklin, James Outcault, George L. Towns, Don Khjney, Bob Hull, Donald Topping, Robert Beach, George Hansen, Leigh Rasmussen and Lee Kendall. Those unable to be present were Marilyn and Warren Mr. and Mrs. Dick Adams tit Ludington spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. Emma Brownson. ' Mrs. O. Shilander is assisting in his care. Miss Phyllis Birdsall visited friends in Kalamazoo over the week-end and attended Homecoming festivities at Western State Teachers' college. Mr. Bedker and pupils of Buck school enjoyed a jplly.iHallowe'en party a$ the schoolhouspi Tuesday evening, Oct. 31. Games bur VanNortwick, Carl and Catherine Carlson and Betty and Marshall VanLoon. Robert Hesslund Jr. spent the week-end at his home. He Is employed at Traverse City. Mr. and Mrs. j. W.,,.Beiger left Friday for Memph;iB, 1 '"U?nn.i on a/'.Business trip.- • tf; .;, £Li,V Mr. and Mrs. Leonard; ^Larsen Club Organized at Pelton School PELTON DISTRICT.—Russell Johnson, assistant county agent, co-operating with John Reinoehl, Pelton school teacher, has organized a 4-H club in this district with the following officers: President of the "Handy- hammers," Kenneth Rosenow; vice president. David Flrzlafjf; secretary, Richard Hansen; treasurer, Richard Wahr ana leader, Russell Thompson, Other members are Ra; Budde, Charles Thewnpspn and George Hansen. Meetings will be held at ^ school each Friday frgra 3 TO o'clock, •\'t • . :'• -;V s l*ft • : ... . . . ^.Jfin^aA

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