Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on October 9, 1904 · 3
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 3

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1904
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THE AUSTIN STATESMAN, SUNDAY OCTOBER 9, 1904. RAILROAD TIHE CARDS 1.4 G. N. R. R. CO. S effect Sunday. September 4, 1904. Southbound. Arrive 4:00 a. m, 6:20 a. m.. 6:38 m. ' ' ' Leave 4:15 a. m.i 6:45 a. m 7:00 . Northbound; v Arrive 3:57 p. pi.. 11:15 p. m., 9:45 L m. .. I i.nn m 11. Ort n m ! a A Houston and Texas 'Central. In effect Sunday, July :17,. 1904. -Arrives from Houston 4 s 10 m, 4:30 171. ' ' ' - Leaves for Llano and Lampasas, 8:00 a ina. t lorn s so n. m. : ar- rtves Lampasas 11; 35 a m, s t i. n tw m ' leaves Lampasas 4:6 p. m, Arrives Austin :io p. in. . Leaves for Houston 12:50 p. m. ana 1:30 p. m. ,"X. ' Missouri Kansas and Texas. (In effect June S", 1904.) xTviViniind-,T.a vf Austin 10:20 a. L m-nn m m.. far Waco. Dallas, Fort Worth, Denison an$ St. Louis, bonnecting at Granger with the Katy fair Special.' ; -, f. Southbound Arrives ' Austin from St. Louis, Denison, Fort 'Worth, Dallas knd Waoo, 5:35 a. m. and 6:05 p. m. f Trains arrive and depart H. & T. C. iassenger depot.,, '- . . r- 1 . a . f San sans mo uano oxapo un., i-io no (ovcpnt Simrtav i service be ween Llano, Cherokee and San Saba, Etage manes connection wun au iao- kenger trams. , w, t,,,jay, Mason Stage Line. TVtlv fexceDt Sunday) service be tween Llano and Mason. ; Leave Llano I p. m.; leave Mason 5:30 a. m. Maaes Connection with trains. JNO. LAFRENTZ, Manager. San Saba and Lometa Stage Line. Leaves Lometa 7 a. m.; arrives San feaba 12 noon. " ; Leaves San Saba 1:30 p. m.: arrives Lometa 6:30 p. m. - Seven times a week. ERQTJHART & STEPHEN, Props, f. Lometa and San Saba. Dr. S. S. Shackelford, Dentist City News - Miss Hancock will open her dancing Mass on November 2. The benefit concert of the Old Ladies Home has been postponed until Tues day night. October 18. ' . I V. OA Weed, funeral director and 'ewbalmerf G. A. Brewer, expert m-balmer; Miss Lena Bishop, assistant 108 East Eighth street, pnones 229. Having fa first class furnace man ere, I would like to repair your old furnace and give you prices on new bnes. Conrad Steiner, new phone 477. I - Anoda Club. f Meeting this morning at 10 o'clock at Goldbeck Kuehne's office. JOHN F. BUTLER, r - " i Secretary. .-in e e' ' - -. Funeral Notice. Catherine K. Brydson, the 4 months' old babe of Mr, and Mrs. John Brydson of Hull, England, was, buried from the residence ' of their Mincle. Robert I. .Brydson, Monday, October 3. Lawn Social, A lawn social will be given by the Jugendverein of the German Luther an church .Wednesday night, October 12, at the residence of Mrs. Fred Schu her, 1519 Lavaca street. Music, ice cream and cake and coffee and lunoh. Everybody invited,, J v" . : - - Special Music St. David's church choir will render the following music today: Te Deum and Jubilate, J. A. West; solo, Miss McClendon; Quartette, "God Is a Spirit," from Sterndale Bennett's "woman of Samaria.'. . V , , ,: . - A Great Disadvantage t 3 To any young man or! woman 'to go through life half prepared. The de mand is for the best." You can become thoroughly . qualified at the Nixon Commercial college. . Has double the attendance of last year at this time. - M. C. KIXON, -r'- '- Principal. :i ..-. Notice to Contractors. Sealed proposals will be received by the mayor and the paving committee or Austin, Texas, until S o clock p. m, October. 25, 1904, and then publicly opened, for the following work: For furnishing all material and la' bor necessary for the- paving of Con-press avenue In said city, from the state capltol grounds to a point near the Colorado river, with sheet asphalt, rock asphalt or vitrified brick, or some combination : of said . materials. v -The work to be done will comprise, approximately," 30,000 square yards. Complete plans and specifications for the work, with forms of proposal and contract, will be ready for the examination of bidders, on or before October 15,. 1904, at the Austin city hall, or at the office of the consulting engineer, Fort Worth, Tex. A certified check on some reputable Texas bank, In the sum of $2000, payable to R. E. White, mayor, must accompany each, proposal. In letting a contract for the contemplated work, the financial responsibility of the respective ' bidders and their experience in this particular line of work,' together , with their equipment, w-Ul be considered by the committee. .. J; . ' Persons acting as agents, must file with the proposal, documents showing their authority to act for their principals. . T , The city reserves the right to waive Informalities, and to reject any or all bids. , V Dated Austin, Tex., October 1, 1904. f JOE SHUMATE, 4 ' AUGUST EILERS, ' A. C. GOETH, a JOE HARRELL, i TOM SMITH, - . -. ' GEO. L. HUME, ' ' Committee. : x 1 R. E. WHITE, ' . . "X Mayor. ,' JNO B. HAWLEY, , . Consulting Engineer. AT LAM M E'S TODAY. ' California Black Prince Grapes California Chornicon Grapes 1 ',: Clifornia Tokay Grape .- Northern Concord Grapes Sweet Jamaica Oranges ,- '-, -i Sweet Honduras Oranges By far the finest to be had-. . Florida Oranges Soon 917 Congress Ave. We Invite Tour attention to our prescription department. If you are particular about servicea rendered in this line it is to J-our interest to investigate our claims superiority. - RANKIN, The Prescription Specialist . U0 Congress Avenue. , "77" Cures Grip and 6tB The first signs of having taken cold are a chill or shiver a scrapy throat or a sneeze a disposition o perspire and always that tired feeling. A few doses of Dr. Humphreys' "Seventy-seven" will restore the checked circulation, start the blood coursing through the veins and break up the Cold. "77" will also break up Colds that hang on and do not yield to other treatment. "77" cures Coughs, Colds, Grip; Influenza, Catarrh, Pains and Soreness in the Head and Chest, Hoarseness, Sore Throat, General Prostration and Fever. )At druggists, 25c each, or mailed, ' Humphreys' Medicine Co.; Cor. William and John Streets, New York. TIE TO IT When you find the place that gives you the most good coal for the . least good ' , money, cling to it. We believe this is the ' - place. You may think . you ' are satisfied Vith your present coal : service, but we believe we can give you still better satisfaction. Give us . our . opportunity. Lone Star Ice Co. Bothphones 246. THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Capital and Surplus ' 5350,000 Directors' Responsibility. 53,000,000 OFFICERS: G. W. Littlefield, President John H. Houghton, Vice President H. A. Wroe, Seoond Vice President W. R. Hamby. Cashier. C. P. Randolph, Assist Cashier. We Solicit Your Business, ' GOOD THINGS TO EAT RUSSIAN SARDINES CERVELAT SAUSAGE RICHELIEU COD FISH NEW MACKEREL RICHELIEU CANNED GOODS RICHELIEU SALAD DRESSING. Deen & Walling GROCERS " COME OR PHONE John 1. Martin PractioSrl Plumber and Electrician. Bath Tubs, Sinks, Lavatory and Closets, Electric and Gas Fixtures in stock. All work guaranteed, estimates furnished on application. Both Phones 320 408 Congress Ave, GEO. A. FREUIND Manufacturing Jeweler - - - - t 4 With Carl Mayer the last five years. Now at S. Greenberg's, optician, 709 ... Congress Ave. Workmanship first class. Repairing solicited. Gold ' and silver bought. Our Assortment Of the latest designs for fall and winter suitings is very complete. Now is the time to place your order for a suit. Don't wait un- til you need it it takes time to r make, it . .. , . S. SILVERMAN MERCHANT TAILOR " 817 Congress Avenue. Saves Two From Death.' "Our little daughter had an almost fatal attack of whooping cough ana bronchitis," writes Mrs. W. K. Havi-land, of Armonk, N. T., "but when all other remedies failed we saved her life with Dr., King's New Discovery. Our niece, who had Consumption in an advanced stage, also used this wonderful medicine,' and today she Is perfectly well." Desperate throat and lung diseases yield to Dr. King's New Discovery as to no other medicine on earth. Infallible for Coughs and Golds. 50c and $1.00 bottles guaranteed by C. O. Yates. Trial bottles free. ; C. B. MORELAND, ARTISTIC PICTURE FRAMING, 105-107 W. 6TH T. OPENING GAME WON BY THE UNIYERSITY The Newly Organized Team too Many For the Christians From Waco. The Score Was One Sided. The football season opened here yes terday In , a rather one-sided game, Texas defeating Texas Christian University by a score of 49 to 0. The big, sturdy Texans ran all over the line In front of them, and the only wonder to be expressed was that the defeat was not a great deal larger. The Texas men stacked up Jike a brick wall, and every time the Chris tians tried to go through they were thrown back for, a loss, . The visitors stacked up pretty well, to look at them, but when it came to playing it looked like an effort ' to make the best of an unpleasant duty. The Christians only tried three plays. They : tried bucking the line once, running around once, and whenever they got the ball after that they adopted the open formation play with the fullback kicking the ball. The game held no excitement whatever until the last part of the second half. .".' The afternoon was beautiful, except for the little showers, and they did no narm, A good breeze was blowing from the south, and Old Sol played be- mna the clouds, and thc.igh it was a' little cooler than usual, it still felt like the good old summer time to some ex tent. '-The attendance was good and the game was played to a grandstand full of enthusiasts. Texas won the toss and took the south goal. Texas Christian Univer sity kicked off for about twenty-five yards, but the ball was brought back a little way. After a few minutes' play. Captain Watson carried the ball on a sixty-yard run for goal. The interference put up by Texas was of the first class order and the runner followed It to a T. Watson kicked goal. . I he Christians could not kick more than twenty or twenty-five yards, and the only time they got the leather during the first half was when Texas kick-, ed It back to them during the play. Watson made a thirty-yard run on the second kick-off and Robinson ten yards. The only excitement of any consequence was the penalizing of Texas, thus necessitating a long run on the next play. The blues stacked UP to make a stubborn resistance with the ball within six inches of their goal line, but Robinson went through' their line and crawled up behind their goal post This play took nine and one-half minutes, and Watson again kicked goal. The next touchdown was made with the pigskin within one foot of the line, and in four minutes play.. Texas failed to kick goal, j, The i fourth touchdown was made in two minutes' play and the fifth in forty-five seconds. Both goals were landed and Texas started off for .another touchdown, when time was caned for the first half. Texas kicked off for the second, but the ball was only brought back for about four yards. After losing about thirteen yards the blues kicked to the orange and white, and another touchdown was registered In two and three- quarters minutes play. Texas failed to kick goal. The seventh touchdown followed in five and one-half minutes play, and Texas kicked goal, making a score of 40 to 6. - The rest, of the game was played mostly by suba for Texas. Texas lost the ball within six-inches of Another touchdown, and after that a-few fumbles on Texas', part kept the ball swapping from one side to, 'the other. but the Christians were making no headway.. - : ' HIGH SCHOOL WON From Deaf and Dumb Score of Six to rooming. Saturday morning the Austin high school football team defeated the Deaf and Dumb Institute by a score of 6 to 0. This speaks remarkably well for the high school, considering that they have practiced only four times. The feature of the game was the playing of Leonard, captain of the high school team, who made many nice gains around end and through center. The Deaf and Dumb could not get through the high school line and were held for downs every time but once, while the high school team advanced steadily. ' The Institute eleven kicked oft to high school, ,who advanced all the way to the fifteen-yard line and lost the ball on a fumble. They held the Deaf and Dumb team fordowns and after receiving the ball advanced steadily and were within two yards of the goal when time was called. In the -second half the high school kicked off and the Institute team car ried the ball to their thirty-yard line, losing it on downs. They then ad vanced to the Deaf and Dumb goal, Leonard carrying the ball over the line. In the last part of the game the Deaf and Dumb boys were off side sev eral times and were penalized. When the high school was within five yards of the Deaf and Dumb goal the Institute ends, played off side several times, and this resulted in the losing of much time. High school kicked goal and the Deaf and Dumb boys kicked off te them. In the remaining few minutes of play the high school advanced the ball rapidly down the field and were nearing the Deaf and Dumb goal when time was called. The following is the line-up: . i ;-. High School Position Leonard R. H. B.. Math is P. B. , Smith L. H. B. . Thompson R. E... Harris. Rogan ..R. T.... Werlein R. Q. .. S. Colquitt, Woolsey.C, . Ormand L. G. . Helhoher, R. Colq't.L. T. Church, Umlng., L. E. ., Wells , Q. B. D. and D. .4 Geer Faulkner Cargiil Cheng Rosser Ultey Gunter ......... Ford Green Remion Munn THE FARMERS WON. Piled Up a Terrible Score Against the Deaf and Dumb. , Sneclal to The Statesman. College Station, Tex., Oct. 8. The first game of the football season was played on the campus here this after noon. The Farmers had. for their op ponents the team from the school for the deaf and dumb at Austin.- It was a walkover for the. local eleven. The final score was 49 to 0. The mutes are all new men and weighed but 140 pounds per. man, while many of their opponents are veterans, and the average weight Is about 170, but it can not be denied that for this early in the season the work of the Farmers was of a superior order. The team work and Interference were excellent. Coach Piatt was much pleased with the showing made by his men oartlcularly some of the new men. The line up of the teams was as follows: , Agricultural and Mechanical College McFarland, right end; Boettcher, right tackle; Loving. Cornell, right auardr Mauk, center; Kendrick, left guard; Benjamin Dale, left tackle: rA.n WnnHman loft Anil PVt o. quarterback; Walker, right halfback;'! Dalesernier, left halfback; Klrkpatrick, Andrews, fullback. ' Mutes Sample, right end; Stovall, right tackle; McGill, right guard; Wisdom,, center; Cunningham, left guard; Jones, left tackle; White, left end; Pickett, quarterback; Kemp, right halfback; Matthies, left halfback; Stanley, fullback. Princetan. Fought for It By Associated Press. Princeton, N. T., Oct 8-The best defense that Princeton has yet met was encountered In .the Washington and Jefferson game this" afternoon, when Princeton won by 16 to 0. In the first half Princeton never scored until the last minute of play ; In the second half the visitors were weakened by the former battering and ; touchdowns by Simons and Foulkers. Austin College and Durant Special to The Statesman. Sherman, Tex., Oct. 8. Austin col lege opened its football season at Sherman this afternoon by defeating Durant -I. T., Presbyterian college by a score of 34 to 0. The features of the game were a forty -yard run by Shaw and a sixty-flve-yard end run by Jones. Perkins entered the game,, but on account of disability was removed shortly by the coach.- Harvard and Maine. By Associated PreBs. " " Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 8. In today's game In which Harvard defeated the University of Maine by the score ,of to 0, the Crimaon players showed much Improvement over last week's form In the ganaevwlth Williams. Drury and Arkansas. By Associated Press. ' Fayetteville, Ark, Oct. 8. In the opening football game of the. season today the University -of Arkansas was defeated by Drury college of Missouri by the score of 12 to 0. Pennsylvania and Lehigh. By Associated Press. Philadelphia, Oct. 8. The University of Pennsylvania football team today defeated the Lehigh eleven by the score of 24 to 0. . Chicago and Lafayette. By Associated Press. Chicago, Oct 8. University of Chicago 20, UniversHy of Lafayette, Indiana, 0. Other Games Yesterday. v At Des Moines, Iowa. Des Moines 17, Drake 0. r v At Annapolis, Md. The Midshipmen 12, Virginia Academy 0. At Minneapolis University of Minnesota 35, University of North Dako ta 0. At WesP Point Cadets 18, Dickson 0. At Birmingham !lemson 18, University 0. At Charlotte, N. C University of North Carolina 0, Davidson college 0. At Knoxville University of Tennes see 17, Marysvllle college 0. At . Nashville -Vanderbilt University 66, Georgetown university 0. , At Nashville- University of Nashville 21, University of Tennessee, Med ical, 0. 1 At - Sewanee, Tenn.- Sewanee 47, Mooney 0. ii a s At Montgomery Auburn S3, ' Mont gomery Athletic club 0. MAJOR DELMAR. The Great Son of Delmar Marked a " New Trotting Record. By Associated Press. Lexington, Ky., Oct. 8. Major Del-mar, the great son of Delmar, out of Expectation, owned by E. E. Smath ers of New York, marked a new trot ting record today when he circled the track in 2.01 3-4, clipping a half sec ond off the record made by Cresoeus at Columbus. Major Delmar used no wind shields or other ; speed contrivances. Twice before he equalled the Cresceus record, the last time at Oak ley park. The fraotional time In his mile today was 29 3-4, 59 1-2, 1.29 3-4, 2.013-4. The track was in perfect condition. The temperature was 'uncomfortably warm and the wind was blowing from the southwest, which gave the trotter an advantage until he had circled the half, and then the wind was against him. He was driven by his trainer, Al McDonald. His pace maker was a runner driven by Scott Hudson. Was a Victory for Paget By Associated Press. New York, Oct. 8. The match be tweenSidney Paget, on Ralbert, a year old, and Thomas Williams, who rode the 4 year old Frank L. Perley which was run at Morris park today, resulted In a decisive victory for Paget Ralbert broke In front and won easily by 100 yards. The race was for $1000 a side, and the winner to become the owner of both horses. The race was a heavy betting affair and a considerable sum of money changed hands. Both were held at even money, and the 2 year old ran three-quarters in 18 flat. Gunfire the Winner. By Associated Press. New York, Oct. 8. Gunfire, at 8 to 1 In the betting and Phaw in the saddle won the Municipal handicap today Ostrich, at 3 to 1 for the place, was second, and Outcome third. Footlights Won at St. Louis. By Associated Pres:;. . St. Louis, Oct. 8. Footlights, the fa vorlte, won the Meremac stakes, worth $1820, at Delmar park today. The gray mare was held at 50 te 8 In the bet ting. BASEBALL YESTERDAY. American League. At Boston Boston. 13; New York, 2. Second game : Boston, 1; New York. 0. At Chicago Chicago, 5; St. Louis, 2, At Detroit Detroit. Z; Cleveland, 1 Second gane: Detroit,. 0; -Cleveland, At Washington Phlladelpjiia. 5; Washington, iz, .second game: Phlla delphia, 2; Washington, 3. National League. At Brooklyn New York, 5; Brook lyn, 0. At Pittsburg Pittsburg, 2; Chicago, 8. , At Philadelphia Philadelphia, 3; Boston, 2. At St. Louis St. Louis, 0; Cincin nati, 6. Second game: St Louis, 1; Cincinnati, 8. Cable Rate Reduced. A. B. Grantham, manager of the Pos tal Telegraph Cable company, an-nrunces the completion of the cable be tween Sitka and Yaldez, Alaska, and business will now be accepted for the following points In Alaska at greatly reduced rates from, Seattle, viz: Yaldez and Fort Liscum, $2.0 tor ten words, and 25c for each additional word to boundary; Chistochina. Copper Ctnter, Fort Egbert, Ketchumstock, Keystone, Mentasta Pass, North Fork, Saina Summit, Taslina. Tanama Cross ing, Teikhelland, Tonsil. a. Alaska, $3 tor ten words and 30c for, each addi tional word. To Baker, Birches, -Central, China, Cosna, Fir Banks, Fort Gibson. Glen- good. Paster, Golsova, Grlmkop, Kal- tag, Kokrlnes. Kuyurok, Loudon. Melo- cl. vOld Woman, Nanana, Mulato Rap ids, Rampart. Salcha, Staychaels, Tol-avana. Unalaklik, $3.50 for ten words and 33efor each additional word. to Fort Davis. Nome and Safety. for ten words and 40c for, each additional word. Dissolution Notice. " The . partnership heretofore existing between Conrad Steiner and August Smith, under the name of the Texas Cornice works, was dissolved October 3, I having purchased the Interest of Mr. Smith and assumed the liabilities, and will collect the amounts due said firm. The business will be continued at 110 West Ninth street I want to thank my friends and the .public, generally for past favors and I trust to make it to their interest to continue the same. " CONRAD STEINER. 1 GEO W. PATTERSON. UNDERTAKER AND PROPRIETOR ECLIPSE STABLES, OMNIBUS AND BAGGAGE TRANSFER. FINE CARRIAGES AND LIGHT LIVERY. BOARDING HORSES A SPECIALTY. RUBBER TIRED HOSPITAL AMBULANCE. 108 TO 116 E. 7TH ST. BOTH PHONES 161. Sidewalks A fin a hahir hAv n.'t a hnrn vester- dav to Mr. and Mrs. Max Nitschke at their home. Rev. E. B. Wrlitht will conduct the daily chapel services at the State University this week. The hour Is 8:40 to 8:55 a, m. Mrs. Victor Klebe left yesterday for the St. Lodis fair to meet her hus band, who is attending the barbers' convention In' Louisville, Ky. 'Vha V.nxunrTt nf thA Tenth Street Methodist Episcopal church will inAPt MnnHfiv pvpnlnp. nt which time an excellent program will be rendered. Manager A. B. Grantham 'of the Postal, Is the proud father of a fine baby girl, born yesterday afternoon at their home, 402 East Flfteentn street. ; The boys who were wounded with bird shot a$ Govalle Friday night were found to be not seriously Injured. The party doing the shooting proves to be a well known citizen. He explains that he heard his dog bark and saw figures moving,- and thought them to be in his yard.?: Justice Johnson will look Into the case on Monday and the man who fired the gun Is under $100 bond. NEW PATROL WAGON- ;A THING OF BEAUTY AND A ! SATISFACTION TO THE DEPARTMENT IT IS PROMISED TO BE DELIVERED IN ABOUT TEN DAYS. The patrol wagon is promised by the - makers . to be ready and - de llvered to the police department by the 18th ox this month. Tha makers now have the wagon painted and var nished, but must put another coat of. varnish on before they can deliver It to the department. It is painted black and gilded with green and gold, and is an open wTgn and will be for one horse. The police, as well as the law-abiding citizens, will be glad when they see this wagon come out There will be no more pulling. Jerking and screaming prisoners to carry to the station. There are many applications for driver. One man made, the proposition that If the city would pay him the same as a mounted police (which is $75), he would furnish his own horse and take charge of the wagon, and take charge of the wagon. The only objection to It is that it Is an open wagon. Other cities, however, have started with open wagons, but soon provided them with covers. THE STATE AND FEDERAL COURTS ARE IN A CLASH JUDGE BROUGHTON ENJOINED THE STATE DISTRICT COURT IN THE TURNER AND NABOBS LUMBER COMPANY CASE. Special to The Statesmai. Beaumont, Tex., Oct. 8. In the receivership bankruptcy case of Turner & Nabors Lumber company, which has been pending for a long time in the state courts, and also in the bankruptcy court, Judge John Broughton tonight, on the application of W. H. Aldrldse, trustee of the bankrupt estate, issued a stay of proceedings, enjoining the district court, over which Judge W. H. Pope presides, from proceeding with the hearing of the case, which was set for Monday next. A conteBt has arisen In the case between the state and federal court relating to the disposition of certain property now in the hands of the receiver. A short time since the case was before Judge Pope on a motion brought by the trustee in bankruptcy to compel the receiver to turn over the property in his possession to the trustee in bunkrutpcy. Upon a hearing this application was denied by Judge Pope and there was to have been further proceedings in the case on Monday next., which were enjoined by Judge Broughton tonight. It seems that a question of Jurisdiction of the state and federal courts has arisen In the case, and the consequences in a legal way will be Interesting. Postmaster Files Petition, Special to The Statesman. Beaumont, Tex., Oct. 8. A. L. Gibson, postmaster at Guffey, and also proprietor of a general merchandise store, filed a voluntary petition in bankruptcy tonight. The schedule gives liabilities of $9754. of which $9342 is unsecured. The assets are $10,810, ol which $464 is claimed as exempt. The first meeting of creditors has been set by the referee in bankruptcy for October 20. Sherman Weekly Register Sold. Special to The Statesman. Sherman, Tex., Otft. 8. Today, In accordance with an order of the court in the cane of H. G. Swayze, voluntary bankrupt, the unexempted property of itie Sherman Weekly Courier plant was sold to Mrs. Eva Rucker for the sum of $2650. Mrs. Rucker stated today that the publication of the taper would continue, uninterruptedly . . , . . V THE HABERDASHER SAYSi " "lien like a coat in which the cloth Is, not skimped which hangs comfortably from the shoulders and buttons easily across the chest. They like a feeling of freedom In their clothes without the graceless bagglness common to English made clothing." This Fall all of our Suits and Overcoats are cut U in this fashionable, comfortable, correct style. Something you don't find in the ordinary stores is extra big sizes for extra big men- we have them, lots of them. - - SMITH 4 WILCOX f iii STATESMAN TO Si SpecoeO Rates World 15 Day Ticket $26.45 60 Day Ticket $32.60 Remember, we sell you via New Orleans and permit you to return via Kansas City and any direct route. We certainly have a very attractive route See us before buying , and let us show you W. R. SMITH C. P. and T. A. Phone 565 :IT WILL TO The Katy Way, We save you time and money, and give you the best service from TEXAS to ST. LOUIS, and points EAST. Remember we are located with the American Express Company, 115 East Sixth Street. CARL ISHEBcWOOD, Phone 970. AT YOUR SERVICE Consider us at your service in plumbing, gas fitting or anything ' electrical, In fact all work In our line, which we execute in the most skillful manner at moderate prices. If you need your plumbing overhauled telephone 320. , John L Martin PLUMBER AND ELECTRICIAN, 408 Congress Avenue. ' 75c Per To C, THE 9s FaOr PAY YOU CO C. P. & T. A Month

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