Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on January 29, 1905 · 4
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 4

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 29, 1905
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THE AUSTIN STATESMAN. SUNDAY,' JANUARY 29,' 1905. HE AUTOMOBILIST WILL A BILL TO BE INTRODUCED MAKING HIM PAY A SPECIAL TAX. It Also Outlines His Other Matters Special Among the most recent means o locomotion ire , tli automobiles and there is not one law on the statute books of Texts regulating; or control-Ing these machines, and Mr. Hancock of Dallas county goes on record. If his bill passes, as being the author of the first law on this subject Next Monday, joined by Mr. Hall of Johnson county, he will introduce in the bouse a bill which provides substantially: That it shall be unlawful for any person or persons, with the exception hereinafter named, to drive, speed or operate any automobile,! motor car or racycle, or any motor vehicle of any kind, whether any such automobile, motor car, racycle or other motor ve-cle be used as a publio hack, truck or for hire, or for private use, for pleasure or business, except railway locomotives and electrio cars, upon, across and over the public roads of this state tin such a careless, reckless and wanton manner as to endanger the life, person or property of any other users of such public places. Any person or persons driving, speeding and operating any automobile, motor car, racycle or other motor (vehicle upon, across and over the publio roads of this state shall stop their (vehicles upon meeting upon the public roads and highways of this etate any wagon, buggy, surrey or hack, or other vehicles drawn by any team of horses, mules or oxen, whether single or double, when It appears that the approaching team ' is becoming frightened, within thirty yards of said vehicle drawn by said team of horses, mules or oxen, or as near this distance as may be possible, and remaining stationary until the said teams shall have passed. ... Each vehicle to which this act refers Shall be equipped with at least two suitable lamps, such lamps to be carried at the front of the vehicle, one on each side, except racycles, which shall have one lamp In front. The said lamps shall be kept brightly burning from twilight and ss long as the vehicle Is in use at night Every person who shall drive or operate any automobile or any motor vehicle of any kind as above set forth , shall be required to obtain a. permit from the county clerk of his residence to drive or operate such machine, an J tfee clerk shall be allowed a fee of one dollar for issuing such permit Each permit issued hereunder shall be numbered and shall eontatn the name and address of the person in whose favor it is issued, and shall describe deflntte-ly the kind of vehicle to be operated thereunder. Each machine shall be identified by & number, which shall be the corresponding number of the permit so issued him; each number shall be conspicuously displayed upon the rear of the vehicle so as to be clearly visible; the figures to be separate Arabic numerals not less than three inches high and the strokes not less than three-eighths of an Inch In width. Numbers shall not be transferred from one vehicle to another, nor shall machine numbers be loaned from one person to another, nor shall fictitious numbers be used. Any person or persons violating any of the provisions of this act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be punished by We..O For a Disease Germ That Llquozone Can't Kill On every bottle of Llquosone we ef-:er $1000 for disease germ that It can not kill. We do this to assure you that Llquosone does kill germs. ' And It is the only way known to kill frerma In the body without killing the tissues, too. Any drug that kills germs lis a poison, and It can not be taken In tternaily. Mtdicine Is almost helpless In any germ disease. It is this fact rtvbtok gives Llquosone its worth to f umanity; a worth so great that after sating the product for two years, iirousrh physicians ana nospuai, we Jald $i00,000 for the American rights. 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No Urn- can es pe It and none can re-W. tt tuMl mutable, COME IN A CONSIDERATION NOW Speed Regulations. of General and Interest. a fine of not less than five nor more than one hundred dollars. A QUIET DAY. Legislative Circles Were Unusually Quiet Ail Day Yesterday. The legislative circles' were unusually quiet yesterday. The past week has really been the most active one for the various corporate Interests, Inasmuch as their representatives by invitation have been before the committees of the two houses to enmhat pending legislation. The committee on revenue and taxation In the house has been the most active scene of action, and therein corporate interests have had an up and down hill pull In the matter of presenting their side of the question. The last one of the corporate Interest! will be given an Inning tomorrow, after which the committee is expected to make Us report to the house. As to what this report will be of course no one can surmise at present, but if the committee decides what Intangible taxation really Is and explains it to the satisfaction of house members and outsiders they will have placed them selves In a position where they need not work any more, but may merely occupy positions on pedestals as being the best yet BE CAUTIOUS. Such Is the Advice of a Member of the House to His Fallow Members. In conversation with a Statesman reporter yesterday Hon. W. W. Burnett of Kerr county said: ":, "In my opinion, we need but few new laws and but very few changes in present laws." Continuing, Judge Burnett remarked: "My views in regard to pending issues before the house are, I think, conservative. Generally speaking, I do not think it wise or sound public policy to make any radical departure from the policies heretofore advocated by the democratic party. "Changes in the laws seriously affecting the great corporate industries of the state should be made with much caution and only upon conviction of the absolute necessity to protect the general Interest of the public. The expressed views of Governor Lanham upon taxation should be enacted Into law. ' "There Is one change I favor," Judge Burnett said, "and that is the entire separation of the agricultural department from Its present connection. The great agricultural interests of the state demand the creation of an agricultural department separate and independent of any other. ' "A few changes in our school laws could be made with good effect, and would perfect the law for all practical purposes. On land matters a law giving the preference right to buy four sections of land to lessees would forever sound the death knell to what Is known in the west as the 'land rushers,' and the reason for the enactment of such a law is fundamental In this, that it would protect numbers of small stock raisers throughout southwest Texas in the enjoyment of property who are actual settlers on their lands and whose property rights are now jeopardized by those who would dispossess them of their holdings." a germ disease must end when the terms are killed. Then Llquoso .e, acting as a wonderful tonic, quickly restores a condition of prfect health. Diseases which have resisted medicine for years yield at ence te Llquozone, and It cures diseases which medicine never cures. Half the ceonle vou meet wherever you are can tell you of cures that were made by It Germ Diseases These are- the known germ diseases. All that medicine can do for these troubles is to help Nature overcome the germs, and such results are indirect and uncertain. Liqnosone attacks the germs, wherever they are. And when the germs which cause a disease are destroyed : the disease must end, and forever. That i inevitable. Asthma Liver troubles Abscess Anasmla Malaria Neuralgia Blood Poison Many Heart Troubles Bronchitis . PilesPneumonia Eright's Disease Pleurisy Quinsy Bowel Troubles Rheumatism Coughs Colds Scrofula Syphillti Consumption Skin .diseases Eczema Erysipelas Colic Croup Constipation Catarrh Cancet Diarrhea Dysentery Hay Fever Influenza Kidney Diseases. La Grippe Leucorrhea Fevers Gall Stones Goitre Gout Gonorrhea Gleet Ptomach Troubles Throat Troubles Tuberculosis Tumors Ulcers .' Varicocele W c men's Diseases Til diseases that begirt with fever U LuOmniatku all catarrh ail eon- ler $1000 FO Judge Burnett bPcnme very earnest when he said: "I believe the welfare .' nil peace of society absolutely demand that no change be made in cur local option law or any change made In the law regulating the sale of whisky or beer, whether made at the request of dealers or any one else. Let well enough should be the policy of prohibitionists, as also antl-prohibltionists." Judge Burnet said he would not oppose an an tl-free pass bill which affected legislators, but to gay by law that Individuals who manage and operate railroads and whose money builds them Should not be permitted to give a pass is too radical and could serve no good purpose. A TRIFLE IN NAMES. The Members of the House Play a Part in a Little Story. "Clod Hopper" McNeil, as he takes pride In designating hlms-jlf, has woven the following little story In which he makes a very witty play on the names of members of the house: On a beautiful Hill, near a Low Marsh, where Rice and Onions grow, handled by an expert Peeler, Wool of many kinds, including Brown, Gray and Greenwood, Love abounds in this body, although Blount, Sharps and Sevier instruments are sometimes used In debate. Strange to say, the CrankM in the house write Witherspoon, and some complain of the Crisp Winter. There is a Fountain near a Glenn, where this body meets, -which is presided over by a little Seabury, who keeps the Webb untangled, . although constantly attended by Barkers and men who attempt to Byrne Cables. There are Holmes in the house in which Cobbs are burned to prevent Riegers. Masons and Black Smiths build Wards In which members must keep, and the speaker is constantly warning the house to be-Ware of violating the rules. NO GOOD REASON For Having Any Constitutional Amendment on Prohibition. Representative Thompson of Hunt county, who is an ardent friend and supporter of local option, and who has several bl'ls pending designed to prevent the Illegal traffic In intoxicating liquors In localities where the local option law has been adopted, on having his attention called yesterday to Senator Looney's proposed amendment to the constitution, said: "I have Been the notice of Senator Looney's proposed amendment to the constitution, designed to enlarge the power of the legislature in the enactment of prohibitory laws. I have also read carefully his reasons as published for submitting the proposed amendment. I favor the proposed amendment as an abstract proposition. However, I believe our present constitutional provision Is sufficient to authorize all legislation necessary to effectually prohibit the sala of Intoxicating liquors where the local option law has been adopted, and do not agree to that view now so frequently expressed, that Bald provision is too restricted to afford the relief desired. The makers of our constitution did not Intend to mock the people. When they framed the constitution the provisions requiring the legislature to 'enact a law whereby the qualified voters of any county, justice's precinct town, city, etc., may by a majority vote deter mine from time to time whether the sale of intoxicating liquors shall be prohibited within the prescribed Ilrn- its, they certainly intended to confer all needed authority upon the legislature to enact any and all laws necessary to make the will of the people effectual after It had been expressed. To say to the contrary would be to charge these able and patriotic men with hypocrisy and with trifling with the sacred rights of the people. As before stated, I believe in the proposed tagleus disease all the results- 4 Impure or poisoned blood. In nervous debility Liquozor.e actl as a vital! zer. accomplishing what nt drugs can do. 50c Bottle Free If you need Llquozone, and hav never tried it please send us th coupon. We will then mall you a, order on a local druggist for a full size bottle, and we will pay the drug gist ourselves for It This Is our fre gift made to convince you; to sho you what Llquozone is, and what II can do. In justice to yourself, please accept It today, for it places you un ler no ' obligation whatever. Llquozone costs tec and 11. CUT OUT THIS COUPON for this offer may not appear again. Fill out the blanks and mail it to the Liquid Ozone company, 458-464 Wabash Ave., Chicago. My disease Is. ............ ........ 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William and John Streets, New l'otk. amendment as an abstract proposition, but I believe this an Inopportune time for Its submission, either to our legislature, or to the people of our state, for several reasons. I know Senator Looney to be an ardent friend to 'ocai option, and an able and faithful representative of the people, but I believe his proposed amendment is Inopportune, and that unwittingly he is contributing to the cause of the opposition to local option. I am inclined to this view for several reasons: "First There are various measures now pending before the legislature designed to make our local option laws more effectual. There Is no more popular nor successful method employed by the opponents of such measures than to propose and urge some alternative measure which they maintain would be more effectual to accomplish the results desired. That these opponents of local option In the legislature are thus availing themselves of the proposed amendment of Senator Looney is apparent from the report of yesterday's debate In the senate on the Terrell-Chambeys bill. "Second It would require considerable time three or four years, at least to submit to the people and have adopted the proposed amendment, and to pass the legislative enactments necessary to put It Into operation. This would greatly delay many needed reforms In our local option laws, and would compel our people to submit to conditions that are very unsatisfactory and oppressive. "Third The proposed amendment, if submitted to a vote of the people, would in large measure be a repetition of the campaign of 1S87 in Texas, and would rekindle the fires of partisan discussion and contention then witnessed to the detriment of every worthy enterprise and interest in our state. "For these reasons and others that might be assigned, I believe the proposed amendment to our constitution to be ill timed and most inopportune." LEGISLATIVE GOSSIP. Matters of General and Special Inter est at the Capitol. Representative Uaugherty of Jack county leaned back in his chair in the hall yesterday Just after an argument had been made on Intangible assets before the committee on revenue and taxation, and said: "Well, I am lost in trying to solve this intangible tax bill. Some Moses, I hope, will lead us out of this Intangible wilderness." Continuing, Mr. Daugherty said: "I am opposed to extreme legislation, and will vote against the Blanton bank bill in the interest of what I conceive to be fair dealing." Referring to the exciting question of prohibition, on which subject there are several bills pending In the house, Mr. Daugherty thinks Texas is not in such a congested condition as to require legislation of a paternalistic nature, which princip'e applies to Juvenile courts and other similar measures. Mr. Hancock of Dallas is not specially impressed with the good that comes to the county from lottery or policy wheels, and on next Monday will Introduce In the house the following bill: "If any person shall establish a lottery or policy wheel, or dispose of any estate, real or personal, by lottery, or by policy wheel, he shall be fined not less than $100 nor more than $1000. The committee on common carriers made a favorable report on house bill No. 75, by Messrs. Onion and Peeler, requiring the railroad commission to fix the rates on sleeping cars. The Voices of the Forest Even in the silent forest there are voices which are soothing to the mind. Winds sighing through the branches of tne trees, rustling leaves, falling nuts and the song of birds, are all musical to the ear. In the chamber where dis ease reigns there are also voices; but tney are discordant notes that jar the nerves. However somber such an abode, Dr. Burkhart's Vegetable Compound dispels the gloom, as if suddenly the golden sunshine had burst into the room, and instead of stifled sobs there is heard the Joyous Laughter of those cured of Rheumatism, Blood, Liver, Stomach and Kidney troubles. This famous medicine expels all poisons and injurious substances from the system. Thlrtv days' treat ment 25c All druggists. Taylor Live Stock Notes, Special to The Statesman. Taylor, Tex., Jan. 28. William Con-nelley, representing the Maier Tacking company of Los Angeles, Cal Is In Taylor today and purchased five carloads of fat beeves which be will start tomorrow on their long ride to the Pacific coast in charge of George McHar-dy. Two cars were bought of G. E. King and three carloads of 3. B. Pum-phrey. Howard Bland and J. W. Womack yesterday shipped a carload .of fat hogs to the Fort Worth market Miller & Lundell will ship two carloads of fat beeves to the Fort Worth market tomorrow. trull ta INTERESTING LITTLE BOOR UPON ATHLETICS University Association Is Having It Printed and Information Is Both Complete and Authentic. The Athletic association of the University is having compiled one of the most attractive little rule and guide books that has ever been gotten out. The data Is all of a most Interesting nature and will be read with pleasure by all who happen to be Interested in athletics in any form. The book not only covers all kinds of athletic sports for the Southwestern Intercollegiate association and the Texas Interscho-lastlo association, to which all of the high schools of the state belong, but It gives the history of the young women's gymnastics and the rules governing all of their sports and the officers of their teams and clubs. It also contains the duties of the various coaches, captains and managers as decided upon by the committee on rules at their recent meeting, and was adopted as the official guide for three years. The Texas Interscholastic association is quite a novel feature in Texas' athletics and all of iheir competitions are set forth in the book. The annual meets of this association will be held at Austin each spring under the supervision of the University, thus bringing all athletics in the schools and colleges in the state upon a real college plane. This, with the unique feature of having a guide for young women's sports, will make the little book a most popular one. Joe Kerbey, as chairman of the publication committee, has the work In hand and will see that the books are circulated among all the colleges of the associations and the high schools of the state wtlhout any cost attached. Musical Concert. The various sausical organizations of the University will give a concert in the auditorium Friday evening of this week. The band, the glee club and the mandolin club will render various selections together and then the several organizations will render some special pieces, interspersed by solos and other attractions. The special numbers on the program will include vocal solo by Miss Elizabeth Simp-kins, a piano solo by Miss Christine Llttlefield, a cornet solo by Dr. Baxter, and other individual pieces. The admission will be by invitation, and all desiring tickets for themselves or frends can secure them from members of the band. Glee Club Minstrel. The glee club will put on their minstrel performance about February 7 and will leave on the trip over the state on the following week. The Lanham brothers and other rich and racy original minstrel men will take leading parts, and all short places will be filled by a special order of home made stunt-sters. The program will not be so long this year as usual, but will be rich and snappy from start to finish. The other musical organizations will aid the glee club in getting the entertainment out. The trip as booked for the week following the minstrels will include Bel-ton, Temple, Denton, Cleburne and Waxahachie. Manager Frank Lanham will probably include Bryan on the return trip. Final Ball Committees. President Clinton Brown of the final ball for June, 1905, yesterday announced the chairmen of the different committees. These men aid materially In making the ball a grand event and hence a special honor to be chosen by the president The names of the chairmen are as follows: Ben Robertson, supervisory chairman; Fred Fisher, finance; H. T. Fletcher, reception; Will P. Brady, invitations; M. McCarty, alumni;. L. Jacoby, decorations; D. O. Terrell, programs; Billy Blocker, floor; W. K. Glesen, arrangements. Prizes for Essays. Messrs. Trezevant and Cochran of Dallas, in order to awaken an active Interest on the part of students of the University in the question of insurance, have modified their offer as to prizes for essays, to the end that there may be prizes for as many as eight or nine competitors. Their offer for this year is as follows: "For each essay up to and including eight, $20. If there are more than eight then the best eight to have an award of $20 each. The best two essays are to be given the first and second prizes. The first prize will be an additional $60, making a total of $80 for -iie first prize. The one winning the second prize will receive an additional $30, making $50 for the second priee. If there are less than eight competitors we will pay in the identical proportions. In other words, if there are only five, we shall pay the five $20 each, the best two out of the five re ceiving an additional $60 and $30 re spectively. It is probable that many have been deterred from entering the DESERVES A TRIAL For over 50 years Hostetters Stomach Bitters has been demonstrating its ability to cure Stomach, Liver and Kidney disorders with wonderful success. It is therefore deserving of a fair trial by every sufferer from Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Belching, Bloating, Heartburn, Costiveness, Biliousness, Insomnia, Chills, Colds or Malaria, Fever and Ague. Its results are certain. Don't hesitate any longer. For sale- by all Druggists, HOSTETTER'S STOMACH BITTERS competition by reason of the fact that it may have been conceded in advance that the first and second prizes would each go to students marked for their ability, but with eight awards, or rather a donation for the Mist eight essays, we think that the competition will be enlarged." Items of Interest. The committee to award the four German scholarships of J50 each, given by the Sons of Hermann of Texas, has completed Its work. The successful candidates are Miss Lina Peiiitz of San Antonio, L. R. Geissler of Austin, Miss Luella Fonda of Galveston, Miss Bella Rosenfleld of Tyler. Great interest has been shown during the present session in the library training class at the University. Next year the course will be limited to four PREPARING ANNUAL OFFICIAL ESTIMATES Insurance Companies Filed Annual Statements--Some Important and Locally Interesting Charters. Business at the state house was unusually quiet yesterday, which la usually the case when the legislature is in sess'on. On Saturday most of the members leave for their respective homes to spend Sunday. The capitol was practically deserted. The heads of the various departments are preparing the estimates of how much it will cost to run their departments during the next fiscal year. This estimate will be furnished the finance committees of the house and senate, upon which will be based the appropriations for the next two years for maintaining the state government. Insurance Statements. Annual statements were filed yesterday in the state insurance department by the following Insurance companies: American Bonding company of Baltimore, Md. Report shows gross premiums of risks written, $13,377.01; gross losses paid, $6218.51; gross losses incurred, $11,449.65; tax, $133.77; fees, 22; certificates, $47. Teutonic Insurance company of New Orleans. Fire risks written, $1,981,465; gross premiums received, $34,661.33; iosses paid, $9462.88; losses incurred, $11,412.88; tax, $173.31; fees, $22; certificates, $87. Phoenix Insurance company of Hartford. Risks written, $10,647,223; premiums received, $171,442.39; losses paid, $88,675.94; losses incurred, $64,-486.94; tax, $857.21; fees, $22; certificates, $397. Charters Filed. Charters of the following corporations were filed yesterday in the secretary of state's department. Mechanic's Woodwork Manufacturing company of Dallas, capital stock $5000. The incorporators are W. H. Mott, J. A. Johnson and T. M. De Loach. Southern Land and Loan company of Tyler, capital stock $5000. The Incorporators are E. F. Cook, A. Victor Ely, A. L. Elliott. Dandruff is a contagious Disease caused by a microbe. GOIN&l G-OIN&!! GONE!!! Herpicide Will Save It. Herpicide Dom Cry Fake The mere mention of "hair remedy" throws some men into a fit of unreasonable incredulity. It is true that before the microbic origin of baldness was discovered that most hair remedies were worthless, but Drug Stores, $1.00. Send 10c Stamps to HERPICIDE CO., Dept. H, Detroit, Mich.,for a Sample. Newbro's Herpicide The ORIGINAL remedy that "kills the Dandruff Germ." C. O. YATES, Special Agent. Applications at Prominent Barber Shops. Do THE TRUE and TRIED The Chlckering, the Krell, the Emerson, the Smith & Barnes and the Goggan Pianos. We sell these and our guarantee backs them and protects buyers. We sell the superb AngeJus, the only perfect piano player. VICTOR TALKING MACHINES AND RECORDS. THOS. GOGGAN & BRO. Galveston, San Antonio, Dallas, Waoo and 826 Congress Ave, Austin. persons, who wish to fit themselves for service in the libraries of Texas ana wno una it mit"o""- the two years course in one of the established library schools. Competition of the freshman and sophomore years in the department of literature, science and arts in this or some other Institution of reputable standing is a minimum requirement for admission to this class. Banquet to Students. President Frather entertained the officers and members of the executive council of the student body at his home Friday evening. The dinner was followed by short speeches by all present on topics of interest to the student body and topics touching on the University. This forms a part of th movement inaugurated permanently at the Unhersity to bring the officials and the students in closer touch with each other, and to bring about the co-operation of all concerned in the welfare of the institution. Th banquet, as it proved to be to the visitors, was most highly enjoyed by all. Those present were: Edward Crane, president; B. L. Glasscock, secretary; Murray Ramsey, Robert Edwards. Clarence Wilier, G. Drummond Hum. (J. T. Cope, E. L. Wllkerson, Joe Aver-ite, Clinton G. Brown, L. W. Parrisb, J j. C. Robertson, T. B. Claik, O. 1.. Sims, Julian Hinds and J. E. Mitchell. E. E. Mclnnis was also one of the guests of the evening. Seabrook Oil company of Houston, capital stock $10,000. The Incorporators are I. Lewyn, S. F. Curry and W. A. Wheeldon. Cordz Milling company of Austin, capital stock $75,000. The incorporators are Henry V. C. Cordz, Guy Cordz, C. M. Pease and Julian Cordz. The Morgan Reed Hardware company of Coolidge, Limestone county, capital stock $6000. The incorporators are T. C. Morgan, E. L. Morgan and R. L. Reed and others. The All Right Oil company of Houston, capital stock $10,000. The incorporators are Dr. Frank B. King, J. W. Boynton and H. L. McWilliams. Cleburne Country club of Cleburne, capital stock $10,000. The incorporators are L. W. Chase, J. S. Butner, H. D. McCoy and others. Cane and Rice Belt Irrigation company of Houston, capital stock $100,-000. The incorporators are J. M. Frost, Ben Campbell, Je McCreary. A permit to do business in Texas was granted to the Glen Lumber company of Kansas City. The Texas headquarters are to be located at Jefferson, Tex. The capital stock is $250,000. State House Notes. Falls county yesterday redeemed an Issue of $6000 4 per cent bonds held by the permanent school fund. William Kennedy, county attorney of Limestone county, was here yesterday on business with the comptroller's department J. C. Cope, district clerk of Limestone county, was here yesterday on business with the comptroller's department Joseph A. Kemp, J. T. Montgomery and Edgar Scurry, prominent citizens of Wichita Falls, arrived here yesterday on business at the state house and also to look after certain Irrigation measures which are now pending in the legislature. Griffins' College of Commerce the best of the good ones. Corner Eighteenth and Lavaca streets. Will Save It. Too Late for Herpicide. not many of them were designedly so. Chronic baldness 13 Incurable, but its forerunners, dandruff, itching scalp and falling hair, can be cured by stopping the microbic growth with Newbro's Herpicide. It prevents reinfection. Money back if unsatisfactory. Delightful hair dressing. Stops itching of scalp instantly. NOT FORGET J

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