Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on March 19, 1904 · 8
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 8

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1904
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' 8 THE AUSTIN STATESMAN SATURDAY,1 MARCH 19; .1904. HANCOCK OPERA HOUSE MONDAY NIGHT MARCH 21 FAREWELL TOUR WR. FRED NIBLO Politely Proffers THE FOUR COHANS And Their Big Company of 72- SINGING COMEDIANS 72 In the Latest New York 8uccess, FOR GFFICE BY GEO. M. COHAN, THE MUSICAL COMEDY TRIUMPH OF THE SEASON. Three months in New York, fifty nights in Boston, forty-five nights in Philadelphia and forty nights in Chicago. The Show You Are Looking For. SEATS NOW ON SALE. TUESDAY, MARCH 22, Matinee and Night LAST SEASON'S BIG SUCCESS Jules PIurry'i BIO SCENIC PRODUCTION OF JOSEPH ARTHUR'S lisi A PASTORAL LOVE STORY Direct From Its Phenomenal Run in New York. MELODRAMATIC MUSICAL SENSATIONAL WHOLESOME IAEGE AND SPLENDID COMPANY, Magnificent Scenery. Thoroughbred Horse Carried by Lost River Company, " Bicycle Sace. Old Toll Gate, etc. Prices: Adults, 60c; children, 25c; Hi flit, 25c,' GOc, 75c ohd fl.00. UNIVERSITY AUDITORIUM ' DOUBLE ATTRACTION. (Auspices Matinee Musical Club. March 19 8:30 P, M. 8HARP. America's Greatest Contralto, Accom nanied by Professor Ludwig. Great Bohemian Pianist. ADMISSION ....$1.50 and $2.00 Reserved eeats now on sale at Uni-rsity Drug Store and Goggan'i nusio Store. asefea! : iiwais'Mg'aiggKaai Saylor vs. D. 6 D. Institute INSTITUTE GROUNDS LAST GAIVIE Today, March 19th 4 P. M. Admission 23 Cents MONEV TO LOAN-Vendors' lien notes, as wen as me-thanlca' Hens, extended on long time, low interest rates; easy payment. Own your own home, atop tenting. People's Building and Loan Aii'o, IIS Congress Avenue. Wm. G. Bell, Secretary, Loan on business, property as well as .'residence.' . . - . . I AUSTIN WHITE LIME GO Manufacturers of White Lime, and dealers in Cement, Plaster, Hair, Fire Brick, Sewer Pips, Acme Cement Plaster. A. F. MARTIN & BRO. - $ Office 415 Congress Ave. osf iiiei sT"nW!!l m JMT ft MUM'S PAW PAW Cures Catarrh Paw-Paw Cured Hon. Kitt Gould, Chicago, of Catarrh of Stcmach. Hon Kitt Gould, Chicago, Representative of the Third Senatorial district, and for four yearn the attorney for the State Board of Pharmacy of Illinois, says: "I have been a great sufferer from catarrh of the stomach, dyspepsia and indigestion, which completely upset my nervous system. Munyon's I'aw-I'nvv tins driven out these distressing ailments, and has restored all my old-time energy and vim. It is a marvelous remedy." I believe that when the public bo-conies thoroughly familiar with the virtues of I'aw-i'aw it will not only be used in every home, but will be adopted Into the United .States Army and Navy and used in every hospital throughout the civilized world. M UN YON. Sold by all druggists. Large bottle, $1. l'aw-I'aw Laxative Mils, 25c. a bottle. TEACHERS' INSTITUTE IN SESSION YESTERDAY AN INTERESTING PROGRAM WAS CARRIED OUT SEVERAL PAPERS WERE READ WILL MEET AGAIN TODAY. Twenty teachers are attending the Travis county teachers? institute which ipened a two days session at the county court house yesterday moraine at 10 o'clock. 21 Ics Funrile Crockett, the vice president, is presiding in the absence of the president. Miss Zena Slaughter, the secretary, la In attend ee. Yesterday's program was very Inter esting to the teachers. It was & fol lows: "How to Secure Best Results in Penmanship." H. V. Heller, Miss Mary Abrahamson. 'How to Make School Attractive for the Vutiil," Miss Kate Cocke, Miss Genie Richmond. 'Methods In Reading," Miss Zena Slaughter. Miss Oallie Rowe. 'Mehods in Physiology." Miss Bettle Bonner, Miss Myra Robertson. "Current Events." W. P. Brady. "School Equipments." Professor A. Howard, Miss Mattle Wiley. Moral Instruction." Miss Fannie Crockett, Miss Lona Mack. Address. Professor A. N. McCallum. "One or More Points in Which I Have Been Most Successful During the Past and Present School Years." Institute. ThB program this morning will be: "Grammar." Professor B. F. Sisk. "Arithmetic." Ir. M. B. Porter. "Consolidation of Rural Schools." Dr. Caswell Kills. Twelve Hundred People Heard Mnlek. The auditorium at Georgetown was filled with a spellbound audience last: Saturday night to listen to Malek, the Bohemian cianist. who Is to appear here tonight. . Many of the audience will come to Austin to hear him again. DEATHS IN AUSTIN. Mrs. Mary Byrne. The death of Mrs. Mary Byrne of this city occurred yesterday morning it 12:20 o'clock at the family residence, No. 609 F.ast First street. Heart fail ure was the cause of her death, which was rather sudden. The deceased was 4 years of age, and was one of the oldest residents of Austin. She was he wife of Miles Byrne, and besides her husband eight children survive her. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock from ft. Mary's Cath olic church, and Rev. Father O'Keefe, pastor of ttie church, conducted the fu- iy;rai ceremonies. Isaao Bangtsson. Isanc Tianstsson, aged 55 vears, a well known citizens of Round Rock, difxl In Austin at the Seton infirmary. o which place lie hud been taken for treatment, he being a sufferer from a cancer In the stomach, which finally nuseu his death. The remains were shipped to hia home yesterday morn- lug at II o'clock. Look at the Brand ! Walter Bakers Cocoa and Chocolate The FINEST b tis World Costs Less than Qr.e Cent a Cup Forty Highest Awards in Europe Waiter Baker&Go.Ltd. EstaiMed i78o DsrchastBr, Mass. :-!? I m MANY LAND LEASES WILL BE FORFEITED LIST GIVEN OUT BY ACTING COMMISSIONER AMOUNTS TO SEVENTY-NINE THOUSAND AND FOUR HUNDRED ACRES. EXPERIMENTAL WORK OF FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Several Stations Established in Texas. Special Agent Spending Some Time Here Orders Issued by the Railroad Commission State House Notes. Judge. J. T. Roblson. acting com missioner of the general land ottice, announced that the following leases are subject to forfeiture for nonpayment of rental, and such as are not paid by April 1, 1804, will be forfeited at 9 o'clock a. m. of that day, and the lands "embraced will be subject to sale after that hour. Burnet county. 80 acres, leased to J. F. Williams. Crockett county, 640 acres leased to G. IS. Hell, 640 to VV. 1'. Hoover. Duval county, 1920 acres leased to Lillie A. Ridder. 640 to ft. A. Corbet Kdwards county, 640 acres leased to J. It. (iuthrie, 640 to K. K Dietert. El Paso county. 9600 acres leased to R L. Newman, 10,240 to Carpenter Bros. He Sharp. Kerr county, C40 acres leased to Nathan Harzog. Martin county, 640 acres leased to J. IS. Robertson. Midland county, 9280 acres leased to Andrew Allen. McMullen county, 960 acres leased to H. and J. Martin. Pecos eountv, 640 acres leased to E. VV. McKenzle, 44S0 to J. IS. White, 20,745 to S. L. Mooney. 1200 to J. K. Cope, 1280 to John H. Dock. Presidio county, 640 acres leased to W. W. Bogel, 1120 to Colquitt" & Tigner, V.I20 to A. L. Mentis & Co., 640 to D. Alarcon, 640 to Crovvz Rodriguez. Reeves county, 1916 acres leaded to R. N. Couch. Button county, 610 acres leased to irve Kills, 12S0 to J. W. Odon. 1920 to E. K. Sawyer, 640 to Rountree & Co. Tom Green county, 1280 acres to W. G. Bartlett. Webb county, 1096 acres leased to Marclal Hinojosa. Wheeler county, 040 acres leased to F. H. Rothglen. The total number of acres embraced in these lease contracts is 79,417. SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE Of Department of Agriculture Will Spend Week Here. K. II. Harmon of Brenham, special representative of the department of agriculture at Washington, is in Austin and will spend a week or ten days on official business. Mr. Harmon says the government established last year several experimental stations over the belt of country where the cotton crop was ravaged by the boll weevil on which the various methods proposed for the destruction of the Insect were tested. His particular mission is to canvass the country and present to the farmers the practical results of the methods tested and to establish what the department designates as demonstration farms, that is, farms on which plans will be pursued the utility of which have been demonstrated. Mr. Harmon said he had been very successful In his work, having estab-lisned forty or fifty in Waller county, about fifty in Fayette, twenty In Lee nd thirty-three n the vicinity of Manor in Travis county. In the ten days he is to remain in Travis county he proposes to visit all the principal neighborhoods and communities, and feels confident of being able to establish a hundred of these farms. Commission Orders. The railroad commission issued the following circulars yesterday deciding some of the questions considered during the hearing held Tuesday and Wednesday, 15 and 16. It Is hereby ordered by the railroad commission of Texas that the com modity tariff issued to apply on live stock. In carloads, transported by railroads between points in Texas and effective March 10. 1SH9, be amended by canceling Item 6 of section 3 thereof, as established by circular No. 1!47, issued November 20, 1903, and substituting therefor the following: 6. Return transportation for men In charge of live stock shipments shall be good only when presented within twenty-four hours of date of issue and for continuous passage without lay over, from the destination of the shipment to the shipping points, and shall be limited to fifteen days from date of shipment from original shipping point. This order shall take effect April 8, 1904. It is hereby ordered by the railroad commission of Texas that the commodity tariff Issued to apply on sundry commodities., in carloads, transported by railroads between points In Texas and effective March 10, 1899, be amended by canceling item 59 thereof and substituting therefor the following: 39. Oil, petroleum and products, viz., coal or carbon, benzine, benzole, petroleum (lubricating), nnphtha and gasoline, in tank cars furnished by shipper, straight or mixed carloads; also in barrels and cases, and petroleum in glass (boxed). In jacketed cans and tin cans (boxed); also axle grease, straight or mixed carloads, from Houston, 25 cents, and from Galveston, 28 cents, per 100 pounds. This order shall take effect April 8, 1904. It Is hereby ordered by the railroad commission of Texas that commodity tariff No. 34. Issued by this commission to apply on lumber and articles taking lumber rates, in curloads. transported by railroads between points in Texas and effective May 24, 1901. be amended bv ndding thereto the following Item: 'Effective April K, 1904, rates on lumber and articles taking same rates, In curloads, from stations on the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe TTilway north of Beaumont, to Sabine Pass and Port Arthur, shall be as follows: From Rogan and south, 4 cents; from north of Rogan to Center, inclusive, 6 cents. Interest on Land Notes. The state treasurer received yesterday the sum. of J4030.60, Interest on land notes held by the permanent public school fund. Burleson County Farmers. A. C. Jones of Burleson county was In the mute house on business yesterday. He says Burleson county fanners are diversifying their crops more this year than at any time In their history. One person, ha says, Is preparing to plant 100 acres in cantaloupes this year, and that the acreage In other truck will be much larger than during any former season. Tax Collectors Report. Collectors of the severnl counties named remitted to the comptroller yesterday the following anfounts in partial settlement of their February I account: Harris county, 16397.60; Blanco, $88.75; Young. $41: Tarrant $5600.01 ; Marion, $28.50; Franklin. $433.16: Randall, S4S.57: Hutchinson JS7.27 : Camp. $182.50; Zapata, $200; Falls, $214. Total, $13,271.43. Judge Armstrong a Visitor. Judge George W. Armstrong of Sour Lake, who vhm in Austin en route to Fort Worth yesterday, spent a short time in the state department visiting his brother-in-law, t). K. Shannon. Rain in Southeast Texas. II. C. Smith, who has spent the past few davs in southeast Texas, was at the capltol for a short time yesterday. The heaviest rain that has fallen in that cart of the state for two years, he said, has fallen during the last day or go. Charters Filed. Charters of the following corporations have been approved and' filed for record In the state department: The Warren Oil company of Beaumont. Capital stock. $3u.000. Purpose, establishment and maintenance of an oil company. Incorporators, W. W. Cunningham. Randall Silverman and Walter J. Crawford. First Christian church of El Cam no. No carrital stock. Purpose, to hold and conduct divine services. Incorporators. Bernard Brown, J. n. Holloway, Mack Webb and K. B. Patrick. The Utiion Petroleum company filed an amendment to its charter, changing its business headquarters from Beaumont to Saratoga. Bonds Registered. The secretary of state registered yesterday bonds of the Texas Short Line Railway to the amount of SSii.oOO, the same havlnsr been authorized oy the railroad commission. These bonds are of the denomination of $1000, bear 5 per cent interest, payable semi-annually, and mature in twenty years. Paid Telephone Tax. The Lufkin Telephone company oi Lulkin has reported to the comptroller 1!)9 instruments In use for quarter ending December 31. 1903. and paid $9.75, the annual occupation tax. Fisk will sing Boat" tonight. Gaynor's "Slumber THIS OUGHT TO CONVINCE. C. O. Yates Will Pay For Hyomei Himself When it Fails to Cure Catarrh. "If I only knew it to be true. I would not hesitate a moment." This is a thought the average person has when reading the claims of some of the medicines that are advertised as cures for catarrh. The results from the use of Hyomei are so remarkable in the cure of catarrh that they seem beyond belief. The fact, though, that C. U. Yates, one of the best known duggists In this section, has so much confidence in the power of Hyomei to cure catarrh that he sells it under his personal guarantee to refund the money if the purchasers can say that it did not help them, ought to convince the most skeptical that Hyomei can be relied upon to cure all catarrhal troubles, no matter how serious or deep-seated. The complete Hyomei outfit, consist -insr of a neat inhaler that can be carried In the purse or pocket, a medicine dropper and a bottle of Hyomei, costs only one dollar. Additional bottles of Hyomei can be procured for fifty cents, making it the most economical of treatments. Catarrhal colds, which are so common at this season of the year, have been cured in a day. Mild cases of catarrh that have become chronic are frequently cured In a week or ten days. Now is the time to begin the use of Hyomei, remembering that C. O. rates sells every package on a positive guar antee to refund the money if It fails to pure. Fisk will sing several English ballads tonight. Malek and Fisk. The concert which the 'music lovers of Austin have been looking forward to with so much interest takes place at the University auditorium tonight. Many people from Georgetown, Taylor and other points will be here. It is ex pected that every seat in the audito rium will be taken. The artists are the greatest that have appeared in Austin since Nordica and Schumann-Helnk were here. Malek, the great Bohemian pianist, is considered bv critics to be "the peer of any living pianist." "the second Chopin," "the greatest since Rubensteln." Concerning his recent performance in Dallas, one of the Dallas papers says: "To hear him Is to form new ideals of the possibilities of the piano, for in his hands It gives forth the rich vibra Hons of the organ, the singing tones of the violin, the chords and blended harmonies of the orchestra. Madame Fisk is regarded both at home and abroad as the greatest American contralto. She has a wide nuitre and her lower notes are pecu liarly full and rich. In addition to her aria from Samson and Dalllah," she will sing manv beautiful ballads, songs which always reach the hearts of the ueoule. Mr, Ludwig will play Fisk's accom' paniments tonight. BROKE SHOW WINDOW. Miscreant Throws Missile at Plate Glass Window of Isaac Bledsoe. When the furniture store of Isaac Bledsoe was opened for business yesterdav morning it was discovered that one of the large plate glass show windows had been broken during Thursday night. The break is in the form of a six-cornered star, and Is at a place a short distance below the center of the window. An investigation is being made of the matter. DOCTOR'S JUMP. Medioine Failed, But He Got Back to Health on Food. Proper food helps doctors really more than anything else in many cases. A well known Ohio specialist says: "I have been afflicted with rheumatism and stomach trouble for about four years and have taken my own medicine, also received treatment from other doctors, but I did not seem to get relief. "One year ago while living in Detroit I made arrangements to go under a special line of treatment, but Just then my father was taken so ill I could not leave him, and at that time we both began to use Grape-Nuts food three times a day and soon found some remarkable changes going on.. It not only cured my father, but it has completely cured my stomach trou ble and has done mv rheumatism more good than all the drugs I have ever taken. It has also helped a great many of my patients. From my observation I am convinc ed there is more strength in one package of Grape-Nuts than there is In many pound of beef or butter. "All of mv own nervousness and sleeplessness are gone and I have gained from 115 pounds to 151 pounds, so you can see that the food has made me robust and healthy." Name given by Fnstum Co.. Battle Creek, Mich. It Is an undisputed fact thtjt there is more nourishment the body can use In one pound of Grape-Nuts than in ten pounds of meat, wheat, oats or bread, as trial quickly proves. "There's a reason." Iook in each package for the famous little book, "The Road to Wellvllle. ARE REARRESTED ON MURDER CHARGE TWO YOUNG NEGROES, CHARGED WITH IMPLICATION IN THE KILLING OF M ANSON LEE ARE IN JAIL AGAIN. FAILED TO GET RELEASE ON HABEAS CORPUS WRIT Remanded to Jail to Await Preliminary Hearing the Date of Which Has Not Yet Been Fixed Suit for Partition Filed in Fifty-Third District Court. The two young negroes who wer released from custody after a prelim- ltuu v trial in Justice White's court ! Wednesday afternoon on the charge ofi implication in the killing of .Manson Lee. were rearrested vesterdav after- I noon, this time on a warrant, sworn out in Justice Johnson's court at thei Instigation of the state's attorney. I Shortly after their arrest their at tor-.' ney instituted habeas corpus proceed-' ings for their release, and after a lienr- i mg before Judge Calhoun they were remanded to .jail pending a preliminary examination, which has not yet been set by Justice Johnson. It will j probably be held some time today. Suit for Partition. Suit for partition was tiled in the Fifty-third district court vesterdav by L. A. McFall et al. vs. C. P. Schiivener et al. Jury Dismissed. The Jury of the Twenty-sixth district court was dismissed yesterday foi the week. Petition in Bankruptcy. A voluntary petition in bankruptcy was filed in the federal court yesterdav by James Montie Hicks, a merchant of Somerville, Burleson county. His liabilities amount to $1627.27, all unsecured claims. His assets are scheduled at $100, all claimed to be exempt. Real Estate Transfers. George E. Shelley et al. to Ullie IX Shelley, lots 9, 10 and 11 in block 1 of the subdivision of the east one-half of outlot 1 in division Z of Austin ! Frank Cox to George S. Turner, 47 acres of land out of pan of survey 6, made for Dennis Cor-win by virtue of his application filed April 10. 1882 George W. MacDonnell to r. A. McFall. the north portion of lot 10 in block 1 of outlots of Brown's subdivision of lot in outlots 63 and 68 in division D of Austin Mrs. Jennie W. Southgate to Robert M. Rives, lot C in block 12 in Fairvlew Park addition to Austin 1000 HE HAS RESIGNED. Dr.. John H. Foster Goes to New York to Take a Special Course. Dr. John H. Foster, who has for Some time past been connected ivifh the State Insane Asylum, has resiKii- led his position. He left last night fi ievv none, wnere ne will devote a year to a special course in the treatment of ear. eve and throat diseases. Dr. Foster Is well known in medical circles In Austin and throughout the state. Hear Malek play Chopin's famous F minor fantasia tonight. HAIR SOFT AS SILK. New Scientific Treatment Kills Dandruff Germs and Makes Hair Soft. It is an accepted fact, a proven fact, that dandruff is a germ disease; and it is also a demonstrated fact that Newbro's Herpicide kills the dandruff germ. Without dandruff failing hair would stop, and thin hair would thicken. Herpicide not only kills the dandruff germ, but it also makes hair as si-tft as silk. It is the most delightful hair dressing made. It cleanses the scalp from dandruff and keeps it clean and healthy. Itching and irritation are instantly relieved, and permanently cured. There's nothing "just as good." Take no substitute. Ask for "Herpicide." Sold by leading druggists. Send 10c in stamps for sample to The Herpicide Co., Detroit, Mich. Yates' Drug Store. Special Agent. See the last and deciding game of baseball. Baylor vs. Deaf and Dumb Institute, at institute grounds thi3 afternoon at 4 o'clock. The Four Cohans. George M. Cohan is a trust In himself. To begin with, he was born on the Fourth of July, twenty-rive years I ago. His choice of a birthday shows : his patriotism, as well as his lndepend- ! ence this being Independence day. He I is independent, and shows it by his many attainments; where another man would be glad to do one thing well, Mr. Cohan does many. He is author, playwright, producer, actor, singer, designer of scenes and costumes, and part owner of three theatrical enterprises. He writes his own plays every word and line writes every song, both word and music; all the music played by the orchestra between the acts Is of his composition; he plays the leading male character in his own plays, and besides this, he sketches the scenery and costumes for th plays and drills the members of the company, individually and collectively, in their respective parts. One of his most successful songs was written on a ferryboat going from New York to Jersey City. His great hit in "Running for Office" was his song. "If I Were Only Mr. Morgan," but there is an unpublished refrain which, is at the bottom of the hearts of his many imitators, which is, "If I were Only Mr. Cohan." Hancock's opera house Monday night. "Lost River." The artistic beauty of the flcenery depicting the old Baden pike with its old fashioned toll gale in Joseph's Arthur's big scenic melodrama, "Lost River." and the exciting series of sensational events which occur In the third act. of the play, which terminates with the thunder of thoroughbreds' hoofs as the heroine dashes through the tollgate, pursued by two mounted robbers, made this act one of the features of the play during its long run of six months in New York. F,very night numbers of people would wander to the box office about 10 o'clock and buy standing room just to see this one powerful scene. There are many other sensational episodes occurring during the play. The panoramic effects used in the flrat. act are very effective. The villain rides swiftly after th hero, both apparently pedalling their wheels at top speed, till the villain gains ground, and with uplifted arm is about to stab the hero In the back. Just as the heroine rtdes-jon ancPshoots from her wheel, shattering the villain's wrist. The panoramic arrangement of beautiful scenery, the vivid lightning fuvshes. rolling of thunder, and sound of falling rain add realism to this scene. Hancock's Tuesday, night. The time to blossom out in new clothes. Still Easter is two weeks off. It gives you just that much more time to make a qood selection. Its hardly necessary for us to tell you the many good points abovt ojr clothes. Really, the good points in our clothes are the talk of the town. Washable Suits for little tots, $1.00 to 7.50. Vooien effects in Suits for little tots, $3.50 to $7.50. Buster Brown Collars to go with suits for lots 15c, two for 25c IARRELL THE STORE OF UP TO DATENESS, FOR MAN AND BOV "A thing of beauty is a Joy forever." AND THAT'S WHAT THE HIGH ART TAILORING GO. are showing and producing in HIGH PRICE TAILORING 707 Congress Ave. NEW ARRIVALS. NEW GOODS. JOHN L. MARTI IN 410 Congress Ave. Both Phones, 320. A full line of Electric and Gas Fix- tures in stock. Gas, Steam and Hot Water Fittings, Electric Wiring and Construction Work. Dealer in Iron Pipe and Fittings, Hose, Brass Goods, Sewer Pipe, Electric Supplies, Fans, Dynamos, Annunciators, etc. Plumbing and Electrical Repairing done. Estimates on work furnished. $ Austin Wholesale Houses i W. B. WALKER & SONS. Wholesale Grocer9 and Proprietra Austin Canning Factory. TAYLOR HARDWARE CO, Wholesale Hardware, Wrapping Paper and Paper Bags. WALTER TIP3, Wholesale Hardware. Ideal Wind Mills. "IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMER TIME" You'll want our Pure CRYSTAL ICE Made From Distilled Water. Phone us and our driver will cail and arrange to supply you. BOTH PHONES 246. Lona Star Ice Co. ' Superior fMok and Moderate " Price. Contractors and parties wfee contemplate building -will On end it to tnair advantage te la -tlcate. AUSTIN BRICK COHP'NY A. J. ZILKER. Manaaan, Car Lota a Specialty. Tel. 13. Plant Op. Couf.d. Hon WANTS ONE CENT PER WORD (J Interested nd should know about tlw wonderful MARVEL Whirling Spray Tbe new Varliul Hyriirt. Jvitc- (yonana tiucixtm. best Haf- eac jh out convenient. 11 ueuses lutuuf. Aik roar dmttrUt for It. Ii he onnnut supply the MARVEL, accent no other, but send Btaiim for Illustrated book It (fires full iarticulftrB and directions in clinable to la-lifH. MAR' Kit CO,, L Always Reiisiber the FrJI Name gxative gromo O&H&me CaraaCctf&iaGfteltay, Ciijtla 2 Days en every yrtnr tun. 23c PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM (T!arief and beiaiifld the hair. f-M frotrot Hair 'otTowi a in. wiam gmwin. ever Fail to Bentore Cray Hair to its Youthful Color. Cuni pxalp dieases St liftir iiUicg. JOHN P. SHEEHAN HEAVY HAULING OF ALL KINDS DONE CN SHORT NOTICE. MAKES A SPECIALTY OF REMOV. INQ MACHINERY ANQ SHIPPING SAND. ... Phone 675. . . , S3 Rain.y Street. . . . AUSTIN, TZX. J lOI Men's Easier Suits $12.00 to $45.00. Youths' Easier Suits $10.00 to $25.00. & KLEIN LAWYERS' DIRECTORY Law Office of D. W. 300 M, Rooms 6, 8 and 9, Masonic Temple, f D. W. Doom, G. G. Bisseil. D. H. Doom. HENRY G. KING. Lawyer. Special Attention to Land Business. Austin Texas. The Statesman, cents a month. Hotel Directory BURNET HOUSE Health Seekers' and Tourists' Hotel. Burnet is the Highest Point Between Galveston and Llano 1300 Feet. Rales $2.00 Per Day. GUADALUPE HOTEL. (Successor to Platz Hotel.) Philip Holzman. Proprietor. $2.00 Per Day. Bar in Connection. Clean, airy rooms and beds, polite attention, splendid table fare, center ot business. Traveling Men's headquar ters. New Braunfels, Texas. McMeans House The Traveling Min's Home. MRS. H. A. M'MEANS, Proprietress. San Marcos Texas. Algona Hotel LLANO, TEXAS. We make it a point to look after the comforts cf the traveling man, and to see that he is well taken care of. Tourists coming south either lor re creation or healtn. will find all the comforts of home at this hotel. No pains will be spared to make their sojourn a pleasant and memorable one. Correspondence solicited. E. MARSCIIALL. Proprietor. THE COMMERCIAL HOTEL Mrs. Newman, Proprietor, $1.50 PER DAY. Large, Airy Rooms, Everything Clean, Cool and Nice. All Commercial Trav elers Stop at the Commercial. HEARNE, TEXAS. 91 DRISKILL HOTEL. AUSTIN, TEXAS. Perfect sanitation, commodious, well furnished, best lighted and ventilated rooms in the south. Artesian water throughout. ED. SEELING, Proprietor, CARL LUETCKE. Manager - USE 3E3 HOTEL HANCOCK, Postoffice and Opera House Blook Fifty cool, neat, airy and elegant rooms. Cuisine second to none in Austin. Electric lights, electric call bells, electric funs, private baths free sample rooms. Everything First Class. Commercial Trade Especially; Solicited. Rates $2.00 to $2.50 per Day. L. Y. Hancock. Pronristni". 1 SUTOR HOTEL OPPOSITE BOTH DEPOTS. Refurnished and remodeled, most comfortable rooms in Austin. All conveniences. EUROPEAN PLAN Restaurant in connection, gup-plied with all that the market affords; cuisine nusurpassed; service unexcelled; rates reasonable. W. J. SUTOR, Prop.

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