Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 22, 1948 · Page 15
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1948
Page 15
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Farm Scene Br KNOX CRAIG Associated Press Staff Writer Time Savers—John W. Pheiffev has designed an automatic hitch for tractors and other farm implements which' he believes makes life easier for the farmer. Pheiffer, H farming near Essex in Page county, built on the back of his tractor a "tongue guide" which is a roughly pyramidal shaped "receiver" open at the back end. When the tractor is backed up, the .wagon tongue strikes one of the sloping sides into an opening where it strikes a trip that releases a spring. This allows a steel pin to drop into place and hold the tongue. To disengage the tongue and hitch, Pheiffer has a rope attached to the top of .the retaining pin which he merely pulls to lift the pin. The 26 year old farmer has received a patent on his device and is having a number of the hitches built. Another time saver has been devised by Walter Hagen, who farms near Waterville, to cut down the labor needed for feeding his hogs. Hog raising and dairying are the principal activities on the Hagen farm. Hagen got about 60 gallons of skim milk a day for feeding the hogs.^t was all being carried by hand from the separator house off the dairy barn to the feed house for the hogs, 200 feet away. Hagen installed an electric pump which draws the milk from a pail under the separator through a |ths inch pipe, and pushes it down to a barrel in the hog feed house. The pipeline runs below the ground. Show Dates—Dr. H. H. Bennett, chief, and E. A. Norton, assistant to the chief of the soil conservation service, Washington, are among those planning to attend the 41st annual pilot rock plowing match and farm renovation Aug. 19-20. Premiums of $1,700 have been posted for the competition in the all-Iowa fair's light horse show to be held the night of Aug. 20 at Cedar Rapids. The 3rd annual Waterloo meat animal show and livestock institute will run 4 days instead of 3 this year. Sponsored by the agricultural committee of the Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, it will be held Nov. 3-6. * Lightning Toll—Heat isn't the only thing that takes its toll of livestock and poultry on Iowa farms during the summer. Electrical storms can be deadly. An electrical storm that struck in the Volga, Iowa, area last week killed 8 head of cattle and 300 turkeys that were on range. Says Milk Famine Threatens Nation Denver, (U.R)—The president of the American Dairy Association says a milk famine threatens the nation because of soaring mea' prices and high farm wages. Bryce S. Landt of Wisconsin Dells, Wis., told milk farmers from 40 states Monday that price adjustments would have to be made "if a milk famine is to be avoided. Dairymen said it was difficull to find good farm hands who would milk twice daily at today'? wage scales, and said high bee) prices accused many farmers to slaughter herds that otherwise might be producing milk. Butter Production Slumped in June Ames—Butterfat production for [owa • cows under test in Dairy Herd Improvement associations fell off an average of 2 pounds during June, monthly records released Tuesday at Iowa State college show. The average butterfat figure stood at 30.7 pounds for the June summary. There were 30,468 cows from 1,800 herds on test for the period. Forty-five bulls were proved during the month, bringing to 16,623 the number of bulls officially proved since July 1, 1947. There were 88 associations in operation in the state during the month, according to Don Voelker, extension dairyman. Aid in Enrollment Waucoma—Two northeast Fayette county people, Blanche Mitchell, Eden township, and John C. Mihm, Auburn township, were selected to assist with Blue Cross enrollment at the July meeting at Fayette of the Fayette County Health improvement association. LEGAL NOTICES Coleman OIL HEATERS k./ Amazing" new' 'Furnace- Type "Unit circnlates warm air through house like a FURNACE! Gives warm floors. Heats up distant rooms. Beautiful streamlined designs. Automatic fuel and draft controls. Radio dial heat control. No other heaters can match the performance of these amazing Coleman Super-Circulators and Radiant-Circulators. See our demonstrators! CONVENIENT TERMS up ifoSuiSta SEE OUR DISPLAY NOW V VI Van Ness 20 East State Phone 17 WHAT MEANS TO YOU How the New Hudson, America's most streamlined car with the low silhouette, brings you roominess and comfort never before obtainable in an automobile. You've seen them flashing by in all thoir sparkling color — those trim, gorgeous New Hudsons with the low, streamlined silhouette. But have you really examined one of these amazing cars? They are the big newt in the automobile world today! Hudson,olways known for great forward steps in the development of the automobile, and for efficient use of motive "power:, is again 'way out ahead with a motor car that hits anew high in efficient use of space— that makes a greater prr- ce.ntage of its total space actually available jor your use and comfort. When you take a close look, you'll find that Hudson, through the use of n. new, exclusive "step-down" zone, reclaims so much usually wasted space that this sensationally efficient car gives you more useful interior room than you've ever before experienced in an automobile. This new kind of motor car has a sturdy foundation structure surrounding the passenger compartment, which permits the floor to Be recessed down within the base frame so that you step down when entering. This makes space between frame members, which is usually wasted, available for use inside the car. Scats can thus be lowered to harmonize with the new, lower top, and by stopping down into Hudson, which is only five 1 feet from ground to lop, you get more head room than in any other masa- produccd car built today! And how about sealing room? Hudson's new design reclaims space formerly taken up by wheel housings and protruding fenders. This is accomplished by placing rear scats ahead of the rear -wheels, in a zone unrestricted by wheel housings. Asa result, rear scats are 15 inches wider in this car that is only little more than four inches wider over-all. Both rear and front seats extend the full width of the body, giving Hudson Ihc roomiest seats in any American-made car! Hudson's use of the "step-down" zone and unique .seating arrangements are illustrated in the sketches that follow: OTHER CARS—PnRar.ngors ride on top of « frumr, na niinwn nlx>ye. and (in thn renr seat) txitween rear wheel honnmRH. which occupy Hpnce thnt nhould ho n pnrL nt" uraling room. Hiding un top of a frnmn mrvins thnt raArsntinl fictirl morn mimt be reduced if the roof it lowered for itreamlining. NEW HUDSON — You ridn rrmllnd ilnirn wilhin II ml- non's bnse frame, BH nliown ahnvn. iinci also nlicail of thn rrair wlirailn. Scnts cnn tlirrrforr rxlrnrl full width of Uir, cnr. Htm to tliR IIHC of tin' "sti'p-rinwn", roof is lowered for aU-caiultniug, yol umplo head room i« provided. The New Hudson even reclaims the unused space in doors by providing gorgeously tailored, recessed compartments •where interior door handles, window cranks, ash receivers, and generous arm rests are placed out of the way to allow increased elbow room for passengers. This development of Hudson's exclusive, al! steel Monobilt body-and-framc* with its "step-down" zone required years of engineering work, Ihe perfection of new production techniques and millions of dollars in highly specialized new plant investment. This may be why Hudson, and Hudson alone, offers this important advance today! "Stepping down" is so important to motor-car beauty, riding qualities and safety—as -well as roominess and comfort —that the nearest Hudson dealer has a booklet—yours without obligation—fully explaining this design principle. Hudson Motor Car Company, Detroit 14, *Trad«-mork and patents pending SEE WHAT "Stepping Down" MEANS TO YOU-AT YOUR HUDSON DEALER'S Lapiner Motor Co. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION ASSOCIATED HOLDINGS, INC Notice Is hereby given of the Incorporation of the Associated Holdings, Inc. with its principal place of business In Mason City Cerro Gordo County, lowo. The generaJ nature of the business to be transacted by this corporation shall be: To own, buy. sell, lease and deal in real estate and personal property of every kind or description and to own, build, construct, lease or otherwise handle and dispose of business and residential structures and properties; also to dea) in real estate and personal property as owner or agent and to borrow or lend money and to deal in and with mortgages, trust deeds or other evidences of indebtedness and securities of every nature, including its own stocks and stocks of other corporations and also to engage in any other general business of like or related nature and to have all of the powers of corporations as now or hereafter provided by law of the State of Iowa. The authorized capital stock of this corporation shall be as follows: (A) Two Hundred (2001 shares of common stock without par value. The common stock shall have the exclusive right to vote at stockholders meetings and to control the management of this corporation and shall be entitled to receive the entire distribution of profits of this corporation over and above the preference provided- hereinafter for non-voting cumulative 5 per cent preferred stock and the said common stock shall have a pro rata Interest in the property of this corporation over and above the preference provided hereinafter tor preferred stock. ' (B) One Hundred Fifty (150) shares of non-voting cumulative 5 per cent preferred stock of the par value of One Hundred ($100.00) each, which said preferred stock shall have no right to participate in any stockholders meetings or to vote at any meeting of the stockholders, annual or special, or to participate in the management of the affairs of this corporation. Said preferred stock shall have an interest in the property o{ the corporation to the extent of its par value with a preference over the common stock of this corporation and in liquidation said preferred stock shall first be retired before any distribution of money or other property is made to the holders of common stock. Said preferred stock shall be entitled to a preference over the common stock to the extent of Five ($5.00) Dollars per share per annum trom the earned profits or surplus as and when determined by resolution of the Board of Directors and that such preference in dividends shall be cumulative. The corporation shall have the right to call and to retire any and all shares of preferred stock nt any time after one (1) year from the date of issue by giving the holder of such preferred stock notice in writing at least thirty (30) days before | the date of such retirement. A1J retirements of preferred stock shall be in the order in which it h=is been issued unless all of the outstanding preferred stock is called and retired at one time. Such retirement of preferred stock shall be made on the basis of One Hundred Two ($102.00) Dollars per share. The capital stock may be increased by vote of three-fourths of all common stock issued and outstanding at any such time. When the capital stock is to be increased, the additional shares shall be offered to the existing stockholders proportionately to their holdings at not less than the par value. None of the shares shall be transferable except upon the books of the corporation. None of the said capital stock shall be issued until the same is either paid for in cash at not less than the par value or in properly as provided by law. The time of commencement of this corporation shall be the date of issuance of Certificate of Incorporation by the Secretary of State of the State of Iowa, and the termination shall be twenty (201 years from said date. This corporation may be dissolved at any time prior to the date of its termination by a majority vote of the stockholders. The business affairs of this corporation shall be managed and controlled by a Board of Directors consisting of not less than five and not more than nine as determined hy the stockholders at the annual stockholders meeting, who shall hold office for one year or until their successors are elected and qualified, and the directors shall be elected annually by the stockholders at the regular annual meeting of the stockholders of this corporation, and until the next annual meeting of the stockholders of this corporation, the following persons shall be directors, to wit: Frank J. Enbusk Mason City, Iowa Harry G. Lewis Mason City, Iowa Keith P. Sanborn Mason City, Iowa Wallace Stute Mason City, town Virgil R. Lockwood Mason City, Iowa Lyle H. Hillmer Mason City, Iowa The directors of this corporation immediately after their election at the annual meeting shall meet and elect from their number a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer. Any two of the offices may be held by the same person if so ordered by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors >\tall have tile right and the power to appoint an assistant secretary and treasurer who need not he a director of the corporation. Until the next annual meeting of stockholders the officers of the corporation shall be, to wit: Frank J. Enbusk President Harry G. Lewis Vice President Keith P. Sanborn Secretary Wallace Stute Treasurer Each director shall be a stockholder and if any director shall cease to be a stockholder in this corporation he or she shall automatically cease to be a director. The Board of Directors may fill all vacancies occurring in its members between annual meetings by the appointment of a qualified person to hold the office for the remainder of the term. The annual meeting of the stockholders shall be held at the principal place of business of the corporation on the fourth Monday in July of each year for the election of directors and to transact any other business of the corporation as shall be necessary and proper. The private property of the stockholders of this corporation shall not be liable or subject to the debts of the corporation. Dated this 2Glh day of June. 1948. ASSOCIATED HOLDINGS. INC. Frank J. Enbusk, President, Keith P. Sanborn. Secretary. Tests Completed on Hoistein-Fresian Cows Brattleboro, Vt.—Two registered Holstein-Friesian cows in the dairy herd owned by C. R. Doebel, Manly, have recently completed official production tests in herd improvement registry test, the Holstein-Friesian association of America announces. - The higher producer of the 2 was Queen Piebe Irene with' a total of 542 pounds of butter fat and 14,391 pounds of milk. The 2 milkinss daily and at the age ot 5 years 2 months. The other high producer was Doe-Bell lodak Ormsby with 401 pounds of butterfat and 11,473 pounds of milk made in 338 days on 2 milkings and at the age of 5 years. Testing was supervised by Iowa State college of agriculture in cooperation with The Holstein-Friesian Association of America. * LEAVE FOR CITIES Manly—L. Blattspieler drove to Minneapolis taking with him his son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Robert test was completed in 365 days on ( Blattspieler, and daughter, Sharon July 21, 1»4S 7 M»»«n City ai*b«-Gai«tt«, M*t«> City. 1 who had been visiting parents, the Louis Collis and Blattspieler homes. Also in the group were Mrs. R. F. Bublitz, daughter of the Blattspielers and her sons, Gary and Steven, who were returning to their home at Antigo, Wis. It's Not a Dump Mt. Vernon, Ohio, CU.R)—This city has a new dump, but don't call it that. City officials have designated the 64-acre tract "the Mt. Vernon Development-Receiving Grounds." B U Y U. S, S E C U R I T Y B O N D S low-cost- repair loans These lost few years have been mighty hard on houses— many repairs had to be deferred. Go over your home today . . . list the improvements you wish to make . . . get an es- timate from your contractor . . . and then let us show you how convenient monthly payments can be arranged with an FHA Property Improvement Loan. FHA Rates Are Low — Come in Todpy For Complete Details UNITED HOME DANK TRUST CO. M ember Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation B U Y U. S. S E C U R I T Y B O N D S OWNED AND OPERATED BY YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS MASON CITY'S ONLY HOME OWNED BANK IOWA SHOE BROKERAGE BARGAIN - BASEMENT - SPECIALS Hundreds of pairs of Summer Shoes drastically reduced. Shoes for the entire family. Bargains you'll not duplicate! Not all sizes in every pattern, but sizes for all. Check these groups for your favorites! Also entire stock of women's and children's summer clothing reduced for clearance. Hurry, and shop early for best selections. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATRIX STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss., No. 69G7. Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Administratrix of the estate of Jrvln C. Hanson, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. GLADYS G. HANSON BREESE & COHNWELL, Attorneys Dated July 10. 1048. S. H. MacPEAK. Clerk District Court By EVELYN SLOCK, Deputy NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss.. No. 63G8. Notice is hereby given, thnt the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Administrator of the estate of Tracy May Shire, Deceased, Jnte of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. RAYMOND B. DETERMAN CLOUGII it CLOUGH, Attorneys Dated July 10. 1048. S. H. 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