The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 20, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1933
Page 2
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PAGfetWO Wit MALVfe<m MALVfeftfl, FdWA, ^WLY 40, TM£ MALVERN LEADER Aft ALL-COP^TT WftfiKLt . jra 19 W. P. WORTMAN, PaMi.b*r Entered fa the Pott Ofttee at Halveta, Iowa, as second class mail matter. fern* of Snbtcriptio*: f**f*t»ii in Ad+a*t6 Oft* Copt one year - - - $1.09 OB* copy Mi months - - 1.00 On* copy thf** months • Single copy The date on the printed tag shows the Utne to which tie Mb- iCHptloB it paid. M JM' KATtOKAL EDITORIAL ASSOCtA±10N OFFICIAL OOtTHtt PAPER:—A1J the official proceedings of Board At Supervisor* are printed In fall In this paper. Adrerti»ing Rate* DISPLAY, »B cents a column Inch; 6 eenti an inch addition*! tot composition. Eitra fof guaranteed position. LOCALS, Classified * * * Be a line LOCALS, amonf reading matter **»*»»» iOe a Una Obituary poetry * * * * Be a line Resolutions * * * * * » Be a line Cart of Thanks* - - - * BOe SEND CHANGES OP .._, w ADDRESS PROMPTLY LEADER subscriber* are Mked to notify the subscription department profnpUy of an/ chAn&e* la their addresses. Under the u«w postal laws, newspapers and perl* edteal* must par pottue doe for feoUC«s of an? chance* In address famished by the pott office. In addition, there te ateo the prob* lain of delay to delivery or failure to get the paper. Th« .beat plan to to send the chaofc of addreM la advance. __^_ EDITORIAL Malvern was almost Inundated last week by the flood of golden corn which poured into the local elevators. The same condition existed in other communities and a tremendous amount has been sent to market. So far this has not affected the price adversely and producers are getting nearly five times as much for the grain as they did at the time of the low last March. Effects of the new deal are still more verbal than actual in this part of the country for the majority of the people. Nevertheless prospects for better times this fall are strong and optimism is reasonable. Now that the Italian air armada has reached this country, we can expect William Randolph Hearst to predict daily air Talds from Europe, This is Here retailers generally would welcome the act. armada took more time to fly over than the ordinarily fast ocean liner uses, and the armada was helpless after it reached this country. the Leader celebrates this week its 69th anniversary. Comparatively young when put beside more venerable Institutions, The Leader yet lays claim to being the oldest business in this community. The development of this community In the years since the birth of The Leader has been truly remarkable. From almost open prairie has sprung a beautiful .well equipped town making as desirable a place of residence as one could wish for. Every development, every building, every bit of paving, every community project has come from the enterprise and initiative of the high type of citlxenry which populates the community. More than natural resources, favorable climate or location, a town must have good people. Newspaper work in a community of this type is always interesting. Even in the business discouragements of the past few years there has been a compensation gained from being associated with The Leader which can not be measured in the ordinary medium of exchange. Four southwest Iowa communities are staging a cooperative this summer ,ff Travel* nHfh » CI**vy .*$ iowa has more state parks than anyone. If 3. N. Darling ever gets his state conservation program completed the average farmer will be lucky to nave a plot to till in fof every creek, every hiO is included and may sometime be set out as a state park. -f-t-1- Whfle driving a**ww the state toward McGregor we planned to stop at all wtthtt reach tat gave ft mp after eon* saHln* * map. stopping acttt* ally only at the Ledges near Boon*. Thefe we foaad * Mgh hill, a clear water stream flow* ittjt by a attntlbw of rock ledge*, the road fording the stream a half dozen times, a few animals and the trees marked with neat placards. (Black walnut: Indians made a dye from the halts, naed the nut meats for food, etc, etc.) -f-t-1- Anlta Is an unassuming com-/ munlty but Night Marshal Jake ^racier informs me that it is one f the two municipalities in the tate which has not defaulted or itherwise slipped on some credit contract. Malvern, says Officer 'razler proudly. Is the other. 1 lon't know what credit rating he btalned the information from. -f-t-1- Woodward (present home of Editor C. F. Cosby who was with The Leader staff one year) ha* a prosperous looking biul- ne»s section with one tremendous three-story building dominating the scene. It is the L O. O. F. hall and also serve* a* theater. -f-t-1- Mason City, home of Northwestern States Portland Cement company, H a n f o r d McNlder, Globe-Gazette and many another famed institution has wider alley ways than any town in Iowa. One enterprising business man there advertises that he'll rent bicycles (until the craze is over) for 16c an hour. The roughest paring In town is the stretch of concrete out past the huge cement plant. -f-t-1- Year* ago when moat lowans thought that mud roads would eternally dampen the joys of motoring, enterprising counties of northeastern Iowa paved «• long strip of nearly 10Q miles to Women'* Swrf Sail Regatta These smart set aquatic queens tine up wlfa theif balsa wood sail boats for the women's surf sail regatta at the fashionable Ude Country elub, Long Island. The boats were originally used by the natives of Ecuador for water transportation, ., I Most of us refuse to do the things we know we should do until forced by some outside compulsion. For instance merchandising in this country, could be done much easier, at Just as much convenience to the customer and for a considerably less cost than at present. One great way to do this would be by shortening the business hours and keeping them that way not more than six days a week. Few merchandising establishments need more than 48 hours a week to care for the business done. Yet all must remain open for from 12 to 17 hours daily and now the common custom is to be open also , on Sunday mornings. This condition is difficult to handle. Only a few want to keep such long hours and others must follow these few. Should the government, under the provisions of the industrial recovery bill, choose to regulate the hours of business for retail establishments we be. able interest and eni ment. Tabor, Randolph. Riverton, and Farragut are each providing one evening's program to be shown in each of the communities. Plays and musical programs will provide the entertainment and sufficient talent Is available in each community to furnish excellent recreation. The residents of those communities will be able to bear some unusual entertainment, the performers will benefit by their part in the affair and any financial gain from the several showings can doubtless be used conveniently in public work. tials. World travelers t«tt tne that there Is BO more detfekma a fish titan the cbaanet eat* Wisconsin has more precipitous hills, more sand, more desolate stretches of forest area than any state I've visited. For mites and miles one wanders through deep valleys, wondering how he'll ever get out of the labyrinth of canyons which penetrate the south* western comer. All of a sudden he does pop out of the hills and finds himself hurtling through endless forests, with tiny clear- Ings every mile or so where ambitious settlers hewed oat a compound and erected a log house. All of the country Is beautiful but one .wonders what the resident* live on. -f-t-1- Champkm motorist of the season 1* Arthur "Ping" McCullough, the famed kin«nball player, who a week ago started for the World's Fair cfaaper- oned by Clarence Bedding. Bis father received a card from the traveler a few day* after he left which wa* postmarked Texas. Be seemed to be taking that route to Chicago. C. E. Eacrett Writes of Trip to Colorado , • :|fc Denver, Colo., July li seven stories up and 334 miles from the home which we left under the guardianship of our good neighbors, the Hales and Lairds, and to our efficient and honest old friend. Mr. Hurst, we left the mowing of the lawn, although at the time it was so brown and bare it scarcely seemed possible there would be anything to mow. Cora and wheat in eastern Nebraska look about as in Iowa. Western Nebraska and eastern Colorado have poor wheat. Too dry all winter but an abundance of rain during April, May, and June — in fact a water spout last Saturday at Sedgwlck —but no damage to our 500 acres of corn which is looking fine and we are hoping it will continue so and we will get Roosevelt prices which will put us on our feet again, which seemed impossible with corn at 12 and 13 cents. After leaving Omaha the Lin* coin highway Is paved most of the way-—Just a few short stretches of gravel — and we had a fine trip in spite of the heat. Miss Bouren Is an excellent driver and we had no occasion for back seat driving. We will stay here a few days as we must not go to higher altitude in the start, then on to Empire to the Stark ranch where we will soon be catching the mountain trout Will eat a few for you-by proxy. Truly, C. E. Eacrett. The most serious danger threatening civilization today is the rapid development of a perverted sense of democracy which encourages public opinion not only to accept but to idolize mediocrity.— President Ernest Martin Hopkins of Dartmouth col lege. History . . of the . . Week An interpretative news summary of the Important events of the past week. (Continued from page i) dustry and business. The contemplated code is expected to be in the form of a. request by the president to adhere as closely i^jiy^stefi* The London conference seems to have definitely finished, the only delay in closing being the inability to find what diplomacy calls a "face saving excuse." The conference was one of the shortest on record but nonetheless accomplished nearly as much as other such world affairs. Are you Missing tilt Convenience of MODERN PLUMBING of the cwt? If you are, miss them no longer. For costs for a mod- era plumbing system including bath and other facilities can be purchased BOW at the lowest prices ever. The cost of a plumbing system canupt be computed fronj the initial price. We have InataUed. many systems in Milvern. wWeb have lajted mow lb»A 19 m" »nd NOT ONE CENT HAS mm SPENT FOR as- PAIH, IM, u.t flIU*» t&l oaai to y«u f or * ucfc * «*, MMn, You'll find Uu» «*t. wilfe Ih* «»» ft* Best business of • the year seems to be kidnapping. When it is considered that one successful kidnapping nets more than most of us earn in a lifetime), the attractiveness of the profession can be seen. Only certainty of punishment and withdrawal —by legal flat if necessary — of financial support will do away with the evil President Roosevelt has asked that all post masters be placed under civil service. Just wait until Mr. Farley bears about that. first dab of n>di length Ja state. Farmers ctormed at the taxes, for the g*« tax hadn't been invented, and entbosias» tie promoters pointed out that it would serve motorist* far in the future. Most of the slab ia still in good condition, smooth and with no£ too many cracks in It, However, it i* a trifle narrow and wa* built when a driver who hit It op to 35 m. p. h. wa* a reckless fool. Corners are corners on that road and you'll remember it the second time. -f-t-l- Incidentally if you ever go to Mason City eat in the cafe of the Hotel Hanford, Therein is a jlonde waitress who'll add more to the food than the chef. The flanford is the best hostelry In :he city although the Cerro Gordo has a fine front porch more than a half block in length where guests may sit in many chairs and observe the passing throngs with philosophical complacence, -f-M- Pastern. Iowa communities almost always tare some solid manufacturing concern popped bevide a little dam in whatever stream happens to be r^sring One stream which both rich scenic values and water power is Turkey beside which was the home of Charter putott rett, Th* hiUs around this. famed strewn on Highway 18 we as rugged and pretty any in the ««« swd owr :l<e^er to, Colo. Onr cousin, N. gmland, and wife, with their friend. Miss Dorothy Bonren, arrived at our home Saturday evening rounding up a trip of 4,000 miles from Empire, Colo, east to Pennsylvania, New York. Canada, and the Century of Progress in Chicago. We left our home with them Sunday morning for Denver going via Council'Bluffs where we visited the cemetery where the parents of^Mr. Kingsland repose. We arrived in North Flatte at 6 p, m. where the "Wild West" used to beglq but not now. Stopped at Pawnee Hotel; slept like one of the "Seven Sleepers." 'white collar workers, and a* thirty-five hour week for workers in .factories, and a minimum rate of forty cents an hour for unskilled labor. The aim i* such increase in public purchasing power before the end of the summer that the rapidly rising price levels will have substantial backing by consumer buying, power, without over-expansion of industrial activity. • • • * From London the only news of very conclusive character was the decision of the steering committee of the economic 'conference that the conference will recess 90 ful to make It clear that the recess was not adjournment, and that the conference was not to end. Whatever the distinction, It had been clear, through the week, that until the successor. GSl ttftfi tfcttMK „ banker, Afitf i *<§a*-fnv*f«8, taken ttm hW been r«feU8ol Attaint, ft** to**, * Itait jnan aft! *«i fflf «l»i«w ttf effftl trWtati MffHett l«* wa* befnf held fof Hn*>ft potted to %* fllMt*. fis iftf not been released. fhfft itttt Week Itenty-fonr seaplanes. trUdef tfc« feottttand ef General Italo fialbo, ittide felt* urely hops acfo*t section* of tn« north Atlantic m thelf way W present ttaltf fc fWetfni* to tbi World Fair. Tn* trip Wit spec, tabular- largely because ot th« number of planeH fntolfetf, th« gefies of flights #6f« eon»ervs> live and cointtafallveiy safe-* and the one mishap at the expedition had occurred at Atngtet^ dam, while the (feet was sUll ia continental Europe. Headed in the other direction plane was carrying Cot. and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh in aft equally leisurely journey. Thelf Immediate mission was the sor* vey of a proposed commercial air route to Europe. * * * » Teeth in the Iowa drivers' license laws is indicated by the fact that over the state over 1000 persons are refused the right to drive. Some have of course been deprived of drivers' privileges for a definite time only, although many will be denied a license at all future times, not only by physical defect but by demon* strated gross Incompetence and negligence. In addition to those deprived of licenses there are many more who have lost one or more tickets from the license. Notice of Meeting for Issuance of Funding Bond* The Town Council of the Town of Malvern, Iowa, In Mills County, will meet within said Town on the 31st day of July, 1933, at the office of Mayor D. E. Whlt- fleld, in Malvern, Iowa, at 8 O'clock P. M., at which time and place proceedings will be instituted and action taken for the Issuance of fl4.000.00 Funding Bonds of said Town, to bear date and draw interest from the 1st day of August, 1933, at the rate of 6 % for the purpose of funding a like amount of outstanding' indebtedness evidenced, by a.' judgment duly rendered agaii .said Town 18109 .tat in ^*3?&I* could be formulated, : * * * * Federal participation in a nation wide campaign against gangsters and kidnappers was pledged last week by Attorney-general Cummlngs. The stimulus for this announcement was apparently In the circumstances of three persons being held for ransom at three different cities of the United States, following a seeming epidemic of kidnappings within the last few weeks. The three: JOHN FACTOR, of Chicago, a speculator, was held after his abduction near Evanston. Factor, July 27, The committee was carer released Wednesday, admitted (Seal) Attest: Woodford r Mining NOTICE MacQreggor is famed for things: wild life school (high pa the bills called the "Heights" overlooking the many channeled Mississippi), catfish dinners, municipal fountains to parka and a ferry which is underseiijag a t»M bridge. The ferry gives the tr«y eler « SH mite ride |o MJ* otfew To all whom it may concern: The Firemen's insurance Company of Newark, New Jersey, hereby gives notice that »U blauk Windstorm policy No. 87, formerly IB tlw bands of C, R. Br W er« Agent for «*14 Company at M*!? vero, Iowa. hft« b»#a lost, nil*, laid or stolen, aud, said Cownany will ucu b« resnojMibit M i wur . *r» for my IOM clftimj ON TOUR JUDGMENT, WE STJE -- '" -'I'; 8 ',, ~'«'".l^^^T-t'^^f^S^^^ / ^^ % *.""•; n*i^^ i^^ J bte car free. The t«U brlflgt glve» Mm, « mU«-ioiMt ra •pans of suspension 800 tor tbe CW - wwy l» mbutiM, »taru do*wu»4w PB 1low. Ihi. «t it. \ AT THE **»!.*»«. y t office of the Court on the 1932, said Funding Bonds to ro- = new but will not increase*the indebtedness of the Town. '• At any time before the,date of said meeting five or more taxpayers may file a petition in the Office of the Town Clerk setting forth their objections thereto. Woodford R, Byjngton, ToVn Clerk. Passed and approved this 17th day of July, W3, - r,

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