Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on August 26, 1900 · 7
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 7

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 26, 1900
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AUSTIN' DAILY STATESMAN", SUNDAY, AUGUST 2G, 1900. I no l R.QQ CUTS TTON SOLD TS AUSTIN YES TERDAY AT THOSE FIGURES. ,E IIII2IB BILES COT a Tcr?nfs Far This Early in the Season The Market Not Likely to Continue at These Prices Cotton Will Be Rushed In. As predicted in The Statesman earlier the week, a great deal of cotton was arketed in Austin yesterday and at ;ood price. Ihe cotton began eom- g in the early part of the morning. ad continued to roll in until 3 or 4 klock in the afternoon. The major ty of the cotton marketed came from Je eastern portion of the county, al- ough no portion of the county failed contribute a few bales. The lowest hce- at which any cotton was sold as 8 1-4 cents, and it ranged on up to 'cents,' although very few bales went t these, high figures. The average ,ice paid was about 8 3-4 cents. The tal receipts of the market up to block was 104 bals. The buyers an Lunce that futures are rapidly falling, hd that 8-cent cotton will probably it last longer than the first of Sep-tnber. From rfow on the receipts will obably be heavy, the time of the ason ebnsidered. for all available tton will be rushed to market. A DISCRIMINATION CLAIMED. Mr. James Littlepage of Hornsbys end was in the city yesterday with ie remainder of a consignment of sev ateen bales of cotton which he has hen storing here since last Monday om his farm at Hornsby. When he fid it all stored away here yesterday asked the local buyers to bid on the t, but they declined, though one ' them said he would give him S 3-8 tnts on the cotton. Mr. Littlepage penned the offer, as they were paying ore for cotton yesterday, and states pat he will bring his wagons in to korrow and send the cotton to Manor A SUPERB STREET. he Speedway Should Be Completed and the City Should Assist. The completion of "The Speedway om Twenty-fourth street to the cap- ol will please everybody in Austin. It tould be done, and the city should lp. Col. Snipe has surely dene his bll share of the work so far, and he willine to supervise the balance of he work without ray. Who could do better? money handed me a written communication, which is attached hereto. Ko warrant was drawn when said sum was paid Judge Morris, and the al leged approved account does not disclose from what fund said sum was taken when payment was made. The purpose of this letter is to make known' all the facts known to me in connec tion with said fund to the end that you may advise what disposition to make of same. Will you please indicate to me what I shall do with the $10? Re spectfully, Z. P. JOURDAN, County Treasurer. The commissioners court have taken no action in the matter. ..' . DREW LUNACY FEES. Every County Clerk at the San Anto nio Convention except une. County Clerk John Hornsby has re limed from attending the convention K county clerks held in San Antonio kst week, and says that there thi luestion of whether county clerks were ilowed fees in lunacy cases was rais- Yi and that a poll of the convention re- ealed the fact that every county cierK h attendance except one were draw- lig such fees, and that the clerk who ad drawn no fees had done no worn in iinacy cases. IS UNDECIDED. 'ounty Treasurer Does Not Know What to Do With the Money Turned Over By Morris. County Treasurer Zack Jourdan i: t a loss to know what to do with the fioney turned over to him by Judge lorris a few days ago as payment of Ihe amount of fees received by Morris , hile county attorney for trying lu acy cases. Treasurer Jourdan yes r rday sent Judge Morris' note and the jllowing letter to the commissioners ourt: "o the Honorable Commissioner: Court of Travis County: On the 22nd day of August, 1900, udge F. G. Morris, who was formerly ounty attorney of Travis county ailed at my office and requested per iiission to deposit in the couniy treas ry of said county the sum of $10, laking known to me that said sum ad been received by him as county ttorney some fifteen years ago upon n alleged approved account against aid county, a copy of which is attach d hereto. I at first declined to receive said hand, but Judge Morris insisted on aving same in my custody as treas rer of Travis county, having contem oraneously with the deposit of said FROM GIRLHOOD TO WOMANHOOD is the time when a motheT thonld be her daughter's best friend. Start a girl riaht and she will be happy. GEHSTLtS FEMALE PANACEA G.P.P. is the best medicine a. mothereanbnyfnr her daughter at this critical period. Jt helps nature to perform its duties and saves many anxious momenta for mother and many unhappy ho'ors lor daughter. GIVEN UP At HOPELESS. J. It. CILULAHO, ,tr-$ Bridge, Ala., writes: I told 0. F. P. to a young lady customer on the "no cure no pay" plan, and one bottle entirely restored her health. Our physician had given her up aa hopeless." Writ to UDCty StiLTM cu t, car L. Om tl a Ov. Chartanftnga. Twitn., tnr trm enn- rrnin jour trmibla, ni v n" t.. "tutiUf Hothan Mkm Hapr Hamm." hrnt fro. ITEMS OF GENERAL INTEREST FOUND IN THE STATE HOUSE YESTERDAY. Lambs' tongues. ' deviled olives. pickled onions, all kinds of sweee and sour mixed pickles and relishes always to be had of Mrs. M. A. McClure. ELECTRIC LIGHTS. . , Will Be Tested by the City Prob- ably Today. Everything will be in readiness at the city power house today to test the new engine and the elec- trie lights. Only a few lights will be turned on, but if the test works successfully ' the entire Avenue circuit will be put on by Tuesday or Wednesday, , There is now ab- solutely nothing between Austin and electric lights once more ex- cept some unforeseen accident. The authorities have been work- ing faithfully and hard and hoped to have had lights before now, but this will all be forgotten when the citizens once more discard the un- pleasant kerosene lamp for the In- candescent globe. Once more can a pleasant hour of lamplight reading be enjoyed. Austin will probably wake up this week with the metropolitan improvements she used to enjoy. ! It will surprise you to experience the benefit obtained by using the dainty and famous little pills known as De Witt's Little Early Risers. C. O. Yates. Italian Salamic sausage, also C'erve- lat and extra fine smoked tongues, Mrs. M. A. McClure. CELEBRATE LABOR DAY. We recommend and ask all laboring men and citizens to purchase your groceries, clothing, etc., prior to September 3, in order that clerks and those in the employ of business men, will be enabled to celebrate Labor day. C. S. KELLI7M, D. S. HARPER, G. R. GRIFFITH, JOE AMSTEAD, THOMAS PUTNAM, Committee. All bids on Labor day privileges will close at 12 o'clock sharp August 27 Monday. Joe Amstead, Chairman. Attention is called to new fall styles advertised on first page. New men's shoes by H. R. Burt, the corner store emporium man, i a AN INTERESTING OCCASION. The Medal Contest in Elocution and Music. On last Thursday evening at the South Austin Methodist church a royal battle was fought for two beautifully designed medals offered in a contest for excellence in .elocution and music given under the auspices of the Travis Division of the Loyal Temperance Le glon and under the direct and proficient guidance of Miss Laura Rector, com manding the contending forces north of the Colorado river, and Mrs. R. H Wilhlte, those on the south side. Although the weather was anything but inviting, by 8:30 the large church which had beon exquisitely decorated for the occasion, was full to overflow ing. The Judges were comfortably seated and given their final instruc Hons by which they were to be gov erned In determining the merits of the respective contests, whereupon the choir sang the old patriotic air "Amer lea," in which it seemed that all pres ent joined. Af the conclusion of the song the pastor, Rev. W. R. Campbell came forward and In a few well chosen words invoked the blessings of God upon the exercises of the hour. From start to finish the program was exceptionally entertaining, showing that no little degree of care had been exercised In preparing for the occasion The din of battle washushed, the cor. test over, and the question on every tongue was: "Who are the victors?' Some five minutes or more were con sumed by the Judges In reaching a de. cision, and then a death-like silence prevailed as Mayor McCall came for ward with a firm ana steady step, re minding those present as he faced them that the winds of Just fifty-three win ters had been blowing through hi looks, and yet he was a poor, weary wandering bachelor with no one to love and pet him. He heartily congratula ted all participants upon the splendid manner In which they had acquitted themselves, and stated that it was with some difficulty that the Judges had reached a conclusion, so close was the content, but that the rendition of "An Old Man's Story" by Miss Bernlce Mosely. and the vocal solo "Only a Mover's Wagon," by Mies Violet Ma lone, were in )he Judgment of the com mittee entitled to the medals. These young ladies came forward and his honor in a neat little speech- presented the medals furnished him by the man tgemont, expressing the hope that the victory they had Just won might actu ate them to grasp for higher rounds in the ladder of fame. The large audlene was loud In Its praises of the progTam and was of the opinion that those boys and girls would some day be shining lights In Texas and asMst In brighten ing her now famous history. it ROUND OF DEPARTMENTS The List of Tax Rolls Received Yester day by the Comptroller A Number : of Railroads Paying Their Taxes at Present. The following county tax rolls were audited yesterday by the comptroller: Hardeman county, valuation 82,205,- 732; Increase $80,859. Nacogdoches county, valuation $3,- 055,060: increase $313,800. Calhoun county, valuation $1,718,087; increase $84,441. Hale county, valuation $1,038,345; In crease $28,620. Oldham county, valuation $815,0s6; in crease $165,240. San Saba county, valuation $3,162,173; Increase $146,187. Menard county, valuation $2,220,025; Increase, $369,188. Duval county, valuation $2,101,493; in crease $118,400. CHARTER FILED. The charter of the Hauck & Duter General Merchandise company of El Paso was filed by the secretary of state yesterday; capital stock, $90,000. PAYING TAXES. The following railroads yesterday paid the comptroller taxes due on June 30 on gross passenger earnings for the quarter ending on that date: Galveston, Houston and Southern Railroad, $194 tax on $19,436 earnings. Texas and New Orleans Railroad, $466 tax on $46,6S3 earnings. Galvoston, Harrisburg and San An tonio Railroad, $1064 tax on $106,480 earnings. Calvert, Waco and Brazos Valley Railroad, $12 tax on $1290 earnings. of Texas, on Friday, August 31, 190, for the purpose of making democratic nominations for the offices of district judge and district attorney for said judicial district, to be elected at the approaching general election, and to transact such other business as may properly come before such convention. J. H. FAUBION. Chairman Democratic Executive Com mittee, Twenty-sixth Judicial District of Texas. " FOR BETTER STREETS. Considerable Progress Now . Being Made in Street Improvements. Since the steam roller began work the appearance of several of the streets has been improved very much. West of the Avenue the Eighth, Ninth and Tenth street hills have been graded and rolled, and on the east side of the Avenue similar work is being done on the Tenth and Eleventh ttreet hills. The rolling of the Lampasas street speedway and the grading of North Congress avenue have greatly facilita ted driving between Hyde Park and down town points. In the old Tenth ward five of the streets have received considerable at tention within the past five days, the result being that 4S0O feet of level streets have been nicely graded up by the grader and that it will be gone over with the steam roller this week. The streets and distances graded are: First street, 1200 feet; Second street, 1200 feet; Waller street, 1200 feet; Medina street, 12U0 feet; Brubhy street. 1200 feet. Work will be commenced this week on the Avenue at Third street, coming north to Fifth street, grading uniform ly each way from street car tracks to curb stones, then laying with white cement gravel and rolling. The mater ial taken off the Avenue to prepare for the gravel will be used in grading Fifth street, beginning at the Avenue and going east. THIRD STREET SHOOTING. BONDS REGISTERED. The comptroller yesterday registered $S000 worth of Hartley county jail and funding bonds. BONDS REDEEMED. : Cottld county yesterday redeemed $1000 worth of jail bonds. A QUARANTINE OFFICER. The state health department has placed a quarantine officer on the Santa Fe road at the lied River crossing to prevent the possible introduction of any diseases from that section. STREET RAILWAY MATTERS. Rapid. Transit Will Move Cars In- side of a Wet k. ' Work on the new power plant of the Austin Rapid Transit Street Railway is being pushed along vigorously. All the machin- ery( that has not been received already is on the road under rush orders, some of it in the hands of the express companies to secure quicker delivery here. Unless there should be unexpected delay in the receipt of the machinery now on the road, cars will run within a week. The curve on West Fourth street heretofore used in transfer- ring cars to or from the Dummy line is being taken up and the rails will be used elsewhere, Tomorrow the work of putting new ties and a concrete gravel ballast on the Avenue line will begin at Third street, and that part of the line between Third and Fifth streets will be put in first class condition at once. The work will be continued as fast as the city continues its Avenue lm- provements. J a New 1900 crop Curtice Bros, blue label catsup, also Jellies and jams, Just received. Mrs. M. A. McClure. Jack Cravens Took a Shot Yesterday Afternoon at Sam Wheat. The police were called to West Third street yastetday afternoon by a pistol shot. It was found that Jack Cravens and Sam Vheat had disagreed over some trivial matter and that in the altercation which ensued, the pistol was discharged. At police headquarters a charge of intoxication was placed op posite Cravens' name. Wheat then went to a justice's court to prefer a charge of assault to murder against Cravens. BUYINO THE PEDESTAL. The following privileges for Labor day for sale. Sealed bids received at 89 Congress avenue for one week ending August 27: Beer, lunch, popcorn, peanuts, cigars, and tobacco, barbecued meat, hobby horses, nigger babies, Vienna sausages, fruit, shooting gallery, California chewing gum, candy, California orange cider, rubber balls and balloons. The Ed Peterson stand will be sold, with the following privileges: Soda water, lemonade, candy, Ice cream. Subject to acceptance or rejection. JOE AMSTEAD, Chairman. G. R. GRIFFITH, JAS BELGER, Committee. Dr. Irwin O'Bryan, an old Mexican war veteran, having lived In Texas flf-tl-seven years and practiced medicne in the state forty-seven years, proposes to practice In Austin and vicinity, obstetrics principally. Slate at drug stores. Residence and office at Mrs. Henderson's, Congress avenue. JUDICIAL CONVENTION. One For This District Called to Meet Here August 31. The following call Issued yesterday Is self-explanatory : Leander, Tex., August 24, 1900. By virtue of the authority vested In me as chairman of the democratic executive committee of the Twenty-sixth Judicial district of Texas, and In pursuance of the Instructions of said committee, I hereby call the democratic Judicial convention for the Twenty-sixth district of Texas to meet at the city of Austin, county of Travis, state Fund to Buy Pedestal For the Sam Houston Bust Still Growing. It Is expected that the bust which has been purchased by the people of Austin for the new high school build ing will be presented to the school trustees on thr opening day of school with appropriate ceremonies. The propowed marble p!destal for the bust,, which Is also beins bought by popular sub. scription, is now over half paid for, as the folOwing list y will show, the amount jt necessary being only $5.10: Previous'y acknowledged .. ...... $4 00 Arthur B. Crawford .... .... .... 10 Samuel V. Crawford .... i 10 Frank Crawford 10 Geo. B. Burk ... ... .... 10 Blanche Border ...... , 10 Dorothy Hill...... 10 Eugenie Hill ... 10 Sarah Hirlan .... .... .... 10 Sam Hailan .... 10 Anna Bartholomew Z1) Ebenezet Snodgras .. ., .... 10 John Adtms Gracey 10 Taylor Phillips 10 Carleton Phillips Wallace Caldwell Hill Caldwell Geo. Calcwell Hunter Harlan Total L $3 90 A F.OM ANTIC MARRIAGE. A Youny Couple Married By Justice Johnson Yesterday. De Armond Beck of San Antonio and Miss Estelle Robison of Houston were married In the office of the county clerk yesterday afternoon by Justice Johnson, and took the train at once for the brldgroom's home In San Antonio The young couple are of the very highest social standing In their respective cities, and took this method of getting married because of the objection urged against the union by their families. Miss Robison came In from Houston yesterday afternoon and was met at the deot by Mr. Beck. Mr. Beck had already secured the license and engaged :he services of Justice Johnson, and is soon as they arrived at the courttouse the ceremony was performed. Jordan almcnds. XXXX confectioners sugar, freh daten. Old Manse maple syrup and choice new crop honey. Mrs. M. A. M Clure. LABOR DAY MARSHAL. Jack Nichols of the Barbers' Union Has Been Elected. Ax a result of the ballot for Labor day marshal. Jack Nichols of the Barbers' Union having received the largest vote of any candidate has been declared to be elected. He will act in that capacity on that date, September 3. ! New sorghum, the firm of the season, 40 cents per gallon -at W. B. Walker & Sons." Do you kno that It is crun to h fur dorse in a warm stal thai tie of the yar? Board him nt Capital Livery, -Feed and Sale Stable waer he gets nothing but flrst-claaa fl and a roomy box stall U r?t I after a hard day's work In the bet 302 o 1310 Colorado street. Telephone Ctl. SliliililMi And every Distressing Irritation of the Skin and Scalp Instantly Relieved by a Bath with lol C.UTICURA kf Million And a single anointing with CUTICURA, the great skin cure and purest of emollients This is the purest, sweetest, most speedy, permanent, and economical treatment for torturing, disfiguring, itching, burning, bleeding, scaly, crusted, and pimply skin and scalp humors with loss of hair, and has received the endorsement of physicians, chemists, and nurses throughout the world. s o women Use Cuticuba Soap Exclusively forpresenring, purifying, and beautifying the akin, for cleansing the scalp of crusts, scales, and dandruff, and the stopping of fullin hair, for softening, whitening, and soothing red, rough, and sore hands, in the font of baibs for annoying irritations, inflammations, and chafings, or too free or offensiT perspiration, in the form of washes for ulcerative weaknesses, and for many sanative) antisoptio purposes which readily suggest themselves to women, and especially mothers, atid for all the purposes of the toilet, bath, and nursery. No amount of persuasion can induce those who have once used it to use any other, especially lot preserving and purifying the skin, scalp, and hair of infants and children. Ccn-cuba Soap combines delicate emollient properties derived from Cuticuba, the) great skin cure, with the purest of cloanslng ingredients and the most refreshing of flower odors. No other medicated soup ever compounded is to be compared with It for preserving, purifying, and beautifying the skin, scalp, hair, and hands. No other foreign or domestio toilet soap, however expensive, is to be compared with It for air the purposes of the toilet, bath, and nursery. Thas it combines In Onu Soap at Ons Prick, viz., Twenty-fiys Cents, the best skin and complexion soap, the best toilet and best baby soap in the world. CUTICURA, THE SET, 9I.2B. Complete External snd Internal Treatment for Every Humor, conslHtlng of Ciint:UKA soap (Sic.), to eleanne the skin of crurtn and ncales and soften tlie thickened cuticle, CUTUMJttA Ointmknt (Wtn.), to lnntantly allay Itclilnf, Irritation, ami intlnmmiilion, ami hoouib nn neai, ami li in-un iiMii, un-,., w cool ami cleanne tho blood. A Himoi.k HKT In often mifliclent to cure the niottt torturing, d!Hili?iirtnf skin, w'Jtlp, and blood liuiiiorx, rahe, ami irritation, with lows of hair, when phvHlclans, noBptiaiH, ami an tii. ooiu mrouniivm ma wwim. ibh ibuv -ft..,.. i. ,.u, Pr.m.. . liiiMtim Mmi. "llfiw luCura Uvsrv lluiuor." true. Ul"f WVH. ., MW.W ,"" " , What Is It? A tire setter. It sets them cold. It sets them quickly. Does not dish your wheels, nor burn or bruise the paint. Save tooth your time and M-heels. RADKEY'S CARRIAGE FACTORY 605 and f07 Colorado Street. Phone 198. Spectacles ALLUWMUM OR STEEL. PLAIN R RIMLESS. Eyeglasses GOLD OR . GOLD FILLED WE FiT GLASSES ON FRAMES The G. A, Bahn Optical & Diamond Co Expert Opticians 6 2 2 Cong. Ave AUSTIN, TEXAS. AsAy. DR. MOFFETTS nC IffltsUlC Regulates m Bowels. Strengthens the Child, Makes TeetMruj Easy. (Tedhintf Powders) X-LLTEETHINA Rettevti the Be 4 . g j-j, irUlsVIMVI riMVHW Costs only 25 cents at tedsts, any age. 0rnt5etBU WC. J. MOFFETT, M. C 8T. LOUJS, PJOi fTTl DR. MOFFETTS nc TeetiiiiiA

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