Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on June 17, 1900 · 7
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 7

Austin, Texas
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Sunday, June 17, 1900
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AUSTIN DAILY STATESMAN, SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 1900. 111 IK THE EXERCISES WILL OPEN THIS MORNING AND CONTINUE UNTIL WEDNESDAY. HE B1GC1L10RE1IE S'OJ The Rev. Dr. Abbott "Will Deliver It at the University This Morn ins. The Program for the Week. University Notes. MBUjUfflBCil IIP I do sot believe then la a case of drspep sis, indigestioa or ay stomach troobla that cannot ba r tiered, at one an4 permanently eurH by bit DYSPEPSIA CURE. MUNTON. At all drosirirta, 25c. a TiL Guids to Health ana medW cal advice free. 1509 Arch street, Phlla. Commencement week opens '.a earnest this morning with the baec iitiure-ate sermon by the Rev. Dr. Abbott at the University auditorium. Dr. Abbott arrived last night and Is the guest f MaJ. Ira H. Evans. The services at the University auditorium will begin promptly at 11 o'clock this morning. Dr. Abbott ,1s a gifted orator and a 'deep thinker, cud his discourse this morning bids fir to be a gem. With this ai the opening exercises of the week, the various literary exorcises, as previously noted, will occupy Monday and Tuesday evenings ai.d Wednesday morning. The University I literary clubs will hold forth Monday evening and the alumni xuesciay. trn Wednesday morning the final exerciser will be had. The various social eve nts of the week are fiilly chronicled in the society columns and need not be mentioned here. , Quite a number, of visitors have arrived to attend the exercises dur'rg th-2 past few days and Indications point to the fact ttfat there Is being nmcli in terest manifested m the closing exer-cises. ... The second number of volume 2 of the University of Texas Record is in the Dress and will be mailed to subscribers next week. This issue of the Record contains a review of the work 1 In air departments of the Tniv.r;ty : for the past year. The principal rti- cles have been prepared by thi- members of the scientific Bchools. The next number of the Record will lie icpued immediately after commencement addresses, together with the reports of the president and the processor of th different schools of the University. The contest In oratory for the Ross-Rotan medal, valued at endow d by Hon. E. Rotan of Waco. Tex., was, held in the auditorium Friday wght, eight or ten students participating in the contest. Cards are out announcing the marriage of Dr. Harry Yendell Benedict, instructor in mathemacics in tha V'ni- Versify, to Miss, Ada TEltea Stone of l-Rpaumnnt. Tex. Miss St on is herself Ian alumnus of .he University, gra'1 ) uating with the dejrres of l.a'helor of I literature in 1893. Miss Eva Hofe ..'Anderson, a iif3t I honor student of the Gainesville hifch school and student' in the University during the session of 1S99-19O0, was married on the 6th of June to Mr. .Tira Payne Thayer. Mr. and Mrs. Thajer will reside in Ardmore., I. T. President Prather is exp'icted lo return to the University Saturdir right from Philadelphia, lit delivered the commencement address of the Univtr sity of Pennsylvania in that city on "Wednesday last. The University commencement fea son was formally opend on Thursday night by' the annual ro-;ptioii given by the Ashbel Literary society on the lawr. at Grace hall. It was a most nicevcs'- ful social event. Hund v Is of etiirJonta were in attendance ui.'i a great many students, who greatly n j joyed the relaxation from ths rigorous J trial of the final examinations, whith were completed Thursday afternoon, 'j On Friday night the oi!?ma Chi fra ternity gave a reception, w it. u i manually given their friends. It was a brilliant event; more than 200 students were entertained. The most attractive feature of commencement week will be the baccalaureate sermon this morning by Rev. Dr-LA-man Abbott, editor of the Outlook. Ipr. Abbott is recognized as one of th.- nost famous pulpit orators and bra iant scholars living. This .even'iJg be tween the hours of 7and'8:30 Dr. Ab- ntt will meet informally the students o, t the university, we nas exnrrrsvu J . , V f r. 1 -. , .- , - .1 . l. I Ti t f nppt nersonallv the students. It is tx- m ... -1 ..-.. o ' ..... 1 plished by this means, as Dr. Abbott is said to possess a most charming i.nd winning personality. '-' , j The .formal meeting of the Ttxas .Academy of Science will be held MondayJune IS, 1900, at 9:30 a. m. in the ifhemical lecture room of the University of Texas at Austin. The following is the program: The Nature of Justice S. E. Mezes, !t,h. D University of Texas. The Development of the' Present Texas Railway System R. A. Thompson, M. A., engineer to the state railroad commission. 1 .Mind and Brain Edmund Monlsom- Ph. D-, Hempstead.. Cote on the Martana Bluff Mftecr- itJ-s OTC. Charlton, M. A., Eaynr ur.i- Tsity. Waco. The Relation of the Work of the Fan- ary Engineer to the Public Health . C. Nagle, M. C. E., Agricultural and lechanical college. My Experience with a Syphon Pipe Line John K. Prather. E. 3., Wa;o. Fossils of the Fort Worth Limetone Near Waco-John K. Prather, B. S., Waco, ' Research ' Work Done in Organic Chemistry (n the University of Texas J. R. Bailey, Ph. D., and Mewm. S. F. Acres, M. S.; Louis Knox, Louis Kirk and Omerod Palm. The following 1s the complete program for commencement week: Sunday, June 17 11 a.- m. Baccalaureate sermon by the Rev. Dr. Lyman Abbott of New York City. ; ; 8:30 p. m. Address before the Young Men's Christian association by the Rev. A. J. Harris, pastor of the First Bap-list church, San Antonio, Tex. s Monday, JunelS . 9 a. m. Formal meeting of the Texas Academy of Science. 11 a. m. Address before the literary societies by the Hon. Clarence N. Ous-ley of Galveston, Tex. 4:30 p. m. Open air concert. 8:30 p. m. Final exercises of the literary societies. Tuesday, June 19- Alumni day. r i ; s 9 a. m. Annual business meeting of the Alumni. . - 11:30 a. m.--Alumnl address by Thos. P. Bufflngton, Esq. (LL. B., 1S92), of Anderson, Tex. '' 4:30 p. m. Alumni serenade. 8:30 p. m. Alumni banrjuet. " Wednesday, June 20- 1 Commencement day. .10:30 a. m. Commencement . address by Hon. Presley K. Ewing of Houston, Tex. The conferring of University degrees. Thursday and Friday. June 1 and 10 a. m.Third annual meeting of the Texas Etate Historical association. XHIRTT THOUSAND DOLLARS WORTH OF RECEIVER'S CERTIFICATES. . . a 61VEI THE iOSTIN RIPID 1RI1SII With Which to Erect a Power Plant of Its Own, Wtiich Will Be Done Very Shortly Now, Receiver's certificates to the amount of $30,000 have been granted the Austin Rapid Transit line to establish an elec tric power plant of its own, and as soon as the certificates are sold and plant I erected the cars will be started in op eration. v; x. : 1 ; ' . " In speaking on this subject yester day, Maj. Ira H. Evans, receiver of the Austin Rapid Transit Railway compa ny, stated that shortly after the break ing of the dam he applied to Capt. Nailer, receiver' of the Austin Water, Light and Power company for power to operate his cars. Capt. Nalle re plied that he was short of boiler power and could not furnish him. power, as he felt that what power he had must be used for supplying the people with water. Later on he saw Capt. Nalle again, when he told him he expected to have boiler and engine power enough to run his cars, sbut had no generators and did not feel like buying them for what might prove to be only a short time contract- He had hoped the water and light board might arrange for machinery to run his cars under his contract with the city, but this hope failed and he then applied to the United States court for authority to raise money on receiver's certificates to put in a power plant of his own. This authority was granted some time since. He says he has contracted for Regular meeting of IocetT union No. 374 Retail Clerks, next Thursday night. Election of officers, adoption of by laws and other important business. All members requested to be present- Re tail salesmen not members are invited to come up and join us. CHAS. H. H UTTER, Pres . , RECEPTION COMMITTEE. Mayor John D. McCall has appointed the following gentlemen to act as a re ception committee to see after the delegates to the democratic convention. which meets Wednesday morning, June 20: Jas. R. Hamilton, J. E. Kauffman, John W. Hornsby, Jeff Johnson, N. A. Cravens. R. W. Finley, Irwin Daniel R. E. McLean, I. J. Jones, Clarence Miller, Ben Fischer, Eugene Martin, Geo. Calhoun, J. S.' Bogg, John L. Peeler, W. B. Wortham, Victor Brooks, Geo. Pendexter, A. J. Zilker, H. P. Haldeman, W, H. Richardson, John Orr, A. P. Wooldridge. Geo. W. Little-field. B. F. McNulty, T. B. Cochran, A. W. Terrell, Ira H. Evans, Wm. Von Rosenberg, Jr., T. W. Gregory. t Fresh country butter at Frank O. Babcock s. , 7,500.00 100.00 REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Following is the list of real estate transfers for the week. ending Satur day, June 16, as furnished The Statesman by the Bergen, Daniel & Gra-j Abstract company. Harriet M. Isherwood to Will H. Stahlwood, lots' 28 and 29,' ' ' out lots 47 and 48, Div. B; warranty deed ........ 100.00 The Austin Real Estate and Abstract Co. to Lee Ferguson, lot 17, out lot 33, Div. D; warranty deed , 3,000.00 Jno. McDonald and wife to A. Rogers, lots 1 to 8, block 48, City; warranty deed-........ C. W. Thorp and wife to W. D. Stuart, one-ha'.f ; acre, ; Wm. Hornsby, , - one-half ' league; warranty deed Frank F. Chote and .wife -to. W. G. Bell, 200 acres, Wm. , Cannon league; warranty deed .......: 8,000.0V Ben Baker and wife to Will Baker t al., 100 $ acres, A.' Alexander league;; warranty. " deed f.?. ... . ' 2,000.00 E. B. Millican, Jr., to O. H. ;. Millican, all interest in lot 4, block 3, out lot 3, Div. A4 warranty deed ... Mary Anderson to Christine Peterson, lot 12, block 1, out lot 44, Div. B.; warranty deed 500.00 J. JJ McCuistlon to Cornelia ; von Rosenberg, - acres, W. P. Corbin league; warranty deed F. Raven and wife to B. A.. Reed, east 87 acres, lot 9, block's, out lot 63, Div: D.; warranty deed ..... ......... G. M. Brass and wife to Marie P. Durham, blocks 2, 4 and 6, Eellevue addition; warranty deed A. F. Jones and wife to W. M. Jones and wife, acres, Jas. Gilleland league; warranty deed ...... ..i Jos. A. Jones and wife to W. M. Jones and wife, acres, Jas. Gilleland league; warranty deed ........ ........... G. W. Morgan and wife "to A. F. Martin sevea-tenths acre.' Wm. Hornsby one-third league survey; , warranty deed " Sheriff of Travis Co." to Geo. B. Burke, ind two-thirds ceres, I. Decker league, sher iff's deed 500.00 150.00 1.00 1,509.00 292.50 230.00 250.00 2,700. JO Ml (II unsurpassed in variety of pattern, excellent quality and close prices. K. C. MILLER, 220 and 222 East Sixth St, 4 PIANO CONTEST. This elegant Bush and Gerts Victor piano is exciting much interest, and each and every one is voting early and cften to secure same for his or her favorite Institution. . Exactly two weks will elapse before the final vote will be counted, so don't fail to register every vote when buying. ' Voting tickets can be obtained onlK, i at the following stores: - ,P 1 Phil Hatzfeld & Co., dry goods, mil linery: Harrell & -Wilcox, clothing; Dillingham Shoe Co.; J. H. Chiles, druggist; F. M. Beaty, carriages; G. C. Bengener & Bro., hardware; C. A. Dah-lich, furnitures Moreland Miller, wall paper and paints; Walker & Sons, groceries; Marks Grain Co.; Corner Book and Stationery Co.; W. T. Wroe & Sons, -harness; Caperton's meat market; Bosche's Troy Laundry; Kluge & Bros., harness: W.- H. Milam, "The Nook;' J. G. Taylor, groceries; Wray Bros., pianos and organs; John Shee-han's Washington market, and Hew York Millinery Emporium. The following Is the result of the vote counted yesterday afternoon at $ o'clock: ; Hyde Park church i . 301.86:1 Charity Hospital ..26S.794 . .263.8S5 ..141,639 ,.121,246 ..111,223 .. 81.941 .. 31.209 17.738 Children's Home Irwin school Toung Ladies' Gymnasium Y. M. C. A Austin Mandolin club High school " Austin Club i t.i.t Eye and Ear Hospital 16,661 Protection Hose Co. ..: 7,56)1 Tillotson Institute ... B.03S Tenth St. Methodist church 4,S Christian church , i,0T Colorado Hose Co. 2,103 W. of W. 1,931 St. David's church , 1,201 Austin Academy 1,143 - .-., BRIEF BITS OF CITY NEWS. The long deferred Gib Gay case will come up tomorrow In the Twenty-sixth-district court. :-. s ,A. i D. D. Peyton will serve as special policeman on the University grounds during commencement week.; , The police were called to kill a mad dog yesterday morning in an alley in the rear of Bledsoe's furniture store. , There will be a meeting of the Governor's Cadets' Monday night at the Y. M. C. A. parlors at 8 o'clock. " '' ' . " ' ' - : .',,..'.;. .... ",',', " . WANT A NEW COUNT. i With Regard to the District Judt;shlp Race in the Late Primary Elec- tions on Account of Alleged Irreeularitles. It is rumored in political circles that there will be an appeal made to the county executive committee to reconvene for the purpose of recan- .vassing the vote for district Judge. It is set forth that the recent special grand jury Investigation developed such irregularities in seve.-il voting boxes in the city and county that the friends of Judge; Morris have figured out that he secured enough votes in the primaries to le awarded the nomination instead of Judge Walker, and they will asl: that a retanvass be ha', with a view of settling the matter and seeing how the vote would turn out wUh a new count and the throwing out of the Sixth ward boxes here in the city, where the grand Jury are al- leged to have found seventy-eight ballots missing1, and upon exam!- nation found that the votes had been cast for Judge Morris, but not counted. It is alleged that by wither counting the votes of this box cor- rectly or throwing it out entirely that Judge Morris would be the nominee, and his friends will 4n all probability early this week address an open letter to the executive rommittee, asking that they reconvene and recanvass the returns in this pa rticular election. It is stated thai the ballot boxes are still in existence having been produced before the grand jury and are easy to secure possession of again In ca'e ,hi exec- utive committee desires to do sj. 1 Political circles are considerably agi- tated over the condition of alTairs existing. . . . . . : .;: a land on the line of the International and Great Northern Railroad in the western part of the city as a site .for his plant, and the trade will bo con cluded as soon as certain preliminaries are complied with. He has ben corresponding with the make's of the best machinery in the country for , prices and terms of delivery, and he and Mr. Scovill have had Interviews with- the agents of several boiler makers. Some time since they visited San Antonio to examine the new plant of the street car company of that city. A week ag) he sent Mr. Scovill to Houston to examine the new power plant put in by the General Electric company in that city for lighting purposes. He found it the best thing he had ever seen. With the use of the latest and best ma chinery, a power plant can be put in which it is estimated will effect a saving in fuel of 35 to 40 per cent from what is required by the machinery now in use by the city of Austin for temporary purposes. Such being the case, Maj. Evans says he has felt it necessary to proceed carefully In a matter of such importance and to investigate the subject thoroughly. He( is having plans and Specifications made of buildings and machinery, and the same will be placed on the ground as soon as practicable. He says he is anxious to have his new power plant completed and In operation as soon as possible, as It is quite as much for the Interest of the property in his charge as it is to the interest of the people of Austin that this should be done. 2,843.50 The Chinese ask "how is your liver?" wtead of "how do you do?" for when .he liver Is active the health is good. Ds Witt's Little Early Risers are famous little pills for the liver and bow-els.-C. O. Yates. . . - DURING THE PAST WEEK We bought four complete household outfits of people who were leaving town for the summer. In this lot were half a dozen nice bedroom suites, including one extra fine quartered oak, swell front. French pattern plate mirror suite that had b-en used but a short time. Also several good cook stoves, two three-burner gasoline stoves with oven, several nice rockers, four lee boxes and refrigerators, two saddles, a large number of chairs of different kinds, two nice bookcases, two baby buggies, about 100 flower pots of various sizes, and a large number of miscellaneous articles. The most of these good are practically good as new, and will be sold at half price. In connection with our secondhand goods we carry a large and varied stock of new goods bought in car lots for spot cash, which we sell either for cash or credit at prices that speak for themselves. Our line cf matting is All young , men wishing to Join will please attend. , ' : The only building permit Isslied yesterday was one to S. V, Welsiger, Jr., to build an $8 shed In Hyde Park, An old time revival meeting is In progress in East Austin, nearly a hun dred persons having professed conver sion. W. C. Denlson, charged with thefe under $50, was bound over yesterday by Justice Johnson's court In the sum of J100. ' The police were dalled to the vicinity of the Austin Ice factory early yesterday morning to put a' stop to a fight near that point. A hydraulic engineer from New York arrived here yesterday to give the old water company's pumps a thorough overhauling. An informal reception to University students will be given from 7 to 8:30 this evening in the regents' room at the University by Dr. Lyman Abbott The police were called to Robertson Hill yesterday afternoon to settle quarrel between two negro girls over the ownership of a corset claimed by both. The only fine Imposed at yester day's, session of police court was one of t5 against Ernest Cook, who slapped William Andrews for making a face at him. Wm. Fitzgerald, Jr., of the Bur llngton route was In the city yester day creating a breeze by distributing fans with compliments of the Burling ton route. Marshal Thorp reports a pleasant time at the convention of Texas fliy marshals, the only drawback having been -the late hours -some of the othe fellows kept. The contract for replacing the Bouldin 'creek bridge on South Con gress avenue was awarded to J. S. Simpson at yesterday's session of the commissioners court. Justice Johnson . has been called upon to tie two more nuptial knots! the contracting parties b lng George Will lams end Mary McNeal, and Wash Williams and Mamie Taylor. Ci; F. Hall entered a plea of guilty yesterday Irt the county court to a charge of theft under t'A, and was sen tenred to p"iid ten days In Jail and lo pay fine of 25 and costs 1 Dr. Lyman Abbott, who delivers the baccalaureate sermon this morn Ing in the University auditorium, ar rived last evening and will be the Ira H. Evani; guest of Maj.' and Mrs while in the city. The case of R. L. Brown vs. S. P. Wver et aL.'on trial yesterday In the Twenty-sixth district court, resulted in a judgment of $1397.06 In favor of the plaintiff against J. F. Dickey. There was a slight blaze yester day afternoon at the residence of A. W. Horton of the Sixth ward. The fire was In, the kUchen and. was soop put out, very little damage being done. T. R. Harrell, arraigned before Justice Johnson yesterday on a charge of disposing of mortgaged property, waived examination and was bound over in the sum of $300, in default of which he went to Jail. " Mayor McCall has prepared a mes sage vetoing the ordinance on appeals from the ratings of the board of equal ization. The message is now in the hands of the city clerk and will be laid before the council at its next meeting. -A substantial recognition of the performances of the duties by the employes of the, Austin postofnee, was made by the department, in the increase of the annual salary of five of the clerks, of $100 ach, to go into ef fect July 1. W. C. Deuison, charged with theft unchr $50, entered a plea of guilty yesterday in the county court and was sentenced to pay a tine of $5 and costs and to spend one day in the county jail..; having already been In tbe jail sli ce February. Yesterday's heat was unmeasure- able in the sun. At one of the avenue drug stores a thermometer was taken into the sunshine and in "' less than three minutes had climbed to the top of the tube, the highest recorded mark beirg 126 degrees. Postmaster Brush received the fol lowing telegram yesterday afternoon from J. G. Ilornberger, one of the con testing delegates to the republican national convention at Philadelphia: We won in the Ninth; also In the Fifth district," which, of course, in dicates the supremacy of Green and his followers. The trustees of the Berkeley Blbl Seminary, connected with the Univer sity of California, have requested Dr, J. W. Lowber to name the terms upon which he 'will accept the presidency of this institution. , While this means double the salary that Dr. Lowber is receiving, he has decided to remain at his post in Austin. William M. Odell, former secretary to Attorney General Crane and now serving Senator Culberson in a similar capacity, took the roaster's degree In law last week at the Georgetown, D C, law school, and was awarded two prizes, one of $40 and the other a valuable set of law books. The subject of his essay for the $40 faculty prize was "The Lengal Entity." County Clerk Hornsby has Issued k following marriage licenses: Will Lehtz and Cordee Chapman; Juaquin Tafoya and Jasefa Trevlno; Alfred Curtis and Maggie Patterson; Montle Stevenson and Alice Slmms; Ferdi nand Patrick Lordon and Ethel May Jackson; William Aldrldge and Sallle House; Louis Westerling and Augusta Guenter; George Williams and Mary McNeal. ' The Junior department of the Young Men's Christian association will hold their summer camp at New Braunfels the second week In July. This promises to be a delightful week, as a more beautiful location Is not to be found In Texas. Announcement will be made at the boys' goRpel meet Ing today as to regulations, cost, etf The camp will be well dlsclpllned un der the leadership of' several of Aus tin's best young men, so that parents peed have no fear of letting their boys go. Mr. W. C. Witcher will give the talk at the boys' meeting today at 3 o'clock, Mr. Bryant P. Dickens and Miss May Higgason of Caldwell were mar ried Thursday at that place. . On the arrival of the bridal party, whlrh con slsted of the bride and groom, .Mr Claud Peel, the best man, and Mrs. E O. Giles, mother of. the groom, they were surprised to find the lawn lighted up with Chinese lanterns and a crowd consisting of the relatives and neigh bors of the groom, who bad prepared an Impromptu reception with delight ful refreshments, which all enjoyed, Arter extending congratulations, all left for their homes, long to remember the happy occasion. The executive committee of the Farmers' Institute, comprising as act ing president, W. H. Cullon; as vice president, F. T. Ramsey, .and C. E Gilbert and J. M. Wilson, were yester day preparing a program and list o premiums for the next session of the institute, which meeti here Thursday July 12. An Interesting program Is be Ing arranged, which will include papers on various topics by represent atlve farmers from every part of ' the county. A premium list for exhibit of farm, garden, orchard and dairy products, met with good success In short while among the merchants yes terday. They will complete the list a nd program In time for publication the latter part of next we-k Miss Alice Tips, ttacher of the violin pupil of the renowned Prof. Richard Arnold, has just returned from New Tork and is now ready to .receive pu plls. For terms apply at 308 West FSf toenth street. , EMANCIPATION DAY. ' The 6id ex-slaves and their frieiuis will celebrate Emancipation day a Govallo park, a beautiful resort o the city. Every preparation has been made and a good time Is expected. big parado will take place, starling from Wesley chapel and marching to the grounds. SUPERIOR MERIT. ' Remarkable Curative Properties of a itemeciy lor indigestion and Stomach Weakness. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, a prepa ration for the cure of dyspepsia and stomach trouble, owes Us great success as a cure for these troubles to the fact that It is prenared for disease ami weakness of the stomach and diges tive organs only, ancj is not recommended or advised for any other di sease. It Is not a cure-all. but for any stom ach trouble it is undoubtedly the saf est, most sensible remedy that can be advised with the prospect of a permanent cure. It is prepared in tablet form, pleasant to taste, composed of vegetable and fruit essences, pure pepsin and Golden Seal, every one of which act effectively in digesting thfl food eaten, thereby resting and invig orating the weak stomach; rest is na tures cure ror any unease, but you can not rest the stomach unless you put into it something that will do its work or assist in the digestion of food. That Is exactly what Stuart's Dys pepsia .Tablets do, one grajn of the digestive principle contained In them will digest 3000 grains of meat, eggs or similar wholesome foods, they will digest the food whether the stomach Is in working order or not, thereby nourishing the body and resting the stomach at the same time and rest and nourishment Is nature's cure for any weakness. - In persons run down In flesh and ap petite these tablets build up the strength and increase flesh, because they digest flesh-forming food which the weak stomach can not do, they Increase the flow of gastric Juice and prevent fermentation, acidity and sour watery risings. Stuart s Dyspepsia Tablets can be found at all drug stores at 50 cents per package. Hair Destroyed by Dandruff f sTlsiHI Mtntirv trt th twmtrkthls Afflrtsmrf nf fk tntruff Curs In ca of trin Ifasdrufr, ftxa pniMt by ilk Iom or lb entire bwut of hair, Td lit afthenur brought out what MUle hair remalnwi, ba IhlH wm rptrrr with a wft growth uf new hair. T one of (ha on re wm then diwonttntied, and ttva ttocatrt! bo nee it affain hae nut arisen. Tbe trouble hail ft tbetlermaurtofflau and aume of tbe lwt iutKllral aklill tbe country Cor a parlod of Ave year. dtirifiK wbiJ time tlte tl and ruff steadily acnnxilated and tbe hft loit in (kjI or at id vitality, Tbe effect rwaJiaed from un oi uoae vaourim uure i reirara a reruai name. Tour rery truly , Chtco, March M, MM. Ho mctur of bow long aUadlnf, how wTr, or M rannllM h fallod, Coke Dandruff Cure is guaranteed to stop the itching, cause heav vigorous hair to replace thin, Joosene growths, and to remove scaly crusts or oand ruff. Mo;,ey will be refunded if it fails. f1XX a bottle at druggists or by addressing For sale by GUAHAM St ANDREWS. I For flno IHoGliOnly $10.00 Refregators for...... $8.00 $10.00 Refrigerators for ... $8.00 h $15.00 Refrigerators for... $12.50 il jzo.OO Bedroom suits for.. $15.00 $15.00 Iiednoom suits for. $2.00 Wire Cots At ' Us $12.00 T , $1.50 j r. if lb V J Telephone est. 119 W. 6th St. Important Notice WHAT IS NEEDED IN THE CAPI- , TAL OF THE GREAT SOUTHWEST? Nice, clean sidewalks, made of solid concrete, covered with, cement or asphalt, which the undersigned firm will lay uown ui Hsionisning low ngures. WHAT IS NEEDED IN AND ABOUT THE RESIDENCES? Cool and solid floors of beautiful pat- ' terns of tiling, which the undersigned ilrm manufactures tiere at Austin, for verandas, bath rooms, kitchens and halls, the cleanest nd the cheapest. We manufacture and place clay and nnmont rilna tn mnalivntlnn ei n A sewerage. We manufacture and place cement water troughs, fountains, reservoirs, curbtngs, we build undlstructable dams for mills, water works, etc., of ; cement and twisted iron, according to 'he Monier system. Give us a trial! REINLI '& CO., 07 East Ninth Street. Austin, Texas. ALPHA HOTEL MANOR, TEXAS - jrF)ArQUATER3 FOR TRAVELING 1 MBtC ' i 1TIM MJLA MILLER. ( CMICMtSTfR'S ENGLISH ' PENtlYROYAL PILLS K-,T-Vv.Ar,,:: ."''' Lwlle.. timrrln rl""''"'"'b""' "''"Hfii KrffcM A" If Itaeawnue Hanatltatlnsm mmA IsmIi. tiitst. Buy of yoni lirytv. ar artnl 4, ,. rartlrHlape, TeetlneaUU o.l " lirlU r fit l.adlr, Mm. by r. tlim Willi. Ifl-flllU Twallmnnlalfl fUls hi all DfUXZl. I'kl.lMl.. 4'- Meatier ibU taar. aUdlaoa Mre, Pill LA PA?

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