The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 31, 1933 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1933
Page 10
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iT^T*! 10 w>™.'"W^;w^^^ THE BAKKftSFlELD CALlfrUBNlAN. TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1933*..^ ^ H ^^' ..-;:-, -'•' . .^.. ..^. .-,.&^,; .jW********** ;gyj^>\! CURIOUS WORLD Bv FERGUSON THE MOON SOMETIMES RISES AT ABSOLUTES THE SAME TIME FOR A GREAT NUMBBLt*. OF EVENINGS . IN SUCCESSION/ CtTNTORIA, NEBRASKA, HAD A NEWSPAPER, FOR. THRHB ALTHOUGH THE . TOWN NEVE& EXISTED/ THE PAPER. WAS PUBLISHED TO PROMOTE THE IDEA OF MOVING THE CAPITAL OF THE US. TO THE SITE OF OLD FORT KEARNEY AND CALLING IT CEN7OR/A. COCKROACH RACING IS A WlNTBrX SPORT. »+&&*&.- SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "After you finish thtie, write a fetter to my son telling him to gat down to hit ttudlei and »top thinking about Idiotic young blondti." THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN EDUCATIONAL 'CAKIOONS ^^^••^^^ " ^^ ^^^i^^ " ^^^*^^ , ™ ™ ^^i^^ * OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS (READ THE STORY, THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) (Plcturti by King) rpHE Tinles watched the ble beur -L run -with Duncy. "Gee, that may lie fun," Biild Coppy, "but the apood's too fast. Poor Duncy soon will flop. "Let's try nnd catch the beur right now. We may be able to, somehow. l^et'H all run up and tackle htm. That ought to make him stop." The bear, however, was too smart. Right through the whole bunch he would dart, but when the Tinles dove for him, ho simply wasn't there, This made the hunter laugh In glee. "You lads are not so good," oald he. "It doesn't do you any good when you dive through the air." • 0 * The Tinles soon flopped on the ground, while Mister Bear Btlll ran around. "He wins," exclaimed brave Scouty. "Frankly, I am all tired out. "The bear thinks this la just a gamu. If Duncy hangs on, he's to blame. I'll bet he really doesn't know what it la all sibout." Ju»t then the bear turned to the right and shortly disappeared from sight. "My goodness, Where's he go- 'ng?" shouted Windy, In dospnlr. The hunter answered, "Oh, don't fret. They soon will come buck hero, I'll bet. As long as Duncy'B having fun, why should you Tinles care?" * • • Brave Duncy hung on good and tight, just hoping nil would bo all right. The bear ran o'er a MK hillside nnd then slowed down a bit. "Where uro we bound for?" Duncy said. And then he saw a cave ahead. That's* where thlB big hear lives, he thought. I hope wo enter It. Just as they reached tho big cave door, the bear let out a real loud rour, "Why, what'B tho matter?" Duncy cried. "What Is this all about?" Then, looking at tho cuve. he saw a Bight, and he was filled with awe. In answer to the big bear's roar, two cubs came running out. EPT RIGHT IN CELLOPHANE GOOD HOD P/XMf«& sees ALL ABOUT CLOTH AM' DONiT coouo -reu- V-NE. OSC.O MO. u. a. MT. orr/'» IM» tor, nu OUR BOARDING HOUSE By GUESS I'LL HOP MY B\K& AK"R\T5fc CXIT TO TH' DUCK —1 CON*! WANT »AV CHIN TO Bfc W THV W/VY II s 3W£ STARTS HER ULV WHJTt HAMS/ TERRIFIC MELT WITH LIKE EMT*Y "BUNDLE "DOWN AHI> . HOOPL£ AT BAT THE GUMPS A Cheerful Little Earful By SIDNEY SMITH bMNfc MACMIH6 CHECK* UP HtfTH WiR AVXWt 1-31 LOCK - MY OARUNCa - 1WE AU. « START PACKING YMI& - 'WE'RE LCAVINfa Y- CMAMCt- 'LL, WT TA.LKtN«1b OHTMirSSiJ IM- >NAMY YO C6MPLA AMUT tWR IN TMI* IT AHV THC VTCAK, YMAY %0 YOU4M V . PUt A KNIFE INYO IY- YHRWI QUA«rKfc% OP AM MOUR FOR TWE MKKV. y<AMYANY >NK »*RV.«« - >NHAY VIE PAY OUR BU.U BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Yes, Indeed! By MARTIN VKE ooul vow BOTWEWtO POP?tO T» v\ • »>* ^ >^^>rv\^ r/&z VWXAE WEBCt I & POOR CV\N? '. V\t <s»cJT M06T NT ^ L XO NT 0\OK>T 00 <&OOO OOT ,' Wfc • Vi\VLV£ \«» SO WOOGVS W T\V\t«» I. ».P»T. Of F., C i(I3 BY M* I FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Tiburon! By BLOSSER SAY.' BILUY SAYS VJC'K BEACHED OrJ TIBUROM ISUNI> VJHEUE TWE PEOPLE ABE CAMKIIBALS.... IS THAT PI3KT, UWCLE HARRY. •venue's aiawr, PRECKLE5...BUT VJE'PE SOIWS TO TftY Awpcer OFF BEFORE AMY INDIANS SEE us. 1 - \W£LL,6EEf 1 VCIMDA ^WISH VMS COULD 6EE SOME OF TWEM BER3RE WE SET OFF TWE ROCpfS rr THIS VOO-V6 BEEM *v >Wk A<«£ VWHAT I OoMT TELLIrJS FRECKLES ABOUTft/V)JHY DONTCHA? NOJOWLV ARE CANNIBALSM.V/HAT DO 7lHEV THAT, BUT THEV PRACTICE >bU kWOW ABOUT f -^HOWAM SACRIFICE ...VWHy, THEY EV6M TIBUROM ? Jl I^CTCH PEER AM' ANTELOPE OW FOOT. AW KILL 'EM WITH THEIR BARE AYS-AYE //*"V. ':«'! W /*^J .. AW' MIND ye, THE/ BVEW kETCH BIRDS ON THE TOU6H THESE ARE.... AM0HT/ SERI'S/ THEY CALL 'E/V\!! -o 9^ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) What Crust! By COWAN FTEO A SLEEPLESS WIGHT SPENT ON THE COUCH, CHICK AND GLADYS WEPE DEVAPDED WTH THE KNOWLEDGE THACV THE: VISITING ENJOYEX" TO THE TOLLEST THE COMFOPT OF THE NEWTANGLE S' ONLY BCD GEE. t'M GLAD \T'S TWELVE O'CLOCK AT LAST '. IVE BEEN VWTING BDEAKFAST ALL, MODNI^^G FOP COUSIN CCPTIE 'V CASSIS, \T'S TWELVE O'CLOCK. WILL. YOU RON AND TELL. YOUP FATHEP AND MOTHEP THAT BOEAKFA5T IS MAW AND PAW SAID \ BRING TWEtP BPEAKrAST PICHT THEY'LL. HAVC BED! v.

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