Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 8, 1965 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 8, 1965
Page 6
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6 - Ssiurdsj, Maj 8, H65 Redlonds Doily Focts Ann Landers answers your problems Dear Ann Landers: Yesterday I told niy daughter, who is 12 years old, that she must learn to iron her own blouses and skirts. Her reply was, "It is your duty as a mother to keep house and take care of your family. Part of housekeeping is tJie washing and ironing." Maurine isn't a spoiled child. She has never been one to sass nie. Her grades are very good and everyone remarks on how bright she is. ^ I did not answer her because] be killed immediately. I didn't know what to say. 1 would hate to have my family feel that I am not doing my duty. Is Maurine right? If she is wrong please explain where her reasoning breaks down. — PERPLEXED MOTHER column so I can show it to my son? — NO EXPERT ON FISH Dear No E.\-pert on Fish (and that makes two of us): My fish and game authorities tell me that fish do not feel pain when hooked in the mouth because fish have primitive nervous sys terns and there are very few nerves in that area. Only when the fish SWALLOWS a hook does he suffer, and then of course, he should OURMCESTORS "byQuincy Ralston dropped from Davis Cup Canada match Do you lean on cigarettes as a social crutch'? You may regret it later. Send for ANN LANDERS* booklet, "Teen-a g e Smoking," enclosing with your request 10 cents coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envel- Dcar Perplexed: It is a ope. mother's duly to take care of] Ann Landers will be glad to her family. And part of "lakingihelp you with your problems, care" of children means teach- 1 Send tJicmto her in care of Reding them to be self-sufficient and lands Daily Facts enclosing a training them to take care of ^stamped, self - addressed en- theniselves. I velopc. A mother isn't doing her chil-i Copyright, 1965, Publishers dren a favor when she allows;Newspaper Syndicate, (hem to grow up with no house-' bold skills. A girl who can't cook, iron, clean, and sew hems and buttons is severely handicapped. I feel sorry for a young man who selects such a girl for his wife. And I feel even sorrier for the gii-l because learning these skills after marriage can be extremely difficult. "1 thought you knew, Cap'n Cook—Poi IS the Hawaiian name for library pastel" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox Dear Ann Landers: I am writing a few words for the lady who was unhappy because her husband Ben didn't compliment her on the chopped herring. If she is smart she will just stop making cliopped herring for a month and see what happens. If Ben doesn't ask for it she should forget the whole thing already because she will never be able to please him. I had the same problem with sauerkraut and dumplings. I never got the dumplings yellow or hard enough to suit my Kurt. One time they were hard enough but not yellow enough. The next time they were yellow enough but not hard enough. I used to get so frustrated I'd go into the bathroom and bawl. Finally, I decided T could never make dumplings to please him so I quit trying. Three weeks later Kurt begged me to iry them again so I did. Well, ho praised me to the skies — said they were the best dumplings he ever ale. Maybe this will work for Ben's wife. I hope she tries it. — MARTHA Dear Martha: Thanks for the hint on how to test a man's interest in special dishes. I agree. And if after a month he doesn't request the dish, forget it already. Dear Ann Landers: Our 10- year-old son is unusually sensitive. Ever since he started school he has said he wants to be a doctor hut I 'm beginning to wonder if he has the temperament and disposition. Donald went fishing for the first time last week. He came home very depressed. When I asked what was wrong he said, "I hate to see a fish with a hook in his mouth. He must suffer a lot." It seems to me I once read that fish do not feel pain because they are cold-blooded creatures. Will you please print something about this in your Coins of Mexico at coin club The many varieties of pieces of change issued by Mexico since 1900 will be on display as the Redlands Coin club covers this subject along with com-i memorafive coins Monday night 1 at 7:30 in the YMCA. Frequent changes in the nione tary program provides Mexico with many varieties of coins during this 65-year period. Among the many coins on display will be some of the very rare rectangles from Oaxaca issued during the revolution, money of Pancho Villa, Zapata, Huerta and others. The coins of Mexico prior to 1900 will be the subject of the! program in June. i EAKERSFIELD, Calif. (UPI) —Something definitely will be missing next month when the U.S. Davis Cup tennis team plays Canada—a young man by the name of Dennis Ralston. When non-playing U.S. Captain George MacCall annoimced his six players Friday, he made good his declaration against including hometown hero Ralston, who walked out of a tournament in Te.xas several weeks ago. The competition here is June :4 through 6. Ralston ah-eady has argued he had a legitimate reason for withdra^ving because he needed a rest. He also indicated he might not seek to play in upcoming Davis Cup matches for which he will be eligible because he was denied the chance to play before his own townspeople. The only seasoned Davis Cup candidate is Chuck McKinley, San Antonio, Tex., who teamed with Ralston against the Australians. Olher.s named were .Arthur Ashe. Richmond. Vs.. and the UCLA Bruins: Gene Scblt, St. James. N.Y.; Marty Rie.s.sncr, Hinsdale. 111.: Charles Pasa- rell. Puerto RicD and formerly of UCLA, and Tom Edelfsen, Oakland and USC. Prather out to defend race title Don Prather, 1964 Western States Racing Club champion, and former titleholder Grady Whitner, will head a field of more than 60 cars and drivers tonight in the stock car racing program at the Orange Show Speedway. Over 100 laps of racing are in store for race fans w-ith the first event starting at 8:30 p.m. Time trials start at 6:30 p.m. Prather with a No. 1 proudly Additional Sports At Empire Bowl: Yucaipa Women Standings: Kivett Real Estate 56-37, Power Thrust 55-38, Cor- innes 54-39, Huffman Tile 53-40, Kerns Market 51-42, Oak Glen Egg 51-42. Lloyds Const 45-48, Crosky's Yardage 44-49, Nador Const. 44-49, Scares Realty 4152, La Petite 35-58, Nash Clean- displayed on his Ford powered ers 29-64. High Series- Peggy Tate 552. 200 Club — Mary Meadows stock car will be out to protect his title from all comers. Grady Whitner will be out to regain the No. 1 spot this year driving a potent 1955 Chevrolet stocker owned by Chuck Becker Sr., of San Ber- nardmo. In the modified division, Vallie Engelauf of Riverside will be behind the wheel of J i m Mayeda's Chevie powered super- modified. Giving Engelauf stiff competition will be Jim Rossler and Preacher Rogers of San Bernardino; Bill Bartley, Ontario-, Jay East, Colton, among others. ,T.W Ir* US, W. Off. ' •I'm trying to sell her the idea of just riding: around on the mower this summer, avoiding traffic. Steelers, Rams trade players PITTSBURGH (UPI) — Tne Pittsburgh Steelers Friday traded hnebackei- Ed Holler to the Los .Angeles Rams for offensive center .Art Hunter in a straight player deal. Holler. 6 -foot -2, 230 pounds, was obtained by t h e Steelers last year from the Green Bay Packers. He is 25 years old. Himter, a graduate of Notre Dame, played with the Pack ers and Cleveland Browns he- foi'e joining the Rams, Hunter, 32, is 6 -fool -4 and weighs 247 pounds. The Steelers also announced the signing of veteran offensive tackles Charley Bradshaw and Dan James and rookie Doug Dusenbury of Kansas Slate to 1965 contracts. Four Southern Californians in net semi-finals LOS ANGELES (UPI)—Four Southern Californians. appropriately enough, wnll face each other today in the semifinals ol the Southern California Tennis Championships at the Los Angeles Tennis Club. Two of them. Tom Edelfsen of USC, and Charles Pasarell of UCLA, made it by ousting foreign stars in quarter final action Friday. Edelfsen beat India's Rama- nathan Krishnan 6-8, 6-1. 6-4 in a tense, one and a half hour .stniggle. Pasarell U'immed South Africa's Abe Segel, 6-4, 3-6, 6-1. Arthur Ashe of UCLA, who has not lost a set in the tour nament, and top-seeded Dennis Ralston of Bakersfield joined Edelfsen and Pasarell. Ashe eliminated USC's Jerry Croro- 200, Peggy Tate 204. Nite Ladies Standings: Jack 's Chevron 6738, Redland 's Specialty 63 -42, Phil 's Charcoal 62i,i-42i-i. Devall 's Market 55-50, EngUsh Floor Covering 54-51, Breazile Body Shop 52-53, Tri City Con Crete 49i-i-54i,i, Hair-Em 47-58, Krueger Golf Shop 42-63, Western Fruit Grovers 32-73. High Game — Mary East 202. High Series — Kay TolUver 538. City of Hope Standings: Van Wicrcn Bros. 82-38. Her Highness 74',-45i ,i. Lcvincs 73-47, Shawver Shell 68'^-51'j, Emerich Mc Dow^cll 66-54, Pee Wee Shop 61-59, Village Barbers 60'--59''i, Basket of Beauty 53 '-b -66i/2, Citrograph 51-69. P.C.A. 48-72, Medallion 4377. L&B Supply 39 -81. High Game — Gabi Rea 188. High Series — Grace Stone 503. Nite Ladies Standings: Garvey Motors 8749, Sally Shops 78-58, JoNann 's 75-61, Harold's Shoes 74i/i:-61i;., Wayne Gossett Ford 74-62, Style Salon 72-64. Mae 's Beer 63'/i 72t=. Morbitzer's 61-75, Steak Eater Inn 50',-J-8D ',:;, Custom Con:Crete 47U -91'-. High Game — Georgia Mil- ncr 200. High Series — Paula Wilco.x- 542. voU 204, Charles Hurt 204, Mel Harshman 211, Paul .Andriese 207, Larry Hoffman 206, Bob TroUinger 203, Wayne McLeod 200, Ralph Robert 200. Nite Rejects Standings: Marvs Appl. 66'b- 29'/i, Hefts 60'/i-35 ',-2, Beeline 5244, Don Hunts 50'-:!-45'i;, Ronda Sussex 49'/i-46 '2, Redlands Rexall 49-47, Sim's Realtor 45-50ii, Jim Glaze 45-51, Cunninghams 42 '/2 -53Vi, Knights Flymg A 38;58. Who Dunnits 37i,i-58 ',2, Marvs Appl. 37',i.-58'.i:. 200 Club — Jim Holdcn 204, Hazelton 202, Car! Redmond 234, Forrest Robinson 212. Fill the Blanks Answer to Previous Puiile .\CROSS 1...- oC sixpenrp" 5 and sane Fourth S j'oor jnotlicr comn from Irclandf* . the rainbow'* I'Piince 14 of Good yccting ISA'enomooS • spidp- 17 DOWN ] Dninkyrds SKUip .-iOidal :> Ruman emperor 4 .luicy berry 5 fiC'narm 7 Rank and 3 Kxpun^c n Dii^para^cs 30 bars 1 \ Pocks ]6Sea B.vmph ::o • sancluxii (comb, form) Fcfer to 22 Bury 2tScattcTS, as hay 35-Abandoned wife 48 City m p:iT Paul IR Incline lOlniurics :ii lr(>quotaa India ri 23Enjiand(ab,') 24 Kind of daneo 27 Inner (comix form.) 29 ShooldcT of 3 lock's bolt r !2 Educe 34 Befitting a versifier ."iSMock 37Femmilie!!aaie (var.) SSTax (StteQand Islands) M Shower 41 Indian-wdglA 42 Number Ak Highlander 46 .Apparent 49 Renown ^3 VamisW ingredicid 54 Dapple 5611asculinc sppellalion .W.Iavanc^ctrec 58 S'na'Kcspcaxean .stream 55 Be sick 60 Seasoning 61 Onental oohis •I'r, Fish sauce .Acquired by piracy Pertaining to \i,s!on 30 Wintry wnd of Paris 40 Slarlike 4:i Birthmark 4o .ludicial garments 46 Charles Lamb T Cnlifornia 50 Sprawl iScof.) 51 Famous English school IS2 Tx)W haunts 55 Devotee Seven favorites win at Caliente AGUA CALIENTE, Mexico (UPI)— Seven favorites won at Caliente yesterday, includ ing Wai'ner's Host to his wire- to-wire victory. Balmoral Blue was second, ^4 length back, w'ith Camrmen's Reward lliird. Thr winner paid So.40, S4.00 and S2.80 It was the last day of Caliente's special spring program for Fridays. Racing wiH be on Saturday and Simday for tlie rest of Uie year. In the 5-10 handicapping contest, 21 players picked six of six winners and received $1,139.00 each. Another 328 bettors hit five of six for S24.20 each. Good reporf At Empire Bowl: Even Doien Standings: Goods Wearing Apparel 60-36, United Citrus 52-44, Golden Glove 51-45, Oak Glen .•\pple 49-47, CWT 47V2-48''2, Harry S: Lloyd 47!--48'/i., Brookside Diary 46-50, Menlone Liquors 45-51. Sanitary Plumbing 45-51, Inland Septic 45-51, Pure weU, 6-0. 6-4. Ralston downerti^^,^, Urmexanix 43-53. B.^LTIMORE (UPI)-The Baltimore Orioles were heartened today with the report that out fielder Boog Powell did not suffer a fracture when he was struck on Ihc left hand Thursday by Minnesota pitcher Jim Kaat. -X-rays taken Friday were negative. Jockey injured NEW YORK (UPI)—Ron Tur- cotle. a Canadian-born .iockey, was thrown from his horse Sunny Ruler during the fifth race at Aqueduct Friday and suffered contusions and abrasions of the head and shoulders. Bob Potthast. 6-3, 6-1. with his best performance of the tournament. In today's best of five sol matches, Pasarell will meet Ralston and .-Vshe will play Edelfsen. Ashe has a 2-1 edge on his USC opponent so far this year, wilh Edelfsen's win coming last weekend. High Game — Hal Wickcrl Junior Majors Standings: Di Carlo Baking Co. 69-27, Banchero Masonry 55-41, Van Wyk Volkswagen 531-:!- 42'i, University Service 51-45, Cunningham Pharmacy 50-4s', Citrus Liquors 49-47. Valley Carpet 44>",-51'-.;, Sedgwick Arnegard Ins 44'.j-51"u, Huffman Tile 41';-54i-;. J & J Plastics 41-55. Trophy Award 40-56, Cookson & Co. 37-59. High Game — Jerry Bullock 247. High Series — Ira Anthony 628. 200 Club — Ira Anthony 2'24, Bill Nottingham 214. Don Warren 236, Jim Fullbright 205, Dick Mulder 202, Jack Goddard 218. Bruce Erickson 200. Red Pool 234. Gib Azendo 216, Bernia Childers 200, Ed Gilraore 220, Clay Granger 201, Jerry Bullock 247. Don Wheeler 237, Bud Fowler 214, Marion Burk 223, George Lincoln 223, Ken Huffman 223, Gene Day 219, Don Snyder 213, Lafe Brown 212. Empire League Standings: Flip Flops 47 ',i- 36 ',i, Dillys 47-37, Blossoms 4737, Four Chuclkes 47-37, Hopefuls 45''-2-35'=, Dyehards 44-40, NonVerbals 42i,i-41',;;, Alley Cats 41-43, Crafty Ones 39-45, Aces 38-46, Loud Ones 33-51, Troubadours 32'/i !-5H2. High Game — Archie Greea 223, Lynn Iverson 187. High Series — Archie Green 554, Diane Lowry 479. 200 Club — Archie Green 223, Ken Hurlbert 220. Junior Women Two Standings: Redlands Camera 54-36, Brookside Dairy 53-37, .•\udio Visual 52-38, Huiskcns Sheet Mela! 52-38, Balaban Auto Electric 49 -41, De Wilts Paints High Series — Wilbur Drcwilz 46i :-43 '.u, Servisoft 46V2-43' ^i. Ad- 597. verliser 43-47. Citrus Liquor 200 Club — Art Quintana 211, 41 ',2 -4S'.i, Harolds Shoes 38'-:;Jim Tovar 212, Wilbur Drewitz sji,.. Reading Tire and Brake 34212. Hal Wickert 222, R. T. De-156, Gairs 29-60. i-Iigh Game — Flo Zander 173. High Series — .Annette Sew^all TREASURE HOUSE •your unused furniture or ap- phances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. Dressen raring to go again LOS ANGELES (UPI) — H Charley Dressen were his own doctor he would be back managing the Detroit Tigers today. But the peppery, liUlc Tiger boss, who suffered a mild heart attack two montlis ago, must rely on someone ekse's diagnosis, so he is still resting up at home "I'm rarmg to go and I'm place. fcehng fine," Dressen said, "but the doctor won't tell me when 1464. I can go back to work. He told me not to call him: he would call me when I can get back to the team. .And he hasn't called yet." He had the attack March 8 in Lakeland. F!a , where the Tigers train. The 66-year-old veteran manager then boarded a plane for Los Angeles 10 see his own doctor who ordered him into St. John's Hospital. Coach Bob Sw^ift has been acting manager in Dressen's Junior Women One Standings: Van's Plumbing 6327, Scares Realty 52-38, Emerich & McDowell 49i.i;-40'2, Redlands Plumbing 47-43, Brookside Beauty 46-44, Sack's Footwear 45-45, Skyberg Construction 44-46, The Bootery 44-46, Electronic Wholesale 40-50, Marchese Masonry 40-50, Jacinto & Son 37Vb-52V2, Western Auto 32-58. High Game — Pearl Van Zanten 194. High Series — Mary Melcher 531. ted, glorified—dedicated JhT entertaining a horncidb.worldl; Your plotform Of, you^dbri't foil off It) will be 0 brand new doily comic strip-called' THE BORN LOSER uaneem Sudden foneral expense doesn't iave to be a burden for the family... lOur pikes are scaled to meet eveiy need r. ARTHUR CORTNER 221 KOOKSBE AVL • Py 2-I«l What's so great about this Chrysler? it's only a few dollars a month more than a comparably equipped Ford or Chevy. The trade-in value is an even bigger surprise. Chryslers resale value is so lilgh, it almost makes up for the few dollars more you pay a month. Look at the difference in resale value* on a Chrysler, over the Ford and Chevrolet. 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 2-dr. hardtop $2,455 1964 Chevy Impala 2^. hardtop 2,515 1964 CHRYSLER Newport 2-dr. hardtop 2.620 *Basca OB Kelley Blneljooi: average retail nsed car _ prices for Southern Califor' nia, as of May 1965 —ca rs equipped -with automatic' transmission and power steering. See us. We deliver!'. VAN DORIN MOTOR CO. 1617 We«t Redlands Blvd. Redlands Phone: 793-2493

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