Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on December 12, 1945 · Page 3
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1945
Page 3
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I WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12, IMS. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA. PAGE THREE. Twenty-Five Years Agoj Interesting Items Taken From the Filet of the Fostvllle Herald of Thursday, Dec. 10, 1920. Lawrence Lien is clerking nt the Douglass Pharmacy during the Christmas rush. John Gruel was over in Wisconsin last week and purchased a carload of Guernsey cattle for his farm. Max Fox and Henry Johanscn have gone to Minneapolis where they expect to work during the winter months. George Wolter of Luana is a very happy boy this week, having won the silver cup for first prize in the Duroc Jersey contest. W. P. Putton, who has brought many famous plays here, all of which were well enacted and attended, will bring "The Deadly Female" to Turner Holl December 21. It is said to beat all previous Patton efforts. Lillian Kiesau and Ruth Gordon won first places in the declamatory congest held at McGregor Friday, and 'now are entered in the district meet Jto be held in Strawberry Point where [the winners will be given a silver lov- .{gSffiing cup. A thunderstorm hit here Monday, ¥wfibut by Tuesday the gates of Klondike .'Wjgwere opened and since then real win\'*ter weather has been with us. The '• *t -Scountry roads are impassable and .SS'Jjjfrural mail delivery has been discon- -"^f'^/finued temporarily. As a result the f)^. J Borald's Frankville news letter has V /tyAiot arrived this week. cotaMimrnr PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF POSTVILLE Rev. Calvin Willemsen of Lansing will occupy the pulpit at the morning worship service next Sunday morning at ten o'clock. Sunday School at 11 o'clock. The choir will meet for rehearsal at the church Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Want 4D§ Want Ad Rates—23 cents per insertion up to 25 words when cash accompanies order. Otherwise the rate is 10 cents per lino per Insertion. An extra charge of 10 cents is also made where replies are to come to this office. Wanted—Girl, at once, at The Palm, Postville.—ltfc. Wanted—Girl to work at Thoma Cafe, Postville.—3tfc. ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CnURCH Frederick R. Ludwlg, Pastor Wanted—Popcorn in any quantity. The Palm, Postville.—51tfc. Fifty Years Ago. Interesting items taken from the flies of "The Graphic," published in Postville, Dec. 19, 1895. The Ladies' Aid will meet Thursday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock in the os- sembly room. The senior choir will rehearse on Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the church. The confirmation class will meet on Saturday morning at 9:00 o'clock at the church. The junior choir will rehearse Saturday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock at the church. Church School service Sunday morning at 9:15 o'clock. The Service Sunday morning at 10:30 o'clock. The sermon subject, "Away Then With Fear." The sacred cantato, "The Music of Christmas," will be presented by the choirs and assisting artists Sunday eve nlng at 8:00 o'clock at the church. St. Paul's is open daily for prayer and meditation. For Sale—Chester White Stock Hog. Will Christofferson, R. 1, Postville, Iowa.—6p. For Sale—Purebred Duroc Jersey stock hog. Harry Landt, R. 1, Luana, Iowa.—flp. For Sale—Purebred Duroc Jersey stock hog. Jess Uhl, R. 1, Postville, Iowa.—6p. For Sale—Purebred Duroc Jersey stock hogs. W. A. Meyer, Costal la, Iowa.—6p. , The Park hotel is closed again. Ed Cornell has decided not to rent it. •f_, ! Frank Hangortner has rented the ^at McGreevey farm near Clermont. -•.Henry Brechler last week sold his , half interest in the German newspaper 4o Gustav Dietsch, his partner. \ Many farmers hereabouts are having /corn shipped in by the carload. It is 'heeded to fatten the hogs for market. ,,','Mr. Love, son-in-law of Governor fliarrabee, will be the lecturer at the Postville library next week. J. C. Mitchell has a carload of hay on track today which he is offering at $7.50 per ton. Tomorrow he will have : ;a;carload of corn to offer. J. N. Leithold reports a big sale of Estey organs as Christmas gifts to many families in this community. •..Postville people seem to be more ' Musically minded than those in many communities. \ The venerable Father Harris is causing on friends here this week. He is . a 1 pioneer settler, coming here fifty years ago when there was but one 'house and that a double log buftding • .on the prairie here. •-'tlOne of the fine improvements down- "to'wn is the new kerosene street lamp at J. M. Thoma's drug store corner. • Another big town improvement here • is* the installation of a bathroom in Parker's barber shop where men may •. - take their Saturday night bath in .luxury. ( ; "Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Henderson and ' Jeannette Henderson left Mon- 'l&ay for California where they expect fjsjj'locate permanently. They were accompanied by Abram Hart who will jij^end the winter in that sunny climate. /The W. S. Webster family leaves next •fwKjek for Redlands, Calif. ^Members of the newly organized Yo ^ambien orchestra mentioned last Week are Prof. Eastman, director; Mamie Sheehy, pianist; Gussia Har- ijngton, Ed Prior and C. R. Wallis, -.ytolins; Clara Alward, mandolin; F. E. Sutherland, violin cello; Prof. Bar- M.'i8lay, autoharp; Edith Harris, May Prior. Cora Darling and Blanche Dur- ItiO, guitars. Their first public appear- ^JSiice will be at the Endeavor meeting '\SWhursday night. For Sale—Several forms and city properties. J. T. Humphrey, Real Es- state Broker, Postville. For Sale—Locker peas and corn, in containers. Mrs. Harlan Harnack, R. 1, Castalia, Iowa.—6p. For Sate—Two new implement tires with tubes; size 5.00 by 15. Lorence Reinhardt, Postville.—6p. UNITED BRETHREN CHURCHES. Rev. J. B. Haddock. . Castalia: Sunday School at 10 a. m. Worship Service at 11:15 a. m. Prayer and Bible study every Thursday evening at the parsonage. Missionary Society meeting this week Wednesday p. m., Dec. 12, at Mrs, Kobriger's. Postville: Sunday School at 11 a. m. Christmas program will be given Sunday evening, Dec. 16, at 8:00 p. m ' Prayer and Bible study on Tuesday evening. Forest Mills: Worship Service at 10 a. m. Sunday School at 10:45 a. m. The Ladies' Aid and Missionary So cieties will meet with Mrs. Floyd Clark Thursday p. m., December 13. ST. BRIDGET'S CHURCH. Francis J. Vallaster, Pastor. Sunday masses at 8:00 and 10:00 a. m Weekday mass at 7:30 a. m. Catechetical instructions Saturdays at 2 p. m. for children of school age. Confessions will be heard every Saturday, from 2:30 to 5:30 and from 7:00 to 8:30. TREAT Chronic Mastitis WITH THIS NEW DRUG Beebe fi-LAC Chronic mastiiis CAUSCS SO per cent of »arglt trouble. Treat it with Bechc G'LAC A single treatment usually docs the lob. Easy to inject—you can do it yourself in a matter of moments. Find out which cows are infected by checking with Beebe Test Cards. They arc FREE. Then use Beebe G<LAC for quick improvement. Douglass Pharmacy Postville, Iowa For Sale—Purebred Spotted Poland China stock hogs. Chas. H. Ohloff, R. 1, Castalia, Iowa.—54tic. For Sale;—400 bales oats straw, A. G. Bahr, 3 miles southwest of Waukon; address R. 1, Waukon.—6p. For Sale—Several purebred Berkshire boars; cholera immune. J. Chas. Ziegler, R. 1, Postville.—4tfc. WAGON BOXES—We have another supply of these for sale now. Meyer's Four-County Hatchery, Postville—4tfc. For Sale— A piano in good condition, and a chiffonier. J. Kenneth Sanders, Postville.—6c. Lost—A collie dog; white with sable ears; about three months old. Please notify John J. Martins, R. 2, Postville, For Sale—Poland China stock hogs; weight 275 lbs. William Roach, Bell phone 36-F-21, address R. 3, Waukon, Iowa.—7c. For Sale—McCormick-Deering No. 3 pull-type corn picker; in good working condition. LeRoy Brink, phone 44-F-4, Postville.—flp. For Sale—A black all-wool pleated skirt; waist "28 inches. Call 192, Postville, Iowa.—6c. For Sale—Hotpoint non-automntii. iron, new heating clement. Louis W. Thoma, phone 270, Postville.—Op. GIVE—A Parmac electric fence will make an ideal Christmas gift. I have them in stock now. L. W. Thoma, phone 270, Postville.—fltfe. For Sale—Purebred Duroc Jersey boars; cholera immune. Good type and size. Jack and Bernald Martins, one mile west of Postville, on No. 18.—tfc. For Sale—Before winter comes is a good time to insure your automobile and truck. I also insure trucks with cargoes. Lorence Reinhardt, Postville, la.—3c. For Sale — Six purebred Chester White bred gilts; cholera immune; not registered. Will Lubbers, two miles south of Lutheran church in Postville.—6p. I am now located in by new store in the Stone building where I have household appliances of all kinds, such as radios, appliances, furniture, dishes, etc. Ray Samek.—6tfc. For Sale—The former Dahl-Schroeder home in Postville. Has 7 rooms and bath and can easily be converted into apartments. Close to school. Sec Alfred C. Meyer, phunc 234, Postville, Iowa.—4 tfc For Sale—Purebred Poland China Boars. We have about 25 boars whose dams were sired by the great "One World." These pigs run true to form and are big, low-down and blocky. Cholera immune. Kettelkamp &' Zwei- bohmer, two miles north of Luana, Iowa.—52tfc. For Sale—A northern seal fur coat, size 44; as good as new. Inquire of Mrs. Fred Ruckdaschel, Postville.—6c. Wanted — A good sized evergreen tree for Christmas Eve at the Community church. Report to Mrs. H. E. Roberts, Postville.—6c. For Sale—Purebred Poland China stock hogs; good individuals; weight 250 pounds. 3 miles south west of Waukon. A. G. Bahr—6p. For Sale—Purebred Milking Shorthorn bulls, up to 14 months old; mostly reds; good individuals; all from record of merit dams. Maplcwood Farm, E. W. & K. M. Green, Castalia, Iowa.—8p. THANK YOU. I wish to thank my friends and relatives for their calls, the lovely cards and flowers I received while I was a patient in the Postville hospital. All were greatly appreciated. Marginelle Becker. For Sale—A number of high grade Guernsey heifers; a few to freshen in January, and others to freshen a little later. A. G. Bahr, R. 1, Waukon, 3 miles southwest of Waukon.—6p. For Sale—Seven purebred Duroc Jersey gilts. Also 3 purebred Duroc Jersey boars; good individuals; priced reasonable. Maplcwood Farm, E. W. & K. M. Green, Castalia, Iowa.—6p. We are in the market for hides, pay- ng 10c per pound. Also, we are buying hog hides. Get busy and trap. Bring your furs to us and get the money. Julius Geskin, Ossian, la.—3tfc. Wanted—Married man to work on farm; separate living quarters. B. T. Palas, R. 1, Luana, Iowa.—6p. For Sale—Still have a quantity of comb honey; both light and dark. L. E. Dresser, R. 2, Postville.—6p. For Sale—Purebred Duroc Jersey boars; cholera immune; good size and type. Clay Noack, R. 2, Postville, For Sale—Purebred Chester White stock hog. Wm. and Donald Kugel. Farm 6 miles southeast of Postville, Iowa.—6p. Bring in your harness now for oiling and repairing, so it will be ready for spring use. The Tindell Harness Shop—5tfc. For Sale—Large Duroc Jersey stock hogs; deep body type; good color, and cholera immune. Elmer H. Larson, El gin, Iowa.—6p. MOTORS—I do all kinds of motor repairing, rewinding and recondition ing. J. F. Hart, at the Electric Motor Shop, Postville.—6c. Free Puppies—I have four puppies to give away to persons who will provide a good home for them. Ewald Brandt, R. 1, Postville.—5p. For Sale—John Deere No. 10 one- row corn picker, with wagon hitch; in good condition, ready to go. Harvey Paulsen, Postville.—Bp. For Sale — Purebred Duroc Jersey stock hogs.; weight 200 to 300 lbs. Will Monserud, Harpers Ferry, Iowa, Farmers Telephone.—7p. Furs Wanted—I am now buying furs at the top market prices, so bring all furs and hides to me now. J. Silverman, Monona, Iowa.—6p. For Sale—Purebred Golden Flemish Rabbits; fawn color; friers, does, bucks, trios ond pairs. Priced according to age. Ted Green, R. I, Castalia, la.—6p PURINA Dairy & Hog FEEDS ' For the best success in feeding — place your order now for these well known and proven feeds. We can now supply you. MEYER'S Four-County Hatchery Telephone 234 VETERANS! Nationally known feed company wants veterans for sales organization in this territory. If you have lived on a farm, or handled stock, and like to deal with farm folks, this may be your opportunity. Must have car. Home nights. Complete training. Permanent position. Personal interview arranged. Write full details of your experience to Box N, care of Postville Herald. WAYNE QUALITY Never Let's You Down! To pay a profit, every hen in your flock must lay at least 160 eggs yearly. But countless WAYNE feeders beat this by far... averaging way UP in egg production and enjoying EXTRA profits. START TODAY on the WAYNE WAY Allamakee Hatchery J. M. OVERLAND, Prop. Telephone No. 187 Postville, Iowa / \ Give the Ideal Gift... Something for the Home We have a nice selection of the following items, all of which make an acceptable gift at Christmastime, because the entire family can enjoy them: Breakfast Suites Dinette Suites Lounging Chairs Pull-Up Chairs Pictures in Frames Mirrors in all shapes Beautiful Table Lamps Magazine Baskets End Tables Coffee Tables Mattresses We have these in a wide price range, but our stocks are limited by the effects of the war. In addition we have other items that make suitable gifts. The furniture trade has been hard hit by the war, but we're doing our best to get merchandise on the floor. We hope to have this on display as fast as it arrives. Louis Schutte The Largest Stock of Furniture In Northeastern Iowa

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