The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 29, 1948
Page 5
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FAGS EIGHT BLYTHEVfLLB (ARK.)' COURIER TUESDAY, JUNE M, 194S Hot, Uncomfortable Homes May Cause Summer Ills and Often Aggravates Heart Condition With thf nition uroused !o new height* over the mounting de»th loll from hurt «llm;n<«, (h* public wa* warned today dial high summer temperature* will aggravate Intent heart conditions In ninny c«*e« uiilesn p«ctiitlon« »re liken tRainst this danger.,• A rwninder was also Issued hyv • - h«llh mthorillM that there will , , . . b< ipproximatelv 300 deaths from ° llnK 1>r ° 1 " >r rpsU Tllls lM<1 » tn he.t prostration'this year and thai | r^ 0 "*.,*:™!?'^,^., °' »l>W«te "" " ' " " J Parkview Apartments one out of every four of these will oocur in the home. Of the victims. M per cent will be children under t and adults over 84 years of age. Excejwive heat in sleeping quar- tern (xmtribiitf* to .summer illness; b#c»UM hot, uncomfortable l>ed- nd generally fatigued, weakened ondition. Thi« danger lo family health an be foilr-d by providing coolc viiif rjuarlers and observing ,sen Me living habits, acrordlng la a pokesman Tor the Constntction, rooms prevent ih« ocruponl.s from 'Research Bureau of New York, who The Sign Of r BETTER PLUMBING NO W AVAILABLE! For New Homes! For Replacements In Present Homes! -r Premier Aluminum Windo IWT ICttTlftl , r«- t»m tkcir bemtifiil stream- tntt Mrtm aluminum finishl * UMT WEIINT Giy«« finjyerlip «etio«. Itm. yon aroid exaBperating: t"r- rnf »n<i pulling to »pen and tlont window*! * *EAT«E« H«0f Ko more uticking tven in th« wettMt weather. Wind-tunnel t«»U »Uo prove Premier HlMowa wetttier-tightl All lh«»» defirabU qu»Titie» M»i IKiM »r<tinar.v windi> modern window that if MAXIMUM Trim narrow «•».« h >r , ,,,„ "rt* hri|fl,trr mor» rhpcjf,, rooms far »<""• tnjoyrafrt! -A- LOW MAINTENANCE i« ca M a pane i« SroV«n! * LIFETIME IURAIILITY No puttr lo dry out. (l m< 5-ou ihsnVfully avoid drum. r * I 1 1 i n j windows ' ehmmalp . u-pe sash halanro, cord i—»n*T many reor«-«t \ «H th« Hwirablr feau,r« for in oor rliwplaj room*. DEAL'S PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE Exclusive RepresenUlive In Eastern Arkansas 1W WHOLESALE -RETAIL Waiting — Immediate De/ivery "Premier Aluminum Windows are of Modern Homes" Shown U lh, ivrrntly-riMnplHwl "Par*i-i*w <k,mrtm*niii" hull! headed h> Mm r Uncan. Klylhrvtlk rrnllnr. thrx-rmim tinfuriilsti^H anartnifnti Av Ih, —Courier N'ewn photo Sv Magnolia <:«urls. Inc., whlirh Is old i-rmelrry tilt. H ci.nlaiiis foiir That Glow in Dark Ar* Night Safety Aids Tiles thai xlow In the dark, set' into kitchen, bath or hull amkf j regular tiling .show your wny Ihrough the house without putting on lights, reports Practical Builder, Chicago 3. Daylight or artificial Itfiht provide Lhr. storage of after- dark glow, f>hrei5 of ihe snme nifi- Icrial In 1ft- x 32" piece* r\rr available for Inrper spot/; -if dosiied. said that fully «ft pf>] cent of r.he ] liomp.s in America can be made HS much ,T.«; 15 rtcgrrp-s cooler by proper iHMjJnnon. Only ift [jp: cent at the tiftlJon 1 .? homes have this protection. Fuel ShnrUfre Health Danger Another serious hen 1th menace ' will oe piT.setu next winter a.-s a ! i-Miilt of a national fuel famine j which Governmental authoriiies j predict will be a.s bad ns or wors-i ! than that experienced last winter i v, hen many homos went ' for clays at a lime. ! Demand [or heating oil now is . at about 17 tier cent above last, j year when a 20 per cent shortage , developed in sonie sections; and the industry is not, producing the fi, t 150,000 barrcta ot petroleum a day it • Lt; e.stinialeri the country need.^. ' Secretary of Interior J. A. Krug ! has predicted fuel oil shortages "for ( several years to come.' 1 I The-sp .-horlnpe-s can b« inintmi/.- ed comldcrably, Construction Re- ! Aearch Kureau engineers abseil. :f • precautions are taken this summer i (o ward off peril to health bath from ' lo\v temperature. 1 ? next winter and '• tempeiatuie.s during hr>i \ iiher. i Pictures That Light Up Add Beauty to Homes Pictures light up hi dining, living or bedrooms, to provide general Illumination, soft nlKhl liRht or reading lights, says Practical Builder, Chicago 3. Tn beautiful colors with .-ii.-cne.s etched into fine glass,'these framed "masterpieces of light" have, a remote control switch for easy conlrol with out reaching Light tubes at top and bottom are easily replaceable and can be turned on singly or together. ^ea AdeQua roof of ite, in.^ulnt.ion in walls and thp house will prevent 35 f ... .W per cent of precious winter hfnt, passing outside Ihrough ihi : rliin shell of wood, lath and pla*- (fr; and will stop superheated air entering ihe house in hot, weather. ^tensive research sho\v,s (h,Ti roofs oljon reach temperature* nf I.'iO and u-flJl.s 12o degrees even when the onlAide air is no morn llian 10 This, ha.s an elfeci similar to that of a burning glass which focuses heat oti on? spot, and thp interior becoines far hotter than if an effective he.Ht barrier were present, To overcome rhjj; and keep ex- ' CPS.SIVP heal otiiside. the Bureau rutominenrtp s Emu--inch layer of fireproof mineral wool above the lop-floor ceiling, in thi> form of hatis or blankrt.s between rafters or JoisL? if the .itlie w unlitu.shed; and hlowinp loose minernl wool into All inacce.sMble spaces \i\ .sirie walls of ihe and into finished at lie wmK and reshne. Once a house is i nsul a t ed. U l^ relatively ea->y 10 crcalr. additional rooliie-s. 1 ; and comfort within it because pxres-iive heat has not entpr- i. All \\inrtov.5 anri rionrs should be kepi, closed thiouchout the clay and shade? drawn on the sunny side, of the hojjse. Tlnir, when u'inrlows and doors are opened after sunset, the nisht Rir quickly cools the house. Air change can be speeded up by electric funs facing inward in open windows as this sucks fresh air into the house. V.'.ilch Kifehen Temperature Care should be taken against overheating the kitchen Home economists suggest that hot summertime meals be prepared in the oven. Open burners on top of the stove throw o[( tremendous amounts <•! heal, whereas mast ovens are insulated and little heat escapes. Kitchen doors leading to the rest of Ihe house should be closed at mealtime and excess heat (orced out. Ihrough open kitchen windows. Larking an exhaust fan, an ordinary electric man facing outward in an open window will move the air out rapidly. The Construction Research Bureau also suggests leplacing large. electric bulbs with bulbs of lower wattage during summer months because big lamps are a source of considerable heat. Additional coolness can be provided by directing an eletl'ic fan toward a" bowl of ice, and by a damp sheet hung before doors rind windoiv.s. Playhouse Easy To Build, Safer For Youngsters Lack of adequate playground facilities is recognized by authorities as one of the most serious shortcomings of our large cities. Playgrounds where small children ran romp and play in wholesome surroundings are too few and lar between. In many neighborhoods sidewalks and streets offer the only immediate play area's. Everyone appreciates the dangers inherent In such conditions. Some- limes a little ingenuity on the part at parents can do much to improve the situation in Individual families. If there Is sufficient space In the brick yard, for example, it's a Rood Idea to bnilri a playhouse which will serve as a center of operations for the youngsters. An attractive structure can be built easily and Log-less Log Cabins Resist Rot and Decay Something new In using modem materials to achieve primitive ef-1 Joels has been discovered, says' Practical Builder, Chicago 3. If, a realistic log-like exterior /or cabins, homes, lodges, Lonrist courts collages, other rustic buildings, constructed of fire-resistant metal lath- I;IR and cement. Beautiful in finish, yel easy to construct, this new process affords permanent, savings since it requires none of the continual replacements required by normal I log rot and deterioration. j [ Another worthwhile feature of' the finish Is Its self-insulation pro-1 vlded by channels in preformed • metal lathing under the sturdy! cement base-coal, and colored ce-' merit, textured final coating. This constant nlr space keeps the bulld- inff fooler In summer, warmer in winter. Final coating is available in authentic replicas of bark colors in natural tones of grey, brown and off-white. Simulated bark finish resembles birch, pine, oak or walnut, and blends with. uatiTml woodland settings ns tastefully as would actual logs. Log-cabin texture finish can be • pplied to either old or new buildings, and all material Is easily handled and installed. Added feature Is lus immunity to attacks from vermin or rodents which can do plenty damage to a cabin made of tasty and expensive real togs. | economically by applying Insulating j building board over simple frame-1 work of used lumber. The board j which comes in rigid sheets 4 feet' wide and from 1 to 12 feet long is easy to cut and nail. STOP ITCHING * DISCOMFORT TONIGHT • , Enjoy the toothing and comfort- Ing medication at Gray'« Oint- • men while pleasant anliscniici • aid m uettlnK rid of irrilition GRAY'S OINTMENT will remain your famrfy'l if MORTGAGE RETIREMENT rNSURANCI pco»»<h thtit utl*r*»t !• H. L. E. OLD Jr., Special Agent Thone 3683 Bl.vlherille, Ark. «VWMHlft! Jk. with this AUTOMATIC ', iot*» urr i HUBBARD HARDWARE co. Main WATER... And it's Importance in Helping to Keep Down Disease and Epidemic Cleanliness of our bodies, as well as our general surroundings, is of vital importance in checking disease. Too, water is the most vital factor in the functions of our sewage systems. These are only two of the reasons why an abundance of water must be available at all times. Our staff is ever on the alert to protect and maintain this water supply . . . and their efforts are always directed toward providing our patrons with an improved service. Blytheville Water Co, BERNARD ALLEN, Manager ''Water /s Your Cheapest Commodity" It's Just As Simple As nything electrical—from ulbs to repair service— r y, harlie has it! For Example Aufomafic Kleclrit "I'op-Up" TOASTKHS: Toast well model I'roclor model Gp; Klecfric Mixer with all atluclimenis GK Waffle Irons Sandwich Grill .. . ? 19.1)5 .. . $23.95 . . . $9.95 ... $15.00 CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP "Service Is Not Our Molfo — It's Our Business" 112 So. 51 h St. Phone 2993 "Dirt, smudges, fingerprints wash right off!" Nothing like walls painted with ~^ SHERWIN-WILLIAMS SEMI-LUSTRE So easy to keep cl«n = ; . 50 sanitary . . . here's just what you want for kitchen, bathroom. laundry mncl *llhea\y-Juty walls. Dirt ami grime can'i get » toehold on satin-smooth Sherwin-Williarru Semi-Lustre. Plain joap and water quickly, easily, »afely remove even mcrcurochrome stains! Semi-LiiMre i.i .so economical . . . jo iturdy you'll want to use it on all (he woodwork in your house, too! The rheerjp, jxmny-loolcinjf colon will make your home happier to live in, easier to work in! Ask for a colnr card. BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. J. Wilson Henry W. H. Peate Highway 61 South Phone 2882

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