Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 21, 1955 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1955
Page 8
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'l EIGHT EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD., MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1955 Make Thanksgiving Dinner Easy Bf CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor How easy can the cook make . kitchen life this Thanksgiving holiday? One answer: • it depends on how she takes advantage of market shortcuts in preparing that big dinner. . Turkey first! If you engage one of the plump Beltsville-type birds, you won't have to db any trussing. That's because these turkeys are prepared for the roasting pan with a low-cut band that holds the legs in shape. Thaw the bird, allowing a couple of days in your refrigerator; then remove the legs from tha band and stuff the body and neck cavities. After stuffing, slip the legs back into the band. A single skewer will fold the neck skin .back and keep in the dressing there. The bird is ready for the oven! As to the stuffing itself. We find the 8-ounce packages of prepared herb-seasoned bread -stuffing excellent. For a quick and delicious dressing, melt half a cup of butter or-margarine in a cup of hot stock; stir in the stuffing and a cup of chopped cooked chestnuts. (The chestnuts, ready-prepared in jars, are available in some markets.) Or if you do want to start froni scratch, you can use the following recipe for Chestnut Dressing. We usually bake some ' white potatoes in their skins along with the turkey. Then.we use canned sweet potatoes! for those eaters who must ; have this variety of spud's at-holiday-time.--.And other vegetables? Canned cooked small white onions are a great booh. We 'serve them in a well-seasoned 7 white sauce with green peas or snap beans (canned or frozen) and /some • strips - of • canned drained pimiento. Or we 'offer a /vegetable • medly-^onions, sauce; the peas or snap beans (or both) and also .canned drained whole-kernel corn. (We utilize the liquid from the peas, snap beans and corn in the • white sauce.) If you do;not-use the gay strips of pimiento," sprinkle/a little paprika n over the ^vegetable pot-pourri before serving.; . ', '.- •"..' We- are •• likely to. omit a salad after a :big holiday^main course of turkey : and' fixings and instead serve a relish tray. .Celery, carrot strips, radishes, olives and gherkins ; often go.on this; also fennel (finochio) if it is available. ^ A bowl of whole cranberry sauce and a plate/of sliced ; jellied cranberry sauce are on the tray,"too. (The cranberry .sauce is either canned or homemade.) For dessert, you will probably . want to buy or : bake your own pumpkin pie. At recent Thanksgiving dinners, we have prepared a pumpkin chiffon pie filling according to a rule of our First Lady, CHESTNUT STUFFING goes into Thanksgiving Turkey Mamie Eisenhower. But we add our own touch by putting the filling in a Brazil nut pie shell. If you like to splurge with a second dessert at Thanksgiving, you might add vanilla ice cream with ready-prepared Nesselrode. Sauce to your menu. 1 . Chestnut Dressing Ingredients: Ys cup butter or margarine, 1% cups finely chopped onion, 1% cups finely chopped celery, 8 cups dry bread cuKes (% inch), 1 cup chopped cooked chestnuts, 1% teaspoons salt, teaspoon pepper,: % teaspoon sage (if desired), 1 egg, Vi cup water. Method: a'10-inch skillet over low.heat; cook onion and celery in butter, stirring often, until wilted and partly tender Put bread cubes into a large pan; spoon butter mixture over bread Add chestnuts and mix well. Stir salt, pepper poultry seasoning and sage (if used) together; sprinkle over bread. Beat egg thoroughly; beat in water. Add'egg mixture to bread and toss all together with two forks. Stuff turkey withfeauce dressing at once and roast. Makes 9. cups dressing, enough to stuf a 12-pound bird. mm By Cextly ftrowniton* FAMILY DINNER This basic custard makes i nutritious family dessert. Meat Loaf and Potatoes Mixed Cooked Vegetables Salad Bread Four-Egg Baked Custard Beverage FOUR-EGG BAKED CUSTARD Ingredients: 4 medium-sized or arge eggs, % cup sugar, ¥4 tea- ;poon salt, 2% cups milk, J /y ;easpoon vanilla, grated nutmeg. v Method: Beat eggs in mixing jowl enough to combine yolks and whites. Add sugar, salt, milk and vanilla; stir enough to dissolve sugar. Strain into 6 to 8 custard cups (each about 5 ounces). Sprinkle with nutmeg. Place cups in pan; pour boiling water into pan so water comes to about the level of the custard mixture. Bake in a moderate (350 degrees) oven 40 to 50 minutes, or until a silver knife inserted almost at the center comes out clean. Remove from pan ot water at once and place Pretty. garnish. for tomato aspic cauliflowerets (cooked and chillec or raw) .sprinkled with .mincec parsley. • • Pork Chops with Mincemeat Apples • ; With pork coming to market in recor^. amount; you'll wisely serve it to your family often during the coming weeks. Here's a serving that makes a hearty, appetizing appearance on your table. Golden-brown braised loin chops are teamed with miricemeatj stuffed baked apples. This is an ex- 'cellent example of a simply.prepared combination, yet one that has great mealtime appeal. Is Fun Rice With Variation ; So many ways to vary rice to serve with a meat or fish course! To the hot, cooked rice •\ add grated raw carrot; or minced parsley; or minced scallions; or melted butter and curry powder mixed together; , or .chopped mushrooms cooked in butter; or green peas. Liver And Bacon Kebabs Ingredients: Beef liver, bacon, butter or margarine (melted). . Method: Cut liver in ,1 inch cubes, removing membrane and tubes. Fold strips of bacon in quarters. Alternate cubes,of liver between folds of bacon on metal skewers. Repeat until, skewer, is Dial i» 4.2.4600 for a WANT AD Taker •le^""""""""^^^^"™^*"""""^^^^^^ Good Corn Pudding Next time you prepare corn pudding, add a little chopped green filled. Brush liver with melted butter. Broil 5 inches from source of heat until liver is biowned and bacon crisp—about 15 minutes. Turn to cook uniformly. Sprinkle with salt and' freshly-ground pepper. Serve at once. pepper and canned pimiento. Store the candles you are going to use oh a party table in the refrigerator overnight. This cold treatment may help to prevent excessive dripping! in cold water. Cool, then Custard may be served in cups or unmolded. Nice with a cups chill. dark made from canned sweet cherries! Makes 6 to 8 42 MARKET CO CENTRE ST. ALL LOCAL BIRDS FRESH KILLED SAVE -SAVE ROASTING CHICKENS STEWING FRYING CHICKENS , b 29c | CHICKENS. . 43c SMOKED HAMS ..... Ib. PICNIC HAMS FRESH GROUND BEEF CLUB STEAK ,,, 39c ROUND STEAK lb. 53c SIRLOIN servings. CASSEROLE SUPPER You can get this, main dish ready ahead, bake at last- minute-. Quick ^Turkey Treat. ... Salad Bowl . '. .Rolls Chocolate Cake Beverage QUICK TURKEY TREAT Ingredients: l'« cups liquefied instant nonfat dry' milkj '3' tablespoons flour; %. of an 8-ounce package sharp processed cheese food (coarsely grated), i% cups diced cooke* turkey, 1cup. chopped olives, 2 caris-(3 ounces each) sliced mushrooms (drained), 2 tablespoons diced pimiento; 3 cups cooked rice. Method: Pour liquefied instant nonfat dry milk into top ;of double boiler; sprinkle flour over surface. Beat with rotary beater until just blended. Cook and stir constantly over hot water ; until thickened. Add cheese, stirring constantly, until cheese melts. Remove from heat. Arrange alternate layers of t u r k e y,x olives, muchrodms, pimiento, and rice in a 2-quart casserole. Pour cheese sauce over. Bake in moderate (350.degrees) oven 30 minutes, or until cheese sauce .bubbles. Makes 6 servings. GOOD LUNCH Hamburgers with high seasoning are fun for'a change! : Racy Hamburgers Mashed Potatoes Creamed Green Peas. Carrot Curls Rolls Fruit ' Beverage RACY HAMBURGERS Ingredients: 2 small onions, % teaspoon salt, V* teaspoon dry mustard, pepper, 1 pound ground chuck beef, 2 tablespoons butter 01 margarine. Method: Peel onions; on waxed paper, grate onions fine; there should be about 3 tablespoons pulp and juice. Add salt, mustard and pepper to taste to onion; mix well. Work onion mixture into ground beef with fork or fingers; shape into 4 patties. Melt butter in 9-inch skillet until it begins to hiss. Add hamburgers and brown each side over high heat. If meat is liked pink inside or well-done, turn heat, low and finish cooking to desired doneness, turning to cook evenly. Makes 4 servings. ' SUNDAY NIGHT SUPPER Cream of Tomato Soup ( Shrimp and Cheese Toast Salad Bowl Cookies Beverage SHRIMP AND CHEESE TOAST ' Ingredients: -One 4Vi-ounce can (% cup packed down) small-size wet-pack cleaned shrimp, % of a 6-ounce package sharp processed cheddar 'cheese, 3 tablespoons mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon chili sauce, Vi. teaspoon onion powder, '/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, 6 to 8 slices bread. Method: Rinse shrimp with-cold water: drain well. Put shrimp and cheese through fine blade of food chopper. Add mayonnaise, chili sauce, onion powder and Worcestershire sauce; mix thoroughly. (Makes a little over 1 cup). Toast bread under broiler on one side only; spread shrimp mixture over untoasted sides, covering edges well so they won't, char under broiler. Broil just until lightly browned. Cut in triangles, or leave slices whole, and serve at once. Makes 4 servings. STEAK lb 39c SWISS STEAKS , t 39c PORK RIB ROAST....Jb. 29c FRESH PICNIC • ••• I SLICED PORK ^ HAMS , b 33c STEAK , k 43c yiAi. STEAK , b 59c SHOULDER CHOPS , b 39c LOIN CHOPS , b 55c MINCED HAM 3,^.00 COLORED OLEO 5, b ,'1.l WHITE PURE LARD 6 ,,'1.1 MORt FLAVOR FOfl YOUR MONEY! lattM by PEPSI-COLA IOTTLING COMPANY DIAl r»* >14?» HOLIDAY SPECIALS! i«ie»«»«^e»e»«ee«e»»««e»e»« wtmtmmf^^i^^^^^^ mm Libbj's Ocean Spray Saner Kraut Sauce 2 ••" 37c Birdseye Juice 1 con, 219 Greene St. (near corner of Le« SO 239 Williams St. (formerly Clineb«H'» Bokwy) 120 Virginia Ave. (Laeey'* Market) OPEN ALL DAY THANKSGIYINB! For a scrumptiously GOOD Thanksgiving Feast, choose your dinner fixin's at GARLITZ BROTHERS. Everything from Soup to Nuts at prices to be thankful 'for. Phone or shop in person. Delivery free on. $3.00. lb> .. . • Fresh Killed - Double Breasted Koontz Farms Maxwell House Coffee •• ••• — Maxwell Instant, Ig. economy size Quitn City or Potomac Farm -~j?<.v •' Egg Nog .....:.;:.~.^..;,...^ — Non-Alcoholic — Delicious — 93c $1.43 quart 85c Increaied Jale» y»ar aft»r'y«or of theie farm raiud, frcih birdi prov» their value. Mor« tender whitt meat for everyone.: Ov»n- Ready ... . completely dr«md. A ptiaiurt to .pripar* and lerve. All ii»> available. 16 to 25 Sire ..... 6 to 16 Ib. Size Ib. Ib 49c lb .59c . Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce '.'/hole Berry or Strained 2 16 " 39c . •* cam WWW Oil Mont* JVi 37c Pillibury Whitt, Yellow or Chocolate . Cake Mixes —... ..... ..-•• 3 ••*»•• 79c PllUbury Mix ST Koonti Farms Fruh Dretied _-• CAPON (Chickens) 4 <• •"••«~ — Supply limited — order early — fb. 59c Mince Meat Pie Time! Borden't Non-Such 28-ox jar 49e Dry Mix pk 27t »« 6 lb ••*• • Specially raised for Holiday Meals — — You con rely on their-quality — : Fr»ih Small Lean Pork loin Rib Blade Cuts I'A to 3 Ib. — Fine to season Kraut with — Koenti Farmi—-Heavy Younfl Koaitino ib. 400 Old Virginia 28oi jar 39c Morrell's Bulk Style with Brandy Ib. 39c at Our Meat Dept. Crosse & Blackwell Brandied Hard Sauce 6-oz. jar 45c Fresh Bulk Style Kraul quart Swift's Premium or Oscar Mayer Skinless Franks lb. celle pka. Oicor Mayer Boneless Cooked Canned Hams'::. 1 " Freih Cri.field Bulk Solid Pack Swift'* Premium .. • or • Armour Star . Hams 1J hv 14 lb. Whole «r ihonk half .Pepperidge.Farm Stuffing Bread pv 9 . 28c — 1 pkg. enough for 5 Ibs. of poultry. — — Dtliciously tagsoned.— _'_ m -«m- an ,-, Nestle's S«mi-Sweet Chocolate Bits ... 2 «-«.-bo B . 43c Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil *• 29c lb. 49c New Crop — large Size DIAMOND ENGLISH rge Size InUtf •••'••• ">• " n o P fc 3- 55C Oysters Standard! Ib. pint 98c Hi cans 39c Silvtr Flow New Pack • • Sauer Kraut 2" — Bulk Style Freth Kraut, qt. bag 33c Schmidt's Blue Ribbon . Community Baker. , Bake-n-Serve Rolls pt ,v: 28c Fruit Cakes" L a " >» $1.00 Ready in Seven Minutes — Delicious — — Quality, you knew — There U none finer—- ' Meadow, Gold . . :: . ' Pure Creamery Butter _ 67c ^ brand — : Found . Quarter! 69c Old Export or Gtrman , * Cast of 12 Vway bottles $1.69 Cos* of 12 cans ... SI. 87 Tender Calif, •aicql Celery florida White Seedletft Grapefruit Extro Foney Solid Red-Ripe. Tomatoes Freih Cope Cod Early Slack ". "' ««,«», Cranberries .,»...» • '....-—-.2 »»• 39c Fonty Hed Emperor Colif.•'"•.•. Crapes ('">!«'•« >«' U. S. No. 1 Stoymon Wineiop Apples c« wt or rt«*) U. S. No. 1 New Jeney ' . .. .^ ..._ 5w«et Potatoes •: - • 3 *.. 3$c Wii»'— Keollr fresh Potato Chips big 10 oz. bog 49C Hi-Ho Crackers McCORMICK Stokely's Fiwsl FROZEN FOODS "The Finest - Always" Or**n ^2k ,r 2^«c SlrawNr'iV* Wn*r« GARLITZ BROS. 1 1 1

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