Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 29, 1933 · Page 9
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 9

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1933
Page 9
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'BUY B1TTB1 Df AMBI" AMES DAILY TRIBOKB-TOIEl, AJfZS, IOWA. FMDAT, B&TUUIK 19, 1WJ. FRANKLIN TWR FRANKLIN TWR, Sept. 28— Mrs. AlUe Gross had as her guests at Sunday dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lewl« and daughter Velda of Ame«, Othle McMamy of Promise City, and Mr. and Mm. William Stone and daughters. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Stone accompanied by Mrs. Stone's father, Sam Shanklln of Maxwell, left Thursday for McKane, Mo., where they ATTENTION FOURTH WARD Prices same at College as Downtown Red Arrow Grocery ft Mkt LOOK OUT FOR THESE SYMPTOMS OF CONSTIPATION Get Relief With Kellogg's ALL-BBAN will visit a few dtys with Mr ghanklin's mother, Mrs. Margart Shanklin and witl his sister. Mrs George Randekpp and husband a Summerville, Mo. Mr. and Mrs Clark Stuart had a their guests at dinner Sunday, Mr and Mrs. William Foster and U>rc< children of Stratford. C. M. Mang«s left Sunday fo Hollaodale, Minn., where he wil spend some time with his brother Harl Manges and family. Mrs. Allie Gross spent Frldaj afternoon with Mrs. Roy Grierson Mrs. E. J. Hunter and son Don aid returned home Sunday after i. few days visit at the home of their mother and grandmother, Mrs Mary Donaldson at Tracey, Minn. Mrs. William Stone and daugh t«rs Marjorle and Mary June spej): Wednesday at the parental Mrs. Al lie Gross home. Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Charley Cole and son, and Mrs. Johnson of south of Story City. Headaches, loss of appetite and energy, sallow complexions, and sleeplessness are often warning signs of common constipation. Unl«s checked, constipation may impair health. Today, you can get rid of common constipation by simply eating a delicious cereaL Laboratory test* show that KeDogg's ALJ>BRAN pro- rides "bulk" to exercise the intestines, and vitamin B to further aid regularity. ALL-BRAN is mlso * good source of blood-building iron. The "bulk" in ALL-BRAN is much like th»t in leafy vegetables. Inside the body, it forms a soft mass. Gently, it clears the intestines of wastes. How much better than taking patent medicines. Two tablespoonfuls daily will overcome most types of constipation. Serious cases, with every meal. If not relieved this way, see your doctor. Enjoy ALL-BRAN as a cereal, or use in cooking. Appetizing recipes on the red-and-green package. At all grocers. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Allotments Aid Cupid DODGE, CITY, Kan. <HE) Cupid now- is doing a heavy business in the southwest, and observers attribute the increase to allotment money. In many instances, young couples applying for marriage licenses admitted a government allotment check would be their "housekeeping stake." SEWAGE EXPANSION TO SOLVE PROBLEM (Continued from Page One) mitted to be the cause of occasional odors that waft over certain portions of the third ward when the wind blows from just the right quarter. Why this odor is never noticed la other parts of the third ward is a queetion Mr, Ames says he is as yet unable to answer. But the, odor is not serious, and under normal conditions does not exist at all. Certain gases that escape continually from the treatment tanks are odorless, and usually there is very little odor that can be detected in the air even at the disposal plant. The ctty council opened bids a •week ago on the work of enlarging the plant, and ^ contract is expected to be let very soon, following federal approval of the grant of 30 per cent of the cost. The pro.lect will cost between $19,000 and J20,- 000, according to the tabulation of bids. The improvement involves a change in the method of detertori- ation now in use at the disposal plant. A ne\v concrete sludge digesting tank will be built adjoining the present Imhoff tank on the east. This will be equipped with a stirring device that will keep the sludge slowly in motion, and also with heating coils that will main- an evn temperature during Lowest Prices "An Iowa Corporation Operated by Iowa People" 211 Main St.— I. F. Van Trease, Mgr. , Specials for Friday; Saturday and Monday, September 29th, 30th and October 2nd BUY NOW & SAVE! PEACHES, fancy Calif. PRUNES, .Italian . •'. . box 990 box APPLES Jonathans choice quality bu. bskt 89C GRAPES New Tokays extra choice 2lbsl7c DATES New pack 2lbpkg25c ONIONS Red or yellow Globe 10 Ibs 2$C SWEET POTATOES Very fine quality 10 Ibs 2$C FLOUR 24/2 Ib sack $1,09 SOAP 10 bars 2JC TOILET SOAP, Olivilo 3 bars 15c COFFEE, choice Santos, Our Breakfast, 3 Ib bag 52c BEANS, RICE, POP CORN 5 Ibs 25c PINEAPPLE, crushed, APRICOTS, PEACHES, sliced No. 10 size, can 45c PEAS, Early June, Come Again, No. 2 size, 3 cans 32c CORN, Iowa's best pack, No. 2 size 4 cans 25c Fanners, bring us your eggs—we pay highest prices ALL PRICES LOW AT THE RED BALL Red Ball Market f hone for Meat—133 ^i- RELIABLE SERVICE n . . SPECIAL_ NO shank Picnic Hams, ovenized .... • ' — PORK ROAST, lb . PORK STEAK, _ •••~ w ^*»*«*» VJLv PORK SAUSAGE . .... ? i/ 2C Slab Bacon, Swift's . . . j . winter, greatly »pee<liug up the deterioration process. The present punip bouse will be slightly enlarged to make room for a gas fu«uac« to generate bent for the sludge tank coils. The gas to be burned will be the inflammable g&s that now seeps Into the «lr fr<om the digestion chamber. A sludge storage tank, where the sludge can be stored durl*g winter months and wet weather after it has been treated In the digesting tank, will be built Just north, of the present sludge drying beds. This tank will be large enough !:> hold a year's accumulation of sludge, if necessary. At present, the drying beds dry out the sludge before it is used as dirt for filling In depressions on the city land at the plant. This dried sludge Is an excellent garden fertilizer, and the city is glad to give it to any who call for it. Weather Hampers Drying During wet weather and usually for several months at a time in the winter season, these beds remain filled with sludge that fail* to dry out. Under ordinary conditions, the moisture seeps away thru a bed of sand under the drying beds, thence into the tile that carries it 'away to the creek. It will not be necessary to enlarge the drying beds or the aerator bed at this time, Mr. Ames said. The overload exists in the sludge digestion chambers. The sewage impurities are consumed by n dual method of deterioration. One kind of bacteria that live only under water consumes waste jnatter as It settles out of :he sewage flow to the bottom of :hese digestive chambers. A large portion of the impurity is thus consumed, and the sludge that remains s carried off to the drying beds. Aeration Beds The more liquid portion of the sewage waste that washes into the plant goes to the aeration beds where another.kind of bacteria that ive In the air consume what impurity remains. The water is sprayed over, a bed of crushed rock six eet deep, then flows into tile irains and away to the creek. The bacteria live on these rocks and alack the sewage waste remaining in he water that washes thru the ock bed. After the overburdened condition at the plant is relieved, all odors manating therefrom will be elim- nated, and a wholly pure and clear water will flow out of the plant into he creek. Sanitary sewers flow to tlie plant from all parts of the city by grav Ity, reaching the plant at a leve several feet below tb« ground. sewage Is then pumped up Into the digestion tanks for treatment. A new pump for this service was in stalled at the plant a few months ago. ' 89c - ROSES - 89c Cash an4 carry on this specia for Saturday only. EVERTS 208 Main Street GILLMORES FOOD MARKET Member NRA Fri. *. Sat., Sept. 29 A 30. Sugar, 10 Ibs ... 49c Milk, tall can, 4 for . .23c Bustard, prepared 9c Starch, corn or gloss -' 2 for 15c Macaroni or Spaghetti 5 for ,...23c Salt, 2 Ib box, 2 for ...17c Heinz Rice Flakes, 2 for 19c Heinz Soup or Beans, 6 -54c Lye, 3 for 25c Gold Dust, large box 17c Asparagus, fancy 15c Prunes, 2 Ibs 19c SATURDAY Demonstration Saturday of FOLGERS COFFEE regular or new drip grind Ilb31c 21bcan59c ALSO demonstration of Ungles Bread and Cake. 3 Ige loaves and lib butter for .. TRY OUR MEATS Store Hours 7 a. m. to 7 p. m., Sat. to 10 p. m, Groceries, Meat, Vegetables "Convenient Parking" 118 5th St. Phone 639 BO OU* PAftT Finest Creamery BUTTER — Ib 22c Quick or Regular OATS 2 > 29c Pet—Borden—Carnation , LVAP. MILK 3 it 19c Whitehouse Evap. Milk 3 tall cans 17c RAISINS bag 25c Vermont Maid Syrup — bot. 19c Quaker Maid Beans can 5c, 3 28-oz cans 25c Mallo Wheat 2 pkgs 25c Smoking & Chew. Tobacco, 3 IQc pkgs 25c Certainty Pancake Flour... .31/2 Ib bag 19c Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour, 3y 2 Ib bag 25c Velvet or Prince Albert "2 tins 21c Cremo Cigars 3 for lOc Shredded Wheat 2 pkgs 23c Canned Mackerel , 2 No. 1 cans 15c lona Corn No. 1 can .6c Brillo 2 pkgs 15c Powdered Sugar .4 Ibs 25c Corn Meal 5 Ib bag 12c Hershey's Chocolate i/ 2 Ib 15c Ajax Soap 6 cakes 25c PENN-RAD MOTOR OIL 2 Gal Can $1.08 FEED .UaiJ.v Egg Mash — !0 Ib A« f m, tf\ b»g.... 9£*l|y Dally Egg Mash — bag ^ 6iC Daily Kgg Oyster Shell Wftrt 100 Ih bag 79C Daily Egg Growing 100 lb bag«?i«59 Oats «»A*» !» Ib bag . . 2^C PRODUCE Bartlett A* Pears, bu. $X Box .... $3.03 Italian Prunes Q 16 lb box .. O Concord Grnoes 4jj basket .....* I Tokay Grapes 4 2 Ibs I Cobbler 1> Potatoes, pk . . J Oranges * size 232, doz 5 Jonathan Apples, 4 Ibs 25C Fruit Jar Rubbers J doz IOC BALL JAR CAPS BECK'S FRUIT PECTIN WALDORF TOILET TISSUE DROMEDARY GRAPEFRUIT 21c . 12 oz bot. lOc roll 5c 2 No. 2 cans 27c lona Cocoa 2 lb can DILL PICKLES qt jar 19c SUNSWEET PRUNES, large size 2 lb box 23c HILLS-DALE BARTLETT PEARS... 2 No. 2V 9 29c Super-Suds pkg 90 SANI FLUSH CRACKERS cleans closet bowls 2 cans oTen fresh Sodas or Grahams One can Mello and one closet brush FREE. LOWIfT AYIBAdl jfllOI OlXaHTATOlB PEAS Country Klst Early June Heiiu Ketchup large size bot. Campbells 21 kinds 2 Ib caddie 19c Kitchen Klenzer 3 Cant ISc Angel Food Gtkei, each .. 16o Cookiei, six varieties, do* lOc Pecan Rolli, cluster .He Tea Biscuits ........3 dot 14c Pineapple Rolls ;.. doi 18c Pumpkin Pie each 20c PORK and BEANS Van Camps L.22C AROO CORN STARCH 1 Ib pkg L lie BUTTER Boone or Nevada 1 Ib Me Peaches Llbbys . yellow Cling No. 2:% can L He SUGAR pure fine granulated 10 Ibs Sic Harts Butterkrust BREAD white or whole wh't 5c FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES Vinegar Pure 40 Grain Cider gal 20C Carrots-Beets, bunch 6c Fresh Cauliflower, head .. 25c Rasiett Bake Potatoes, bay .. 45tt Acorn Squash, ripe, 3 for .... lOc New Cranberries, Ib 15c Crisp Celery, italk i Grapefruit, seedless, each .... 5c Onions, Red or White, 3 Ibs .. lOc CORN Del Monte Fancy Whole Kernel Crosby No. 2 Can 2 for 2$C Tokay Grapes, Exceptional Fine Fruit 3 ib - 25c Jello The new improved; All flavors S pkgs 20C Oxydol Cleans everything ~ Lge pkg.. Inquire about the ?10,000.00 prize contest ORANGES, HEAD LETTUCE Solid, * f 2 for 1§C CABBAGE 3c The Best Sunkist Values, for Slicing or Juice 2 dozen .,. 35c 2 dozen ... 45c 2 dozen... 66c ASPARAGUS Winslow Paacy Illinois Greea Tall Can Crisp, solid, Ib Bartlett PEARS For eating, basket KEIFER PEARS. ITALIAN PRUNES. Fey 111., for canning; take home a bu. bskt. PEACHES For llicinf, mm — buket...:.. ZSC SI. 10 88c Henheys Baking CHOCOLATE #-Lb Cake I4c Solid Fruit, New Shipment, Box Coffee Maxwell House, •Good to the last drop Ib can 26c Swt. POTATOES, PINEAPPLE Del .Monte Fancy Sliced No. I Flat -Can 3 for 2?C Famous Virginias, Best Quality 5 Ibs, 18c Jonathon APPLES, Iowa Grown, Bushel J1.25 7 Ibs. 25c POTATOES, "SSS-S.SS: peck 28c . ^^fr^*****?*****^^ MACARONI SPAGHETTI Elboronl American Beauty I9c BEAN SPROUTS No. 2 can 2 for 25c Chow Mein Noodles Shanghai No. 2 can 17c PUMPKIN Did Grimes Solid pack No. 2' can L 19c OLIVES Win You Fey, Plain Queen 8-oz jar 15c Stuffed Queen 8-oz jar 17c FLY TOX The famous Fly Spray Y 2 pt 27c Piut 46c • Quart 75c PEANUT BUTTER Win You Fancy l.Lb Jar I4c Libby's Sweet RELISH 9-oz jar for 19c FLOUR Gold Medal , -'Kitchen Tested' 49-Lb Bag $1.98 OMAR FLOUR Ib bag . . 970 49lbbag . . $1.; KARO SYRUP Blue Label 5-Lb Pail Red Label 5-Lb Pall 29c SPAGHETTI Franco American Prepared FRUIT for SALAD Del Monte Fancy No.' 1 tall 17C * FELS NAPTHA SOAP 5 Bars *?c . ROYAL BAKINQ POWDER 6-oz can 19c 12-oz can 37c TISSUE Seminole Full 1000 sheet count * i, lOc rolls AVV Indian headdress FREE . KIDNEY BEANS Otoe Fancy No. 2 can a for I7c FEARS Hlllsdale Bartlett No. 234 can a for 29C Marsh- Mallows Shotwells 12-oz tin for 25C Quality Meats »t Low Cost—229 Main St. LARSON'S CAMPUS MARKET Swift's Premium Bacon, Buy a piece Ib. 19c PURE BULK LARD, open kettle . 15c HAM PORK ROAST, young pig pork lb. 15c LEWIS LYE 2 cans He GRAPE FRUIT or ORANGE JUICE Golden Pure, Buffet Tin •2 Veal Hearts, lOc Veal Liver, 25c Fresh Picnics, lOc Pork Butts, 12c Haddock, 22c Ham Steak, ISc Pork Roast, lOc SYRUP Vermont Maid, Pure Maple & Cane 12-oz bottle 26-oz HEINZ RICE FLAKES Pkg lie Beef Ribs, lOc Pork Ribs, lOc Brick Chilli, 20c PUFFED WHEAT Ideal Breakfast Food Pkg I9c Canadian BACON, sliced cello, pkg ISc Brookiield or Star LINKS, 25c Windsor S iced BACON, 2 Ibs. 33c OYST1RS fresh 35c Sausage 2 Its. 2Sc Pork Tenderloin, lb. 28c KREMEL DESSERT Caramel. VaniHa or Chocolate PK^lOC COOKIES Marshmallow Topped, Fivo Kltvom

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