The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 13, 1933 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1933
Page 8
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PAGfefelGttt MALVfeftJt U^StS, MALVfeftft. K>WA, JWI»f 13, tfSI s A L ^^^HHHHI^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^HHiHHHI^^^HHI^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Another Smashing Event in our big Summer Clearance ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^tiKi^^l^^jilluj^jjj^jjjjjj^^g^j^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ladies' Stylish WttlfB GLOVES „_ Mefi's frftESS STRAWS — Mefts, Sots' Di-ess CAPS -43e Men's OVERALLS, 24S wt. ._.§?* BOVS' PAftfS . _._-4§e WORK SHfRfS, worth 50e „.___._ ^ Boys' WASH SUITS, sizes 3-8 ____ CWId'a LAtrt^' HOSE -^~-—— 96 Ladies' Silk Chitoft HOSE 4§e Misses', CMldfen's DRESSES _. LADIES* FROCKS --^ LADIES' SLtfS, values to $i -____^.^^ BOYS 1 OXFORDS, black f US LADIES' SAKDALS MEN'S GARTERS .. Sale Starts Friday, July 14 IMULHOLLAND'S! HOT I WORD Abtflrt tin* Mf **t§! Jtttt ffttrf ill* Jifw** tad wttbi *£ FfVlI SilNI on Gf1Mj(6n6i At the Bit CLOVER FARM Aiiiteriiry SALE! YtKtf kit cri*fle« ia, buy 6rot«fi«* at Dcpfeaafea f»rice» §efr*« the Big Price ftfie, tmm SHOES, Solid Colof LINENE, INS? yd* Vat 89 », Chiffon VOILE Viit By* I*RfMfEfi PIQUE * MiM «*^ y nen Finish OXFORD yd. HaftdketcMef LAWN _l?c yd. OIL CLOT H, 46 ift. lie Blttffir »* M ** MUeif SfilftWMiJ LADIES* APRoNg 14 ift* ELASTIC «* BATON AHKLfifS WLLOW SLIPS ••a .i9t yd, |(te yd. * a §e yd* MULHOLLANDS S T R A H A N Miss Hester Ann Ellis returned to Parsons college last week to continue her work there after visiting a few days in the home of Vera Pollitt. Mr. and Mrs. Butord Pettigrew have purchased an interest in the grocery department of the Chas. Hambsch general store and have already opened up for business. They are putting In a complete line of staple groceries and solicit tbe patronage of their friends. Mr. Hambsch will handle the dry goods department. We wish the new firm every success In their enterprise. Mrs. Raymond Laughlin was taken to the hospital at Iowa City last Wednesday for observation and treatment and may have to submit to an operation. Her husband accompanied her, returning home last Thursday. On Friday her father, Oscar Briley, went to Iowa City to be with her if an operation was deemed necessary. Mrs. Laughlin has many friends here who are hoping she may be benefited by her trip. Mrs. Ed Laughlin is caring for her two little children during their mother's absence. Iow«'» (b>Mt hotel now offer* lowMt rates la bwtdcy* Rvtty CQBBPTt aad convenience, vnvn* Utlng Ice wafer and sorvidor la every room. MOTIL DES MOIMES 1 Wednesday, July 19, will be held the regular meeting of the Ladles' Union. Mrs. Ed Pollitt and Mrs. Alfred Shaw will be hostesses for the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kayton were shopping in Shenandoah Monday. Mrs. Ernest Wederqvist received a message Saturday telling of tbe serious illness of her cousin, Mrs. Mary Oranniman, of New Haven, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Wederqvist may be called to the home of their cousin it anything further develops. Strahan lost their ball game last Sunday to Riverton, the score being 4 to 11 in Riverton's favor. Battery for Riverton was Coslett and Gray; for Strahan, French and Johnson. Umpires were Bellknap and Orindle. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Klmsey came up from Shenandoah to spend Sunday with home folks. Paul played right field with the home boys In Sunday's game. Buford Pettigrew took Post Master H. F. Moehnert to Madison, Nebr. Saturday where they attended a reunion of the Moeh- nerts. They returned home Sunday night. Lester Shaffer looked after tbe office during the absence of the post master. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Angus visited Sunday in the home of Mr, and Mrs. Tuck Bolton. Mr. and Mrs, Frank Johnson, Mr. and Mr». Herbert Johnson and Sheila were Sunday dinner guests of Mr, and Mrs, Dale Laughlin. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cartey, Ernest and Lorraine, were weekend visitors at the home of their children, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kayton. Mr. and Mrs. Otha Hyde were visiting their old friends, Mr. and Mrs. Will Wolfe, Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Will McCain were Sunday dinner guests of their children, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McCain. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brazelton j were Sunday evening visitors in I the home of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Woodfill. Mr. and Mrs, Ed Peterson and Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert McCain attended a Lutheran picnic at Shenandoah Sunday, Mr. and Mrs, Luster Irvin and family of near Randolph and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis DeGase and children were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Emma Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hlrschman of Omaha, enroute home from A Century of Progress Exposition at Chicago, were week-end visitors of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Irvin. STATEMENT OF THE CONDITION OP FARMERS STATE BANK under the laws of Iowa, located »t Strahan, County of Mills, at the close of business on the 30th A* D.» }933* RESOURCES Loans and Discounts, Bonds and Securities Overdrafts _„ ...... _..„._,_,.," ____ Banking House --------------- , ______ f 3,500.00 Furniture and Fixtures ------------ ,__ 1,500.00 Other real estate owned _____ , _____ None Due from banks, and bankers, ca sh and cash items „_--,.-_„„„.,,,, „„„,_, Jowa, in the day of June, s 78 530 05 1398 5 000 00 32,710.37 Total Resources ' , , „ LIABILITIES Capital Stock „ „_..._ 85,000.00 Surplus fund ----, , __ 5,000.00 Undivided profits (after deducting expenses) -.„_-,. 3,668.29 Individual deposits subject to check - 68,277 03 Saving* deposits T---— , „„ 4,504.71 Tlpe certificates of deposit U400.31 Denmnd certificates, certified checks, cashier's check* and unpaid dividends 810.00 UMs payable other thau with Federal Re- 8«rve Bank , .... .. Noue _Noue ni6.254.34 30,000.00 3,562.89 82,698.05 : AUa«ta4 B/t 4. BILBO HAS A JOB Theodore O. Hllbo, former .governor of Mississippi, seated at his desk after assuming his new duties In the United State* Department of Agriculture. At present he li described as an official information gatherer of public opinion on farm administration. SI*« of Library of Congress Tht library of Congrew ranks in site next to tbe BIbllotbequ* Na tlonale In Paris and the British museum. ADDITIONAL EMERSON Charles Barnett of Rock Island, 111. spent Saturday and Sunday with bis nephew, Floyd Winters. Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Cheney and Mr, and Mrs. Morris Weed of Elgin, 111.' were Omaha visitors Monday Mr. and Mrs. John Fuller and son, Frank, of St. Joseph, Mo. visited last week with her sister, Mrs. Frank Edle. Maxlne accompanied them home for a two weeks visit. Mr, and Mrs. Paul Edie and daughter, Polly, of Caaeville, Mo., Lenton Edie of Heber Springs, Ark., and Miss Eylene Smith of Eureka Springs, Ark. visited with relatives here last week, Frank elites of Red Oak moved into the Schick property south of town the past week, Mr. elites will work for the Thorson Chevrolet company and began work Monday, Kirby Jackson has secured the job of driving a school bus for the Wales Consolidated school and the auto repair work at Wales. Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Ward and daughter, Nina, and Gerald Lee of Ottumwa visited from Sunday until Tuesday in the home of bis brother, V. C. Ward. Farm Lean Rate* Will be Sealed Down Govenutieat's Plan of Re* fiftaitctftg Farm Loan* to Opef fttton Partners in this county wilt be interested in the statement just received by T. Q. Records, secretary-treasurer of the Mills County National Farm Loan Association, from Bert Waddell, Agent of the Farm Loan Commissioner, stationed in the Federal Land Bank of Omaha, telling how it is expected there will be a very substantial scale-down in the debts of many borrowers because the farmer getting a loan will be able to offer cash for settlement of debts which he might not other* wise be able to pay. Commissioner's loans are being made to reduce and refinance farmers' debts on a longer term basis, to supply working capital and to refinance foreclosed farms. The collateral accepted is first or second mortgages upon 'all or any part of the farm property, real or personal, including crops. Of course, before the Commissioner makes a second mortgage loan he will ask the holder of the first mortgage to waive foreclosure rights in accordance with the Commissioner's regulations. Loans are limited to a maximum of $5,000 each. Those loans plus all prior mortgages or other evidences of Indebtedness secured by the farm property may not exceed 75 per cent of tbe appraised value thereof. During the.first thr»e»y*ara the money the farmer paid off a loth of $5,6*0. la a third case the farmer otn tained a first mortgage loan of $1,?00 on a 148-acre farm worth $5,S«0. the farmer used $99 to pay back taxes, then he paid $1,* 59 i to the local bank and the bank gave him a receipt for complete payment of a first mortgage amounting to $1,800. Most interesting of all was the first mortgage loan of $6,000 obtained by another farmer. With this he used $3,600 to pay off a mortgage held by the local bank amounting to $4,010 and he usetf $1,011 to pay off a commercial bank loan aggregating $1,021. These loans carried 7 and 8 per cent Interest. He settled store bills amounting to $326 and $163 and he paid other debts amounting to about $80 with $26. He also paid back taxes amounting to $161. MT. VERNON On the 4th of July Mr. and Mrs. 0. F. Wills had as their guests and to help celebrate, their daughters, Mrs. H. E. Danford and Mrs. W. C. Vanderpool and their families. In the evening the party to the number of eleven au- toed to Hastings where Mr. and Mrs. Vanderpool and daughter, Joan, left tbe party to return home to Anderson. The rest au- toed on to Red Oak to witness the fireworks. Harley Stevesson was probably the first to start the threshing , .,..,. , «ea»nan Mt,-Vernon* loans are In effect, borrowers will ing his wheat Ittst'Thu not be required to make to make pay* ments on tbe principal if they are not otherwise in default with respect to tbe conditions or covenants of their mortgages. The loan must be repaid in such annual or semi-annual installments as will discharge the debt within the agreed period, Tbe Agent points out that for the convenience of the public the secretary-treasurer of the local national farm loan association has been appointed as correspondent and that farmers should find it convenient and satisfactory to make their applications to this correspondent rather than apply directly to the agent stationed in the Federal Land Bank. Mr. Records recently received the following from Mr, Waddell which snows how the loans are already working; According to tbe Agent's statement, during the first six weeks after the passage of the Emergency Farm Mortgage Act the lg Agents stationed In tbe 12 Federal Land Banks received 84,000 request; tor loans aggregating $63,500,000. The average loan made during the first six weeks WAS for $8,360. Tbe maximum loan which can be made by tbe Commissioner's Agent is $5,000 to any one individual and bis loan, when ftdded to all prior liens against the property m»y not exceed three-fourths of tbe appraised value of tbe property, The Agent states tbat many ap< plicants are Jo debt lor wore than tbe appraised, value p| their assets and that-maj»y farmer^ when Jhey are sure that they can get a, cash loan. Irew tba signer for a -certain amount, ors to scale &gwu their loans, 41 amount 'of of cited tbe One farmer w*» flve« «a $909 acre f»rm weft* |10,OftO. With this money &» ftr«Mr pa.14 of $1400 — a mutely $900, HowtvM, p.«aiiWf »«e iwpsrtiat ibjfi It* r«4i* Uou lu tba wttftwit ol bte daw la SUS W. A. Bower with bis tractor and binder has been cutting considerable small grain for the neighbors and others lately. The heavy rain of about two Inches last Friday and Saturday is cause for rejoicing and thanksgiving for it broke the drouth and saved tbe* corn. Mr, and Mrs. Smith and little son of Omaha visited relatives in this locality last Sunday, Robert Stroud with several men are busy putting up a fair crop of timothy and dover hay oa the Johnson estate. He cut his second crop of alfalfa last week, The drouth did not affect the alfalfa to any appreciable extent, the directors of Mt Vernon school held a meeting July i and elected Miss Lucile Mclntyre teacher for this coming year. Before the government guarantees all bank deposits it might be well for congress to pass a bill compelling all men to be honest, Many people admit that honesty is the best policy but the sad commentary is that it often takes an inquiry to make them realize it. It is said that members of the Senate consumed 500 aspirin tablets at the expense of the taxpayers during the past year. But just think how many aspirin tablets the taxpayers had to consume because of the Senate. CLASSIFIED ADS Hundreds of Mills Countl- ans read tbe Want Ada each week. RATES Per line, each issue ——_6c An additional service charge of 25c will be made for each blind ad which must be answered at The Leader, office, ~ ' ' HOGS for safe*-66 head of Spring figs, weigh about 66 Ibs. <**> Dale Allen, 62-1, POULTRY for Bale—BpHng fries, dressed ready for the skillet, 60c each, —Mrs. Dale Allen, 162-F1J. 62-2, FOR RENT For Rent — My residence on north Main street in Malvern, vacated by H. H. Amos. — Mrs. Ola Arterburn. 62-tf. For Rent—6 room cottage. Modern except heat. — 3. H. Beckwlth. 44tf. For Rent—5 room modern cottage.—J. H. Beckwitb. 60tf. MISCELLANEOUS Complete Abstract of Title rec» ords for each piece of property in Mills County, Mills County Abstract Co, (Member of the American Title Assn. and Iowa Title Assn.) Glenwood, Iowa, 4Stf. CATTLE For Sale — Good purebred Guernsey cows, giving milk now. — Joe Wearin, Hastings, 68-tf. Ramsay Rendering Co., Shen- tmdoah, Phone 823. Reverse long distance charges to us. Let us haul your dead animals. Call for one hog appreciated. Fresh tank- age for sale at all times. 51-tf. Wanted to Rent at Once — House and garage or barn in county near Malvern.— W. B, Waterwortb, Hamburg, R. 3. For Sale-—Piano. We have, customer near Malvern unable t finish payments, Only $48 leftr,t pay. Cash, only. WrHa TT Ortt -"• "-*»—. *" V •>' _.E £. Jf~ For Sale —Heavy" spli posts, 7 ft. —J, W. Dolpb, of Hastings, IStttS| WORK WANTED Tom Shaw — Piano Tuning, Leave orders with Collins Drug, Malvern, or Priest's Drug store, Hastings. 25tf. AH official county ana town news is published in The Leader. MARY LOU Goes Shopping SHE is only eight, but, even at this tender age Mary Lou is a daily customer at tbe neighborhood stores, Perhaps it is a package of crackers, and a pound of coffee at the grocer's. Perhaps it is some toothpaste or toilet soap at the drug store. Of course Mary Lou doesn't decide on what she is go. "'"' < tog to buy. Her mother writes a list—this brand of' crackers, th4s brand of coffee* this make of toothpaste, • : this kind of soap. She knows the prices, and gives Mary • Lou just enough money, with an extra penny or two, per. "•"• "" haps* to spend for herself, ' ;; 5 'i'""' Saytof to just as. .simple and easy as that because of ii '-»** •• v , >^-» t. -,> IV' • • -;'-^ I Because of advertiaogr, people to Texas know about and buy Michigan molar care, People in New Hampshire buy oranges raised in Florida and Calif oroia, Became of , idvertifiisg, merchants and manufacturers are forced to mpme their products. It has etandardtaed quality, It iw incareaaed wwujnption and thereby lowered coats, It ' and thereby s f - ft'~-^'^t/?s'&f f i^.

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