The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 7, 1939 · Page 2
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 2

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1939
Page 2
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Srl'AGETWO THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. TUESDAY, NOV. 7, 1939. SOCIETY Margaret McKee's 'Home in the Woods' Local Amusements Three Schools Are Already Serving Lunches, Officers Announce LYRIC THEATER I Presents Mickey Rooncy and ' Judy Garland in "Babes In Arms" with Charles Winningcr, Guy Kibbee and others. Also .selected short subjects. The regular meeting of the Ludington PT-A Council was I held on Monday eveninc; at ' the Poster .school building. Representatives from each PTA unit in the city were present. Further discussion of the milk fund opened the meeting and plans were formulated to ,provide the echools with money to carry on the project. It was announced that three of the local schools are now provided with not lunches for children who are unable to go home for the noonday meal. A request was made "at this time to have a calendar of dates of its meetings and of any special affairs which it has already planned. Peter Copeyon was appointed to take , charge of the arranging of | such a calendar. The Council hopes that in this way any number of conflicts in Pt-A activities may be minimized. The president of each unit i then gave a report of the meetings of that unit and of i any other activities they were I planning for the coming month. Mrs. G. F. Swarthout, president of the Lakeview school unit, told of the fine interest and progress being made in the Homemakers' group at that school. projects of the group for this year are sewing and "cooking. Mrs. Arthur Cross, council president, who . attended the recent meeting of the Fourth District of Parent-Teacher associations, held at Grand Rapids, gave an interesting outline i of highlights of the convention. I Mrs. Cross, member of the district nominating committee, | took an active part in the meetings of this convention. ] Mrs. Merton Rasmussen, for- \ local council president, j OSSAWALD CRUMB TAPROOM DAncing. OLD HICKORY INN Dancing. IIAMELL'S LAKESHORE INN Dancing. TODD-L-INN Dancing. RAINBOW GARDENS Roller skating. - * * * - • Dads' Night was observed at association, held on Friday evening at thc school. The meeting was opened by the president, Mrs. Gerald F. Swarthout, who led the group in the pledge to the flag and then turned the meeting over to the Father vice president, Godfrey Hallberg. The reports of the secretary and treasurer were given and a report of the three meetings of - thc workers on the sewing project was made. These -workers meet at the school building on each Friday af tern Don from 2:30 until 5 o'clock. At the present they are making stuffed animals and will also at an early date have charge of thc distribution of clothing for children, to Minnie Louise Schoenherr ride of Everett F. LeBrun Above is the in the woof's Margaret new little home rl.s constructed for MeKce, \vull-knu\vii an.'! authic imi aecumiis pioneer lift lated at this meeting. " Mrs. Rasmussen's special duty is in ' the field of Home Service. i It was strongly stressed at ! this meeting that the PT-A organizations of the city are not to give financial aid to any civic or charity projdct other than those concerned with child welfare. | A report on the project of providing suitable moving pictures for children was made by Supt. H. H. Hawley, chairman of the committee. The date and- place of showing , these movies is not yet decided j upon and will be announced at a later meeting. —.—* * * At this time, a baked-good^ sale was held. The First grade room, taught by Miss Mablc Morse, won the $1 award for attendance at. this meeting. j At the conclusion of the busi-' l>: ness meeting- Mrs. Gerald " Swarthout gave an interesting rewrt on the convention which JV' she attended at Sault Stc. Marie •/' in May. The theme of thc con-j l: vention, reported Mrs. Swart h- l! out, was "Let U.s Go Forward." A report of the Ludington PTA Council aiT) 1 all its members have done during the past year was also given and a statement was made en thc growth of Pt-A membership in thc city during the year. Mrs. Swarthout then introduced Mrs. Merton Rasmussen member of the Lakeview association and new state sixth vice president. Bass lake ol trave! (if Alnson .. . .. . The new home v.'.us appropriately ens of her triends came Irom all parts of the region to the official dedication. The new home, jokingly de-:- eribf'd by her 'is a harbor <>' rcfui'.o in;- "the clown-trodden, -peeked. lnn. i .--;-siiifrrin: 1 .. • ad- 1 C::-!H! -bands," ;•, locate I south of C'-.ibinlov.'n cot•s. 10 miles •-•.outh of Ludini 1 ,un US-31. i'. r , the iiiiny s!rur.;c and unique : j ,ili-; i,;':;p.:it io JUT -it -- Lhu!y NVv..- i-.Uj tile he, use -we 1 , nning was "d o w n-t. r o d d e n"hen-peeked. I'.aig-suficrhi;;. s.ui-eyeu c.-:-hus- band" .-:<iown belnv. Created by a ;j;oup >u neighbors, the dummy ti-ok u;} a i eat beside the stove clurin;.', the nou r-.-.•• -:iun;. He \vas Uliiii to the porch long C'ii:,u;'li ;o have hj.s picture taken •with Alis.s Mi-'Kec v/lio posed AC- ci mmodat ir.^ly ,vith a broom. The i.>pen-hou.-'e. which lasted all cuiy. \v;i.s at bended by dozens i-f persi >•!••: \vho came in answer fi JUT ! iii.i .•!();!; "nupeal for ("•HI pni'-iii tcr tin 1 new h.tven." .M::: ; MrSv.-f. lit'e-ion:; Bass .;-kr re. >:>!ii. ji/r nrc;iy years i«pei ;M"d Cahii!!"-, 1 ,'!!. having sold i' :'• ruac! <.'.'.<' •• ii;in '•'•!< i:'iv iast .•-iiiiimr:-. <?hr ha:i 'lie :ie\V little . i'omc built MI -he V.MU!:! still have .' :'•:•;•;•• in I' 1 .'. 1 vvm/v- ; i! ii i ;.s lake. Hear Guest Speaker At Paris!) Supper |of xoo American Education week will be observed at St. Simon's school 'by two programs in torium. At 2:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, Scottville high school 'band, directed 'by Mr. Stiles, will present a varied program of musical selections. This program has been made possible through the efforts of Adjutant Kyle •Plercy, director of St. Simon's 'band, who will introduce the visiting band. On Friday morning an assembly will ibe given toy those students who attended the Regional Catholic Press conference in Grand Rapids on Oct. 28. They are preparing significant reports on "Education and the Press," as outlined in the general and sectional meetings at the conference. Parents of the students are invited to attend the Wednesday and Friday programs. Those who will take part are the delegates -who attended: Marie Plont, Jane Waal, Phyllis O'Connor, John Neuman, Elea- norgHoracek. Marian Mark, Helen Mark, Kathryn Keating, Corrine Loy, James Hinds, Florence Antzack, Phyllis Antzack, Alyce Breon, Shirley Ereon, Loretta Sherlock, Patsy Duplessis, Vir- Klnia Zygaj, Katheline Alvesteffer, Arlene Maskey, Joseph La- James Magmer, Agnes l^ru'bleski, Robert Smith, Mari> an Howry, Dick Masse, William i Nelson, Mary E. Keely, Margaret Rogers and Rosemary Rogers. f # # # DENTAL CLINIC dental clinic, conducted Dr. R. E. Somers, will be >d during the remainder of week, beginning today, it been announced, ring this time, Dr. Somers attend the health meetings Rapids. regular clinic schedule resumed on Monday, Nov. The program for the evening was opened with the piano solo. Schubert's "Impromptu in Aby Miss Sylvia -Pupil. t Wayt. principal of the school, then showed a .series of ••• .........1 moving pictures of Mexico, taken | his topic, this summer on the PanAmeri- Church." can highway. Mr. Wayt, also cr-.itly fn.i> talked on the and "showed ' '-'illlined tl pictures of Ryan and Brice can-1 "f t! "' v.-ar Utah. T1 ,,, S1 ,,,,,„,. Refreshments 'were served at i nii'Mrm- the the close of thc meeting presided over by Mr. and Mrs. Herbert. grade mothers. * * •/. — „ I?''v. A. Gordon FVnvVes. n>rt or . Luke's church nf Kalama\vas curst sneaker at the F.pi::c°i;al church, held on Friday evenini! in the Guild hall. Rrv. 1'0'Al'es. chairman <>!' the Field department of the Dioc \sf> Miehi'-'.nn. chose as "The Work ol t)u> Having returned r<-- Kuropc. Kev. F< >\vl:".s .' ,'piriliiai pi planned Kveiy to i:i- Mi'inbcr Disney's "Pinocchio" Is Junior Favorite the date Since Nov. 1, which the book was added to the juvenile department of Ludington public library, there has been a steady stream of children at the library asking for Walt Disney's version of "Pinocchio," according to Miss Eleanor Hill-I^I^H. man, librarian. Placed in the library on thd'P-,. A date of publication, this book j i WO Al promises to surpass in popular!- I ty its predecessor, "Snow White' and the Seven Dwarfs." I Like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," it has been! made into a movie, scheduled i for release sometime this: month. "Nearly everyone knows the story of 'Pinocchio', the mischievous wooden puppet who comes to life," said Miss Hillman. i Canvass nl' (he parish, consisted ! nf't Hoped oysters and other , di.-he.s. finished with pumpkin : pie. The preparations tor the ! supper were dire:-lcd bv a ;'om- inittee of the Women "of Grace Church, headed by Mr.s. W. II. Force and Mrs. j'. Abraham.son. i assisted by Mr.s. Louis Quayle ! Mrs. c. W. Perry. Mrs. Fred Ber! lin. Mrs. V. F. Calii-'han, Mi.s.s ! Mac llarriii'U.Hi and Miss Marv | G.stninder. on i Men of the parish \vho workiii'j, with the canvas-; niitiee are Kobert Weir, secretary io the parish committee; Fred Berlin, treasurer, and Vance CaUk'.han, assisted b' i Bursun Ellibee and Kenneih _. \ Ju Mrs. Fred Hackert and Mrs. Jose.pli Thibert were hostesses recently at a dch<>; afternoon affair, given at the ihi- toerl home in celebration of the birthday anniversary of Mrs Jacob Paul.sen. The afternoon wa.s spent in bunco, first pri/.e being The illustrations arc original won by Mrs. production drawings created by by Mr.s. Sorei J5 a rffSl 0 nSh!~ dUrlng UlC ^° ' At thc clos « of thc afternoon. maifnt P WaS U1 thc! refreshments were served at a matting. I table decorated in the Thanks- Showcr Honors Mrs, Swiatkowski Mrs. S. JSwiatkowski and Mr.s. M. f > l:onie\v.-;ki were co-liostesses n ••ently at a delightful stork shf.'.ver. ; jyen in honor of Mr.s. J'air'o \vas iilavr-d \ first |:rix.e ijeiir; won bs' Mrs. V. Oor- xynsld and lo-.y by Mrs. F. Frost. r l he hun-irec! was the recipient of a lovely <:<.>|]ectivc uift. At the close of the evening, a delicious luncheon wa.s served :jy I he hostesses. Those present were Mesdaaies V. O-.r/vi.'ski. F. Frost, M. Kak- lal. J. i;/,deb..;hi. V. Horowski, J. :J:ui <iciu.s!;i. I-'. Hadxiemski, W. Kioss. A. Newman. J. Mojnacki. '!). C'orxynski. (j. K;:hroeder. J. Winc/ ,J. H/ymanski. S. Mur:iy,sl:i. M. Cabot. L. Cabot. J. Novak, M. Peterson. L. Tomc- /;ik. E. 'ionifxak. M. Honk. G. Hu(.()W.-:ki. A. Tomexak, V. Tob:U- i.o; the honoree. Mrs. G. Swiat- !;, and thc hostesses, Mrs. :-J. Swiatkowski and Mrs. Okoniewski. Mrs. H. Dove, Mr.s. J. Gorzynski, Mrs. T. Il(; Mr.s. G. Ant/ack. Mrs. B. Palla.sch, Mrs. L. Kesicki and Mrs.D. Riolo were unable to be present. Birthday € 1 u b Is Entertained The mem bens of the Birthday club were entertained on Friday afternoon al the home of Mrs. William Hall, 109 First street. The event celebrated the birthday anniversaries of Mrs. Nellie Smith and the hostess, Mr.s. Ball. Bunco formed the afternoon's entertainment and prizes were '.von by Mr.s. Henry Carr, Mr.s. Kchrader, Mr.s. Booker and Mrs. Nellie Laude. At the of the afternoon, ; a delicious luncheon wa.s served by the hostess. Those present were Mesdamcs FOUNTAIN.—Baskets of pas- i tcl chrysanthemums and palms | formed a beautiful setting for a wedding at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran church in Ludington Saturday, iNov. 4, when Miss Minnie Louise Schocnhcrr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schoenherr, became thc ' bride of Everett F. LeBrun of Chicago, son of Mrs. Josephine LeBrun, also of .Chicago. The ceremony was performed by Rev. William Opitz, pastor of the church, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. George Hillman, church organist.'played the "Bridal Chorus' from "Lohengrin" as the bridal party entered thc church and the "Wedding March" by Mendelssohn as a recessional. Mr. Hillman also played softly during the marriage ceremony. Bride Wears Satin The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, was lovely in a white satin gown, designed on princess lines and fashioned with a hi^h ^uecn Elizabeth collar with a low front neckline and leg-o'-mutton sleeves which extended to points over the backs of the hands. The double lace-edged veil, finger-tip length, fell over the face and a long veil covered the court train of the gown. The veils were fashioned into cap shape with a band of orange blossoms about her j head. She wore white satin sandals to complete her cos- j tume and carried an arm bou- i quet of white roses, tied with j a shower of long satin ribbons • and white baby mums which < fell to thc hemline of her j gown. j The bride was attended by : her sister, Miss Mamie Schoen- j herr. who was loyely in a floor- I length gown of baby blue slip- I per-satin, fashioned with a ' quilted bodice, short ' puffed i sieeves and full skirt. Small i bows of wine-colored velvet accented the low neckline and j she wore a necklace of pearls. | Miss Schoenherr chose a head , dress of baby blue velvet, de- > tinned in turban style with a matching finger-tip veil. She : wore silver slippers and carried an arm bouquet of pink roses. fiie groom and m.s attendant,} WiLiam Baukervitcz of Chicago.' were attired in tuxedoes and i \voie carnation boutonnieres. Mrs. Si-hoennerr chose for ner daughter's wedding a black and white silk costume and wore a corsage of rosebuds. Mrs. Le- jLJrun, mother of the groom, wore i lavender crepe and also a cor- jsage of rosebuds. i \Ycdding Dinner j Following the ceremony, a 6 j o'clock wedding dinner was |.' : ervcu at the Fountain Community hall which had been made ' lovely with flowers and pink and jwnite streamers forming a canopy over the tables. The bride's taule wa.s centered with a white ; four-tiered wedding cake, topped i with a miniature bride and i groom. On either side were tall pink tapers in crystal holders • and at eacn end of the table I were bowls of small pink and white flowers. Place cards were attached to pink cellophane nut ; baskets containing pink and while mints. Guests seated at this table were the bride and .-•room, Mr. and Mrs. LeBrun; Hcv. ana Mr.s. William Opitz, Mr. and Mr.s. Paul Schoenherr, Mrs. Josephine LeBrun, Mr. and Mrs. William Bartkervitcz and Miss Mamie .Sclioenncrr. The otner I tables were identical in their decorations. Those serving the dinner were the Misse.s Ella and Maxine Schoenherr, Marguerite ; Beilrnm, Gladys Warren, Bonita .Stirhr and Bessie Carol Tuttle. Cards, dancing and visiting ;md viewing the many beautiful gifts presented the young couple were entertaining features until a late hour. Guest List , Relatives and friends included in the };uest list at thc wed- diiig and reception were thc : urido's parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schoen• herr and Mr. and Mrs. Henry ! Groth of Ludington; the groom's | mother, Mrs. Josephine LeBrun of Chicago and his sister, Mrs, H. Bennett of Jacksonville, Fla.; Mr. and Mrs. John Courtland and daughters, Norma, Frances, Shirley and Joanne, Mrs. Louise Miller, Miss Dorothy Miller and Henry Miller, all of Detroit; Mrs. Augusta Tuttle, Miss Bessie Tuttle, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kictzmann and son, David, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Schoenherr and son, Lee, Rev. and Mrs. William Opitz, Fred Bertram and Fred Groth, all of Ludington. Mr. and Mrs. August Bertram and Mr. and Mrs. John Wagner and family, all of Ouster; Miss Linda Bertram of Farwell, Miss Esther Bertram of Niles, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schoenherr of Plymouth, Ind.; Mrs. B. E. Jackson, Mrs. T. Feeley, C. H. Erickson, Miss Carol Erickson, Mrs. O. Ossenbrink, Mrs. T. Neumeister, Mrs. O. Jones, Mrs. E. Boehm and Mr. and Mrs. William Bartkervitcz, all of Chicago; Mrs. F. LeBrun of Brookfield, 111.; Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Hulberts, Mrs. H. Telder, Lowell Telder and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Switzer, all of Sparta; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schoenherr, Gustave and Fredrick Schoenherr Jr.. and the Misses Anna and Ruth Schoenherr. all of Lansing. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schemm of Saginaw, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schoenherr and family of Neillsville, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. rk, Leroy, Phyllis and , Mr. and Mrs. Morand daughter, Yolanda; Miss Ella and Maxine Schoenherr and Henry Schoenherr, all of Fountain; Mr. and Mrs. George Hillman, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Tuttle and son, Allen, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Muli- neau and children, all of Ludington, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hach and Mrs. Bertha Sheffler, all'of Bachelor. L.H.S. Graduate Mrs. LeBrun was a graduate (I'loase turn '.o rase 3, Column 3) Girl Scout Troops Will Co- Operate with County on Christmas Projects The regular monthly meeting of the Ludington Girl Scout council was held on Monday evening at the home of Mrs. C. C. Caswell, 403 West Ludington avenue. The meeting was opened by the Girl Scout commissioner, Mrs. Frank Carlson, who also conducted the routine business session. Mrs. George O. Kribs, Ludington Girl Scout director, gave an interesting and detailed report of the activities of each Brownie, Girl Scout and Mariner troop in the city. The attention of thc council mem'bers was called at this time to the leaders' meeting and cooperative supper to be held at the home of Mrs. G. F. Swarthout, 205, North Lewis street, on Monday, Nov. 13. It was also announced that all Girl Scouts are asked to bring worn out or discarded toys to their meetings. These toys will be put into condition and will be distributed at Christmas time. The Scouts will co-operate with the county agencies so that there will be no duplication in giving. At thc conclusion of the business meeting, Commissioner Carlson appointed a nominating committee to select Council of- to be elected at thc Dc- mecting. AAUW Will Meet with Mrs. Gregory The Ludington branch of the American Association of University Women will meet on Thursday evening at 8:15 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Ben F. Gregory, 923 East Ludington avenue. Mrs. E. A. Miller will act as cd-hostess at this meeting. Joseph Buck, for many years a member of the Unjted States consular service, will speak on the topic "The United States Foreign Service." At this meeting guest night will be observed and each member who plans to bring a guest is asked to notify Mrs. Gregory. j On Midsummer Night, June J23, in Dalarna, Sweden, the na- I tlves dance around the Maypole all ' Few Can! Can you afford lo run thc risk of financial loss by driving your car without dependable Automobile Insurance? See us! ••.-.".•.• Meny-Washatka Phone 58 110 E. Ludinglon -* # *— Mrs. H. LaFleur Is Club Hostess ; Mrs. H. W. LaFleur, 105 West ;Melendy street, was hostess rc- j cently to the members of her I pinochle club at the regular j meeting of the organization. I Pinochle was played during i the afternoon with first prize I being won by Mrs. Lillian Gerard, second by Mr.s. Charles jPetre and low by Miss Lcnore 'Petrc. ! At the close of the affair, ia delicious luncheon was served. The gay costumes of thc ! guests harmonized with the Hallowe'en appointments used 'in decoration. Prize for the ; funniest costume was awarded :to Mrs. Robert Teideman. , Those present were Mes- clames Lillian Gerard. Robert 'Teideman. Lyman Teideman, : Armand Lyons, Charles Petre, ! John Elias, Misf» Lenore Pctrc and thc hostess, Mrs. LaFleur. \ Isn't This Why You Are Constipated? What do you cat for breakfast? Coffee, toast, maybe some eggs? What do you eat for lunch and dinner? Bread, meat, potatoes? No wonder you're constipated; nou probably don't cat enough "bulk." And "bulk" doesn't mean the amount you eat. It means the kind of food that forms a soft "bulky" mass In the Intestines. It's this mass that helps a bowel movement. The common sense thing to do Is to eat a natural laxative food. KcllogB's All-Bran for breakfast may give you just the "bulk" you need. And it gives you, in addition. Nature's great intestinal- tonic, vitamin B,. All-Bran is not a drug, not a medicine. Eat it every day, drink plenty of water, and life will be brighter for you! All-Bran is made by Kellogg's in Battle Creek. Sold by every grocer. Ask for HAISIN BREAD detlciousig fruity NOW FORMING LANE hope chest XMAS CLUBS AT P. C. HANSEN FURNITURE FRENCH BOUDOIR DOLLS OR NEW CHENILLE SPREADS Your Choice FREE with Any Lane Chest purchased in Next Ten Days. thc A second interesting junior book recently placed in circulation is "Make Way for the Mail" by Floherty, which traces the development of mail-carryin° from the very earliest the airmail of today. •* days to giving motif. The honoree was the recipient of a number of lovely gifts. Those present were Me.sdames _ Laude, Mary ham, Gennie Booker, Loretta Carr, Henrietta Henry, May Ma.skey and the hostesses, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Ball. -x- -x- •/,IMPS ' When the -1900 auto chugged succeeded Y W ***V»'* !***<»»* U&IV ,_ ..,._ —_„ . v*mM| »»*W*IWWV l/VJU ppjbw of suicides I without headlights, without bridge by I windshield or fenders or bump- Ol(i fivJTUC" ot *° '*"- nr\o+ fVio *4.*Ur n %. on j._ green, down the road, without top, without headlights, without windshield or fenders or bumpers, it cost the driver 30 cents | a mile to own and operate. , j.,^ v.,. r-UA* V »» »^i V *Yi\~ i)\.4 til UUil "T *r •% | D. GeBott, James Herr, Soren j IS LUHcheOH HOSteSS borenson, Soren C. Sorenson ' Melvin Hayes and children, Cy-, rus Hackert; the honoree, Mrs • Paulsen, and the hostesse Hackert and Mrs. Thibert. Mrs. Wilbur LeClaJr, Mrs George White and Mrs. Daniel Janicki were unable to be present. i Mrs. Mary E. Tuller, 307 East . — --, I,*.,,. • Ludington avenue, entertained Ijiulsen, and the hostesses, Mrs. at a delightful bridge-luncheon, given recently at her home. , Guests of the occasion were Mrs. Blanche Harley, Mrs. Louis Ramsdell and Mrs. Theodore Short, all of Mahistee. !:! I ••WW« WV .-."v MR. MERCHANT It's Time to Think About CHRISTMAS CANDY IT'S TIME TO THINK ABOUT BROKEN MIX ' BOXED CANDY * SPECIALTIES FOR CHRISTMAS, Our Salesman ,Will Soon Call on You. H. C. Schrink & Sons Wholesalers - See How Small Your Payments Will Be Choose Your Plan — Pay Each Week 1«t Week.... 2nd Week.... 3rd Week.... 4lh Week . . 5th Week.... 6th Week.... 7th Week.... 8th Week.... 9th Week.... 10th Week.... 11th Week. 12th Week. 13th Week. 14th Week. 15th Week. 16th Week. 17th Week. 18th Week. 19th Week. Total Paid 25c Plan ....$ .25.... 50 75.... 1 00 .... l!25!!!. .... 1.50.... 1.75 2.00 .... 2.25.... .... 2.50.... 2.25. 2.00. 1.75. 1.50. 1.25. 1.00. .75. .50. .25. $25.00 30c Plan ....$ .30.... 60.... 90.... 1 20 .... 1.50.... .... 1.80.... .... 2.10.... .... 2.40.... .... 2.70.... .... 3.00.... 2.70. 2.40. 2.10. 1.80. 1.50. 1.20. .80. .50. .25. . , ( ( t $39.79 35e Plan ...$ .35... ... .70... ... 1.05... 1 40 • -. 1.75... ... 2.10... • •• 2.45. . . ... 2.80. ••• 3.15.. -.. 3.50.. • . 3.15. • . 2.80. • • 2.45. . • • 2.10. • • 1.75. . • • 1.40. • . 1.05. • . .70. . . .35. . $33.00 THERE'S ROMANCE IN THESE—AS FEATURED IN LIFE AND LOOK. ' WHILE THEY LAST! LANE'S XMAS SPECIAL A REAL BUY AT OTHERS AT $15.87., $22.95, $24.95, $27.95, $39.95, P. C. Hansen Furniture Ludingrton's Leading Furniture Store 127 South James Phone 164 MEMBER NATIONAL ASSOCIATED STORES 1

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