The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 27, 1958 · Page 20
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 20

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1958
Page 20
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Me*s. 4:06 '*»u**» ftat »;» ftrar* 3:35 Meiodr Tim* 3:60 Local H«W* '3:30 K«WI MBS ti35 Want** stow 4:00 Loeal »•*» 4:05 WafttW SHOW 4*0 N«W* MB* 4:35 Warner Show 6:00 Lo«a» Hew* > St05 Warnet J»bow 5:30 News MBS. 5:35 LOOfU N««* 6i4S Good K«m 'ammar "Good After- Network Radio •:05 Hunt MB8 Kew« KAUS (Mutual) IYININC raOGRAJ MONDAY NIGHT <DtC. 1*.) •••00 Variety Mvwte •ao Gab B«att*r •:35 variety Mu*l« • 1:00 Local a«wi »' 1j05 World Today, 1:30 BUI Stern , 7:35 Night Waioh tM Local New* Local Kew» KtgUt w Watch Night N«W» ^ 11K1S NiKht Watoh UtS5 Local New* TUESDAY NIGHT tDK. 30) 9 .-00 News 9:03 Night Watch 9^0 New* 9:45 Night Watoh 10^0 New* * 10 as NJght Watch 11:00 Scoreboard 11 KW Night Watch US5 New* , 1:00 Variety Musle 6:30 Crab Heattor •:3t Variety Mvul* ion Local News 7:05 World Today 7:30 BUI Btern 1M Night .Watch 8KW New* 8:05 Night Watch WEDNESDAY NIGHT (DEC. 31) 8:00 .Variety Mualo •:30 Oab Heatter 6O5 Variety Uuite 7.-05 World Today 7:35'Nlght Watch SAO News 9100 News »:05 Night Watch -^•M Variety '6:30 Oan Heatter <«:35 .Variety MU*U 7:00 Local New* IM World 7:30 BUI 8 SiOu KiDCM SK» Night ,.„- VMBSNew* i Might Watch 8:»News 8:35 Night Watch 9:05 Night Watoh 9:30 N«m t-45 Local New* 9:«5 Night Watoh 10:30 New* 10:30 Night Watch 11.-00 N«w» THURSDAY NIGHT (JAN. 1) ' a «0 Local New* 0:05 Night Watoh 9-JO New* . ; #k 9'4$ Local Ne>wfft 9j4S Night Watch} '10:35 News ^J 10:3S Night Wato> 11:00 Scoreboard t ..„ 4 'W f VarUty Uurie tOO feab Heatter •3* Variety H»w«i 7-.00 LO*al M«w» 1M Night Watob 732 Bffi Stem 7:35 Night Watch 11 «5 Night Watch ll;55 Local N«w§: FRIDAY NIGHT (JAN. 2) 10 K» Night Watoh 10 J5 New* 10:35 Night Watoh U4>0 Scoreboard 11 «5 Night Wato» 11:5J Local new* SATURDAY AFTCRNOON «"J iVININft (JAN. 3) »«w« IJdSNews i»dO Lanon Show 1» New*.- l;S5 Larson 3:00 News 2:30N«W» 5:00 New* »« LartQft 3:45 LanoA ««5 Lanoa Bhow 4:30 New* 4 OS Laraou Show Local Newi 4,05 LanOD Show New» — 5:3i Local News' 5:« Larson Show 7:00 Local New* 8:05 Night Watch 830 Newa 835 Night Watoh 9.-00 N«w» ••._ ._ 9:05 Night Watch 9^0 New* 9:45 Nlgat Watch New* Nlgbt Watoh O Local K«W« Network Radio KAUS SUNDAY, DiC. 7:30 " r 1^38 t;4» OhUOrtttt CW|»» •«» »t Jo** 1 * Mltt t:fl Qooa »•*! •«« »;)ON«WJ »:S» Local N*w» «:4i 3:05 Anthony 3 JO New* 4,00 New* 4:05 Anth 4 JO New* 4:35 Awtbon K» WaltW 5:15 Anthowr KM(W -*tti*-' b)' Has .ended 'a two-year" at .,, from the screen by donning priest's robes again. '' f Producer-Director Frank flash- lin h'as him playing a Roman Catholic priest with Debbie Reynolds and Robert Wagner to "Say' One For Me." "He's a pretty hep character," Bing explained about the role as he relaxed (I've never seen him otherwise) to bis dressing room. "His church is St. Malachy's at- 47th Street and Broadway to New York, he had to acquaint himself with" show talk so hie could com- muhicate, with his ' parishioners. He also has an early, morning mass, as they do to Las; Vegas* so the people" to shows can attend." / Otlw Success BecaUei ' , .*The ride "harks back to Sing's successes to ""Going My Way" (1944) and "Bells of St. Mary's" ) •• ''"Jit * .. 1 ' I 1 . -Vf^t* t *" ^ » er a r- that the" church is Jtore ertd. to wliat^it wiU P*rmtt the movie 'makers to screen. i "I think they've loosened up on a lot of things," be remarked "For instance, I saw Helen Hayes to a television play the other night that portrayed the confessional. 1 bad never seed that '"• £ opening attr|| _ from popular^yeir 'WS?*. _SJ - " * -«*«- • , - i *»fv« I'' " • in; and Shirley in Film at Sterling "to'tbto picture, the priest takes off .his clerical garb and goes to a night club bj civilian clothes. Priests often do -that when,they, go hunting and participate to sports. In this case, the priest has to go to the night club as part of his job, and be would be too conspicuous to bis church clothes," Remembers OU Gag Watching over such details Is Msgr. John Devlin, who also was technical advisor on the previous Crosby priest portrayals. "He was new "then," Bins re* called, "and we pulled a gag on him at the end of 'Bells of St. Mary's,' There was a scent where togrid bad to leave the parish, be, cause of illness. I |av» her. »je«l, _ _ .. V r "-••_.** T» -•} ll. .aine With Frank Sinatra; Djwm-Mar--, 'self agatijt her will l« i tin and Shirley Delaine, "Some aitto Involvement. ,,Game, |lunntogi«^the b^^iellhm, IJffjre, be ^.to.parkmaft long, "novelty Jaitte* ^pneB4*.|iu«tor ^^pa^^alBb.has-Twcome-toyolyed to "From Here to Eternity," will other relationships. One is with start at the Sterltog>^edn««dayv^u»h8ppy-go-luckyj itinerant «amb- town tl America IN the *«st-war era,- Ike stofy *«a1«« w«» «»« r*ium »| Dave Bfrsk to^ Park- nun, nitoelii alter .Us Army discharge MM! the" depicts what k*B*eps to Wpi «• **• «W« »»• fall w^er Us spell, awl to a varfo* asfertmeitt of oilier dtt- ParkmiMi, Frank Sinatra,,who,woji nn Academy A^ard for ^portrayal,to "From Bjwe to EtejmJty,'* plays the new James Jones hero, a man with conflicting personality, facets. Pav* Hirsb. t* a writer who ha« had two novel* published but whose end is with Dave's older brother, FrankXArthur Kennedy), whom he dislikes, and with the latter'* wife, Agnes (Leora Dana) and daughter, Dawn (Betty Lou Kelm:. When Frank has an illicit affair with his secretary (Nancy Gates), the disillusioned Dawn U ready to run off with the first man wh*> comes along, but is checked by Dave. obody but father Devlin. .•• laugbed and Father, DeA-,^ fit to be tied unH].WfhilWy let him to on it." Ther« Art 2 Sides to Poy-TV Ifioo Ersklne Johnson, Hollywood, movie and TV erttfo, Jaa » good dant oo the Pay-TV issue, He has it figured thte way. « the nejtwjw**. »»y' "Would Y 01 * like to pay for the show yo» BOW get free?* «» aarwer is iaevit. ably 'no'." Which makes sense, of couraged him about finishing his , third booH u Hj,is ajso.a man wba like* liquor, flehtfl, gambling and wfct are tf wM»- Mt»r*f. GlMJT ) to » g**+ Wttwate girt tf easy* wk, »«i «. « those who have wen pay-TV demonstrated am, wked if they would pay to get better programs now barred from fre» TV, W per cent ia one test thundered '/yes," Hyw) U M luatratttf •» toral c*U*W, Orrt 4rawi D»n •*€*•« *( >« fur Mi wiittaf > «•« Big Bf n Gogt Ploys Arneti on Mov«rick Wt Never TORGEt T« OiVw Vow •ml TV Prices ^ fail Service We B*o Gage, «-bubby of E*. tbfr wmiaojs, will be impersonal- toj 4iw Aroew in tb« ^un- travesty dw to Maverick Fix Youn! PAPPAS TV

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