Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 29, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1933
Page 8
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BUY litre* m Amr< 45 AUTO MATH* IN MONTANA HELENA. MMt CJ»J—D«*Uui reMltlnt from injuries rtevired id atttonwblle accidents totalled 46 for the first »m* n<*ths at 1113 in Montana, compared to 91 Mr tn« same Interval last year, state records snow, m July there were II fatalities n>po.l«d—the greatest pumber since Noretnb-er 1M2. AMMB DAILY TRIBUNE TTHM. AMU. IOWA. F1UUY, •IMlMlIt M 1M». ttOI DUnl Trvrt Htlltf 8ELTON. T«x. <U»—B«ll Conn- Bulbs-Bulb^-Bulbs At the lowe*t price that good btlbt can be sold! EVERTS ty farmers wer« uot williit^ to ibidt fry the Texas electorate's de- cUiw on $2«,000,OW bonds for relief. Taey canoed 5,000 cans of vegetable* and 2.000 can* of meats IB R. F. C. — sponsored community kitchen* lor their own "winter relief." *> 13 In Cab Equaled Accident EVKRETT, Wash. <U.K>— Taxi Driver H. G. Moore crowded 13 Into hi* cab. and had an accident. CHAMBER PLAHS INTENSIVE DRIVE (Continued from Page One) Ward Clark, Frank Judge, Lloyd Knight and Burdette Cottinghara. The junior chamber committee on ajitomoblle parking ' Is to confer f'ljw ITlii RUSHING FOOD MARKET Phone 329 We Deliver Weekend Specials! SUGAR 10 p r si FLOUR Golden Dawn bag $1.55 49 lk BUTTER Nevada creamery BREAD Bates all kinds 5c SALE ON FRUITS Large No. 10 tins (so-called gallons) Peaches, sli. or halves .39c Apricots 47c Blackberries 41c Cherries, red sour pitt. 59,c Gotoieberries 52c Pineapple, broken sli. .67c Pineapple, crushed- 55c Pean 39c Red Raspberries 57c Black Raspberries 59c Coffee, "A" Blend . . V . 3-ib bag Sweet Corn'-«i C* 5 Nca ° ns2 2?C FALL CLEANING SALE Soap Chips, I. G. A., 25c size ^ Clorox, quart 19c Gloss Starch, I. G. A. 2 1-lb pkgs. ....... 15c Mop Head arid-18tick ,.23c Old Dutch Cleanser, 3 - 21c •I. G. A. Cleanser, 3 for 14c Gold Dust, large '.16c I, G. A. Laundry Soap, 10 for 25c Lux Soap, 4 lOc bars . .25c Oxydol, large pkg. ...19c Lye, L G. A^ 3 cans ... 25c Drano, drain cleaner . .23c Clothe* Pins, 49 in pkg .lOc BRILLO Cleans quick Rubber soap dish Free 2 lOc packages 25c 19c BROOMS Regular 50c value Assorted „ weights ......... Tomato Juice 5 10% 01 cans Pancake Flour I. G. A., 3V 2 pound bag ...... Sandwich Spread l /2 Ife jar -::..'.. OATS,!. G. A. 47^ large ........... I IV WHEATE1JA package ... APRICOTS, Redondo, in syrnp, 2 No. 2y 2 cans . j.... - '•. CHERRIES, red Alarchino, bottle YEAST, I. G. A. 5c SPINACH 2 tall cans MOLASSES, Carol cooking, 2y 2 can BAKING POWD. I. G. A., 16 oz TAPIOCA, I G. A. quick med 8-oz pkg PEAS, new pack 6 No. 303 cans .. PEANUTS, fresh roasted, quart 19c 19c -I ft-! I U C 7c PRUNES • Can Now lowest market 85c Tokay Grapes finest quality PEARS fancy Illinois Keifcrs bskt $1.39 PEACHES California Clings, box No. 1 Colorado Elbertat bskt $2.39 95c Sweet Potatoes-Rutabagas . . 8 Ibs 2?C Jonathon Apples q u a °r it y • bskt $1.3; CELERY, Jumbo stocks . ....." GREEN or WAX BEAJfs, Jb ., CABBAGE, small h«a<j s , i b UELERV CABBAGE, IOC TOMATOES, fancy t*ble, 4 Ibs EGG PLANT. |«rg e lOc; medium .... ONIONS, Ifed, 10 Ibs . 2C IOC IOC 5c 25C POPCORN, Japanese Hulless, Ib 5c HEAD LETTUCE, large solid ORANGES, Sunkist. 2 doz medium ACORN SQUASH, 3 for CARROTS-BEETS, bunch GRIMES GOLDEN APPLES, 6 Ibs GRAPEFRUIT, largest size 29c lOc 5c 2SC lOc POTATOES low* 100 Ib Cobblers bag $1.73 peck 29C Pure Lard, 2 Ibs. 15c Sirloin Steak ,..i7 0 Longhorn Cheese, Ib ...15 C Pork Outleti, juit like tenderloin, Ib I8c Boiled Roait, Ib 15c Fresh Oystew, qt 69c Slab Bacon, wgar cured 8 to 10 Ib avg., !b Pork Chops, Ib 12M>c Beef Steak, choice, Ib 12'Ac Pork Roast, Ib 12y 2 c Ring Bologna, Ib ..12Vac freah Side Meat, Ib 11'.'-c Country Style Sausage lOc Hamburger, fresh, Ib JOc Spare Ribt, Ib ... lOc Be«f Boll "' 5c Pork Boi? ,.. ,5c city oi'tkert on a proposal 'o mark iwrkiug spaces for c*r6 on Main street. At prest-nt, only. a spot of paint on the curb gives amy indication or the space one car niay fiJl. Heoce.. it Ja. stated, much parking space Is wasted by motorists who pty'no attention., to the marks. The chamber will ask that full length liacs be painted on the pavement to guide motorists when parking, and that the police be asked to aid in obtaining observance of these markings. The chamber also pUms to conduct an open iorum for its members. FIELD WIDE OPEN FOR NEW WORKERS (Continued from Page One) some personal effort to go after them. But those who .do put forth The effort will find rich rewards awaiting them. The^e is cash money awaiting each worker every day at the Tribune-Times office. Commissions amounting to 20 per cent will be paid at once upon demand for all business brot to this office by any contestant Special inducement has been offered by way of a substantial number of votes toward the capital prizes for those who make their reports on Wednesday and Saturday. Reporting on these days will facilitate handling the business in the office, and hence the aditional inducement of 100,000 votes has been offered. Capital Prize Along with this daily commission the capital prizes of fl.OOO for the worker finishing the campaign with the highest number of votes; $700 for the second; $500 each for the third and fourth, and district prizes of $150 and $100 are awaiting those who really work in this campaign. The Tribune-Times office is open each evening until 8 o'clock, when the campaign m&nager is here-to interview applicants in the drive. It costs nothing to learn all the facts about the campaign. The details and rules have been puhlished several times, but many persons i«el they woulU *iso prout 1>> a personal interview when the rules and detail* can be discussed and Questions answeml.. Thfere'b still plenty of room on the "ground floor" but the Tribune- Times cannot guarantee that this condition will continue indefinitely The early worker gets the most profits. You can share in this ?6,500 distribution. If you just make up your mind to put forth the effort. Come to the Trlbune-Timts now and find out. Bulk Bird Seed, per Ib ._,. ..:... I5c Mixed or Straight EVERTS Ask for, KELLOGG'S CENTRAL FRUIT MARKET 505 Kellogg Phone 136 North of Postoffice Keifer Canning , PEARS $1.45 A full 60-lb. bushel Apples, perjbn ... .?1.25 Peaches, perorate . ;$1.09 V Prunes, per lug 87c Potatoes, select No. 1, peck ..:... 25c Sweet Potatoes, 7 lbs^25c Tokay Grapes, Ib. .lOc ALL KDfDS OF FRUITS AST) VEGETABLES WE DELIVER McElysa Boys, Clint & Oran "Remember when you are offered a substitute for genuine Kellogg'e, it is seldom in the spirit of eervice. OF B TTLE CREEK Red Arrow No, 1 325 Main Phone 39 PORK ROAST 4 At* loin or pk butts Ib I "fw BEEP OR VEAL RST., chuck cuts 4 I HAM LOAF 2 Ibs 25c SHORT EIBS, to bake or boil, 2 Ibs BABY BEEF HEARTS, 2 Ibs. 4 I BACON 1 Q|% chunk. Ib ...... I OU CHEESE, COLD MEAT AND PICKLES Keith's Fruit Store 312 MAIN CANTALOUPE , each 5c RASPBERRIES each I5c CALIFORNIA GRAPES ......... 3 Ibs 25c DELICIOUS APPLES , , 3 for lOc BLACK FIGS Ib 15c QUINCES 4 Ibs 25c BANANAS 4 Ibs 30c APPLES ........ 7t 10 Ibs 25c CRANBERRIES '. ..2 Ibs 25c CAULIFLOWER, large each 15c PARSNIPS Ib 5c LETTUCE each 5c CELERY HEARTS bunch 6c CABBAGE ib 3c SLICING CUCUMBERS 2 for 5c POTATOES /. pk 28c POTATOES, No. 2 pk 15c Mac's Dairy-Poultry Mkt, is now located at FIFTH & BURNETT White Rose Gas Station Bring in your chickens and eggs. We have more room and are better equipped to serve you quickly. We pay highest prices. We handle poultry, eggs, milk, butter, cottage cheese, buttermilk and bakery goods. Ice and gas. . . • Leghorn Hens Heavy Hens He Jb— Fries I3c Ib Make All Your Purchases in 1 Stop When you think of chickens, think of— Mac's Dairy.Poultry Mkt , Fifth & Bur riett— Phone 142 No. 1 325 Main Phones 6041 REDARROW No.2 200 Main Phone 2311-2)19 RED ARROW NO. 3 OAMPtfi TOWN BTOl* 2608 Lineota W»y Phone 219 SERVE We Serve You With Three Storet . . . Trade Where It Is Convenient SUGAR Sic Fine granulated, 10 Ibi COFFEE 25c Maxwell House, Ib ,: :..,. FLOUR Jersey Cream 49 Ib bag , . CORN Iowa Club Ofl«« No. 2 tins., 3 for fcUC BY THE RED ARROW STORES OU V You can 8WEA& BY the quality of the foods yon buy at the RED ARROW J90BK8. We carry onrjr the highest-grade meati and yrocerie* ... aad charge conalitently lower prices becauie WE SELL JOB CASH. HOME-OWNED stores, managed by LOCAL CITIZENS. / HE , it • | He SWORE 14. |HtT HIM-AND' [ KEPT ME IN^,, v : BUTTER Boone Dairy, Ib SOAP P. and 0. 10 bars H. and B., that extra If e. bar of Naptha toap. Unwrapped, bar CRACKERS 25c Tasty Flakes 2 IV soda .. Toy House 2 Ib graham .... PEAS, ww Undtr OQj* I COCOA, Motben 3 tins Ib tin JELL-O J pkgs 22C Em AD Mothers 16-oz. loaves That long ill 4 C^ 2 loaves for I PC MACARONI "isc MILK tall cans "" l?c SALMON incy pink, tall cans 27c for JARS Mason, Pints Quarts, dozen ........ Jar Rubbers, 3 pkrtT .... . 6SC lOc BULK GOODS Powdered Sugar, 2 Ibs 15c Brown Sugar, 2 Ibs . .13c Navy Beans, 2 Ibs *... .lie .Prunes, med., 2 Ibs ..19c Tapioca, med., Ib lOc Coconut, shredded, Ib 17c PANCAKK FLOUR Bill's B«it, 3% Ib bag 19c OATM1AL, Banner large, fall weight . 16c BRAN FLAKIB Xellbggi pkgs PINEAPPLI whole sliced, No. 2y 2 tins ,. 19c FRUITS No. 10, Mayflower Prunes ; 44c Peaches .49c Apricot* ,, 49c Pears 49c PEANUT BUTTER quart jars , 25c SALAD DRESSING MarshaU Seal. Buy the best quart jars PftESERVES Ra§pb«ry OK** 4 Ib jar .. OOC PORK& BEANS Van Camps, large No. 2% tins •! A A can I UC BLOCK SALT 601b block PRUNES . Italian^ box" .".. FRESH FRUITS ^VEGETABLES PEACHES, Colorado Freestone, box ... $ I .43 I CHng^ box 99C PEARS, canning, bubskt. TOKAY GRAPES extra fancy ORANGES Sunkist, 2 doz 33c BANANAS, lolid yellow, 3 Ib. .... POTATOES U. S. No. 1 selected, peck 29c No. 2 grade, peck 19c GRAPE FRUIT Texas sweet, 5 for CARROTS 2 Ibs ..... extra fey Jonathans bafkat $139 CABBAGE 4 A solid green, Ib .. .*. WV OREJN BEANS ex. fey, stringless Ib CAULIFLOWER fancy white head* TOMATOES for slicing, 4 Ibs .. 10c SQUASH Acorn, 4 for 10c LETTUCE" 17|% selected, solid, 2 1 1 C SWEET POTATOES NHa CRANBERRIES E ? r ^r S? 8 IBs 25C Jlbs27c CELERY, well 4 f|- bleached, 5c and 1 UC extra special, each choice lean - lean cuts meaty country style SLICED LIVER freah PORK BUTTS .xs. PORK CHOPS pig chops 14c VEAL ROAST VEAL ROAST 18c VEAL PATTIES ChoiC* P*ttUi tender roast BEEFROA8T boned and rolled BEEF BOIL meaty sugar cured sugar cured fresh VEAL HEARTS OYSTERS 40c SAUSAGE pig link ISc VEAL STEAK ttfce RID ARROW MARKETS «Qt Lincoln W»y 200 Muln tt. BEEF TONGUE . . . LAMB LEGS

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