Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 21, 1955 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1955
Page 5
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i$fi f PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1955 FIVE Hawvrth *s Counsel iff/ Mail {I/Editor's Note: Woman .worries about divorced son's estrangement Irom his children. , DEAR MARY HA WORTH: .Two years:ago our son's marriage of seven years ended in divorce. We don'.t.kndw too much about it, as he.nlives a great distance away. ; But/'we do know that .his wife married' again almost immediately—in fact before the divorce was; fihaliThe second marriage was a civil'?ceremony performed in another jurisdiction, I understand. The new husband belong to a \ church that doesn't recognize mar- ria'ge'to a divorced person as valid. Tfiii| l! is his first marriage and. he sfilTgbes to church and is thought by others to be a communicant, probably because the church au- thoKfies don't know.the facts. Our son- r was married to the- girl in • tf chiirch ceremony, .gob let Joyce proceed with divorce'; and have her way entirely, —not realizing there was another man. and thinking she would come to;Her senses and return :to him. He'lias developed 'a sound philosophy .about the rift, but yearns for h'is,ch"ildren, whom he supports. He III isn't "allowed to see them, arid doesn't insist ; upon his . visiting ngh'Clest the. controversy do them tnbre"harm than has been'done al- Inter e fere, • Mare Tells Mother •' 7*"><y- " • Bob "is sure that the children, wherf older, will see the injustice clothings. and_come to him voluntarily.-We've, kept entirely out of ..tne' ! fracas, partly' because that is Bob's wish and partly because we feel so ignorant and helpless. Ours has been a long, happy marriage; and we too believe in the sanctity of the marriage vows. We know little of the ins-and-outs of divorce. However, in the jurisdiction where Bob was divorced, once the children are given to the mother, it is almost impossible to take them from her, unless she is alcoholic, a prostitute, or proved insane. '" Our chief concern is the children and we think Bob is right—that a custody fight can only harm the children. Yet we also feel that the shoals into which the new marriage is heading, inevitably may do them even more harm. What do you think? Our hands are tied; but are Bob's necessarily so? E.P. Man Rejected Married Life . DEAR E.P.': The picture of Bob that emerges from between the lines, is that of a man who really didn't care very : much/ about his wife and -children-at^the time of divorce. It .appears that he was unconsciously relieved by his wife's decision to separate and take the children—as if he welcomed a breather from domestic harness. His assumption that he didn't have to lift a "finger to solve the trouble, that Joyce would be back eventually—on her knees, he figured—shows how, rejecting he was, at the. crossroad. Because he didn't much want her •••This will be a gala and festive holiday season and r ' Martin's has prepared' for it with an exciting col- „• lection of fashion, original- dresses. YOM will find •-'scores of. lovely styles that will take you right '* lihrough the holidays from street wear to the most • *£''formal, of occasions. Sizes for • Juniors, Misses, ... ,, Half-Sizes. . i UHl-' - - • • . .Shown here is the sheath silhouette by Madeleine 5 .Fauth'. ". . soft t beige wool jersey over-all.-em' '" '.broidered,,in white. Jacket fully lined in white. •'^;Sizes 5 to 15, 8 to 16. $45.00 •• / .. , Martin's Fashiort Original Dresses S $17.98 to $79.98 en—feeling/fed up after." seven ears' marriage—he theorized.that obody else would be interested, ther. In his blindly complacent, puni- ve indifference to her,- he com- etely overlooked > the watchful her man — whom she hastily arried for security, perhaps. Bob's insistance that you stay ut of the fracas, and his air of niency towards Joyce's animos- y—so as hurt the children rther, he says—suggests a secret onviction on his part, of having ast them off two years" ago. He ay sense that his innate desire as ; to be rid of them—as ^ he let oyce go by default Maybe he as in the mood for'a fling; and is only as time wears on-that e yearns to see his children. dislikes Stress If Child Rearing It is my- unpression that you are entiy prodding Bob to claim visit- ig privileges, or custodial shar- g, as regards the children—phi- larily that you may get to, know lem. And he is tactfully evad- g your pressure, giving .various xcuses for taking ho, action. Fundamentally, he is probably ndisposed to press for "rights," argely because he dislikes the xess of child-care—arid doesn't oubt Joyce's devotion to the task. The present set-up, though linsat- ifactory, suits him better than full esponsibility would, I take it. He seems inclined to let time ork things out; and I advise you adjust to that attitude. If Joyce's ew marriage goes on the rocks, on't be: holier-than-thou v Rather oiint it a second chance 'for Bob i make good on his past mistakes. .M.H. Mary Haworth counsels only through her column, not by mail or personal interview. Write to her in care of The Evening Times. opyright, 1955, The Washington Post) Distributed by. King Features Syndicate) True sherry comes from only one iace in the world, the Spanish istrict of Jerez where if; has iade for%,500 years. State Hunters Decoyed Into Prosecution WASHINGTON «t — More than 25,000 Maryland duck and goose hunters are being "decoyed, into arrest and prosecution." So says the Wildlife Management Institute, a privately endowed con servation organization. The reason, says the institute, that Maryland's Inland Game nd Fish Commission has failed to ! ake its regulations" conform to ose issued by the U: S. Fish and ildlife Service. Shooters who comply with the inflicting State regulations can be enalized /under the superseding deral statutes, the institute says. "All shooters,", institute Vice resident -C. R. Gutermuth said, whether.hunting independently or one of- the numerous commer- r •marshes should realize that liowing :: these State regulations ill make them personally liable prosecution by the federal gov- rnment." The main area of conflict is over e baiting of duck blinds. Maryland law permits baiting up within 200 yards of a blind. But deral regulations prohibit any aitihg as a means of luring wa- rfowl Two Property Sales Listed Two property sales have been recorded at the Court House. The three-story apartment en Fayette Street, formerly owned by the late David J; Lewis, congressman from the Sixth District of Maryland, has been purchased by David M. and Jennie M. Bohn. of Allegheny county, Pa. The sale was made by Charles T. Clayton and D. Lindley Sloan, executors of the estate of Lewis. A property on the south side of Washington Street in Frostburg has been, purchased by. Donald L. and Sally Sue Blank from Chester P. Stewart and Mern Stewart. Original Oregon When the Territory of Oregon was established in 1848, it em braced the present states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and parts of Montana and Wyoming...__ !A Tribute *> TO UNCLE SAM! CASH LOANS TODAY! $50 °° $2,95 a Month 24 mos. • • lorgtr amounts on jimilor t«rm« LOAN SERVICE ' ' Incorporated . 89 E. 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