The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 13, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1933
Page 7
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fUE MALVfeft* LfcABtR, MAiVEfttt, BASTINGS tSJJ tW d**th o. tftetf sisttf, Mrs. . (Isms* Mftfes. Ttttstt it the picnie Hoy tottffcter, Afl_« i&t Mb BlVfr r, -till felieh, MM. *»* and Aad Betty lnft, ftll W amerton; Mrs. CA« ftftSrl Md fthfld f «B ( Ge-tgla, lad batten, sett and : <UiI Malt «tt _f _ wood; Mf. and Mr* ffelson Man d *o*, Hotd, Mf. aftd MM. Liute Lar- Mf* Aftd Mf«. Irtla* Shap- Icon aad children, Misses Beraiee and Lois Lar goal, Mildred Shaw, Mr. afld Mfa. », H, Crouse and I niece, MlssHarfiett elites. [Birthday Suft>ri.« Fred Fred Phelps, northwest of I town, wan the victim of a very [pleasant surprise last I honoring his birthday. Sunday. A number of hi* friends came in td help him celebrate bringing I along the esseatlals (or a bit Plo- laic dinner which was served on the lawn at aoon. The afternoon I was spent ia a general good time [visiting A&d other amusements. Those present were tfte ftad Phelas family, Fred Pierce and family. E. H. Dal_ell and family, (Joe Hadea and family, Mr, and WfcoW at 1ft a. *. teagiwtiU. *. 01»_te_i at 8 p. m. Bftt* gcnoo! stiffed t*« %«e*i Classes ate ffb* 1* of Saaday ii a. a. fa *eh*oi and at at* f aetdaf jj&t « » a. m. Aftef our ietftdn o« Tuesday we hive ai fce%# fter* atloa peftod. tfcose Wfco fcavea't been Atteadtat, torn* tfcto stra- day. We ate atso fftttf tre« tlefe ets to tae swtei_iag pool. . fipwottb ieatm %ai fed last Snaday by oar pa*tof , ftef » L. H. Riplet aad pro-red to to tery tefestiag. there wilt be a& worth Leattte cabftlet meeting at the church fnetday ereniflg at 8 o*c1o«*. IStery m6mbef should be present. ». ft Feltewt took nia ktttenbali team to Malfeffi day where they efijoyed swim* ttlag ia the Malreta Manlclpal pool. Mrs. it •• lid £fl( **t at aftef- wftfc sift sftteii'cilta'CB of tilriy fits of more. A fin« program As printed 6»16W, Wai gtrett aad ed by e*«ryo*e present: Prater, Ret. P. Q. &arne«. Pi- 6 »6te, Satah R*t«. Re*ttatton, Oorothy ^Wtlielft. Vocal duet, Rath Bafftes aad Maty Headed Ifcftn. t*o piano numtiretg, Kathef- ine KSruey. Vocal «olo, ttathfya Aadetsot. R«adln|, Rath BtHtet. IMaloffte, beta Caff aad Plot- eftee Wilheift. Violin «dt6* Itithryfi Andersoa. Pland ac* Cothpanimeat, Kathrine Ketaey. Me group then passed to the dining room Where A gaaie was played) theft ftifesameatt coa- ftsting of peaches, eake, aad iced tea were *etted by Mr*. €k M» Kelson, Mrs. Clyde fiarger, and Mrs, Otto Caff, the aest mtet" lag will be held At tbi elktffelt Aug. 8. Ptogr*m ccmttltte*: Mrs. R. K. Henderson aad Miss losie W. ft. Bhep&rd tisited Tuesday ia the home of her son, W. R. Shepard. Miss Rath Bryaa of White cload assisted ia eariag for M«» Dale Read A few days last Week. Gladys Hunter of Center, Colo, aad Mf, and Mrs. George Hunter, Porter aad Vera aad Mae Lucas of Nodaway visited Sunday in the home of Charley Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Hunt, Mildred aad Raymond visited relatives In Gravity Sunday. Ray* moad remained for a few days visit. Mr. aad Mrs. Fraak Adams and son Kenneth of Malvera vis- Mrs. E. J. Smith, BeaJ. Haroff ited in town Sunday. and family, Crawford. and Miss Bthelya Miss Valerie Christy was dowa from Council Bluffs last week and spent the Fourth with home [folks. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Priest and daughter, Doris, and O. B. Hutchings drove to Red Oak Sunday and enjoyed a picnic at Chautauqua park with the Wilt Crawford family of Oriswold, Mrs. Wm. Crawford of Red Oak, and the Marion Lang family of Emerson, and Mrs. a A. Barns ot Los An- jgeles, Calif. N. W. Colling and daughter, Mrs. Wallahan. drove to Council Bluffs Monday. M Herbert Wallahan was down i'MllConocil Bluffs for an over ,bh mother and „._:«&$*)) SwphRp'-" 4 .,.„.. -Art Churchman and;son, Duane, of Straban vis, ,ftt«4 Sunday }n the D. D. Fellows I, home. f Mr, and Mrs, Perry Bishop of Glenwood visited Sunday in tbe George Nebbltt home. Misses Velma Mings, Nedra, Thelma, and Evelyn Crawford, and Mildred Gale were in Emerson Saturday, Mr, and Mrs. Everett Purcellj and Mrs, A. V, elites autoed to Shenandoab Friday where they visited Mrs. Frank Waldon who was operated on for appendicitis and is getting along nicely, : Mrs, W. D, Linthioum and son, A. P. Shaw and son, Paul, were visitors in town Thursday. Mr. aad Mrs. A. H. Crawford aad daughter, Harriet, visited in the H. P. Rea home ia Essex. George Schurr aad family aad Mrs. Mary Kelly autoed to Omaha Thursday. R. F. Crawford, Thelma and Wayne were in Glenwood Monday. Mrs. Cora Gaylord of Council Bluffs who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. L, Greenwalt returned' home last 'Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Clltes help. «d move Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clltes' household goods from Red Oak to Emerson last week -where he will be employed in a garage. ' Mr. and-Mrs, Dale Fellows:of ' Jim, were Saturday. Shenandoah visitors NOTICE TD ALL DEPOSITORS, CREDIT- OR.S AND OTHER PERSONS •INTERESTED IN THE RE- CEJVgRgHIP OF TUB BOTNA VALLBY STATB BANK If ASTINQB, JOWA, OF You »n4 eacfc of you ere here, by notified that there *« now on file in the office of the Clerk of the Dlatrlct qourt of Mills ty, Iow», the ,| Report si the JJonwable L. A, An4rev, ^uperintendest of Bft«k ? i&K fil ibe State of I»wa M Re* rrr -,^- r ^ - 5 ,_,.^ V1> ..j^jjf r-^ *-^WV^m> MlO £F»f_»!i week with bis grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Bemon Cox, returned borne Wednesday, Mrs. Herman Scburr and Mrs. John Trybour were . in Omaha Wednesday, Rev, and Mrs. M, R. Tally of Bedford and Rev. and Mrs, W. C. Henn ot Macedonia visited Friday eveaing In the Fred Priest borne. Master Loren Nebbltt is visiting a few days In the Perry BJsb- op home at Glenwood. Miss Hazel Cunningham of Stromsburg, Nebr., came Sunday to visit a tew days in.the A,' H. Crawford home, Miss Marie Bbepard visited Sunday with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. W, R, Sbepard. „ Charley Carlson of Glenwood visited to the home of his parents, Mr, and Mrs; o, T, Carlson Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. W, O, Resb and »pn, George, and ArdJan woids autoed; to Red Oak Monday. > Miss Pauline Gustln ia visiting relatives in Missouri Valley this week, Donald Bobbins has been sick tbe past week with en attack of the measles but is much better at this" R«t*i!*6A Enjoy Pieaie Celebration the Fourth A gtoiip of relatives, twenty in number, enjoyed a picnic dinner at the Mrs. Laura Kerney borne July 4. There WAS plenty to eat, Including fried chicken, homemade lee cream aad cake. Visiting and music furnished enter* talam'ent fof the afteraooa. Those present were: Mf. aad Mrs. 0. & Keraey aad daughters, Kathertne Aad Frances, of Newcastle, Wyo., Mr. And Mrs. O. W. Brower Aad Ernest, Mrs, Winnie Moore, Mr. and Mrs. 8. P, Stranathaa and Jean Anne Diamond of Glenwood, Mariaa Kerney and Vera Kerney of Malvera, Mr. aad Mrs. Fraak DuVal and Alan, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Rlmel, Mrs. Laura Keraey and Josle. Picnic Honor* Birthdays A group of relatives enjoyed a picnic dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hunt honoring birthdays of some of the little folks. Those present were: Mr. aad Mrs. Glen Fitch and Violet Joan of Pacific Junction, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Huat, Johnny, Howard, and Kenneth, of near Silver City, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mayberry, Clare, Wilbur Neil and Fay Keith, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maddocks, Fern, Ralph, Edna, and Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. Chaa. Wllhelm, Florence, Dorothy, and Buddy, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hunt, Leonard, Ruth, and Evelyn, Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Henderson, James and Mary enjoyed a picnic July, 4 4 ;with>frtends in SU- EAST UBERTY 0, Q, Kersey and fe»Uy, Mrs, a»fl Jo«|e, were «a» be i9Wi »t Mr, a»« Mrs, a, W, Browej- south of Glen* a4 WMBe*4»jr tyfttiiin, Mr, and Mrs, Ivan Jackspn and two little dftugWers e| aaa b Mr, -»4 eoJoye4 • brated July 4 with relatives Red Oak. . > Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maddocks, Fern, Ralph, 1-Edna, and Wayne were Council Bluffs visitors Saturday afternoon. Mr, and Mrs, M, H. Latchaw and Evelyn and Mr. and Mrs, L. G. Adams drove over to Glenwood after the church service Sunday and were guests at tbe R. D. Adams home. Miss Dorothy Adams of Council Bluffs was also present. LaVern Francis drove to Omaha Sunday to visit bis sister, Mrs. Pearson, in a hospital there.'She was improving nicely and her sister, Mrs, Cleva Zaelke, took her to ber borne in Red Oak Monday, Supt, and Mrs, 0, O, Kerney, Catherine,, and Frances left early Monday morning for their home in Newcastle, WYO, They had spent a couple of weeks here at tbe home of his mother, Mrs. Laura ICerney, and with other relatives and friends, Mr. Kerney' Sirs Roadside Bill Boardi* Hot D«e StAfitU Cofwtittite Dangef . w users than OT0.wd of th* Comwuttfee ot» p_». Re«e«reft cssmwit oth*r artlet«l win tne iaedfey «f of various' colors fa eaf «««, in conjnnc- t!t>« WHh tbe pfefetit types of tfattle sigaai-, ceastttates a deft- alte hatard tot drivers, aad the deplorable stati 6l oar country is ia evtfi more serioaft i tbe ruining of tbe beauty l>f the wssaety in ffiaay places Is bad enough; bat the added daa- tef !« evea Aofe important. Drirefs sbotild, of eonfse, ignore the horrible bill board*; la which ftase aa enotmous amount of money is being wasted in disfig- tttiag the scenery. It, however, the advertising oatiky is commer- tiattf Jastinid by the drivers' reading the slgas, then the signs Are too dangerous to be permitted. fivea if tbe signs are ignored, the necessary consplcu- oasaess »t impdrtaht official directional and cautloaary slgas is serionsly lessened in naay cases. The messiness- of roadside dog- SUnds by day is a nuisance, and the Improper lighting of many of them at aigbt constitutes a specific hatard. , Pr_««dttf« Is Clear The solution of this problem may be legally difficult, but the practical procedure is clear. All signs and illumination within 200 feet of the roadway should be under the control of the State Road Commission, Withia this zone, colored signs and colored lights should be absolutely prohibited; And the type and placing of all lights should be officially Inspected and approved only where no hatard is set up. Blinking lights, glaring lights, and lights throwing strong shadows should, of course, not be permitted. Advertising In this cone should be strictly limited to items of Immediate possible Interest to the driver. Announcements of restaurants, refreshment stands, lodgings, and farm products for sale by the roadside come within tbe permlssable group. General advertisements have 'no legitimate place near the roadside. Many selling stands are permitted at present in locations at Which cars can not" stop without remaining partly on the roadway. This is an especially dangerous sltuatioa for which there • is no excuse, No such stand should be permitted, unless """'' " - -- - is provided ' .- „.*..,,-.. . ,- ^ may - park entirely off the "road way; and the parking at any time of more cars than can be safety accommodated shoald be sufficient ground fot requiring the proprietor to Increase the partial space. More than normal space should be repaired for Mores or stands located At Intersections and .sited, of in any places Where tbe view is obstructed. liastte Control Ia villages, and ia certala Other stretches of road where speed is restricted to 15 ot 20 miles per hour the regulations re* gardlng stores Aad stands might reasonably be related ia some Instances, fa other eases, the conditions demanding speed restrictions are themselves such as to demand especially rigorous con* trol of roadside conditions. The Road Commission should be at* lowed elastic control of these matters within the 200 foot cone on all roads maintained or controlled by the State, and the limits of incorporated villages la which state control does not ex* tend should be plainly marked, in order that drivers may beware of unpredictable hatards. .Although the legal difficulties Involved ia controlling the use aa owner may make of his property may be obstructive, the moral rights aad duties are clear. No man has a right to use his property In such a way as to endanger the life, welfare or property of others, and the present uncontrolled uses ot roadside laad do make unnecessary contributions to dangerous driving. "Every production of genius must be the productioa of enthusiasm." — Disraeli. Notice of Warrants Called 'aad to ft further resolved that said above described real estate *. aad the same Is hereby released from any lien* because of the Judgment agafatt Wflbaf NoseTtable hereinbefore referred to add be ft farther resolved that MiRi County, Iowa, through its Board of Supervisors, hereby relinquishes any right or claim* to any Hen oa the real estate above described because of said Judgment. Moved by Hyde tad secoaded by Breeding that the foregoing resolution be Adopted; oa foil call on motion to adopt the above resc- lotlon, the m«ttb*rs tote as follows: Ayes, Agan. Breeding, And! Hyde. Nays, None. The county auditor was directed to Issue a poor warrant each month to Mike Wilsoa for a cash allowance, in the amount of $2.»9 per month. There being no further business to come before tbe Board at this tiatff they aow adjourn to meet on July 3, 1988. Atteet:^-B. A. 8CHADE. Approved:—W. B. Connty Auditor. Chairman Board of Supervisors. OFFICE Ot THE COUNTY AUDITOR Mills Coaaty, Glenwood, Iowa, July §, 1933. On this tbe 3rd day of July, 1933, the Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment of Jaae 23rd, with all members present aad acting. The minutes of tbe meeting ot Jane 23rd were read and approved, j The following claims were allowed: Haidoa C. Attekrase, Assisting clertt—Conrt Expense __$ 68.50 Ira Arch, court reporter—Court Expense Fund _—____.^ 88.67, Burroughs Add. Machine Co., supplies Co. Engr.—Con- struction Fund _-._^ -..__ ____---____. __ .76 C. B. A Q. R. R. Co., freight—Maintenance Fund _._—- 689.81 F. C. Cameron, eoart fepOfter-^Coart Etpense Faad H. O. Ferguson, court reporter—Court Expense) Fond ___ Listen L. Hall, court reporter—Court Expense Fund ____ Otto Jndklns, Co. Tress., Juror's certificate—Court Expense John Knlertm, repairs Jail lawn mower—County Fund Cbas. R. Liaa, court reporter—Coart Expense Fuad .___Ruth Miller, assisting recorder—County Fund _-_--___Railway Express Agency, express—County Fund -_R, W. Rhoadea, P. M., stamped envelopes—Construction _ R. W. Rboades, P. M., postage—County Fuad . .___.._ N. C. Reasoner, court bailiff—Court Expense Fund .-__ E. A. Bchade, Co. Auditor, office expense—County Fund -Carrie Btorer, matron old ladies home—Poor Fund ______ W. E. Agaa, supervisor—Connty Fuad __------_-----__ Guy Breeding, supervisor—County Fuad --___-_--_---Burroughs Add. Machine Co., maintenance Contract— Couaty Fuad S. V. Cooaey, boarding prisoners—County Fune __ _ Ctaoate Publishing Co., printing—County Fuad _-_-__--_ R. B. Cogley, Ice court house—County Fuad ----------- Citlseas Power ft Light Co., services court bouse aad Jail —-Couaty Fuad _^..^..^^,__._ ...—... _— W. 8. DeMoss, mileage—County Fund ... — Bess Dean .assisting Co. Supt.—County Fund —__ Emerson Chronicle, printing—County Fund ---—..... Emerson Mutual Telephone Co., services—County Fuad __ Fldlar ft Chambers Co., office supplies—Couaty Fund — J. F. Greene Jr., Clerk, commissioner—Insane Fund J. M. Donelan, commissioner—Insane Fund ... N. 8. Qenung, commissioner—Insane Fund .... W. 8. DeMoss, conveying Insane—Insane Fund Glenwood Water Dept., services court house and jail- 47.82 80.60 87.08 8.40 1.00 81.84 27.76 .94 39.74 49.72 4.00 3.97 16,00 35.00 43.05 44.86 81.90 48.OS 3.1K 91.84 9.40 60.00 42,08 3.80 92.60 13.69 8.08 8.00 8.60 Couaty Fund ...... ... . --. 63.94 E. E. Goodrich, Justice fees—Court Expense Fund 7.00 Fred Nix. constable fees—Court Expense Fund —...—. 4.86 O. R. Hyde, supervisor—County Fund ... 48.20 Ia. Pupils Reading Circle, library books—Library Fund .. 1.86 Jenklns-Fergemann Co., office supplies—Couaty Fuad _- 6.12 D. O. Jamison ft Co., supplies for Jail—County Fund ..— 12.60 Keystone Envelope Co., office supplies—County Fund .... 6.00 Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., office supplies—County Fund .... 22,74 Koch Brothers, office supplies—County Fund .—....... 113,07 Mills Co. Farm Bureau, appropriation for May aad Juae— Couaty Fund . ..... .... ._..__._ 600.00 Matt Parrott ft Sons Co., office supplies—County Fund — are Malvern Leader, printing—County Fund The following warrants called and will be paid at tbe Of- ( NW Bell Telephone Co., serv|ces---CouBty Fuad ace of Couaty Treasurer; interest: Pacific Carboa ft Ribbon Co., office supplies—County Fuad to cease July 20th. County General warrants up to and including register number 46. Poor war- Peoples Natural Gas Co.. gas court bouse and Jail—County West Publishing Co., NW reporter—Court Expense Fund. J, H. Welch Printing Co., office supplies—County Fund 51-1. Judklns, " ;;j Mills County Treas. COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS OFFICE OF COUNTY AUDITOR Mills County, Glenwood, Iowa, June 23, 1933. On this the 23rd day of June, 1933, the Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment of June 22nd, with all members present and acting. • '' Tbe minutes of tbe meetings of June 12 and June 22 were read and approved, This being the date to which tbe official canvass of votes cast at tbe special election held on June 20, 1933, bad been postponed, the Board takes up the canvass and finds the following results: There were 3,687 votes.cast of which there were cast for tbe group of delegates to tbe state convention favoring ratification of the proposed amendment 1548 votes. For group of delegates to the state convention opposing ratification of tbe proposed amendment 2139 votes. The following claims were allowed: J. D, Adams Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund _----—--*• A, C, Bucb, repairs—Maintenance Fund _____—__ Carl Buch, repairs—Maintenance Fund __,____»„„____, R, M. Bacon,, repalrs-^Maintenance Fund ___„-___,„_ Boyer Hardware, supplies—Maintenance Fund —-. Ralph Buffington, piling—Maintenance Fund __________ Fullerton Lumber Co,, supplies—Maintenance Fund Gearhart Lumber Co,, lumber—Maintenance Fund —--Hold Fast Chain Co,, supplies—Maintenance Fund ,._,-— 12.71 " " Henderson, piling—Maintenance Fund „_,„„____-_ 264.85 2.91 2.60 7.10 6,50 10.19 85.25 17.87 61.33 , . has been superintendent of the ' ° ri ° Jt Hw ris » supplies^-Mftlntenance Fund 6.50 Newcastle schools the , „.. years and will be there again next year. c, i, Sbapcott and family were guests near Emerson Sunday in the home of. his sister, Mrs, George Llntner, Mr, and Mrs, Dale Hunt an, three «Wl4ren, Mr, and Mrs. 0,1. Sbapcott, and two children ana Pete Fubr "enjoyed a picnic BUP» per at Bed oak July 4 and remained for the eyenjng's enter* Interstate Machine Co,, supplies—Maintenance Fund ___- 78.10 International Harvester Co,, supplies—Maintenance Fund Mrs. Claud Kerney tainsient, . Mr, an4 daughters aa4 Mrs* I^ura KffWy anfl Jojie 4rore to B«*» ford FrWay wfters tfeey were fttsjti IB tfee borne O f Br, »ttd Mrs, Warftea Ia. Culvert & Pipe Co,, culverts—Maintenance Fund L. Laugesen, suppUes^-Malntenance Fund 50. 251.83 6,55 Malvern Cold Storage, gasoline—Maintenance Fund __-_-, 110.80 Mart Brothers, haullng^-Malntenauce Fund -,„„.-„ 3,00 MoCord Hardware, supplies—rMalntenance Fund --,,—, 8.11 Phillips petroleum Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund --*• 38,76 Standard Oil Co,, gasoline—Maintenance Fund ______,„, 239,90 Wright & Wllhelmy Qo,, supplies—Maintenance Fund __ 28.26 D. P.. Wheeler, supplies«*-M8jntenance Fund -__„_-_-,- 8.86 Geo. W.-Wilson, supplies^-Malntenance Fund ,.,.„,„. 6.QJ Iowa Culvert & Pipe Co,, culverts—Construction Fund .* 149.01 Wheeler Lumber & Supply Co., supplies—Construction __ 90.00 Maintenance Fund, Journal vouchers—Construction Fund 87946 semi-annual report of the county treasurer for tbe period ay 31, 193$ was approved, ,_, «onjW»e4 automobile policy number 98345 of the Casualty Company was approved. The petition of Emma L. Baggs for the suspension of the cur* rettt tases on the &H ot Lot 18, in block i in town of Tabor was RESOLUTION Now. ta*wit, on tW*v83r4 4ay of June, 1983, tbe Board of 8u> ,... Isors of Mills County* Iowa, being in regular adjourned session at tfto court bouse IB " • - • " " cation ol Walter F. Supervisors: and t . r WBBaiA&itanfisajs, the »um of 1600.0 8 WM re the DMrlot Owjrt of Iowa, Addy's Store, r_«». ,,» *« JwJ i..inriinir «»f.Zi R > R> YatM - offlce supplies—County Fund 3 rants up to and including regls- Addv , B atnrB . n rftvi_ion__Pnnr mi nil 10 ter number 1824. McCartney Levee up to and includiag register number 34. Pony Creek up to and Including register number 126. Dr. G. M. Agan, medical aid—Poor Fund --—..—.—— K. A. Baker, provisions—Poor Fund ___-___--_____—_ Bradley Variety Store, supplies old ladles home—Poor .. Dr. Edgar Christy, medical aid—Poor Fund ...—.—,.-_ R. E. Cogley, Ice old ladles home—Poor Fund Dr, M.' 8. Campbell, medical aid— Poor Fund .......... ^ Co., "services old ladies borne- • 11.85 42.92 66.16 3,00 28.66 20.00 38.88 .69 10.60 7.00 13.00 3.40 36,0« 2.08 1.94 13.00 19.18 20.00 13.43 4.82 1,88 35.00 Dr. McM Hanchett, medical aid — Poor Fund „--,.„.._,. __ 106,oo 30.00 4, on 6,00 34.37 4.00 6,40 8.00 1.60 81,30 238. 9ft 433,31 513.1') 329.6'! 174.1 '» 364.80 864.3* 860.80 382.?') 306.P8 2.60 Poor Fund Dr, J. M, Donelan, medical aid — Poor Fuud .... — ..... R. W. Davis, provisions— Poor Fund ---- ... — .. ---- . — C. W. Davies, rent old ladies home — -Poor Fund _____ . __ Fullerton Lumber Co., provisions— Poor Fund -... __ .. ___ Glenwood Water Dept., services old ladies home— Poor Dr. Thos. Gidley, milk — Poor Fund __.,„...„ ---------- — Dr. Dean W. Harman, medical aid — Poor Fund Ia. Childrens Home Society, care Cbas. Long—Poor Fund Edmundson Hospital, services—Poor Fund Geo. E. Masters, trustee, rent—Poor Fund . Delia Noah, rent—Poor Fund —. .__ John Olson, provisions—Poor Fund . F. H, Raynor, ambulance service—Poor Fund ., ... Verner J.'Scott, milk old ladles home—Poor Fund .T. J. Talboy, drugs—Poor Fund John Waller, cobs—Poor Fund , 4. Oscar Lee, labor—Maintenance Fund 8, _„___„„_.,_,, Pay Roll No, 48, June road work—Maintenance Fund -_Pay Roll No. 49, June road work—Maintenance Fund Pay Roll No. 60, June road work—Maintenance Fund Pay Roll No, 61, June road work—Maintenance Fund Pay Roll No, 62, June road work—Maintenance Fund .__ Pay Roll No, 53, June road work—Maintenance Fund Pay Roll No. 54, June road work—Construction Fund Pay Roll No. 55, June road work—Construction Fund __ Pay Roll No, 56, June road work—Construction Fund „. Pay Roll No. 5T, June road work—Construction Fund R. E. Evans, culvert band—Maintenance Fund „ __ RESOLUTION WHEREAS, The Emerson State Bank of Emerson, Iowa, wns duly designated as depository by this Board and pursuant thereto, moneys were deposited therein and moneys are now on deposit tnero- Jn, and WHEREAS, the said bank is now operating under Senate F^ No, ill, Forty-fifth General Assembly, and as a part of its plan reorganization, desires execution of depositors' depositors, and, agreements by nil woad, Iowa, and tbe matter of tbe belnx considered by the State, of Iowa vs. wm»u» ------ - t,m si rlci ©aitrt si It aanj|M | Wilbur Nois on March 8, 1838, a Judgment against one Wilbur NowkaJMe far Mills Jn tt»* CftM of such Judgment being recorded WHEREAS, This Board ban confidence irt tbe bank and its ofi- cers and recognizes tbe unusual economic condition and believes tbnt this Board should enter into such depositors' agreements in event the entering into such agreement and tbe taking of trust certificates is without liability on the Board or any member thereof, and without prejudice to any right to participate in tbe State Sinking Fund for public deposits or the right to file against the said fund, being Chapter 352-al of tbe Code of Iowa, 1931. and as amended, NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that this Board en*Rinto depositor's agreement with t he Emerson State Bank of Em<"'son, Iowa, upon the condition that the stockholders and officers of the bank first meet the requirements of the Superintendent of Ing of the State of Jowa as to assessment and corrections) a copy of said depositors' agreement being attached hereto and by this ref«r- ence, made a part hereof, and • 81 IT FURTRBR RESOLVED, that this depositor's agreement is entered into upon the further condition that the entering into »'ie same be without liability of any kind or character, either on Mm Board or the Individual members thereof, and that it be with'" 1 * prejudice to any right that this Board may have to file against and participate in. the State Sinking Fund for public deposits, and 88 IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that If the Supreme Court ->f Iowa, should hold, that this public body or any public body, or 'Ho individual members thereof, are I table in any way by the execution Of this agreement or similar depositor's agreement, or had no rl^ht or authority to enter Into this agreement, or should hold that cnv right to file against and participate in, the State Sinking Fund '<»• public deposits, is lost by the eceoutton of this or any similar agroa- mant. and ia suoh event, the legislature falls to legalize the act of taw Board an4 fails to amend Chapter 368-al ot the Co4» of Io w », 1WU» so as to allow this Board to file against aud participate ia the fU»Wng Fund, if such becomes necessary, than this agreement to be ptt »M void »nd of uo lore* and effect, upon this body giving t*» uoUa* of such fact to the hank and the Superintendent of S lM of tue W*t» «f Iowa, In auoh event, lUtte rttkU.of a 4e M§ fce rtvdit itt tbto Board »nd Its 4*po«lt shall thamftw he u^ IM.SJWI.M thouih no 4»po*ltor'« afreemaut had b**u outarad , t «o»y of this j«#ajtaUP>« txa0vt«4 by II the n««ra at

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