Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 29, 1965 · Page 24
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 24

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 29, 1965
Page 24
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE. IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THURSDAY, JULY 29,1965. Record Earnings Are Reported by General Motors NEW YORK (AP) — General Motors Corp. earned more money in the first half of 1965 than any other company in a like period. The world's largest manufacturing concern set records for profits, unit and dollar sales, dividends and employment. GM earned $1,275,000,000, or $4.45 a share, in the first six months of this year, compared with $1,138,000,000, or $3.98 a share, in the 1964 first half. Sales- climbed to $11,215,000,000 from $9,868,000,000. In the second quarter, the automaker's profits totaled $639 million, or $2.23 a share, against $602 million, or $2.11 a share, in the comparable 1964 period. * * * First half sales rose to 5,657,000,000 from $5,082,000,000. The company paid common stock dividends of $1.50 a share in the second quarter and $2.25 in the first half. A year earlier payments were $1.15 and $1.80. GM's worldwide fagtories sold 4,056,000 cars and trucks in the first half, a gain of 11 per cent over 1964. Second quarter sales totaled 2,036,000 units, an increase of 9 per cent. Employment averaged 741,008 in the first six months and 744,053 in the second quarter. Chairman Frederick Donner and President James M. Roche said there were many reasons why the high rate of economic activity is being translated into a high level of car sales. "One of tlie most important," they said, "has been the steady increase in consumer income over the. past seven-year period during which' car prices have remained unchanged." They added that the recent reduction in the excise tax on cars should further stimulate demand. * * * Factory sales of cars and trucks produced in GM plants around the world totaled 2,036,000 units in the second quarter, an increase of 9 per cent over the 1964 second quarter. In the first six months vehicle sales totaled 4,056,000 units, an increase of 11 .per cent over the 1964 first half. Records were set for GM wprldwide employment during the second quarter and first half. Employment averaged 744,053 persons in the second quarter. For'the first six months it was 741,008. The number of wage earners employed by General Motors in the United. States during t h e second quarter averaged 417,266, .compared with 382,825 in that quarter last year. In the second quarter these employes had average weekly e a r n i n.g s .of $157.94, compared with $150.83 in the second quarter last year. Diet or Regular at your Favorite Store UNION BOTTLING WORKS Ironwood.. Distributors PAMPERED PRODUCE—In Hanford, Calif., farmer Raymond Gilkey inspects an orange from one of his pampered trees. Taking no chances, Gilkey has a custom-engineered heating system to protect his four orange and one grapefruit tree. The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W CRANE Eunice is facing: a crisis that confronts millions of wives. Her husband shows the typical peacock behavior of the human male who is worried lest his erot i c power is waning. Such men go almost berserk. They develop a monomania about salacious topics, so study this case with care and send for the sex booklet below. CASE W-458: Eunice E., aged 44, offers a widespread problem. "Dr. Crane," she began, "my husband and I go out for dinner about once per week with another couple our age. "Afterwards we generally spend the evening bowling. "We have a 12-year-old daughter and they have a son of the same age whq accompany us. "But our husbands, who are ! both 48, are always watching the waitresses and remarking about their figures and their 'wiggle.' "Then, when we reach the bowling alley, they keep remark ing about the tight slacks that many of the girls wear and wondering if they may burst open when the girls stoop over. ' "At home my husband will read or sit before the TV with, his eyes closed till the half naked dancing- girls perform. Then he devours the TV. "Dr. Crane, is this type of talk appropriate when our children are with us? Are all men like this when they are away fronvhome?" MEN ARE PEACOCKS The usual male is fond of showing off- before females, much like the peacock. When they make wisecracks, to waitresses and try to appear like Don Juans, they often are hoping to incite a little jealousy in their wives. For many of them suffer from a secret sexual inferiority complex, so they focus their attention unduly on erotic matters. Remember, it is the man with a jaded gastric appetite who must whet his palate with sauces, relishes and condiments at the dinner table. So it is the sexually weak male who tries to fan his ero tic vigor with salacious talk, vulgar stories and sexual innuendo. What patrons are likely to occupy the front rows at burlesque shows? Why, the bald-headed, semi- impotent males who require such psychological sauces and relishes to generate a norm a 1 sexual appetite! The virile males don't need to tantalize their minds and titillate their erotic appetite by pornographic pictures, nude dancers or burlesque strip-tease actresses. Eunice is entirely right when she thinks it is unwise to expose youngsters to such sexy innuendoes. But these husbands have lost perspective. That occurs when we focus attention exclusively on self. And sex-scared males are almost entirely preoccupied with their own problem, so they fail to see the affronts to their wives or the bad effects on their children by their pornograp hie desires. A husband who fears he is becoming totally platonic thus becomes a monomaniac about his erotic problem. So a smart wife should try to banish his secret terror, at leasi for the sake of their children, as well as herself. When men pass the age of 40 they usually become fearful oi their erotic vigor. This very worry then inhibits their virility. So their wives should become more aggressive in the boudo i r and banish the lurking dread that is rendering them impotent Send for the booklet, "How to Prevent Platonic Marriage," en closing a long stamped, return envelope, plus 20 cents. (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long stamped, addressed en yelope and 20 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets.) (Copyright by The Hopki n Syndicate, Inc.) The shield has been used to mark U. S. highway routes since 1926. FINER FOODS DIAL 932-1270 Open 7 days a week for your shopping convenience Jumbo Head LETTUCE Folger's COFFEE Hi-C Orange or Grape DRINKS Richelieu Early June PEAS Gold Medal FLOUR Delbrook OlEO Charm SAITINES Hills Bros. Instant COFFEE .............. .-...•,? 99k Morion"* SAIT Carnation Evaporated Michigan Black BING CHERRIES 39' 5 55c Wisconsin Home GROWN CORN . 49° MIIK 3'2*.-47e California PEACHES TuvVceY ^^ . ....^of'ied—•~ Rich, Smoky Ham Flavor Smoked Picnics 45 Legs With Thighs No Back Bon* U.S.DA. Government Inspected CHICKEN PARTS Breasts With Rib Cog*— No Back Bon* Lb. 57- CREAMY SMOOTH or KRUNCHY PEANUT BUTTER 59« I-LB. 8-OZ. JAR Sparkle Pudding Sparkle Gelatin Chuck Roast ££$* u, 79c Pork Loin Roast Chuck Steak £?£, Lb 59c Rotisserie Roast Ru °; p Beef Rib Steaks,?^ Lb . $ l.09 wieners Sup " r n, 59o Right Heinz Baby Food stratoi!d Dole Pineapple Slices Dole Pineapple Slices Dole Fruit Cocktail ****>• lono Pear Halves 4?i-0z. Jars HVi-Ot. Cans 1-Lb., 1-Oz. 57c 89c 43c Wfht Syrup 2 1-Lb. e ft _ Cans 0 7 c 13-oz. 89c Spry Vegetable Shortening oft io"o bz :' 80c Star-Kist Tuna Chunks Libby Ripe Olives Libby Ripe Olives ., 98e 49c 8 <£' 49c Hint Size Surf for the Laundry 7c Off 1-Lb.. 5-Oz. Gala Towels With Print 8-OZ. Can 15c o<f 3-Lb., 2-Oz. Twin Pack Breeze Detergent ^o bz .' *!.; Sta-Puf Fabric Softener 8-Oz. Half Gal. Daily Dog Food S .I r\ l. Dl ilver Dust Blue Three Varieties 9<&'I.OO 4-lb., Z-Ol., $1.39 IB-Oz. ' M*, e-o*., PK B . n- Dl B-Lb.. IS-Oi., S5c Off, SI.08 1-LH-, 8-Oz. RinSO Blue 3-Lb., e-o»., we off, esc SCOK ri i. II HII 20-Lb., $4.59 Active all 9-Lb.. 13-oz., 52.: $2.29 iSS:- 79c Fluffy "all for the Laundry 3-Lb. Cold Water "all" 3 B Q tf: '2.29^ 79cJ2: 43c Vim Lux Liquid Swan Liquid Dove Liquid Laundry Tablet* 9-Lb., 10-Oz., $3.1* 12-Oz. Size 2-Lb., * Q 8-oz. O7C Qt. O"jf. 1-Pt.. SizeO/Ce-Oz. 12-Or. •U* 6-Oz. 12-01. Size Qt. ElzeOo-Oz. Wisk -** t! " Laundry . Si Si:* I. BU. Thompson Sweet Large Sweet Clusters Head Lettuce 2 Green Grapes Elberta Peaches Red Plums Red Cherries 24-Siie Heads 69c C Always Sweet and Juicy 29 in.o 1 5-99 California I Grown Box Pitted—Sturgeon ._ ,, Bay Slush Pack— i Sugar Added Can Yukon Club Beverages Assorted Flavors 3 - 35 A & P Brand PEACH PRESERVES 2-lb. jar 59 A&P Whole, Peeled Our Finest Spaghetti Apricots Peas & Carrots Instant Coffee or Macaroni Ann Page A&P Brand Frozen A&P TO-Oz. Save lOe Jen- 99 Aunt Nellie's E 3*95e 39c I Coffee Jane Parker Baked Juicy Apples Sliced High Between Two Thin Flaky Crusts A&P Brand, Reg. 1.53 fa 45 Peanut Butter-4 1 37 Final Touch SJ* '1.59 l iS;. 85c l ;Si'. 49c 1 Big Choice" 1 oFciFTS WITH PLAID STAMPS Handy Andy Cleaner £& 75c "SSf 43c All P.ricet Effective Thru July 31st

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