The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 27, 1958 · Page 19
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 19

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1958
Page 19
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ty^*••-••- " v * '* ^«'«Tv.l^ 1J TT,*T<. i s^r/^T?*'i i ' '59 Prologue Nine major news areas witl be covered by ABC'S "Prologue 1959" year-end roundup Sunday liSO * fi:3ft p.m., John Daly, vice president in charge of news, announced today. ABC newsmen called back to New York from major news centers will report on the stories they have covered, illustrating with film. The nine) areas, and the news* men who will report: Middle East Crises — Charles P. Arnot, ABC Cairo bureau chief. The ousting of Sherman Adams — Robert Fleming, ABC Washing, ton. The Segregation Story — Don Goddard, roving correspondent. Formosa and the Far East — Quincy Howe, ABC New York. Politics and the Elections — Edward P. Morgan, ABC Washington. •, .-'•••• .""''''•'• British Outlook and the Race Riots — Yale Newman, ABC London bureau chief. Rockets and Outer Space —Bill Shadel, ABC New York. De Gaulle, Algiers and the Fifth Republic—- Bob Sturdevant, ABC European chief. The New Pope •— Secondarl. Daly will bead tbe panel ol newsmen on "Prologue 1959.'' Mousketeer Visits Danny Thomas Show Annette Funicelto, the 16-year- old glamour girl of the Mousket- eers, has been signed for only four appearances on the Danny Thomas Show. Whether she becomes a regular cast .member hasn't been, decided. She wDl play the exchange student who visits Danny when "daughter" 'Sherry Jackson 1 ' bows off the, show, in a plot twist sending her to school in Switzerland, ' - • - •'•• .-• ,:•' . •• , • £j •It's « graceful exit for Sherry, r who hopes to land a TV show of her own now* THE LIBERACES 8**, ,;«4fOi «L.'i"#* ' ' -'l-S, orgeS By KAtPH MOttCRlW DALLAS --Brother Georga Liberace — he's the one with the violin ~* would like it to be known that: He is not « ptm pie king, Be Is still very fluids In snow Business 1 ! He and Brother lee — he's tike one with the plan* - have •«t had a fight, Be hopes one day to appear with his brother "where we can fcttti Ught up the candelabra •«ce again." George felt be had to make these comments because of the rumors that have been flying since he and Lee broke tip their brother act in October, 1957. The i*"r rtmws Would have ft not only that the brothers are feuding, but that Mania Llberaee haS disowned both heir sum, They Shook ttan4s "It Wai a handshake parting between 1 Brother Lee and me," George said during ;• visit in Dallas, "We were doing -tiur last show together at the Town Casino in Buffalo, N. Y., and knowing it Was, our last show We both broke down and cried like babies right on the stage — in the middle of our act. That bit was most certainly not in the script. "Of course, Mama Llfcerace was, upset when we parted, but that was as far as it went. HOLLYWOOD CINDERELLA — They're calling Bar- rfe ChaSe, above. Hollywood's Cinderella girl of, 195$ because of what happened when sh? appeared on a JV spectacular withered Astaire. If brought her raves and congratulations from critics and friends, and offers of jobs from producers and agents. Best or all. her studio Is giving her a starring role in if new movie, ''Can-Can." (APPhotofax) RE-ENTER: BELLY-LAUGH Hollywood to Rely on Comedies to Meet TV Competition in '59 By ERSKINE JOHNSON HOLLYWOOD — Custard ides haven't yet drag-raced any flying saucers in Southern California sides, but Hollywood is relaunching all the other old Mack Sennett slapstick comedy tricks in a big movie comedy boom — the first since the celluloid capital slipped on a banana peel labeled TV and fell flat on its own face. A dozen of the 1058 . 59 season's biggest films are designed to bring back that almost forgotten event — the big belly laugh. Pages Turned Back Such goings on haven't been seen on movie sound stages since the days when Marx Brothers chased blondes, Oliver Hardy tweaked Stan Laurel's nose, Greer Garson sat down on a chocolate eclair and Bob Hope and Bing Crosby greased the slpper on Dorothy Lamour's sarong. When that serif**, toUase young "method" sctor, Pawl Newman, goes spe «••} wings from • chandelier, ma a, y*n luww it's the most. Paul g«es Tarain on u to a wiM cametfy olrisjlag e*c»i«o> vitb J<MUI CoUins ia "BaUy Round tbe Flag •toys.** Th* way things are won't even be surprised If Mar- Ion Brando turns up as Pa Kettle to Us Taylor's Ma. Or if Burl Ives and Frank Sinatra get together as the Laurel and Hardy of the '60s. Genolne C*medy There's Rosalind Russell, for instance, in "Auntie Mame." If you remember Roc In "Mourning Becomes Electra" (which she's trying to forget) and in "Sister Kenny," well — you just won't believe it. She's Jerry Lewis, Red Skelton and Jack Benny merged into a doll as hilarious as an old Keystone Komedy chase. Yes sir, HsOywsod Is shock. Ing problems for laughs — * If. inliliMi-doUw gambte t* la*gh- Ing people out «f tkeir Hying r*tms — sad rm witk Billy Wilder when he says: "I think audiences are ready for it. Movies should be like amusement parks. People should go to them to have fun. There's nothing but fun in our picture." Brown ant] Lemmoi He was talking about "Some Like It Hot," in which he has Joe K. Brown making romantic passes at Jack Lemmon as Jack and Tony Curtis impersonate Marilyn Monroe's girl friends while being chased by gangsters. The comedy trend, says Billy, "Is what the doctor neglected to order for Hollywood movies and the 'laugh pill' prescription is long overdue." Billy isn't alone In Us thoughts. If you like to laugh, here's the rest of the menu Hollywood hopes to pack movie theaters with in coming months: "Tuuel •! Love "The Tunnel of Love" — Doris Day and Richard Widmark put tbe spotlight on sex in the suburbs — and if some theaters aren't raided by police I'll be surprised. "The Shaggy Dog" — Teen-age boy discovers he can turn him- self into a dog to tbe horror of bis .parents, Fred MacMurray and Jean Hagen. "The Jane From Maine" — Doris Day and her pet lobster get mixed up with railroad red tape. As4 - Same Other "Don't Give Up the Ship": Jerry Lewis misplaces a U. 8. destroyer. "The Mating Game" — Debbie Reynolds and Paul Douglas at wa? with the U. S. income tax department. Debbie needed a good laugh and this is U. "Alias Jesse James" — Bob Hope, the tenderfoot at war with the West. "Tbe Perfect Furlough": Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh and Lind» Cristal. The Pentagon may be blushing in public but I know it is laughing behind closed doors. 3 fHW*^| list I Site loves n* both very much. Nothing would please her more than to see us together again." George insists that his quarrel, if any, was and la with some of Lee's managers and advisors. Be says: "The feud gossip began after one of, Brother Lee's TV broadcasts. Someone hi the audience asked him where I was, and he answered with a calypso song, 'he's out making a fortune selling pizza pies.' , Makes No Fortune "Nothing could be further from the truth than that. It's true I'm hi the frozen foods business on the side — most show people do have a sideline — but I'm certainly not making a fortune out of It. "I don't believe such a vicious statement had its birth hi Brother Lee. I think'it was a plant by someone close to him who wants to discredit me, and lead the public to believe I'm no longer in show business. "My split with Lee came because I could not agree with his management and legal ad- risers. If I had stayed, 1 wonld have turned Into nothing bttt a gimmick — like the candelabra.* Since going on his own, George .has played TV guest shots with Red Skelton, Perry Como, Jack Paar and George Gobel, and in top supper clubs. He's also made a record album. Unlike his days with Lee, George now talks during his act. He reports having several offers for a network TV show. As much as George wants to make a success .of his own show business career, he remains one of his brother's biggest fans. With obvious sincerity be says: "I think Brother Lee is not only one of the finest pianists, but is also one of the greatest showmen hi the business." Cheers for Jon- She's 'Miss Bishop' Jan Clayton (last season's "mother of Lassie") is starring In a pilot telefilm, "Miss Bishop," based oh the one - time movie hit, "Cheers for Miss Bishop." AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1958-7 • .'..;-- * '. • •••••'. I Network Television 1 Friday, January 2 (C) Means Program • sn Color 6:05 t.m. 5— David Stan* 6:30 a.m. S. 10— Continental Class- fooin 7.-00 a.m. 4— Slegtreid S, 10— Today 7:45 a.m. 4— Christmas Show 8.-00 a.m. 3. 4 — Copt Kanaaroo S, 10-Today 8:45 a.m. S— News 9.-OO t.m. 3, 4— For Love or Money S, 10— Dough Re Mi 9:30 «.m. 3. 4-Play Hunch S. 10— Treasure Haat 70/00 t.m. 3, 4, 1— Godfrey S, 10— Price Is Right C— SHI Hickok 10:30 a.m. 3. 4, S— Top Dollar •S, 10— Concentration ' ' •—Christophers ll.-OO t.m. 3, 4, S— Love at Ufa S, 10— Tit Toe Death f- Musk Binge , 11:30. i,m, 3, 4. S- Search 5, 10-Could Be Yea (—Peter Hayes 11.45 t.m. 3. 4— Guiding Light S— Film Reviev 12:00 m I, 4, S. 10— News. Weather S— News 12:10 p.m. S— Living Storybook 12:20 p.ta. S— Treasure Chest 12:30 p.m. 1, 4— World Turn* •—Mothers Day * Cruiodn !• Cuf^BA • wl «»wu« *a MIIVPW 10— Brevities 1.00 p.m. 3. 4, S- JtaMny Deasi S, 10— Truth or Consequences (C) *— Liberate 1:30 p.m. 4— Llnkletter 5, 10 — Haggis Baggls (c/ 3, S— Home Party •—News Weather Clubs 1-40 t>.m o— Matinee 2:00 p.m. 4, S— Big Povoft 5, 10— Todav It Oars (—Day In Court 2:30 p.m. 3, 4, «— Verdict Yours S, 10— From These Roots (—Mark Saber 3.-00 p.m 3. 4, S— Brighter Day S. lO-Quem For Day (—Scat Clock 3:1} p.m 3. 4. «— Secret Storm 3:30 p.m 3, 4, S— tag* at Night S. 10— County Fair (—Who D* You Trust 4:00 p.m. S— Sho* , • : "' ' • A o nd Ton • .-.'.• I— Margie (—American Bandstand S— Curtain Cad 10— Whafi New 4:30 p.m. 4-Cootn . t«S * "**•* IS— Fun J.-OO p.m. 1— Cluh House 4— Ant S Dog S— Room Hood S— Whlrryfclrds IS— Bengal Lancers 5:30 p.m. J— Lea ft Pioneers S— Hi-Fin* Time •— Mick*. Mouse Club i— Huckleberry Hound 10— Superman 1, 4. i, '(. i. 10-News, Wcatnei 6:13 p.m. !• Growth at Nation •—Don Ooddard 10— NBC Newi 6:20 p.m. S— Should Know 6:30 p.m. 3, 4. 1— Hit Parade S— Buckskin ( — Rln Tin Tin 10— Sherwood Forest 7:00 p.m. 3, 4. t— Trackdown 5. 10— Ellcry Queen (C) (—Walt Disney Presents 7:30 p.m 3. 4, 8— Jackie Gleaso* 8.-OO p.m 3. 4. S— PhH Silvan 5, 10— M-S«uad (—Man With Camera 8:30 p.m. 9— New fork Confidential 4, 8— Ptoyhouse 5, 10— TMn Man (—77 Sunset Strip _ __ •'••". •.- f''3 ( 9.-00 p.m. 3. 4, a— Lineup " ^' '•••; 5. 10-Cavalcad* of Sport* ( ( 9*30 *ji» 1, 4 — Parson to Person.'., ( David Mtve* •a f*|» pag* 9:4i p.m. „ S-Tott Fight (eat ; 10.-00 p.m. i. 4, S. (. 8. IS— News. Weather Saarts 10:15 p.m. t John Dory 10:20 p.m. S*— TMa OHO; 10:30 p.m. »— Night Cap 4— Night Court S— Uj. ManliaS lO-Jocfc Poor Show 70:50 p.m. ll.-OO p.m. 4— Playhousa S— Jack Poor Show 72:00 p.m. S— News CEOftOE HOWES eWNlvlwIHwnT 'S RESOLUTION H«v« yw jus* •*• yot? Tito* b«w •)!»«* • »•»•• Mttr*«. ttoilvo) sww to tU WHPMtf tf Ht*» c*lt*c- MM .f (fclstfey Mb ««4 •**•• •Wtti.M wrtfc .. «C PUN Isw. Vw MM kWw fr«*i $300 t. 91,000 «t»«J Mfc* wily on* smaller p*s*yMmt «**li moat*. This) I* <M*S rMoMfen yw'H osfmlcrs «H ^ Fhonoj HE 34914 301 N. Molt Av»ti« INDUSTRIAL CREDIT COMPANY

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