The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 31, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1933
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1983 Amusemerit Fl HP NFL iO R JC1I HP Independent Magnnle Snys Has Boiler Facilities Tluin Culifornin "SHE DONE HIM WRONG' / tftxnciafrfi f'rr»n f/iviwrf HOJjI.VWOOT', .Inn. HI. — Aulircy Kennedy, Independent movlo producer, believes Klorldn H better pluco for tho lnd«pemlt*nt motion picture producer than Hollywood. He announced that he will center his production plans of the future there. "hlnrida, which has most of the ad- vHnUiifos nf California," he snld, "has become, because of changed cundl- tlons, n more logical place for production of Independent pictures "It Is only eight, hours by plane from New York, the focal point of two or the most Important factors In pictures —financing and distribution. "I will hire all of my players In Now York, and hire them at a fraction of what Hollywood must pay them. My .Intention Is to make 24 pictures the first year and 52 pictures tho second year." Kennedy has been In motion picture work since IflOT, first with Universal and Inter with Goldwyn. and for the last several years has hcon an independent. Differing from the geuer«l plan of the Industry for distribution, Kennedy Is interested In "state rights" pictures, that Is the selling of pictures to one party In each state for thnt party to control distribution in the state. OWEN MOORE AND MAE WEST BOOKED AT FOX THEATER toxrm-ATitt CONTINUOUS 2:30 TO 11.00 : LAST TIMES TODAY = BIG DOUBLE BILL M AR AVIDST'S first starring picture, "She Done ITIm "Wrong," will he on display at the Fox theater tomorrow and Thursday. The picture was written by Miss West. "Hho Done Him Wrong" is a lusty, roaring melodrama nt the Howery—a hearty tale of tho notorious old avenuo when men are men and women are "on the mnke." Its saloons and Its politicians, Its honky-tonks and Its "dumps," furnish a background for the activities of the principal characters. Miss West Is cast as "Ijidy T/ou." n famous beer-hall entertainer with u deadly effect on unwary males. Her suitors flock around her, practically in swarms, but she deals with them In a matter-of-fact fashion. Those who can provide her with the diamonds which nre her weakness may enjoy her favors. Tho others?—too bad. Into this scene comes Cary Grant, apparently a mission worker without a diamond to his name. His appearance on tho scouo leads to a startling, highly dramatic climax, which puts Ijady 1,ou in his arms without tho customary tribute in gems. Miss West sings three songs during tho course, of the picture—the popular old ballad, "Frankle and Joiinnle," and two new songs, "A Man What Takes Ills Time" and "Haven't Got No Peace of Mind," which were written for her by Ralph Rainger, composer of "Moaning 1 TJOW," "Please," and other popular successes. In addition to Grant, Noah Beery, Owen Moore, David Trfindau and Gilbert Roland are In the' supporting cast. LEE TRACY WILL BESIAIUIREX I .PJuys Congressman in Druinu of Nulionul Politics; Grdft Exposed Xcvcr before tn our national history in.s tlio Amcrleiui public been so rllk'ul of Its political representatives. M It Is today, nnd now, with a stirring ircMldotitliil election very much In the orcfront, Columblu conies along with 'VVuHhlngton • IMerry-Uo-Kound," advertised as a diirliiK expose of what KOOS on behind the scenes In tho na- lonal Cnpllol. It Is coming to tho Hex theater on Wednesday. • Tho picture wtis directed by James ruae, tho man who made "The Covered Wagon,"- "Old Ironsides" and ilher splendid American films. The rrnd of "Washington Merry-Go- loutid," —It Is said, Is the American- sin of today— that critical brand vlilc'i alms to right the wrongs which ill Intelligent citizens recognize as part of our political system. jco Tracy, that brilliant young actor who startled Broadway .with his performances In those hit pliiys, "Broadway" and "The Front Page" and who "cored similar successes on -the screen n "Blessed Event," "Night Mayor," 'Doctor X," "The Strange Txive of Molly Tjouvaln" and other films,- plays Ihe principal role In "Washington Merry-Go-Round," that of a young longressman. Constance Cumming.s, who appeared In "American Madness," "Movie Crazy," "The Last Man" and other films, Is the heroine. A splendid cast of Broadway stage actors plays the other principal roles. ' Starting Tomorrow KERN—1200 K. "NO UOLD-UIGGING FOR ME ... I TAKE DIAMONDS: THIS COUNTRY MAY GO OFF THE GOLD STANDARD ANY DAYI" C—Chesterfield program: Tom Howard nnd (Jeorgc Shelton, Leonard Hayton's Orchestra. 6:Ki—Threads of Happiness. 6:30—California Melodies. 7—Those McCarthy Girls. 7:10—"Tarzan of the Apes." 7:30—Edwin C. Hill. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—Globe Headlines. 8:15—Howard Barlow and Columbia Symphony. S:30—Dick Aurandt at tho Organ. 8:45—iRhum Jones' Orchestra. 9—Jon Huymen' Orchestra. 9:30—Harold Stern Orchestra. 10—All-request, hour. 10:40— Ted Klo-'RIto's Orchestra. 11—Dancing with tho Stars. 11:30—Cafe do Paris! Dance Orchestra. 333.1 M—KHJ—900 K. G—Music That Satisfies. fi:1f>—Throndu of Happiness. 8:30—California Melodies. 7—Those McCarthy Girls. 7:15—Keyboard Varieties. 7:30—Cliundu, tho Magician. 7:4!i—Myrt and Marge. X—Globe Headlines. S:lf>—Howard Barlow and Orchestra. 8:30—Tsham Jones' Orchestra. S:4fi—Don Clark and Ills Sweet Music. B—Don Redman. 0:15—Unknown Hands. 0:30—Koullnor .String Quartet. 10—News Items and Blsquick Band. 10:15—Tod Flo-Rllo's Orchestra. II—Dancing with tho Star*. 12 to I a. m.—Marshall Grant, organ. CONTINUOUS, 1:30 TO 11:00 LAST TIMES TODAY ' J«n«» CharUt GAYNOR FARRELL TEJJ STORM COUNTRY »»«cl»< tr Allr.d iu.l.ll fOK FICtUII Starting Tomorrow Two Big Features! SHE DONE HI WRONG CARV GRANT OWEN MOORE EXTRA, "TAXI FOR TWO." PICTORIAL SPORT REEL, FOX MOVIETONE NEWS VIRGINIA Continuous 12 m. to 11 p. in. 300 Seats. Any Time.. .15c Today and Wednesday James Dunn, Spencer Tracy and Peggy Shannon in a Great Love Story "SOCIETY GIRL" A Pugilist Turns Lover! Comedy, Screen Souvenir, Novelty "Obey the Law" With 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. 6—News. (•15—BUI, Mac and Jimmy. «:HO—Kl and Rimer. 6 :45—Currlor's Serenade™. 7—Frank AVatamibe and Honorable Archie. 7:1D—Marion Mansfield and Singing .Strings. 7:30—Concert Orchestra and Karl Kdmumis. 8—American T-ieglon program. 8:30—KNX Orchestra. 8:45—Golden Memories. 0—News. !>:15—Crockett Mountaineers. 3:30—Concert. 10—KNX Danco Band. 10:110—Organ recital. 11 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. 6 — Helene Handin, Truthful Trouper. 6:15 — Tales of the Secret Service. 0:30— Ed Wynn and Flro Chief's Kami. 7 — Lucky Strike Dance Hour. 8 — Amos 'n' Andy. S:1R — Memory Lane. 8:15 — Adventures in Health. !)— Tapestries of Llfo. 9:30 — Men Bf rule's Orchestra. 10— rtlrhfleld Reporter of the Air. 10:15— Phil Harris' Orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight— Gus Arn- lielm's Orchestra. 5000 RAIL MEN STRIKE BELFAST, Northern Ireland, Jan 31. (U. P.) — Railway workers of northern Ireland were on strike today against a 10 per cent wage cut awarded after arbitration between workers and railway owners. Approximately 5000 men were Involved In the strike. PADEREWSKI •mvm "Can't Do Two Things Same Time," So Wedding Bells Musi Wait The presentation of music has reached the extreme point Ignace Jan Paderewskl said upon arrival In New York for his nineteenth concert tour of the United States. BE VIRGINIA LEADER The battle of the classes—typified by a unique romance between an unlettered boy and a thrill-seeking social butterfly—forms the theme of "Society Girl," which cornea to tho Virginia theater today. James Dunn and Peggy Shannon making her Fox debut In the title role, have the leading roles, with Spencer Tracy said to add another of his brilliant characterizations as Dunn's manager. A gigantic setting from which nn excellent Idea of the Importance of the production may bo had, was the filming of a world's middleweight championship bout which comes at the dramatic climax of the. picture. By MARY KNIQHT United Pren Staff Correspondent PARIS, Jan. 31.—One Milng at a time,. Is Jeanotto MacDonald's doctrine for happiness when It comes to mixing a career with marriage, and the career comes first on her list. "You can't do two things at onco and do them well," she says. "I love Mr. Ritchie, and I hope we will be narrled' some day. I don't however, tnow of one happy marriage In Hollywood,'and I can't be a good wife while have my career. I don't mean I vitnt to keep house, wash dishes and raise ten children," she hastened to explain, "but I want to help my 1ms- >and, and I certainly can't, do that while I have a career of my own. It lust doesn't work." When asked what the prospective irldegroom thought of the arrange- nent, the vivacious movie heroine lastened to reply that "Mr. Ritchie (Robert Ritchie, her manager also) understands me perfectly. Of course, wo would like to get married tomorrow, but I don't think It Is the thing do Just yet, .not, at least, while I stick to my career." As soon as the popularity of the beautiful tlllan hnlred partner of Maurice Chevalier pictures began to wane, It will be time enough to call the preacher and decorate the church, she- said. Incidentally, she added with a very serious expression, "this rumor that there Is something be- ; tween Chevalier and myself beyond tho best of friendship Is absolutely untrue. I am not engaged to the I'Yench actor and I never have been In my life!" 'THE CONQUERORS" BOOKED SCENE FROM DRAMA COMING TO CALIFORNIA THEATER A 'THRILLING kaleidoscope of progress ofMnventlon provides tho an Interesting and colorful accompaniment to the intensely dramatic theme of Radio Pictures' "The Conquerors," oostarrlng Richard Dlx and Ann Harding, to be screened at the California theater starting tomorrow. This pageant of science and Imaginative skill shows the Introduction of the writing machine, the telephone, 'the submarine, the electric light, phonograph, trolly car, elevated railroad, wlroless, the coming of the first i railway train through the west nnd I other great milestones of advancing civilization. All of those are secondary to the major theme of "The Conquerors," which splashes on a vast canvas tho dramatic Btory of the nation's second battalion of pioneers, the men and women who followed the scouts and trappers Into the west to build the commercial frontier. Tho picture is a thrilling document of man's accomplishment and courage In times of adversity and stress. i Critics call it particularly timely because It treats of tho nation's consistent victories over recurrent periods of financial reversals. "Obey the Law." a Columbia plo- LEO CARILLO Dickie Moore and Lois Wilson The Drama ol an E«iy Mark Who Got Even CALL HIM ANY TIME PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 30. (A. P.)— Shanty town In Sullivan's gulch, where 300 unemployed bachelors have built shacks to servo them as homes until they connect again with the pay roll, has gone "doggy." Through tho courtesy of a doctor who declines to let his name be known there is a telephone In "Mayor" Blukley's shack, tho "city hall." RI ALTO 9 TO 6 P. M., I5ti AFTER (i. lie, 25t LAST TIMES TODAY TWO BIG PICTURES Rlcardo Cortez, Karen Morley in the Radio Prize Mystery "Phantom of Crestwood" and Dorothy Revier in "Sally of the Subway" News and Cartoon TONIGHT BARGAIN DANCE A11 Ladies Free Finals Waltz Contest Coconut Grove Ballroom Last Times Today The Big Broadcast Tomorrow and Thursday ? "WASHINGTON $ MERRY-GO-ROUND" Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT Where Tou Get the Highest Quality at the Lowest Cost Club Breakfast, 25c to 50o Lunches, 50c and 85c Dinners, BOc to $1.50 Steal; Dinner A Delicious T-Bone $1.00 Assorted Tousled Sandwiches, loo SPECIAL Hot Roast Turkey .Sandwich, Mashed Potatoes, Glblet Gravy, 45o El Te.ion Made Pies u la Mode, 15o ture featuring Leo Carrlllo, Dickie Moore and Lois Wilson, will be one of, tho features at the California theater also starting tomorrow. Writ- tfri by Harry Sauber and directed by Ben Stoloff, the picture tells the story of Carrillo as nn. Immigrant whose United States citizenship papers are to him a new lease on life. How a group of crooked politicians decide to cash In on this patriotism and use Carrillo as a voto getter In carrying out th/3lr own nefarious plans makes forceful, dramatic screen entertainment. Henry Cllve, the artist-actor; Eddie Garr, Glno Corrado and Mary McLaren appear In support of the principals in the picture. Arthur Caesar wrote the screen play. "Tess of tho Storm Country," star- ring.Charles Karrell and Janet Gaynor finishes Its run tonight. KATE SMITH LOCAL NEW ROLE FOR POWELL William Powell, as the "Lawyer Man" In Warner Brothers' smashing comedy-drama of that name coming to the Nile theater on Thursday. Joan Blondell heads the large and Impressive supporting cast. Kate Smith has been heard by more people than any other entertainer on the air, but only a handful of people have seen her. Radio officials estimate that more than "5.000,000 members of this country's radio population has listened to the "Queen of the Air" at one time or another and that the great percentage of that number are her regular fans. But Miss Smith, n»w starring In Fannln Hurst's story "Hello, Everybody:" a Paramount picture, which ends Its run at the Fox theater today, has been seen by only limited audiences in nine eastern cities. The Chinese have no monopoly on "ways that are dark." Far more secretive, far more interesting, are the men and methods of the world's six greatest organizations of secret police: tho United States secret service, Scotland Yard, the Northwest Mounted of Canada, Germany's and Austria's super-efficient bureaus, and the French Surete. From the records of some of these famous agencies was taken tho amazing case developed In RKO-Radlo Pictures, "Secrets of the French Police," also now playing at the Fox theater, with the lovely Gwill Andre featured In the cast. The picture Is based on material from two amazing documents: "Secrets of the Surete," by H. Ashton-Wolfe; and "The Lost Empress," by Samuel Ornltz. Frank Morgan and John Warburton, both prominent on the New York stage, share cast honors with Miss Andre. Edward Sutherland directed •-»-* SIAMESE EGGS LAID YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, Jan. 81. (A. P.)—What Alfred H. Davles calls Siamese eggs were laid yesterday by his pet hen. The twin eggs are similar In size and shape and are connected by a cord coming from Inside the shells. Cowboy-Actor Mix , Loses $66,000 Suit (United Press Leaned'Wire) ERIE, Pa., Jan. 31.—Colonel Zack T. Miller, former operator of tho 101 Ranch circus, today was awarded $06,,000 damages from Tom Mix, film star. In his $342,000 uult alleging breach of contract. The jury of 10 men and two women reached a verdict after more than 18 hours deliberation. MONTH-END SALE OF PAINTS House Paint gal. $1.35 Decorative Enamel, quick drying...: qt. 79o Lead and Zinc Paste 100 Ibs. $8.75 Floor Enamel gal. $2.25 Floor Varnish gal. $1.05 4-Hour Interior Varnish gal. $2.49 Boiled Linseed OH gal. 79c Bring Your Own Container Free City Delivery United Iron & Metal Co. 2810 Chester Av«. Phone 1441 Phillips Music Co. SHIS Sheet Music vt Publishers' Prices WATCH! For in Wednesday's Calif or nian The Signs Are Up! REDUCED PRICES on PLATES Quick Service Office Over Klmball 4 Stone Nineteenth and Chester DR. GOODNIGHT 10-Day Special SHOE REPAIRING MEN'S HALF SOLES.... MEN'S RUBBER HEELS LADIES' HALF SOLES.... Best Leather Finest Workmanship DAVIS , 1002 Baker Street (Near Kentucky) 85c 40c 65c TEXAS RANGERS SAVED AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 31. (U. P.)— The Texas Rangers, oldest and most 'amous American constabularly, narrowly survived a frontal attack late resterday when a House committee voted, g to 6, against a proposal to •educe tho face to six men. Economy was given as the reason for the proposed reduction. 23 Feature Films in Receiver's Hands (United rres* Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 31.—Twenty-ii three feature pictures produced by j the Paramount Publlx Corporation have been placed In receivership on petition of Robert. L. T^evy, Chicago, u bondholder. L,evy charged the^plc- tures were turned over to the Film Production Corporation, a subsidiary. In violation of an agreement not to alienate property that constituted security for bonds.. Paramount Pub- llx entered receivership, last week. 40 SEAMEN MUTINY BATAVIA, Java, Jan. 31. (A. P.)— Forty seamen aboard the Dutch cruiser Java and two Dutch destroyers were arrested for mutiny today and put ashore at the Sourabaka naval base. ATWATER KENT De Luxe "Skyriding" Model for Long and Short Wave Reception $133.75 Complete Beautiful Walnut Highboy Cabinet. Disappearing Sliding Doors. New GOLDEN VOICE speaker. Uses Full Ton Tubes on Both LONG AND SHORT WAVES. 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