Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 15, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1933
Page 5
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TOLA, KWNSAS THE lOLA DAILY .RECtlSTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING. ijlARCH 15, 1933. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom^n Pop) Nev.- York. Mar. 15. (AP)—Stock.; i lcai)e(l foraarc today in one of the most striking recoveries in yeart; as trading w^s i-esumed after the 12-day Shut \iovm. Advances in scorcq of proniineiit issues rangeic from ' 2 to around 14 points, and the turnover jof approximately 3 million .shares ^vas the.largest since September. The closlhfe tone was buoyant. Beai-s, locked in dui-ing the sus- perision .since'JVIarch 3, were severely battered by waves of buying. Somn brokers repor ed that customers came to Wall Street with big ..rolls of hoarded currency. : Norfolk & Western, iiormally a widf^r mover, shot up more than 14 j)oims. and Such issues as Union Pacific, U. S. Steel preferred. Allied Chemical andj Case gamed moro than 10 points. Issues up abouv 7 to 9 included American Telephone, Santa Fe, American Sugar, Delaware & Hudson. Corn Products Owens Illinoi.s Glass, and others. Issue.-; up 5 or moit included U. S. Steel common, jAmerican Can, Westinghouse. Seais Roebuck, National Biscuit, and qtiiiers. . General Motors iiose 3. A pearcd throusrljiout the list. High Low Cities Scrv 3 2 -S SO of Ind .. 13N Alaska Jun ..... 12 'i Amn Can ... J.. 61 Amn T&T .....105':; Amn Tob B Anaconda .. Atchison ... AUbum Beth Steel . "fean Pac' Case J I Chrysler Con Gas Con Oil Drug Inc ... ' Ocrt Elfc .., Gen Motors . Int Harv .... .Mont Ward . Packard Penney J C . Phillips Petr Radio ..!... Socony Vac . Std Brands , SO of NJ ... Union Pac .. Texas Corp , U S Stedl ... Westingh E . COOD "^v 'HUfA'....NIME-TV4l(5ftY!; iORNHWO,) CHICK. XV*W TO TAUVC \WVTH finances of 2 to 5 ap • 9 40 n 41 15", fl\ 47', 11 •51':; 6 42 14-. 13-. 24 14 2' . 24'^ 6's 4-7>, 17". 27'. 80'. 13>.. 32 \ 27-, 17% 11", 57', 100-s 57':; 7-'» 40--; 37 13M 8-. 40', 9', 48', 5-V 31 \ 13', 12' H 18', 12 2', •>2\ 4 6', 15", 25---, 73's 12-;, 28'. 23'. Close 3 18'i 12', 61 105 61', 9 46 40'1 15 9', 47'. 10", 51'j 6 41", 14'. 13 •, 23-, 14 2', 24'. %. 7', IT', 27 80', 13 --S 32', 27^ 7ANB GREY, famous novelist, : caught the largest fish ever captured with rod and reel, a lOJO-^und St-riped Marlln Kwor^flsh. JOHN TYLER had fourteen diildren by two wives. The UNITED STATES, BRAZIL and MEXICO, in that order, aru the most populous nations In the Western Hemisphere. LOCAI- PRODUCE i!,g?s. firsts .. J; • • • • • Eggs, seconds i Eggs, thirds .J • Eggs. unK.-adcd Hen?, No. 1 .4 , Hens. NO. -2 • No. 1 Sprjings. il'j lbs. up No. 2 £prin.!>sl .:..: Butierlat. lb..! •Cocks i Geese, lb. ...! nU'TIPP.S. PlXCh i J White Duck.s. lb Colored Duck.s. lb. Hides wr lb. ! Mi.xed Corn. bu. Yellow Corn, bu.; Wheat, bu. ..I...: Kalir Corn . .nc ..7c ..5c . .7c ..Cc . .5c ..3c .14c . 3c . .2c .lOc . .3c ..2c . Ic .1,5c .15c .28c .13c S3.45-60; 250-290 lbs.. S3.35 -50; 290350 lb.s ..'$3 ;25-40; packing sows, 275550 lbs.. $2.60 -3 .10. Stock pigs, good and choice, 70-130 lbs. S2.40-75. Cattle—3.000; calves, 300; lighter weights fed steers and yearlings strong tpij25 higher; other killing classes cattle steady to strong: vea "4 ers 50 lower; stockers and feeders i.scarce; choice 1144 lb. fed steers !S6.25; steers, good and choice, 550; 900 lbs., • S5.35-7.00; 90O-11O0 lbs.. '$5.25-7.00;! 1100-1300 lbs.. $4.35-6.65-; 11300-1500 I lbs. $4.00-6.00;' common and medium. 550 lbs. up. $3.25-5.25: heifers, good and choice. 550-900 lbs! $4.25-5.75: cows, good, $2.50-85; veal- ers. (milkledi. medium to clioice. S4.00-6.50;, stocker and feeder steers, good and clioice. $4.00-5.75. SJieep—15.000; a few opening sales lambs .strong, generally asking high';r: led lambs held around $5.50; lambs, good and choice ix) 90 lbs. down. S4.85-5.50; good and choice i 1x1 90-93 lbs.. $4.75-535; ewes, good and choice. 90-150 lbs. $1.75-2.75. IXI Quotations based on ewes and ! v.-ethers. NEWS OF COLONY Nine-Found Baby Boy Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Homer Stout on Sunday Morning. Kansas City Hay Kansas City Mar. 15. lAPi. —Hay »5 cars, unchanjed. Kansas City City Produce Mar. 15. (APi.—Eggs 9c, Hons 8-l(fc. Creamery iJutter 20c; bultorfat 9 -13C. 1 ! Other produce unchanged. K. ('. tivostoek Close. Kansas Ci(y, Mar. 15. (AP) — Sheep: la nibs j .strong to 15 higher: odd lots .shcefjjsteady: top fed lambs to .shippers 5.5f). Hogs and cittle: unchanged. City Mar. 15. lAP).—Esti- miited live.stocik receipts.for tomorrow: Cattle 3.000; hogs 3.000; sheep 5.000. ! Kansas Kansas City ceipts: wheat oats 2 cars. Sales insuff City Grain Mar. 15. lAPK—Rc- 84 cars; com 10 cars; cient for qi:otations. Kansa.<] City Livestock Kansas City. Mar. 15. (AP-U. S. Dept. Agr.).—Hogs. 4.000; 210 direct: very slow. 10f20 lower than Tuesday's average!; top $3.65 on ichoice 200-210 lbs.; jgood and choice 140160 lbs., $3.30i35: 160-180 lbs.. $3.4060; 180-250 Ib.s.. $3.50-65: 220-250 lbs. THE! J. F. GRENNAN PRqDUCE CO. C. O.' COGHILL, Manager POULTRY AND EGGS Egg Cafes and Supplies start Vour Chicks Riebt USE [PILLSBURY STARTING FOOD Old and Reliable—Established 1911 Comer Monroe and Elm (Juat West of the Water Towers "Hi Members: This is' yom- old friend Mickey Mouse speakin' to you and hopin' that' he'll see all of you next Saturday at the lola Theater where niy club holds meetin's and I've got an extra special program all planned for you and we're gonna have a couple of contests, too, and before I forget it, I want to tell you what Mr. Hillyer, our pal and manager of the lola Theater, has arranged for me to give away, as long as they last, glider to every member who comes to my meptln' next Saturday. Don't forget that there is only a limited number of these gliders .so bo on hand early so as to be sure and get one. "And say, kids, our old frend Buck Jones win be back In "Forbidden Trail." I know that all of you like to see Buck and I kinda think that wc ought to make him an honorary member of our club. Wlial do you .say? Oh! mustn't forget to tell you about, chapter No. 3 of the nev/ serial; "Clancy of the Mounted." Clancy got'shot in episode and we w'ant to be sure and see what happens to him this week. Krazy Kat told me to tell all. of you that he would be "seeiri'^ stars" but we hope he' feelin' better next time. "Well, kids, before I sign off for this week!I'll give you five numbers that I know you have been lookin'all through this column for. Here they are: 19, 932. 323. 233 and 193 'and I'll have- five more for you at the box-office. "I'll be seein' ya. MICKEY MOUSE." O'lUihoma City—Mr. and Mrs. C A. Merritt of Bethany intend to keep their seven pounds of scrip. NOP - ti-ansferable. seven - pound .limmie Scrip Merritf, born yesterday, alre^y is growing and creatr ing compound iiiterest. His proud father e.xj^lained the birth of their first child during such abpormal times merited a special distinction •'O like most evei-yone else, they accepted Scrip. - COLONY. Kas.. Mar. 14.—Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Neville, who spent the week-end in Kansas City, came to Colony Simday evening and took Mr.s. Neville's mother. Mrs. Litha Hannah, witli them to their home in Oil Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ferguson and family, Kincaid. have rented the Maty Ruth, property and plan to move to it in the near future. I''. L. Mason is in Oklahoma visiting his daughter, Mi's. Haddock and family. Mrs. Emma Keith spent the weekend in Moran witli home fojks. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wilson and fi-imlly returned to St. Louis. Mo.. Saturday, after being in Colony.fov n few days on account of the death of Mrs Wilson's mother, Mrs. J. H Skourup. Miss Ann Skourup and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbcr Skourup and family returned to Independenc, Mo.. Sunday. J. M. Nolan is in Gridlcy and Lamont this wrek on busine .So. Mr, and Mrs. B. K. Stanford and daughter. Arlene Joy. of lola. spent Sunc'ay with his parents. Mr. an'' M'..'-. W.jJ. .Stanford and family. Mr. and Mrs. John Kent and family .silent .Sunday in Colony af. the home of Mrs Kent's piirents. M,-. and Mi-s. A. V, Scott, and family. Miss Doris Lineback and friend.", of Chanute. spent Sunday in Colony. .-\!fred Gre'ig. Kenneth Smai!. Ej-ncst Marsnall. Max Henderson, Fred Moslng, and Wilbm' Chandler spent Sunday evening in lola. Robert Yoi:um, lola, was a busi- n?.ss \)sitor in Colony Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Stout are the parents of a ntne-poimd baby boy, born JSunday morning. Ridiard Porter and Wally Stofler, Empnria. are visiting the former'.s mother, Mrs. Jack Joiinson and fi-.mily. The young men ai'e members of the Graco-Club dance orchestra and will play in Coifeyville ne .Kt v.cek. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Webb an-l children spent Sunday In LaHarpe v.ith her parents. Mi", and Mi-g. J. M. Larsey. Thr> mr.mljci'.s of James Marlin'r. Sunday school class of the Christian chiu-ch surprised hi^. Friday nifrht with a purty in honor of his forty-second G4 «nes wer p'.avr.d until a late hour cious refreshments v.erc A small ad in the Classified col-, umns pften puts oyer a big. deal. PRIMARY ELECTION March 14, 19;t3. DLst, No. , 2nd 3'-d 4th 5th 6th 10 Total 139 95 135 160 103 51 ^684 .".. 19 10 8 12 11. 7 ' 67 109 65 70 200 22 24 490 ... 13 21 31 12 7 18 102 24 15 5 11 4 8 67 28 15 39 33 11 19 145 40 8 9 18 8 3 86 153 119 140 163 88 92 8 763 217 108 143 236 78 69 10 861 . 136 72 83 182 65 44 5 687 Commi.ssionor of Finance ,1. D. Buchajuin O. W. Holmes C. L. Hoyt L, Milford C. Lungley R. I. MathcjT. r, B. Murdoch E D. Shlelc s ,, Member of School Board— J. O. Allen Chas. M. Funk C. C. Hlle I....:... J, C. Littreil .C, E. Russell , li. D. Steplji<"n.son Treasurer ojf School Board- Jess C. Bei E. E. Harri Vote Cist: City of lola 1,665; Sciiool District No. 10, 18. The above is a true copy of the icanvass of the vote cast at the Primary Election held March Mlh. 1933! . i T SHANAIIAN, City Clerk. aiid deli served :o the following: Misses De!|sie Johnson, Wlllabelle Foglemun. Emm., Hamilton. Gladys Reynojds. Mary and Beatrice McAlooii, Glace Huskey, Pauline Martin. Ruby Si>cece, Maxine Brocks, Ada Mosing, and Arlono Crtimmer. Messrs. Elvm Huskcy. Howard Hamilton. Lawrence. For^lemnn.' Lowell Martlp. Frrr; Mosinrr. Adell Scott, Hale Hamilton, nn'.'. Mr. and Mrs. Martin. Miss Marie Welch. Moran. spent Sunday afternoon visiting Mrs. Gussie Wilson. Miss Cajjitola 'Wilson, and G. Murlin Welch. Miss Nellie Schainost and Jame.s Boyles. Topeka, came down over the week-end to visit the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schainos^. Mr. Boyles returned to Topeka Sunday night but Miss Schainost remained for a longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Mastin attended an operetta in Appanoose Thursday night and four of their forme;- high school students returned witi". them to si)end the week-end. Their guests were Misses Lavora Ross and Esther Steele, and Messrs. Clinton Ross and Clifford Louk. Mr. and Mrs. Mastin took them home Suii- day evening. A. F. Huskey and Ada spent Sun- dav afternoon in lola. j Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hester. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. O'Harra! and daughter Lois, spent from Friday night until Sunday evenmg visiting relatives in Carterville. Mo. Roy Chatterton. Joe and Philliii i Nolan made a business trip to Gai - j nett Saturday night. I A. F. Huskey and daughter. Grace, spent Saturdav night in Neosho Falls. R. M.- McCaughey made a business trip to lola. Monday. Mrs. M .Tttie Ryker returned to lola yesterday, after a Week's visit with her niece. Mrs. W. I. Caldwell and family. • Henrietta Varnau spent the week-end in lola with .her brother. Cecil Varnau. r.nd family. Mrs. J, R. Crawford and E'.'i:la Monie drove to Pleasanton Saturday night. Miss Ruoy Crav.- ford, who had been there with tier friend. Miss Ata.xlnc FiankUu, duj'- Ing the latter's bereavement, returned home with them Sunday morning. Miss Moore was a dinner euest at the Ci'awford home at noon. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Willey spcii*. Sunday in Welda with their daugh- tri-. Mrs, Roy Sei'ene, and family. HURIZOXTAIi 1 Nation domi- nattng Mian- choukuo?! 6 Ironic. SA compilation of laws liy public au. thorlty. 9 Small dipterous fly. llRitually clean. 12 Stopped. 14 Funernl pile. IDLondpn street roisterer. ' 16 End of a dress coat. 1.SA stag. 19 British colony in Mediterranean Sea. 21 Shower. 2;! Self. 24To disregard. 2-5 .African antelope. 2C Bulk. ' 28 Spinners weaving tlio fabric of fate. Answer to l^revioijs Puzzle [? niiOH Miaaa ^ a EJwf^Ha.Ji3- aanar?!5^n Bocs HiS aisnijmail: ^raianiMa Haasi 'O ^ia ZpSmajl singios bird; 30 Fastidious. 32 Inlet. 33 Lifeless. 34 What union Riven univcr- .sal suffrage to all citizens above 18 years? .Microbe. 37 Departed. r ,.s On the lee. .'i'JPart of a saddle-. 41 Any group of eight.; VERTICAL 1 Stone i prized in China. 2 Devoured. n3 .1-liei 4 Counti-y consuming most meat |)er <apita; 5 Coddess of the watery deep. 6 Painful to the touch. 7 A throw. S Condensed. 10 Drop of eye flujfi. ^ 11 Heartburn. 12 An offender. 13 Mechanical tlrawing. 14 Heathen. •15 Relating to the Masora. ITCovereid the inner, side. 18 Edge bf K Skirt. ; 19 Males.: 2U Onagei*. 22 Convent worke^. 27 Large'] flat- bottomed boat. 29 Exlste<l. :!1 Nights before. :!:! Profound. 35 In. 3fiTo (ill to satiety :!^ Form of "be." 40 rticht iabbr.). Lucille Porter will be the leader next Sunday evening. All are cordially invited to attend. Tlie party which was postponed last week will be held in the bascinent of tli' Community church this coming Saturday night. C. E. Kent, a resident of Colony for many years, passed away in Chanute Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jones and .son Gene. Mound City, spent Sunday in Colony with home folks. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hill entertained the East Broadway Bridge club at their home Friday night with a St. Patrick party. Ladies high bridge score was made by Mrs. Charles Kessler and Roy McCaughey wan high for the men. The tally cards and refreshments carried out the St. Patrick color scheme. Miss Capltola Wilson. A«ss Frances Cbn- ard, G. Murlin Welch and Mr. Smith were guests. The following club members were present: Mr. and Mrs. R. M. McCaughey, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Garrison. Mr. and Mrs. L. B. MiUer of Welda, Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Clark, Mrs. Charies Kessler, and Miss Manila Robbins. J. E. Eutz Jr.., Harris, was in Colony on busiiiess Monday. Alf Lehman, south of Aliceville. was in Colony Monday and pur- .186 94 144 216 .177 97 143 250 .138 105 94 184 ..215 125 154 243 ..115 78 94 157 47 64 58 81 61 47 50 54 74 39 7 13 6 12 4 741 793 639 904 548 COLONY. Mar. 15'.—C. K. Barackman and Merle Smith went to Independence Sunday via airplane. Mr. and MI'S. Fred Taylor, lola, ^•ere Colony visitors Monday. D. P. Porter was able to be up town'Monday after a week's illness. Aliss Carolyn Moreland was leader of the Young Peoples Union meeting Sunday evening and had as her topic, '.'The Value qf Living." A general discussion was held! Miss chased a Holsteln milk cow from Dr. C. W. Jackson. R. W. Oooden delivered the cow via truck. R. W. Gooden made a business trip to Neosho Palls Monday. Gen Grieve, lola, transacted busl- in Colony Mond.ay. The Colony Booster, a small free weekly paper, has established its office In the theater building. Harold Yokum's white face heifer died Sunday from Blackleg. Mrs. L. O. Smith of Moran spent Monday at the Colony bargain store. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Antierson, Ottawa, spent Sunday at.the Peterson home. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Short, Ottawa, spent Sunday visiting Mrs. Short's f>rpther, J. H. Burnett, and family. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Tolman, Wichita, sperit Sunday visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wells, and family. ; Mrs. Ada Heller and son Jack, Kansas jCity, are here caring for the former's mother, Mrs. Smith CuUer. i Mrs. Eva Wilson burned her right foot badly Monday when a kettle of lard she was rendering overturned on her. ! Miss Vera Stonaker, lola. Jack GAS CITY EVENTS Family Reunion Held Sunday at DeU Adams Home with Coy- ered Dish Luncheon. GAS CITY,- Kas., Mar. 14.—Mrs. Howard Moore and son R,ichard, were week-end visitors in lola at the hoihe of their mother and grandmother, Mrs. M. M. Close. Howard Moore visited there Sunday afternpon. Mr. and Mrs^ Roscoe Thomas, Mr. and MIS . Alfred Tompkins, and Miss Kathryn Thomas visited Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edmon Kidd. Earl and Ernst Appling of Tarkio. Mo., who have been visiting relatives here left Monday morning for their home. Mrs. Bert Damiltz is spending a few days In Kincaid at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Adams, wh6 are the happy parents of a baby daughter who aixlved Saturday night. Mrs. Alfred Tompkins spent last week in Geneva with her jiarents, Mr. and "Mrs. J. O. Layinon. Quite a number from here attended the funeral of the late Mrs. Eva Applegate in lola Saturday afternoon. .Mi-s. Applegate was a former resident of Gas and had many friends here. The bereaved family have the sympathy of the community. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Wilhite. and J. Wilhite and two children of Yates Center, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Ellsworth. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Lattlmer and children. Lloyd and Marj' Catherine, have moved to a farm northwest of Colony. Mrs. Lutie Livingston of LaHarpe. was a caller Siindaly afternoon at the home of Mrs. Douglas Moore. Gerald Dykes and Walker Pinkerton of Neosho Falls, Raymbnd Wyatt and Miss Velina Wyatt of Chanute, and Donald Mountain of LeRoy, were dinner guests Friday at the Roscoe Thomas home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fine cam:? down from Kansas City to visit relatives here. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brundage and children spent Saturday mght ai the. home of the former's j)arents. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brundage of Spring Branch. Mrs. Albert Brundage accompanied them home to spend Simday here. Mr. and Mrs. B. Lowman of north of lola, Mrs. Gene Lowmon and daughter, Pauline, of lola. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Beedlng and son, Clyde, and John Becding. were guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Beeding. Mr. and' Mrs. P. A. Bergsten of Savonburg.were visitors Sunday afternoon at |the Holten home. Mrs. Mae Meats and children William and Maxine, of LeRoy. spent Sunday with Mr. and Mis. James MulUns. Mrs. Lee Huhn of Claremore. Okla.. and Mrs. Bell CrOwIey of Bartlesville, spent one night last week at the E^ra White home. Mrs. Josephine MuUins aiad children were Sunday diimer guests at the home of their parents and grandparents, Mr. and Ml's. W. H. Mullins. The M. E. church prayer mseting will be held at 8:00 o'clock Friday evening at the home of Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Mason of east Qas. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jackman and Bank Reforrn Plan Shocks Wall St. Wall Street was .left- gasping at ihe sweeping banking reformu proposed by WInthrop W. Aldrlch, ! chairman ot the governing board ' ot the Qbase National Bank, shown hero leaving a conference of bankers In the New York ClearlD<g House. Aldrich called tor -onipleto separation of the com:r.erclal and investment phases of banking. Denton, and C. E. Knoepple spent Sunday in Wichita visiting Mrs. Alta Courtright. C. V. Cockran, Ottawa, was in Colony yesterday checking the Lesh oil station. ! OUT OUR WAY By Williams BORNI THIR'T'-/ ViEARSTOO SOO*4 • Cfxtsr HCA SCHVICC WC.BgcU:S.PAT.OPT. —\j :.- -.• children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Mug Northcott of npith of lola. Mr, and Mrs. P. A. Bergsten of Savoiiburg .sjjent Mondiiy with Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Holten. : Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Earl and little sou Jackie, of lola. were Sunday afternoon vi.sitors at the W. H. Mullins heme. A family reunion wii.S held Suiir day at the Dell Adam.s home. A covered di-sh" lunclicou ;wiis served at the noon hour. These attending were: Misses: Dollie Lutie Ad.- ams, A. L. Adams, Mr. and Mr,';'. Lester Lev^man and daughter, Alice Nell, and Mr. and Mrs. Don Burt.- nett and da'ughter. Chariottc. all ot loJa; Mr. and Mi-s. Fronk. MrA. A.nna Bark'er. Leslie Barker, MJ;. and Mrs. Bert Jolm;-.oi!i .Md Ronu. Clair and Rex. Mrs. Lutle Livingston and children. HaiTiet and Jatk. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph. BarVior' and children. Lois and Emery, ali of LaHarpe: and Mr. and Mr.s, D;'U Adams end family. Mrs. Morris Rosebaur-h i.s quite ii! yirs. Susie Latchford ,of east Ga;;, visitor- Monday aftcrnaon with Mrs. John Sc.hicfelbine. Mrs. j. E. Campbsll has received word tliat her fiitht -r pa :js3d away Saturday ut his home in V'lrgil. Kansas. ' PAGE FIVE CHKYStER 6 COUPE FORD COUPE. '31 PONTIAC SEDAN PLYJIOUTH SEDAN FORD "29 COACH ESSEX SEDAN CHRYSLER 58 COACH MODEL T RO.^BSTER ROSS AR6UCEE GARAGE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales—Service—Farts AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale SALES Dodge ^^^^ Plymouth Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 3C1 . • Cash—Trade—Terms PONTIAC-BUICK Bales and Seryice , Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 6 Auto Accessories, Tires, Parts JUST WRECKED—4 Fordsons. '28 Pontlac; "27 Dodge coupe for sale, lola .Auto Wrecking Co. Phone 782. Regular GAS—Wholesale— 5' ic Federal "Tax Paid—40 gal. $2,(50 VINE OIL & GAS CO. State and Lincoln Sts., lola' TEXACO PRODUCTS — Goodrich Tires. Cash paid for used cars. Logan Reynolds. 307 West Street. EMPLOYMENT 1'4 Help Wanted—Alale FARM HAND—Good home, clothing, etc.; prefer middle, age. Box _9j.._carejlegister._^ LIVE STOCK 21 Horses, Cattle, Vehicles COWS — Just fresh, and cows to freshen soon. J. C. Butcher, West Street, road. 2 YOUNG MARES —Past 3 years old, wt. 1400; prairie and alfalfa hay, and kafir corn. C. H. Baker 6'L- miles of lola^ Poultry and Supplies BIG TYPE S. C. W. Minorcas; rugged, range flock: blood tested eggs, S2.00 per 100; chi.x, $6.50 per 100. Mrs. O. A. Weddle, Savonburg, Kas., phone 48-12. CUSTOM HATCHING—$3.50 per; le.s.s than lots, leper egg; chicks, 4',iC and up. Taylor 's Hatchery and Pioducc, 201 South Jefferson, lola, Kas. BABY CHICKS .100% from .flocks blood tested and certified by Judge Harris, poultry e;{pert. Ask about Our 90% guarantee on Custom Hatching. AH heavy breeds 5 ',ic As.s't Heavies 5c Custom Hatching 1',4 c or $5 case WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES (Formerly Cantrell) 2 miles south on 73W or L. E. Steele Supply Co. •T-alk Chicks with Willson" CUSTOM HATCH—Ic in Modern Buckeyes, s6t ea. Mon. Have purebred blood tested chicks. Leg. 4c, big breeds 5c, assorted 4c. Russell Hatchei-y, Gas. Phone 955-3. COOMBS HOLLYWOOD Trapnest- ed Leghorns. If you want large whitq eggs get our chicks; 250-300 egg breeding mider Kansas record of performance supervision; 200- f$:g flock average on our farm at Eronson. Getting 90 to 100% daily production in a special mating at this time. Sunflower Hatchery, Bron.son-Gas City. You probably have something you want to sell and the best way to let the people know about it is throu^ RpHlstftr Clfl.ssified' Ada. SWAPPER'S COLUMN BALED PRAIRIE pAY—For cattle, grain or hedge posts. S. W. Lust. J^ojie. 662. LaHajpe._ _ _ 3 ^QUNGEMENTS~"" 2 Personals SANE PEOPLE—Drink their way to health with Crazy Orystiils. ^e sure Crazy is stamped on the bgfi:. Cora E. Payne, local distributor. 301 North street. ' =1 AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale THE CHEVROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CAB VALUES IN TOWN 1929 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery 1930 ChevTolet Coupe 1927 Chrysler Road.ster 1929 Dodge Six Coupe 1927 Dodge Sedan 1929 Dodge Sedan 1928 Essex Coach 1929 Essex Coupe 1929 Ford Truck 1931 Ford Sport Roadster 1931 Ford Coach 1930 Ford Sedan 1931 Ford Victoria Coupe, S.-pass. 1931 International Truck, long | wheel base ' 1928 Nash Coupe Plenty of Other Bargains BOD WHITE MOTQjEt gtt. j. OIL BROODER—Used, good condition. 500-cKick, $5.00. Allen County . Implement Co. TOBACCO DUST for small chicks; Black Leaf 40, for chicken lice; 2 lbs. sweet corn for 15c. Brownie's. Produce. Feed, and Seeds/ MERCHANDISE 28 Household Goods BIRD CAGES. 9&c: card tables. 69c; end tables, 65c. W. H. Wood Fhie Furniture, 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190. NEW AND USED Furniture. Store packed. Henrilnger's Furniture Store, West Madison Ave. SOMETHING NEW and different: Coal, wood and gas ranges. Tjerms. Trade'In old. Save at Curtis Fur- nlture,' 10 North Washington. 31 Seeds, Plants, Plovers SWEET CLOVER SEED—$2.00 per bushel, re-cleaned. B. P. DoEler, Bayard; v " ROOMS FOR RENT 33 Rooms SLEEPING ROOMS—Modern, close in; also 40-acre improved farm, close to lola. Phone 327. 34 Apartn^ents and Flats 3 LIGHT Housekeeping Rooms, downstairs, sink, closets, porch. private entrance. 301 North street. Real Estate For Rent 37 Houses For Bent FOR RENT—Houses, gbod location. See G. E. Pees. 6-ROOM HOUSE —Modem, rent cheap. Call at 824 N. Buckeye. HOUSE—3 rooms furnished or im. furnished, gas, water, electricity, garden plowed, lluiuire 50G Nortlt j street.

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