The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 13, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1933
Page 5
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tin PAGEttVt jtffBt^K ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^mmmm^^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmFm^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^mfmjmjmmjmmjmjmmjmmjmmfm^ Get in on the Savings in bur Summer Clearance C A I I—--—.——— •.•••" W f% ma 8-A Pir*t Anniversary fhe dovef ^af« Store* idea—that earefal eo* operative buying and marketing can tnake BIG SAVINGS possible to the food bttyer ha* been absolutely pfwed this past rear, We have en* joyed a remarkable business. And we are show. ing oar appreciation by this big Anniversary Sale by marking high grade foods LOWfift m WH61 regardless of the reeent rite in prices. We sin* cerely believe tbat food prices will go higher and advise yott to BUS? NOW, SALE STARTS SATURDAY F. A. Mulholland, Grocery It** unbelievable tbat stteh SAVfltSS Aig^OSSlBU in the faei of rapidly rising priees. Wholesale costs are going higher daily in ev- eff tote and WM eANMQf SiStaACi fBfi GOODS WiHl gltytf§ Af AlflfWItllll NMtt fttfisfc PfciCiBS. Corn and wheat prices have fftade heavy advanced. It Will pay y<5B to sell what is necessary to take advantage of this sale. YOU MAY NEVER SEE SUCH LOW " AGA1KI Sale Starts Friday, July 14th Lasts 14 Days Turkish towels »•»»«*»*»*»«»«««*»•*§•" Me*** Socks ».».*»•»-»«»*»»«.«»»•« t»ft Ladies' Rayon HOSE H .»<.».»*«»i?e P*» Ladies' Rayon Dresses «»*..«««-««**81te Boys' Polo SHtRTS »»..»»»»»*»*»«*t?e 3d to. Dress PRINTS .»»*.»«»«.«•§« yd« Bandana Hdkfs, M »«»«»»«»j.»i»«»«».4g 6*1 81<ifl. SUIKFtNG, yd* »» KM Ladies' |1 HATS .*.... MM Ladies 1 HDKFS. M «*** MM SHlftf S & SHORTS, 86c val, Men's WASH PANTS .* M .. Men's Dress SHIRTS *—.. Printed ORGANDIE to .^«.. Men's, Boys' SSe Sport CAPS ^____23« WASH CLOTttS> 2 for ^^—._._Se BIAS TAPES —*«.****8 yd, pieces for 8e Men's Dress SOCKS *..—*—.*.~14e Men's, Youth's Harvest Hats M »«*~*19e Split Leather Work GLOVES ^-Jt&* Men's Summer TIES *.***.,.—..-.»—*.23« ULftOL LAND'S BY ALL MEANS DON'T MISS SEEING THE BARGAINS ON PAGE Motto Part? to Corning Sunday A group of Malvern and Fon* tanelle (Heads gathered at Six* left Park in Corning Sunday for a picnic and renewal of friendships In honor ot Mrs. Nettie Hall of Riverside, Calif, Those driving over from Malvern were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Caudell and daughters, Mrs. Candell's mother, Mrs. Brown, and sister, Mrs. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Caudell and Betty, and Ralph Bower. Entertain at Bridce Miss Dixie Baer and George Parsons entertained at bridge Friday evening in the home of Dr. and Mrs. I. U. Parsons. Nine young people were their. guests for the occasion. ^During the playing refreshing it'drinks were served and at B .evening .they, were Mr. and Mrs. R, W. Salyers, Mr, and Mrs. Phone 100 The Leader is anxious to get news of ALL the social affairs of Malvern and surrounding countryside. If you give a dinner for friends, or a party, or any social function please phone 100 and tell us ot it. We will appreciate it very, much. Please phone as soon after the event as possible.. Thank youl Ira Thomas „ _ of friends; gathered to Mr I, L. Donner, Misses Frances Benton and Helen Wortman and Allen Wortman. We prescribe these To be taken when you want to get the most lor your money, Sodium Flaride, Mi31 Shave Cream, Seed, 1 pound—v ilk agnesia, l. pint dinner and plenty of home made ice cream, cake, and watermelon, Those present were Mr. and Mrs, Harry Stone, Mrs. T. H. Stone, and Mr., and Mrs. W. R, Thomas of .Council Bluffs, Mr8,,Katbryn Thomas of Shenandqah, and Mr. and Mrs, Will bower of Malvern; Wed July 0 »t Rockport, Ho, Mrs. Marion Smith and Harry Kempe autoed to Rockport, Mo,, last Thursday where they were married. They were accompanied by Yolney Smith, five year old son of Mrs, Kemp?, Mr, and Mrs, Kempe will be at home* to their many friends after Aug. I on their farm west of Malvern. . Roy*! Neighbor dab Me** .with Mrs, Slw* , Mrs, .George Short was bostees to the Royal Neighbor kenslngton at her bow« on Friday afternoon, Marriage i« tA Tbe marriage of Miss Bacon, daughter of Mr, and Mrs, John Bacon of MalTwn, and Walt* ;er Bedding, also of Malvern.'wai announced last week at tbe bow of her lister, Mn, lva» Lungren, 'in Red Oak. Tbe marrlaie took place in wkport. Mo., Aug. 81. li?J. ( Mr* Htddlaf b*i bwa employ. , itew - paat dtai bi* b*en/as4igUBg tor fitter Stewart Reunion Held en the Fourth of July On July 4 the Misses Edith and Mary Stewart entertained for dinner the following relatives and friends i Charles and Irene Stew* art, Mr, and Mrs. 0. A. Straight, Jim Straight, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Frink and Betty and Lawrence, Mr, and Mrs. Charles Wetsel and twins, Charlotte and Charles, and Mrs. Amos Smith, all of Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Frink and family of Malvern, and Miss Irene Frink, and James F. Sehoening of Silver City. After partaking of a bounteous, dinner tbe afternoon was spent in visiting and working jig-saw pussies. In the evening the crowd dispersed, part going to Red Oak to see the fireworks display, while the Misses Irene, Edith, and Mary Stewart, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Frink and children, Betty and Lawrence, spent an enjoyable evening at the A. C. Frink home near Malvern. --. >• Service* *t/ - V/i . - - •". ice win be Held in the Waubbnsie State park 'north iof Hamburg and southwest ot Sidney, Sunday evjj- ning, July 83. The service begins at 7:16, In case weather conditions that night make it impossible to hold an outdoor service it will be held a week later. It is estimated that , from- 1,500 to 1,800 people attended 'the service last year, Those present were deeply Impressed and expressed the wish that this might be made an annual affair, The crest of the bill, 387 feet above the Missouri river, gives a most commanding view of the valley, The sloping hillside, facing the west, provides a wonderful natural amphitheater and can accommodate a large crowd, More churches plan to par* tleipate in this service than did last year. - There will be two brier messages, one by Dr. F. M, Sisson of Nebraska = City and one by DF, WinfleJd Scott Jnsley of the Prea- byterian church of Bhenangoah, Pr, BJeson was for many years a district superintendent ot the Methodist church in Nebraska. He baj many friends on this fide of the river, A male quartet from tbe rural church at Madison will sing, A double quartet from Bidney will furnish a. number. Other spwl»l muite to being arranged lsr, ; Rey, B, R, ptroud of Pirn- gut. pre*Qb.eivpoet of southwest Iowa, will -five an original poem written |oj> this oftojisJoa, is welcome to this M, i, Huaintw to AUle M. HUB- ftt4tt (W, D-) 11. Lanj to 10, Old Ntif bbert Enjoy Fourth of July Picnic Foot Foot Soap werk iud w their bat la their auyr !B aad Mn, g, el M»l¥er» pleasant K.»tberlBi on the Blaf -M JttJj i ABA f rtSttdJ fajtbired in thu naileosl boUday with ft Jaeiwdfld piiaty »l M«4 mm* sad otbsr ga w»U with iftd fi*fct, aj4 eb , |jni » lot a| of the 4»y §B4 * general Mr. atarbuck is one o{ MUU -'A am I la la a goad'tania ffljp any i ^F ^HBWP»P ^R+ ^« -Sf W W Wi >^^^^W W>my ^.^Jf .ong JM ;» ftib MI. wcU tn» h «§§ tjAtsure to Mm tbui mi* rovmdsd wltb Eva Weds Chas. L. Day The marriage of Miss Eva Bpelbring, daughter ot Mr. and Mrt. Q. A. Spelbring of Silver City, and Mr. Charles L. Day was consummated at the home ot the bride's parent*, Saturday, July 1. The ceremony which took place at a o'clock p. m. was performed by Rev. Ralph Rohr, rector of St. Martin's Episcopal church in Omaha, in the presence of some thirty-fire guests, "using the single ring ceremony. After a month's'vacationing in Colorado Mr. and Mrs. Day will be at home to their friends in Omaha where Mr. Day holds a responsible position Irlth the North British and Mercantile Insurance company, Honor Mrs. Roee Aistrope Mrs. Linda Miller of Mineola and Mrs. Lotties Jens ot near Glenwood, entertained at a swimming party at the^lenwood Lake last Thursday afternoon, in honor Of Mrs. Rose Hopp Aistrope ot Los Angeles, Calif*-After enjoy- ,obrf£b the lake the clous lunch was served. A most enjoyable time was had by, all. Those present were the honor guest, Mrs. Rose Hopp Aistrope, Mrs. Laura Hopp Greene, Mrs, Margie Hopp, Mrs. Bertha Hopp, Mrs. Lavora Bada, Mrs. Faye Jens, Mrs, Martha Deitcb- ler, Mrs, Lydia Kahl, Mrs. Alta Green, Miss Mary Hopp, and the hostesses, Mrs. Lottie Jens and Mrs, Linda Miller.—Silver City Times. Mrs, Clara Steveaaon Return* from Montana Mrs, Clara Stevesson returned Friday evening from Laurel, Mont, where she has been the past eighteen months with her eon-in-law, Glenn ; Van Doren, helping care for the family following the tragic death of Mrs, Van Pores when her auto was struck by a train. Her little grand son, who WAS also terribly injured at the tJme.^has In a. great measure recovered, and will probably be entirely well in a few months more, The Van poreps live on a ranch soutlj of Laurel. brated wood Mrs. 0. M, FpUett an« Daughter. Mrs, Fred Colby, and little BOM went to Qlenwpod July 4, where they participate in a pie- n}p eejebratipn at tb9 home of bfij?, father, AttflWey ElUba Starbuck, }n the west nar| bj oies- «oe!j. < Others prftMeat were Mr, a&d Mrs. M. J,'*WttU§mi and their son, Cliffor4 .Williams, and wife aad saa *nd>4*Ugiter, Mrs, Croekbaffl«aad sflfl, Jin, and Mr, aad Mn.' Job* Oraekhaw two children. Tbey »U brought yM filled baakett for tba ftfi picai? 4la*er all SBjoyftd, So tfes MarkeU for Wednesday < No. a Wheat >lc No. 2 Yellow Corn _--. 49c Oats .....^ ..........3«c Cattle, Omaha top ...—...f 6,76 Hogs, Omaha top ..-_._--|4.60 The Malvern Cold Storage reports: Eggs ...............So to 120 Cream ... _.____22c to 24c Hens over 4 Ibs, . .—......8c Hens under 4 Ibs. Leghorn hens Springs ......... .....—.lie •Leghorn springs _.._—_——9c Cocks ..... 4c Asbury Farmers' Union Met July 11 The Asbury Farmers Union, local No. 8, met at their hall July 11. A good slsed crowd gathered in spite of threatening weather. After the regular business meeting a program, consisting ot musical numbers, tap dancing stunts, and readings was enjoyed by all. The speaker of the evening was Mr. Hanson of the Omaha Grain Exchange Bldg, Manager of'the .Union Grain company. short by the approaching storm; The program committee wishes to thank all those helping in the .program. The next regular meeting will be the first Tuesday evening of August, Everybody IB extended an invitation to attend. GRADUATES HILLSDALE Mr. and Mrs, Lewis Ranne and Mary Lee and Mr. and Mrs, Harry Ranne and Patsy of Glen wood were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Boles and Junior. Miss Lorna Hunt of Glenwood spent last week with her cousin, Mrs. Edwin Howard, Mr. and Mrs, Claude Brooks bad at Sunday dinner Mr, and Mrs, Fay McManigal and J. P. and A. B. Judson. < i Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Parker entertained Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Richardson and Marlin and Mr, and Mrs. June Wise and June Louise, Mr, and Mrs. John Kelley of Long Beach, Calif, arrived Wed* eesday for an extended visit in the home of their son, Clifford, and with their numerous relatives »n4 friends, Miss Margie Mayberry returned to her duties at the Mercy hospital Tuesday after a weeks vacation. three Real Estate Tnmif era . Record of instruments filed in tbe offices of tbe Recorder and Clerk Pf District court of Mills County, Iowa, from June 80, It88i at 8 a. m, to July 7, 1998. at .8 a. ». garab Q- Kaytea to kouts j. KBQP et al (W, D,) I15C, bota |, « 7, 61k. 8, Qraud Vie* Malvern. Bwereou St. Bank to o. B, «t al, Trustee* (W, 0-) 17090, f*t> Lot* 888* 83Qi HtRsrioii Qeo. T. Otli to Qea, a Otu (W. ft and ijcYft a&d Ajttacitlo.ft« (Continued from page 1) (college song). 7. Blow the Man Down (sailors chantey). 8. The Linden Tree (from the German), 8. Battle Hymn of the Republic. 10. Love's Old Sweet Song. The choir was conducted by Miss Thelma Roberts and accompanied by Mary Evelyn Logan. They began the formal program at 2:80 with the group ot songs listed above and concluded the musical part ot the program by leading the audience in two verses of America. After the choir left the stage the eighth grade was assembled by townships and marched to the platform. After they saluted the flag the invocation was pronounced by Rev. J. F. Blngaman ot Glenwood. The main speaker ot the afternoon was Congressman Otha D. Wearin who spoke briefly to the eighth grade concerning their future work. He stressed the fact that this graduation, pleasant as it wa§,.is. really the. beginning of tartar? tepportonUy- ta*«due*Uon, and urged that they take advantage ot such an opportunity and tbat they learn to be masters of whatever art they chose to follow. He reminded them that there are no tomorrows, and that they should do the best they can each day as it comes along to make their lives count, whether it be in producing good crops on the farm or winning a case in court. County Superintendent Mary Rathke presented tbe diplomas by townships and also presented yellow "I's" from the Department of Education to the pupils who had made an average grade of 90 per cent or over. These honor pupils were as follows: Leon Chambers ,.----,,-.--.,94 James Douglas __..,^>.._._94 James Kirkendall __..__—__93 Pearle Douglas ,,,,,..,,,.--^-93 Edna Mae Lowrey ^-^----.--92 Kenneth Thomas -„,.__..„_-,.92 Mae Bryant ,_„,._^,__.,^,-9; Florence Swoboda -.,__.,.--91 Qarold Breeding „.„,.„...._-,.,90 Betty Enselman .,„„,.,.,„,_-90 James Lloyd „,,-»„-„----,-90 Marjorie McClary -,.-,.,——90 Maurice Reid ,.„.»—„,,-,.90 Ire&e Scott ^,,^,.,„,„,--,90 Orace Valentine ,, M «,^,,»^«o Wayne Zanders -,»^.,,__, T ^90 Miss Ratbke also presented a few extra awards to the pupils who bad attended school without being absent nor tardy for a p*> riad if five years, They were Anna Nelson of Fairview school, Marvin Heitman of Vogler school; Edward Jena of Barbee. school, and Laverae Deltchler of gand Hollow school, A spe/jial award was presented to BUly McKBigbt of Williazna acbeol who bad completely ailed jjli achieyewent booklet, This booklet repreaeuts acbievement in alt Uue« i» attendance, health, a&d scholarship. Dorothy Sawyer of Hawthprne school baa alsa completad her achievement book* let and is entitled to an especial award. In spite of the intense heat and humidity there was a large crowd of Interested people present at this exercise. Pictures were takeu ot the choir and of the eighth grade. The Glenwood Chamber ot Commerce presented each eighth grade graduate with a free ticket to the Glenwood swimming pool and after the exercises were over many enjoyed these swims. Tbe best wishes of the relatives and friends go with the graduate* as they go into high school. Newt of the Churches Baptist Church Be on hand at 10 a. m. tor the Bible school. Plan to stay to the preaching service. Since there is no evening service why could no more people meet for worship at the 11 o'clock hour? We enjoyed the fellowship and inspiration ot a number ot the members of the Methodist and Presbyterian churches who were our guests last Sabbath. After all all Christians have many things in common. Sermon subject Sunday morning, ,"Looking , to .the^Hiiis.for. Help," How thankful we ought to be for the rain, The laws ot God still function and through them God is with us, The Need of the Church To say I don't need the church ij^mere bravado. I needed it when my father died; I needed it when we were married and when our babies were taken from us, and I shall need it again, sooner or later, and need it badly, I am in good health now, and I could, I suppose, get along nicely for a time without a clergyman, or choir, or even prayer. But what sort of man Is he who scorns and neglects and despises bis best friend until his hour of tribulation, '— Edgar A. Guest, 8t, John's Lutheran Church H. P, Dahl, Pastor Sunday morning at 10 o'clock there will be German services with the celebration of Holy Communion. Announcement on Thursday afternoon and evening, July 13, ""'T'"" " ....-..-..,..-. , Life Insurance The Banker* Ufe of Dea Moinw has been in aJnestt &4 ye*r« and haj stood evwy teit, Our policiw protect the f uroily §nd »l*o lur. i «n income for the io»ur«d In hU old age. L»t »» wplain owr Annuity oontraet, uadw tUeh you c*tt ft»v» § Andy J, Birkhtmtr

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