The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1931
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL &, 1951 (AUK.) COUUIKU NEAVS PAGE FIVE; CLASSIFIED ADS Two ceuls t word Jor first insertion and one cant • word (or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken (or less than 60c. • Count the words and send t!ie eash. Phone 306 '/»y- FOU SALE 1'OH SALE-Baby dUcta. Fay, this lull. Sec. us about plan. Murliyul Hatchery. BC-TF | FOR SALE—1,500 bushels yellow I feed corn, 75 cents per bushel al crib. R. N. Trimble, Lllbourn, Mo., Phone 16. 13C-K27| FOIl SALE OR TRADE—Modern 2 bedroom bungalow on llearn 51.1 H. L. Chambers. 21pk24 full KENT FOB RENT—:< room furnished flat, garage and coal house. Call <J7a-W. 7C-TP', FOR RENT—Apartment In Ingram] building. See ParUiurat Company. . 9C-TF] FOR RENT—3 room sUico apart-1 inent with bath and garage. Corner Cliickasauba and Gill St. | J. W. Badcr. WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, H10 B. Fourth St. 9C-TF | WANT to By At Once—TW.O mules I to work on farm. J. \V. Bader, Blytheville, Ark. 18C-K23| WANTED — Family washings or I general housework. Mrs, Dora I Mizoll, 2207 16th St. TF| WANTED- -Clean rags, Iree of buttons. Courier News. POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at O. If. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St., west of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone 64. 2-JC-TF STEADY EMPLOYMENT—If honest,, ambitions, willing to work hard for ?35 to 550 weekly. Write at once, The J. R. Walkins Company, 70-54 W. Iowa Ave., Mem- plus, Tenn. LOST AKD FOUND LOST—One blue kid ylove. Please return to Courier or call 272. 20C-K24 PERSONAL GENUINE-DUCO Authorized re- finishinsr station. C. T. Shamlin wilh,.penton Chevrolet Co., Main ' at Franklin^ ' 3P-K24 111:111: CVl'SV NrnillDE, lu-x-nr-nld N**y York inilir, mnrrfvM JIM WAI.LACK Ihr <l«r .-i!lri >br jiirrln fclM ill lk<. Inline n[ her Itrnlllir cou.ln. ANN TCtnXV- IIHIDCK. Cjp«7 him lifen Jlllfd bj- AI.AN CIIOHIIY, )o«l jrtlurnrcl It Mn r rear r"4 ft Ijnlt In I'ndsi •tuilylNi: nrl. U'nliorr'n flnncrt- tin" lirnki-n Ihrlr ciuzaKfiiirnl In marry o rU'hfr tunn. Jim and Hynsj Kn to 1'in-rBl (:[!>• tthrrr Jfni NOR n Ilirlvliitr I31T prarllrp. HU rtlullvrM jmub (:jr|i»r. Alan fronliy wrllrn In *fr Inn *he rrturnH Ihr Irllfr unciiirnril. n.AII- <;iA I.UIIINC. JlluVfnrnirr flnnrrr, luurrfi-M IIIIIICK I'llll.l.U'S. nill- .HontJiM IIEIMK and llrnrk 1'btllln* In killed In n fall rrnm n lnir\o. Mnri-ln ri-lnrnK In t''nrr«( C[lj. She rini^-'IK .llm nbnliE nnnnrl:il • irnlrn i- J Inlrr Irlln tilm hrt iisnrrl^ur CD 1'lilllliix mil a mli- liikf. -lliu (rln In rfmaln lo>nl 1|> iiyftty but mtem 5l3ri*ln trv- varalljr. Hirt brcnuir ihr lipllrTtm Jliu bn> I3kr. Hnrcla I'klill,., in lunrh. f.jpnj Bereft* KIIANK <SIII- .S<>.\'« Invl1:itian In itrUr lipr hnmr trom n «lin|iLtlnt; lrl|i. -I'hrrc IM a rolll.lon nu.l (1T|I>>'< :intlr I. brr lionlr. Jlut In :iftrniEiir iliiilnc the- day* nhilr Ihp nnklr l« hrnl- Inx. HF rniiir. humr one rK-nlnu and cUeft tijitnf n Iflrrr In rL*:id. Now clo (IN WITH Tin: STOUV ClIAl'TlvIl XI.lll r»VPSV took the letter and looked at tin handwriting on tlio en Telopc. Tho slanting script \vas un familiar, "Who's H (rom!" sh asked. "Kead It, You'll (mil out." Jim ansivererl. There was something about hi expression that puzzled t)ypsy. Slic locked at tbe envelope again. It was addressed to James H. Wallace al his office. She drew out ibo folded Bheet ot note paper. "Catherine I'-owler" was the name signed at tho hotlom o( Iho single slieet. "Hut who—?" tlic elrl liesan. "Go ahead and read It." Gypsy read—slowly at first sml then with quickening interest. "Dear Mr. Wallace." tbe leller tio- gan, "1 am ivrlting this because I feel I must. You probably know that a week ago I was acquitted in my trial. My lawyer pleaded self- defense. We are told that time !heals all things. It will be a lone •while before tho horror of thes? past weeks can possibly leave me but I want you to know iliai neve: will 1 forget how you aail Mrs Wallace helped mo and cave me courage to do the right thtnp, at the very crisis of It all. .• "1 am going away for a long rest Sobby !a well again and Is going ' with me. When I look at my child a mo that she ahot her husband!" Tho ulrl shook her head. " t \o," he Fald. "I don't think It was. Vou ce you were so sure. Nina \vas yo- ug to be convicted ami that she van Innocent—and &o was I—that couldn't stand It. ! went out to eo Mrs. Fowler as a last resort, 'm not sure just what I thoughi vould happen but when 1 got lUcr(' ,he was nearly crazy because ihe x>y was sick. Somehow when 1 ooked nt her I knew slic did ll. as sure of ll! All 1 had lo du was lell her who 1 was ami ilm iroko down and nduiUii-ii every you'd leil her wliat lo do. ld;«'i H ivomlorful she fcelH Hie way shf does nowJ I'm so Klad, Jin:." eaten every single meal alone!" When Jim returned !io was told nlwul the impromptu "iilcnlc" and appeared to tipprove. ll« went lo his room to clean up. leaving Gypsy a newspaper and several ina^iului'S Later lie sot up lUo cord inblo and brought up n tray loaded with all ver and dishes. On Sunday Jim carried her down- slalrs and Ibcy tfcnl tlie. a(lerm:on on tlio cool, shaded porch. Durlns the^c days when Blic. was &o depend, ent upon him Tor companionship Jim's nltiiudj toward (iypsjr seemed to cliaugo. Ke had »lwor» been atlcullvo In an ImpcraoiiHl way. Is'ow Lo seeiued mure con• • • ! ecrncd, morn thouglillul. AT sis o'clock they had dinner j • • ,• V wrvoil on the snnll lablc licsldc [ J)Kl.IBKRATE[.Y tlio girl put Iho window. There wa.i a rcol j Marcla Phillips out ol lior mltid. (iypsy (clt tliat brooding over Mnr. cla and Imaginary wronss had al "S c 0 11 was really you who won tho Itnlierts case!" "Oh. no. .lipi! Why. II wasn't «'. .11. That's silly! She'd t;avu cuu fosseil anyhow. I know she would She had Hie Idea Ibal the rcasuN '. sni! :!s | :i .,j. bobby was sick was bsiause rln 1 1 "l.lku il! was Idling someone else pay forcezo sill i In? ami over tlio tops; u r ilic trees llnim-d a brilliant sun set. Orange shaded In deep rov> and then In vlulel. The wliole weal cm sky liwanie a uursl ol llamboy aut cuioi. rjypsy wnre a sleeveless while- sill; minis drusa. Her Hair, Instead >( IJL-III.L; [ilunu in u Knn;. was las leiiud ai Hie bad: uf lier neck nnd the etuis Cell In a curling moss, [in yi'ii mind diuliig up here?" OUR BOARDING HOUSE It's lonesome down penalty for what she'd dune. BEFORE HON. OSCAR, ALEXANDER, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE FOR CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Tom A. Little, Plaintiff, vs. O. W. Robertson, Defendant. WARNING ORnER The defendant, O. W. Robertson is warned to appear in the Justice of tlic Peace Court of Oscar Alexander within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plain- tifT, Tom A. Little. Witness my hand as iJusticc cf said court. This April 15, 1031. OSCAR ALEXANDER. 15-22-2S-6 SHE PROMISED TO RETURN PARIS, (UP—Having failed to iwrsuadc a former woman friend to return to him, Antoine Oaliardinl, a I'aris singer, offered to let her hear his latest song -called "Qiiand 1'Armour Tue, "Wheii Love Kills." He suggested thai, she join in the refrain ami when she did he stabbed tor three times in tlie shoulder, and threatened to "finish" her unless she returned. to him. She. promised and then fainted. WANTED 1NKORSIATION Will man who rc-porlcrl finding injured man at Gravois Station on Frisco, lew miles out of St. Louis, night or April 16th please get in touch with E. F. Blo- meycr. Frisco Agent, Blylhcvlllc, Arkansas. FAY O.DAVIS Atwatrr Kent Dealer rhonc 431 Invest With'Safety G"o paid quarterly on full paid stock, $100 and up. Guanititi;i;d by first mortgage loans on homes in Blytheville. Secured and Insured.. Blytheville Building & Loan Association W. M. Burns, Sec. —I (eel that he really is my child- It is with f-o knowledge that noth lag can ctuurt our futuro happiness. I shall devote the rest ot my liti to raising Hobby and teaching hin io bo \ good man. "No ono In this world will eve know what my suffering was iha morning Mrs. Wallace came lo sc me. I don't think I could have gon on. Will you please tell her for that 1 bless tier name and that ever there Is any way In which can repay you two I will conshic It n great privilege. Very sincere] —Catherine Fowler." "Whea did you go to see he Gypsy? What docs she mean saying you 'gave her courage to < tha right thing"!" "It—wasn't really anything I dl Jim. I couldn't tell you because promised 1 wouldn't. It was the last day of the Irial—" "Gypsy! Was it you who made that woman cnoi* down and confess thought Hobby was golui; 10 ilic Tlio poor woman didn't seem tr, Unow what-she v:as saving or do Im;." "Just the same-, you were the one who Diade her coufcss!" "1 wish you wouldn't say that. II isn't true. She did It ureausu she couldn't help'-herself-. It was her own conscience that made her tell Fowler must have liccn n terrible sort ot person, don't you think so. to threaten tho life ot a liny 'child?" "Now you're tryinK to change the subject. Of course lie wai Treated his wifo like a hrulc. Well. Gypsy, 1 didn't realize lliat Uicre were two lawyers) In ibe family Inn at was a lino tiling lo du. 1 take [ my hat to you!" "1 couldn't ever te a lawyer but know one I'm'prouil of." Jim sank Into a chair beside ml look her ham!. "Maybe we ould form u partnership," he said railing. "Maybe wo could." Gypsy was realizing how very at- ractive bright blue eyes can lie set sun-browncJ, sliglilly-raililj ace aliovc broad shouldeis u-hcn ilalilda entered the room. "There's a telephone call for you. ilr. Wallace," she announced. "TliauUs. I'll be hack lu a niin- lie." "Hit down. Matilda. anrJ stay -,in il he comes hack," iiypsy' sug jesttd. "Has Corii finished the roninu?" "Yes. She left half an hour ago. [ told her you said she was to cm some of ihe'Bweet peas and take them home." "Tint's right. They'll stop bloonv ing if they're not cat. Listen. .Ma lilda, couldn't you serve dinner upstairs here. Icaight? Would II be a lot of exlra work? Jim can bring up a card table and you cuulil serve Ibo plates In tile kitchen! Just put everything on a tray—!" "You mean serve dinner for you and Mr. Wallace both?" "That's what I mean. It would be so much more fun than eating alone and as It is you have to fix „, | "lie-ally;!" The girl smiled as i though she were please,I. "OH. I | forgot lo lell you tho news! Dr. ' going lo bring me i crutch lonmirow. 1 lie canio tills morning rind naid it would ixj good (or mo lo l r y walking about Ihc room. My. 1 never dreamed anyone could he so excited about walking n few steps. In another week lie said 1 ought In be able lo walk without It. Another wholo week! Isn't tual a dreadfully long lime?" "Vnn'rc lucky It's as soon ns that." Tho girl's face had sobered "Yes," she agreed, "I suppnso 1 am." tho table downstairs and bring up my tray." "Why, sure. 1 can do that If you •want me to." "Oh, I think it will be fun!' Gypsy said delightedly. "Jus think, for a whole week now ?.'? After their cautiloupo they nad hot broiled chops with butteroo aspniagus and roasting cars and tho muillns which Matilda UKido so deliclously light and crusted wKh golden Ijrown. There was a pitcher of Iced 'ea with sprigs ot mint in it. Gypsy rcllllcd Jim's glass. "Mills will he luck nut week." lie announced. "It looks as though 1 may gel my vacation this summer after nil." "Oh, I'm so s!ad. Vou really do need it." "Whnt wnnld ynu think ot lirlv ing up inln Canada llie middle ol next month'.' We could slop » IO\T days In Montreal but my idea la to hit off by onr?elvcs into some ol the smaller places thai aren't tilled wilh tlie vacation crowd. We coiild drive when we wauled to and slop whenever we found a place ibai Icokcd ir.tercstii.B. 1 don't moan j rougli it exactly. Stay al ^ood bo I ids—" I "I Ibink ll would he marvelous.' Jypsy lold him with shining eyes 'I'd love lhal kind of a trip. Jim.' "Tile way things look now I'l. ic ritdn to get away about the 15th They planned '.he ?ac?.iloii c.iserly. Alter they hail linlsUen dinner and Use dialics anil tahte ijoen taken away Jim wini down to tlie lihrary and rotuinet will] a big atlas and road maps. Together they studied over these for another hour. They were sill talking about the motor irip wiien lie said good night and went lo nl? room. During tha next three day: ready caused enough trouhlo. II was directly responsible for Ibo aulomuhllo accident in which eho liail so narrowly escaped sorloua Injury— to say nothing ol damns- lug comment, When Marcln, clad In dcllcnlo pastul costumes, passed tho honso and Gypsy snur her from Ihn wlii 1 thero wero llmcu when tlicuo Inavo resolutions went slipping. On such occasions Gypsy lold herself: "You've mado nn Idloi ol yrinrself. Now don't \lo it ngalul rhere'n nothing Ihat Klrl can do lo you 'unless you pavo Ibe way for It by billing here and pllying yourself. Slop It. Gypsy. Slop II at once!" Usually tlicso scoldings wero helpful. She never mentioned Mar- cia'd naino lo .llm and ho as scrupulously uvolilcd It. Tho third evening after Gypsy had begun to uso tlio crutch Blio hobbled out lo the driveway where Jim had parked tho roadster. Ha helped her Into UIQ BCUI und tor in bout uni s halt they drovo over country roads with Ilic night wind, cool and refreshing, beating against their faces nod blowing thoir hair, Tliero waj a full aioou. Tlio pave- COllUD P'LAV <g ,wrtV -flase s T?iM6S UMDER VCLSR eves t w I SPOSE EARLV XtWF. iVe ,T3EB(J .U? IS VOOR RUDDER SET" DRfPl'iMia IM FROM MieH-fr Q ^ ARE VOU '<} OLn - 2 — / Sou UP A SO EARL-V. Sluice TH ' ^T fURM -TrT riORfiefs, Jjv TrlE PARK T TUEUl (M WOLJR J •ROOM ' ' Beer EFFECT, BOOTS AJMD HER BUDDIES S 0 S!!!t By Mattiu Gypsy's sprained anklo healed rapidly. Dr. Hollingsworth brouijli tho crutch. Tlio girl's first nlleinpl to walk with It were amusing liu prcsenlly she learned lo nolibl alraut the room. Stic no longer fel belolcss. ment stretched ahead of them Ilko a gleamliiB ribbon ot silver and the lelda ui cllhcr sldo were ulinosl us blight as in daylight. Gypsy felt that she had never en. loyed a drive go much. Sbo told Jim that na ho helped her Into the bouse later ami he looked plenscd. The days slipped by nnii ou Thursday, jnsl two weeks after tho automobile crash, Gypsy took Her llrst step unsupported by crutcti. She rested and later in Uio ay waited a few steps again. On nnday she was able to move ntuiit house, though she was very arclnl and liclil It) Iho railing 1:0- ng up ami down tho stairs, lly I lie nldtllo of tlio week Elie was sure nough of herself lo mako a trip uwn town lo shop. There were a ew things she wanted for lh« v.ica- ion trip. OC course ibcre was Icaly ot tlmo ahead In liny Ihcin nit she liked the thought of being ready. The liou?e was to he closed and \lalildu would spend the threo .vceks with her brother's family. Gypsy came Into tlio kitchen Saturday tnnrnlng carrying a siical ot golden glmv. The yellow blossoms were glorious. "Look," she Enid, "aren't Ihey beautiful? I'm going to put ibcm in tlio purple howl before the mirror in (lie ball." "I was Just coming to tell you." Matilda said, "there's a man to see yon, ma'am." "Who 13 It?" "Here's his card." Gypsy took lliii card and read It, and still carrying HID flowers, tlia hurried Inlo tho living room. Tho young man who had been sitting by tho window arose. "Alan!" she csclalmcd. (To ll» Continue Of "WE. OMt BE New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, April 22. (UP) •-Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close May .. . 1016 1018 1008 1003 July .... 1040 10-l-t 1033 1033 Ocl. 1070 1080 106a 1069 Dec . .. 1100 1104 1031 lOaib Jan .... 1110 1110 .... HOlb Mar. .... 1131 1134 1123 1123 Spots quiet at 984. oil 8. New York Cotton The population of Great Britain i at. 45.900.000 an Increase of COO.OOO ! The cat is thought to b.' the oM- at the middle of 1030 was estimated ,on the figure for the middle o[ 1929. |cst pet of man. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS KKCOGN1XED! By Btossci; lay nly Ocl. Dec. an. Mar. NEW YORK. April 22. 'otton closwl steady. Open High 1012 1013 1039 1043 1015 1070 1100 1103 lids nil 1130 1H3 <UP>- L<HV 1005 1032 HXJ3 1091 1100 1112 1005 1032 1068 1001 1100 1121 Spots quiet at, 1005, off 15. iantam Auto Causes Owner Great Worry MANITOWOC. Wis-conFin. lUP) — No otic will take George Imig's 'bantam" automobile seriously. On .1 business trip here from Shchoygan. Wis., Imig parked hi: midget machine in front of a candy store. Several youngsters picked it lip from tlie curb anrl carried it front, of the entrance to tlic store. it could have hrcn worse." the owner philosophized. "Over Fond dn Lac they not only carrier the car up on the sidewalk bii tinned it niBidc .down for goat mcasiirc." .WILLIAMSBURG. Va. CUP1 — tetlbook on geometry used by Hen ry Hill, a student at William aiv Mary College in W7. has been prc scntttl the college library by Sluar H. Hill, New York, a descendant o eHnry Hill, one of the 50 founder io[ Phi Beta Kappa. x DO.VJT Usi»' WHAT IH TTIE VJOHto EsfSR HAPFSIJ&D To OET6CTIS/E STEEVE.... MS OIC.MT 6ET Off- TV1AT TP-AIfJ, IW SUCE Cf THAT — AH' I'LL HA\f£ TO BACK \\OWS. :'• '<- IW SUCE Cf TP I 1 & pass. I'LL •*,{3 MOCF IT BA ?M ^ 1 I '/Illtf '' ARE SO MANY TRACKS H6P6 IM THE VAROS THAT IT'S HARD To WJOVK' W!CH TH6,Vi LEADS TO SHADVSIDS.- t VU6U_, AU- I. CAKl DO IS ASK THEM HIKE ALOMfe A BAH-CbAO 1-16 MISHT TWlsr^. TM A '' WASH TUHHS i lAklLN CTOE. l£'5 START OM BR8V- , EH, w, oifiK wmps OUT A WJIFE AWO THROWS u WITM .T^AT WASH IS MlHUS Tr\E TO OF A FINDER- OLv>

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