The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 13, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1933
Page 4
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ftffi MALVfeft* LEAPEft, ttALVm tOWA. ATLt il tfSI Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Han r^j Mr. and Mr*. J. F. weitjrM med Wednesday evening frMs ; drev* to Cewnei} Biut* Thursday two-day trip to Ottunwa where ! to visit Joe Wearln in the ho*pl- they Visited Mr. Ban's ante*. Mr. f taL Bail's father, John Han. aid fttej Jtrt. J. Konefka was very two little daughters. CaroHn* aftd f BMasaatly surprised Sunday When Peggy, went with them and his! her sister. Mrs. E. M. Sifter, and daughter. Alice, who had beea) htuband of Harlan drove in ar- vislting in Ottnmwa, returned j riving Jvst In time for dinner. with them. Miss Helen Gilbert who to attending rammer school at Peru, Nebr. spent her Foarth of July tacatlon at the home of her parent*, Mr. and Mfg. K. U onbert, and familr. Martin Cunningham, one of on* good friend* front southwest of Malvern, was in Saturday and catted to advance his subscription and also that of hit mother, Mrs. Peter Cunningham. Mr. Cunningham Bars that they had a splendid rain out his war Friday night and that, aa usual, It came Just They enjoyed * pleasant visit the rest of the day a* then sisters had not seen each other for two rears. Miss Alice Cheney of Tabor spent la«t week with he? aunt, Mrs. Bandy Walkef. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Z. Henry Baored last week to the Landis house on north Prospect avenue. M. T. Davis and toft, Thomas M., returned Sunday from a several days auto tMp ont through western and northern Nebraska, looking after his land and crop Interests. Mr. Davis says that in time. He has a nice field of < they have had good rains nearly new alfalfa that was especially every place they visited and the benefltted by the rain. Mayor D. E. Whltfleld returned Thursday evening from an extensive trip through the east. En- route home he stopped off for • visit at the Century of Progress Exposition which he says Is a wonderful show in every respect and well worth seeing. E. U. Benton from northeast of town was In Saturday and called to advance his subscription country. crops, especially corn, are looking fine, and the people generally are optimistic. Ont in Grant county the dry weather cut their wheat so that they had but half a crop, but the corn was looking well and up in the north part of the state the corn and grass were both looking well. They were gone four days, driving most of the time, so they saw a good deal of another year. He said they sure had a flue rain the night before as well aa on Thursday night. Mrs. John Suits and Mr. and Mrs. B. 0. Allely attended a birthday anniversary picnic honoring Mrs. E. P. Rhoades on Bunday in a park at Shenandoah. HarJey Steveason southwest of Malvern had an unusually One piece of wheat that be threshed last week. It yielded thirty-five bushels per acre and tested high In weight and quality. Wheat Is » pretty good crop In Mills county this year although the acreage la unusually smalL Mrs. Roy Caudell and daughter, Ode, spent several days last week at the home of Mrs. Candell's mother, Mrs. Brown, in Fontanelle. They were accompanied home by her mother, Mrs. Brown, and sister, Mrs. Nettle Hall, of Riverside, Calif., who la here on a visit with home folks. Nlekanon and •mint Thursday in the home of Mr, and Mrs. Walter Lartson. Mrs. Morris is now staying with her brother, John Flannlgan, and looking after the home. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Carlson and little daughter, Carolyn Lou. of near Essex spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Beaton and baby. R. W, Mansfield and W. D. Slothower drove ont to Columbus, Nebr. Saturday afternoon to visit James McKown but found him gone. He had just been called to Crelghton, Nebr. by the death of his brother, Ronnie. So they returned to Fremont and after a visit there returned home Sunday. Ronnie's funeral was held Sunday afternoon at Crelghton. He was formerly a resident of Mills county near Hastings. A. O. Cole from southeast of Emerson was in town Monday morning. He says the rains have helped the com a lot but that the grass is stlU in pretty bad shape and it came too late to help the oats much. Arthur McCnllough and Clarence Heddlng left early Sunday morning for Chicago where they expect to attend the World's Fair. Daniel Beaton and Mrs. A. 8. Marshall antoed up to Council Bluffs Saturday afternoon and, It's always CCCL at the v>v " mm mm w ^j. JHEATERO MALVERN Friday & Saturday July »*.« Kate Smith is HELLO EVERYBODY A44c4 0iw*t« Adm, lOc a*ut Ho Sudiy, Mudiy i Titsday B»b« Daiitola, Baby Kceier, RW P»w«tt to 42MP STRUT Widitiday Wltthm HflL*B*ti Mjtiteip By am "^s^ssre^p^ 1 ^r*!^fV! QWmnetete FUT UFI 44m. Be iad |Q lie Donner aad Donna Ray burn who rlsited until Sunday evening in the Marshall home. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Norval, parents of Mrs. Robert Campbell, moved Sunday from south of Randolph to one of the Burgoin farms north of Silver City. Claradel Linguist is vacation- Ing in Shenandoah at the home of her aunts, the Misses Emma and Gertrude Howard. Mrs. John Thomas and daughter, Beverly Nell, of Glen wood were callers in the Robert Campbell home Thursday. Mrs. Jay Crow and *on of Los Angeles, Calif, stopped here Bnn» day evening enroute to Sioux City, for a renewal of friendship with a former playmate and girl friend, Mr*. Roy Caudell. Mrs. Crow and Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Cat)* dell's sister, had planned to make their trip to Iowa together but .circumstance* changed their plans at the last minute and each made the trip alone, Mrs. ROM W. Bell received word Monday morning of the tragic death of her nephew, John C. Cogley, of Qlenwood who ac[ cldentally shot himself Sunday afternoon, while out shooting birds. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. PavUon of Clarinda were Sunday guest* in the Qtha Hyde home. Mrs, P»ri* •on formerly was Helen Swain, Ward Slotbower drove to Qma* ha Friday evening for hi* mother. Mrs. Agnes, Slotbower. who bad bees visiting Mr, and Mrs. 0, o« Alstrope since Svaday, Qretcbea Oi<Jley and, B»Uy Me* ilty went to Onwtja Monday afternoon where tftey wf|| vfctt Mr. and Mr*- Chatter kawfon, Mr. am} Mr*. John Urlton of »* Angeles, Calif, motored ia iMt week on a co(ubin$4 bQ*ioe** and trip aj4 vl*U«4 at the honj« of tb* femer'* brother, Walter l*ri*on, south o| town, Tbey stopped of at y*69la e»' route and looked »{{*? matter* there. Mrs. |«ari»oj| W ov*4 § y^y able chauffeur &§ aha d/ovft tbe Mr, and Urt. tMte Martfe of Council Bhrffs were guests In the home of Mr*. Sadie Metntyre last week. Eugene Hertz met with & pe- cnflar accident Saturday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Herti, In Malvern. He was on a ladder tHmming a vine with * hand Mckle when he made * miss lick and the point of the sickle penetrated his leg making a gash two Inches long;, tt required two rtftehes to close it, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fafuuhar and daughter, Eltnof , and Mrs. Clara Fatqnhar of Lincoln, Nebr. drove to Jamaica Saturday for a visit with Mr. and Mr*. J. D. Lisle. MM. Farquhar and Ellnof will remain With the Usies for it few weeks M Mrs. Lisle will nth dergo an eta operation. Miss Betty James returned to her home in Clartnda last Friday after a few days vlait with her aunt, Mrs. 1. C. Kayton. Mr. aid Mrs. Fred Durbin drove to Council Blttfts Sunday afternoon. Their daughter, Dorothy, who had been spending a week with Mist Clara Nelson, returned with them. Miss Durbin and Miss Nelson were classmate* at Park college in Missouri in 1931-32. Harry Walker received a painful injury down at the Cold Storage when a rack of poultry fell over against a post, catching his hand In such a manner as to badly such the flesh to the bone on two of his fingers. Miss Margaret Berkhimer re-. turned Friday from a visit ia tb*' P. M. Cadwell home in Coin. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Ruth of Shenandoah were Sunday visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Donner. Gordon Stone of Andover, 8. D. and Miss Betty Jennings of St. Louis, Mo. have been guests in the home of Mr, and Mrs. Otha Hyde this week. Mr. Stone 1s a nephew of Mrs. Hyde and is a medical student at Washington University in St. Louis. Mrs. Frances Benton, Mrs. Ed Wolf, and Mr. and Mrs. Herb Benton visited Joe Wearin in Council Bluffs Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Summers and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Anderson were visitors in Harlan Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Rosenfeld. Mrs. Marlln Aistrope and children returned to their home At Ojal, Calif. Friday after a two months Ylsit with Mills county relatives and friends. Mrs. H. Mansfield of Hamburg is. visiting la the home of her son, R. W, Mansfield, , LOCAL SPORTS Leeal Nine Claim* Clo«e Tilt SttntUy iffHMHail L***» t* 74 tftflf I - irley mad Marjorie, drove »p from Decatur county Friday for a visit in the B, B. McFall home north of town. Mr. Jackson says they had bad no rain yet when be left there, since early spring, and that the chinch bugs were taking about all the crops. Mrs. Will CrisweU of Oakland ia visiting her sister, Mrs. 8, Clem, this week. Max Gilchrist of Randolph was a business called in town Monday. Roaring Boy* in Midnight Scramble And One Missouri John Le*v*. Hastily for HU NaUvo SUte Master Constable Dogberry; This is your charge: you shall comprehend all vagrom men; you are to bid any man stand in the prince's name, Watch; How is't 'a will n <rt •tandt Const,; Why then take no note of him but let him go; and presently call the rest of the watch, together a»d thank Qo4 you are rid of a knave. , ID five 4»y*. The fact I* (h»t »w$ mw seldom njftke tfcit lo«« « drive without relit* *t tbe «bj*j. Wbo »»ld *gm*» §r* of er IB Oak*. Roaring boys of Ml«« county presented much (be sane difficulty in M*lverj» Sunday evening that Constable Dogberry dtscgy. ere4 In Shakespeare'* fantasy, Merry and quarrelsome wltb boot* leg liquor a group gathered OB Main street ia front of the Me, Cullougb pool ball shortly after n>14nlfht au4 wakened aleepy re*J4ent$ of tbe ftejgbborhood. with their lusty Routing, Cane one Mteeuri Jobs Heu» 4rlck, greatly Infwlfe4 by sojm »rt of tbe procedure a»4 proajpt. ly «aw at to cballeose one «( tb« rovdys to p»Ule. Battle eu*u»4 »j»l4»t eves tftore »9l*e, MifMjuri John definitely getting tb* wofit of it. Alps* C4«e njgb Frailer an4 shortly br wtlugi Mft4i8g all »» It off aja4 ttUU the crowd of spectators which witfiisMtl the Enierton^JtalVert baseball gafte Sonday saw one of the closest tilt* of the season, which Maitern finally won bt a f to « tally. Emerson raft in o»e counter fft the fisal inning but wa* unable to put across the •cote id tl* the bont. With fctttfef, a Red O*k pitcher, in th* lie* Emerson but no a •crappy «afit«. Aft4St Matvefn started witt * stronii lead by run* Wnf in t«tf eonftteri is the jBrit inning, the fimersonians tied the tally In the irst half of the sev* enth. A score in the eecond half and one to the eighth gave the locate the contest. Hooter, In the box for Malvern, pitched a food gaae, getting 11 strikeouts, Neither team was hitting especially strong, Malvern getting 1 and Emerson 11, The win made three straight tor the locals who have been playing good bait Dutchmen Win from West Oak Athletes The Dutchmen baseball team of north of Malvern Added one more scalp to their collection Sunday when they drove across the county to the West Oak neighborhood and there took the West Oak athletes Into camp by a 7 to 6 tally. ' Playing hard bail and hatting well the Dutchmen were in the lead most of the game. Although they hit frequently they were unable to capitalise on many as the West Oak defense was kept fairly tight. Well pleased were the Dutchmen by the encounter when they learned that West Oak had defeated th« Glenwood Co. I team in a seven inning game played before their own encounter. Battery for the Dutchmen was Phillipps and'Plumb, and Ferrell and Oodsey for West Oak. Junior Team Drops Tilt to Sidney Nine .Much too. tor the Malvern _ day •atterpoonwa*We Sidney squad when the two groups clashed oa the fair cronnds diamond. In spite of Manager Edgar Perdew's careful direction his ,pro- tegea lost, 11 ,to 1, A great shortage of regular players was noticed by the Malvern nine and ranks wero filled in with whatever material was available. Although some good substitution* were found, bow- ever, the locals seemed unable to bat and lost by the one-aided score. . KittenUll Pairings Kittenbali pairing* for the weak are below: Thursday, July 18, All Stars vs. Plymouth*. Monday, July J7, Firemen vs. Merchants. i Tuesday, July 18, Boosters vs. Plymouth*. ' Thursday, July 80, All Stan vs. Oilers. Mt Baitya ^B^Bw^HPy jfe AU perfOM tviviBf flo4M- «tw«l or fo MHi mn*k n \] ^gfgfn. ffinT^PPB 1 flp^RKV Mar.b»l W p tbt to JfthB, The Bwt for U»s Pork&Bc«n« , NOt 800 ." « A , roirirVvwovo »»..,.....M No. frfMaiinr ' nsSwr^w.----? •i^^^SWw 0i»v|MaR Lime Ricky I 84-oj. - Jt^ bOAU*l*«MMWV»lM*>WP KooUcb « Pk*», Candy B*M 4»yb» I tnr,, i-r^^WP^P ^Bss GAME FRIDAY Another of those super events —the kind that makes snort fans scan sports pages and dope predieters' articles and throw* the eommnnlty In a froth of eidteraent — Is scheduled In MalVern for Friday evening. At t&tt time the Scandinavians kittefchall team will meet * group of picked stars under the tutelage of Sportsman Edgar Petdew oft the kittenbali diamond by the swimming pool. No quartet win be asked of given. Headed by Lawrence Hall and bit Paul Hem the Scandinavian* hate a club full of confidence. Perdew wilt take the pick of the field remaining in the league. . Wins frm Team For the first ttffl* ttWs s***«n A. P. Kitmartin's baseball tttm tasted the dregs of defeat Sunday when they went up against the fabot second team and tost, 7 to 8. His proteges simply couldn't hit the fabot pitcher diagnosed Mr. Kflmartin. Ifslng two pitchers hteselt, Kilmartin directed his team car* fully but the boys failed to gain after they had tied fabor at 2 all In the second Inning. Homer Jackson and Sob Paulson alter* nated In the bo* for Malvern. Wteafn* fey ft moi* ttttft two to eft* ftargtt, ttt CrtWM kmri- btnteim earftt mem nt »*- «hantt ttn tWrittWM & it, StrW ted ttaflei tot the CHlert, keeptftg t batsmen fiat* fit 18 tfL JLM«f. ton and JohiW** *tr* to ti* bo* jot tt» MtfdSdmti. A tmlte wflt win eiMrtM6Se* and friendship, while ft ffbwfl will lend dWconfagemenet to fotkrselt and to yottf aeighbof. Bead the ads as carettttty *J J«ott read the ««ws ArDefM. STATEMENT OP ttHWMftOJf OF MALVERN TRUST & SAVINGS BANK Firemen Double Score of Boosters Firemen played kittenbali like they put ont fires Monday evening when they battled the Booster ten and won, Si to 10. The skilled, pitching of Bob finrsey gave opponents a difficult time. New technique In fielding was shown by Dr. John Kline when he effectively stopped a ball In the solar plexus, caught a runner for a put-out * tew seconds later. Hard Hitting All Start Win a Game Hits and more hits were recorded by hard-pressed Score Keener Harry Lookablll Thursday evening when the league leading All Stan kittenbali team defeated the Merchants 18 to 9. During the battle 84 hits were recorded. Almost as many, 41 to 48, hits were made by the Merchants as the All Stars but the former's batsmen could not get clear around the bases. Big Paul Herts was in the box for the All Stars and Anderson pitched for the Merchants. organlti-d trader tfce Jaws «,--._ located at Malvtwi, ia th« 0«*«^^ oa the 80th day of Jon*, A. D. 1B88. RESOURCES Loans and Dlgcounts, Bonds and securities Banking House .*****»*— ^t.**,.*-^-** i'l^'nn furniture and Fiitnfes *******+*.**--»• 6,000.00 Other teal ertate owned »**-****"*-.** Due from banks and bankets, cash and cash items (OLD tJNIT) ^******»-* Other assets (including expense In excess of profits) **«•.»*..«**.* •«,•*»»*»•» Cash and Due from Banks (NSW UNIT) . fi*?,d»g.4? 14,660,00 15,000.00 8,101.98 1,144.88 47,841.67 Total Resources »*»..»*...» ....... $ll*,ii*.8l LIABILITIES SS:::::::::::::::::::::::' 1S;SJ5:?S i IMN.N Undivided profits (after deducting ex- .... -( . »,..». penses .......... ........ ...... >,616,7f 1,116,71 Individual deposits subject to check . 07,489.84 Savings deposits .. ..... — . 26,864.U Time certificates of deposit .—. «8,181.0» Demand certificates, certified checks, cash* .... ler's checks and unpaid dividends — 26.00 186,460.62 Bills payable other than with Federal Re- . ' ...» serve Bank 8,878.68 8,878.68 Deposits NEW UNIT ... 41,880.68 Undivided profits and U. 8. Check Tax (NEW UNIT) 410.18 Total Ltabilltle STATE OF IOWA 1868,188.86 Mills County We, Fred Durbin, President; F. R. Chantry, Vic* President; R. W. Crlswell, Cashier, of the bank above named, do solemnly swear that the foregoing statement is full, true and correct, to the but of our knowledge and belief. Fred Durbin, President. (SEAL) F. R. Chantry, Vice Preeldent. R. W. Crlswell, Cashier. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence by Fred Dnrbin, F. R. Chantry, and R, W. Criswell, this 8th day of June, 1933* Louis J. Knop, Notary Public in and for Mills County. (SEAL) Attested By: R. L. Hale, H. A. Deardorff, J. 0. Laird, Directors. ,- *-*-•>'- ft • »JMHH»ilMMMHIM»»« '" .'*» of interest to the depositors of the Malvern Trust & Savings Bank We are publishing in this issue of The Malvern Leader the called statement of the Malvern Trust & Savings Bank. You will note that there are deposits in the new unit of $46,880.58, We think that we are progressing as fast as could be expected with the business of the old unit, For instance we have reduced our bills- ' payable from, $11,000.00 to $2,878,58 and our borrowers now have approved loans with the Federal Land Bank that will pay the bslince of these bills payable, All funds collected are being held in, a trust fund in the old unit for the benefit of the depositors. The upward trtBd in prices have greatly strengthened tb§ «e«u*i~ ttes and all together things are surely much better, W§ want'to inure* t you that we *re trying our best to work out these depression conditions in tbe best way and with the least injury to all parties concerned, We are earning put^ur promises made to our depositors when our wniver* were taken to December, Much has occurred in the bankist wort! ' after that ^me and w§ have had to conform to th'e new regulations passed by our State legislature; but in doing SQ we are -"•• *-« -™ _ • our original agreements, Wt wiwt yeu to know that our expenses have been very and that the earnings in the new unit are takine care of thl ; Ail e* peJW Itema a»d salaries art approvTby 1 dent of Banking before being paid. / We want you to use the new unit for your new unit te eupswised directly by the banking .d isjiuff you that your deposit in the new unit is as esie p.Miwy ieiawitiia that you saa tovtgt your moftsy to kept &o that we can immediately pay it bask to you ' * art not . ft? « always ?lad to tow a v>< IV* . 'K'Mmm^^^M^miitm^ & , - fe-;--»i--^ii

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