The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 31, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1933
Page 6
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f ': r -V" -. -*' _^'V -L V I " I » - f .". *r;tT* ; ^w*^ ^-; F /^ t ^ i ^;^,>, ? .V^^^.^;^ l -;'V i . v ,^- ; . XV ; V /A^i^A ^^^ i.^ *, \ , i H ^ ' -I I I. THE BAKERSF1ELD CAL1FORN1AN, TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1933 TY COnON AS KEYNOTE OF DELANO ANNUAL CO, Jan. m.—"Cotton" will be tho dominant note in tho Pel-Ano year hook of the Delano Joint Union High School for 1033. In working: out this themo the covers of the book will be of,cotton, there win be cotton picking scenes, and pictures of cotton blossoms will form a border around the inside pnges of the book. A three weeks' contest which began January 16 for the sale of annuals to tho students, will close February 3. The senior class of 1032 bought tho Del-Ano 100 per cent, and the class of 1933 Is out to match that record. The class buying tho largest number of annuals receives live points toward the Interclans cup. Tho committee in • •harge of the contest includes Miss Ulllan Ames, editor of the 19H3 Dcl- Ano; Miss Rose Deiner, Harold Peiui and Keith Kelly. Assisting Miss Ames ;is editor will be Miss Huberta T-Iamlin and Keith Kelly, associate editors, and M!SH \tary Salber. English teacher, advisor. Other members of tho staff arc Misses Ulllan Ynmntaki. TJllian Fabllla of McFarland: T-UHnn Swnnson, CJarkie Sharp. Uubena "Welch, of Rlchgrove; odith Magoe or Karlimart, and Ron- •tld Pmin. CALIENTE I. A. HEADS GIVE Boale- Pacific rccntly * CAblENTE, Jan. 31.—A visitor at the county scat from hero recently was Henry C. Johnson, foreman of the right-of-way fonco building crow stationed hero a few weeks. Mrs. Wilbur Jcsso Smith of vllle, wife of tho Southern agent, and son Floyd Dospaln, spent a day at Bakersfield. Joo and Roy Kdwards left recently for attcnnco at high school at Tehach- apl, having been kept out a couple of weeks by bad weather. Lute Hopper, well known pioneer pioneer cattle man, and now in charge of tho fig orchard ranch of the nankin ]3.stato Jti)nges, left for tho county seat .Sunday. Klner Anderson of Hanford, Kings county livestock Inspector, visited over Sunday with his brother Louis at Ills homo on Kast J street hero. Tloy do Armond, of Bakersfield, assistant- supervisor of bridges and buildings of tho .Southern Pacific, visited hero on business Wednesday, ant] for conference with Henry C. Johnson, foreman. Hank Plckney, homesteader of tho hill country, 20 miles southeast of here, motored here through 2 foot of snow Wednesday. "Wednesday's rain of 1.38 Inches, tho heaviest hereabouts of record, makes the totnl for the season 10.25 Inches, just .06 Inch more Mian laflt year. 1 Joe Rails, homesteader In the Cnll- ente creek country, has Joined tho county road force .In place of t*ouls Anderson. NAME NEW SAFETY COMMITTEE FOR SEMESTER AT FRUITVALE fr (. * t t Most Important ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT THE NEW DEALAN ADVISORY DEPARTMENT Under the direction of Mr. Vern Owen, created anil now functioning to carry out our pledge to the people of Balt- ersfield and Kern County to use our best efforts to assist in encouraging funeral services of a high standard, also to help bring about a reduction In present day funeral costs, is introduced to your attention. Should a funeral contingency arise affecting your Immediate family, or the friends, or relatives of a friend or an acquaintance, we urge you to consult with our advisory department, or that you urge those \vhom we may serve, to do so. A qualified attendant will give authentic information on funeral methods, customs and charges. With the aid of our advisory department it should be Jess difficult to select a service that will best meet requirements in the particular case. The veil of secrecy and mystery which has long surrounded the business of funeral directing is being lifted. The highly important question of costs may now be frankly discussed, also how payment may be budgeted over a considerable period of time through a simple monthly payment plan. Our advisory department will explain fully how SATISFACTORY FUNERAL SERVICE MAY NOW BE PURCHASED FOR AS LITTLE AS Also about more elaborate services, and will uasist those charged with the sad duty of making funeral arrangements so that a decision as to service and cost may be intelligently determined and one may then readily decide upon a funeral service most fitting and appropriate to the position and circumstances of the deceased, also to those who must shoulder the responsibility of paying the cost We urgently advise that you preserve this announcement where it may be quickly referred to in case of an emergency. Before calling an undertaker phone Bakersfield Memorial Park Advisory Department, telephone 5032; if you do not get a connection immediately we advise that you call the Bakersfield Funeral Home, telephone 340. (Please note—The Bakersfield Memorial Park and Community Mausoleum are in no way financially interested in the Bakersfield Funeral Home. However, a lengthy Investigation has disclosed that Its management Is making an honest effort to furnish a finer funeral service at a lower cost and as we arc entirely in accord with this policy, we take pleasure In recommending the institution). WHEN SORROW COMES PHONE 5032 OR 340 BE PRUDENT It will be a prudent, protective and considerate act to provide without delay for the purchase of interment property in the Bakersfield Memorial Park, in advance of need. You will be conscious of having rendered a service in the interests of public welfare by assisting In the upbuilding of a worthy, much needed and entirely local enterprise. A fitting tribute to your loved ones and insurance against the burden of their having to sometime provide a memorial to yourself. Start your purchase M-Hh a small down paj'ment and pay the balance as you would add to a savings account at a regular time each month. NO INTEREST FOR YOU TO PAY—YOUR COMPLETED PURCHASE WILL 2ARN YOU INTEREST PAYA FOR QUARTERLY YEARS TITLE CONVEYED BY DEED —EXEMPT FROM ALL TAXATION—ALWAYS WORTH THE PURCHASE PRICE Wide Distribution of Ownership Is KarncBtly Desired A 150 PurcliaHe as Welcome us ono for $10,000.00 WE INVITE CRITICISM Bakersfield Memorial Park, Inc. A Limited Corporation AUTHORIZED CAPITAL $400,000.00 "Dedicated to the Highest Fulfillment of the Memorial Ideal" MALCOUM BROCK President GEORGE B. CUOME Vice-Prnsident LOUIS HANDUCCI Vico-Prebldont J. K. McAU'IN7'; Managing Director On. \V. UOH1NHON Director L.. S. UOBIN.SON' Secretary-Treasurer AM13HIGO PIKUUCCI, Director Identified With the Community Mausoleum Member of the Interment Association of California SPONSORED BY NEARLY TWO HUNDRED LOCAL MEN AND WOMEN--LEADING CITIZENS OF BAKERSFIELD AND KERN COUNTY Exclusive Service Representative K, McAlpine Land & Development Company, Ltd. Main Office—Community Mausoleum Phone 5032 McFAKLiANP, Jan. 31,—Mrs. II. A. Broadwcll, program chairman for tho P. T. A., led In tho study hour conducted Kriday afternoon. The subject was child welfare, and after sho read several chapters on tho subject a general discussion was held. Mrs. 11. J. Hodson presided over the business session, Including tho report of tho cafeteria by Mrs. E. M. Htffglnbothnm, manager. Mrs. D. \j. "Whlsler reported on the membership drive. Mrs. Hodson announced that tho drive would close soon and urged that room mothers work for a larger membership. She also appointed Mrs. Georgo Davis to confer with the teachers. E. M. HIggtnbrithum, principal of the school, reported that there are from 15 to 20 moro needy children being fed at present than last month. Tho cafeteria is serving a plate lunch to these children at 5 cents a plate. There aro between Go and 00 plates served dally. He also reported that tho Meal welfare society, assisted by tho lied Cross, has kept the children furnished with shoes and clothing. Tho members of tho P. T. A- voted to pay lunches for needy children for two wpoks. At present tho high Kc-hool faculty are talcing care of this work. Mrs. Ruby Bowman and hor piano pupils gave a demonstration of their dally music study, which was greatly enjoyed by tho parents present. There aro 2f> pupils In tho clans nnd tho lessons are given to groups of eight pupils each. The program numbers wore announced by Miss Jdella Phillips, member of tho seventh grade. Piano numbers by Ilamae Buchanln, IJttlo Tndlnn Boy; Vivian Hubbard, birthday party; Marjorio Petersen, Tx>\*es Old Sweet Song, sung as a duet by Peggy Howard and Geraldlno Garrett; "\Vnndale Hargrave, Fairies and Brownies; Betty Carter, Basque Air; Earnest Hylton, Dancing "Lesson and Follow the Leader; Tne/. Kruger, Nail; Shirley Taylor, You and I; Fvolyn "Waller, Indian; Hazel Paine, Minuet In G; Dorothy Hodnon, Tjtttlo River; Mrs. Bowman, Worm. Tho next meeting of the P. T. A. will bo held February 24 and will be in celebration of Founder's day. F, Jan. 31.—Tho bcgtn- Ing of tho now quarter at tho Prult- Vttlo School Monday saw tho appointment of a new safety committee. This • committee supervises tho playgrounds and otherwise directs tho conduct of tho children on tho grounds so that Injuries may be avoided. This plan was suggested a number of years ago by tho Automobile Club of Southern California and a now committee ,Is appointed at tho beginning of each Homester. Those who will servo for tho remainder of the school year at tho local school are: Third grade, ROH- alyn Stancllff and Edward Dominguez; fourth nnd fifth grades, Bnr- ara Jacobson and Floyd Nord; sixth, seventh and eighth grades, Virginia Bruce and Robert Booth. Pupils of Miss Evelyn Palmer, teacher of the fourth and fifth grades, were awarded a treat-Monday afternoon, as tho result .of the room having tho host attendance record In the school for tho quarter Just ended. Three new students wero enrolled Monday. Frank Williams transferred from the Standard School at Olldale, while Mahlan and LoRoy Hoguo formerly attended tho Lincoln School at Tnft. Frank became n member of the fifth grade, Mahlan of tho sixth and LeRoy of tho third. Claude Johnson, county probation officer, and Jack Byfiold, county superintendent of attendance and physical education, called at tho school Monday. Mr. Byfleld spent some time coaching the members of tho Frultvale boys' basketball team. Mr. Johnson wns formerly principal of a school which numbered among its teachers Mrs. Margaret Stoclctpn, present principal ot tho Frultval School. mm CLASSES N YEARLY MEET Kernville Youth Lures Fame With Lasso and Chaps Slmfler Pastor Is Inducted; Hold Election of New Officers KERNVILLE; Jan. Jug-beaded, fuzz-tajl bratmks out again? uncle That heardi. son of FRUITVALE FRUTTVALB, Jan. 31 .—The boys' clara of the Frultviilo Union Snndny school will be entertained Snturduy nt (i party lit the home of Mrs. John Ilarrel. on the Rosedulc highway near the Green Acres corner. Alias Grace Koycs is the class teacher-and will bo f McFARLAND River Glow FELLOWS FELLOWS, Jan. 31. —Miss Aral Fairey, who is attending a beauty school Emily Vincent wns tho guest over the week-end of her cousin, Emma Ross, of Greenfield, Friday evening tho girls attendee a box social given at Panama. Mr. and Mrs. Ted McKeo of Los Angeles wero week-end visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Hutchinson and family. Mrs. McKec Is tho former Ruth Hutchinson, W. S. Hood was employed by tho school trustees to 'do some grading and" filling, at tho school grounds last week. On 'Friday Mr. Hood prepared the Booth place for the planting of alfalfa. Miss Ruth Llesch of Green Acres spent Sunday with Miss Naomi Friesen of Bakersfield. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kotsenburg of the Stlne district wero Sunday evening guests at the M. R. Cowan home. Mrs. Frank Nutt of Fruit vale has opened a cafe In Rtvervicw. Mr. and Mrs. Weller of Bakerafleld woro Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stockton. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cowan of Union avenue wore guests of Mr. Cowan's brother, Marshall, Saturday. Mrs. J. M. Elalminger, who has been a guest at the homo of her daughter, Mrs. Clara Booth, returned to her Long Beach homo Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Helor of Green Acres had as dinner guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. John and children, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. ISltzen and daughter Verna, Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Harmes. LOH Angeles, OH me up Saturday Miss Erma M Inert and Leon Heler, all of Hnkersfleld. James Jones, Jr., Frultvale man- ngor of the Petrol Oil Co., went to Tuft Friday to attend the graduation exercises of the Conley Grammar School, his son, James, Jr., being one of the graduates. The son accompanied his father home and visited here over the week-end. Jack Douio, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Denlo, who has been employed on tho construction of the now bridge north of town, was painfully burned while at work Saturday. The burns with friends to enjoy tho week-end visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Flrcy. Mrs. F. T. Forgues and son Bobby of Keone are visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Faust of the Associated. Mr. Forgues came down Sunday for a few days' visit. Mrs. O. P. Goodc and daughter Margaret and son Loren are In Ventura for a few days visiting Mrs. Goodo's mother, Mrs. S. A. Harris. Mrs, Ella Denlson of Chotou, Mont., in visiting- her son and wife, Mr. nnd W ere so serious he will bo compelled Mrs. A. T. Dcnosln and other friends and relatives. Marvin Ouodo returned Saturday from u week's outing In Los Angeles. Word from Mrs. L. C. Kutliff Saturday told of tho death of her father, .1. Hart, at hl« home In Los Angeles. Funeral rites were held this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Sutliff and won Alvah will return home Tuesday. to be absent from his work for several days. Mr. and Mrs.' M. R. Cowan had as dinner guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts and son John of Birmingham, Ala« Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carter of Taft and James Jones of Frultvalo. MCFARL.AND, Jan. 31.—K M. Hig- glnbolham, district superintendent of the grammar school, and E. P. Janes, principal of the high school here, attended a Kern County Teachers' conference held in BakerHfteld Thursday evening. Judge W. J. tilery of tho Ninth district, "Wasco, sat for Judge Elmer K. Ix>bre of tho First district at McFarland, Thursday, in the case of James 1C. Scott and the Stradlcy Grocer Co. vs. Charles H. Haase and W. D. McLaren. Elmer E. Lobro, Jr., Idua Lessley and Arthur Peterson, spent Sunday In Bnkersfield visiting friends, and In tho afternoon attended a theater. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Lobro entertained at Sunday dinner for Mrs. IjObre's sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth E. Rlppey and their house guest, Bert Rlppey, from Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dickinson were Sunday night supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Moore at their home at Rio Bravo. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pike, accompanied by Mrs. PIko's mother, Mrs. J. H. Bruno, who Is their house guest, attended the Baptist Church in Bakersfield Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. M. Y. Cavanaugh en- Joyed Sunday dinner with Mr. and Airs. C. I>. Searby at their Delano home. Miss Fern Martin of Tulure spent tho week-end as tho guest of Miss Edna Lewis at her home on Barlow uvenue. Miss Vida Bounds returned Sunday evening from Fresno, where she spent the week-end with friends. Mr. nml Mrs. Wiley Watts and their sons Mervyn and Ellis LeRoy from Wheeler Hldge arc spending a few days ntt guests of Mrs. Watts' parents, Mr. and Mrs. p. W. Ellis. Mrs. J. L. Ash ton entertained at her home Sunday for her brother-in- law rind sister, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Herrold of Fresno. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Baker and their son Otha, Mr. and Mrs. John Moomaw and their daughter Dorothy Lee were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Baker in Bakersfield. The affair honored the birthday anniversary of the latter. Mrs. T*. E. Hylton Is in Oakland spending two weeks as the of her slater, Mrs. M. Stoops of Fresno, who is taking treatments from a specialist. Mr. and Mrs. L. S. McQueen and their sdn Vernon an'd their daughter A r ernlcc were breakfast guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Baker this morning before leaving for their new home at Tranquillty. SHAFTER, Jan. 31.—The Reformed! Church held a conference In tho local Reformed Church beginning Tuesday evening, January 24. This was tho second annual meeting in Shafter of these'-'classes. Impressive services, opening and installation were conducted during 1 the conference. The classes wero established a year ago and are a church organization, judlca- tory for the Reformed Church of tho United Statqs In California and is attended by ministers and ciders. Opening services wore hold Tuesday evening. Reverend W. Thlel of Lodl, former pastor of tho Shafter charge, preached the opening sermon. "Wednesday was devoted to the giving of religious reports of tho different chnrges of classes. Also much consideration was gtvon to the work of Cnrtotlan education nnd stewardship. The report on the union plan between the ISvangellcul Synod of North America and the Reformed Church o? United States was adopted, with the reservation that classes will retain its reformed confession nnd Heldelberg^catechlsm as the book of instruction for tho youth. AYednesday evening the ladles of the church entertained tho delegates and visiting members of classes, numbering about 25, at a banquet at thc> American Legion hall. Holly, narcissus and Chinese lilies wero used tn decorating tho tables. After the banquet, installation services were held In the church, the Reverend A. Punch being inducted as minister of the Reform Church of Shafter by the Reverend R. Blrk o^ Lodl. Representatives attended from San Francisco, Lodl, Los Angeles and Hollywood. Classes adjourned on Thursday afternoon after the following officers had been elected: T>octor F. Kvc- meyer, president; Reverend A. Funch, vice-president, and Elder John Mettler of Lodl, treasurer. Well, I'll be a sheep's I" was Dlok Pascoe you diminutive 7-year-old Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Pa»- coe, of the Bar 53 pack trains and, Incidentally* the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Pascoe. And Dick considers the cor* rallno of "them braunks," abo'ut 40 of them, as his personal responsibility. An expert with the lasso, Ofck will rope his own mount and with or without help decorate the animal with his specially made saddle. He will ride through the snow, bunch the scattered horses, maneuver a wise old mule Into the lead and haze the entire cavvy back Into the corral. Dick will tell you how to throw a diamond hitch or how to snub a fractious horse to be shod. Ite comes Into all this quite honAtly, as his parents are noted for their expertness with horse, rope and gun. Dick disclaims any silver spoon Incident with his advent, but will tell you, "Mister, I come onto this range wearln' high-heeled boots and with a rope In my hand." Christian Endeavor Group Gives Party AUVIN, Jan. 31.—The Intermediate Society of the Christian Kndeiivor helti its monthly party* In the church parlors on Friday night. Games were the diversion of the evening and refreshments were served. Those present were Jlmmie Smith, Helen Hayes, Genevleve and Billy Nance, Mildred and Bernlce Permenter, Mary Jean Tucker, Helen and Loren Yaussy. Juno Myrtls and Hulett Combs, Francis Varnon, Mildred Mitchell, Helen Shearer. ' Lawrence Krauter, Junior Stone, Philip Krnuter, Ward and Trent Stockton, Thchna Bishop, Velva Chccvor, Otis Mitchell, Edward Falo and tho leader, Miss Marjorio Kexroth. S CELEBRATED « Wasco Odd Fellows ifoiibr Memory of Founder in Splendid Program March." nohlo grand possibilities of of PANAMA MOJAVE O WASCO WASCO/ Jan. 31.—Sunday dinner puestfl at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Oromor were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Gromer of Bakersfield and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gromqr and son Bobbie of Lebec. Other guests for the afternoon were Mr. and Mra. William Kf- land, Mr. and Mra. Tom Shafer and HOiiH Harold and TtJverette. Little Shirley HomefeJd is recovering I from a severe attack of the flu. i Newell CaUnglmu of Spokane Is I visiting tit the homo of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McNeil. DELANO ARVIN EH coios colds prevent "*ym®:s €V DELANO, Jan. 31.—Mrs. Minnie Grlswold, accompanied by her daughters, the Misses Grace, Nettle and Lyda, spent Saturday In Bakersfield on business und pleasure. Scott Ladd, 'city clerk of Delano, was ablo to be downtown on Saturday after a month's illness with influenza.. Miss Betty ISmlth will attend high school in Bakersfield beginning with the second semester. Local friends of Mrs. C. C. Casey aro sorry to hear that sho Is again in i a Baker.sfleld hospital for treatment. J. F. Krebs is acting night man In tho local police department pending tho appointment of a man to fill the position left open by the resignation of Joyful O. Adams. Members of Delano Bethel. Job's Daughters, who visited the Bakersfield bethel recently, were: Misses Amy Posl, Lucllo Hay den, Bertllo Morris, Nancy Smith and Jean LMxon. Dr. G. F. Clayton motored to Los Angeles on Sunday and spent the day with his brother who is quite 111. Mr. and Mrs. Barton Campbell of Tracy spent the week-end here visiting Mrs. Campbell's sister, Mrs. Paul Zimmerman and family. Mr. and Mrs, Edgar E. Loo of the Rlchgrovo district, were Saturday night callers in tho Frank J. Coddlng- ton home. K. Hakabo who has been a patient in the Delano Hospital for several weeks following an automobile accident east of town, was ablo to leave the hospital on Sunday noon and to go to the homo of his friend, H. Yano. William Burchett of Santa Cruz Is spending a few days here visiting with his daughter, Mrs. Georgo T. Clasen and family, and attending to business. Mr. and- Mrs. Glen B. Corson returned to Hollywood on Sunday after spending the week-end hero with friends. ARVIN, Jan. 31.—Miss Anel Bartrum nnd LeRoy Nance of Fresno were visitors at the V. A. and W. P. Nance homes on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bonesteel and children from Baker«field called on Arvln friends on Sunday. Mrs. Gertrude Easton la confined to her home on account of illness. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Carlson of Taft and Mr. and Mrs. Goorge Norrby of Wasco were week-end guests at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Swanson. Mr. and Mrs, R. L. Johnson and children Yonne and Buddy wore the guests of Mr. Johnson's mother, Mrs. Melvlna Johnson, in the Shafter district on Sunday. Mrs, John Krauter who Is in a Pasadena hospital on account of Injuries received when lilt by an automobile is gradually improving. Mis.s Madalyn tlcxrotb of Rio Bravo spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Rexroth. Mr. and Mra. W. T. Mahin and E. O. Mitchell wont to Vlneland Friday afternoon to hear Herbert Healy dia- CUSB tho legislative program us outlined by tho P. T. A. board of managers. Air. and Mrs. R A. Nance have gone to Fresno for a visit at the homo of their BOH. G. H. Nance. Miss Marie Brand who is to leave aoon for Cameron, Missouri, was presented with a beautiful prlft Sunday evening by members of tho Christian Endeavor. PANAMA, Jan. 31.—Herbert Rails of Callente spent Thursday night with Dean Mays. Miss Eleanor Fuller has been out of school tho past month on account of illness. ' TT Recent guests at the home of H. E. Van Horn wore C. E. Marshburn and family of Yorba Linda and Mark Colbert and wife of "Waterford. California. Sam Eborle nnd wife left on Saturday to visit relatives near San Fran- clsco * Mrs. L. R. Muller of East Bakersfield was the guest of Mrs.. Peter Sails Friday. Mrs. R. S. Holding went to "Wasco Thursday to attend a .1oint meeting- of tho AVnsco-Shafter Missionary Societies of the Congregational church. She went on a similar mission to Atari copa Friday In company with Mrs. H. C. Yaussy of Arvln. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blttaln of Taft were visitors at the Pitcher homo Friday. Mesdames Chester Marsh, "Wesley Davis, W. A. Van Horn and H. E. Van Horn were entertained at the homo of H. C. Flke in Bakersfield Friday evening. Mrs. Flke is a sister of Mrs. H. E. Van Horn. Tho C. E. Society held a box social at the church Friday evening. The Ladies' Aid Society will meet at the parsonage, Thursday at 2 p. m. Rev. and Mrs. S. C. Carson and son Vance visited with their daughter, Mrs. Erlo Parish Saturday. Mr. Parish recently acquired the Pyle ranch and Is remodeling the house preparatory to moving. Miss Emily Vincent spent the weekend with her cousins Emma and AI- llenne Ross. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Greenstreet and Mrs. Clyde George and daughter of Bakersfield wero recent guests at the D. M. Thomas home. The county C. E. rally will bo held at the Panama church on Friday evening. A large representation from various parts of the county is expected. MO.TAVK. Mr. and Mra. M. J. Chcnurd motored from Alhainbra Sunday morning and on thoir return Sunday night were accompanied by thoir daughter, Ruth, who hus boon living with ?ior relatives, the Tfenri Chemird.v, for the past two months and going to school. Iluth made many friends hero and will bo greatly missed. Mr. and Mrs. C. Bates left Sunday to spend two weeks in Bishop. Mr. and Mrs. John Reinhardt of Bukersflcld arc the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bd Fair. Mrs. Howard Tongue and daughter I^orralne will motor to Bakersfield "Wednesday to shop nnd also to visit tho Neil Baggets, former residents here. Mr. and Mrs. O. S. \VUlcerson and daughter. Anna Marie of L.OS Angeles, and Ardis Money of Beverly Hills, were the week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred AVilkerson. Miss Wilkerson and Miss Money are pupils of the CJlrard Dancing Academy of I^os Angeles, and will entertain the public at the program to be given by the Parent Teauher Association on next Friday night. WASCO, Jan. 31.—Celebrating the birthday of Thomas Wiley, founder of the Order of Odd Fellows, as well as the third anniversary of their own lodge, local Odd Fellows sponsored 11 program Thursday evening In the Odd Fellows hall. IT. tCeese gave a very interesting biographical sketch of Mr. Wiley's life and motive for founding 1 the Order of Odd Fellows. Ho spent his life traveling all over the country establishing lodges and promoting the interest of tho order and died In Baltimore, Octobr 19, 386t. James Rlchey. tn eulogizing him, said: "Although we see him not he is ever before, us In the memory of the past. He still lives and will continue to live in tho memory of his works," Mrs. Lester Smith, teacher In tha grammar school, presented a group of four girls In two folk dances entitled, "Plantation" and "Caroline." The girls were Jessie Kline, Virginia Burn* qulst, Loralno Banks and Dorothy Gelgor. Evelyn and Dorothy Hadlock of Lost Hills played a -piano duet, "Sonla"; Audry AVlnn and Virginia Burnqulst of Wasco also played A piano duet, "Military Edward Noff, first tho lodge, .said the forming a lodgex^vero first spoken of about 10 years ago hut as there were, not enough members at that time H was not tried again till 1932. Then with 16 charter members It was 6s- tabllshcd on January IB In the Masonic temple and shortly after that the Ro- bekah lodge was instituted with 16 charter members also. In December, 1932, they purchased tho old Congregational Church, two blocks south of the Bank of America, which was remodeled and dedicated shortly afterward. The order now has 42 members and tho Rebckahs have a membership of 44. Frank" Landers of Taft, president of tho Kern County Odd Fellows Association, and Margaret Gucrln of IJOHI Hills, district deputy president, responded at tho request of Clarenci- Reynolds, noble grand and acting chairman. 11 Bill and Loyde Perryman'sang three?* numbers, "Moonlight and Skys," "Ala-J bama Homo of Mine," and "Mississippi Valley Blues," accompanying themselves on guitars. Following the program all pupsts were invited to the banquet. hall where supper wafc served. Thou* In charge of tho program nnd refreshments woro Tom Brown, D. A. Fisher arid W. W. Moses. CLUB TO MEET TAFT, Jnn. 31.—Tho Slrongheart Club will meet Wednesday afternoon at the homo of Mrs. Kleanor Gordon at 518 San Kmldlo street with Mr*. Johanna Cook as cohostess. Bridge and pedro will furnish the entertainment for tho afternoon nnd playing will commence shortly after 1:30 o'clock. TO MEET WASCO. Jnn. Progressive <*lub I TEHACHAPI THURSDAY 31.—The Woman'js \vlll meet at the of Mrs. Jo Altrluger Thursday afternoon. February 2. Reverend i J. C. Kclr.volt;;er will fflve a talk on tho "Women of the Bible." Mrs. Zud'm McNeil will (five her fourth talk on Uussln. Her topic will be "Tho Five- Year Pliin." Each member is asked furnish her own refreshments. * I KERNVILLE O MOUNTAIN VIEW VINELAND VIX13I<AND, Jan. 31.—Mrs. Chaa. T'MeUla and Mrs. H. Smith of BakerH- flcld wero recent dinner gucstis at tlio C. 13. Bcoohloy homo. Mr. and Mra. A. 1C. O.shorn and Mr, nnd Mrs, Cecil Sclfort woro guests* at IL dinner honoring the birthday of Mrs. II. J. Soifort on Saturday. Mrs. D. II. Jinnott Is vlnltlnrr with her mother, who i*MH In JJOUK Ileai-h. Mr. and Mra. L». W. Frlck and children, Mury-txnl and Donald spent the wock-ond In Uon Angelou. Hod CroHH mntorluU have boon received and all ladlcH Interested In community welfare work aro asked to meet at the M. R Parish homo Wednesday afternoon to sew. Mrs. Kverett Halo of Union avenue wus a recent dinner guest of Mrs. A. Osborn. Put your family on Vicfcs Plan for better Control^of-Colds. In extensive clinical tests, this unique Plan has reduced the number, duration, and costs of colds by half! .'> i t % CUTS YOUR "COLDS-TAX 1 ENTERTAINS CHILDREN TAFT, Jan. 31.—Mrs. Kenneth Nordyko entertained a group of youngsters recently at her homo at 813 Pierce street in honor of the tenth birthday anniversary of her nitjce, Lucille Blsbey. Garnets were pluyed und prices awarded to Mary SheliU'ck, Geneva Westfull and Lucille Blhbey. ttvfrc'NhmetitK were served at the close of the afternoon to tho honoree, Lucille Ulsbey, and Thelma Blsbey, Mnry yhelrleck, Sheldeck, Hugo Sheldeck, Geneva Wcstfall, Ht?nry Wrstfull, Juno Harder, Dorothey Harder und Zclnm Holden. MOUNTAIN VIT3W, Jan. 31.—Mr. nnd Mrs. M. York and family have moved from tho Cross place in Kernlta Park to Nlles street. Mr. und Mrs. Jack Cross und family huvo moved onto the Cross ranch. K. G, Buerkle Is home from tho hos- pltul and la convulPsHnff rapidly. Mr. and Alr«. lHvorett. Thornburg and family havo moved into tho house recently completed across tho highway from the Alexander camp ground. The dinner held at tho church Friday evening was well attended and a goodly Hum of money was cleared. Mra. M. A. Heck. Mrs. Phobo Wells, Miss Beulah Heck and Charles Norton spent Sunday at Shafter In the Carter home. J. K. Ponton und Philip Hook sturtod for Lockwood Valley Friday hut had to turn back at Kruzlor Mountain Park on account of the snow. Anna JloJUiiff.shoud, who has mado her homo for KOIUO time with Mrs. Mellvllte has pono to Santa Maria to stay with relatives there. Carl Hnyder of Missouri was an overnight guest Sunday In tho J. T. Browning home. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Carter of Shaftor woro Sunday night guests in the M. A. Heck home. — WEL RE LEAGUE PARTY ARVIN, Jan. 31.—The Arvln Welfare Tjeairuo gave u card party at the Hchoolhouse Friday night. Both .bridge and five hundred were played. Refreshments were served. Those attending were Mr. and Mr«. E, S. Bur,low, Mr. and Mrs. U. T. Stockton, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cheever, \V, and Mrs. O. W. Ratliff, Mrs. Merrill Barlow, Mrs. A. Peck, Ned Barlow, Mrs. G. Kan ton and Miss 15dlth Chutnbles. KEUNVILL-IS, Jan. 31,—MrH. Bertha Kewin of Borol journeyed to Bak- ersfleld Friday to return with Miss Marie ICeyser and Mlws UarfirarH Tlm- mons, Bakersficld High School students, for a \\eo.k-end visit. Tom AHred, who recently returned from a trip through Utah and Arizona, left hero Saturday with food- laden pack anlmnls for the relief of Glen Ilundall, who has been snowed in at Falrview. Earl Pascoe left Saturday for Round meadows on his first snow-measuring trip of the season. It i.s thought there Is not less than 12 feet of snow at that point. Mrs. A. M. Bard Inc. 93-year-old, still remains quite ill at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. K. F. MatloCk, the latter being her granddaughter. Mrs. SopJiJu Olson, mother of Carl Olson, district Standard Oil representative, Is improving very much In health. RICHGROVE IIA PI. Jan, 31. — Mr. and Mrs. P. 13. -Williamson of Berkeley visited Friday and Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Orrey Ualney. Mrs. Williamson Is a sister, ol' Airs. Ralney. Reginald G. Humphrey drove to BakersfieM Saturday. A. Avlla spent Monday in Bakersfield. Miss Ruth Janes and Miss Jane Waters drove to Bakersfield on Saturday. Mrs. George Burrh and son. Bernard Dugan of LoS Angeles, spent the week-end at tho Yorba home. Mr. und Mrs. Walter Headstrom have been in Bakersfield tho past week owing to the Illness of Mr. JTeadstrom's father, Tho elder Mr. Headstrom passed away Monday morning, Mrs. Tom Ellington was taken seriously ill Monday and was rushed to a Bakcrsfleld hospital. Mrs. Frank WiKson nnd her mother. .Airs. Mary Pyle, drove to Bakersfield Friday evening to visit u few dtiys. Mr. and Mrs. Hal Griffls of Buk- orsfleld spent t.he week-end with air. and Mrs. Art Keeley. Juan Ucyos drove to Bakersflrld Monday to briny homo Mrs. Reyes and baby from a Bakursfield hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Baumgurt und Mrs. Laura Mayer spent Monday in Bakersfield. C. S. Rowo of Independence, Kan., Is visiting his son, Donald Ro\vc and family. Week-end guests of Inn Rnwe home were Mr. uml Mn>. Earl Oden and Mr, und Mrs. W. J. Chedlster of Tulaiv. Doctor nnd Mrs, Tl. G. Doupe uud Mr. and Mra. Herbert Sutton of Lancaster drove to Low Angel en Saturday to attend a meeting .Sunday of tho Patrons' Association, O. E. H. T. J. Newcomb, Jr., of Bukcrsfiold visited Sunday evening: at the homo of his sister, Mrs. H. M. Cowan. Ills mother, Mrs. A. V. Newcomb, who has been visiting her daughter here, returned with him. The Allisons aro giving a dance Friday evening at. Masonic temple for Masons, Eastern Stars and their families. • ^ m m ^^™^^^^~^^^^^^ Cough This Hurry, Home Satei Cooking! SoEuy! Millions of housewives hare found that, by mixing their own cough medicine, they get a purer, more effective remedy. They use 1 a recipe which coats about one-fourth as much as ready- mado medicine, but which really has no equal for breaking up obstinate coughs. From any druggist, get, 2'/£ ounces of Pinex. Pour this into a pint bottl* fl and add granulated sugar syrup to 6 up the pint. Tbe syrup is easily made with 2 cups sugar nnd one cup water, Rtirred a few moments until dissolved. No cooking needed. It's no trouble at all, and *-makes the most effective remedy that money could buy. Keep* perfectly, and children love its taste. Its quick artiou- in loosening the phlegm, clearing the air pammgcs, and soothing away tbe inflammation, has caused it to be used in more homes than auy other cougli remedy. Pinex is a highly concentrated compound of Norway Pine, famous for itn hcnlinp effect on tbroatf membranes. ^ is guaranteed to give prompt relief or money refunded. RTCHGUOVE, Jan. 31.—Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland A. Simmons 'have returned to Vlsalia after u brief visit horo with Mrs. Simmons' father. O. Browning, and to look after business IntoroHtH. Mr. and Mrs. Simmons recently moved from hero to Vlaallu. Mrs. W. A. Welch IUIH returned from Pasadena whore she Kpcnt several days visiting with her purenta, tho Reverend Bud Robinson and wife. She also visited with hor son, Harper Welch, who Is attending Junior Collego In Pasadena. William Durum enjoyed a recent all- dav trip in tho Tehachanl mountains with tho geology class of tho Porler- vlllo Junior College of which ho is n momber. Charles Rleok of this district . underwent a major operation on Friday nt Delano Hospital and is convalescing 1 aw rapidly us can be expected. GIVE WAFFLE SUPPER McKARLAND, Jan. 31.—Mr. and Mrs. M. B. McFarland entertained at a wuffle* supper for u group of their friends recently :it their home on Robinson uvenue. After supper bridge was the diversion of the evening. Guests who enjoyed the evoninc with Mr. and Mrs. McKurlund were Messrs.. and Mosdamea W, J. Woolverton, 1C. S. Darby, R. J. Hodaon and -Miss Marie "McFarland of McFarland and Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Camp of Shuftur. «:•-*. :*» .«-*-•. **.•-•. :t»: !»:•. raw >-"-•-•-• -*~*~ *:o>:t»%!t»>:o» »- TO*S- » •:•: .•.•I »_ •_** n.t^ >_»: » *_*_ !»•» •»»: » •>: »i« *>i m %!• »; f GLENNVILLE m .-»-*Vi*; •-V.V-' :•:*:•: . •!»*.• •_•_ :•:• . O .*!•] 'ff H * .*.*! GLTSXNVrM.K. Jan. 31.—During tho storm of the past week flvo.fowt of snow lias fallen at the Fulton ranger station, with nine, foot on the level at the summit of Greenhorn. Telephone linow wero down and bnnirf caved In all through 14nns valley. Numbers of deer nre fed at the ranger station. The roads are kept open with crew-s of men working with tractors, graders nml snow pJowu. During tho worst of the storm mull luid to be brought from Jack Ranch to Gonn- vllle on horseback. f REMOVE TO DELANO MoPARLAND. Jan. 31.—Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Hone and ther HUUH Altlen and Roger moved Friday from the J. W. Holm honiu to Duluno. whevu Mr. Rose i.s employed by tin oil company. Air. and Mrs. Helm will occupy their house which was vacated by thu ftnse family, and iheir largo house on Harlow avenue will be occupied by 'All-, and Mrw. Walker Thomas, who moved Saturday from the Cecil Taylor uotiugu at California avenue and First fatiect. trength before Childbirth "I haf« twin tablet who w«lfth«i ,. aeT*n pound* each. Before and aft«r ft their birth Lydla E. Pink ham'* Vef F •table Compound helped me to be * •tronfter. I am no longer run down* I do my own work and to out nursing too.** MRS. DEAN BATCHELDER Katt Bam, Vermont * It you are weak, nerroui or run-* < down, give thla medicine a fair trial. Your druggiat sella it. ' r' T I \ 4

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