The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 27, 1958 · Page 14
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 14

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1958
Page 14
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W«l 0* TV »UtJ«« K01XX Ch. l> Ma«« Cityj WC«O Cfc 4) Mtfr fieapolls; KsfP (Ch. 5) St. Paul; KMMT (Ch. I) Austin; WKBT tOl. B) UCrowe; tod KROC (Ch, 10) Rochester, I Network Television I Saturday, Dee. 27 and Sunday, Dec; 28 (CJ Meant Fragrant h) to Color 6.00 £.m. 3 — 0*Henry Playhouse B— News. Weather, Sports •— ttacle Al B~>Uwrene« Welk 6:15 P.M. 4— Farm Newsreel 6:30 p.m. 3, 4— Perry Mason •—Dick Clark Show S, 10— People Are Funny 7:00 p.m. t. to— Perry Como (Q •-Jubilee U.S.A. B— Loretta Young 7'30 p.m. 1. 4. B— Wanted 8.-00 p.m. 3— Heart of City 4— Oh Susara 5, 10— Steve Canyon •— tawtemt Wetfc B— Cole Storm 8:30 p.m. 3. 4, B— Have Gun Will Travel S, 10— Clmaroe City O.-OO PM. 4— How to Marry Millionaire 9:30 p.m. 3— Stole Trooper 4— Death Vatic* Day* 5. t— MeKenile Raiders B— Peter Gann IB— Braiiu eV Brew 10.40 p.m. 3. «, S. •, B, 10— News iNfeeitiief Sporfj ' 10:15 p.m. 3— Night Cap B— Bob Cemmimjs 20:20 p.m 10— Movie 10:30 p.m. 4 — Theater 5— Decoy *— Variety Theater 10:45 p.m. B— Max's Playhouse 11. OO Dm. S— Boitoa Btackle 11:30 S.IB. S— Leigh Plavs SUNDAY. DEC 21 7:30 ».m. 5— Christophers 8:00 a.m 4 — Secret! Heart 5— Bible Story 8.2) *.m. 4— As A Man Thlnketh 8:30 a.m. 3— Thru Porthole 5— Frontiers ol F«ith 8:45 *M< 3—Chrlstlaa Selene* 4— Thre Porthole 9.-00 *.m. 3-JLama Unto My Feet 4— Business 5— O.ul* a Catholic 9:30 *.m. 3— leek Op and Uve 4— Cisco Kid 5— Big Pktare 10.-OO ».m. 3— tye on New-York 4 — Ramar of Jvngle S — Star Theater 10— Double- Feature 10:^0 *.m. J— Camera 3 . 4— Hopaleag Casttdy 71:00 ».m. 3— This Is Ufe S — Boot* •> Saddles (—Am. Kel. Town Hall B— This It Life 11:30 t.m. 3— Face Nation 4 — Moffic Island •—John Hopkins File B— Christophers 12.-00 p.m. 9 " uciie Autfy 4 Sports, Weather S— Pro Football Highlights •— Bishop Pike B— Kel. Tawa Had 12:30 PM. 4— New* S, B, 10— Pro Football Championship < Man to Man 12:45 pM. 4 — Bowlerama *— Ckttottan Scltnce l.-OO p.m. 3 — Champ Bowling •—College News Conference 1:30 p.m. C— This Is Lite B— NBA Basketball 2.-00 p.m. 3— Year Gone By •—Gospel in Art 2 . * C JK «• :lj p.m. 4— What's Your Trouble 2:30 p.m. •—Oral Roberts 3.-OO pM. (—Open Hearing 3:30 p.m. S— Bowl Review (—Roller Derby 10— Oral Roberts 3:45 p.m. 4 — News Review S— Inside Football 4.OO p.m. 3— Face Red China 4— Year End News B— TBA 5, It— Kaleidoscope 4:30 p.m. 3, 4, 1— Amateur Hoar •—Bowling 5.-00 p.m. 3— Commend PerionaaMCa 4— Small World S— Meet Cress •—Joe Man Family Heir B— December Bride 10— Movie ' 5:13 p.m. •—Paul Winched 5:30 p.m. 3, 4, B— 20th Century 5— News •—Variety time 6:00 p.m. S lobtr of Leikleo •—Wild BIH Hkkok 6:30 p.m. 3, 4, B— Jack Benny S— Apollo Concert •—Maverick 7:00 p.m. 3, 4, B— Ed Sullivan S, 10— Steve Allen 7:30 pM. (— Uwmo* 3. 4, B— 0. E. Theater S. 10— Dinah Shore (C) •—Colt 45 8:30 p.t». 3, 4. B— Alfred Hitchcock (—Prologue US* 9.-00 p.m. 3— Year of Crisis 4, B— Keep Talking S— Uretta 1ea«g Shaw 10— Silwt Service 9:jO PM. 4— Whafs My Una 5— Whirlvbirds (—Uncommon Voter B— Art Theater 10— Behind Closed Doors 10:00 PM. S, 4, 5, (, B, 10— News Weather. Sports 10:15 p.t». 3— Viewer's Digest 5— Man Who Was There (—News B— N.Y Confidential 10— Movie 10:25 p.m. •—Sports 10:30 PM. 4— All-Star Bowling S— Brains * Brawn (—Ida Lupina 10:45 p.m. m »_ — _ *•_-.•—Zone Grey • . .si/% ^ -__ 11. •VQ PM. S— Stage 7 11:15 PM. S— Silent Service 11:30 p.m S— Theater Boone Asked to Place Aside • 1 J;V i • * •* I - • - •'' ' - "" ' ' Gun and to Start Being (Slice By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (AP) — "Please lay down that gun and go back to being the nice, clean-shaven Dr. Styner." This message, scrawled on a Christmas card by a fan, is one reaction accorded TV star Richard Boone. He gets all kinds, thanks to the professional lives he leads. For two seasons, he starred as the dedicated doctor on the ambitious "Medic" show. Now he's finishing up his second year of films in the popular "Have Gun, Will Travel" series. Plus which he has done some distinguished work in movies and live TV. Next Feb. 12, he plans to open on Broadway as Abe Lincoln in a play about the Lin- Estonian Dancers on Polka-Go-Round on Monday Nights The gay "Polka-Go-Round" revue with the smiling, singing emcee Bob Lewandowski and his guests, the Estonian Dancers of Indianapolis, anticipate a happy New Year on Channel 6 Monday 7-7:30 p.m. Spotlighted will be vocalists Carolyn DeZurik, singing "Chime Bells," and Georgia Drake, offering "Wunderbar." Regulars on the program, presented 'live* in an outdoor village cafe setting in the studios of Wbkb, Chicago, include the singing, playing Polka Round- ers headed by accordionist Lou Prohut; the professional Chains dancers, directed by Felix Sad- osH, and the Singing Waiters, vocal harmony and comedy group led by Tom Fouls — also known as "Stubby and the Bucaneerfi." coin-Douglas debates, "The Rivalry." .:' " ' "Right now, there is real confusion among the fans because 'Medic' is getting a big play to syndication," Boone remarked. "In face, it is getting better ratings in nearly all locations than it did when it was on NBC. Some folks think I should give up the gun and go back to the scalpel." No chance. "Medic," which solved a lot of ills, couldn't cure itself. It suffered a final demise. Boone has three years to go under contract with "Have Gun." Judging from the popularity of the show, he'll go the full term. That doesn't upset him. "I've done two years as Paladin and I haven't tired of him yet," he said. "He's a delightful character to play, and the very nature of the show allows us to move around so we don't get stale. This year we did a fourth of the shows on location — at Lone Pine, Big Bear, Squaw Valley in California and hi Gallup, N.M. "Next year, we plan to go to Hawaii and Cuernevaca. We're also hoping to go to Europe." Dog's Life Proves to Be Life of Riley COLUMBIA, S. C. Iff — It's far from a dog's life for the canines belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. CarlL The kennels in which they raise German short-haired pointers nave air-conditioning, radiant beat for winter, and a sound system through which music is piped. Eastern America's largest inland fishery is the herring industry on the Chowan River at Colerain, N. C JjM (Ch. «) - The •M, CrcBtSi JlQ Corey* wiHtnty ru . o o Cian«oTV, Rkhte tafttt and Jaotte acopt, with host Chttlw , V an 4 " ' - "&VI IT •* . « (Ch It) - Carol Chahnlng, ' Ifil Wilton, IkMy Mayehott ind " Lewis on Arthur Murray . (flu I) —Teresa Brewer add the Vagabond* with Pattl Nfe.,,. ^^^ ' JIH Corey Lawrence 7 (Ch. 10) — Art Carney, Steve Lawrence, Joey Bushkin, Dolores Hawkins and others with perry Como. \ ' •' .. ,• •-.*•. SUNDAY MORNING 9:30 (Ch. 3) — Modern version of medieval play "Herod and the Three Kings'* on Look Up and Live. 10 (Ch. 3) — Eye On New York returns with "New York, 1898." 11:30 (Ch. 3) — Dr. Joseph Kaplan on Face the Nation. (Ch. 6) Data gathered by scientists of 53 nations about earth during International Geophysical Year. SUNDAY AFTERNOON 2:30 (Ch. 3) — Experts give op- ion . on what Americans h a v e accomplished during 1958 in the sciences and humanities on special CBS program moderated by Howard K. Smith. 4 (Ch. 3) — Walter Cronkite host on half hour film, "Face of Red China," (Ch. 10) "Projection 1959" NBC news review and projections with Cecil Here's Review of Filmland Output of '58 By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (AP)—The movie industry is ending another rocky year with its battle , to win back its lost audience .still unresolved. The producers Were trying harder than ever in 1958, and they had some success. The general quality of films was good, but still not good enough to assure a happy future for the movie business. Our annual assessment of the year's product uncovers no standout film, as in the last two years with "Around the World hi 80 Days" and "The Bridge on the River Kwai." Several films won hearty approval from critics and audiences, but few had that magic hats-hvthe-air quality. Some Appraisals Here's how Hollywood's work appeared to this movie goer: Best actress: Susan Hayward, "I Want to Live"; Ingrid Bergman, "Inn of the Sixth Happiness"; Elizabeth Taylor, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; Jean Simmons, "Home Before Dark"; Rosalind Russell, "Auntie Mame." Best actor: Spencer Tracy, "The Last Hurrah"; Paul New man, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'; David Niven, "Separate Tables"; Marlon Brando, "The Young Lions"; "Indiscreet." Best supporting actor: Dean Martin, "Some Came Running"; Maurice Chevalier, "Gigi"; Lee J. Cobb, "The Brothers Karama- zov"; Ray Walston, "Damn Yankees"; Trevor Howard, "The Key." Other Best supporting actress: "Shirley MacLaine, "Some Came running"; Hermlone Gingojd, "Gigi"; Maureen Stapleton, "Lonely* hearts"; Cara Williams, "The Defiant Ones"; Carolyn Jones, "Marjorle Morningstar." Bloodiest picture: "The Vikings." Underrated film: "Cowboy." Overrated film: "Kings Go Forth." Worst title; "The Flead Who Walked the West." Disappointments: The Geisha and the Barbarian," "The Quiet American," "Bonjour Tristesse." Worst picture: "Too Much, Too Soon. *)' *i*tti Hunt* fca on Alcoa CHARLES VAN DOREN 5:30 (Ch. 3) — "Woodrow Wfl- son; the Fight for Peace" on 20th Century. SUNDAY EVENING 6:30 (Ch. 3) — Barbara Nicholas and Mel Blanc with Jack Benny. 7 (Ch. 3) —Sam Levenson, Jane Morgan, Ricky Layne and Velvel, Maurice Gosfield (Doberman) and Joe E. Ross (Sgt. Rit- zik) from Phil Silvers Show on Ed Sullivan; (Ch. 10) Four Lads, MAURICE GOSFIELD Fat Kirby. and, regulars do takeoffs on TV well known TV shows, • (Ch 3) -» Art Linkletter stars in "The Odd Ball" on GE Theater; (Ch. 10) Ray Bolger, Lisa Kirk and Mike Nichols and Elaine May on Dinah Shore. Uakletter Belfer 8:30 (Ch 3) — Mary Astor in "Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Fenimore" on Hitchcock; (Ch. 6) John Daly moderates report on major events of 1959 by ABC correspondents. • (Cb. 3) — Tenth annual telecast of Ed Murrow's "Years of Crisis" will take a look at critical events during last decade. With CBS news staff, MONDAY AFTERNOON I (Cb, W) — Long-time radio soap opera, Young Dr. Malone, makes TV debut. Fisher TUESDAY EVENING 7 (Ch. M) — Eddie Fisher, Maureen O*Hara, Tommy Noonan and Pete Marshall and the Beavers on George Gobel Show. t (Ch. 3) — Look magazine TV award winners Steve Allen, Fred Astalre, Jack Benny, Perry Como, Robert Young, Jane Wyatt, Melvin Douglas, Patty McCoraack, Alistalre Cook, Mel Allen, Jim Arness and Dorothy Killgallen on Garry Moore Show. Astalre 9:30 (Ch. 10) view. Doiglas 1958 news re- WEDNESDAY EVENING 8 (Ch. 10) — Judy Canova and Tommy Sands with Milton Berle. 9 (Ch. S) — Neville Brand and Jeff DonneH in "Goodbye" a« Steel Hour. • . .. r THURSDAY MORNING ' 10:30 (Cb. 10) -j Preview of, Tournament of Roses parade and Sugar and Rose Bowl games; (Ch. *) — Ronald Reagan. Audr A»4rey Meadewa „ Reagan rey Meadows and Mel Allen !• Tournament of Roses telecast. U (Ch. 10) — Rose parade with Queen of the Roses Pamela Prather and Grand Marshall E. L. "Bob" BartJett, senator-elect from Alaska. THURSDAY EVENING « (Ch •) — Johnny Mathis with Pat Boone. 8:30 (Ch. 3) — Jack Lemmon •tars in "Face of a Hero" on Playhouse M. • (Ch 10) — Groucho returns to local televast with mustache, cig- I (Ch. «) - "Musical Tour of Jfessel FRIDAY EVENING t (Cb, 3) — Comics Bonny Graham and Larry Starch cavort with Phil savers and «BUko'» Booster." 1:30 (Cb. S) «« Roy Campanella and George Jesse} visited by Kd Murrow on Person to Person.

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