The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on March 6, 1974 · Page 16
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 16

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1974
Page 16
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Ohio town builds around the rock unconfirmed. A wug suggests it be incorporated into the new square will) an inscription: "Here lies Scott's Hock. We forget just why." IXJVKK.OhicKAPj-'lliec-ity luis planned lo refurbish the t'ily square, bul no one seems to know whal to do with the rock. What rock? That's what Dover residents say. "Wliat rook? Oh, THAT rock." The square will have a fish iwixl, benches, the old city hall boll, the Ten Commandments monument, a public signboard and a new flagpole. And, one supposes, the rock. Fergus Falls (Mi.) burial Wed., Mar. 6, 1974 Journal Ads Gel Results It once reposed on the front lawn of llic W. W. Scott house. Scott was a publisher liere in the 19th century. The rock is ordinary sandstone common here, weathered and dark. The local best guess as to ils raison d'etre is that Scott had it brought from the battlefield at Chattanooga, Term., after the Civil War. There's a story he took cover behind it. and it saved his life. But the storv is SHE'S INTO A SECOND CAREER AT 80-Mrs. Bess Fix, who retired in 1959 after 40 years of teaching school in Indiana, is well into a second career doing television commercials. She oarae to California in 1969 and enrolled in two commercial training courses. She is shown going over a script with her son—announcer Jay Stewart of "Let's Make a Deal." (AP Wirephoto) 80-year-old woman makes it big with commercials FOXHOME Firemen's Benefit PANCAKE and SAUSAGE SUPPER Thursday, March 7 at the FOXHOME FIRE HALL Serving starts at 5:00 p.m. GOT AN INSURANCE PROBLEM? REITAN-LARSON CO. 115 North Mill - Fergus Falls Phone 734-4895 Kentper INSURANCE SMALL ENOUGH . . . BIG ENOUGH FOR EVERV SIZE INSURANCE NEED By JERRY BUCK Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) - At 80 most people are well into retirement. At 80 Ress Fix is well into a second career in television commercials. Mrs. Fix, a retired Indiana schoolteacher, moved to Hollywood in 1969 to be near her son, announcer Jay Stewart of "I^et's Make a Deal." But she couldn't stay inactive. Even after she retired in 1959 after 40 years of teaching she couldn't quit. She was a substitute teacher for 10 more years. Once out here she enrolled in two commercials training courses. After that she got an agent and on her fifth interview was hired for a commercial. "My first big one was for a supermarket chain," she recalled proudly. "I was the lead. 1 had lots of lines." The attractive, white-haired Mrs. Fix has been in more than a dozen television commercials and magazine advertisements since. Recently, she spent three days in Santa Rosa, Calif., filming a motorcycle commercial. "They're bringing grandma and grandpa in more and more commercials," she said. "There's a trend more toward the family in commercials. Food for Thought" Questions and answers By JEAN MAYER Professor of Nutrition, Harvard University Q. Last night I saw an ad for stuffing mix on television. The mix contained, among other things, "vegetables." The ad claimed that the stuffing mix was a "nice change from potatoes and rice." How does it compare nutritionally? A. It is true that in past centuries, one of the foods sailors ate in large quantities to prevent scurvy was onions. The fact is, however, that the amount of onion or any other vegetable in the new stuffing mixes is simply too small to make any nutritional contribution. The values in stuffing mix compares closest to bread since, after all, that is what it is made from. Enough mix to make a '2 cup serving of stuffing is nutritionally equal to a slice and a half of enriched bread. That is, it contains about 100 calories, some B Vitamins, iron and a little protein. A serving of enriched rice is really quite similar, whereas one potato, particularly if baked or boiled in the jacket, supplies, in addition, about one- third of the day's vitamin C. As you might expect, the stuffing mix contains a staggering list of ingredients. A package of chicken-flavored mix, for example, listed at least 20 ingredients besides bread and onion, including seasonings, flavor enhancers, preservatives, coloring, anti- caking agents, and even a minute amount of chicken. But none of this makes a nutritional contribution. When we talk about convenience foods, it's hard to ignore the cost. A serving of mix, prepared as directed with margarine, costs about ten cents. Prepared from scratch the same quantity would cost half as much. Moreover, stuffing is an excellent place to use the ends of the loaves the family might not otherwise cat. These can be dried and saved until you have enough for a meal. It can also be marie from combinations including regular bread and leftover cornbread or rice. When made this way from leftovers which might otherwise go unused, stuffing for a whole family of six may cost no more than a single serving from a packaged mix. A. Mayonnaise contains about twice as much fat as salad dressing, which gives it a somewhat richer taste. According to government standards, mayonnaise must be made of vegetable oil and egg emulsified to a semi-solid form and seasoned with acidifying ingredients and spices. It must contain at least 05 per cent oil by weight. Salad dressing also contains oil (30 per cent by weight), egg, and seasonings, but it is thickened with a cooked starch, such as tapioca flour, wheat flour or rye. As you might expect, because salad dressing is lower in fat, it is also lower in calories. A tablespoon of mayonraise contains about IQO calories, while the same amount of salad dressing provides about 60, making it a somewhat better choice for weight conscious consumers. That wasn't true a few years ago." For Mrs. Fix it's a show business career long deferred. She said, "My senior picture at De- Pauw University said, 'The stage, the stage, my kingdom for the stage.' And I never got near it for years." After graduation in 1916 she married Julian Cleve Fix and traveled briefly in the Midwest with two male singers as Two Hits and a Miss. In 1918 she began her long teaching career, although she continued to write and direct plays, skits, radio and television. "I was making $22 a day as a substitute teacher in Indianapolis," said Mrs. Fix, whose husband died in 1941. "I thought I could never come out here and earn a dime. I've made more last year than I've ever made in my life. It's a dream come true. But I never thought it would come true. I'm just beginning." Mrs. Fix said, "I never knew anything but work. My father never let us play. I don't know how to retire. The women's clubs told me I'd never be wanted or needed unless I learned to play bridge. If that's what it takes I'll never be wanted or needed. But I'm taking bridge lessons. "1 love working. They scold me all the time because I go, go, go, do, do, do. But that's what keeps me healthy. I love this new career." SHEEP GETS HER SHARE LONDON (AP) - A fully grown sheep found wandering near Ixmdon's Euston Station has created a host of woolly problems for police. Frank Pawlowski claims ownership of the animal and says he wants to sacrifice it lo a sun god in a religious ritual. The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says this is illegal. While the dispute rages, the 3- year-old ewe has eaten all the roses around the police station where she is detained. Q. I know that salad dressing does not cost as much as mayonnaise, hut both seem to look and taste quite similar. What is the difference? Q. I am well aware that the old adage "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" has no truth. But I'd like to know just whal nutrition they do provide. A. The apple, although excellent in taste and useful as an ingredient in a wide variety of fruit dishes, does not stand high on the nutritive totem pole. One essential nutrient for which we depend on fruits is ascorbic acid — vilamin C — and apples, unfortunately, contain very little. You would need to eat twenty apples t^ get the same amount of vitamin C as there is in a half cup of orange juice. But apples do have other merits. First, they do contain small amounts of other vitamins and minerals. Second, like other fruits and vegetables, they contain indigestible cellulose which adds bulk to the diet and promotes normal bowel movements. Finally, they are useful as snack foods, particularly for children. Not only are they nutritionally superior to sweet, empty calories, but eating apples, as well as other raw- fruits and vegetables, can help to clear the mouth of decay- producing dibris still left from a previous meal. i Dr. Mayer welcomes questions from readers. While he cannot reply to them all individually, he will answer those of general interest in his column. Write to Dr. Jean Mayer, care of this paper). 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