The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on March 6, 1974 · Page 15
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 15

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1974
Page 15
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Mario Thomas assumes new role as TV producer Stamps In The News •AP Newsfeali By SYD KRONISH By JEliKY BUCK Associated Press Writer 1X)S AKGEI^S (AP) -Mario Thomas makes her debut as a television producer next week and she's bringing with her some friends wlw don't often work for the medium. Miss Thomas, who was "That Girl" for five years, is co-producer with Carole Hart of "Mario Thomas and Friends in Free To Be ... You and Me." The special, which airs next Monday night on ABC, is an expansion of her lilt record alburn that won a Grammy nomination last year as best children's record. ABC asked her to make the special after the response to the album. The fact that her first special, "Acts of Ixjve and Other Comedies," got the highest rating of any entertainment special ever on ABC didn't hurl. Miss Thomas, who's been working on it since last May, persuaded sjch people as Harry Belafonte, Mel Brooks, Dustin Hoffman, Kris Kristofferson and Cicely Tyson, as well as others seen more frequently on the tube, to be on the show. On the writing end, she got such people as Carl Keiner, Pe- ter Stone, Dan Greenberg, Sheldon Harnick, Mary Kodgers, Shel Silverstein and Herb Gardner. "Some had never worked in TV before and they liked what it had to say," she said. "We had very little money In offer. "We wanted to say something in an entertaining way," said Miss Thomas, who had just flown in from the New Haven tryouts of Gardner's new play, "Thieves." She said she prefers to remain single, but has been dating Gardner. She said she wanted the show to be sophisticated, bright and uplifting. She wanted it to appeal to children, yet not be something adults would merely tolerate. She said, "It's a hard tightrope to walk, but this is for children and adults." Miss Thomas said, "I feel there are certain things that are never said or not said enough. I noticed that as I grew up a lot of people have been intimidated out of what they could have become. Their spirits were beaten down. It's the kind of things children need to hear and I need to hear, too." It's not likely that Miss Thomas will be intimidated by anyone. She ran "That Girl" with a firm hand. "After all," she said, "It was the story of my own life. That show was my heart and soul." She rejects any notion that she is tough, however. She said, "I just knew what I wanted. I had a lot of good advice and I took it. Whenever a woman knows what she wants she's called tough. A man is called smart. There's that prejudice. The fun is to be involved. It's sort of anti-creativity to just show up for work and never become involved." Panel discusses paper requests WASHINGTON (AP) - The House Judiciary Committee, still hoping to hear from the White House on its request for To Your Good Health By Dr. George C. Thosteson 'LITTLE HEARDOF VITAMIN E...?' Dear Dr. Thosteson: Please give me some information on vitamin E. What is it good for? What is it made of? On the market it looks like oil in a capsule. Little is heard of vitamin E. — Mrs. A.M. I'll take violent issue with your last statement. I've heard so much about vitamin K, I'm up to here with it. And I've written multiple times in this column about it, but maybe not vehemently enough. Vitamin E — according to various of its boosters — is supposed to clean out the arteries, increase sex vigor, prevent cancer, remove scars, heal burns, strengthen muscles and a list of other things as long as your arm. You'd think, at our present state of sophistication, people would be highly suspicious of anything that is touted as being "good for what ails you," but this doesn't seem to apply to vitamin E. People (including those who sell it) simply insist that it's "good for you." This is in the face of the fact that scientific studies do not support these claims, and the clamor reaches such a stage that the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences not long ago issued a statement saying so. Some of the claims, it added, were based on such experiments as depriving laboratory animals of vitamin E totally, and long enough to bring harmful results. In humans, the report pointed out, vitamin E is so widely available in ordinary foods (particularly vegetable oils, cereal grains and animal fats) there is scant chance of anyone's not getting all he needs or can use. How much effect this statement will have on the tons of vitamin E sold every year remains to be seen. If people persist in buying it, at least there is no visible harm — with one important exception: if anyone tries to cure whatever he has with vitamin E to the exclusion of obtaining proved treatment, the end result can be letting dangerous or painful illnesses get out of hand. But what a lot of hospitals or clinics we could build with the money being spent on vitamin The council did not deny that vitamin E has its uses, but found that it need be taken by mouth only in special cases, such as with premature babies or patients who are unable to absorb fats in their food. There aren't many of them. Dear Dr. Thosteson: I am a girl, 18. and never had serious acne trouble, but I do have four enlarged, ugly pores on my cheeks. Can they be surgically removed? Can you brief me on dermabrasionl cost, lime, etc.'-S.W. Such pores may be corrected, but the method to be used i and details of time, cost, etc.i would depend on the depth and extent of the skin defects. The only sensible advice I can give you is to consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Dear Dr. Thosteson: I was told by someone whom I respect that asparagus is taboo if one wants to avoid prostate trouble. Should asparagus creamed soup also be banned? -M.J.M. I know of no objection to asparagus in either form. It certainly does not cause prostate trouble. The odor of the urine after eating asparagus is due to a chemical in the asparagus, and probably is responsible for the notion that asparagus is harmful. It is not, however. To learn the major categories of prostate trouble — symptoms, treatment, how to speed recovery — write to Dr. Thosteson in care of this newspaper for his booklet, "The Pesky Prostate," enclosing 25c in coin and a long, self-addressed (use zip code), stamped envelope to cover cost of printing and handling. Dr. Thosteson welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that, due to the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to answer individual letters. Headers' questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. evidence for its impeachment inquiry, is meeting to decide what to do in case the request is denied. The committee asked the White House last Monday for tapes, logs and other documents that its special counsel, John Doar, said could be delivered to Capitol Hill in a day or two. But by Monday night the material still had not been turned over, raising the possibility that the committee may decide today to use its subpoena power. "That definitely will come up," said Rep. Robert F. Drinan, D-Mass. "It will be one of the first questions asked if we still haven't heard from the White House." The committee also will consider U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica's announcement of a hearing to determine whether he should give a secret report from a Watergate grand jury to the Judiciary Committee. The report is believed to contain the jury's findings on President Nixon's possible involvement in the Watergate cover-up, but the official committee view is that it doesn't know what's in the report so it isn't sure it wants the document. However, individual members are more definite about wanting the material in the envelope and the briefcase full of evidence lhat apparently supports it, which Sirica also is holding. APNEWSFEATURES BySYDKRONISH Carrier pigeons, a postman and various mechanical means of transporting the mails are featured on three commemoratives by Surinam to honor the 100th anniversary of that country's first postage stamps. The 15-cents green and blue shows two carrier pigeons tearing letters to different destinations. The 25-cents pink, blue, gray and black depicts the silhouette of a postman delivering a letter to a home. The 30-cents blue, red, green and black illustrates an outline map of Surinam with such means of mail transportation as a plane, truck, ship and train. Each stamp also bears the text "180 Jaar Surinaamse Postzegels" (100 years of Surinam postage stamps) plus the dates "1873-1973." Surinam's first postage stamps, issued in 1873 when the country was a colony of the Netherlands, are definitives that are similar in design to those of the mother country of the same period and highlight a profile of Holland's King William III. Collectors who dream of acquiring a "one-of-a-kind" rare stamp will find their appetites whetted when they hear about the only known copy of the 1871 Japanese Dragon stamp with its center upside down, recently sold for $75,000. It is believed to be the highest price ever paid for any Japanese stamp. This stamp was discovered in a miscellaneous lot of early Japanese stamps purchased in 1953 by a man in Washington Crossing, Pa. Some said it was a forgery since no other stamp of its kind had been reported. However, after exhaustive examination the Expert Committee of the International Society for Japanese Philately declared the stamp to be genuine. This means that an entire pane of 40 stamps with inverted centers existed at one time. Perhaps they were used and destroyed. Then again, maybe they still exist — and collectors may find them and lay claim to a little fortune. Three new stamps in its "Beautiful Austria" series have been issued by that country, the ID-schilling pictures "Lake Neusiedl — Burgenland," which is located about 50 miles from Vienna. The 7-schilling shows "Falkenstein Castle — Carinithia," built at the end of AUCTION! The undera'stied will sell at Public Auction at (heir place located 2 miles west of Urbank, then ] / 4 mile north or 4 miles north of Miilcrtillr, then 1 mile east and l / 4 mile north or 2 miles east of Iiufiirutioii Peak . . . Roads Will Be Marked. SATURDAY, MARCH 9 Starting at 1 p.m. Sharp Sacred Heart Ladies Aid of Urbank wilt serve Lunch FARM TRACTORS 1 M<DEERING FARMAL ~M" TRACTOR. Re.I Sk.rp MACHINERY 1 McDEERING NO 130 P TO MANURE SPREADER. New' 1 MeDEERISG 3-H PLOW Mo 60 TRIP BEAM I JOHN DFERF. POWER MOWER, 7 Fl 2 Yc.,. Old 1 JOHN DEERE FIELD CUITIVATOR 8 Ft, on RuU*r - Po-,r IJfl I GRAIN DRILL -itt, $<„] Boi I NEW HOLLAND HOLLO BAR SIDE RAKE CTI RUBBER I PAULSON MANUR LOADER. 5n». Burktl. Minurr Scoop [New) 1 RL'BBER.TIRED WAGONS (jood) 2 BALE RACKS 1 WOODEN DRAG 1 STEFL WHEEL WAGON -itk Fl.rc Top Boi I STONE BOAT I 4-S«i:oci STFFL DRAG on tr«n»pot[» 1 Slt.l GRAIN ELEVATOR on lr. n ,pt,u 2 BALE ELEVATORS »ii}> Eire. Melon 1 S*t TRACTOR CHAINS to fit "M" 1 1W9 MERCURY AUTO I(OT p»iu> FEED & SEED, ETC, ABOC/T 1500 Bl'5HEf5 COOD HEAVY OATS. More or U». HOUSEHOLD ABOUT 1200 BAIE5 ALFALFA & .MIXED HAY IN BARN ABOUT WO BALES ALFALFA HAY IN STACK ABOUT 300 BALES STRAW ABOITT ISO LBS. RED CLOVER MISCELLANEOUS S CoiJ. SPLIT OAK WOOD TONS of OLD MACH. * SCRAP IRON Rut>Wr Tired WHEELBARROW; GRAIN SACKS; CREAM SEPARATOR leomp.l: lonj LADDER; 2 Oltirr CREAM SFF ARATOR5; SANDS: MILK CANS; MILK PAILS: SHOTGt'N CANS; U*. of TOOLS FORKS. SHOVELS. SAWS ,r,d OTHER MISC. ITEMS. I ZENITH ELECTRIC WASHING MACHINE ZENITH TELEVISION. ILL,,. COMPLETE BEDROOM SET STUDIO COUCH 1 DAVENPORT BEDS ComplM, a DRESSERS CHEST OF DRAWERS NEW RECL1NER CHAIR KITCHAN CABINET FRIGEDARE REFRIGERATOR A FREEZER COMBINATION- TABLES. CHAIRS, ROCKERS SOME NEW QUILTS * PILLOWS A MANY OTHER MISC. ITEMS. Farm For Sale At • rxval 3:00 p m. iKU ISO-ACRE FARM «il| t* ffi f ,td for ulr. dr K-rilxd it: S\Vi» cf S<c. 26. Twp. *ppro,*1 of Probate Jadff, R.jr,l n rrtrnrd to re;rtl uaj or .11 bid.. I0~< to t* piid down at <J. T of »lr *nd b«Uixr c!ur up^n drliwrr of derd ido-wirij jood Till*. ANTIQUES OLD ORGAN A CHAIR BEAUTIFUL KEROSENE LAMPS 5EN1CO WOOD BURNING KITCHEN RANC.F, in UK- E,r,, Di, SAUSAGE STUFFER KRAUT CUTTER STONE CROCKS OF AIL KINDS MANY BEAUTIFUL DISHES A GLASSES THK .IBOVKlTFVji AKV. THK Not Responsible (or Any Accidents or Items Stolen on Day of Sale! Anton "Tony" Theusch Estate RICHARD "DtCK" WESTLUND. Ray Torgerson & Al Roeis, And. Isl National Bank, Parkers Pr., Clerk Restrictions on criminal data winning support the llth century and preserved today in its original castle form. The 5-schilling portrays the ruins of Aggstein Castle in Uwer Austria. All of these stamps are available at your local dealer. U.S. collectors are given an interesting tip by John G. Hoss of "Stamps" magazine. He reminds that a year ago the U.S. Post Office issued a 7-cent regular stamp with the portrait of Benjamin Franklin. The 7- cent rate was intended for first- class bulk mail from educational institutions. However, in a couple of months that rate will be increased to 9 cents and the Postal Service WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress will act this year to place privacy restrictions on the rapidly growing criminal data banks used by many states and the FBI, Sen. Sam J. Ervin Jr., D-N.C., predicts. Massachusetts Gov. Francis Sargent was to be the leadoff witness today at the opening of six days of hearings into privacy legislation introduced by Ervin and endorsed by the Nixon administration. Sargent's state has refused to take part in the national computerized criminal data bank will probably recall the 7- centers. Plateblocks of the 7- cent Franklin are difficult to get even now and are selling for about $1. Ross suggests that purchase of these plateblocks now — before the price hike — might prove a valuable buy. Sweden honored four Nobel Prize winners on a new set of coil stamps. Receiving the philatelic tribute were Heike Kamerlingh-Omnes (18531928), a Dutch Physicist; Alfred Werner (1866-1919), A swiss chemist; Charles Robert Riehet (1850-1935), A French professor of medicine; and Rabindranath Tagore (186119-U), an Indian poet. system run by the FBI, principally because of its state laws protecting the release of such information as arrest and conviction records and criminal histories. Ervin, chairman of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on constitutional rights, has praised the President's recent endorsements of legal restrictions on the data bank system and called on him to urge Congress to enact those limits "at the earliest possible date." Both the Ervin bill and the administration legislation, sponsored by Sen. Roman Hruska, R-Neb., call for sealing certain records after a period of time and forbidding their further dissemination. The major difference between the two bills is the way in which they would be administered. The administration proposal calls for the federal system to be controlled solely by the attorney general. The Ervin bill would create a board to give a role to state representatives. The Ervin bill also would prevent the inclusion in the computer systen of arrest records which never resulted in a prosecution. The administration bill is silent on that subject. The Ervin bill would permit only records of convictions to be shown private employers. The administration bill would allow arrest records to be examined also. Both bills seal records of felony convictions seven years after the convict is released from prison, parole or probation. In misdemeanor cases, the records would be sealed five years after a prisoner's final release from custody. But the files would remain open if an ex-convict is re-arrested before the five-year or seven-year deadline. Fergus Falls (Hi.) 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