The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 21, 1894 · Page 5
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 21, 1894
Page 5
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REJECTED THE HONORS ''. ' . , * " , . Nicaraguans Try to Force Americans Into Office. DETEEMINED STAND OF O'SEILL, Compelled jfrndr I* to Ignore Bli Own De- eMe— English Crutaer Mohawk Brought Killed Americans Hack to Minefields. Italian Annlreriary Celebrated — Husgla FBTOM European Intervention, NEW ORLtiAN-B, Sept. 21.— A correspondent in Blnefields, Nicaragua, under .date of Sept. 15, says: This is the Independence day of Nicaragua and it brings this land one day closer to the certain civil war ,which will play havoc with prosperity for awhile, Blueflelds has enjoyed a municipal election and 'officers have befen elected, but still martial law exists, for the simple reason that tho Nicaragttans attempted . to elect Americans' to office without even taking the trouble to consult those Americans. Madris had stated that any successful candidate who refused to serve in the office to which he had been elected would be fined |5U a day throughout the entire terta of the office, but the ' determined stand of Captain O'Neill Compelled Mad- rts to ignore his own decree. Eugene Landrick and Dr. Paul Austerhans were those who rejected the honor and called on Captain O'Neill to protect them, which he did. ..... On Sspt. 5 the English cruiser Mohawk arrived and Captain O'Neill was notified that she had on board the exiled residents and 'two Americans, Mr. Sam La'mpton of New Orleans ' < and' • Captain Wi-R^W. Banks of Philadelphia. The Mohawk carried several dispatches from Minuter Baker to Captain Summer. > In one of these letters; President Cleveland IB quoted as saying thet two Americans Should be given a fair and honest open trial at once or they would ' have' to be released and restored to their former positions. Captain O'Neill willingly tendered-' these 'men quarters on his ship. News that the other exiles were on the English cruiser had spread rapidly in Blueflelds and the greatest excitement prevailed. . Those at -the government 'headquarters were dumbfounded and scarcely knew what to expect. Several "Sailing Vessels beaded for the open sea at v-once with friends and families of the exiles on board. Stunner 1 * Policy a Wise One. An incident occurred which proves the policy adopted by Captain Sumner to be a wise one. When it ' was found impossible to .leave' Blnefields before Aug. 19, the men under General Reyes and even the general himself expected an attack' by marines from the Columbia .and Marblehead. Two 8-inch Krupp .guns were run out to suitable positions and 300 men hidden away among the plants on shore as sharpshooters, The prisoners at this time were quartered in a small building behind the custom bouse; During the forenoon of Aug. 1? .sieveral soldiers were seen to lash two 10- ^ipouud cans of, gunpowder together and fix on a fuse. ... This deadly instrument was then taken to the building whcrq the prisoners were quartered and placed in a corner of the room. An' officer was stationed by the powder .with instructions to set fire to the fuse when the fight began. When they boarded the Yuhv on the evening of Aug. 10 the powder was carried along and placed near where the prisoners were stationed. Again when they were taken to the old Spanish town of San Juan dol Norco. the powder had a prom inent position in the hotel and ovon on the river boat it was also kept in read!' ness. _ _ Furor* European Intervention. ST. POTERSBUUU, Sept. 21. — ThoNovos- tirn, commenting upon the situation iu the east, declares tho victory of Japan will not make Russia fuller in her strong resolve not to permit any imnexation of Corea. Tho paper uddfi tl»U the iiretura state of things) favors European inter' vention with a view to bringing about cessation of tho war which is prejudicial to European coinmorchU iijturosta, Papa Mint lie Restored. LONDON, Sept. 21, "-A dispatch to The Chronicle states that the pope, in con venation with cardinals, said bo recojr nized Prime Minister Crispi's praiso< worthy intention, as ovidmcod by his ro cent speech at Naples, but that a solution of the question of church and state was impossible without restoration* of the )1( pope's temporal power. Itallain A«"»lyer»arjr Celebrated. BOMB, Sept, 81.— The anniversary of the entry of Italian troops into Rome was celebrated with great ceremony throughout Italy. King Humbert in a telegram to the mayor of Rome, proph died the celebration of IMM would also be the celebration of the economic rotor notion of Italy. flora* Hipeotluf War. MARSEILLES, Sept. 81,—Amall steamer bat arrived here bringing advices front Madagascar which show the Hova* expected a war with Prance and are actively arming themselves and construct- Ing fortifications, The native* are being urged to resist the French to the death, Lord Wllloacbuy'* Itotrbllutl Broken. LONDON, Sept. HI,— TUs betrothal of If !«• Muriel Wilson uad Lord Willougb. bjr de Erusby, which wa» auoounuwi a mouth ago, has boon cancelled, .„ For W«r*blpi, i CADIZ, Sept. 84,— Toe government of Mexico but requested a Spanish ship building firm to furnish plan* for tho construction of Itt men-of-war. Ac«d 'byiieittu MM. , Iu., Sept. ai.—Dr. J, J. Hoff. •tetter, for half tt century u prominent pbysiuiuu here and well known nil over the state, <Uwl, aged 75. DENOUNCE SYMPATHETIC STRIKES. Firemen Approve Position Taken by Urand Maater Sargent, o, Sept. 21."The conveW tion-of the Brotherhood' of Locomotive Firemen adopted a series of resolutions denouncing the action of those members who struck through sympathy with Pullman strikers; pledging the brotherhood to hereafter abide by all its agreements •nd to await the action of the grand lodge officers before going out on a strike; protesting against the other labor organizations on a strike attempting to induce the members of the brotherhood to join them through* sympathy; declaring against the position of Vice ^Grand Master Hannahan in the Pullman itrikte in advising members not to work with the nonunion men, and approving that of Grand Master 'Sargent and other grand lodge officers. The convention gave Hannahan another slap by reducing his salary from $8,500 to $2,500,' aAcI leaving those of the other grand lodge officers undisturbed. Twelve thousand dollars was voted for the relief of firemen who went out during 'the Lehigb Valley strike who are still idle. After listening to a speech from Debs, the convention adjourned to. meet two. yean hence at Galveston, Tex. ,.,,•, Grand Master Sargent and Grand Secretary and Treasurer Arnold were directed by the convention to remove'tire headquarters from Terre Haute to ; a place to be Selected by them. •, • Saloon* Violate, the' Mulct Law. la,, Sept. 21 .—The Personal Liberty Association of this 'citjrto worked up over the return made 'by^a township assessor of this county, Valentino Weber, who reported several salooku in his district which had ' not complied With the mulct: law. As none of .thajf$0 saloons of. this,. county have.. with the law. the return of this was a bombshell. A committee of association appeared before the .board (if supervisors requesting that Weber permitted to withdraw his'report: The matter was left till next Tuesday, when the board will take action. i'u|w'» Kiuiyollu»l lo Amvrluttu LONDON, Hojit. St.—A dlsuutuh from Boiuo days tljv I'onu'u uitcyultuul ud- drcsttedjo Auittriuuu UibUops will appear iu N.uvwnbw. " Shipping Negroes to Ohio. BIRMINGHAM, Ala;, Sept.' 21.—Three hundred negroes left 'here in charge'bf labor agents to take the, places' of the striking miners in the Massillon (O.)<Ms- trict, and l.OOd more will follow Boon. It is said that the. Ohio strikers .have threatened to slaughter the southern ns- groes If they, attempt to go,to work. , K , low* ' Republican 'Candidate Wlthdrkw*. ALBIA, la.,; Sept. 21.—J. C.' Mabry, Republican candidate for judge in this (the. Second) district, withdrew from,,$b race owing to charges made of misappropriation of funds. The Ottumwa Courier comes out for Judge Babb, the Democratic nominee. Killed Inntantly by a Ll»e Wire. PITTSUUHO, Sept. 31.—Officer Peter Dillon of the Alleghany police force was instantly killed by catching hold of a live electric light wire which had been blown down. It had fallen across .the street and he was endeavoring to remove it. Delegate Joseph'* Opponent Named. SoccoHRO,N.M.,Sept.31 —J. F. Chaves was noniuated as delegate to congress on the first ballot by the Republicans. Cbaves was beaten two years ago by Joseph, whom the . Democrats have re nominated. . 1 ' John Fojruter Hanged. FORT SMITH, Ark., Sept. at.—John Poynter was hanged in the United States jailyard here. The execution of Alexander Allen and Marshall Tucker did not take place, having been stayed. NEWS TOLD IN A FEW WORDS. President Peixoto denies the rumor that Admiral da Gaum has been shot. A resolution favoring retirement of United States bonds •• a basis of cir^ula- tion was adopted by the Nebraska Hunkers' association. An armed force will attempt to collect a tax to pay an old railroad debt iu Union county, Kentucky, and trouble is feared. The largest sale of silki which has ev«r t.ukeu place is iu progress iu New York. Over 8,000 pieces, worth 1750,000, are offered. Daniel C. Osiuiui of Chicago was united in Juraey City to Mm. M. D. Power*, whose parentf) hud prevented tbeir mar riiigu US years ago, The WiHcoiiHln German Pythian lodges, at a mooting at Milwaukee, decided uot to tivcude from the ordur. Dr. KylofTti two barns and a house of the MoMorroM e*tatu at MIISOU City. la., were damaged to the axtout of 15,000 by fire. The Burlington's Wyoming and Mop tana exuiiwloii lion made oouueotiou with tliu Northern Pacific. Hi'ury L. Palmer of Milwaukee wai elected m>ver«ij{u graud vommauiieK by the nupromv couucll of ScottUU Hit* BOUH BtHostou. . ' ' Jacob Levy committed milolde at 8t Tioui* In order tliat hii family might : lie lirovidod for by the luBuranoe ou hii lib. Mini Mary Umha |IN» written to Ml*. Krauutm K, liunt at Luxlugtoii, oougratu luLluu t|i« WOLUBU of tUo Ajhlnud dwtriat for tht'lr iiuuci'iis ovur Urvokinrldge. , The federal grand jury ut Dlrinlngh«|m indlct«d four Alabama ux-pontuitaUini for embezulumcut. ' . Mm. K1U» Bptuige of Japluon, Tenn,, wu* giveu a venltot or |V,000 agalutt tip IlllnoU Cuutrul rtillroHd for killing I ' butbttiid. ' IlHuol* utato ofUoerg art after Attorney Gleuurul Alolonuy bueaiiiM he refuted to |irooe«(i aguluMt uu Imwlvimt Luilding •*• Trust doeds for 11,700,000 hav« besu «u- outed by tho Hues hi tu« Illinois &M company system, to secure bongs to,be mud in (utiiQslitiuj the present ludsbUd' UCNS. AowmlluK to data uoiuulled by tus iu Uirifttttti cowmerpo upmuiUuilou, 18 coun tries own uud operate railways. Ciut'ful wiUinutua show that apples are very wiiroe iu Kuuland uud too crop in puorvr thuii fur 80 yean*, Amurlouu up- pi** urn very much Iu douiuud. Tho Duuvhteru of (jueon laubellu urguu- Ued ut Dun Muiuw by ulwtlug Mtuguvet A. Hliwhttu of Hiut My gcuud worthy UUtl'OllUaS. Bunului- Allison uiul CungrvMiiuun lifU- iluwon ui-u to wpvuk ut u great meetiwu ol it«pub|icuu» ut iowit VttlU, iu., Sept. 8U MAYOR BEMIS ON TRIAL. Many Witnesses Examined by the Prosecution. CLAIMED HS FAVORED GAM3LINQ, Humphrey Church Dedicated— Bumboldt Waterworks llontU Garry— Celebrated Trotter Tkrcatonpcl With Fire— Ball Storm at JacUson— Democrats Nominate Weir for Congrces tn First Olitrlob, OMAHA, Sept, 21.— Many witnesses were examined by the prosecution in the Inipenchuieiit proceedings against Mayor George P. Bemis Thursday, tending to ihow that the city's executive Was not in f(ivor of closing the gambling houses, the principal charge against him. All the members of the fire and police commission were on the stand. i With reference to proving that in the transfer of Bemis park to the city there was boodllng, the prosecution introduced City Clerk Evans. The records of the city, Evans averred, showed that the city had purchased a block in Bemii park for 930,000, the same having been selected by the .park commission One jfear before Mayor Bemis was elected to hisiflrst term. ' Attorneys for the prosecution laid great, streris upon thd fact that Bemis had sold the tract of land to the city and that as a city official he was Interested in the sale. They failed to put in any testimony showing that all agreements tor' the purchase of the land' were not made prior to the time when Hernia was Ant mentioned an a i candidate for the position of mayor, of the city. . . : . . , Council journal entries were read to ihow the prices paid for park tracts," Bnmboldt Waterworks Bond* Carry. HCMBOLDT, Neb., Sept. 21.— For the fourth time Humboldt has voted bonds for a system of waterworks. Heretofore thei bonds have been lost by a majority of 8 each time, but this time they carried by 168 majority. Humphrey Church Dedicated. HUMPHREY, Neb., Sept. ai.— The new Catholic church 1 was dedicated here by Bishop Scannell, The ' ceremonies were witnessed : by people from all parts of the. county, and estimated to number 4,000. _ ._ Celebrated Trotter Threatened by Fire. PALMYBA, Neb., Sept. 21 .—The barn of Dr. W. L. Cameron caught fire and was 'totally destroyed. Dr. Cameron's 10, head of horses, including the cele brated trotter Redeemer, were saved. Democrats Nominate Slayor Weir. TECUMSEH, Neb., Sept: 21.— The Democratic congressional convention of the First district nominated Mayor Weir. Of ;Linooln. He is also the Populist candi- da^e.. ; , . Ball Storm at Jackton. JACKSON, Neb., Sept. 21.— A heavy hail storm visited this section. The hail stones were unusually large and fell in great quantities. CLOTHING INDUSTRY PARALYZED. Operative! In aSO Shop* In Boiton Go On • Strike. BOSTON, Sept. 31.— The ready made clothing industry of this city was completely paralyzed Thursday by a strike of operatives, the United Garment Workers' union calling out every opera' tive, pressman and baster employed in the V!50 shops bore. Fully 5,500 clothing workers have joined the strike. The issue of tho strike is now clearly defined as being an endeavor to secure the abolition of the lumping and sweating system and the adoption of the week wage system and tho nine hours for a day. Although the contractors favor tho demands of the operators, they claim that, as the wholesalers decline to grant anything, their hands are tied. A number of wholesale merchant* were seen and the general opinion was that the operators have struck just at the right time and the manufacturers will have to increase their prices fully 40 per cent. _ _ _ Victimised With Forced Nort(afM. MIDDI^BTOWN, N. Y., Sept. 21.— John M. Qnaokenbnsh of Warwick has been acting as an agent for I. H. Atterbnry of Maysville, DeKalb county, Mo., for tho past five yean in the sale of mortgages. It has just been discovered that tho mortgages were forged. Residents of Warwick have ' been victimized to the amount of |80,t>00. Quaokenbush claims that he has been innocent of any wrongdoing and that ho holds $30,000 worth of worthless mortgage* himself. Attor- bnry baa gone to South Africa. Rockefeller Ca*e Go«« to a Jury. OULUTH, Sept. 81.— The ciwo against John D. liookefqller, brought by L.UOII D. Merrltt, wai given to tho jury, vtrdiot baa yet been roudc-rud and thorn nay he a disagreement. Thu action was brought to recover 145,000 for alleged services perfowtxl for tho Mesiiba road by Itorritt before Mr. lioukeftller so onrsd control. •wltolimau llvi|iuu«lbl«. D«l Momita, Sept. 81.— The coroner's Jury rttarned a vordlct holding Switoh- nan BU*y WiHIams resitonsihle for the dsath of Asuistftot Yttrdiuwitor Qeorgo Urownof Des.Molno6ut Union. Will- |ajM was running an engine contrary to A warrant la out for his arrest. Wyoming I'ylkUu* H»»|. KIVBB, Wy., Sept. 41.— The •rand ludgo of Wyoming KnlghU of jrytntas ls In session in this city. Nusrly •rwy lodgu iu the state la rounwoiUml, No new lodgos have been organiKud In the •tato during tho year, but old lodges have e«perU>uoud a healthy growth. DIRECTLY LOWEftED THE RECORD. Bent the 9-Yonr-Old Pacing Record From lOODoWU to3iO73-S. Ills., Sept. la.—But one record was broken Thursday and thai Was by Monroe Salisbury's wonderful 2-year-old pacer Directly, who sent the 2-year-old record down from 2:09 to 2:07%, and at the same time reduced his own record 2)^ seconds, Twenty thousand enthusiastic people witnessed the event, It was the second special event of the afternoon following Robert J'« failure to reduce his own record, The track was fast and the weather superb. Directly got away on the first score with McDowell driving him, The pace was 1 a remarkable one, showing a steady 1m provement. The first quarter was gone In U2, the half in 1:04}£, the three-quay- tors In 1:30^ and the mile in 2:07^ When Williams 'made the announce ment, there were loud cries for McDowell, and the famous driver wae obliged to go up into the grandstand and acknowledge the'ovatlon. Robert! J was .sent off on a second scoring. In a warming heat he inadt the circuit in 2:11, and many thought h< would pace a.great mile, even If he failed to beat his own record. Ed Gesn was the driver; Robert J made the first quarter in 30 and the half was mafl« ! in 1:00^, but in the third quarter tfat great stallion slowed up, making th« pole In 1:31%.' The mile was covered lie; The quarters were 80, bO>£, 81 Ja and oi. , DISCHARGING STRIKE SYMPATHIZER! Mluonrl Pacific Systematically letting Ottl ... firemen and'BnjIneer*. LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 21.—Since Saturday the Missouri Pacific is said to havt discharged 14 firemen and six engineer! at this end of the line and • eight.or 1i firemen at Van Buren on .the. charge ol being implicated hi the recent strike .01 expressing sympathy with it. There an said to be 25 more names on the list to be discharged. The majority, of' these: met refused to go put on a strike, but some oi them casually expressed sympathy wit! the strikers and for'this reason are betafe decapitated. The railroad men are very mhch exercised over the action i of th« company and stated on good authority that the Brotherhoods of Locomottvi Firemen and Engineers have issued at ultimatum to the effect that unless the company restores the. men by the. fcUth s general strike will be declared. ' Commander Ijtwler** Plan*. ; ROOKFORD, Ills., Sept. 31.—From tht reunion of .the Crocker brigade al Ottnmwa, la., next week Commander- in-chief Lawler will go to Vinton, la., to attend a reunion. OctI 2 he will -attend the dedication of the B. P. Stephensoi monument at Petersburg, Ills. A reception will be tendered Commandei Lawler and Mrs. Wallace, the new national president of the W. R. O. In Chicago, probably on the evening oi Ocb S, although the date has not been definitely decided upon. President Banford Ke»lfn». NEW YORK, Sept. ai.—The board ol directors of the Adams Express company accepted the resignation of Presi dent Sanford and elected Mr. L. C, Weir of Cincinnati in his • stead. Mr, Weir has been with the company 8C years. The election was in accordance with Mr. Sauford's request. Mr. San ford remains a dire^or of the company. Colored People Celebrate. DBS MODJES, Sept. 31.—The colored people of central Iowa gathered here anc celebrated the emancipation of their race by a big barbecue, and speeches by Governor Jackson, Secretary of State Me- Farland and others at the state fail grounds. Judge .A. W. Tourgee ol Watertown, N. Y., delivered an address in tho tabernacle. Crntiule Against Chicago Gambler*. CHICAGO, Sept. ai.—The crusade ol the civic federation against gambling iu Chicago resulted in the complete stop page of all games. Not a gambling house opened its doors Thursday and th federation's officers, armed with war rants, attempted to raid several placet and found all games had ceased. Hedlln and Ilrook* Dying. AtniA.Ia., Sept. 21.—Philip Hedlin and James Brooks, train wreckers, who were shot by Sheriff Lambertson while trying to escape, will both die. The sheriff, who was badly bruised, and his son, William Lambertson, deputy sheriff, shot Iu the breast, are neither In any danger. , '. ' '•Old Shady" I* Dead. GRAND FORKS, N. D., Sept. 21.— Blakuly Durant, familiarly known at "Old Shady,'.' is dead. He was the body servant of General Sherman during the rebellion and was feelingly mentioned In tho luttor's 'memoirs. He was the "Old Shady" of the familiar war melody. Shipper*' Grlemuioa Committee. DUHUQUM, la., Sept. il.— The Iowa shippers have, appointed a grievance committee of nine to settle future differences with the railroads. J. W. Conchar of Dubuque Is chairman and the eastern, interior snd western districts are equally represented, YtiHwdUrft'sHttaMtoAll QAMMM* CouUvllle,' 4 8jBotton. i. Iiikt «ud Colei tficliul null Uautul, Umpire, Koe(o. ' 'Cltwlaud,' Us Vfabluiiton. ». WalUce and buyd »ud Uugilal*. Uuiulro, Mo- FLASHES A MESSAGE 183 MILES. All Record* for Long Distance Signaling flrokcn by the ficllogrnplt. DENVER. Sept. 21 .—Captain G. A. Glaasford, chief signal officer, United States array, department of Colorado, accompanied by Sergeants John Mo- Glone, Jamns B. McLnughlin and William Besaell, arrived in Denver direct from the heights of the Uncoinpaghre mountains, where, with the assistance of Serguants Batach and Griffln, stationed on Mount Ellen, thny succeeded In breaking tho world's record for long distance heliograph signaling, a message having beon sent br sun flashes from Mount Uncotnphagiire, Colorado, to Mount El- Ion, Utah, a distimwof 1*3 miles. The best former record was 105 miles. Among the congratulatory messages received by Captain Glassford Is the following, which was sent by heliograph to Mount Uncoinpaghre: WASHINGTON, Sept. 18,1894. Captain W. A. Glassford, signal corps, Mount Uncompnghre, via Lake City, Colo.: Congratulating you on the indefatigable exertions and skillful arrangements Whereby you have beaten the world's record for long distance heliograph signaling by 68 miles, the United States has reason to congratulate itself upon American Ingenuity and assiduous exertions whereby its soldiers have been enabled tc transmit with a mirror of 04 square' inches reflecting surface a message 0" miles farther than the famous Laurel Mauritius line between the Island Mauri' tins and Hivenion, with its magnificent apparatus and mirror of 13,000 inches of 1 reflecting surface. This record must; stand unsurpassed for many years, if uot for all time.' A. W: OREELET, , Chief Signal Officer, U. S. A. . The officers found the ascent to Mount. Uncornpaghre difficult and suffered severely fronr the'cold while there. Entitled to Honor* of Bishop. PORTLAND, f Or., ' Sept. 81.—Father: Adrian> J.' Conquet of the diocese of Oregon City, celebrated the 50th anniversary of. his entrance into the priesthood. The pope conferred upon him the: title of monsignor and raised him to the dignity of domestic prelate. Father Conquet .Is entitled, to the honors of bishop in the Catholic church without the executive-powers and responsibilities. Iowa College Get* a Donation. GRINNKLL, la., Sept.' 21.—Iowa college is in luck. A dispatch to President • Gatos from ex-Congressman Strubk gives the, information that William Reickoff of Orange City, la., has left by will |36,000 to the college. Mr. Reickofl was here last spring' looking over the school, but gave no intimation of hU purpose to donate the rnoney.. • .; • Antl-Tammanyn** to Unite. NEW YORK, Sept. 21.—-The executive committee of 70 decided to request all the anti-Tammany- organisations not to nominate a city ticket, but 'to appoint a conference committee to meet with the committee of 70. The idea is to nominate a candidate on whom all the anti- Tammany organizations can unite. 'Beginning of a General Kxodn*. PrrrsDUKQ; Sept. 91.—William Bell- stem, Christopher Klntsch and Henry Kolb, representing the better class of German cokeworkers in and around New Haven, Pa., left for Douglas county, Wisconsin, where they will secure farming land for 35 families. This is the beginning of a general exodus. Italian* In Bo*ton Celebrate. BOSTON, Sept. 21.—The various Italian societies of Boston kept Thursday as a holiday to celebrate the anniversary of the fall of the temporal, power of the pope and the restoration of Rome as the capital of United Italy. Bin. Qougar Want* a New Trial. BOSTON, Sept. 31.—A motion was filed in the clerk's office of the United States circuit court by Mrs. Helen Gougar, through her attorneys, asking for a new trial iu her case against Con gressmau Morse. Killed by a Runaway. DCS MOINKS. Sept. HI.—Mrs. Mary McConnell, one of the oldest residents ol tho city and the mother of Mrs. Oscar Lofqnist, died in the hospital from ths effects of injuries received in a runaway accident. MARKETS REPORTED BY WIRE. Chicago drain aud Provblon*. CHICAGO, Sopt. JO.—The bear raid In the umrltcU t'oiilliiueil today and lowur prices remitted, Tho weak ness was largely tho result of true nellliiK- Dommilmr wheat closisl HI lower, May corn J(Jo iinil May oatH HO lower. Provisions Uutaluxl lowur all around. CLOSING 1-II1OM. WHEAT—Ixiwur. Souknuuer. M«c<; De comber, Mo; May, WJiaflOo. COKN—Lower. September, WHo; (lotubur, BftRRETT SCOTT GUILTY /erdict Against the Ex-Treasurer of Holt County. MOTION MADE FOE A NEW TRIAL, 10t Now Yurk. «. Wouofou sail Mauk; HUM*. CUrk aua Kurrol, Umpurwt, UulU nnU Qaffn»y. CliU<mio, Wi ptill*del|ililn, 4. AbUwy snU Bohrln-ri Jobnuuu, BuUrlbl* «titi (iuoltloy. l)lM *( Hambur«. MAUOM CillWK, Pa., Sept. Ul.—E. ^. LeUainriug, m mllllouutro uoitl operator au4 pwaiduut of Uio Luhigh Cuul uud MTavigutiou ooiuuuuy, died at Hamburg, Qeriuaujr. ^ r ^ ........ _^ _ llritall Will Muku u Lu*u. 1110 PIC jANlfUUU, Stint,, ai,— it Is UU- npuuood tUo govoruiuoiit m'ouuatw to ruUu '' LSAnus o Allan. Mhm«*i>olti, s. Huulioy, H»t- ttiiUl uiul Mptr»rl»iiil; r'ronor, \Vvnluii, Mur- I |ihy, lluleu anil Oru«k». Umplro. Mttiiu»*>u. | ImlliiimnolU. I7i 'ttluusOUy, U. 1'liUUpt aUd t WtwlUku; Kllcuu aui| Kraut. Umpire, tiUu dan. (Jritnil lUpliln, Hi MllwAUkiui, 0. Kill lion «ui| Kl>lwt; Hunger uuil HoluiiU. Uuuilro. Kurlux. i Di'iriiit, it; IvHUkHU Oily, !• Uuruhern aud tuiil UouuUuv. Uiuiiiro, Mo- OATS-l-owor. Senteiuber, l»Uo; Oolobur, KlUK-ixjwur Soplumbor, 110.115; Jutiu ary, UAHU—Lower. Bt>i<t«mber. |ai)U; Oclobor Jauuury, 9T.IW. S»|itcmb»r |T.45; October •T.Hi Jauuary t H,»rhj. CH|lr<j|ii lUve S%ook« CHICAGO, 8wpt. SO.— CATTLE—lll«lior|irlo<«i werepsld for tfuort lo extra •loom, the ad vauoo •yvruiilDtf kbuut IUu lo tJUu, Nalivv* werucjuotcHl Alll.^Ofi.40, 'with wiloa largel al 11,7&<H.ull for now* and UiilU aod $«.OU484 " for «t<i«r». \VottUTim ware luvloAblo |l.&utt<. and 'I'exaut tt.(WftJ.-'t). Btookuro and foodern w«r« In uotlve dawaiui nod ttriu, UB wore al*> W^l TIOO8—At th» otwnlnv of builucwi today BVtoU lion*. #uU| iw vvull iu . , " , But tbu I'Uwc uhuwud A dovlliiv of Hk- to llo uaukllill irr»di« hUlTorluu the moot. l*aoker p«iucd iloU'ruiluvcl (u break tho market ra IPkrdlOM of tl\u (iikuulty of the offurluga aui Uiulr uffurln urn lUMMursbly »uo»»«rul. Th bulk of today'* «al«« w«r« bolow ffl.uo, tl •ahlirhaa fi-UI Wa»' paid early InlUedaf P^kvr* I'atil around |i,UO for tbu grtutUr p»r uf Uiolr imruhttwui. 'BIIKKP—Tlio »lio«p aud lamb umrkela weru (airly noilvo aud Unit. tirluul|ially ut luuut of ilia lttiuu«. Trmllu« Iu wo* lt,UUUi ; lio.t OIU! Uam«-l)«trull, 5; n uuU JuiiW.ou! K»II»U» auU UAHSS. oity, t i'curla, Ui , U. boiilli Oumlm Live Stock. OW.UIA, Kopl. SM.-DA'ri'LK-lU liutl' lu l.i'O ilu., ll.^Ui.tUl; VOu to UU) moil uowb. |I..V^ti'.ui; liutHl tuwU'rt, tH. ttbOi oouuiuiu U'nU'i*. IJ.HVJ4 »a M»rk0 Iliilil, llUUt>-U»c«l|>u, l.OUl kvt bloady; i l .IU: laluba, lowur. ., 7UUIii>u[t; niuituiu, MUrkvt »U'»Jy am of Embo««lement I* Fixed at 83g,OOO. One at the Cloiln*; Chapters In n Cele* brated Nebraska Oa*e—Story of the Defaulter'* DlihoneUr—HI* Flight to Mexico and Capture. NKMOH, Neb,, Sept. 15.—The Jury In he Barrett Scott case, after being out early 80 hours, brought In a verdict of [nilty. The amount of the embezzlement was fixed at (82,000. Scott has ot bem sentenced yet. The verdict was ronght In at 0:55 Friday morning. A petition was made for a new trial. The story of Barrett Scott's defalcsv on is not new, bat the orirae was on uch an extended scale, and the atten* ant circumstances so peculiar, that it 111 bear repetition, Scott was elected s a Republican as treasurer of Holt onnty. Subsequently he fall into bad dor with the Popnllstic board of super* isors, who Insisted that he wat conducing his business dishonestly. Aocnsa- on was followed by investigation, and ast winter Scott found it. advisable to ake a trip to Mexico, ostensibly for his ealth. ""..': The authorities of Holt county learned f this In time to offer a good reward for Is arrest as a fugitive from justice, and ewas arrested an4 placed in jail IB Tew Mexico. Shortly afterward his rother-in-law, Del Akin, went to get Scott, but the honesty of - bis purposes as doubted, and B. E. Murphy, county ttorney for Holt county, wired the heriff of El Paso county, Texas, to arrest Akin as an accomplice Of Scott. This was done and, complications fol- owed fast, Matt paugherty. the present andidate for congress, going down to 'exas and proouring the r«l«a*e of Akin. Scott was brought back and. when Sheriff Cunningham of El.Pasp pounty reached maha on his return trip he was lerved with a notice of .a suit, for 130,000 for amages because of the i"falss imprisonment" of Aiken. County .Attorney ilarphy was also made a party to the nit. Following upon this oorae litigation on he part of Holt county.-against Scott's mndsmen for. something over |70,(XK), he amount of Scott's defalcation. On a echnicalitr the suit was dismissed and le county left to hold th* bag. Scott's rial followed, he taking a change of enu« to Antelope baeaoM el the prejn- ioe which he d«clai«d to exist against lim in Bolt comity. BfcKlule* Oootlnff to Nebroika. LINCOLN, Sept. ID.—The Republican state central committe* has announced that Governor MoKlnley Would deliver an address to Lincoln so the afternoon of October 4 and another in Omaha in lie evening of the sank* day. MoKin- ey's appearance will tw • declared th» rand opening ol the lUpublican cam* saign. ' Farmer*' Picnic at Greaham. GRGSHAM, Neb., Sept.. 16.—The farm• picnic at Lord's grove, near here, .as attended by 1,000 people. Th» rincipal feature of the day was speak- ng by Judge Stark, Populist candidate or congressman. Small Blase Near Grant, QsUNT, Neb., Sept. 15.—The two- tory residence belonging to Mrs. Lucy Voodall, was burned with all household on tents. Loss, |3,500; insurance, l.OOti. Taken to the Aiylom. BEATRICE, Neb., Sept. 16.—Joel T. iloore of Bluo Spriugn was adjudged inane and takuu to the Lincoln asylum by Sheriff Kyd. Loaned Money to Theiuiidve*. .OODEK, Utah, Sept. 15.—Articles filed n the United States Fourth district court charged gross fraud and inUmon- geincnt on the part of the officers of tha Oitieeus bank, which assigned Deo. 35 sat Cashier M. Brough and President Theodore Robinson are charged witk oaning money to theuwolvos and to cor- >orations iu which stockholders of tha are interested to the extent of fu9,- U. Mr. Brough is mayor of Ogden. Uankur* MUapply Fund*. HARUisnuito, .Sopt, 16,—Ou chargM ot misapplying £10,000 of the funds of the Mlddkiton NaUonsJ bank, which 'ailed last week, Charles H. Raymond and his brother, Edward Raymond, tha cashier,wore arrested by Deputy Marshall Anderson. Examinations showed that a largo amount of fund*' had been misapplied by th» officials of the. bank. Tho bankem furnished 130,000 boil for is isaring. ' ..y--.^. 1U||UU«I ' —-, LONDON, Suut. 16.—A dttpalob to Tb» Times from Tleu-Iala wty* that aown tuvs roauUod thoro from Mng-Yanif that the Jnpuuutiu on tho night of Sept. Ill made an attempt to surprise the Chlnss* camp, hot were .repulsed wHb .heavy loss. Tho movement* of, th« Jaun0ejw t*oo|i8 wera iiuu«d«d by.-ttto standing corps, whloh also hUt tM sdewjr tern !«*• BheriA AUIx, Sopt. 10.—ahoritf LAurbertKn WM attaukod by thro* urisoners in'tha boouty jail whilt) feeding them. Thoy knookstl him down and ran put «* ttit door, Lauibortcou Bring flv« shoU, thjrua ol which took sffeot, aud theoonviont wtra all r*oaptnn»d. Doputy Lamboit- » sou of ihu «torif(, wa» shot iu th« bnuist. Hutoh HeivlHug, oua of th* WM«ud«d urUonem, is nut wiwuUMl to live. Janet aud F»li'li« Will Qel To««th«r. Uutiugi'K, B«nt. 10.—Cittueral Qoorg« W. Juuua will tp> to Auu Arbor, Mioh.. Hopt. VU, to jkUdiul u U*r bawmet lu honor uf Uovuruor Faloh«'a IHUh Itirth- day auuivi'iuary, Foloh* and JUUIM Borvod ait ytum iu th» sauato togethur uiul uro tho olUwt living lU'ssiuktun, ox- 14rui IItil m/ nt MttJDtft.

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