The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 27, 1958 · Page 12
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 12

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1958
Page 12
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BY 5TO I MARGIN Legislators Favor a Hands-Off Policy on U. Athletic Situation fly AnOI.PH JOHNSON replied. "Yrs". and -illuT affmvs Rep. Bill Shovel! ,>f St. Paul \s«tnrl.ilrd 1'ross stnff Uriirt .;il tho imivprsiiy also." He war "No more so than in any other Miniipsntn IrRislntors favor a joiner! by another legislator who nflairs. It, is the function of the tiMiids-off policy with regard to llv nskrd lha! his name not ho used. Legislature to deterifiinf 1 broad University of Minnrsotn alhlcti< ' And Srn. \Villuini (" F. Heuer oi policy, no 1 administer every il^. sit lint ion b\- n .Vto-l m:in:in on Ihc 'iertha commented that ''Ihr. -artnien!." basis of their replies to an Ass< ni.uhl lie a aood idea." Has Knorfijli Problems MJSTIN (Mi. in HFRAlO Saturday, Dec. 27, 1958 Frictionless Bearings Win Favor in Cars My DAVID .!. WILKIK AP Automotive Writer DETROIT i/P - Frictionl e s tinted Press riuestionnniir And those i>n both side: Their \v,is one suggestion ilia; Hep. Martin .1. MeGownn Jr. ol'. bearings that require no lubrira an the stair Constitution be aniondt d Applrton-"No. The Legislature tion apparently are coming in for pretty empliatir about Ihnr opm ii This was p the iiivc the Legislatm e more con has enough problems without bo- wider use in automobiles. I over the university. .-oniing invoked in petty squabbles Initially the bearings have been Other replies inchi:led: >ver roaches and athletic three tested on automobile front ends Rep 'ohn Tracy Anderson t>i ;ors." They have been used for knucklp •<! Paul , , Rep. F. Gordon Wriphl of Mip. : ««d ball joints, especially in steci Heal fart neapolis - "Yes, the public is get- in K mechanisms. •Tj-rtainly athletics are a real ling soakrd at present by a tax- Tlle frictionless bearings are Minni- I 1 '"'' " f " 10 university, but I ilo not supported agency of tlie state." »iade of strong plastic and cotton believe the university's greatness Sen. P. J. Holand of Austin — strands impregnated with a phe and worth as an institution of high- "No. the general public has to sup- 1 nolic P lastic - The manufacturei ei learning are dependent upon a port Minnesota athletics better." says . tlley can ! ' e P lace ninny con winning team on the gridiron." , Rep. Leo Mosier of Minneapolis ventio " al metal - to - metal heat Sen. Joseph Vadheun of Tyler- —"Such interference in the affairs' ingSt "This is not the business of the- if the university is. I think, tin- Without Lubrication Legislature." wise." Kn'- G •'• Van De Riet of Fair- Rep. Ernest Beedle of St. Paul university recents ttiiv'd mont ~" J <1on l thipll? '' a sood --"The purpose of the university ... . , down theolJclL "Sn*nnr> lic >\r would «*»*««• *>™«"8 »» «« educate people, not to se,'*'*«* lubncat.on. They showed committee to study the'situation teams - athletic records." „.„-,.,. " ,. . . ! Sen. Leslie Westin of St. Paul ; Rep. Peter Popovich of St. Paul Of 9* legislators who replied to .. A i i t i . T\ ,,,/ . -.*.),... — Ansotuiety not. tne poor won — It seems to me that if the Leg.. '.., ' , ' '".. ' , 'and lost record of the university is : islature were to intervene, there o ten w, h exclamation marks--, lhe resu]t of Hv , b ^ ^ , 14 said "yes. and 11 said they were undecided. "Should the Legislature use i'- ronlrol over appropriations to tak. « more direct role m alhletic affairs at the University A1 ( l.fliiii It was asked in connection i\i!l rltorts of some M Clvib member to bring about removal of AthltMk Tiiroctor Ike Armstrong and Mur- In a recent test the bearings «« used in approximated 200,- 000 ™"« » f '"»«""«» l r a v " -•Minnesota football ,s in enough , o . difficulty without making it a 'political football'." said Rep. Harold R. Anderson of North Mankato. "Of course not." was the reply of newly-elected Sen. Jack Davies, who is a university law student, i 'Good Idea' Sen. Noman Walz of Detroit Lakes, taking a different stand. more important areas the Big Ten. We haven't gone pro'study . . .The important question^'''" ."""'"* "" """"^ '* « and can't compete with those who',i s: is the university doing a good j dUCtl " g ex P eriments »>«> the no signs of appreciable wear or oxidation. innovation may be the of exhaust mufflers. Ward's Automotive Reports says one leading car maker is c o n- ex- NEW SENATE OFFICE BUILDING INTERIOR — The main committee room, left, of the brand-new 24-million-dollar Senate office building in Washington is lighted incandescently. Most of the other rooms, corridors, etc., in the nine-floor white marble structure have fluorescent illumination. The plush building has entrances like the one shown, right. Forty lucky senators and Vice President Nixon will move in shortly when it's ready for occupancy. Covering half a city block, the building houses a senatorial dining room together with a 700-person capacity cafeteria for staff members and visitors. Other features include an auditorium seating 500, private sundeck for senators and no less than 160 rest rooms. A subway from the building to the Capitol is planned. WATCH RMMT TV Channel 6 SUNDAY at 12:30 P. M. for Film Entitled "Yours Fraternally" • YOU WILL ENJOY IT! "Information is the V-8 installations would have mufflers standing upright under each front fender." Ward's says. It adds that silencing resonators would be placed, one on top of the other, on the front grille floor. The short exhaust discharging pipe IOWA NEWS SEEK BANDITS LOOKING BACK IN '58 SIOUX CITY I.P. — Woodbury.that religion made an County Sheriff's officers Friday amount of news. Religion Made Lot of News NEW YORK (AP)—If you look.O'Hara of Philadelphia were America and the Presbyterian 5. Conviction and subsequent, ac- back over 1958, you will discover among the new cardinals appoint- Church in the U.S.A. into a uni- quittal O f the Most Rev. Pietro unusual'ed by Pope John. Other tMg Events fiecl denomination, the United Presbyterian Church in America. Fiordelli, Roman Catholic bishop would be well forward beneath jwere seeking two youthful bandits The top story was the death of i Other significant events, in ran-!The total membership is 3V 4 mil- of Prato ' Italy ' of slanfler Charges. the radiator grille, pointing rear- who held up a Bronson tavern Pope Pius XII and the election dom order, included: jlion, fourth largest among United Tllc casc . which sllook churdi- ward - Thursday night and fled with $31'J and coronation of Pope f ( -..---.i 1. The ouster of 13 theologians j States Protestant denominations, state relations in Italy, grew out 17 F^' 18118 ' s - vslem in cash and several checks. XXIII, son of an Italian peasant, from Southern Baptist Theological! 3. The increasing tendency of of the bishop's calling an atheist Claimed for the new exhaust j _o— Archbishop Richard J. Gushing ^Seminary in Louisville, Ky. —'Southern clergymen to join in and his wife "public sinners" for system, says Ward s, is a sharp: NAME CHANGED of Boston and Archbishop Francis about a third of the entire faculty working for a moderate approach refusing to be married in a re- ine U for° n '" ^ preSS ? re> n ™M DUBUQUE IJ) — Northome Fur- |—who objected to the policies ofjto racial problems in the South, ligious ceremony after their civil S re power and possibly niture i DC j us t r j e s, Inc., announc- f, I I I . jthe seminary administration. The including combined moves by pas- marriage. 'firing occurred in June. tors in Atlanta and Little Rock. Growing Discussion j A few weeks ago the central;The nondenominational monthly e. Growing discussion ovcy the accrediting organization for Prot- Pulpit Digest said a poll showed Status of Protestants in the Soutn jestant schools in the Unite.l;four out of five Protestant minis-American republic of Colombia. ;States strongly criticized the ael- ; ters in 17 Southern states are in f •• •!•.• |ministration and gave the semi-:favor of complying with the Su- of Facilities "iits name to Flexsteel Industries J less fuel consumption. ' " I™..TT™?' '"n' T 01 " 10 ' The agency adds that the rear-! ed Fnday ll 1S £ormally changing discharging systems as presently!I designed are expensive and inef-j ficient and interfere with good car frame construction practice. It does not presently appear DES MOINES LT) — Luther likely the so-called trans-axle sys-! Glanton Jr -- 45 ' was named by tem or front-end exhaust installs-! Gov< Herschel Loveless as DCS; tion will be introduced before 1961;Moines municipal judge Friday. 1 or 1962. Preliminary work on 1960 - succeeding Judge Don Tidrick whoj 1ST NEGRO .H'DGE Steel industry Uses Only Half Ky JOHN MODDY AP Business News Writer Most industry experts agree Polk County District Court, a™-'^™^^™^^ lWPVf»r that nor tinman*!***. ««^ tr%n ic hPhavari tr\ ha tho fn*ct ' ^^ ^ models already is well along. was elected in November to the , ., 7 ' Bn ' lle ° rvt>r ltl ! e . Newr nary a year to correct what werelpreme Court school integration Clty pollcy of P rohlb " m B chsKeni " ; ailed intolerable' conditions, or order. nation of birth control information face loss of accredited standing.; 4. Mounting discussion of re- to , patlt>nts m Clty 1 ' os P' lals ' ™'Details of the controversy have ligious affiliations of political can- SUtlllR '" a modlflcation ol tht ' ! not been made public. 'didates, sparked by the possibility pohcy ' Now birlh contro1 thl ' l ' apy Merger May 28 WARM FRIENDS — Pert Dixie Qualset takes a wintry walk in Kansas City, Mo., with her dog, who has just the thing every dog needs — ear muffs. The dog's ears are a bit too long for the muffs, but a little warmth is better than none in the cold weather most of the U. S. is experiencing. U. S. Plans to Evacuate Last Antarctic Bases however, that car engineers are | ton is believed to be the first about ready for a major opera- j Negro ever to become a judge tion on the hump in the car floor.! in Iowa. Needed to provide space for the j —o— transmission and drive shaft, it! HOMES .BURGLARIZED , has increased in size as the cars' DUBUQUE .ji - Twentv - one !t Ste , elmen P redict better 'have been lowered in height. JDubuque families reported their' ° r thet n . ew ' V ? al \ bUt warn . that . t f i j homes were burglarized while they longt st » k *-wh,ch no one is will• m >• l ... ' r i r ^i • ; ln S to discount—over a 1959 labor i Widow Hates ^ away ' co » tract «** easily -^ «** ' ' , forecasts. —o— CONNECT HIG1UVAY 35 of Sen. John Kennedy (D-Mass), will be permitted in city hospital-. ------ ^ ....... .• — — ----- «.,.... »wi»».u< v^-n,. .->;,>, ,, . 2 . Merger on May 28 of the Unit- a Roman Catholic becoming a . Protestant and Jcwish *"»** °l" " tons of steel annually - d p res byterian Church of North presidential nominee. more than half its mam- j moth facilities during much of recession-ridden 1!);)8. P° setl llle ball i Koilian Catholics defended it. 50 Men, All Over 30, Prepare for Ministry at Night School GARDEN CITY, N.Y. (AP) — plete courses for holy orders. All Men'With Good Reason Besides its seminary curricula, A new kind of Episcopal seminary Even a fourth-quarter business , was opened here today. It holds i the school also offers general aca- I upturn couldn't save 1958 from go- i classes at night, and is mainly for demic courses to enable men AMES W) — The Iowa Highway; ing into tne recorc i book as the older professional men — engin- without college degrees to make Donald Parker, 48, of Indianapo- j [during his 1928-30 expedition — is lls ' told new smen he had known i Mrs. Bowman in Indiana for about Commission has signed agree-: worst pro d uc ti 0 n year since 1949. eers, bankers and others — pre- up such requirements. '™,ri ntS ,PtHn5 n 1 '"""M 3 "*? ****'\ Order Bw)ks Em ^ ! P °™ g fOr the ^^^ Construction of the building was HOUSTON, Tex. (AP)--I hatei° un settl " g up corridors to serve! ^^ ^ ^ nt nttKt _\ Ceremonies dedicating the new.: m ade possible through a gift of all men," muttered a bald widow, j^ connecting points of Interstate ed cmpty pgges . R Qrder boo ^ ,\ y completed building were led by i Mrs . Helen B. Mercer of New Mrs. Georgia Bowman had rea-| 3b ' / he etxnfct , , ro " te - < !' 1 ' owever - Customers preportedly lived offi the Rt - Rev " James p - DeWolfe.; York City in memory of her late son to. A couple of them had just, must await field checks by state; st ockpil es built up i n ti tries 1 bishop of ^^ Island - and the husband George, cost her all her hair. ! and federal of finals. when ^ ^ P b « |V ery Rev. Robert Farrar Capon,! J ''dean of the school. CHRISTMAS CAPERS CEDAR RAPIDS IT, — Christ: By CHARLES MAHER LITTLE AMERICA (AP) _ ! scheduled to start Jan. 2. , . , , AME,rtiL.A mr> , jeight years. He said she left about!mas was marred in 16 homes in Little America soon will be noth-j 12 Lead Exodus ! a month ago and he traced her!a three block section of Cedar ing but a dark and icy monument Twelve U.S. Navy men and 12 ,to a Houston apartment where he ! Rapids. The homes had been bur Auto manufacturers, steel's big- Called the George Mercer Jr .:'5,000 Yule Cords Memorial School of Theology, the:Weren't Delivered | institution already has an enroll- of about 5( to the curiosity of man. This last of the antarctic beach- 1GY men are to lead the exodus ' also found Lucius Wilson, 43. back . ' Ihey * re( a ?" ong 18 ° m / n now „"* Came h . ere Ktof . here, 74 of whom wintered in Lit-! and marry her but I didn t dnve heads established by the late tle America to conduct or support ; 1,100 miles to find this," Parker Rear Adm. Richard E. Byrd isi s cientific work that ranged from j said - So > he to'd P°"'ce and news- being closed as soon as possible investigation of the heavens overj men> ne drew nis -38 automatic * I. W|V«\JlJ , -Llll~lJlfllll_.3iIClULJW*;ilLJL(l*[f i , ] glarized Wednesday night and be-: furlough ^~ g ° 1 ^ !! na ' wage i 130. Most are jobholders with fam- HARTFORD, Conn.(AP) — The U.S. postmaster here has 15.000 tween $400 and $500 taken. —o— EYE CURE IOWA CITY (.Ti - The use of < , , „ increase provided by the three -' / . , I excuses for folks who got Christ* t . /. ""«== . ^he r classes are set at nieht ; j u ± , ^ , L year contract signed in more pros-1 , ^ . , ", re su , a * nlg ' H jinas cards but neglected to send ' " after 1 the"tatern"atiraal Geophysical thelta1;ion"to"the"ice'hu'ndreds T of i and ordered wi 'son to shave" flrs't; rthe* dread "eye Steasl* Su-'r^* 1 ™ ^ total t0 " nage " " Year ends next Wednesday. feet beneath it. i Mrs - Bowman's head, then his 1 • - - - UMle -own. Evacuation of the snow-covered Tentative plans 't-all for the- icoma, is being explored in re- "Well, tlu's Wilson is a barber [search at the State University of Iowa. Dr. Monsour Armaly, Leb.-'j™'^™"^ ^Vexceed anese doctor who is researchin station built near Kainan Bay on evacuation of other groups Jan 5 A f j the Ross Ice Shelf in 1956-fifth O r Jan. 8. If the ships are de .| earnd ^ see "^ appropriate." Parkin a series of Little Americas that layed, however, or the weather is: Cant ' Weld w • i the disease at SUI ' saicl the ex " Byrd started some 40 miles away bad, the rear guard possibly may; Park e r win be" char ecTwrth ' . lorations hav opened up or a little under, 1958 goes into the books as the first year since 1(154 that annual pro- tons. TONIGHT - 7 & 9 P. M. Aljo Showing — Sunday Monday - Tuesday SHOWS SUNDAY at 1-3-5.7-9 P. M. MORETHAN GREAT COMEDY! HERES GREAT ENTERTAINMENT! MARIE MCDONALD-SESSUE HAYAKAWA Plut Foothill Highlights of 1958 threateni to J; City Officials Need Lesson in Grammar not let out before the end of Jan- r yj ng a pistol uar >'- take life. Most of the equipment in and around the station will be left until late next year—or possibly for ever. Save 30 Per CeiK Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Thompson oi, NEWA RK, N.J. (AP) - "The Miami, Fla., the base command- mayor & members of the council er, says he will be lucky to get e|xtends to out 30 per cent now. "There is about 1,000 tons of stuff that could be taken out and . , Goldfine Loses New Trial Bid Many steel executives have pre"a life- d; ctec | li)5i) p rtx j uc ti on w ill total i between 108 and 110 million tons. Profit returns, while not cut Key to Oswego Key to Butte by Mistake The 15,000 Christmas\cards, said Postmaster John F. Heneghan, are still in the post office. They can't be delivered because of incorrect or incomplete addresses, or illegible handwriting. SEASONAL CHIME NORFOLK, Va. '.Ti — A night said. It annoyed high school student used again," he said. "About 200 tons has already been shipped Delaney Gregory, who wrote to Mayor Leo Carlin and said that ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) _ QS- watcnman al the u Pt°n Produce ^vego, hit by the worst snowstorm ! Co ' here re P°rted to police that ; back as far as production figures, in its history earlier this month. I a thlef broke into the warehouse |" were not bright. is grateful for the help it got from l antl took a shotgun, a pair of hunt- Final earnings reports will not be (Rochester. i ing lloots and a hunting coat. It, totalled for several weeks but in-j And Rochester's public works was tne night hef °re the opening! dustry profits for the first nine!commissioner, F. Dow Hamblm, of tne duck season . i j months of 19S8 totaled $494,608,674 j has a key to the city of Butte, BOSTON (AP) — New Engand comparecl wilh $ CJ " 4 .85U45 in the; Mont., to prove it. industrialist Bernard Goldtine, un-j first nme 111onths of 1057. j He got it Friday from Oswego's der a three-month jail sentence' The steel industry and the United'mayor, Vincent A. Corsall, who ar-! for contempt of court, has lost his .'Steelworkers Union signed a three- rived on a thank-you mission. i bid for a new trial. j year contract in l'J5ti. | The keys to Oswego for other \ Goldfine is scheduled to begin' Durin " the two-year negotiating i officials were all right. Corsall Favorite of the College Set Coming SUN,, JAN. 4 Adm. $1.80 per person tax incl. (Checking lOc) serving the sentence Jan 7 but lul1 USVV .«..« ..ut, UKVUUJT VJCCII aililJ|JCU -. „,.„„,„ »• II • i aClVlllg HIC aClUfllCe Jail. (, OUt «u..u v. >,^.- < viloi.uvcicu out. We may get out 100 tons J * d8 ^^T 3 ' 103 '^ lnco ' T ,f c to U.S. District Court Judge Charles Donald has been talkill S about big | presentation more. The things we are moving this time include radio and equipment parts needed at other stations. "A lot of stuff here has had three years service. When it gets that old, moving it costs almost more than it is worth. have an "S" after "extend. "It is a reflection on our entire David J. Me-! discovered the error during the ceremony. He E. Wyzanski Jr., admitted him to gains for tlle steelworkers in 195(1. i couldn't explain it. .... hg h '" ' eg ' y ™ TONIGHT AT-7:00-9:10 SUNDAY 2:00-4:20-6:50-9:10 MON.-TUES. MAT. at 2:00 P.M. EVENING at 7:00-9:10 P M. THE GREATEST HOLIDAY FAMILY SHOW EVER SHOWN AT THE PARAMOUNT *r— i system and the manner of ^ *'***. P" ldi »* his ^ " the U.S. Court oi Appeals. ; Being admitted to bail, court attaches said, means Goldfine will ___ , | )e j rge uijti j t | ie ta ^ .^ nearc j Titicaca.jjy t | le ap p ea i s C0 urt. probably not , lnd P art Y'ntil much later than Jan. 7. '^ ° eru ' I Goldfine's secretary. Miss Mildied Paperman, under a Id-day sentence for contempt ol court, also was admitted to bail pending action on her appeal. Both were convicted last Monday of criminal contempt alicr U.S. internal revi-mir a >j e n t .-, charged the pair tailed to turn over records ol Goldlme lextilt- mills for study. Judge U'y/aiihki aisu denied nm- tions for acquittal and fur reduction oi the sentences (jf Goldtine and his si'crL't;ir.\. Goldtine hiees I rial j.i \Vasiun^- ton March Id ,,n a miiU'iiipt (l [ Congres.-, ciiarge lui i.ulure to .1:1- swer some question.-, about his li- nancial aliau 1 .- l.a-t..ii. a ei.'ir'i--^ bloliul Mliicomililtu-c la.-I iUillllll-l The U'ashiii^tnii n , a r i n ^ s brought r:r te:-Iii!ii.:i> Guld- fine and S;.ci ::iau AIJ...H.-.. !i,rn;i.-i assistant t.! PI <--:iirM i i-,.'',!,,, 1 /^ i hud I'Xi'iiaiii^ed L;i!t- Alaiir. v.'li, denied any UK.n-,1-,;.^, hiei re ,-lgnrd Ins U'liMir H .'. c pi,.-t GRILL Cecil B. DeMille YUL BRYNNER - «» Je»n Ukfitte CLAIRE BLOOM CHARLES POYER CHARITON HESTON At 7:00 and 9:00 Last Laughs Tonite! THE WILDEST SNAFU the Army ever knew! MGM GLENN FORD IMITATION GENERAL fel!;0?<^^^ COMING SUN. & MON. ACTION HE HAD STOOD ON BOTH SIDES OF THE LAW-AND THIS WAS THE SHOWDOWNI JHCRt WAS A COU5. KlUiNG FUKr 1H THl KUD SfJWllH- AW AND JAKE WADE' ««l PATRICIA OWENS -rt ROBERT MIDOUTON .aiun Sun. Mat. 1:00 - 3:00 Eve. 7:00 - 9:00 Filmed in the Beautiful Color of The California Sierras! 1011 W. OAKLAND Open Sunday 8 a.m to 8 p.m. Week Days 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. Dining room open Sunday serving regular dinners, BREAKFAST Juice, French roasr, bacon and coHc't DINNER STUFFED, BAKED PORK CHOPS with baked apple, potatoes and gravy, baked squash or string beans, tossed or jcllo salad and roll. Pie, ice cream or sherbet and beverage $1.75 CHUCK WAGON SANDWICH Toasted, with cole slaw and fries. .< • v •>;• v :o...- 89. PAPERS, MAGAZINES, rvPOCKEFBOOK NOVELS

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