Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 22, 1948 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1948
Page 4
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, sKS^ff^Va:^ 18 July 21, 1948 M*i«a City Glob«-G»ittU, M»ien City, I*. Midwest Livestock (WEDNESDAY Albert Lea, Minn. Steady Trend Good Butchers— 140-150 Ibs 150-160 Ibs .-: $25.25 160-170 Jbs. .^ ?26.25 170-180 Ibs. $27.23 180-190 Ibs 190-200 Ibs 180-200 Ibs $28.50 200-220 Jbs. $28.50 220-240 Ibs $28.50 240-270 Ibs $27.00 270-300 Ibs $25.75 300-330 Ibs $24.25 330-360 Ibs 523.25 Good Packing Sows— 270-300 Ibs $23.25 300-330 Ibs $23.25 330-360 Ibs $23.00 360-400 Ibs $22.00 400-450 Ibs $21.00 450-500 Ibs $20.00 500-550 Ibs $19.00 'S PRICES) Austin ' Minn. Steady $20.90 $22.90 $23.90 $26.50 $28.00 $28.50 $28.50 $28.50 $27.00 $26.00 $24.25 $23.25 $23.00 $23.00 $22.75 $22.00 $21.00 $20.00 $20.00 Waterloo Steady to $1 lower $25.00 $26.50 $28.00 $28.25 $28,25 $27.00 $25.75 $24.50 $23.25 $23.25 $23.25 $22*5 $2i:75 $20.75 $20.00 $19.25 Cedar Rapids Generally Steady $27.75 $28.25 $28.25 $27.00 $25.75 $24.25 $23.25 $23.25 $23.25 $22.75 $21.75 $20.75 $19.75 $19.00 Hogs Higher, Cattle Drop Chicago, (fP) —Hogs were 25 to 50 cents higher and choice steers and yearlings steady to 25 cents higher, but otherwise livestock prices mostly lost ground. Lower grades of fed cattle and all beef cows dropped 25 to 50 cents, veal- ers slipped $1, and spring lambs dropped $1 to $1.50. (U. S. D. A.) Salable hogs 7,000, total 8,000; fairly active. 25 to 50 cents higher on all weights butchers and sows; top $30; most good and choice 170 to 240 Ib. S29.25@29.75; 250 to 270 Ib. $28@29; 280 to 300 Ib. $26.25ft?27.75; 325 to 350 Ib. $24rg!25.50; 375 to 400 Ib. $22.25@23.75; load around 500 Ib. butchers $20.50; good and choice sows under 350 Ib. $23.50® 25.50; few to $25.50; good 375 to 400 Ib. ?21.50@23; 425 to 475 Ib. S20@21.50; 500 to 550 Ib. §19@20; good clearance. SalaWe cattle 7,000. tola! 7,300; salable calves 500, total 500; choice steers and yearlings including yearling heifers steady to 25 cents higher';, average-choice steers topped at $40.25; prime offerings held above $41; most choice steers S38.50©40; all other grades steers and all beef cows 25 to 50 cents lower; bulls scarce, steady; vealers $1 lower; canner and cutter cows $15018; common and medium beef cows ?19@22; few good cows above $25; sausage bulls to $26; vealers $30: mostly $29 down. Salable sheep 1,500, total 1,500; early sales spring lambs $1 to SI.50 lower; yearlings and mature slaughter ewes about steady; good and choice native spring lambs $28,50 to mostly 529; early top $29; buck lambs discounted $1; package good and choice around 93 ib. shorn California new-crop lambs with No. 2 pelts $27; shorn native slaughter ewes $11.50 dowri. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK ItECEIPTS (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, (ff>)—(U. S. D. A.)—Estimated salable livestock receipts for Thursday: 7,000 hogs, 4.000 cattle, and 1,500 sheep. Local Livestock IIOGS MASON CITY—For Wednesday Steady. GootJ light lights 160-170 $26.2:5 Good light lights 170-1BD S27.25 Good med. weights 180-200 $28.25 Good med. weights 220-240 $23.25 Good med. weights 220-240 $28.25 Good med. weights 240-270 $27.25 Good med. weights 270-300 $26.00 Good med. weights Good med. weights Good sows Good sows Good sows Good sows Good sows 300-330 $24.50 330-360 S23.25 270-300 $23.25 300-330 $23.25 330-360 $23.25 3GO-400 §22.25 400-450 $21.25 Good sows 450-500 $20.25 Good sows .• 500 and up $19.25 No hogs received atter 5 p. in. Jacob E. Decker & Sons CATTLE MASON CITY—For Wednesday Good steers and heifers $33.00-36.00 Good to choice steers and heifers 531.00-33.00 Good steers and heifers .... 530.00-31.00 Medium steers and heifers ... 527.00-29.00 Fair steers and heifers 521.00-23.50 Plain steers and heifers 513-00-21.00 Choice cows 521.00-23.00 Good cows $20.00-22.00 Medium cows S19.5Q-22.50 Fair cows $17.00-18.50 Good bulls .- S21.00-23.00 Medium bulls $20.00-22.00 Oats Sink to Low Ground Chicago, (#•) — All oats Wednesday sank into new low ground since dealings started in the deliveries now being traded. The July contract lost the most ground, but liquidation extended also to the later months. Corn was lower most of the day, the July delivery dropping a couple of cents at times. New crop yellow grain contracts displayed some firmness, largely on the theory they are around the potential government loan level. The weakness in feed grains largely reflected more liquidation of July contracts. In contrast to feed grains, wheat held steady all day. New York Stocks By The Associated Press Am. Tel. & Tel. 154. Anaconda Cop. 36i. Bendix Aviat. 33. Beth. Steel 35}. Boeing Airplane 24|. Chrysler Corp. 60 J. Gen. Elec. 40. Gen. Motors 61i. Illinois Central 38. Int. Harvester 32. Montgom. Ward 55. N. Y. Central R. R. 16*. Radio Corp. 121. Sears Roebuck 38g. Stand. Oil Ind. 484. Stand. Oil N. J. 81J. Texas Co. 60i. CHICAGO POULTRY (Wednesday's Market) Chicago. (.TJ—(U. S. D. A.)—Live poultry: Steady. Receipts 1 car, 22 trucks. Prices unchanged. Business Opportunities 18 FOR SALE—Clean cafe. Uptown, with 14 year lease and doing good business. Write Postoffice Box 1005. FOR SALE (Sacrifice) CLEAN CAFE IN PLYMOUTH, IOWA First six months net this year was $2,200. Building, large lot and fixtures, all for $3,250. LELAND MIKKELSEN Funeral Director MAJOR Funeral Home. Phone 511. "Major Service Meets Auto or Air Ambulance. Your Need." "Wheat closed lower to higher, July $2.26i, corn was J-1J lower, July $2.06 i-a, oats were 1A-3J lower, July 77 3-J, rye was unchanged, December $1.88jf, and soybeans were unchanged to 3 cents lower, July $3.78. ,Mro — ut CHICAGO GKAIN T CLOSE (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, (ff) — WHEAT— High July 2.27 2.29*i Sept. Dec z.3ir» May 2.29V4 CORN— July 2.08 Sept 1.76^ Dec 1.58*8 May 1.61 • OATS— July 80'-j Sept .76 5 H Dec 78 5 « May 80% RYE- DOC 1 59 !i May SOYBEANS- July 3.8.T Nov 2.97 LARD— July .21.82 Sept 22.22 Oct 22.35 Nov 22.40 Dec 23.35 Jan. 23.37 Low 2.26 2.28'b 2.30 :1 4 2.27^4 2.03'i 1.74^8 1.S7 1 /* 3.60 .77V,, .74 'i .76-' » 1.88 3.7R 2.95 21.67 22.02 22.17 22.25 23.17 23.25 Close 2.2G '.4 2.2D'/4 2. 3 1 'A 2.28 2.06 i/a 1.7471, 1.57'i l.CO'A .77'i .74 n 4 1.88 'A 3.78 2.95 21.77 22.05 22.17 22.25 23.20 23.27 MEYER Funeral Home. A beautiful service need not be costly. Ambulance service. Phone 1505. McAULEY & SON Funeral Home. A dls- tinguished, dignified funeral service. Ambulance. 8 South Adams. Call C51. PATTERSON - JAMES Funeral Home. Known for Service. Ambulance, oxygen equipped. 322 N. Washington. Ph. 1140. Money to Loan 8 VACATION MONEY $50—$100—$150—$200 AND UP Why not enjoy a worry-free vacation? $50 costs only $3.00 when repaid in 3 monthly installments. Larger amounts at repayment plans to fit your income. Loans to meet other needs also. 25 YEARS FRIENDLY SERVICE Security Loan Co. Room 321 First Nat'l Bldg. Phone 412 LOANS BORROW 'Money in Minutes' On your SALARY CAR FURNITURE FARM EQUIPMENT REPAY IN 20 MONTHS OR LESS See, Call or Write E. A. SPAHN, Manager Telephone 51G 19Va N. Federal Avenue Federal Discount Corporation AUTO AGENCY County seat town N. Cen. Iowa. Chrysler products and GMC. trucks. Top appliance lines. 9000 sq. ft. floor space also car lot. Sale includes building. $45,000 required. TAVERNS N. Cent. Iowa, one in town of 800 at $3500.00. One in town of 2000 at $8000. One in town of 5000, living quarters, at $8500. One in town of 5000 at $5000. Pool and beer at $6500. Others up to $60,000. Call us. CAFES MAIDRITES, Sandwich Shops, Dairy bars, combinations. $2000 up. GROCERIES - MEATS $4000 and up. Well equipped, good leases. North Iowa towns. SPORTING GOODS Wholesale and Retail. Top lines. College town. Modernistic bldg. $20,000 required. TOURIST CAMP 2 bedroom home for owner. Some modern units. Plenty of trailer pai'king. Grossing over $1000 a month. Hardware Stores, Implements Hotels and a variety of others TO BUY OR SELL A BUSINESS CALL MASON CITY 515 Phillips-Gray Co. "BUSINESS EXCHANGE" 2-8378 602 S & L Bldg:, Des M MECHANIC FIRST CLASS Vew tools, new s-iop, for fast effi- ient work. Good hourly wage with hance for bonus. Stop in today. Mike Balaban, Ser. Mgr. HAROLD MOTORS, Inc. 404 North Federal Open Eves. Except Sat. and Sun. Listen 6 a. m. and 5:45 p. m., KSMN, 1010 P. H. A. LOANS for house repairs at the United Home Bar.k & Trust Co. Mason City Grain (Quotation!) Farmers' Elevator) At 10 a. m. Wednesday No. 2 oats, 32 Ibs., 5 day 66c No. 2 yellow corn, 5 day .... $1.90 Soybeans, No. 2, subject to quotations. Soybeans, Nov $2.76 Bologna bulls $18.00-21.00 Canners and cutters $14.50-17.00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Wednesday $28.00 Choice Good ,. Medium ... .'". % T."". r .tt t r.'i^':'7.".W^r.... $21.00 common .. .vr. 1 ;-;v. j r:^.v.";v.~.'C'. t .... SIBOO Culls $14.00 GENUINE SPRING LAMBS Good to choice , $27.00 EWES Good to choice $ 7.!iO- 9.50 Medium f 6.50- 7.50 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, W)—Wheat; No. 2 red S2.28'/i(fi! 2.23'A; No. 3 red S2.27:>'4Tt2.2a'/4; No. 3 red tough $2.21^®2.25?:,; No. 4 red S2.20 ; U; sample grade red tough $2.18(fil2.19'/a; No. 1 hard $2.29i®2.29'/j: No. 1 hard tough $2,27^: No. 2 hard $2.28'A; No. 2 yellow hard $2.27 3 ,i: No. 1 mixed $2.28',i; No. 2 mixed S2.27<g2.27 3 A; No. 2 mixed lough $2.24 1/4. Corn: No. 1 yellow $2.12',i®2.14; No. 2 yellow $2.13@2.13',i. Oats: No. 1 extra heavy mixed S5c; S2g"5g j No. 1 mixed 76%^77'ic; No. 2 extra heavy mixed BS'iic; No. 3 extra heavy mixed 82V2C; No. 1 heavy white IWtfii B5',ic; No. 1 white 81@B2 : Uc; No. 2 heavy white 82(fi>84c: No. 2 white 82c; No. 1 heavy special red 81V-jc. Barley nominal; Malting S.l.55ftl.95; feed $1.15^1.45. Soybeans: None. OUR CLIENTS WANT GOOD MORTGAGES ON MASON CITY RESIDENCES Low interest rate. Liberal prepayment privileges. No red tape. No delny. Also long time farm mortgages at lowest interest rates. Inquire HUGH H. SHEPARD Suite 205 Foresters Bldg. Phone 284-285 MASON CITY, IOWA LOANS. Federal Discount, 19 Vj North Federal. Telephone 516. WANTED—Man to own and operate new 1948 model vending machine route Mason City and surrounding towns Part or full time. No selling, no expert ence necessary. Permanent weekly in come. S737.50 cash investment required Write Box H-21, Globe-Gazette, giving address and phone number. FOR SALE—Cafe, building included. Do iiiK good business. A good buy arid priced to sell. Ruck's Cafe, Rockford Iowa. FOR SALE WELL DRILLING, PUMP REPAIR, WATER SYSTEM BUSINESS NEAR MASON CITY Doing fine business and havi plenty of material in stock. Othe interests reason for selling. WRITE W-15, GLOBE-GAZETTE Help Wtd., Male 20 MEN, 18-23, single, neat appearing free to travel to east coast for summer. 'ossible earnings up to S100 per week. ee Mr. Ri'gg, personally, for interview, Hotel Ccrro Gordo, G to 9 p. m. Thursday only. No phone calls, please. WANTED—Stock boy, 15 to 16 yrs. old. Kropman's Grocery. 19 9th St. N. E. Salesmen WANTED . . . GOOD RETAIL SHOE SALESMAN We have a good position open at this time in Casper's largest shoe store. Must be extra good salesman, have personality, be neat. GOOD HABITS. NO DRINKERS WANTED. Apply in own handwriting, send snapshot, also advise what you have In mind as to salary, etc. Vacation with pay each year. If Interested write MR. WOLFORD PHIL WOODS Inc. Box 1286 Casper, t Wyoming LARGE OIL company has some territories available in Cerro Gordo and surrounding counties for 3 salesmen. Must be over 35, have good car, financially responsible and ready to start immediately Contact Mr. N. P. Peterson, Hanford Hotel, Thurs. eve. between 7 and 9 p. m. or Fri. morning from 9 to 10. Agents 26 BOYS. Over $50 week. Sell name plates for front doors. Write Dave Dixon, Box A-21, Globe-Gazette. WANTED AT ONCE—Married man for farm work on 160 A. farm. Write D-19, Globe-Gazette. Wanted.Young/Wan to Learn Auto Parts AND WORK IN STOCK Paid vacations. Saturday atternoons off. FLOYD & LEONARD AUTO ELECTRIC 21 WANTED GIRL Part Time Bar Work Part Time Waitress GOOD WAGES WRITE S-21, GLOBE-GAZETTE Services Offejred 27 WANTED—Part time office work by woman with 11 yrs. exp. Call 5390-W. H & H MOTORS Sato PACKARD Service Also repair any make of car.* HAROLD HOOD 12 Seventh S. E. Services Offered 27 U. S. ROYAL TIRES. TUBES BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES Prompt Attention Given to Service Calls J&L Tire and Supply Co. Jack Murray Lloyd Farrer 125 FIRST ST. S. E. Go to McKibben & Bryan Service at 5 S. Penn. for that EXPERT SIMONIZE JOB RADIATOR BACK FLUSH WHEEL PACK GENERAL TUNE UP Houses for Sole 35 FOR SALE—New, used house trailers. .3. _ Broadway Trailer Sales, Albert Lea. FOR SALE—Several homes and vacant lots. Sec L. H. Rud, 20'/a S. Federal. FOR SALE—NEW ALL MODERN 5 ROOM HOUSE and garage; gas heat, hardwood floors. Located at 627 Third N. E. FHA Approved loan of $7000. ., CALL 3074-J WANTED—Experienced beauty operator. Phone 3180, Mason City. WANTED—Girl or woman to watch 3 school-age children. Ph. 2321-J before 1:30 p. in. NEED EXTRA MONEY? SELL newest Christmas Cards with name at 50 for $1, up. Fine profit. Keep up to SOc on $1 Leader 21-card Assortment, other fast sellers. Samples on approval. HertelArt, 305 W. Adams. Dept. B-73, Chicago. WANTED — Waitress. Apply Park Inn Hotel. Common and culls f 5.00- 6.00 Closing Price Still Ahead New York, (#>)—The stock market wavered in late trading Wednesday after an earlier try to extend Tuesday's rally. The Tuesday advance spiked a 3-day sharp decline. Closing prices were still ahead fractions to around a point but well below the best levels of the day in most cases. A number of issues crossed into lower territory. Volume slackened after a fast start. Total for the day was around 1,200,000 shares. Railway bonds tended higher •while U. S. governments held steady in the over-the-counter market. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Wednesday's Market) South St. Taul,. (UP.)— (U. S. D. A.) — Livestock: Cattle 3,800. Generous showing good, choice slaughter steers, yearlings, market draggy, early sales medium-good grades steady. undertone bearish on good, choice offerings. Early top $37.50 for high, good lightweight steers, numerous londs choice S38.50fflM. Few good heifers Cows weak to 50 cents Produce (Quotation by E. G. Marie) MASON CITY—For Wednesday Eggs, No. 1 44c Eggs, undergrades 32c Eggs, nest run \ 37c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and up .... 27c Heavy hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. up . ..... 24c Light hens 18c Springs, heavy breeds 35c Springs, Leghorns v 32c Old cocks, heavy breeds .... 15c Leghorn cocks 12c Eggs, at retail 45-53c Butter, Iowa State Brand . 88-89c Butter, Corn Country 87-88c CHICAGO POTATOES (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, W— (U. S. D. A.I—Potatoes: Arrivals 79; on track 284; total U. S. shipments 442; supplies moderate; demand sJow. California Bliss Triumphs $4.7505, lond whites ?4«3!4.60. Idaho Bliss Triumphs $3.50<ri4.25. Missouri Cobblers J2.65iR2.85. Nebraska Bliss Triumphs $3.75@4. Texas Bliss Triumphs $3.75@4.75. lower, 3oad top good Montana grass cows S25, bulk good cows $22.50i?it24.50; common-medium $lS.50ra.22; canners-cutters $IG<(i:l7.50; beefy cutters $18: shelly canners §15ffjM5.50; bulls steady, medium- good S23fi;25, top good $25.50, cutter-common $22<ra22.50. Stockers. feeders dull at week's decline, few medium-good stock steers $23@2B. Dairy cows steady. Calves 1,500. Vealers steady, good-choice S26®31. high choice $32. common-medium $16(825, culls SI4<fj?15. Hogs 6,300. Opening 'oici.-,. silcs, weights 240 Ibs. down 50 cents higher. Heavier hogs steady, sows steady to 50 cents higher, advance on lightweights. Good- choice 170 to 240 Ib. barrows, gilts $29.95; good-choice sows 330 Ibs. down $23i?J 23.50. Average cost, weight Tuesday: Barrows, gilts $25.18, 280 Ibs.; sows S22.I8, 352 Ibs. Sheep 4.000. Includes 13',b loads Washington spring lambs, I'.'i loads Washington ewes. Balance mixed native truck- Ing. Nothing done on spring lambs. Load good-choice western ewes about 50 cents higher at $12.25. PAID IN FULL Wouldn't it be a wonderful feeling to have all of your next m o n t h's statements show this stamp . . . "Paid in Full" Whether you need $50,. $100, $200 ,or more, we have a plan to suit your income. Loans on just your signature, car, furniture, farm equipment or other collateral. Phone, write or come in! . UNITED Financial Service ''Family Finance Counsellors" Serving North lowans Since 1927 15 </3 North Federal Pbons 67 Over Ford Hopkins Drug Stora APPLY BY MAIL FOR THE EXTRA CASH YOU NEED $25 to $300 Employed men and women, single or married, can borrow from vis on signature alone or security such ns furniture or car. Convenient monthly payments. One-clay service. Mall your application TODAY. I need $ Name : Address Phone Employed by ONE OF THE NICEST Small Town Cafes in Middle west. Has bcnutitul soda foun tain, electric dishwasher, all fixtures modern and in A-l shape. Will pay for itself in short time. Grossed over §42.000 in 1947. SCHUTTER CAFE, Titonka, Iowa Young Lady Wanted WILLING TO LEARN BOOKKEEPING Must be good in arithmetic. Five and one-half day working week with time and half over 40 hours. Location in Mason City business district. Handwritten application desired. WRITE L-17, GLOBE-GAZETTE Matching Belts, Buttons, Buckles MADE TO ORDER Women adore the new modern accessories for finer appearance. So get your accessories made here at reasonable prices and quick service. Also hemstitching and buttonholing done. SINGER SEWING CENTER 123 North Federal Mason City. Iowa Phone 1122 NORTH IOWA WALL MASTERS WALL WASH ING by Machine HOMES AND COMMERCIAL Buildinfis Free Estimate. FRANK AND BILL TENNEY Phone 812 310 North Federal FOR SALE— 0 rm. partly modern house at Plymouth. Large lot, garage. Owner • leaving town, poor health. Price reduced to $3,500. See Guild, 34 2nd St. N. E. Ph. 867 or 1589. HOMES FOR SALE 3 room partly modern. East Park Place $ 3,000 G room home Monroe School district $10,500 2 bedroom home East Park Place S 8,950 2 bedroom home East Park Place $ 8,4.00 •J room bungalow, garage, near East Park $6,500 4 room bungalow, new, Central Heights $4,500 5 room bungalow, 1 acre, Winnebago Heights J 6,500 5 roam cottage, Clear Lake S 3.800 Small house in Central Heights . .S 2,500 C. R. Brown, Realtor Over Decktr Bros. Phone 1314 - 2374 ATTENTION COTTAGE OWNERS Famous Coleman gas floor furnaces can now be installed for seasonal use. KELROY'S Phone 441 137 Fourth St. S. W. FOR SALE—4 bedroom home. S. E.. in good shape. Auto, hot water, gas heat, garage, good lot, fruit trees. $8,950. Romey Realty. Ph. 584. FOR SALE—By owner: 2 bedrm., mod. home. Auto, heat, good location. G. I. ith $1,000 down. Write T-19. Globe- ..azette. OR SALE—Nice. mod. semi-bungalow. 2 bedrooms, bath 1st fir. Close to Roosevelt sch. 58,950. See Guild, 34 2nd t. N. E. Ph. 8G7 or 1589. WRINGER ROLLS—All washers. Saw Shop, 502 S. Federal. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER MOTORTRUCK SERVICE STATION HOURS: 8 A. M. to 1 A. M, Monday through Friday. Close at 12 noon Saturdays. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO., 610-12 South Delaware Phone 3200 DEGEN hardwood floor service. Laying, sanding. Ph. 1672. Instruction 28 COMPLETE your tiien school at home in spare time with American School. Texts furnished. Diploma awarded. No Classes. Booklet free. Write American School. Dept M.. P. O. Box 672. Des Moines, la. Rooms for Rent 32 FOR RENT—Nice sleeping room. Suitable for 2 men. Ph. 4808-J. FOR SALE—Beauty shop. One operator, completely equipped. Excellent business. Vosiie Beauty Shop, Sheffield, Iowa. Box 457. HARDWARE APPLIANCES AND PLUMBING STORE FOR SALE Fixtures $1,500; stock about 315,000. at invoice. Retiring. Southern Minn., good soil, rent $40.00. Bottle gas business. Hifih school, churches, etc. Can use Mason City home on this. Box 194, Minnesota Lake, Minn. FOR SALE—Grocery store en North Federal Ave. $80.000 gross sales per year. Sale price includes stock and equipment. Owner quitting because ot health. Purchase price $8.000. Ph. 103 or 3365-W. FOR SALE—Tavern and c.ife doinK $80.000 business. Equipment. Terms for part. Mr. Moore at P. O. Box G78, Mason City, Iowa. FOn SALE—Service station on main highway near Mason City. Facilities for complete service. All equipment and modern house included. Write Box F-21 Globe-Gazette. WANTED—Girls, ages 21 to 40, light factory work. Good starting pay. Apply in person Stoddard MIg. Co. $125 to 5150 month steady with room and board to right lady under 40 with best references for housework. Business man and wife in ultra modern, protestant home in town near Mason City. Write A-16, Globe-Gazette. WANTED Exp. Stenographer and Secretary $159 per month to start. Paid vacation and group insurance. Excellent working conditions. Apply in person at Stoddard Mfg. Co. or see Mr. Ormerod at Iowa State Employment Service. STODDARD MFG. CO. 617 Fourth S. W. WANTED—Girl In grocery store. Starting wages $27.50. Write K-19, Globe- Gazette. WANTED—Waitress. Canton Cafe. WANTED Menl8to45Yrs.Old in Canning Dept. JACOB E. DECKER & SONS Department Head for Piece Goods and Domestics We have an opening for an experienced saleslady, attractive sal- Try, bonus plan, discount privi- eges and thrift fund plan. SEE MR. PERRY AT PENNEY'S NEW YORK PRODUCE (Wednesday's Market) New York, (,T) —Butter 4. r i6.404. Irregular. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons: Creamery, higher than 92 score and premium marks A A VflfftVn^lc; 92 score A VG^c; 90 score B 74c; 89 score C 72',ic. (New tubs usually command '/i cent a pound over the bulk carton price). Cheese 618,988. Steady. Prices unchanged. Eggs 20.72S. Irregular. New York spot quotations follow: Midwestern: Mixed colors: Fancy heavyweights 53'/i<fr55c: extra. No. 1 larce 50©51c; extra. No. 2 47fS'!Bc; extra, No. 1 medium 47<S50c; standard. No. 1 45®45'/ic; dirties aT'/ic; checks CHICAGO PRODUCK (Wednesday'* Market) Chlc*r<>< V?i —Butter: Top steady, balance easy. Receipts 722,052. Prices unchanged to IVa cents a pound lower. 03 •core AA 70c; 92 A 7Bc; 90 B 73c; 89 C 71.5c; 00 B 74c; B9 C 72c. Eggs: Steady. Receipts 12,857. Prices unchanged. Between 1940 and 1947, about f ,000,000 persons left States farms for cities. United Robbery Attempt Fails Decorah—An unsuccessful attempt to enter the Sugar Bowl candy store was made early W«^ nesday morning when Buster Miller, who occupied an apartment over the store, wns awakened by the intruder. The prowler threatened to "blow your head off" and departed. Burden Rites Set Iowa Falls—Funeral services for E. W. Burden, 73, who died in San Diego, Cal., Sunday, will be at the Wood funeral chapel in Iowa Falls Friday at 2:30 p. m. Burial will be made in the Friends cemetery, east of Iowa Falls. How long Salary $. I have credit at Phone, write or come in. State Finance Co. Room 201 Weir Bldg. S W. State Over United Cigar Store Phnne 1038 WANTED 2 Neat Appearing Young Men 19-25 Free to travel Cal. and return. $200 per mo. plus bonus. Transportation furn. Immediate drawing account. Sec Mr. Gressett, Hanford Hotel, from 2 to 6 p. m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Emergency Loans ONE DAY SERVICE 20 MONTHS TO REPAY If you need money for any worthwhile purpose, phone or visit Household today. Loans made from $20 to $300 on salary, car or furniture without endorsers. Household Finance Corporation 117i N. Federal Ave. Phone 541 WANTED Man to Wash Cars Pritchard Motor Co. MASON CITY Seeds, Feeds 17 FOR SALE—Clinton oats from the combine; also No. 2 corn. Ph. 380-R2. FOR SALE—Alfnlfa rendy to lie cut and baled. Alfred Kogncss, Joice, lovvn. i'OR SALE—Established portrait nnd commercial studio, county scut, northeast Iowa. Write H-17, Olobc-Gazctla. K A A M IVt/ \1 N TO SELL NORGE HOME APPLIANCES A better than average job with good earnings lor man willing to work. Liberal salary and commission. Thorough training given by manager experienced in appliance sales. DAMONS, INC. APPLIANCE CENTT2R Ask for Mr. Makeover ATTENTION MEN I WANT A MAN 25 TO 65 Willing to devote 7 hours dally, 5 day* a week serving regular customers in Mason City on established route. Average $45.00 weekly. Apply MR. ROSE, Hole Ccrro Gordo, after 7:00 P. M. tonight WANTED—Mnn between 21 nnd 40 yrs for general work in grocery nnd locker plant. Bundy's Food Lockers Clear Lake. WANTED—Several teen aged girls to ridi. on detassclinff machines. Transportation furnished. Write card Riving ace. heipht Dhone number and address. Batz Seed ?arins, R 4, Mason City. WANTED—Women to take care of rooms. Full time and part time employment. Permanent work. Apply Hotel Eadmar. FOR RENT—Sleeping rm. for 2. Two- way ventilation. Ph. 1772-W. FOR RENT—Sleeping room. Man only Forest Park. Ph. 3574-W, FOR RENT—Sleeping room for busines lady. Ph. 2822-J. FOR RENT—Room for gentlemen. 3rd St. N. E. Ph. 552?-l. 53C Apts. for Rent 33 FOR RENT—3 rm. apt. No children, pets — - - 221 Elderly couple pref. 8th St. S. E WALLPAPER hanging is our business. Phone 3441-W. WANTED—Open ditch work. Creek straightening. Raymond Schultz, Marble Rock. Ph. 157. FOR RENT—3 room apt. Close in. Tc working couple. Write O-20, Globe Gazette. Houses for Rent 34 TRACTOR SERVICE — ON — Magnetos Radiators Valve Grinding Carburetors Battery Ignition CENTRAL AUTO 25 1st St. S. W. FOR KENT—N i c c, modern, f urnishei house until next spring. Write R-19 Globe-Gazette. FOR RENT—Nicely furnished N. Shor cottage by day, week or month. Elec refrigeration and stove. 711 Walnut St Clear Lake. Ph. 751-W. "'OR SALE—Partly modern 5 rm. houss at Rock Falls. Write or see Joe Jones, mi. N. W. of Rockwell, Iowa. 'OR SALE—2 bedroom home. N. E., corner lot, well landscaped, stoker .eat. A good buy.Will F. H. A. and G. . $3,950. Romey Realty. Ph. 584. -OR SALE—3 bedroom house, auto, heat, dbl. lot. 2 blocks rom high school. 419 1st N. E. $6500.00 . 3 BEDROOM HOME. NEAT AND MODERN. GOOD LOT. W. L. PATTON 109 E. State For Sale-Old House 14x16. 14 ft. high on sides. Also some used lumber including doors and windows. All for $300.00 For particulars call or write Mrs. Clarence Hall, Garner, Iowa. Resides 6i miles northwest Ventura. FOR SALE—House by owner: 6 rm. and bath. Close in. Write N-21, Globe-Gazette. FOR SALE—Neat. 2 bedroom bungalow in exc. cond. Garage and well landscaped full lot. This home Is already set up on a G. I. loan which can b« taken advantage o£ by anyone. Only 31,500 down and the balance like rent. J. B. Youngblood &c Son. Ph. 36. FOR SALE BY OWNER—5 room partly- modern house. 703 S. Monroe. Houses for Sole 35 MIRRORS rcsr.vcrcd. Factory process. Guaranteed. Mackct's. Phone 7(32. PAINTING w anted. Fhone 4W)7-J. For Sale—3 Room MODERN HOME By private party. Gas heat. PHONE 4205-J Between 5 and 8 P. M. FOR SALE—2 bedroom home. N. E heat, auto, hot water, attached garage, large lot. Pretty pood buy at Terms. Romey Realty. Ph. 5E4. Authorized Maytag Sales and Service CALL, 162 Pickup and Delivery Service HOME APPLIANCE CO. 201-03 S. Federal Mason City ASHES and rubbish hauled; basements cleaned. Ph. 3589-W. Clear Lake Homes Home and income. 2 bedrooms down, apt. up. Large living anc dining. New kitchen sink and cupboards both down and up Full basement Gas. Apt. rent $45. $10,000. Check this income property. Double corner lot. 1 B. R. down 3 rm. apt. up. Gas furnace Full basement. $10,000. 2 B. R., $5500. basement, modern BRAND NEW 2 Bedrm. Bungalow n the Highlands. Built to FHA specifi- ' cations. Oak floors, large lot; paved street. Room for additional rooms on second floor. W. L. PATTON 109 East State St. FOR SALE 6 j rn. all mod., £;GS=. autc. hot water. 225 Seventh St. N. E. Shown by appointment. 6 rm. partly mod., new furnace, auto, hot water, 3 lots, 530 21st St. S. E. Possession now. 3 bedroom mod. house. St. Joe district. 5 rm. mod. bungalow, gas heat, Midland Heights. Phone 827 DAVE RYAN, Realtor HOUSES FOR SALE (1) All Modern House in S. W. part on paved corner. 4 bedrooms. This house is in sound condition HAVE OPENING for single person between ages of 35 to 45, as Hotel Auditor. Good starting salary and excellent working conditions. Please write letter of application, including references to the undersigned. No phone calls please. FRANK J. ENBUSK Certified Public Accountant First National Bank Bldg. Mason City, Iowa WANTED—Cnrc of children and washings. Ph. 5389-J. OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service ZENORS =I< Another fine bungalow. 2 B.R. Hot water heat. Nice lot. Oak floors. §7000. * 4 B.R., close in. For home or income. $8500. >!' Beautiful new home, close to Town and school. Knotty pine sun room. 1 B.R. and i bath clown, 2 B.R. and full bath up. Full basement; gas furnace. Attached garage. $15,500. Stuart Realtors Clear Lake IMMEDIATE OPENING IN MASON CITY FOR WOMAN 25-45 Could you use $3 per day for 3 hours spare time. Choose your own hours. APPLY MR. MALLES Cerro Gordo Hotel after 6 P. M. Tuesday or Wednesday A. M., 9-12 WANTED—Car hops nnd Inside workers. Apply at The Picket alter 5 p. in. Situation Wanted 22 WANTED—Housework or practical nursing. Ph. 5816-W.. Help Wtd., Male, Female 23 KITCHEN help wanted. Male or female. WHkc Cafe, Clear Lake. WANTED—School teachers In Oregon. All grades. Good opportunity. Good salaries. Beautiful country. Write R-21, Globe-Gazette. WANTED—Man and woman for bnkcry •work, Clear Lake Bakery, Clear Lake. Rent Cars, Trucks "DRIVE-'UR-SELF" LANE BROS., Inc. 804 Fourth St. S. W. Phone 447 Authorized Skelgas INSTALLATION AND SERVICE PHONE 5574 Egeland Skelgas and Appliance 18 South Delaware AUTO and true* repair iervlca. Johruon Auto Repair, 14 Gth St. N. E. SEWING machine repairing and rebuilding—all makes. Parts and supplies. Mason City Appliance Store, 211 S. Federal. Phone 1103. FOR SALE—Dlack dirt, fill dirt del.; also ashes, rubbish hauled. Ph. 1G70-W. FOR SALE BY OWNER NICE 3 Bedroom House Has Igc. living room and screened porch. Two car garage. Gas heat. Shaded yard. Well located. 115 SOUTH VERMONT FOR SALE LARGE HOUSE AT 604 NORTH FEDERAL to be moved or torn dow.l. Inquire at HUNTER-SEDARS MOTOR CO. 520 North Federal FOR SALE BY OWNER 4 Bedrm.Mod. Home Oak firs., garage, on pav., full lot. $7500 31 Fourteenth N. E. after 5 P. M. A New Listing Sec this U Story All Mod. Home Newly decorated room, kitchen, 2 in southeast section. Living room, dlninp hcd rooms, )>nlh down, 2 bedrooms up Gas heat nnd Ravage. BECK BROS. CO., Realtors Phone 1.14 or alter hours 4735-W (2) Very nice 2 Bedroom Bungalow in Forest Park. Rich carpeting in living room. Kitchen and bath in tile. Call for appointment to see $" this one 5 6000 ; 12500 (3) 2 Bedroom Bungalow on 10th St. S. W. A bath in basement, full bath on main floor. Oak. throughout. Large $^ lot, paving, garage (4) Bungalow with gas heat and 2 bedrooms. Large lot, paving, garage. ^ZTV^n Tenth St. S. W < / JU OLESON' CO. Phone 108 or 3568-W Cottages A35 FOR SALE—South Shore Clear Lake cottage. New. extra nice, beautifully furnished. On Clear Lakes' best sandy bench. See Keith Sanborn, South Shore, or call Mason City, 5240. Lots for Sale 36 FOR SALE IN WILLOWBROOK ADDITION LOT NO. 1, BLOCK 16 Located on Circle Drive on west side. This lot has a 210 ft. frontage on the lagoon. CONTACT DR. M. L. HALE 121 E. Park Road, Iowa City, Iowa Acreage 37 FOR SALE—2i ACRES, 5 Room Bungalow Gas heat, septic sewer, water fixed for piping in house. Fruit and chicken house 12 ft. by 24 ft. PHONE 2012, MANLY, IOWA FOH SALE—20 ncrcs with buildings. 1 mile North 1 mile West o{ Rock Falls. Farms for Sale 39 FOR SALE—120 A. farm In Ccrro Gordo Cn. Write L-16, Globe-Gaicttc. _ j FOH SALE—SO .terra. All work land. 4 Jill. N., \' 3 E. on 05. Ph. 568-J4.

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