The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 29, 1948
Page 2
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MOB TWO BLYTHEYrUJB (ARKJ COURIER NEWS European Aid Terms Revealed U.S. Aeto to Pravcut Wmteof Billion* Few Rehabilitation Aren't YouRushing the Season, S. C.? Staff Corrnpandent) •.WAWIWGTON, June ». (UP) — Itw Mate Department yesterday diadottd the "terms" which Mar- aten plftn countries ate accepting to Iniur* that U.S. economic aid to Ruropa it not wailed. '"-,. The announcement of the : ^tenu" waa expected by dlplo-. aut< here to signal a fresh Communist propaganda blast assailing tbe multUblllfon dollar European recovery program ac "U. S. Imper- iaJtan" and 'Yule of the dollar." ,= Tbe Uarahall Plan countries yes- terdar began signing agreements Incorporating the Terms- President Truman Monday signed the bill which puts up the foreign aid money. .The conditions were disclosed with the release here of the text of bilateral agreements with Ireland and Italy. Ireland signed the agreement at Dublin and Italy signed at Rome. Officials said all agreements are virtually the same.. Ireland's signing Is subject to linn) ratification by the Dublin parliament. "In exchange for U.S. aid, Italy and Ireland, as other countries will, matte: .1. Guarantees of a favorable economic climate for European recovery—by adopting necessary niea- >ure> to eatablish financial stability, Increase trade ind establish a valid rate of currency exchange. They promise also to promote production. J. Special concessions to the U.S. —agreed to submit to the internal court at the Hague any claims by 1 U. 8. nationals arising from governmental measures In their countries; to guarantee the convertibility Into dollars of new private American Investment* in their countries; to make arrangements whereby the TJ. S. can obtain critical materials needed for stockpiling. J. An agreement, in an exchange of separate notes, to grunt most- faTored-nation trade treatment to tt 8. occupied areas including Germany, Japan, Korea and Trieste. •:4. A pledge to set aside in local currency an amount of money equal if the value of U. S aid which they receive. The U. S. must agree on the purposes for which this "special 1 'fund is spent. Part of Arrest Made After Robbery And Gun Fight CHICAGO, June J». (UP)—A one-legged Chlcagoan admitted yesterday h« was a member of a gang of bandits who robbed a handbook and escaped after shooting two policemen in a running gun battle, police said. Stanley u Demskl, chief of police of the village of Lyons, ill., said that Jerry, Ualek, J7, confessed this faithful Dog Follow* Tractor —to Hew Horn* ROMANCE, 8a»k., June 38 (UP) —"Tile most faithful dog In th« world via Arnold Mterlce's d«*rii>- tlon of his pet. "Never missed a day following my tractor w>!en I'm in the fields," he said. Mierke nold the tractor. Today the dog followed the tractor to a new /arm. TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 1S« Wh-wh-whot o W-w-way to R-r-reduce , , conesse th inorni«g and named three companions who participated in the holdup. Police officer! from 24 Western suburbs Joined In the search for the gang Saturday night. They used planes, bloodhounds and xearch- HghU In an attempt to track the men down after; they found the get-away-car abandoned near a stone quary We»t of Chicago. Malek, who hu a recoil of robbery, wis arre«ted early today at his jouthalde home on a tip furnished by two 'young women. He named three othe members of the gang, police said All were hunted. Police tracked down Malek In one of the greatest manhunts In Chl- i cago history, begun w hen a gang I held up a gambling house and handbook near Western Springs, III., a West Chicago suburb Demski, Clarence Buehl, Western Springs chief of police, and Chicago police arrested Malek at his home. They discovered five guns on the premises. . Malek, who has an artificial left leg, jald he had no Idea where the other three men were hiding out. He claimed tliis was the first robbery the gang had staged although police said they believed they were members of a gang which has been terrorizing handbooks In the Chicago area In recent months. Chicago'i Marga Dieterle Is gyrodudng, which ii a new thing in the diet-and-steambox circuit. Gyroducing happens when somebody sill on this new automatic massage couch. Wave length vibrationi start "gyrolaling" inside the reducer's body, activating the proper glands for reducing, It says here. Church Belli Nat/on to King July 4 NEW YORK, June tt. (UP) - hurch bells throughout the nation will ring in unison for five minutes on Sunday, July 4, commemorating the ringing ot the liberty Bell la 1TM. ' The special bell-ringing period from »:M a.m. to 10 a-m. •unday, has been arranged kjr lh« American Heritage Foundation, aponaon of the Freedom Train, u part at a program to encourage a deeper appreciation of the American heritage. NOW! at FOUNTAINS! Everywhere! ( With the mercury sizzling up near the 90's, Sanla Claua *..-u appear a little out of place. But Barbara Phillips, 4, of Yonkers, N, Y., seemi to feel that every season is Sanla Clans season. The huge model Santa wss exhibited at the New York show of the National Association of Display Industries. 'Rip Van Winkle' Of Italy Startled By Modern Life MILAN, June ».—(UP)—An Italian Rip Van Winkle came back to life loday—and the cost of living unnerved him. Fifty-four years ago Enrico Outdid, then a 20-year-old confederate ot a notorious bandit of the 1890's, was captured by police and sentenced to life imprisonment. As a dangerous criminal, he was taken to the tiny Island of Froclda to serve his sentence. All newspapers were kept Irom him, and he i never heard a radio. ft- will be used to pay economic co- 1 „ Rc " nl 'V h « was reprieved Today operation administration e*r*nses * e stcp ^ d ° ut ln , to M ''" n - ft 8 >>" d abroad. konwn nothing of modern life ex'; ' ! cepl that a prison guard let him watch a U. S . Flying Fortress pass FARMERS- -^An Air Ftorc* etiology stud«nt killed hts Beans Do Snake la PORTALES, N. M. (UP* — Mrs. Globs McAfee reached for the elos- | est weapon alien she discovered a rattlesnake in her kitchen. The weapon, a jx>t of beans boiling on . the stove, killed the make. j PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL | AMENDMENT NO. 19 j SUBMITTED BV i FIFTY-SIXTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OP ARKANSAS AND BY THE HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES, A MAJORITY OP ALL TH-n MEMBERS ELECTED TO EACH HOUSE AGREEING THERETO: That the following Is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Con- ' atitution of the State of Arkansas, i and uiran being submitted to the < electors of the State for approval over the island I or re J ec "°" at tllc next general elec- ! He was amazed that automobiles! tion {or Representatives and Sena- ! had replaced horse.i, and complained ' tor5 ' " a majority of the electors lnst ne ,. as ne , rly run ovtr ..fc^, voting thereon, at such an election, i, Ore,, June ». (UP) I C(U1M everyone is In such a hurry." I " d °P t sucn amendment, the same ; •ce veteran »nd psv- j "A n d j p a |<) jo u re i or a street I shal1 btcome a W-rt of the constl- ""' '•"'-' "' P r «ty| cnr ticket." he compUlned. -why' tution o[ the stat « of Ar*«r*as, Veteran Stays Wife, 2 Babitt, Then Kill* Self Kill Grass infe, his two sleeping babies and himself because he was convinced Bt wa« a failure, relatives said yea- tirdaT. «In an outburst of violence, Roband bludgeoned his wife, lAuralee, M. and shot his children a« they lay sleeping In their crib«. tbey received an anonymous call requesting a coroner at the Stoller widn*>. V.When detectires arrived at the liouae, they found Stoller uncon- •eknn on the kitchen floor, a self- inflicted bullet wound in his right temple. He died at a hospital. when I went away I coulti buy »jlo-wif. pair of pants and a coat and a silk SECTION I. That.the Constitu- shlrt-all of them-for that much." I lio " ot th = state ot Ark «*»»iJ?« He sighed, then'asked: modifying Seel 1 Article -3' ot said ConsUtur to permit the Legislature a law providing for a registration of voters. Sniii constitutional amendment shall read as follows, to-wit: "BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEQ- "By the way. what was this Fas-! McKellar Undecided on Convention Truman 'Pocket Vetoes' Bill to Restore Shrine WASHINGTON, June 20. (UP) — Pre»Ment Truman yesterday pocket Tetoed a joint resolution for the restoration of the home of Francis Scott Key in Washington. The bill -would have authorized MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 29 (UP) -U.S. Sen. Kenneth D. McKellar was undecided today whether he PLE OF THE STATF, OF ARKANSAS:" "The Oenerni Assemoiy shall have power to enact Inws providing for a ' cd ' H. Crump, had eleaea to stay aw.y ,, , from the convention. f'"' c on the 28th In a statement last week. Crump ?„'., , i, gave two reasons for his decision Wltncsmh ' 1 " ecretary of 0[ Milrch . the appropriation construction of a House in which the composer of! 1808 to iain! not to attend the convention—because he anticipated the nomination of Mr. Truman and the fact that the August 5 Tennessee elections will keep him busy at home. of 165,000 (or ! replica of the the national anthem lived j i . , ,, I( . a " 1d 5enl , °' oN on thU the 12th **? ot A P r ". , „ „ L?et y Staie. 5 4-H- 18-25-6, l-6-13-:z2-29-'1 ,6-13-2027-83-10-11-24-31-9,7-14-21-28-105- 12-19-26. Read Coim-r News Want Ads. MEN! SAVE MONEY AT SHEITON'S TRADE-IN YOUR TIRES If you trade in your (ires beforr. July 25ih, we will m«k« Irulv exceptional allowances for tltom. (as much as Jo.OO per lire), on lh« purcha.s* of new Gate, Tire». TRADE IN BATTERIES Also until July 25(h, you can get »5.0(! for your olH battery, no matter how had i( ,„, when you buy . new battery. Don't wait until your present"battery five. ont-taV. advantage of !his sincerely oulstand- ing offer. SHELTON MOTOR -J^JL COMPANY 4431 With Fiie! YES, YOU CAN CLEAN OUT THE GRASS IN YOUR COTTON, CORN, AND SOYBEANS QUICKLY, THOROUGHLY, AND CHEAPLY WITH A FLAME CULTIVATOR COST OF OPERATION IS 59<? PER ACRE RESULTS ARE SUPERIOR TO HAND-CHOPPED COTTON. --BUT-WE WANT TO PROVE THESE FACTS TO YOU! CALL OUR PLANT-2911-AND WE'LL TAKE YOU TO THE FIELD WHERE YOU CAN SEE HOW THIS AMAZING FLAME CULTIVATOR WORKS. OUR PRICES FOUR-ROW MODEL - - $670 TWO-ROW MODEL $425 Mounted On Tractor Free — Immediate Delivery DON'T DELAY! CALL TODAY! BARKSDALE MANUFACT URING COMPANY 3 Blocks South of Farmers Bank Blythevilli Phone 2911

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