The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 13, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1933
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srd. si. Far Sfth Annual 8-10 8»»W*sft f»tak BamnWs and Ml wsistainw el the Mitt* County ftfr eisotlatioii att already btiy felting W*4* to* the totting itff wttelt W!i to the S»tn an* fifial tiff tfl te held by the atto- ¥lt» fates are fawday, Wed- fitt&ty* and Thursday, Aug. «, i, utf 19, wales *f* |6od date* to Irtmember f of roti will w*nt td fee premium list which is in th» lands of the printers, will be the Mine as last fear ia so far a* the number And value of the premiums Are concerned, so you ean prepare your exhibit* accord* ingly, of send in yonr request to the secretary and he will mall you a new one as soon as Issued. flie Mill* county 4-H dab* are up on their toe* this year and will ha there with a tittle the fin* eat bunch of stock ever showed by them and that is saying a great deal for they always show good ones, They expect to go on from here to the big fair* with their exhibits so they will have to show top grade stuff. Now that the big rain* have come and everything i* growing fine there Is a lot of interest in the fair showing already and this •hould be a good one. ., The amusement end is being •welt cared tor but we will have more to say for that in a later issue. The main point now is—• get,ready to attend and-get ready to make an exhibit of some of yonr products or handiwork. Mulholland* Start Clearance Sale A big summer clearance sate •tarts at Mulholland's Friday, July 14, during which special low prices wljl be made in .every de- ypartment of the store. The sale .14 day*.' Hots foM Ufa* tafi fetletl m {g-MBYB fcg'&i-ajril %A*M Stoj^fat* MtittJt OB DVT rBjrorin mi WTOK wno, itift* wtatt effftteiy loot t& e«ted a beftett, with feff lit* lit data»t«. on ftoftdftt. Iftty «, Www was « foe f&tfi of .14 fftet«t fell. Oft fttftf and Friday nitat ire had the teal rain of the season —steady and long 1.6* inches felt then on nfday there was more «!*«* M inches. On Ta«*day night cane* attdthef rain of .84 inches making ft total of t.«l inches taring the week. It was much heavier in eth*r parts of the eottnty. L. 1. Bramffleief reports « three inch tain with plenty of wind at hit farm north of Mmwsott faee* day evening. The wind blew the eon down pretty bad there. It is sat* to say that oar drouth hat been broken. -N-E-W-S ertoinfc th* salary Liirti iw «>f teachers fcf «•« stale was set tt $60 a month, the lowest paid ift years fa ifce sehoote fcef» %ti «tin Si t>« r e*fi* ***** the state ftlatfiitt. - .. High ietotfi teacher* tare bet* t«, ffcey will weeife if* month according to the Attorney 6fcrt Bs Cook retnrn- test ThttttoW, from Omaha where he h*d a eonpie of $25,000 Goes to Depositors of I* S. S. B. Saturday Reeetvef Hftll Handt Checks to ReleaM 10 P«r Cent Dividend Out through the intricate path* of trade and finance Battrtr- day started some IJB.OOO from the Iowa State Savings bank. Receiver j, R, Ball recently got per* mission to make the dividend and bad the check* prepared to send out Saturday. Amounting to 10 per cent, the dividend issued Saturday brings the total paid tbu* far up to 85 per cent. As the most stringent part of the depression has been during the time since the bank closed, the amount paid has been rather remarkable. Remaining ft** •etc of the bank indicate that there will be more to come later; The .1,100 checks by which the dividend was paid came at an ex* tremely opportune time v and ail depositors will, probably greatly ' , Ta« beard eleetedi fae teachers several .week* ago but did not set the latary until f aee» day. Buckling down to business, the members of the board scanned the book* of Secretary it, W. Saw yere and fweaarer »* W. Crte* well at they made the annual audit, toiling tar into the night. Bfammeter RaUbt 1168 Hampshire* Mr. and Mrs. L, B. Bratnmeier drove over from their farm north of Emerson Tuesday and while Mr*. Brammeier was having some dental work done Mr. B made our office a plea*aat visit. A* many of our reader* will remember he i* engaged in the pure bred swine business and ha* one of the largest herds in this section. He ha* the largest pig crop this year he ha* ever raited, 1,165 fancy bred Hampshire* that certainly make an Interesting sight. From these he has selected eighty head of spring boars for hi* an* nual aale which will be held Oct. 10, The other* he sell* to feeder* or markets. He is advertising •stock pigs and good gilts In this issue of The Leader, weeks i* the 8t,*$osephs hospital, hating an eDelatton pertora- *d «ft Mi rigfct ftHe. Borne time last Aiigttt be few an accident te which tie «ga*ettt* were torn loose and tt h»» Hen bothering him some etef ttate. He had the tew ligament removed and now the place it fceaflbg ftieeiy. Although Mil Wtftt crutches he hope* to fee able t* discard them soon. * Luke Fttlfeefeotv TeJten to Clarinda Lake Fulkersott, who attempt ed euiclde-at Matter* July 2, was brought from the]Coundi Bluff hospital Monday | morning an takes before Ut*> commissioner* of Insanity for examination, The decided that he was of unsoun mind and accordingly be wa committed to the hospital at Clar inda for treatment. Sheriff W. B. DeMoss and Supervisor Ouy Breeding drove down to Clarinda with him the same day where it is hoped he may receive permanent benefit. July Good Month bough wholesale merchan- ; advanclngy||liy,(« ;*ale?couldl5 , a'j)pre«late the money. Its clrctt ' ' in this community and* of the,county nhould Council Gives Big for Registering Can. July is going to be an even better month for registering new cars than June from present indications. Already up to July 11 nine car* and two trucks, all new, had been registered; Albert Schoenlng, Qlenwood, Rockne sedan.' Dr. J. A. Kline, Malvern, Ford &k it § ifctaia aa*a ijtateniem Shows Coaditi<ms Are Impfoving iiAifsifli Tnttl ft SA^ifl^ B*|EJB.K I§Jiw*l SfsvlinDBnre u Pet Regular Call On page fo*r of this tea*, appears the regular ttatement, as per call, of tfte Malt*ra fr-r*t it savings bank of Malvern and with it a statement frott the officers that i* well worth your perusal. the statement shows the bank in a very excellent condition considering the present working conditions and the restrictions placed upon them by the state as regards to loans etc. The state has given them their approval and the state is back of it so that deposits in the bank are as sate as they could be anywhere. A great many have at* ready discovered this, judging from the new accounts formed as well as from the loyalty of the old depositors. The handicap under the new law la so far as the bank i* con* cerned is that they are unable to loan any of this new money and their total revenue must come from other services, such as checks, drafts, remittances, and the like for which they must charge. When business opens up a little more and the state re* leases the deposits for leans, etc. it will make Quite a difference. 'Meanwhile, the deposits are sate and the depositors are being taken care of regardless of whether the banker has any profits or not. BASEBALL PLAYED Sorrowful were sportsmen * year or so afo at they surveyed what Mttfittd to theft to be the facfiae 6i ttterert in the great Atnetteaa game of baseball. Junior league teams were or- ganised in the sand lot district*. Radio broadcasts were mad*. Mat stilt golf gained white ba*«t>*il lost. this year all is cbanged. In Maivern alone are nine teams — setting ft new all time high — white teams blossom like dandelions in the communities sttrronneling the town. News of seven baseball garnet will be found on the sporta section on an inside page of this issue. Start Cofiitructiofl of New Bridge te Little Creek Head Structure ta b« 20 Feet by 42 F«ett Much " ., ;Clover Farm store, F. A. fiilbolland's -'grocery, is • also K ! Btartlng a Bale this week, an an'* niversary event wh(ch will begin Saturday, - ,•• Southwest Iowa Night »t , • Ak.S«r.Bentob* July 24 ; Malvern and southweBt Jowa night fit the Ak-Bar-Ben show will be Monday night, July 84, , - Tickets may be obtajned-»t tb* Hardware, Salvers Auto company, and the Sinclair Oil Stft which, is claimed to be one "42nd StreeVVHere Sunday, Monday; Star* Galore Best box office show of the sea- aon'in the opinion of most movie critics has been "42nd Street," This show will be at the Empress Theater Sunday and Monday as one of the feature attractions of the summer. one star but a whole galaxy was used in the cast for »48nd Street," Headed by Warner' Baxter, Bebe^JJaniela, Ruby Keeler. and George Brent, the sbow and''cboruBes are rife -with names well known in movie clr- Fire Hose Order to Eureka Monday ' It takes, some might think, considerable time for member* of Mslvern's town council to make up their minds on questions of the local economy. But once their decisions are made they are men of action and things can be expected to happen. Monday evening, after deliberating a week on the purchase of flre hose to build up the much depleted stock of the Volunteer Fire department, the council decided to buy. Present WM one Salesman Ryan representing the Burek* Fire Hose cgmpany with certain offers and figures, V8 Fordor. Woden • Qranteer, Plymouth coach, Hugh McSweeney, Chevrolet coach. Edward' Hoffman, Ford V8 sedan. Hastings, Henderson, Qlenwood, But, it makes the bank safe. The officers and director* of this bank are entitled to a lot of credit for the efficient manner in which they have handled the bank's affairs in this time of depression and brought it through the crisis. The bank has always been con* servative and careful and these qualities are being recognised Swimming Classes to Start Tuesday at MunyPool Here Frank Austin* Frances Ben* ton to Instruct} Two Classes Weekly Non-swimmers may learn to swim and swimmers may learn to swim better if they avail themselves of the new facilities at the. Malvern Municipal pool. There next Tuesday will atart swimming classes open to all. Frank Austin and Mis* Frances Benton will instruct neophytes as they attempt to master the foreign environment and will hold two classes a day for two days a week. Classes will meet on Tuesdays and Thursday*. Mr. Austin is a qualified V. M. C. A. instructor and is authorised to give Y. M. life guard teats, Such work will also be available to the students wanting U. The courses are offered for a very low fee, 60 above the cost of the swim, making 16o for both lesion and swim. A course of ten Lewis Myers and his crew of bridge builders started Wednesday on the task of bntldint a new bridge over Little creek on the road that goes south of Malvern. fJo estimate of the amount of time necessary to complete the work was available but the con* strnCtlon Will be rushed as rap* Idly as possible. The new bridge will be 20 feet wide by 42 feet long, considerably narrower than the old struc* tore. The road will be graded at both ends to perfect the approaches. Authorised for construction two years ago, the new bridge excited debate when some thought the plan* called tor too narrow a roadway. The 10 foot width will care for two lanes of ears. Bridge Builder Myers and hi* crew Just finished a bridge over Indian creek east of Hastings Steve Clem'* Brother Dies in Miasouri Saturday Steve Clem received the sad news of the death of his brother, Fred, in Chilllcothe, Mo. Saturday night and left the following morning to attend the funeral. Dean came up from Sidney to help in the store in his absence. The deceased had Just returned from visiting another brother in Colorado and his death, caused by heart failure, came very suddenly. B. Breneman, Silver City, Ford V8 Tudor, more and more. Just at this time when there Is a general uptrend in prices and along business lines, the bank is a fa'ctor to be considered. We need the bank and its facilities and we need to use it. Last winter the community, as a unit, got behind the bank and helped to put it on a sound tests Cher- 1 «nd now we,. need to* 'get baclfcot The purchase: 660 feet of Paragon are. hose «t|iao per foct. Paragon.. ttoe layman may be interested in coupe.' H, 0. Knight, Emerson, Plymouth coach. . ' John Waller, Malvern, International truck. Bert Col well, Glenwood, Chevrolet truck, ever used for'a fl4m:of tWs typ^As the romance that goes into the knowing ,, . world's beftJMjdia guaranteed; to J>!%'jf J«* fro» ;4*,f»ej»3 for : tfcree years ajjd to stond 4QQ pounds pressure,-* '" ^ -•-*•' *- •* • For yearB the town has pur* ^jjij«r.i» mi* »Mfe ibAtt 4i Cowrt Yard Now Pre*enU Pretty Sight Mills'county's court yard presents a pretty sight these days. The landscaping done on U last year ia now showing up and with the excellent care given it by N, 0, ReaBoner, the present custodian, It is rapidly becoming a real beauty spot, Mr, Beasoner IB certainly ft master band, at keep- P"* 0 * bellies, a great pride in doing it right. It cer- ly doesn't look .much like it after tbe carnlyftl auseed U up a?«QUPle «f yews s«o. Tbe chapber :of cowwfr«e, and the county ''board * deserye - a lot of credit for making the change and 6R4 county botb, h,9,ve every te fee! proud icf It, need* E. J. Fettling New Democratic Chairman At the meeting of the state central committee of the Democratic party held in Des Molnea last Friday, E. J, Feullng, newspaper man from New Hampton, was elected state chairman .after a somewhat stormy session. L. 8. Hill of pea Molnea was his closest competitor, Mr. Feullng is one of Iowa's leading newspaper men in the country field and is a t mjtgbty good man for the place. He has served as state chairman a couple of times before this when Democracy was less prominent, Mrs, June Fickel of Hastings is vice chairman for Iowa. lessons la available and prospective students should register for such at the pool office. Corn Prices Up, Deliveries Heavy Flood Grain Boy.' 4-H Club Held Picnic at Hyde* Monday Jamie Summers and Dick Hyde were hosts to the Nishna Valley Boys 4-H Livestock club at a picnic supper Monday night at the Otha Hyde home. Stock judging was a feature of the program. County Agent Bruce Ktlpatrtek was a guest of the club and nineteen boys were present, Mr. and Mrs, J. N, Summers and Mr. and Mrs. Otha Hyde assisted with the evening's entertainment. ALLOTMENT PLAN If you .are confused about the workings of the new domestic allotment plan the following may help to clear up some details as well M so intricate a plan can be explained briefly; If you've grown an average of 100 acres of wheat for the last three years, (1930, 1931, 1932) — And the government asks you to reduce it by 80 per cent (perhaps less) — You plant only 80 acres next year and put the other |0 to some non-competitive crop, leg- • urnes, pasture, etc. — If this wheat land has produced. an average of appr9*l» mutely 30 bushels an acre, mtJstef ft total of §090 bushels produced a year. . QB9-b.aH of tb.e wb,«at pro* duced is used for domestic cgn* BwnjptUm so you art paid a bonus far this amQuatt er o» }QOO bushel*. The eoveraemt tfeee |800 to tfeie 100-ftpre who Joins in the {Out only two'tblrd* of at once, Tb* otter tb« it it Tbe advanced price ou com the past two weeks has' caused a large movement of Iowa's popular cereal toward the market. In fact it has been about the largest movement in corn that has been known for a number of years. Mftlvern'B elevator men have been especially busy, buying, taking in and shipping out the golden grain. It looked almost like old times to see the corn rolling in, except that in those days the corn was all hauled in by team and wagon and in a busy time there would be an endless line of loaded wagons waiting to unload. Now the bulk of it, practically all of U, is hauled in by big trucks and it comes in much faster, More than 100,000 bushels of corn have been bought and taken in by the local dealer^, Kunce & Nelson and Good Brothers. QIU pert Good of the latter firm said th»t they would take in in round numbers 50,000 bushels last week and this. Albert Nelson of the former firm said they had taken la 60,000 bushels since July 1 and it is Btill coming in. They bad about 18,000 bushels delayed by the rain that will Btill be i» this week. The price, too, is attractive, trailing from 46 to 50 cents per bushel end means that there will be a lot of mosey distributed in tb.ia vlclBity, NPt all this corn came to Malvern 99 both firms have elevators also in nearby towns. Walter ^ Another New Truck John Waller purchased another new truck last week trading ln o,f bis old ones in exchange. gets ft modern two-tou truck which strengthens up bU seven fleet In 8ne shape. Mr. Wal _,, - ,....„,-,, ,Dr, W. M, Hlett, Worshipful Master of Silver Urn Lodge A. F. & A, M,, announces that because of the, hot weather there will be no meeting of the lodge during the month of July. 112 Graduate from Our Rural Schools Receive Promotion Certificates at Program, Friday in Glenwood Ninety-four of the 113 rural eighth grade graduates of Milla county assembled at the armory in Glenwood Friday afternoon, July 7, for their promotion exercises. The rural school choir, made up of about 10 Q pupils from the rural schools, assembled at 1:30 for their rehearsal. These boys and girls bad learned & group of songs with the Ylctrpla at their own schools and sane them all together for the first time on Friday. The manner in which they sang showed that they had learned the songs well and had not forgotten them. The list of choir songs that they sang was as follows! 1. Are You Sleeping (French round), ?• Sweet Nightengale (English Folk soag), S. The Squirrel (German Folk Song). 4. Lullaby (Lithuanian Folk song), g, Morning So»g (ol<J English song). 6. Spanish Guitar (Continued o» page 5) GRADUATES ler has also put bis corn eheller an ft truck BO that it rides now Instead of being towed. In §M ilUU b« DM r*4ufttto» U 4MI« WM la bottor oj 94 tb» K»y«uoo» Tr*v«i *blch yaj tllf » for f W* tefft »t»r(*4 trow bw tjej law, «y»i tft wbwe a mttim Attend 1, 0, 0. F, Meeting in Glenwood . 0. BoJitou, Fruok g»ct.n, U. »4 0- 0- tt*rw»» Ot»»wao4 T»e»4«y M« 044 evenlag to »Ueu<J tbw«- Mills County C. E. Organized Will HoW <&«nty Rally and Picnic W Coun At Mal d ft y, Jul vern Tuet* y 28 About tweaty of the Endeavor members from the Glenwood Christian church, Champion HU1 Presbyterian church, and, Walvern Presbyterian church met in Mulvera Sunday afternoon a&d, completed the county organisation. Tbey also a rally for the OhrUUaa of MUU county TUMday, July 86, «t Wtatbw permuting mere will be • pisalo supper followed untoA J 8 S& l 8Bi ft ' IA ika hour thmiB far the wr ^^^."j^wii ^w^^ww *rwm fct^v'tai^"" l^^™* a _ ^^^^^» ^Sw^^Rwlw^^ '7^^ ' ^^™^^S ; ftMwS Mil

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