The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 21, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 21, 1894
Page 4
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Sfi/, Wtat the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles, ~" FALL GOWNS; Rhodes, Quality and Styles In Makeup Most In Vogue* Bluet and straw shades oro still In vogue, P ile petunia and geranium tints renppoM the Autumn fashions, nnd combined »ith black bid lair to bo ns popular this pining winter na they tvoro during the fctone. In splto of repeated assertions that •klrts aro decreasing In sine, tho now models show littlo difference In shape or dimensions from those prevailing in tho Bprlng. The plain eklrt still holds Its own In Paris, although now usually made over a, separate lining, instead of the lining being sowed In at the scams. Practically this separate 01 drop lining, ae tt Is called, Is a drawback rather than an advantage uu- less It Is made of silk and prettily trimmed, In which case a silk petticoat does as well and IB generally serviceable besides. A drop lining made of cambric Is unsightly and adda to tho weight of tho skirt without subserving: any particular purpose, Cheviot, serge and poplin are all fashion- THREE GOWNS FOB PALL. The eown In the center U of plaited Uaok m\k, trimrncd with jet boada and cherry colored velvet ribbon. That on the left is a fall gown of novelty with hon- TOntal drab and brown stripes, trimmed with aenl brown ribbon, and rose colored velvet billT Heavy twilled brown cashmere edged with moire ribbon, with underskirt and waist of brown plush, forms the material of the other. ______ green and oream ribbons at tho right side. The plaited bodice Is of cream orapo em* broidered' With green figures, the- closing being trimmed with green silk, under white Inoo. The bretelles, full over tho shoulder, are of green silk covered with croam guipure, and the full elbow sleeves aro of the embroidered crape. A wrinkled girdle and collar of green, the latter fastening nt the back under tt bow, complete the toilet. JuWC CHOLLET. CHILDREN'S FASHIONS. Simple Clothes Aro Far Better Than Elnb* orate Ones, Many mothora nvo inclined to go to ono extreme or tho other in regard to tholr lit- tlo girls' clothing. Either tho child 1 19 taught—unintentionally perhaps, for littlo peoplo'9 observation and reasoning powers are keen—that dress Is tho chief end end aim of life, or attention Is paid only to Its suitable •warmth or coolness without re^ gurcl to refinement or nppearnnoo, and tho sensitive littlo girl is placed at a disadvantage among her becomingly dressed companions. Children nro so entirely do- void of the armor of philosophicaHndlffer- ence, BO defenseless, so easily mortified, that slights and sneers, which seem nothing to nn older person, aro the cause of Intense suffering to them nnd often leave permanent scars on tho disposition nnd character. On the' other hand, If a little girl listens from her cradle to continual necessary that the capo should match tho gown, although American women usually prefer to»have the wrap meant for some special costume carry out the same scheme of color. Tho capo illustrated has a yoke ot black satin trimmed with applications of cream guipure. A moire flounce falls over tho upper part of the arms, surmounted by a ruffle of Rulpnro, over which Is placed a ruffle of ohontilly laco. Jet motives and fringe complete tho decoration of the gar- mout JBDIO CHOLVET. " AbAPTABtE GOWNS" The Some Dress May Do Duty Vot Several Occasions. Tho almost endless variety of pretty dress accessories In fashion nowadays Is a wonderful help to a scantily filled purse. With their aid the same gown may be made to do duty many times In different characters. Take, tor Instance, a soft textured, silky striped block crepon, lined throughout with thin black alpaca. Hove it made with tho round cut of skirt and a plain, tight fitting bodice, tho upper part of tho sleeves one large puff, gathered at the elbows Into long, tight cuffs, ar- OEBAOTUM COSTUME. able, and women of moderate means will be glad to know that cashmere, that most serviceable of fabrics, is again coming into favor. It Is never out of date for mourning costumes, but it Is to be worn this fall In all colors. There are indications that moire, the reign of which has boon so supreme, Is to be superseded by satin, a material of bettor-wearing qualities If loss brilliant* In effect. Variegated effects in stripes nnd figures aro characteristic of autumn novelties In both silk and woolen goods. Tho gown illustrates a revival of tho 1840 style somewhat modified and Is more decidedly new than anything else yet shown. Tho skirt Is composed of ruffles of shoor black grenadine edged with narrow ribbon and mounted on a lining of geranium silk. Tbo cuirass corsage is of geranium silk embroidered with black, as aro tho epaulets, while tho chemisette is of accordion plaited block moussellnodosoio. Tho Immense glgot sleeves aro of grenadine over petunia silk. Epaulets and cuirass nvo trimmed with a fringe composed of small black drops, An eoru bonnet trimmed with cream ribbon and geranium plumes completes tbo costumo. JUDIC CHOU.ET. the streets no longer a mutter for public marveling. Tho rapidity with which new Ideas are assimilated In these revolutionary times is shown by the fact that today a woman in trousers riding a wheel excites little or no comment, while three years ago a woman in ordinary street costume on a bicycle was liable to be hissed and hooted at In tbo city streets. That men and women alike have the right to dress as t-ey choose, so long as they keep within the bounds of decency, is a truth that is at last becoming recognized. It Is n curious thing that prejudices in regard to articles of food and fashions of clothing aro harder to overcome than'those concerning the vital interests of humanity. As innovation is the ruling spirit ot the age, however, it is to be hoped that we shall soon become so inured to novelty as to drop all attempts to coerce our neighbor in respect of his table, his wardrobe and his- harmless amusements. The sketch shows two bicycle costumes made of lightweight cloth. The first con- gitaof a round waist and full skirt, the latter ending midway between tho kuuo and ankle. Block hose and low shoes aro worn. The second suit is less conventional, zouave trousers taking the place of a skirt and a belted tunio falling half way to the knee, forming the upper garment. Buttoned leggings and law shoes complete tho costume. JUDIC CHOLIET. Where the derto get results. This is but one of the common stove troubles that have' been overcome in Jewel Stoves and Ranges. They throw out all the heat generated. They make neither dirt or trouble and burn little fuel. . As for looks—they are the handsomest stoves made. Sold by all dealers. Look for Trade Mark. Heat Goes Up the chimney. VoU have to drive the stove all the time in of- Mnrquarclt ol Lift Crosse, _______ a member of the state board of health, contracted smallpox while inspecting the hospital at Milwaukee. Police Justice Coouey of Dubuque, la., was attacked and badly beaten by a prisoner on whom 'he had just passed sentence. Frank Tat .bush, . a Chicago boy whose parents hail separated, was kidnaped from n Lima, O.,. school, but was. recaptured at tack of Beallsm In Marble Angels. The sculptors who delight In carving out full grown angola put little wings on them that would not support a big bird. The spread of the wing should be proportionate to size and weight. A body weighing 800 pounds should have a spread of wing 86 foot. The width of the wing should bo about one-sixth the sprotid uprose.—Knoxvlllo Sentinel. * One of the Old Families. Japanese papers say that the oldest married oouplo la that country live In Savrnda, In the province of Sado. The men is 133 years old and his wife 185. Of the family, numbering 14 persons, the eldest daughter Is 108 years old and the eldest ROU 105. UTTKB GIRLS' GOWNS. discussions of "goods" and fashions,, she Is handicapped for life, however clever she: may bo, by the influence of those early lessons, for what IB first learned Is longest remembered. Little girls' hats are all largo this fall and sit back more or loss from the face. It is unnecessary to add that elaboration la out of place with them, on ample bow of good ribbon and a bunch of flowers, or possibly a cluster ol tips, being considered ample trimming. Garments lor very small children-usually fall straight from the neckband or yoke,, but most of the gowns for girls above 6 years old are gathered In at the waist so ns to give the round bodice and skirt effect. Berthas and very wide collars predominate,. while largo sleeves are worn without exception. Ribbon trimming is often seen in the form of bows and ends, but the fashion of most of the gowns themselves is simple. The sketch shows two crepon costumes. The first is sky blue and accordion plaited and IB confined at the waist by a blue ribbon belt ornamented with choux and 'cascades. The accordion plaited collar and the puffed sleeves are trimmed with ercaiu laco. Tho second gown is poppy red. The plniu bodice lias a crossed borthu, which, like the sleeve puffs, cuffs and collar, IB trimmed with a Cat baud of fancy black und red ribbon. JUDIC CUOLLKT. . . Buoklen-B Arnica Salve The beit salve In the world for Cuts, Bruise*, Borne, Ulcers. Hait Bhenm, fever Boies.TettM, Chipped Hud*, Chilblains, Oon» and all "Ma Eruptions, and positively cares Piles or BO pay repaired. It Is gaaranted to five perfect MMtfaatloft or monev refunded. Pries *l emu *er*>o>> tor sale b J- W. Hatton. Grand. councils of the American Sous of Cblumbus and Daughters of Isabella, Catholic orders, met at Des Molnes, la. In an address before the German Catholic societies in New York Father Schweninger said war against capital was Justin 1 able if an employer could cast off a workman. its hejrould.a worn out machine. "The Latest Style iu Bonnets," andthevetT'-newest thing In "Dress Pattern!," ate not bait as Important as the perfect health of i the ladles who wear them. For without health there l« little enjoyment In life and no desire for dresMs and bonheu. When ladles are suffering from pains In the back, nervousness, neuralgia, Inflsmmatloo of Internal organs, "female Weaknon" and derangetneut, the use of Dr. Flerca'l Favorite Proscription will bring immediate relief. Cure guaranteed or. money leturned. Druggists have id for sale. Francis Burnaby Trouiblay, the missing heir to the estate left by Hermit Chauvin of Detroit, has been found at Itouy. Three men have been arrested charged with tbe assassination of E. Cooper in ., Alabama. DR, DOWNING This well known and sneoessfnl specialist IB Ohronlo and Nervous flleonsot. and disease* ol the Eye and Kar. by request of many frlantls and parents, will visit CAKROLL, IOWA. Saturday, September Burke'B Hotel One day only every month. Oon«nItatlonifM*> — WHITE IS POPULAR. , ACCESSORIES. Minor Drcsn Details Am Now Receiving much Attention. The minor details of dross oro receiving a large share of attention just now. With fancy waists, collars, vests, waistcoats, blouses and neck dressing, one may almost transform an ordinary wardrobe. It takes but littlo tlmo and less nmtorlal to fit up some of tlit'so pretty things, nnd their effect in brightening tho avorugo costume is satisfactory as to oxponsu mid eminently pleasing to tho oyo. A great deal of very flno plaiting is soon on some of the new Imported drcssus, und when appropriately used is an exceedingly advantageous jnoaiJHof trimming, CHpooiallyin tho hands of thonnmtunr. Shoulder rufllcB nre still worn, but the newest models show more flat trimmings and a grout deal of pulling. Elaborately trimmed waists, with, galloon uiad ruchingsof Bilk, inudoby fold- SEPABATE TOKB. ranged to take off or on nt will. This makes a stylish, fashionable gown to wear at any festive afternoon gathering by odd- ing to tho plain bodice a colored plastron ot bengulinc, surah or indeed any pretty silky fabric. Trim tho edge of tho plastron with a flue make of laco uud cover tlio neckband with n Inco rufllo. This will give n dressy effect to tho entire gown if worn out of doors. The hut or bonnet must of course harmonize in color with the plastron. Tho same gown may bo turned into u charming evening drees for wearing at a dinner party, the theater or on evening "at home" by replacing the plastron with u deep laou yoke, with opau- lots of tho BOino Inco gathered full on tlio shoulders. Tho yoke is made in one with a high collar band and fastens behind with small hooks nnd eyes. The band may bo draped with silk and a sash of tho same Bilk worn round tho waist, tied behind with a largo bow uud long ends, tho ends trimmed with luco to match tho yoke mid opauluts. To give a, more full dross ofloot for the evening tlio long cuffs umy bo removed, leaving tho arms bare to the ol- bows. Tho yoke Illustrated is of butter colored guipure, bordered with narrow aooortllon plaiting of blivok idiouKBolinodo solo. The wrinkled collar IB of silk. Juuio CIIOUJCT. DRESS REFORM. Tbe Blvyelo I* l*tfv\r Hwponnlble For tho Advanced Idea*. Itseeing extremely probable that, among the other Innovations for which tho introduction of tho bicycle is more or less directly responsible, tbere will Jwvo to bo oluiBlflud tho adoption by women ol tho divldod Hklrt. Heretofore there hiivo been numerous tentative effort* by ladles with advanced Ideas toward a change from thu ordinary garment, tbe first achievements, bringing up abruptly In the bloomer, tho Turkish trousers and others. But tlio bloomer was too ugly for serious consideration, mid tho Turkish trousers were lin- uruotioablo. Tlie consequence hue been that until tho present tbo problem luw been unsettled. Now, however, tbo bicycle lias oonio, and with it a divided nklrt whloi IB ttlrwidy worn by u sufficient uum- The Shade For Pale Blonds and Rosy Brunettes. White is tho most universally becoming of colors, which Is tho reason why those edges of tl'o nttlro which come next to tho skin—thtJIls, thu nook and wrists of garments—are usually bordered with it. White also oasts reflected light upon tho face, thereby improving the appearance of the complexion. When wpnring n whito gown, thought must bo given to tho becoralngnoss of the shade, for, after all, there are ns many tints in white us in other colors. Tho one that may suit tbo pale Worn! is absolutely unbecoming to the rosy brunette. Dead white, which has a e 11 "* of blue about it, IB seldom becoming to uny ono. It brings out tho imperfections of tho complexion, tends to doadan tho gloss uf the Imir »tnd dulls tho brightness of the 1 oyos. Tho whito that touches on tlio cream or ooffeo shade is undoubtedly tho most artistic nnd boat suited to the genurnl woman. How- A Household Treasure. 1 1). W. Fuller, of Ciuraajolirle, N. Y., ears that uo always keeps Dr. King's New Discover? In tbe house und his rurally has always found the ven best results follow Its uce; that lie would not be without It, If proourbsle. W. A. Dykeman, drug- Blst, OiHBUIll, N. Y., snys that Dr. Ktns's New Discovery la undoubtedly the boat cough reined}; that he has used In Ills fiimlly for eight years, »nd It baa never failed to do all that Is claimed Tor It. Wlij'iiot t.j arTnfidy no long tiled Bud tested. Trial bottlas free at J. W. Hatton's drug Btore. Rt'italar B!?.S EOa and $l.C:i. ( Simla I'u liuuiiiU Inilliiti) I. KEOKCK, la., Sept. teO.— Tho grnwl jury at Memphis, Mo., returtmd indictments against Charles Ab inns und Link Gverueld for the attempted holding up of ttie Santa Fu express near Qotiu. Cloud Wltbaut Argumunt. DBS MOINKS, Sept. 20.— The railway rate hearing before the state couimis- sionera was concluded uud submitted without argument. A Good Appetite. Always accompanies good health, and an absence ot appetite Is an Indication ot something wrong, Tbe universal testimony (riven by those wbo have used Hood's- Sarsaparllls, as to Its merits In restoring appetite, and as a purifier of ttie blood, constitutes tbe strongest recommendation that can be urged for any medicine. Hood's Fills cure all liver ills, biliousness, Jaundice, Indigestion, sick headache. 26u. . Noel Malson ot tfttsburg, Pa., Bernard Altenberger of Jersey City, N. J., and Wesley Warner' of Mount Holly, N. J., murderers, were hanged. The Way to Get There. To getthere,.)onngtellow, tbo way that IB best, Tbe method ol methods, the world has eon- IB to roll there on rollers, to skate there on Wttu the balance ot powei all confined to the beels. But If you are tired and you can not tell why, It your liver is wrong, and \he breath of jour stub Is the weary jomplalnlng of lungs that are sore, And ttie remedy used doeso't seem to restore; If giistly consumption, grim, leering and wild, Tbe unyielding fountain of lieultli litub dollied Dr. Fierce 1 * «olUen Medical Discovery will put An end to your troubles. It's not like tbe sarsapiirtlla or ordinary spring medlclues. Tbey clului to do good In March, April and May. All tbe year round, and In Hi) cases, the "Discovery" purliles tbe bjooil »s nothing else can. Every bluoU-laliit and disorder, eczema, tetter, salt-rheum, erysipelas, bods,I carbuncles, enlarged glundu, tumors snd swellings—the most stubborn skin and sualp diseases, itpd tbe worst forms of scrofula, are completely sod permanently cured by It. Buy of rnllsble dealers. With any others, something else Unit puys them better will prob nbly be nrged at "Jutt RI> good." It uiuy be lot them but Itcan't be for you. PR. DOWNING author of "Nervous Debility," "Qaneratl Bzansilon, IU Ounce nnd Cure," eto. i This. Skillful and Reliable SPECIALIST ; Well and favors* • northwest 10; cures CHRONIC; ; Well and iBwrivbly known thxoughook tk • northwest for the many wonderful cures ot all forme of FAHIUONADLK C'APJJ. Jjjtf tbo silk doublo mid gather I i>B U through tlwi middle, aro B«W, Tho collars on almost ull di'iwsoB roiuulu lltfh uud close, The revival of tho old fttslilon of reniov- ublo huBiiuos or peuluiui jirovldoH anothur momiB of giving vurioty to the wwrdrolw. A'pi'ulty liouso tollut luay, by tho ndaiUqu of a popluiu iiiuk short oujw of tlio ttumo yoods, bo ouuvurUid luto ft BHttuWu Blvcot oostuino.oHiiuulnlly m>w thutuoolev \vnithor glvug u'i uxuuuu I'm' HUJJIU tiurt uf Jlfe'l'i cut . l«JiiH huvo nut yot o«t)i'«l.v ills- •ppoarwl, Uii'tr IJocoiiilnjjiiowBlvlnB HUT; H strong lioltl on imlillo fuvur. Iitimuu" Ciillarfl, or luthri' wliuvL uupua ruuoliiiiK > •> tJwollJuw uiul inudi) ut 1 nil);, jut und ln'->' Ul MOW or low Dlitljuralu Htylou, form fu»li tonublo udJuuutK to uuliunn yowuB. A--- ttoh luBto, It la)j/ uo.«ji>u.".-; bor ot woiucu U> utuko Itw ujniuuronw) ou DTRII'KD BILK 00\\-Ka. over, In choosing It ono must ho careful not to got too duop u U>iu>, -which la apt to look not quite dainty and to K(VU tlio lui- pnttiiou of u tudod yulluw rulltvv tbuu a orouni whltfi. WUluj hut Iwcn popular all Kuminur, both ulono and In couibinutlmiK, undls In- truiiuwx) lull) autumn tollutx !)>' inauns of VdBts, plastruiiK anil giilpunt or rlhlio)) triiiunlng or IM » part of tlm wuvuii put- torn. Wldu )u«o cellum itml Mnrlti AnUil- uiKu fichu* of whltu net or> d« Bolu «Ji'»u to supply tlio riMjuliril I'lujiwiil lu oostujjies In whliili wJilti- Is mil Inoor- puruU-4. It lias I** 1 " tw l""l< "»l >'f f'**l>' Ion Unit a Jowg iwrlwl uf |)"'iJii)i.iity «>">' LMJ uutlctputea fur it now llmi U U uut»ln iu vuguo. A iiluivslug ooBtuiiw U illui>U'it is inudu of DfOMlii und uiuiui Ki' silk. Tho'fiolo dovurutlou ut thu conblets of uu wrtyigwnonV of FALL AND WINTER Jfrs. ft A. . Rosttmoyua, Ohio. TerribleJVlisery Helples* With Rheumatism and Without AppetlU Tli«d Feeling and Pain* OltpeHetJ by Mood'* ••rt*p«rlHa. " I wa» In terrible misery with rbeumattimlB my blpi and lower limbi. I r«wl to uueh about Hood's SwMparllui Uwt I tbouglrf I would try tt and IM U It would rellw KM. Wntn I oommoncad I eould not lit up nor OTW turn over lit bod without lielu. Oui boUUol Hood'* M*lley»tt M* tte nucU tbftt I wat won out ot bed and aould walk. I bad alio l«lt weak and tired all UM tliat i eould not sleep, and obtained so little. r«il at uittht tuutl Iclt all worn out in the uiorulos; I ilia uo »pp6Uto to eut auytulug, but Uood 1 * Hood's'^Cures and a fine line of piece goods of Nobby Suits Tbe latest styles at the Lowest Prices, at the^old reliable clothing house of NOCKELS & CHAM South Bide Square, Carroll, Iowa. The ART AMATEUR, Ttot) OISEASKS blob bo has effected that had l)H<lled the skill uf ether physicians and opooluUBts. He Cures When Others Fall. : Diseases ot Eyes and Kara, granulated Lids. Cataract, Cross Eyes straightened without pain or danger, DisoharBinK Kurs, Deafness. etc.. Dleeaiei of Nose iinti tUtoat, Oatattk, BronchltU, Asthma, eto. UIBRUBOS ot stomach andiLlvor, Dyspepsia, indigestion, Heartburn, UllllouBne»», Jaundice, etc. Klduev and Blad- Jor Troubles, Blood and Skin Diseases, Sorof • ula. Pimples, Blotches, lioxoma, Ulcers, eto. NervousblecftBcs, Headache, Uystorla, Insom- nla, Lsek ot Vitiility, Laugor, Norvouaness, RhonmatUm, Neuralgia, .etn. Ulsossas of Women, netormltlos. Snigloal operations of all kinds Bucoosaf ully pcriormud. Voung and MUUUe Aged Bleu Suffer In K from Loit Manhood, Nervons or Physical Debility, Semlnul \VeKkuonn, LOBI Vigor. , Dooltiiu or liluuly Powerw, Drains. Dlsoharra or LMBSOS, Varlcocele, «nd nil tho train of evils 'esultlng from Excenuou, Errors lu youth, ate, producing some of tho following olfeolt, as Nervousucei, Kinlssloi.s. I'lmplisa, DIotoMS, Debility, DizifneBS, Dot eetivo Memory, Absenoa of Will Power, Oodfnston of Ideas, Aversion to «nulety, Sexual Exhaaitlon, Pain In tbe Back, ule.. bUKhtlng tUo most radtaut hopoa, render- derlng marriage unhappy and business a fall me; uwouiilng thousands to*n uiitlmoly grava .Vomaueiwho Uiuiiulled, consult thu Doetor. Uo has cured thousands who uuvu glvon up la deipalr, A porfeotrestorittlon. Oonsttltntloaa •aerodly conflilenllftl. Deiayt ate duoiteroas. MARRIAGE. Vlioeo oontciuiilatlng marriage who are aware of physical defeats or weaknosB wlnoh would render marriage a dis- sppoiutment wonld do well tooMlonns. TREE examUatlon of tho Urine, chemical snd uiToroBOOptoal In all euros ol Kidney Pta> esBo, nrlgbt's Waenae. niulwlos, ahrt Bparma- loriboea. Bring ineolmen. . . .. REMARKABi.ECof«s puttootad in old Basis wnRn\Kn.T!een neglootud or unnkllfuUjr IreaMd, No experimouu or failure. ranlM treated by wall or express; bui whore posilDW persoiml consultation nrotorrod. Oases and correspouiienco strictly oonadya- Ual and nmdlolne SMI to uny pait ot IM United Htates. Llit ot auosUona Jroa. AC- rasa uttt gostage, DK. UOWNmo, nlV«at tfadlsM street. Chicago, Ills. In money; uiao oLber valuibU premiums to good ga aMwr*. $ 1000 f.lUniVmiuIu, "tUU I. portunlty. Ben offer HOJIK AND 0 UiUAKUNK. I'rlcum All nowauealors; 01;tt Kilt lOtb street. New York, 8-11 Liebig Company's An Invuluublo product made from the lloe«t beef tbe world prodnoss. Extract of Beef. 8*HMnarilla rotUired uy appetite so tutt I could out without any dUtrein, tad I U_T» nloed rapidly lu straiiglli. I have taken flv CottlM^/ Uo6d'BoUJ-»apu;UUiuuu;Iauiu» we. ve ell Q, Hood'* PHI* cure llvflF llli, coutUjxiUon, te Uix_wtoi .- _,. (TUo only Ait PorloUloa! uwuriloU » Medal «> tue World'* fair.) luvuluiible for uli who wish to WAKO their living b}' *ri ur lo u>*k# luulr hoiuv* bvauilful. 1Om wu will »vud to auyeav w XwC iiouiii|ii)ii»puUil(sitiiun it men copy, wllb nuperb color iiuiten, prli For Montague Mftrke,!'*!Dulou:«W»». V. V THINACURA Thin f eople ? , KU)»li luiido with ThlaKeuro lableu by u tvtoli- tlUis prvoosi. YU«y ciuum \M\\MI wnlwllutlou l Vv«r» turui «>f food, w*»\ im ilig, vuluabta hru and dlnonrdlUK lUf »unb t«». They mak« .lilii fiiiui* uluup ttiiU round out ibe Ugurt). Tb«» ttttt tu« lor leaniwu. cuiiUUUuu uo ucouulu, aud ftlMW- luWljr IturiuloM, frlee, propulil, fl pur box, o for (0. t'ttlUpblet, "UOW TO OKT KA»," fr««. TU» TU1N-OUUA CO., WU Brojdw»y, New York,

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