The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 27, 1958 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1958
Page 9
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ANNft WHILE IN PA*K A din. intvi tt> » Wt A TRAIN TMKIT THAT WILL L6M» HCfc IftAWHT INTO HI* LIPB AND* IN THS KNTM0N TWO Alft WTBL- MSN fMOi MR MOVSMINT* «»OM CA*S CAMAVSRAU. APTBft TH6 CNfclSTMA* WMAK/STKVB ANPTHfiOTHCK 1 AIRWRCB 60 BACKTOTMS OMKS TUB MK OP MAKIN6 BEST BV6N MARY WORTH "WHV.WIU YOU KLIWt rr.MM.WOKTH.lHE AaUALLY HIGH * CHOOL CL05E }^* so INTERESTED NOW-WHOCOOLOB6 ^ WRITINd MtFROM AVILLAfit JUST CANT6ET OVER THE CHANGE IN OORfclE THESE LAST FEW DAYS! INHERCLAME6! AftNfl THI TOODlIt WHATCAN I DO, JAMS? MOWTWfT K ASSOCIATE WITH MC IN, BUSINESS I'M soar oe ON, SPOT/ OP eeu«e NOT/ sur- SALUV ANPJPVOU OOMY TALK TO HIM. I WILL./ THAW HAPPIWE5S? MOMCAVS texts too OLD POR SALLV/ AftCHII PRISCIIU'S POP-By Al CHRISTMAS BILLS! TAKE MONTHS SET EVEN.'r- TWAT OUT BY YOUR SELP? <3UESS WHAT. POP* ONLY HOURS TILL NEXT CWR\ST- MAS. 1 ' I <SUESS*\ HE DIDNT) KNOW 4 I WAS SOI GOOD AT ARITW METIC! DID BANG THE CEILING LIK TWA OUR BOARDING HOUSI-Wlth Major Hoople 'fiMMfrfr ^T^yiNfi Kf SAYS i }. TO ^VOU'DW; THE IL WAGER THAT CHEMISTRY SET is GtPT FROM OLt) SAtfTA.EH, LADS"? SAO, NOSTALGIA SKIPS ME WHS(4 RECALL MV OWEWHOOO AWgrffORES ITH WE- TEST TL50ES AND BEAKERS/ T THE ASE Of TWELVE 1 WAS LIKENED 0 THE 6REAT At4TOlK\& LAVOISIER, CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner. OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. William* / NOW DOWT OO OBTT1N' / 50RI JU5T 'CAUSE I OPEMEPTH6 PACKAGE OP I MAR6HMALLOWS AW ATB \ AKWOUTMBWAY \ HOM6.' I 60T V HUW6RY AN' OH, SURE, SURE--THAT.S ALL RI6HT FOR THE LfiWSTH OF TIME YOU'VB BE EM 6DKJE, I FIGURE!? VDU'P WBBP SOME FUEUTO SET YOU BACK HOME/ THE LONfi, LOWS TRAIL TIZZY-ly Kate Otann "I not only have to keep up with the Joneves. Now I have to keep Junior up with the Rustianel" THISI WOMIN-Bv 'Oh, Mr. Snodgrass—yes sir... And whom do you wish to scarce?" JUGWBAD/ WHERE AREXXJ? I THOUGHT VOU WERE GONNA HELP ME WELD THE FRAME ON MV JAlOPy?? H'LO.... ARCHIE?? "Dp second thought. I'll u*« my own pen. I don't know ' th» milkman w«H tnough to write him note* m perfumed lavendv ink!" Florida has the longest coast-; Wyoming earned its nickname line of any state in the Union, with of "Equality State" because it YOU KNOW I CANT 6TART . UNTIL VtXJ GET MERE ., > WITH THE TOOLS < AND THE VEAM ONLY I TOOK A SHORTCUT..., IN BACK OP TWEEtANK/ JUDD SAXON-By K«n Bald and Jtrry Brendfitld AUSTIN (Minn.! HtftAtS Saturday, Dec. 27, 1958 SHORT RISS FRECKLES OH, JOHN, PLEASE SBT UP A NEW MIX WITH 10% MORE SUVA/WIN NUMBER TWO. X'MINCHARSEOFTHIS PROJECT NOW, MIT. PERKINS, ANP I SUSfiEST >OU CONSIDER POIN6 IT MV WAY.' 50, MISTER 5AXON IS SOINS TO HANG AROUNP WHILBWEPO-OR-CONT ON THE SPAC6 BISCUIT... I DON'T LIKE IT/ NUMBER TWOfBUTDR.WRKSHT ALREADY HAP PECIDEP TO ABANDON THE tftYA/VMN IPEA... MORTY MEEKLE WHATEVER BECAME OFMOORCAMfWONTO MAKE A NEW FRIEND EVERVRAV? WATCH WHERE YOU'RE r WOMAN \BTCOINCIDENCE \ OH, TROUBLE.A SUES A RINGER JWHAT9 FORONEOF J THE. .. HARM FLAMES WAITUHE DONTKNCWJWALK90FF TH'DOOC. THENYDUUKE MEAN) fiOOO.' ITS BEEN 'STOO BAP A MISERABLE/IT COULDNt OUR VOyftSC \ CROSSING /A-BEEN DOC IS OVERAWE } FOR ME /STEPPAM3U DOCK IN AN A»____,^C WHO GOT SICK HOUR/ MY STARS, WHAT'D HE 9O THAT \OLTD WISH , SEA SICKNESS ON HIM? SOME DAME HE MET ABOARD WASH TUBBS HE'5 BITTERUV Dl5ILtU5ION6P WITH THE RED& AMP BASER TO HELP U51 15 WE SNMJeeLfP HIM OUTi ANP MUST A PORW»H GET HW BACK, WITHOUT THBK. IWU5TRIALI5T 1* ^ SU5PECTIM61 IN A KUS5IAW »ATiLLIT» COUNTRlT 'CASV.H He HA& IWVALUA.BLB INPORKAATIOKJ FOR AMERICAN IWDU5TR.V. SO W6 CH05B McW» TO COMPBR, WITH IN A SSaUPEP 5POT...A5 HKD EASILY BE RBC06NI2ED BV RED AQBNT61 I9SBI A POLIC6 IN«6S- EKACTLYl OUR AQENT5 AW SEARCHING TOR THEM'. YOU MAY EC ABLE TO HBLP1 HEKB'» A IBTTtR TO THIM1 MISHT UNCOVCR H15 COMPANIONS IPENTITVl BUGS BUNNY CHOW'S rn/s FBR SERVICE, ELMER? 8U55 ! I'M IN A HUWWY! BW1N6 ME A /MERCHANT'S LUNCH! BUCK... Of JW SYLVESTER ! ONE MERCHANT'S LUNCH! CHARGE ITTOMV ACCOUNT, GUV'NOR! HI^WMTUPl ^•"^aBBBiit ft***"""^ JACOBYS BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOB* '• Written for NBA Bervlc* ... ar A University of Texas • student* t; writes: "I am one at a group that'* 1 plays duplicate every Friday nlghWS "The other night my partner andtS? X were .one of two pairs to react six spades. I must say I was a lie tie shocked when my partner bid th slam. I had good distribution, but no much in high cards so West's doubli came as no surprise. • " ..<•-•• "He opened the ace of hearts. I'* KORTH (D) 4Q875 IT AJ10870SS + A WB8T IA8T 4A2 4 Nona VAJ2 VK10986 *KQ109872 *J«54I BOOTH 4KJ10964S VQ7543 • None Both vulnerable North BM* South 1* Fan 14 44 S4 54 Fan 64 Pau Pass Double Pan Pan Fan Opening lead-* A 7 ^ \ i •>*. ruffed In dummy and led a spade. West took his ace and led a trump back. I led a diamond to my king; ruffed a second heart with dummy's % las trump and was able to discard- two more hearts on the minor suit aces. Unfortunately I still had a heart left and was down one trick. Could I have made the hand?" >.• The answer Is that he could have' made the hand two different ways," 1 The first way would be to cosh the , king of diamonds before starting trumps. This would risfc'a first round- • ruff, but would have been the best , Play. The second way would be to play dummy's ace of diamonds; not a low diamond when he started that suit. Then he could play the jack of dla. monds and let It ride. This play would work because East held three 'ala- monds to the queen, but he would have looked mighty silly If West had shown up with queen and one dla- mond. Easy-Easy-Easy PRINTED PATTERN JJ:,WHY DOMTT You INVITE YOUR. RICMM IHIO THE OUR V^Y LMM<3 ROOM? California ranking second in this respect. wu the first state in the Union to grant equal suffrage to women. WE JUST STOPPED OPF H&Rg TO 66T WARMBP OP A UTTU&y 4797 10-18 Bj ANNS 40AMS Need a smaii, new draw In » burnt Malts it thli dlagram-eMy «Mt>-t» with <Um aheath Unas. »tand"»w»jt ooUar. Dranwtie m electric MUjS WW — elegant in black or nary MOlle. W>* morrow'* patUra: UU»e»' oM-yard aklrt Printed Pattam 47(7: W. 12. H. 1«, 1*. SiM It yaxcU M-lncb (abrlc. Printed oUreoUom on each part. Saaler. accurate. Send Thirty - five i*nU ia ooiO» 1 thl» pattern — add 10 o«nU lot " pattero tor lit . class m*Uiog. to Anae Adams. car« ol

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