The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 6, 1933 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1933
Page 8
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PAfcfe USH? S T R A H A N Ed Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nfrfcel Bfated the fortieth Wtthday of ISA HU Birthday StrtidAy test SniJday by Ifrvittftg In ft of friends for the day. A flfte pfeijfc dinner w»g served at frown, "the tables being spread o* tfee front pbrch. Plenty ot tried chicken, angel food cake, ittd tee creftm were among the naay good things served. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wilson, Mrs. Eliza Cnlnn, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grouse, Mr. and Mrs. Pettlgrew, Mr. and Mrs. Al Lovell, Gail and Betty jane, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ai- lenswotth and Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Angus, Lloyd. Margaret, David, and Anna Edith. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Conrad. Clyde and Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Mortis Woodfili, Viola and Jared, Mrs. Adam Olpe, Mr. and Mrs. JSari Timson, Jane and Lllah Ma«. Pauline Pollltt, Maxine and Oer- aldlne Bell and John Doyle and Sunday, ttriy ». sola* SO relatives fathered at the ftofise of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Bolton to celebrate Mr. aitd Mrs. i. C. Polston's 4?th wedding anniversary. At noon a most enjoyable picnic din- net was served. The remainder of the day was spent in visiting. Those partaking in toe «rent were Mr. and Mrs. Polston. Mr. aitd Mrs. Earl Conrad and eons, Mrs. Tom Hosier and children, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Collier and children. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bryan and family, Archie Polston, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Collier and family. Mr. Mrs. Kelley Bolton and children, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Bolton and family. Miss Doris Caddell and Charley Baer. W. *V w. Ue Long Sooscrfptlon Dempster Mill Mfg. Co. George BffrHfi* — ii.68 *.« 1.60 Gttn A Co. — Goodyeaf tire * b*r Co. ,-., ...... - •« H. H. tttllyer — — - ««.86 ttolty School Supply Co. 18.49 Alfred Hall — — — - *•£«> Cfcas. Hambse* — ---- «-"z Milton Henderson — — 904.25 fndastrtal Chemical Laboratories ---- -- 2.BO Ihter-Collegfate Press -. 84.80 iowa-Nehr. Light ft Power Co. __ -— --- 477.13 Clalr Jones — — — — ltt.00 Jenkins Music Co. _— - Konttnental Komponnd 8.86 4.00 Kunce ft Nelson ------ 87.79 Sister, Monica. All wished many more happy birthdays. Ed Mrs. Walter Knop, Mrs. Dale Laaghlin. and Mrs. Herbert John- con were Council Bluffs visitors last Thursday. Supt. and Mrs. Molsberry and children. Mr. and Mrs. Howard n:~tL.i... Birthday Kayion. and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kayton enjoyed a fine picnic dinner together at the home ot Mr. . «• ,».*».« aod Mr »- Wm - Kilpatrick. tat Franklm V«*t*l R eT . Wesile Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Allison and Infant son «. ..„ ~ , *. . j *.. Franklin \estat celebrated hts twenty-first birthday Thursday. June >iS, Mis mother prepared a and Mr, and Mrs. Robert Hanson visited their niece and cousin, Mrs. Kermlt Hlllyer and Mr. Hill' Walter Knbp ****.».+- 3.00 Mrs. H. it. Kaytoft *+** 4.26 Chas. W. Kayton ^..-~ 4.00 Le Broo Electrical Co.- 32.40 J. B. Lippincott CO. *« 11.90 Free Traveling Library 2.12 Landis Hardware -— -. .80 Lookabiii Bros. _— -— .76 Martin Lemonds ------ 180.00 McCormick Mathers Co. 1.92 Mac Millan Co. ^.^^ 2.7? Lula E. McRae ...**. 810.00 Herman Moehnert _-_Metropolitan Supply Co. Mildred Moore -—..-F. A. Mulholland ----- fine Wed chicken dinner in honor. yer Vecently. Rev. Wolfe is a ot the event. Those helping Franklin to celebrate included his sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Churchman, and Dtl- ane, and his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crouse. slonary to the Phllllplne Islands and Is returning to the Islands July 28. Mrs. Allison is better known here as Miss Edith Wolfe. Miss Jessie dee who has been assisting Mrs. May Wederqvtst in the house work for several months past hag gone to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leu Kline. Mr. and Mrs. J5eno Bass and Anna Rose and Mrs. Fannie Oerh- ring visited in the home of their brother, Mayo, and the J. W. Mayfleld home in Tabor Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wood Vestal and Franklin and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Vestal and two children of near Hastings were Sunday visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Churchman. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bateman and daughters, Irene and Joyce, ot near Farmer City were Sunday visitors at the home of Mrs. Bateman'a parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Churchman. Irene and Joyce remained to spend the week with relatives. George CurtU made a business Sidney last ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT School District of Strahan Con' solldatod, Townships of White Cloud and Deer Creek, County of Mill*, For the year ending June 80, 1088. We hereby certify that the fol< owing report comprising pages 1 o 3 Inclusive is correct as required by the Code of Iowa. Harry Conrad, President. W. R. Costello, Secretary. PAGE 1 RECEIPTS General Fund Amount On hand last report ..$12,317.60 Consolidation aid 414.36 Smith-Hughes ,_ .... 1,066.26 General fund tax levy. 10,412.66 Semi-annual apportlon- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Steele were Red Oak visitors last Sunday afternoon. Peggy and Charlotte Gates were visitors last week at the home of their aunt, Mrs, Frank Steele, Their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, O. S. Eacrett, took them to their home at Hastings, Nebr, last Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Bell of Gordon, Nebr. were week end visitors at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs, Orville Bell. They returned home Monday. Mrs. Ed Nage] and Dorothy, Mrs. A. G. Williams and Margaret Angus were Bhenandoab shoppers Friday, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Glpe were Council Bluffs visitors Saturday. They also visited Joe Wearin at the hospital. Connie Klein accompanied by a boyhood friend, Edward Ott, came from Chicago last week tor a. visit with his wife and children who are staying for the present at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Laughlin. Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Bradley were G lea wood shoppers Monday. Arthur and Inea Bradley were guests on Sunday of their sister, Mrs. Horace Eacrett. and Mr. and Mrs, Clarence Lemonds. Mr, and Mrs. Wood Vestal and Franklin and Mr, and Mrs, Arthur Churchman and Duane were guests at supper Friday evening in the home of Mr, and Mrs • Frank Crouse. The occasion wa the twenty-sixth wedding anni veraary ot Mr. and Mrs. Grouse Mr, and Mrs. Donald Fleming are the parents of a baby daugh ter born June 38. The little miss baa been named Leetta Jean. This makes two daughter in tbei horae. Mr. »n4 Mrs. E. Q, aud baby were Shenandoah visit ors Sunday. Mafphy Bros. Andrew Murphy Midland Chemical oratories ---- 37.62 1.66 4.96 84.67 «?.68 39.00 37.12 48.26 432.18 wm Cofrey a«d |*i»**tt(iif » fslyft mtt^tH, e* itJW** * ft ttr« Mr. Cdfey *tel« »tt* catc-itfe MMMM f« a few day* rfftft wftfc Hfti Betty. fifr. **d Mrt. C. R. W*t**n, Mr. a*4 Mr». tf . A. . . . . , ef and Wade, a** Mr. **« St*. jjywm tones *tt«ft«- ed the Wedding of Carl Phelps in Betnard Gray of FtfK worth, kafi. was * week end Itor in the Walter Hilton hotte. Mr. and Mrs. Pant Hatelbakef of Clarfnd* visited Miss Arline Howard Friday afternoon entente to Lakeview. Mr. and Mrs. F, B .Reagonet, Mr. and Mrs. A. it Culver, Mi*. Mary Sawyers and children, and Mf. and Mrs. Parie Mickelwait aad family enjoyed Saftday as guests oi Mr. and Mf*. if* Nnss near Paciflo Junction. The young people'* cboif 1* en* tertainifcg at the church ITrlday evening with a program and ice cream and cake as refreshments. Mf. and Mrs. C. It. Warren entertained at supper July 4, Mr. and Mrs. George Phelps and Mr, and Mrs. Myron Jones and Elea* nor. Mrs. Rene Bufflngton entertained the Rural Improvement club at her pleasant home Wed' nesday afternoon. SPECTACULAR NTCHT V JEW OF WORLD'S FAIR ASBURY tfalvern Tire Shop ..»._ Walvern Leader —„_«... Malvern Oil & Gas Co. W. W. Molsberry (salary) 2,478.08 W. R. Costello _<. 102.00 PAflE ^ W W Molsberry f nald Mr - aad Mrs - Httrry »« nlafi * n ' ot,n MolBDerry < pam ., ,. tertalned at a picnic dinner Sun*"•'/ ------ ---.--- to.if j_^ 4t ._ ___t...,._ _« tux n-.._i n . National Refining Co. _ Mrs. Henry Nims ____ . 18.62 6.20 Douglas Families Picnic July 2 day, the members of the Douglas Clarence Nagel _______ 180.00 Omaha Blaugas Co. . .66 Omaha School Supply Co. .............. 167.87 Paxton & Gallagher ___ 98.67 Pottawattamie Farmers Ins. Co. ........... 84.38 Myrtle Risdon _ ______ 810.00 Salyers Auto Co. Daniel Beaton Hugo Beipold 32.83 5.00 3.00 1.00 School Form Publishing l.ll Jennette Stewart . 800.91 N. W. Bell Telephone State Hygienic Laboratories ------------ Other sources W. M. Wejeh Mfr, Co, „ 3,44 Woodwoj*lb Book Store- ' "&" B/O. WedefqvJ»t _ w . 67, J.' M. Wyant io,00 Bchoolhouse Fund White Phillips Co. ».__ 26.00 Geo, M. Bechtell ..... 701.76 Farmers State Bank 2,650,00 First National Bank & Trust Co. 600.00 Adam Glpe _„„_ 76.00 Sentiment for world peace probably has one tangible result — most nations seem to prefer now to fight without actually de. clartng war. — Louisville Times, Co. 28.60 ments 171.81 L, A. Talbott — 279.78 Tuition ... 643.67 Marjorle 0, Taylor . 1,081.34 Income from property, WilsonJPruck Mfg. Co._ 481.68 Superintendent's •> — - ' JffO;00' 123.00 Recapitulation General Fund Amount On hand last report -. 112,317.60 Total receipts current year „.' 12,872.66 Total general fund .. 25,190.15 Disbursements current year (See pages 1 to 3) 14,710,60 Balance on hand this report . 10,479.55 RECEIPTS Sclioolkouse Fund Amount On hand last report $17,686.16 Schoclhouse fund tax levy 3,067,43 Total receipts school- bouse fund $20,753.69 Recapitulation Bchoolhouse Fund Amount On hand last report ,,$17,686,16 Total receipts current year ...— ...... 3,067.43 Total sehoolbouse fund 20,753.59 Disbursements current year (See page 8) _ 3,951.75 Balance on hand tbts report .... 16,801.84 DISBURSEMENTS General Fund Name of person, firm or corporation to whom paid P. Appleton Co, .„.C. J. Addy ,„,-,,,Carl A. Anderson .., Anchor Corporations on co. Amount 1,55 8.40 7.75 93,14 39.89 family and their children. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Bellwood, Mr. and Mrs. Harvle Douglas and children, Wayne Spicer, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Vestal, June Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Ora Douglas and daughters, Mrs. Phoebe Smith, Tommy Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vestal, Mr. and Mm. Cloid McDowell and son, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Hevern and children, Mr, and Mrs. Hugh McCain and son, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dunlap and daughters, Misses Minnie Smith and Rose Hurts, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Smith, Richard . Smith and family, and Messrs. Marlon Smith and Paul Malcom. Mr. and Mrs. Donald-Cook of ar£7j$iiltJn* this,week spoke and there WM light. A view of Chicago^ second World's Pair, A Century of Progress Exposition, looking south from the east tower of the ukyride. In the foreground the towers of the Communications building. Beyond, the Electrical building, Enchanted Island and the Horticulaural building, The Twenty-third street bridge leads to the mainland. Further south, the Mid-| way, the transportation group, and the! fan-lfke brilliance of the sdntillator,] with its many fingers sweeping the sky.' A farewell party was given at the Union hall Friday evening In honor ot Miss Maxine Shaw who left Saturday to spend •the sum* mer in Chicago with her sister, Mrs. A. L. Jordan. A pot luck luncheon was served to about forty friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Orayson entertained Wednesday evening In honor ot Miss Susie Qrayson 'of Wichita Falls, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. George Huntsman, Harold Smith and family, Mr. and Mr*. Clyde Dunlap and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Venard Larson, Mr. and Mr*. George Ir- Tin, Mrs. Harvie Douglas. Misses 'Clara Marie Douglas, Pearle and Alice Lang, and Gertrude Baker and William Huntsman and George Irvin spent Wednesday evening in the Ora Douglas home. J&5 Mr. and Mrs. Klmo Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dunlap, and Mr. (and Mrs. Ora Douglas spent Saturday evening in the George Markel home near Silver City. James Douglas and Wayne Spicer spent several days this (week with friends and relatives in Red Oak. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dunlap at daughters, Arlene and Oeraldinj and Kathryn McDonald we Glenwood visitors Saturday, Mr. and Mr*. John Russel, and Mrs. Ora Douglas, and and Mrs. Harvle Douglas spe Monday evening In the Charts Shaw home. Special Combination Rate HUtM *A A A ( CHOICE ROOM WITH PRIVATE BATH FOR $4.OO ) FREE GARAGE FOR YOUR CAR w/e w/it i /-IWE vr\i I 1 8RCAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER WE WILL 61VE YOU ( FRS6 TICKET TO ANY THEATRE 7W/W*$7.00 relative?)!^ CLASSIFIED ADS Hundreds of Mills Count!' ans read the Want Ads each week, RATBS Per line, each issue _,._,6o An additional service charge, of 25c will be made for each blind ad which must be answered at The Leader office, J. P. Acbenbacb, sse Jf. Bell ---- „ — J. B. Brown ----- ,_,_, I.QQ Brandon Bros, Lumber Co. -„»,,. „,, — ,_ 6,g$ Billy Bradley -„,..„„ 180,00 WiHard W, Curtla „_„., 801.88 Collins Prug Co. ..,„ 38,?4 •J. Artbur Churchnian _ |g,^o Mrs. Cunoinghani ,_,,, ,31 J, B, CardwelJ «,„„, 25.68 Harriet Cadweii ,_._._ 720.00 JSSTIMATU AND HECQBJ) OF FII4NQ School District m Baa.r4 of, Dltftctors al Dlntrlot, White Cloud uud uua Deer to**. *m «MM July 11, 1S88, at 8 p. " t " lM1 '" ABSTRACTS OF TITLB Complete Abstract of TlUe orda for ea«b piece of property in Mills County, Mills County Abstract Co, (Hember ot t»e Americas TWe Aaan, and Iowa Title. Awn.) • Qlenwood, Jowa, 48W, Good Printing f The hundred and more uses which you have for gooii printing indicates how necessary Jit isrilyery &oy you need letterheads, envelopes, state- 3, cards and * >.<i v ^-/-^y "" ^v^l%,f . W.-v ,jip£ 'l--*$fr$ s~-M$n#* r 1 '?,^*?^ i?*- \ ^''si';*: ::>s -*~ J.1 FOR RENT For iteniM.g room cottage. Modera weeps heat. <•*-» J, H, " Why not check over your nrintin Rent™.5 room cottage. —J, H. AMSCELUNEOUS ' V '^• •- £99, Reyersa distance charges to ua. l#\, your dead ftBtWStU, Oftil (91 one bog appreciated. Fmfe age {or «ai« at all tima*. proved. N. W. Mo., ill 9»

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